20 Something Fully Waxxed Dies Of Covid: Why?


So according to this article today, a fully wax-sin-ated coof positive karked it today. According to the article, he was healthy and had no ‘underlying conditions’, so wut? Why would this happen?

Is my guess that they aren’t counting whopper sized, when-he-sit-around-the-house-he-sit-AROUND-the-house obesity as an underlying condition here? Can somebody in the EZFKA medical brain-trust help us unravel this mystery?

But lucky he was fully vaccinated huh. He could have like, double died, or something!

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Seems very possible.

Always look for what is omitted from mass media reporting for the truth.

Reus's Large MEMBER

Like the vaccination status of the others that also died, I am pretty sure that if they were unvaxed then they would have mentioned it.



Lying by omission is the single biggest issue I see in the current media landscape. It’s the easiest way to generate bias and reinforce the views of your audience whilst simultaneously reporting only facts.


don’t exclude the possibility that this unfortunate young man might have been a biological woman who has been on a cocktail of hormones and other drugs for the last 7 years, since deciding to identify as a man.

imagine this wouldn’t count as an underlying condition.


LOL, that is some wicked thinking. I bet 5 min in your head would be a lifetime of adventure for most.

Good one.


Also, what’s a coof?


“The coof” was a term I saw used to get around censorship of anything to do with “the virus”
I personally preferred “the unspecified virus of unknown origin”



for what it’s worth, coof seems easier to type than your preferred term.


lol, true, but it;\’s much less poetic and pointed.


Perhaps a corruption of “cough”?


Best be careful using that term around burly Scotsmen 🙂

Definition of coof

chiefly Scottish: a stupid fellow: dolt, lout


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Two possibilities:

1) Jabba the Hut sized mofo

2) Fake story to start lubing up the sheeple for another lockdown penetration.


its very sketchy because it doesn’t say why he was admitted to hospital

Was he admitted with a heart attack? a stroke? repsiratory failure?

it obviously makes a huge difference

Remarkable that they would not share any further information, after creating panic by providing the carefully chosen limited details that they did


stab wound?


It’s just booster promoting fear porn

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Give the man a prize….. 100% that is the reason, real or not, it is to generate fear to get them out there to get boosters.

However I think that this scariant is going to signal the end of the fear for a lot of people as they get whuflu and then recover, there will still be those that get it every x months, the same ones that got the flu vaccine every year even though it was only for 5 or so of the 50 variants that year and they still ended up sick anyway.

Max Payne

Have to agree, the way they explicitly mention he was only double vaccinated. The subtext being that you should be getting your booster now like a good little EZFKA unit.Apparently the guy was a power lifter – https://www.abc.net.au/news/2022-01-06/nsw-records-34-994-covid-cases-and-six-deaths/100740744

The Victorian government tried something similar awhile back to get kids vaccinated by wheeling out a 17 year old girl who was hospitalised and didn’t have any ‘conditions’ but looked like Jabba the Hut’s niece.

Reus's Large MEMBER

Yes that was the “healthy” one that had a BMI of 70

klarse holl

Dead on arrival?


If he was unwaxed, would he be undead now?
Or perhaps he’d be 7x as much dead (because that us the apparent benefact ratio).

A tragedy, no less than any death if a young person. Will it be a threshold that makes all scratch heads and find out that other beneficial but banned medicines may be a better way than to hide behind Mr NA smoke and AZenga screens?


Just found out a friend passed away with Covid – early 40s, no underlying conditions, fitness junkie – the type who’d got to a training camp to run up and down mountains for their birthday for fun. Been a big shock, and apparently the deterioration from diagnosis and having mild symptoms to dying happened so quickly there wasn’t even time to get to a hospital.

Not sure about vaxxed status and awaiting further details, but did wonder about myocarditis if they had a recent booster, but if not – was reminded of that Belgian kickboxer who refused a vaccine and passed away with Covid too. Either way, shitty start to 2022.


I’m sorry that this happened to your mate, Gouda.


Sorry to hear it, Gouda.

Read about Cytokine Storm. Immune overreaction can happen to anyone. One of those things like anaphylaxis, you won’t know until you know.


a terrible thing to happen. very sorry to hear it


Insurance info is a good source. The thing about insurance companies is that they don’t kid. And they are data driven.

I think we have discussed previously how, given enough time, the net effect on peoples health/mortality would emerge into the light. And insurance premiums would be a tell-tale sign.

Although, with the sort of rises in insure events mentioned in that article (40%!), if replicated widely, we are probably talking about massive insurance company bailouts, rather than mere premium adjustments. …alternatively, policyholders might be handed haircuts – it’s not like they are a protected species (unlike bank bond holders)

Chinese Astroturfer

How about increasing the Medicare Levy on the unvaccinated to pay for the vaccinated being hospitalised more?


