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There’s a new redpilled Australian subreddit


there’s already a few good threads there

don’t go there and fuck it up for them they’re treading a fine line

Ironic Boomer

Lmao at the typical responses. WhO huRT YOu?


Pretty much all the replies are from typical soy boy/bush pig redditors. Fail.


That’s the reddit demo

it’s a beachhead at least


Normally I can’t stand Alan Kohler but today he loaded both barrels and took aim at gutless Politicians (from both parties) over their decades of failed housing policy.


Lock, stock and two smoking barrels, wow, I didn’t think he had it in him. kudos!
I’m wondering if he’ll still be welcome in Smh-land once Ninefax/Domain management has read the article.



Still clickbait and lame clicktavism

He will be fine he is superb at being an inane good guy.

I only read a few comments but they sound like old lefty boomers.


You’re right the comments are bizarre.
Did they even read the article? can the read? or are these boomers just completely blind to the systemic and contineous advantage delivered to them courtsey of their favorite Politicians?
Why is this still something that boomers contend? the facts are in, they were the winners, they are the winners, the issues raised relate to the future, as in, can they continue to be the only winners?
Personally, I say F’em the ungrateful B’s can wipe their own arses, or pay those that do a realistic wage.


The article is actually pretty evil. Laying the blame on people, when most of what government does doesn’t consult people at all. We just get a popularity contest every 3 years. I doubt even the most greedy of property investors weren’t expecting these latest gains.

I think most normies are clueless. I am not gonna single out boomers anymore when there’s 2 and a bit generations below who mostly love their woke for some reason.

Ironic Boomer

Boomers were born wise therefore impervious to self awareness and self reflection.

Agent 47

Awesome. This will drive house prices way up in Dandenong


List of journalists and politicians who have visited Israel on all expense paid trips.



They control the horizontal and vertical.
The only solution is Shariah, where the (((YKH))) and women are put in their rightful place

Agent 47

Yeh another million will do it Nige.


What a racist Nigel is, a million is well short of infinity.



3conomic zone fer sure. Mr bungle tickets @ 170 aud a pop. Go fu k yourself mike pattern.


Minors theme for voice


Gen x cringe

Agent 47

Glad I saw FNM at Patton’s peak in the 90s. That’s a pisstake.


Most gen xers would spend 170 on their mixed meat moll gf and kids for a night at the rsl. He knows this so good value.


Visiting the in-laws this weekend discussing interest rates and the economy

the boomer parents are loving it they have more money than ever with their term deposits

sister and brother in law are working with young kids and mortgage – should be in the most pain of anyone in the country

They say payments have gone up but all getting raises at work and the tradie husband has more work than he can cope with

all of them mystified as to why people have so much money with interest rates going up
certain that recession around the corner but say they’ve never seen the cafes and restaurants more full


Obvious BS

You wouldn’t admit to being related to a tradie


I don’t often slum it here

A fly in your ointment

are loving it they have more money than ever with their term deposits

nah, nonsense, with IR lower than the inflation they just don’t lose as fast as others that did not term deposit their “savings”.
Having nominally higher value (in the bank acc) is not correlated to wealth growth, and like everyone in Zimbabwe and Turkey, you know it too. Much the same as the “wealth” in a house: it ain’t wealth until you leave the game. But like with every ponzi, how do you exit the game when it pays on statements so handsomely

Your mate Erdogan just went for 40% IR. All term deposits now pay say 38%. Is anyone actually wealthier every month?

Ironic Boomer

Pics of the sister?


No good


oh, you met a tradie? did you masturbate thinking about an actual manly man?


Yeah rubbing myself raw to live in suburbia with a fat wife and get on the piss with the boys


so you gave him a roofie and raped him with your inadequate asian bennis?
Good job cum dawg


Soy boys jelly of the based tradie.


Some interesting anecdotes from a dinner party last night.

One couple announced that they were moving to Europe. They both just quit their jobs and are selling their house, they could no longer justify the amount of debt needed to keep up their lifestyle here. With their equity they will be able to buy outright where they are looking and feel it will offer a better environment to raise their children.

Another couple were a bit older, two teenage children, the kids were born in the US, both will be moving to the States when they are old enough as it’s clear that much better opportunities are available there. We had a good conversation about how the US is perceived compared to what life is actually like there.

Now I know this is only a couple of data points, but it has me wondering if the idea of Australian exceptionalism is fading. We’ve always assumed that the ruling class can continuously pile shit on the plebs and we’ll take it, but if you look at real living standards compared to North America and Europe the past few years we are really starting to fall behind.

