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Agent 47


Off topic, how good are the Indian engineers Albo is bringing in


A fly in your ointment

not a lonely event, Aus “engineeres” are known for the same on a much greater scale.
as the song goes….Melbourne West gate Bridge is falling down (as per that song for London btidge)


lol at the zero presence of mind regarding consequences of hundreds of tonnes of concrete falling into the water.


Very fortunate timing all those shitskins happen to be filming it on their phones…



I swear to god the attitude of modern people to sharks is a perfect parallel to white peoples attitude to immigrants and ethnics

people crying about these lads “torturing” the shark

its a fucking soullless killing machine ffs
would murder you without a second thought

good on them – should have cut its fins off and sold it to some chinese

A fly in your ointment

its a fucking soullless killing machine ffs

would murder you without a second thought

should all praying mantises be trialled at family court for feasting on their 6 digit earning fathers of their children?
sfark can only thinks “it’s fin licking good” when she sees a chunk of meathead on the surfboard, much the same as you looking at that searing rump steak after a day of no food

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completely incoherent as always

A Fly In Your Ointment

LOL, sure, yeah.


I’m almost hoping they don’t raise again. They’ll just pass it on to renters and poos.


yeah not interested in seeing bouris and the like whinging again


They will whinge no matter what. Bouris got lucky with GE overpaying for Wizard Homeloans. I guess he must be suffering relevance deprivation syndrome now.

A fly in your ointment

0.25% can pass

5% cannot pass

we need 7-10% IR to tackle inflation, lower than actual inflation only feeds it


Do they really care about inflation? It’s not like a packet of chips is $10.


At RRP Doritos 170g pack $4.80

Kettle $6

That’s getting up there now up 20% the past 2 years easy


Inside Phil there are two wolves

One wolf wants to go full Coming and just have zero interest rates 4 lyf and 9000 investment properties

The other wolf wants to raise interest rates enough to potentially reduce inflation

Phil usually compromises between the wolves by raising interest rates enough to achieve fuck all


raising interest rates increases the velocity of money and the amount of deposits and reserves in the banking system

as we have seen

everybody needs to watch the warren mosler interview I posted

the guy doesn’t come from an academic background
He is a trader who worked all this out in the 80s and 90s buying government bonds

Remember when everybody thought that governments needed “foreigners” to buy their bonds?


Nobody’s gonna watch MMT shit, this isn’t 2020


they were correct about everything

Japan is still going fine when everyone has been claiming the whole country would collapse

same thing for the USA




its from out-dated ill-informed economists



the only real contraints are natural resources and human labour

bond sales are UBI for wealthy people


People who own natural resources and provide labour want some sort of valuable compensation for it

Worthless firehosed MMT paper isn’t going to cut it


unfortunately thats literally how it works


We know it’s too early to pause, but politics.

its a close run thing


Nah, Phil’s contract at the RBEZFKA is not going to be renewed, so politics will have less to do with the decision. He can do what he likes.


Politics aren’t just external.

also internal, within RBEZFKA, restructure, succession and all that.


we know now that he never even got his end in

you’ve seen the video
they walked off in completely opposite directions

plus he would not have been silly enough to completely deny any sexual contact if it did take place – as he could not have known that brittany refused to see a doctor to get a rape test


in that dailymail article they basically confirm that everyone goes to canberra to fuck



amazing that this guy only gets 20 years

but they were going to put our brucey away for allegedly the same crime

The first guy should just be shot dead on the spot

What bruce allegedly did (if he even did it) is barely a misdemeanour

its absolutely bizarre how society regards the two as similar


You stupid faggot.

Read about that utter garbage Mong who raped the woman in the Merri Creek, then say that again. For once agree with Coming, but probably better to use the rapist for organ farming, sniper practice etc.


0.25%. They have to follow the US. It is not showing a big slowdown and likely rates will keep increasing there. We have strong data here too in terms of job vacancies and retail spending.


rates up 0.25

Argentina here we come


You don’t give up do you


bond yields all the way out the curve jumped immediately after the announcement

i thought this was supposed to induce a recession?

aus government interest spending and therefore government deficits to rise

base money/reserves to rise 4.1% per annum