Medicare increase would be a cakewalk.

if the vaccinated really do end up suffering serious issues en masse then the consequences for the unvaccinated will be much more dire.

  • the vaccinated will be given lifetime disability pensions and will just chillax.
  • The unvaccinated will need to keep working until they drop dead
  • PLUS ezfka will bring in a few million more imports to rebuild workforce numbers.

The current bjw theory:
The tradeoff for using the mrna vax to turbocharge immune response to specific protein spikes is that the immune response to everything else is reduced proportionately.
So you are more likely to get sick with everything else including vax evading covid than the unvaxxed.
It would explain apparent -ve efficaccy of the avx against omicron, and the surge of recent vaxed with reduced immune response in australia explains the explosion of cases.

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Where is the proof of negative efficacy?


UK data is what I saw: https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/1043608/Vaccine_surveillance_report_-_week_51.pdf

it’s not apocalypse, but it certainly ain’t what you would want your “vaccine” to do.


It is known the vaccines are near useless vs Omicron infection but still work against serious illness. Despite all the talk on this forum about lying my omission you all focus on infection and ignore latest data suggesting ~88% efficacy against hospitalisation after booster.

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Like I say – it’s not apocalypse. I acknowledge that there still seems to be efficacy against severe disease.

but negative efficacy against infection is signalling a concern. Say it goes from -20% to -100% (ie twice as likely to get infected). Immediately I’d expect the 88% (respectable) efficacy against hospitalisation to go to 44% (fucking shit).

and that’s just Covid – that is, before bjw’s theory that the jabs make you more vulnerable to other things is taken into account (if true, which it may well be, given that we know that in finite systems there must be trade-offs)


Where is the % starting from?

Is it, if you don’t get the jab you have 100% chance of going to hospital. Get the jab and you now have a 12% chance of going to hospital or is it, you don’t get the jab and you have a 0.95% chance of going to hospital. Get the jab and you now have a .07% chance of going to hospital.


don’t get the jab you have 100% chance of going to hospital. Get the jab and you now have a 12% chance of going to hospital or is it, you don’t get the jab and you have a 0.95% chance of going to hospital. Get the jab and you now have a .07% chance

it’s more like the latter. So, with easy numbers:

  • 10,000 unvaccinated people get Covid and, of these, 100 (say) end up in hospital
  • 10,000 vaccinated people get Covid and, of those 12 end up in hospital

12 is 88% less than 100.

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Near enough. Change the first one from 100 to 88 and you would be more precise in regards to the ratio at least.

Hoody is suggesting low risk regardless of vaccination. That misses the point that if nobody got vaccinated then we would probably already be in another lockdown due to much higher hospitalisation numbers.

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Hoody is suggesting low risk regardless of vaccination.

hoody is right on this.

That misses the point that if nobody got vaccinated then we would probably already be in another lockdown due to much higher hospitalisation numbers.

there are many responses to that:

  1. yes, it is true that we’d have higher hospitalisations now if nobody was jabbed and cetris paribus
  2. but it doesn’t have to be a “nobody or everybody” choice. Eg maybe rather than doing 90% of population, jab the 40% that is old, fat or sick. Perhaps this would achieve 70-80% reduction in hospitalisations without molesting most of the population
  3. maybe higher hospitalisations are OK, or even desirable, if that’s the path, thru infection, to much more comprehensive natural immunity.
  4. maybe higher hospitalisations wouldn’t be a problem if Dan delivered the promised extra 4,000 ICU beds, at least as surge capacity (& his counterparts did too)
  5. Maybe it doesn’t have to be ceteris paribus – if we weren’t all-in on a “vaccine & then see who needs intensive care” strategy, we could have an early treatment strategy with ivermectin or other drugs that are rumoured to work to prevent hospitalisation.
  6. maybe the short term measure (less hospitalisations now) is deceptive and we’ll have more hospitalisations over a longer period of time
  7. etc, etc
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I generally agree…

#3. NSW has just again banned cinemas which means they are concerned about the rise in hospitalisation numbers. I think it is time to let go of the “let it rip at any cost” idea. Not going to happen.

#4. The 4000 ICU beds proved to be a fallacy due to lack of qualified doctors and nurses.

#6. I suggest that Omicron vaccine breakthrough is a good thing from that perspective because you will still gain some natural immunity without ending up in hospital.


The cinema thing looks pretty futile. Most Probably setting up a situation where they (govt) can declare force majeure, or similar, and use that as an excuse to bail out the landlords of the cinemas.

If omicron* goes on to give large parts of the population proper immunity, it will be by a massive stroke of good luck rather than good management.

