we should not let opposing lockdowns consume our lives so much as to forget how much ezfka sucked even before covid

i have been noticing an increasingly worrying trend in australia amongst the relatively small anti-lockdown community. the idea that lockdowns are so bad that the ezfka of pre-2020 by comparison was a fine and dandy and peachy perfect place, not the increasingly neo-feudal shithole that it actually was. to be sure, lockdowns, and covidism/vaccine-ism, in general, have all been disgustingly obnoxious. they’ve stretched the standards for what qualifies as credible evidence based policy to absurd new limits. they’ve shown us that you merely need to cloak the most dramatic, severely life altering and absurd strictures in the tinsel of “science” and “humanitarianism” and the vast majority of ezfka units will go along with a level of dedication and enthusiam that would have made goebbels jealous.

and yes, it has been bad. and at least for now, while we have time to squeeze some efficacy out of the shitty “vaccines” before they inevitably stop working en-masse, it appears to be coming to a temporary end. but has it all been bad? recollecting on it, there have been some nice things to have emerged from the mania;

  • the reduction of traffic on the roads. i thought this was cool and nice. who the fuck likes traffic on the road? its noisy, dirty, intimidating and dangerous. i wish the streets could be so quiet and relatively car-free for all eternity.
  • work from home! this one is obvious, but unfortunately it will be short-lived. the pointlessness of office space and needing to physically “be” at a work location for the 15% or whatever ezfka units who work in offices has been exposed bare for all to see due to covid. too bad this realised pointlessness couldn’t extend to most of the office jobs themselves, which don’t need to exist or be done by anybody in any shape or form.
  • no migration

    thinking about this more fully however brings me back to my original point. the “old” ezfka is coming back. the one that existed prior to covid. we are trading one crap existence for another. i see so many people rejoicing over the poliical ascendance of premier perottet in australia, but he is no visionary or revolutionary; just a restorative force; the ‘hero’ that will return us to the shithole ezfka we knew before, not take us in an entirely new direction, as we actually need. the shithole that imported 200,000+ coolies every year (good bye wage growth; there’ll be even more to make up the slack this time!) and made doing something as basic and normal as acquiring shelter a multi-decade endeavor comprised of eating maggi noodles and shitting in public toilets to save money on toilet paper.

so rejoice; lockdown might be over for now. but remember, it was never good before.

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superb piece, stagmal.

the “old” ezfka is coming back. the one that existed prior to covid. we are trading one crap existence for another. i see so many people rejoicing over the poliical ascendance of premier perottet in australia, but he is no visionary or revolutionary; just a restorative force; the ‘hero’ that will return us to the shithole ezfka we knew before, 

this is quite right. I would also be willing to bet that the future ezfka shithole is actually going to be worse than the old ezfka shithole.

the hole will be deeper and there will be more shit in it.

because the ezfka government has flexed its muscles and realised that it can get away with much more than they had previously dared dream. And nobody will say boo.

I think that the real positive is that the COVID-related crap has been the catalyst for some people to decide to lift anchor and get the hell out. Because all the previous stuff was a very gradual climbing of temperature in the pot with the frog. The COVID stuff made the temperature rise more sudden and noticeable.

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Agree with this as it could it actually get much worse.

Just on immigration, Dom wants 2 million into NSW. Might was well put him in a dress and call him Liz Allen – he’s got about the same amount of kids.


The joint is also about to get a lot more expensive to live in,
fuel and food going up, wages wont cos of mass immigration and a government actively opposed to wage rises.
Imports, cars and pretty much everything else will go up as the RBA refuses to tighten and looks through inflation, crashing the dollar against major pairs.
House prices of course will stay sky high.
What choice does the RBA even have? there not gonna let Australia do an Ireland by raising rates. I think there one punchers chance was the rest of the world was gonna do the same thing.

Reus's Large MEMBER

Yep we totes fcuked

Chinese Astroturfer

Lockdowns were one thing, but a line has been crossed now with these forced vaccinations. I spit on the Australian flag. I will never stand for it again.

Then there’s the enthusiasm and glee in the general population itself where the vast majority demand the harshest possible punishments against people short of sending them to prison or a gulag without trial simply for declining a leaky vaccine.

Australians are low class scum. I welcome a Chinese invasion.

It’s a sick society when people are enthusiastic about stripping from people everything they’ve ever worked for, any ability to earn a living, any ability to participate in society other than buying essential goods from a supermarket simply for declining a leaky vaccine of limited efficacy.

Most Australians want you left destitute and completely marginalised from society for merely not taking a leaky untested vaccine of limited efficacy for a disease that doesn’t kill anyone healthy under 50. What’s more the vaccines leave the vaccinated as infectious as the unvaccinated.

If this country faced a real crisis, you can only imagine how swiftly and how violently the population would turn on those deemed trouble makers.


You should wear a ‘Star of David’ on your arm while you are wandering the streets of Dubbo and when someone ask you why, you could tell them it’s to identify yourself as unvax.