Will Australia just become a shithole with a hardcore legacy bogan ruling class and then a underclass of crap padgeets? Are we already past that point? Luckily we have Canadian and Euro passports to fall back on, once the kids are finished high school there won’t be much holding us here.


It’s a retirement village for Boomers and dodgy rich Asians

Last edited 7 months ago by No1
Agent 47

There is nowhere to go to in the anglosphere, it’s all on the same trajectory. It can be reversed but this idea of running away merely delays the inevitable arrival of decay on your doorstep.

Ironic Boomer

Ireland leading the way.


True, dat.


Things may be shit here, but Canada, FFS? I’ve watched in horror as Canada has declined over the last decade or so. A friend of mine moved to Canada with his Canadian wife about ten years ago, and it was intolerable so a few years later they moved back here.

In terms of mass immigration of hostile people, housing ponzi, insane tyrannical gummint etc, Canada is much further down the toilet than Australia.

And don’t get me started on the UK. A lovely country that has been totally fucked by mass immigration.

Parts of the US are OK and parts are utterly hellish. The big Democrat controlled cities like SF and LA are completely rooted.

I guess what I’m saying is that everywhere is fucked up, not just here. Sigh. ☹️


Where did they go, Vancouver or Toronto?

If I went back it would be to Alberta, where houses are still 4-5x annual income and the premier is anti-Turdeau, anti-vaxx mandates, etc.

A big difference is that there are still pockets of liveability in NA, Australia is entirely consumed by the capital cities and their endless need for fresh bodies.


I think they went to the eastern side…Toronto or Montreal.

I think you’re right about the US. Avoid the hellholes like SF and you can probably find work and a livable environment somewhere over on the east coast.


Britanny and thingo are moving to French villlage. $300k.


Nah actual French village was on dailymailboomerjew



everyone say hello to our future ankle bracelet wearing neighbours !

hope to see them wasting resources in the high court in the not so distant future !



760 pretty based comments tbh

literally nobody wants this apart from some abc luvvies

but we are a population of cucks


exhibit A

Agent 47

How do you do fellow leprechauns?


Oz tradie micks on 200k. How much in Ireland?



$3.1m over reserve

Plus special levy of $1m
500k stamp duty
another $1.5m on the Reno

how good

nobody cares about interest rates


Cancelling old style Germanic blonde on one item of clothing then “run boss” on another. What an absolute bitch.

Screenshot 2023-11-25 220642.png

Yeah points are good. Or you can give your money to the slave driving independent boomer. They’ll save you.


Seems plenty millenial 30s in high density around my way. The guys are skinny blondes with dennis lillee moustaches. They think they’re interesting while everyone else thinks they’re a cunt.

I guess you don’t wanna be doing massive shits when you’re in a two bed.

Agent 47

Bloke has some good takes from time to time but just a BTC shill and constant doomer.

Blackpills are cringe and people get addicted to them as much as likes for their dopamine fix.


Blackpill is OK but don’t mix my blackpill with some Bitcoin hopium shit where everyone will be a billionaire once all the rich people buy up all internet tokens

A fly in your ointment

most australians arent being affected by albos policies whatsoever thats why no one gives a shit

most australians aren’t aware being affected by albos policies whatsoever thats why no one gives a shit

one word makes it true.


Something good about the US and Europe which the EZFKA lacks are major corporate HQs in small cities

Berkshire Hathaway in Omaha Nebraska (pop 486K)

Volkswagen in Wolfsberg (pop 124K)

Even KFC in Louiseville Kentucky (625K)

If the US was like Australia, every major company would be headquartered in NYC, LA or San Francisco and houses in outskirts of those cities would cost a godzillion dollars.

A fly in your ointment

a gaping hole between Aus and the ilks of US or Old Continent is that US was always decentralised and stimulated enterprise, and Old Continent has most settlements at least 10× older than the entire Anglo colonisation history.
VW was not HQ’d in Wolfsburg, it was founded there and the same for most US businesses (plus taxes breaks and escape from wokeism biting back). Imagine an international Aussie brand remaining in Dubbo after success. Nah, that tells you the livability of non-capitals: the moment one makes money escape is as inevitable as the next day.

Look up the movie The Coca Cola Kid. Aussie classic, nice story inspite it being a wishful thinking and a few weird quirkiness here and there


I tend to think it’s only really the US, Germany and mayyyvbe France and the UK that can claim that.

Australia, NZ, Canada are just too small to have many smaller to medium sized cities. More profits to be had in big business by having your population base concentrated in a few areas only.

Agent 47

Imagine winning the referendum in a landslide and still caving to this shit. Cuckservatives need to be annihilated.


