How do Poor People Afford to Live in Sydney?

So this is a genuine question/discussion thread, I was getting to thinking earlier today. I read some thread on reddit AusFinance (link here) with some expat guy in Thailand who got offered a job in Sydney for 130K a year, and everyone in the thread was telling him it was a bad idea to move and that was piss-weak money for Sydney. Okay, so here’s my question;

If these people were telling the truth (i.e they’re not just idiots who don’t know how to save at all and just burn their money) and that really is absolute shithouse coin in Syd (or even Melbourne) these days, how the fuck do people who are on minimum wage or close to it able to even remotely survive there? Like what about Nurses, teachers etc, I’m not aware any of them are actually making decent money, or even close to that. So what’s the average ‘lifestyle’ like for somebody in Sydney these days, is it really all such doom or is this all just a pile of crock?

Why would anyone who isn’t on good simoleons ever want to live in this place?

I’ll put it out there that I haven’t been in over 3 years now

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130k is 100k after tax

He could probably rent a decent apartment near the city let’s say marrickville for like 30-40k a year
Or he could live in the eastern suburbs bondi or whatever and share, just get a room for a similar price

then he’s got to pay private health, food, utilities, PT I dunno maybe 20k?
Probably doesnt need a car

its more than doable
is that a good life? i don’t know

If you want to do drugs, and party and bang club sluts probably better to stay in thailand because its too expensive here

depends also how much he’s making in thailand I guess

I like sydney a lot if you’re young and you’ve got coin, or you like the beach and nature, but you’re also educated and want to be around other educated people
Has the best weather in the world

yes there’s too many vibrants, but it still has a fairly aussie mindset not as soy as melbourne but not as bogan as qld

Living in thailand seems you’d be hanging around a lot of weirdos and pedophiles, since you’re never going to be accepted as a local

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could be right i haven’t been for a long time, but brisbane is a shithole and always has been i was more talking about sunshine coast or goldy

also victoria despite being soy has the most bizarre and homoerotic obsession with footy and i cannot fucking stand it

literal millionaires and high powered professionals predicating their happiness and contentment on some boys in tight shorts kicking a ball around
absolutely fucking braindead fuckwits throughout the entire place you struggle to find someone who doesn’t “barrack” for a “footy” team


i think you’ll find that in sydney most people don’t give a fuck about sportsball

people are too worried about making money and property to have any emotional attachment to a collection of mongoloids in tight shorts running around on an oval

its refreshing

also im not talking about the absolute dregs of society with double digit IQs hanging out in TABs and pubs

im talking about educated people and young people

In victoria (and adelaide and WA) everyone cares about football
if you want to fuck heaps of girls you have to be a footballer or attached to football in some peripheral way

In NSW its just a derro and mainly older working class thing

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Haven’t been to Brisbane in a long time but still somehow a shithole


I think its a great city personally as someone who has lived in both for 5+ years.


I agree, Brisbane is a great city.


Humidity always gets me when I go to Brisbane, but I know that over time I’d get used to it.

I thought NRL was big in Sydney, at a guess there’d be around the same number of teams in NSW as in Victoria. That means they still get to enjoy the benefits of having young men paid ridiculous sums who would not otherwise be in a position to bid up the price of houses.


Air con in summer is your friend indeed

But winter is warmer than the other major capitals as the trade off


sorry i just saw the link

he’s making 48kUSD which is SFA
so he’d basically be doubling his salary even after tax I imagine

and sounds like he’s french?
There’s heaps of frogs here, he’d have a good time

He should definitely do it in IMO if there’s opportunity for advancement (surely there must be more opportunity than working remotely for some eastern europeans)

also sounds like he’s married and wants to have kids, in which case yes i’d move because you can get your kid to become a tradie or whatever and make fucking bank and hang out with other white kids

what is the kid going to do in thailand, compete with all the thai labourers getting paid 30 cents a day
or even worse you have a girl and she’s doing ping pong shows for $10?
Meanwhile in the west shes a protected species and will be affirmative actioned into some cushy office job doing fuck all

No brainer

The people on reddit are fucking imbeciles so don’t know why anyone would ask there

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It depends on what this person’s lifestyle is. Coming is right about rent etc. If this person was frugal they could save $40k-$50k pa. A lot of young people are doing this for 10 years or so and using the savings to live an easy life in another city. However, if they want their own car, out to cafe for breakfast and lunch every day, $5 coffees multiple times a day, restaurant and alcohol 2-3 nights a week, movies, etc, those savings will evaporate quite quickly.

