Melbourne refugee advocate now loves tough immigration laws after successful, straight white male has visa cancelled

A Melbourne woman and open borders advocate has tweeted support for Australian Border Force and tough immigration laws, after tennis player Novak Djokovic was denied entry into EZFKA due to being unvaccinated.

Michelle Rosenbaum, from Fitzroy, showed her ‘solidarity with Home Affairs’ and lauded the decision by Karen Andrews from her job as a volunteer at the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre.

“This is why we need strong borders and tough immigration laws – this is just another example of privileged white men doing what they want across borders particularly in a pandemic,” Michelle said.

“This is about protecting the EZFKA community from people who won’t abide by our laws, respect our culture and that endanger the EZFKA public. Novak doesn’t want to integrate into our way of life, clearly. Great job Karen Andrews!”

“However, people from the third world that destroy their passports and bypass 50 safe countries to come to EZFKA because they don’t like the economic situation in their home country, are a completely different story. We should bring as many of them in as possible unvaccinated or not – it’s racist to ask them their vaccine status and they are the ones who deserve the exemptions.”

Rosenbaum intends to spend the rest of the week framing a photo of Peter Dutton for the ASRC office.

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Agent 47

It’s always a middle aged white woman at these refugee protests. I’ve never worked out what their obsession is with bringing in people from cultures that view them as third class citizens.


He should say he’s transitioning, and will win both the men’s and women’s! A new record!


Misplaced female impulse for nurturing, as all those barren cows get to pour their surplus empathy into some poor helpless refugee, that has been rejected by the same society that has rejected them.


comment image

Unrelated but lol



Australia – […] Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said on Instagram he spoke with Djokovic over the phone and told him that “the whole of Serbia is with him and that our authorities are undertaking all measures in order that maltreatment of the world’s best tennis player ends as soon as possible”

Agent 47

Novak is another WEF pawn. Check this out, another Davos stooge.

Others have said this is about the country shoppers in the hotel and some kind of cynical open borders thing. I’m not so sure but wouldn’t be surprised.


They said the vaccine stopped transmission. Now they are lying and saying they didn’t.
Video proof here
— Cernovich (@Cernovich) December 26, 2021

2.20mins well spent.


Like me a good montage.

for what it’s worth, I tend to think that the people trying to drag a “Bill Gates” angle into all of this are very probably barking up the wrong tree and diluting the credibility of the other messages

Agent 47

And here we go. A Georgian tennis player at the ATP tour event in Sydney last night had to retire due to ‘breathing problems’.

And so it begins.


Do we need a sticky post to keep track of these things during the tennis season?

Agent 47

I think so. The AFLW starts today as well. Countdown timer to the first collapse should start now.


Have at it!


1971 vs 2021