A fly in your ointment

all of this is for posturing, for feel good experience. Like tossing a few silver coins to a beggar on the street: make only the tosser feel good about it.

60:40 is not quite the landslide. There are some indicators that the voice was created and set to fail for the reason to restrict the very thing it was “virtue signalling” it would give. Something about “gov.au pty ltd” enterprise having sole mandate on expropriation of land (without the original and true Aussies having a say). Somehow it feels the voice made 99.99% Australia residents lose no matter the way they voted.


Self congratulatory Liberals approve developer friendly housing policy. Can’t mention the immigration word.


Agent 47

Are you sure that will win us votes?



YIMBY is brought to you by Peter Tulip, do you know it’s going to be pro immigration BS.


They are arrogant enough to they think they’ve also won the argument.

Agent 47

Peter Tulip “it’s a supply issue”


Put interest rates over the top of that



Have things changed politically in Australia re: housing?

IMO, only around zoning so apartments can be built. Boomer house prices are as protected as ever if not more so.

It’s impossible to build enough apartments to meet these levels of immigration. But in general not that many will be built because of high interest rates, zero trust in the building industry (Opal Towers etc) poor investment returns from apartments for the last two decades, labour shortages.


When it comes to keeping the ponzi inflated, no dumb idea is off limits.


Liberal MP Andrew Bragg is proposing home borrowers be allowed to shift their superannuation balances into mortgage offset accounts to reduce the sting of interest rate rises.

As more home borrowers battle to cope with the Reserve Bank of Australia’s 13 interest rate rises and the Liberal Party struggles to attract younger voters, Senator Bragg said the Coalition’s super for housing policy for first home buyers should be extended to help existing owners with a mortgage.

Last edited 6 months ago by Gouda
A fly in your ointment

it will take long before all the theoretical possibilities will be exhausted, if ever.
eat, shit, sleep, work 2 jobs, pay mortgage, die. all else is an appendix to a ‘life’


I’m sure if this gets up it will definitely not get rorted…


The federal government is being asked to subsidise builders who bring skilled foreign workers into the country in a bid to cut the cost of new homes, stepping up industry warnings about labour shortages ahead of sweeping changes to the migration intake.

Master Builders is seeking a federal version of a West Australian government program that offers builders a $10,000 payment for every skilled foreign worker they attract to help with the cost of the visa, moving and housing.

A fly in your ointment


this just about explains almost all that is wrong with this pond (as most if not all stems from this one thing)

Agent 47

Lol Microsoft had to alter their AI images generators because too many people were coming up with utterly based memes.

Agent 47



Fucking LOL.


Now that’s absolute gold. 😊

Agent 47

There’s heaps more


Terrible news, the colleges couldn’t even get someone to proofread their letter.


Up to 200 vocational colleges teaching foreign students could be forced to close by the Albanese government’s crackdown on student visas being used as a back door to secure jobs in Australia, a group of colleges has warned.

A letter drafted by a breakaway group of private vocational colleges, seen by The Australian Financial Review, says one in five such institutions could go bankrupt next year if proposed reforms to restore integrity to the system go ahead.

The letter, which is signed by a “group of private VET colleges”, estimates that about 200 small providers of the 1000 vocational colleges registered to teach international students are highly vulnerable to a proposal to suspend colleges if visas are refused to at least 50 per cent of students they have recruited.

A glut of colleges could “become distressed or in more severe cases collapse altogether” once the measure comes into force, it warns.

“If such harsh measures are implemented with the sector without justifiable clause [sic], there will be a widespread provider collapses [sic] which may impact on thousands of students and the entire TPS (tuition protection scheme) and the potential financial impact on the Australian economy will ripple for quite some time to come,” the letter reads.

Agent 47

Did warrants on a few of these back in the day and this was over ten years ago.

Usually run by an Indian or Chinese ex student on PR. Never any classes actually there, they just buy some furniture, move it around a bit sometimes and the ‘students’ are out working most of the time. The school basically takes payment to report them as attending and then gives them the certificate at the end. I’d suspect it’s even worse in the online learning era.



absolutely incredible that the tax payer is footing the bill for gardening services so that old fucks can stay on their own in multi bedroom homes

this is a sick country



Enjoy your vast unearned property riches AND hurt young people at the same time

I don’t know a single Boomer who would pass that up.

Of course it’s just MSM bullshit to distract from immigration and get generational warfare engagement


If many people were falling for it they would be way ahead in the polls


They don’t have to do anything other than wait out how severely disappointing Labor are.


El Nino means hotter and dryer. Says the BOM.
Trust the scientific models

Reus's Large MEMBER

Ah but but but cow farts …. did a study a few years ago about the effects of El Nino, La nina on the snowfall, there was little difference in which one it was, and all depended on the severity and it’s effect on the jet stream.