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The question is; does he have the requisite deposit to buy a house and can he afford 5%+ mortgage repayments we’ll be looking at in 8 months time on a $1.7m+ house in Sydney? If not he shouldn’t bother and try and work elsewhere. Maybe Brisbane or Melbourne.

To your question stagmal – I’ve always said if you have no ambition to earn at least $120k in Sydney, you should simply leave. Everyone in some retail job or indeed many public sector jobs earnings $70-100k should just more to Newcastle etc

A fly in your ointment

$130k is likely $1.7k per week after tax.
For a single incel this could leave a surplus of about 700 bucks per week surplus for fun or a savvy RE investment. Not a bad position for a 20 sumtin incel or han solo.
Throw in a wife + kids and the game changes.
Take kids but keep the wife, it becomes financially better but emotional disaster.
There are not many 130k jobs in Syd. Median income in my assessment is about 700-800 per person per week. Not enough for independent life


As many people have mentioned you can ‘easily’ live in Sydney on $130k. But this figure is well above median full time earnings and not poor people as per the title. So the question is how do people live in Sydney with half this wage?


What is median full time earnings in Sydney ?


Considering that includes a lot of unskilled labour , your average white collar worker with a uni degree makes more

if you don’t have one of those jobs then you aren’t starting a family and you can live a single persons feckless life

even a probationary constable starts at 75k

thats more than enough to live as a single person in a share house in a groovy suburb

the jobs making less than that are all done by vibrants who live 4 to a room in Chullora
their life experiences aren’t relevant to us

medical receptionists who only have a high school graduation are making $30/hr but it’s part time mums and uni students
waitress probably gets more, and again that’s not a career – its a stop gap

a labourer at the moment in Sydney is on at least $60/hr
thats $2500/wk
more than 130k/yr

so yeah its not that bad

another reason why ubi or the dole doesn’t need to exist
i think a government job guarantee would be fine, and would set a floor on wages

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The Jimmies have also mastered this. Share accommodation to bring rent down to $200 or under. Very little discretionary spending. Culturally, their social life is also cheap.

Aussies though are going to do it a lot tougher. If you are an aussie who wants the freedom of living alone, have a car, and a social life, then you can pretty much forget about saving anything at all on those wages.


Yes, Jimmies have mastered this. Basically living standards will converge.

All I can see is that housing will consume everything. Little discretionary spending doesn’t bode well for retail spending.

A fly in your ointment

the fact that jimmies have found the way to adjust theur lifestyle to 200 bucks rent does not negate the non-jimmies not ever questioning why dafaq in a land which is gazillion times bigger than Hong Kong the rents and house prices are comparable to HK.
jimmies have no parents to go back and just dismiss the request to work with “fcuk it, I’ll be going back to my parents” and have to adopt to reality. An average Jimmy will rise from the very bottom to well above lazy non-jimmy’s position in short time.


It’s a hard question to answer.

If someone on that level of income can afford to spend time online on a Sunday to educate you, they should probably be out working a second, third or fourth job instead – that’s the EZFKA way!


The fourth job should hopefully get them a couple of investment properties to ensure they have truly made it in EZFKA.

Aussie Soy Boy

They budget, they go without luxuries, cook all their meals, substitute with cheaper meats. Then they’re not spastic enough to buy a property in the most expensive property market on Earth.


If you are single then maybe or a small family, but if you have a couple of kids, it is harder. However, unless we get decent wage inflation, the poor are going to be crunched by rental increases, energy and food inflation.

Aussie Soy Boy

It means going without, sending them to a public school, making a low or mid range phone last 5 years instead of buying the high end phone every 2 years, no Uber Eats, restaurant becomes a twice a year affair if that.

When someone like Coming argues that $130k doesn’t buy anything in Sydney, he probably has 2 or 3 kids going to private schools, new car every 3-5 years, eye watering mortgage, the wife wants to get her tits done. Probably paying for one his children to transition into another gender.


You got everything except the car wrong

My wife already has fake tits and the kids go to public school


Not sure what the fuss is about.

$300 rent. $200 food and beer. $100 other stuff.

$30k net.

Earn more than that and spend it on more beer and coke.

Seriously, where’s the problem?

How to save more…eat discounted food, more vegetables and breads, brew your own beer, share accommodation in a bigger way.

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Spoken like a true EZFKA mensch !