Every likelihood was that disease would evolve to evade vaccine (given sheer number of people jabbed and infected). could’ve easily ended up with an evolved virus with 20% CFR… still can, in theory.

*this is all if we pretend that omicron actually exists. If it doesn’t (I’ve set out my theory on this elsewhere), what we have is plain vaccine failure on a MASSIVE scale, and all that has been done is a 12 month deferral of the wide scale infections that would’ve happened absent the vaccine.


NSW hasn’t banned cinemas?


I thought I read it. Must have got my wires crossed.


Well, we read it here first, then!


This is today’s news. I misread it as including cinemas. There are some new restrictions.

Under the new rules, in force until January 27, singing and dancing in pubs and nightclubs is banned and health authorities will reassess upcoming major events.


Lol. Singing is banned.

thank god it goes to 27 Jan… lest anyone sing the anthem or waltzing Matilda anywhere near a pub on 26 Jan.

you couldn’t make this shit up!

Reus's Large MEMBER

jab the 40% that is old, fat or sick.”

I think that you are underestimating the number of fatties in EZFKA, I do believe that it is closer to 66% mark and if you add in the old and at risk you probably get closer to 80% which is probably where they got their recommendation for “herd immunity” from


I’m counting the really-fat people, I guess. Not just the ones carrying 3-8kg more than they should.


Does it take into account getting injured or sick from the jab? Or is that a completely different thing.


Of course it doesn’t count! You keep score of the benefits and ignore the costs.

(like 40% more young people dying, as discussed in the other thread)

It’s the EZFKA way.

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Maybe, but is it worth the cost if this article is true? https://www.thecentersquare.com/indiana/indiana-life-insurance-ceo-says-deaths-are-up-40-among-people-ages-18-64/article_71473b12-6b1e-11ec-8641-5b2c06725e2c.html

Indiana life insurance CEO says deaths are up 40% among people ages 18-64

a 40% increase is such a massive statistical outlier it can not possibly be random on a sample the size of an insurance company. And those are not directly covid related deaths.

Either the vax is causing some serious side effects or a general reduction in health/immune response.

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You are insinuating that lockdowns caused the deaths in a country that had “let it rip” in many states. The reality is some states like NY had so many people dying that they stopped testing dead people for Covid. Then there are other quirks in the data like massive increases in people dying on the road, or being murdered by gun, but only in USA.

Tyler Black, MD on Twitter: “/1 =-=-=-=-=-=-=- Thread: Mortality in 2020 and myths =-=-=-=-=-=-=- 2020, unsurprisingly, came with excess death. There was an 18% increase in overall mortality, year on year. But let’s dive in a little bit deeper. The @CDCgov has updated WONDER, its mortality database. https://t.co/DbbvvbTAZQ” / Twitter


I am not insinuating anything.
That data is post lockdowns and a 40% increase in working age deaths is massive.

We are seeing, right now, the highest death rates we have seen in the history of this business – not just at OneAmerica,” the company’s CEO Scott Davison said during an online news conference this week. “The data is consistent across every player in that business.”

And what we saw just in third quarter, we’re seeing it continue into fourth quarter, is that death rates are up 40% over what they were pre-pandemic,” he said.

“Just to give you an idea of how bad that is, a three-sigma or a one-in-200-year catastrophe would be 10% increase over pre-pandemic,” he said. “So 40% is just unheard of.”

The CDC weekly death counts, which reflect the information on death certificates and so have a lag of up to eight weeks or longer, show that for the week ending Nov. 6, there were far fewer deaths from COVID-19 in Indiana compared to a year ago – 195 verses 336 – but more deaths from other causes – 1,350 versus 1,319.

These deaths were for people of all ages, however, while the information referenced by Davison was for working-age people who are employees of businesses with group life insurance policies.

he said he did not have a breakdown showing why so many people in the state are being hospitalized – for what conditions or ailments. But he said the extraordinarily high death rate quoted by Davison matched what hospitals in the state are seeing.

“What it confirmed for me is it bore out what we’re seeing on the front end,…” he said.

The number of hospitalizations in the state is now higher than before the COVID-19 vaccine was introduced a year ago, and in fact is higher than it’s been in the past five years, Dr. Lindsay Weaver, Indiana’s chief medical officer, said at a news conference with Gov. Eric Holcomb on Wednesday.


You have no proof of anything other than deaths rising. The article even states they don’t know. The deaths could be side-effects of catching Covid, or other nuances mentioned in that Twitter post. Yet you most definitely either insinuated or asserted something with your “cost of” comment.


Deaths rising & these are not Covid deaths.

so it’s everything-but covid. Sure, nobody know yet, but it Smells a lot like the “response to covid” might have something to do with it. Lockdowns, jabs, changes to social structure…


Smells like is not proof of anything. You would not have a clue whether getting Covid leaves your heart and organs in a weakened state and more likely to end up in hospital a year later.