Have you ever been racist in front of someone you didn’t know was a Jew?

White man’s burden.



Maybe that’s why Hitler put the Star of David on all the Jews. Sometimes it’s hard to tell who’s a Jew.


Where do Brits get all their money from? $50m AUD for this.


If I had 50m AUD I wouldn’t be able to stop flogging myself my dick would drop off.


It looks fucken gay though. Unless you get to fuck the shit out of 70s Felicity Kendal. Even then worth more like 5m tops.

Personally I’m a bit lazy so I’d pay tops 1.65m to be guaranteed to fuck the shit out of 70s Felicity Kendal. Absolute tops. Probably more like 650k. Bitches are overrated.


Probably chump change for a Russian oligarch or Saudi oil baron.


Imagine all the fashion and culture tho


Good looking people won’t even spit on you unless you are good looking too, have a normal personality and a normal personal history.

Aussie Soy Boy



A bunch of people behaving like an AI LLM … just waiting for a prompt.


OPs last post before this is of the opinion that short men, like him, should instantly qualify for disability and assistance payments. He’s just seething that autistic people get money when he can’t.

Incel crabs in a bucket


He’s still hitting that tight wet Asian pussy raw

“trying to make a baby”

while playing vidya on the couch in his shorts all day

flawless victory

Ironic Boomer

In twenty years, their kid will be in Australia on an indian vocational education certificate visa, being a danger to traffic on a moped carrying a cockroach infested cube, to deliver your food, or a wristy. Or both.


In 10-20 years that area might all be kfc, 7-11 and maccas. Then they can serve each other 3 piece boxes and big macs with their printed money.


anyone watching the livestream of bruce lehrmann testimony?


he seems like a timid little faggot

surprised he has the stones to rape multiple women



the left wing media and twitterati is jumping up and down with glee that he admitted doing coke, and ch 7 paid for his flat

but not sure any of that is relevant to his claim

anyway the real juicy part will be when higgo takes the stand tomorrow

undoubtedly there will be more scandalous admissions that right wingers/misogynists can gloat over


fark britt just arrived at court

sitting in the front row with her lawyer, LEON ZWIER

Bruce Lehrmann received a threatening email from an address on January 25, 2021 – about a month before Brittany Higgins’ allegations were aired for the first time.

The email was from someone who appeared to be impersonating him and was titled ‘coming for you’.

It appeared to reference sexual assault survivor, Grace Tame, who won Australian of the year that day.

The email read: ‘A woman spoke about what happened to her tonight, and she’s Australian of the Year.’

‘I want you to think about what you did, and what might be around the corner for you. It’s inspiring when justice is delivered and the truth comes out.’

‘You know what they said: The truth will set you free. It’s going to be a magical 2021.’

In court on Tuesday, under re-examination, his barrister Steven Whybrow asked Mr Lehrmann if he knew who sent the email.

‘With the benefit of hindsight, have you formed any views as to the origins of that email?

Mr Lehrmann replied: Yes I have.’

‘Mr Whybrow asked: ‘What’s your view as to the source of that email?’

He replied: ‘I have a view that that was Ms Higgins’ fiance David Sharaz.’

britt is testifying next!

giving all my wit and courage to steven whybrow SC

Last edited 6 months ago by Coming

dailymail has got you covered bruh


check out her new hair style
that looks very expensive
she has just been to the salon this morning


Wow. Looks really terrible.

heavy tuck shop lady vibes


Ten’s barrister Matthew Collins KC started his questions to Brittany Higgins in the Federal Court on Tuesday by asking how tall she was.

Her voice wavered as she said, ‘Not accurately… about five-foot-seven.’

He continued: ‘And how much did you weigh in 2019?’

She said: ‘I was much thinner at the time, about 60kg.’


what are we thinking now

Aussie Soy Boy

60kg would be one thigh now.


Most of the damage seems to have happened on the previous day of cross-examination.


His testimony in chief described a casual Friday night at Canberra hotel, The Dock, where, over one or two beers, he spoke mostly with his friend Austin Wenke and Defence professionals on topics such as submarines and Air Force programs and had only “minimal interaction” with Brittany Higgins that was “professional and cordial”. He did not buy Brittany any drinks that night and his observation was that she was not unduly intoxicated at the end of it. He produced bank statements for his “only two cards” that showed he had spent just $16 at The Dock. An innocuous evening.