Haha. That’s true.

I don’t feel much has changed with the cost of living.

Housing prices have, but the rest balances IMO. Things are cheaper, services, and beer are more expensive.

Buying out, food and beer seems far more expensive. Medical and dental off the charts.

Excluding house prices, cost overall, IMO is about the same as its always been.

I’m not excusing whats going on at all. I hate it. We’re frogs in a pot.

I guess what’s really happening is I adjust my life to squeeze the cheapest bits out. For example, I don’t pay for parking. I risk it in the car, or ride my motorbike.

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Aussie Soy Boy

I think that’s about right.

A lot of Aussies are prissy and particular faggots like Coming who needs his luxuries and conveniences, keep up with the Jones’s, etc.

Then bitch about house prices while the rest of us paid off our mortgage by going without those luxuries, by looking at the price everything, driving old reliable cars he would be embarrassed to be seen in.

A lot of people want to live a lifestyle they see their favourite character live on some yank TV serial on Netflix.


Would you live in share accommodation with the spouse and kids?

Where are the $300 rentals that are non share? For a single person, yes, makes sense, but a family, not sure.

Aussie Soy Boy

If you leave Sydney you can find a 3 bedroom place for $400 per week easily.

Children living a sheltered life in the Coming household might find the public schools intimidating, but it will build character and resilience.

The children will learn the importance of thrift.

No-one said it would be easy and it will be humbling, but it is possible to get yourself ahead financially instead of being some moron complaining about house prices or cost of living.


$300 rent. $200 food and beer. $100 other stuff.


I would have thought so too.
Rents have clearly crashed in sydney in the last few years, at least for apartments.,+nsw+2000/list-1?source=refinement


Plenty of FKN ROFLs in $200 food and beer. $100 other stuff. as well.

Image 6-6-2022 at 5.51 pm.jpg

Those numbers are reasonably accurate, and I could do it for far less if I had to.

Why would one persons rent be $600 (for an entire 2br unit) when we’re talking about one persons income/expenditure?

Apples with apples, I spend no more than $300 rent, $200 food, $100 other stuff a week.

No wonder that idiot DLS thinks $44 (really it’s $60) a day for the dole is too little. Why does someone on the dole need to be anywhere near Sydney? Ship them out to the west if they won’t work.

With my wage, I save more than $40k a year, drink every day, eat pretty much what I want, run an expensive car, holiday overseas every year for at least a month, and live very well.

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Do it then dude. Break down your $100/wk “other stuff”. Needs to include at the very least:
* Electricity
* Transport (PT, obviously not running a car on that budget)
* Health insurance
* Out of pocket healthcare costs
* Other insurances (eg: contents)
* Internet/mobile phone
* Leisure activities
* Clothes

With my wage, I save more than $40k a year, drink every day, eat pretty much what I want, run an expensive car, holiday overseas every year for at least a month, and live very well.

Whats your wage tho ? Not much of a flex if you earn $200 large and own your home.

Wait, are you seriously trying to bullshit us you do that on a $300/wk budget ?


What’s with Coming being such a EZFKA apologist. You can live well in Thailand or be a middle class tax cattle for Boomers in Australia. No Sydney doesn’t have the best weather in the world, you’d need to have a 2 million dollar mortgage to believe that


I just explained to you why normal people can’t live well in Thailand

if you’re an autistic pedophile (like you probably are) then yes you will enjoy Thailand very much

if you are a regular western person with a family then no it’s not as good a place to live


What’s your problem with the EZFKA? You seem like a slightly ruder version of any Boomer commenting on the SMH.


Why don’t you tell us then about your idyllic existence in thailand then?

or you don’t live there?

you live in Australia?


I’d live there if I was a fully remote tech worker. Or is fucking sharehousing in Bondi better than living in a big house in the rich part of Bangkok because there are better white people to look at in Australia. You can scrimp and save and pray someday houses go down in price so you can live in a boilermaker’s house from 1955


yes I know you would, because you’re an autistic incel

but if you had a family and kids you wouldn’t, for all the fucking reasons that I’ve given
In addition to the fact that you would be making twice the amount of money in Sydney according to this reddit post

but you are not able to appreciate anything outside your extremely limited solipsistic existence

How about you look at the price of a nice APARTMENT in bangkok

then explain to me how you are going to be affording one of those on 48k a year

no, you’ll be living in the same kind of squalor you live in here you fucking idiot


So glad the country managed to find such a cunt to act as an apologist on sites like this, you get the same content as Ross Gittens on SMH but with an attitude that makes you seem more authentic, more real (of course you’re an upper middle class phony but it’s not immediately obvious)

OP was earning fuck all because he worked for some Eastern European tech company. He needs to get a better job. If he can earn 130K in Sydney he can do better in Thailand too.


average annual salary in thailand is 34k USD

if its so easy to get a better job, why hasn’t he done it already?

why doesn’t everyone in Australia simply move to thailand and live like a fucking king?