Read that Twitter post. 30% increase in deaths from traffic accidents. Is that still related to lockdowns? or more speeding due to less traffic as suspected by that twitter user? Is less traffic caused by fear of covid, rising fuel costs, or wfh?

Is the rise of WFH causing other health issues like poor diet and exercise? They are all possibilities. We don’t know.


Read that Twitter post. 30% increase in deaths from traffic accidents. Is that still related to lockdowns? or more speeding due to less traffic as suspected by that twitter user? Is less traffic caused by fear of covid, rising fuel costs, or wfh?

Is the rise of WFH causing other health issues like poor diet and exercise? They are all possibilities. We don’t know.

But all of those options smell like governments’ “response to Covid” to me.


That twitter post has NO PROOF of anything either, just a whole heap of opinion. It just lines up with what you want to hear more…

Here’s a theory for ya, less traffic should be less accidents more speeding or not, how about mild heart conditions that cause the accident that go unnoticed, result of complications of vax that is known cause heart problems. That is more supported by the evidence than his less traffic more accidents claim.


You have no proof of anything other than deaths rising

There is no PROOF that smoking kills people.
Just a lot of statistical evidence they are more likely to die. IAnd I bet it’s a lot less of an increase than 40% a year for 18-64 year olds.

The only PROOF that the vax works is exactly the same statistical proof you are denying regarding extra deaths.

Chinese Astroturfer

Aussies are fat as all fuck with boomers being the fattest fucks of all

Persons aged 18 years and over - proportion of overweight or obese, 2017-18.jpeg

Are those numbers for real?

>50% men of all ages are overweight;
>50% of all women over 34 are overweight

If this is accurate – no wonder so many are so afraid,

Reus's Large MEMBER

Yes this does explain a lot, I have noticed that a lot of my neighbours or kids parents that are fat claim to be immunocompromised and that is why they got the jabs / booster …. side effect of being fat is your immune system is destroyed by all the crap you eat.

I am going to revisit my prediction that by 2025 there are going to be a lot less people around


are fat claim to be immunocompromised

everyone just loves being a victim


Problem is though how do they define obese?
A am male, 180cms, late 50’s and 90kg. Using the BMI at 92 kgs I am obese and at 90kg I am overweight. I have to be 72kgs before I hit the ideal weight!!! What a load of bullshit – if I ever got down to 72kgs I would be a professional tennis player!!


And I need to grow just 2cm more to get to LSWCHP’s BMI 🤗


i suspect that like me you are closer to shrinking age than growing


I knew it. You are a cranky old Boomer. Go and get vaxxed before you drop dead.


lol. unless you get it every 3 months youll drop dead anyway

And theres a long way between 17 and 70

how long ago was your last shot?

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Exactly. Five years years ago I was ~8% body fat but still technically “overweight”. Now I am ~15% body fat and about 2kg lighter which has me in the “healthy” range.


That’s amazing shit. I knew there were a lot of fatties, but still.

I’m 59 and my BMI is 22.9…right in the middle of where it should be because I eat well and work out. Meanwhile, 90% or so of my age cohort are overweight or obese. 😳


Latest news reports the guy was a champion powerlifter. I will speculate that if there was something wrong with this guy (and I don’t know) is that he is one of the many competitive lifters that abuse performance enhancing drugs.

Reus's Large MEMBER

Also whuflu is a respiratory disease, you don’t suddenly die from those, you get sick and worsen over time and then die. I am guessing that a side effect from the vaccines and did not know he even had whuflu.


I’ve heard it asserted that where it’s serious disease it is often less respiratory (although it does give you a cough and stuff, obv) and more to do with the circulation system – blood vessels, etc and inflammation of tissues


Anabolic steroids suppress the immune system and increase the chances of cardiomyopathy. We have all heard of people suspected to be abusing steroids who have died suddenly. Flo Jo, Aziz, etc.

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Agent 47

Few bodybuilders have dropped off after getting jabbed. Rhoden is most high profile one that was confirmed he died after 2nd vax. Steroids plus clotting issues plus stress on heart is a recipe for disaster



Another possible take is that heavy cardiovascular exercise is a trigger for clots or myocarditis or similar.


I would agree for aerobic sports like Soccer or League. Powerlifters tend to do minimal aerobics so they can maximise strength… which I guess also implies weaker heart and lungs.

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SA Health have now stopped reporting the vaccination status of positive cases!!
My two daughters in their early 20’s have both had it and got out of jail on Wednesday. One had two days being flat and achy and teh other just sailed through.


goad the girls are good.

SA Health reporting change doesn’t surprise me at all. As 90kwbeast pointed out recently – lying by omission is a very neat way to do it.