Agent 47

Good piece. Small criticism, can we get a proof reader please?

Other than that agree. Fuckwit have no idea what they’ve just invited in, but the treachery of the past 18 months has been phenomenal.

Plenty of my colleagues and friends really shown their true colours.

Chinese Astroturfer

Are the Novavax contamination problems the equivalent of China banning EZFKA’s grain because of ‘contamination’ problems or banning beef because of problems ‘labelling’ and ‘health certificates’?

And if you’re Pfizer you basically had every incentive to be the first out there with the vaccine. That 97% efficacy they first touted is down to 40-60% with injections every 6 months so only a little bit out. Funny how these trials never work the other way where the trial shows 40% efficacy but it’s actually 97% with long lasting immunity in the real world LOL.

If you uncover problems 5-10 years later you shrug your shoulders and say how could we have known it was a pandemic. Think of the hundreds of millions of lives we saved.

Any caution or conservatism in the early days of vaccine development could have left Pfizer locked out of COVID vaccine supply market forever. It was a no brainer for them to just push through and get that vaccine out there as quickly as possible (only if you’re a sociopath of course).

Reus's Large MEMBER

Will it be bad for long though, given the data coming out of Europe around ADE from the vaccines, either we move to a subscription model of boosters to keep us alive or there are going to be a lot of dead, but getting to that stage means that this whole thing could burn down.

Other option is CCP goes to war to save itself from the bus going upside down there.

Either way I don’t really think that there is going to be a return to “normal” irrespective of how good or shit normal was before.

By 2025 things are going to be very different, I am kinda excited and kinda fearful but stocking up on popcorn either way.

Reus's Large MEMBER

In other news apparently NIH have come out and confirmed that they did in fact fund GOF research in Whuflu lab.


That’s the wierdest thing here. Wtf are the Chinese not blasting this from every loudspeaker available?


NSW and VIC people in lockdown have had a hard time, and to them vaccines are freedom.

Those of us in COVID free states are dealing with something unprecedented: governments which have control of the virus are going to deliberately let it in. We will be faced with mask mandates and possibly lockdowns even if vaxed when borders open. There is almost zero benefit to most people, yet they all roll up their sleeves.

I was hoping to hold out long enough to get novavax but it looks like they’re stuffed.



Comes down to, is WA a country or a state…

Rebecca Muller

Its a state of mind – big fish small ocean type. Isolated and ignorant. The unsung quarry to the world! Nah but the beaches are sick ey. Greetings from sunny Perth.


Ignorant of what exactly? That arrogant epithet is usually doled out progressives. Who are you exactly? Haven’t see you here before.


It’s not just about WA. QLD, SA, NT all the same: COVID free and letting it in deliberately. Flip the question: why should the export earning states be paying for the ponzi states?


It’s not that they should. It’s just that they will be made to.

afterall, a pure ponzi model can’t work too long on a national level. So those who want a National-size milch cow will bring their influence to bear on the export earning states.


Yep – and the ponzi bloated populations legitimise their claims because it’s a democracy!


Ursula’s Green Christmas
’Twas the morning of Christmas! Awake before dawn,
Ursula put all her green finery on,
Her drndl and stockings and shoes were all green,
Her embroidered silk vest was a sight to be seen,
It was Aryan green, for the old solstice day—
What churls are the Irish, they stole it away!—
But no mind, for now Ursula wasn’t thinking of that,
But the dawn of green Christmas, and what presents she’d got.
There was one thing so precious, she’d asked for so late,
It was impossible, yet it would just be so great—
She silently slipped through the door of her room,
And a hundred green candles winked through the gloom!
The house all green candles! ’Twas just for today,
For they’d told all the commoners to keep warm that way,
Having no light or power; and it seemed only right
She should do it herself for a day and a night,
To show it was cheerful and it wasn’t insane
To go back to the Seventeenth Century again.
For Ursula knew that this Christmas was tough
For the commons—their wage was not nearly enough
To buy power or heat; and the wind wouldn’t blow
And the sunshine so faintly would come and would go—
They should know to seal up all their windows and doors,
And put lovely green sod down all over their floors!
She wished them the best, and crept through the great hall,
Where she knew the roof solar hadn’t warmed it at all
Since the Summer; peeked out through the mist and the chill,
Where her family’s wind turbine stood ghostly and still.
How nice they had money for natural gas!
How sad that so many should lack it, alas!
But then gas is carbon, and to come to the facts,
The tallow has carbon, that makes candle wax,
And Ursula’s political instincts had told her
That carbon is just in the eye of the beholder;
And she was just thinking of the Great Chain of Being
When she came to the parlor—and what was she seeing!
The fireplace mantel—her stocking hung there,
It was bulging with something—she stroked her green hair—
Cold were her countrymen, struggling through drifts,
But Ursula was burning to discover her gifts.
She drew in her breath as she reached for the goal—
“Oh, it’s just what I needed, a big lump of coal!”


Rejoice at the return of the illusion of freedom!