Brief Election Result Take

looking at the results it’s not hard to glean: labor moved a bit to the right and captured the median voter in response to their failure in 2019; they picked up LNP voters and lost greens supporters due to this. lots of former liberal voters in rich-fag electorates don’t really like their perceived positions on … Read more

What’s Happening in Ukraine?

If anybody remembers, it has been nearly three months since my initial post signaling the beginning of the Russia – Ukraine conflict. I correctly predicted the war’s outbreak, and looking back on my predictions of how it would take place, I can say I am both satisified and not. We’ve all been hearing a lot … Read more

Russia Invades Ukraine? It’s On!

Looks like my predictions from a few days ago have come true, and just at the right time. Explosions are being heard in various cities across Ukraine, including the capital Kiev. So far Russia has signalled a clear intent to enter the Donetsk and Luhansk Oblasts for “peacekeeping” purposes, but I think Russia’s president Putin … Read more

Why is Brittany Higgins even on TV?

This will be a brief post based upon a little thought cloud I had earlier today. I don’t know whether Brittany is an actual victim of rape or not, I don’t know whether the accused (Bruce Lehrmann) actually raped her. My question is, why are they parading her around on T.V like she is already … Read more

20 Something Fully Waxxed Dies Of Covid: Why? So according to this article today, a fully wax-sin-ated coof positive karked it today. According to the article, he was healthy and had no ‘underlying conditions’, so wut? Why would this happen? Is my guess that they aren’t counting whopper sized, when-he-sit-around-the-house-he-sit-AROUND-the-house obesity as an underlying condition here? Can somebody in the EZFKA medical … Read more

One Whole Year Of EZFKA

It’s been a whole year since our beloved founder Peachy created this place (or so), and all I can say is what a year it has been! Over that time: We’ve seen the further degeneration of Australia from a property and money obsessed hell-hole to a property, money AND covid obsessed shithole. We’ve witnessed the … Read more

New Vaccine Resistant Strain Emerges?

According to commentator Alex Berenson on his substack, an article recently published in Nature has identified a new “heavily mutated” coronavirus variant that is capable of bypassing the vacccines. If so, that was faster than I anticipated! If this has legs, what’s the likely outcome? More lockdowns, or do you think people will finally accept … Read more

we should not let opposing lockdowns consume our lives so much as to forget how much ezfka sucked even before covid

i have been noticing an increasingly worrying trend in australia amongst the relatively small anti-lockdown community. the idea that lockdowns are so bad that the ezfka of pre-2020 by comparison was a fine and dandy and peachy perfect place, not the increasingly neo-feudal shithole that it actually was. to be sure, lockdowns, and covidism/vaccine-ism, in … Read more

Weekend Links, August 28-29th 2021

Hi guys, since our usual host T is busy this weekend I’ll be stepping in to supply the links and kick start this weekend’s discussions. I’ve kept it short because frankly I don’t read as much as most people so this is all I could find for the week. Some great links this week from … Read more

The Show Trial of Derek Chauvin

Derek Chauvin has been found guilty by a jury of his ‘peers’ of second degree murder, third degree murder, and manslaughter (!) almost one year after the death of patron saint and didndunuffin exemplar George Floyd within his custody. For those of you unfamiliar, George Floyd was an alleged perp and ex convicted perp of … Read more