In fact, why do the bangladeshis and indians move here, when they could just move to thailand instead and live so much better there

fuck you are a dumb cunt, no wonder you have no options


Coming, the fucking premise of the post is that OP can earn more than he does because he’s a tech worker. If he’s earning the fucking average Thai salary like a basic Thai person then he can’t immigrate to Australia period, much less earn $130K in Sydney.

Why would I need more options when I live in the Boomer paradise that you so adore and have no actual disagreements with?


If he can earn more, why doesn’t he simply do so ?

jesus you are a retard

I wonder why he can’t earn more as a remote worker when he’s competing with literally every single person in the 3rd world who also has internet access


Herp derp why doesn’t he simply do so……….? ? ?

Why doesn’t he already live in Sydney then, if he’s so good at life optimisation that he’s already in the perfect situation and can’t improve anything? Why does he need help from Boomers like you to tell him where his kid can grow up around whites? It’s unlikely that he’s simultaneously such a mediocre tech worker that he can’t improve on $48K remotely working for some poor Eastern European company, but also good enough that he can move to Australia and make $130K and according to that thread, even $170K at a market rate?


He doesn’t already live in Sydney because he’s from fucking france you imbecile

he got the fuck out of there

it sounds exactly like that it is the case he can’t improve on 48k remotely working for an eastern european country, because why would they pay him more when they can get Pavel to do it for cheaper , or kumar, or vladimir, or sanjeet or whoever

The fact is that Australia is a (relative) paradise for workers compared to almost every other country in the fucking world

which is why all these povo cunts want to move here, and he should jump at the opportunity to make 130k/yr in sydney then upgrade himself to 170k/yr once he’s in the system and gets to know the local scene

not sure how its difficult for you to understand


Fucking hell Coming, when are you getting your SMH byline, paradise for workers, what a bullshit artist you are. If he can’t do better in Thailand then he won’t do well here either, he can enjoy living in Penrith. He’s already beat Pavel since he works for a country based in Pavelstan.


yeah that’s why all the tech workers in australia are fleeing to thailand to work remotely

fuck you are possibly the dumbest cunt here
that’s it im done with this conversation


Plenty are mate, it’s called being a digital nomad. Fuckwit. You know nothing about tech, stick to property investment tips


sure, you can just LDAR

but your life wont be any better in thailand doing that unless you just enjoy hookers and steroids


For the rest of us, what does that mean? Googled it and only came up with 100s of Leak, Detection and Repair links.


looking back on it, the whole movement was very prescient and its a shame that it got snuffed out by the authorities because of the elliot rodger stuff

LDAR is probably the best form of passive resistance like gandhi

instead, losers turned to crypto thinking they were “going to make it”

Last edited 1 year ago by Coming

ive been on PSL sites since the late 2000s

you were raised in the darkness, i was born in it


Young voters outnumber older.

Boomers did’t do this to Australia. Dumb naive young Australians are voting against their own interests to achieve nothing but enriching the elites.


Lol Totes, it’ll be a rough few years for you when Dutton doesn’t become PM. Monomania in human form


That doesn’t address what I said.

Monomania? No, one issue consuming all others.

Young people are idiots. Seriously, beyond belief.


Addressing what you say on here and MB sounds like the biggest waste of time I can possibly imagine. Your precious Libs lost, they’re not coming back any time soon because they’re a toxic waste dump for corrupt hollowmen.

I want one thing from Labor, ICAC. If they can jail a single corrupt Lib MP then it was all worth it. Even if we don’t get that, just to piss off you and the Boomers by kicking out your mafia makes me smile at least.


I’m no LNP fan, but I absolutely hate Labor, ironically because they’re wrecking your world while you cheer them on.

You’re getting exactly what you deserve. Your future taken over while you blame old people, who, mostly want to save your dumb cohort from themselves.

Your future is fucked; all your own doing.

What happened to your user name…winning at failing?


“No LNP fan” lmao, I suppose you’re no fan of the Boomers either. Yeah problem with the youth is that we don’t play the 4D chess of electing your corrupt party over and over and until Labor reverse psychologys themselves into becoming a left-wing party even though the population keeps voting for a more and more right wing LNP.

And then consider you’ve been spamming this sewerage literally for years when any normal person would be bored with trolling by now, either you work for the Libs or you have a brain problem, it’s that simple.


While neither of the major parties is much chop, the only people seriously blaming Labor for the ills of the country despite the there being a 9-year-old Coalition government are probably Green shills.


Exactly. The “system” is to blame. Elites having infiltrated absolutely everything is to blame, MSM, the wealthy woke telling us all we must diversify/populate, LNP, Labor, greens. Tell them all to get fked, or lose our country.

Pretty simple choice I reckon. Young Australians have been so indoctrinated, so scammed, people like @winning can’t even be led by the nose to the answers.


Yep, that really fries my little brain.


“No LNP fan” lmao,

Totes isn’t a lnp fan, he is the ultimate woman scorned.
After voting labor his whole life he finally realised they were screwing him as much as the libs and he’s REALLY pissed about it…



Staggy, if we did what Totes said then young people would literally be ground into Soylent Green to feed Boomers or some shit. Yeah our generation is a bit retarded that we care so much about woke bullshit but I’m glad that at least we disrupted the mafia that was killing the country. Yeah Labor will be shit too but at least it’s a start, there had to be a point where the LNP pushed us too far or else this place would become an actual banana republic.


if we did what Totes said”

You’d now be making the rules. Your cohort is so fucking dumb, you want to blame everyone but the people that have betrayed you.

Grow up, have a good think about how to get out of the mess you’ve created and have a crack at saving your future…..or vote for teals and Labor who will continue doing EXACTLY what LNP have been doing to you, save a handful of irrelevant BS.

Teal….”Raise skilled migration”


Now you’re getting it you obsessive fool. Every one of these worthless parties is going to raise migration so why would anyone vote for LNP unless they were fucking loaded? If you understood how humans work then you’d understand that voting for the Libs will make every party like the Libs, it won’t make Labor into a workers party. That is what actually happened in this country.


I have never suggested to vote LNP. WTF is wrong with you!!!


Probably upset your taxes can’t be fully offset with negative gearing like you want

Aussie Soy Boy

Thailand is great. No random one punch bashings or stabbings, high standard of living, all amenities available.

You’re a prissy snob probably can’t deal with humidity.


you live there then do you?


Seems to rank highly as retirement option.

Know a guy who goes there regularly for ladyboy action, always trying to sponge off antibiotic scripts.


Same outfit that call Melbourne the most liveable city in the world ?

in any case yeah it’s probably cheaper to retire there if you are living off a fixed amount of money and not working but not what we are talking about

also possibly a false economy since you can’t access Medicare , which might not apply to other internationals

Last edited 1 year ago by Coming

The lack of medicare doesn’t stop young people moving overseas, as if you’re in relatively decent health you probably don’t need to access healthcare services very often.

I see the main risk of living in a foreign country is not speaking the language which may result in a higher risk of being exploited, adapting to cultural norms and geopolitical instability. For some, going from being in the majority to a minority population group can also be hard to adjust to (eg. social isolation), and that may have an effect on any kids although I think most would end up international schools.

Last edited 1 year ago by Gouda

Your link is about retirees


I’m aware of that. I expect most people are capable of holding more than one idea in their mind at the same time.


I expect most people are capable of holding more than one idea in their mind at the same time.

time and again it’s shown that most people aren’t.


That’s not true, bjw.

at least in the sense that most ezfka units have grown quite adept at doublethink. Holding two contradictory ideas in the mind. At the same time. With full conviction.


lol. sprouting catchphrases or believing simple things is not “holding an idea in their mind”
Anyone who actually held both ideas in their mind at the same time would see the contradictions.
They merely alternate between one and the other and forever fail to see any contradictions since both don’t exist at once.


You win again. Ezfka units can not really even hold 1 (non-trivial) idea fully in mind.


I still can’t figure out why anyone would chose to live in one of our capital cities especially Sydney or Melbourne.


I would move back to my hometown in a heartbeat, but the wife won’t let me.


autistic incels can happily live in bumfuck nowhere doing nothing, purely because its cheap

That makes up the entire population of this website, which is why none of them can fathom the overwhelming majority of the population’s decisions

but i have the same personality as you guys, so I’m not judging your preferences but your inability to appreciate how abnormal it is

its mainly because of women though. They’re social creatures. They like going to cafes, and pretending that they at least have the option to go to cultural events if they actually wanted to

and obviously the men follow because men like sex

Last edited 1 year ago by Coming


there are several ways in which female hypergamy and it’s consequences have been a disaster for the west

the housing cult
identity politics


Nah it’s just that you and stagmal’s sexual candidacy is shithouse.

But yeah, keep sooking because your defective personality limits you from establishing the meaningful connections the rest of us men are able to form with women lol.


I could say the same thing about your relative poverty and financial inadequacy – it is due to your own incompetence

rather than a systemic failure which has created winners and losers


Hey, we got a new member. We should have some sort of celebration!


you say all this you’re probably married to a white girl. Cuck




The other issue is that there aren’t many smaller cities in Australia to choose from that offer many of the shopping, sports other and benefits/activities of being in a larger city without the hordes of people. If people can make it work it really should be an option. Although the job market is generally a wasteland for professionals unless you work for the government in some way.

Think Toowoomba, Bendigo, Ballarat, Cairns, Townsville, Sunny coast, Newy etc

Canberra and the Gong all have housing bubbles sadly so are really expensive for what they are


Have you ever lived in the country?


What is the country to you ?

I have never lived for an extended period of time on a large property (10acres+)
that would be nice

I have lived in a regional town / city (Shepparton) for a few months as I was forced to rotate there during my training

It was a miserable shit hole filled with degenerate miserable people


Why, if you don’t mind me asking?


Her friends are all in the city.

A fly in your ointment

…why anyone would chose to live in one of our capital cities especially Sydney or Melbourne.

in case of Melbourne, well, I survived it and I’d rather live in Kiev, or Alepo, or Baghdad. Benghazi and Gaza seem nice too. It is more optimistic there.
but outside capitals, it takes a cultural adjustment to a lifestyle of dwelling between a visit to an RSL and a Bingo parlour.
I live the nature and country side but in Aus at worst it has to be within commute distance or less. Because there is hardly any life outside capitals (excluding Mel).


What is this ‘culture’ and ‘life’ thing?

A fly in your ointment

It is there already. The RSL reference.

Life is when one seeks interaction in person with other human being on a level beyond footy, Married at first sight or capital gains on the latest IO investment in RE, etc


Greens MP Stephen Bates finishes final shifts at retail job before starting $200k politics role | Daily Mail Online

Incoming Greens MP Stephen Bates feels he ‘owes it’ to his boss of five-years at his retail job to finish up the week before starting in federal parliament as the member for Brisbane

The 29-year-old new member for Brisbane was in his element as he helped customers during one of his final shifts at Apple’s Chermside store on Thursday. 

Mr Bates will quadruple his current income in his new role as a federal politician – which comes with a base salary of $211,000.  

He’s been with the store since he finished university at 24 as a bright-eyed graduate with big dreams of changing Australia’s future. 

He’s been a valued member of staff, and even received a plaque from his manager thanking him for five years’ of service.  

That’s why he was back on the tools for a final three shifts this week before heading off to Canberra. 

‘I didn’t want to leave them in the lurch by not completing my shifts,’ he said. ‘I owe it to everyone here to come back, finish up properly and say goodbye.

‘They’ve given me so much and I’ll be really sad to leave… I’ll miss the people I work with and going to work five days a week and being with them all.’

Yes, I’m sure this guy is going to shake things up

Better make sure you don’t leave the world’s largest megacorp in the lurch, so they can continue exploiting 3rd world workers, continue mining rare earths and spying on people

what an absolute cuck

socialism is dead. Killed by the green and identity politics movement


I’m sure he’ll do whatever it takes to keep that $210k salary now


not a massive salary in the scheme of things. The best part will be the pension if he can hold on a couple more elections

I think he takes home 135k post tax

what kind of life can he lead in Brisbane on that kind of coin ?
lucky he’ll never have kids so it goes much further

has to budget for the poppers and PEP though


$200k+ in Brisbane is excellent money, many professional jobs pay 10-20% less than Sydney

Also for a 29 yo bloke that’s huge coin regardless


is That right? $200k counts as good money in Brisbane?


Why wouldn’t it? You’re like what x2.2 the national average earnings


Honestly Stag, our hearts are beating and we’re breathing, but we definitely are not living.