CCTV footage from the Dock’s security system told a different story. Dr Collins took Lehrmann through it in excruciating detail. Lehrmann was seen persistently hovering around Brittany Higgins from his arrival to their departure, leaving the main table for considerable periods to chat in a small group with her, fellow staffer Lauren Gain and his friend Austin Wenke. He was seen accompanying Brittany to the bar on multiple occasions and buying her drinks via EFTPOS. He was seen lining drinks up in front of her and enthusiastically gesticulating at them and her. He was seen being vigilant about her alcohol consumption, immediately passing her a full glass to replace the one she’d just drained. He was seen encouraging her to scull an unfinished drink she left on a table as the group prepared to leave.


This is a lefty fantasy

A fly in your ointment

anyone watching the livestream of bruce lehrmann testimony?

geee… I heard on the news that there was another episode of Wankfest on Brucey and the fat cindirella story…

easy with that moite, you may turn blind


Prohibition having the opposite effect. Young Smokers/Vapers INCREASING.


>Smoking and nicotine-based vaping among 14-17 year olds in Australia has multiplied six-fold and 15-fold in the last five years.

Aussie Soy Boy

Why not just put a patch on?


or spray or gum or lozenge

He refuses to answer the question

loves to have something in his mouth


loves to have something in his mouth
that’d be your thai lady boyfriend thinking nope,
not putting bennis into disgusting indian man mouth


Everyone must be so glad this mentally ill retard is back


I like being hated by anti smoker zealots. Like Abbott with lefties.


NZ has just reversed some Labor anti smoking laws.

Make Smoking Affordable Again.




this is hilarious

some Melbourne private school faggot gets knocked off his rowing boat by three fat ugly Melbourne cunts who rented a boat

all disgusting people in a disgusting place

look at that smug fat slut after she knocks him off


your posting shit nobody cares about
you shud be on Oxford st at the tool shed getting your stool pushed in


Oh lord I can’t stop laughing

just look at that fat slut and her smug smile

you can see her thinking “this is Eora country”


Those row boats probably go faster than the bogan women would think.


I remember he got some expensive laptop and it shat itself bad. I know too much about this loser.


if you were to subscribe to conspiracy theories about Covid – the perfect path for it to unfold would have been to kill about 1 billion people, predominantly the old/non-productive and the non-compliant (jab refusers (at both ends of the bell curve)).

following a temporary boost to labour bargaining power , the world would settle into a new state where there is higher debt capacity (due to jettisoning older people) and higher debt appetite (due to jettisoning the non-compliant)

it didn’t work out because the virus wasn’t deadly enough to begin with and the jabs not protective enough


Just because you don’t care bout covid any more doesn’t mean that nobody cares.

I saw friends and colleagues die of suddenly, including a bloke I’d worked with for over two decades.

My young niece developed myocarditis followed by POTS, which has been life changing for her, in a very bad way.

My Mum won the trifecta…pulmonary embolism, followed by hyper aggressive cancer followed by a series of strokes that finally killed her.

My 40 year career as a professional engineer came to a premature end (of my choosing), after a very unpleasant period of vaccination coercion efforts with my employer of 30+ years.

I could go on and on. All of the above was related to covid and the vaccines. There are many, many people like me. If you think that “nobody cares” about any of that then you’re living in a very small echo chamber.

Aussie Soy Boy

LOL cooker


absolutely deranged lmao

if there’s anybody living in a small echo chamber its the deranged cooker on this website of 30 people


fly ointment
ironic boomer

timbo/sinister if you want to count them

that’s already 18
there’s probably a few more infrequent posters

then there would be all the lurkers (LvO, that economist i forgot his name, gerrard rennick etc)


He never came back. Probably after noticing the unhinged stuff that some people come and post here made the sensible call that it’s silly to be associated with it.


I forgot you were a jabby. You been having boosters?


refused the booster and by that time nobody gave a shit anymore

glad I kept my career and survived the 0.001% risk of a major adverse effect from the original jabs

A fly in your ointment

refused the booster and by that time nobody gave a shit anymore

glad I kept my career and survived the 0.001% risk of a major adverse effect from the original jabs

hahahahahahahaha, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, hahahahahahaha, hahahahah hahahahahahahhahahahahhahgahah

true Aussie: will sell own health for a few dollars more, will negate existence of cognitively dissonant unpleasantness, and then brag about a minuscule achievement as if it was worthy a medal (“refused booster”)

a true cooker
tick tock, tick tock…. who’s number is next?


When ointment is on the other side of the argument you know you’re right

A fly in your ointment

hahahaha, weapons grade copium. hope it can help you when my-Oh-Carditis strikes.

But hey, kudos, you fought the tyranny by skipping the booster jabbadabba. hahahahahahaha, that’s too much even for you doctor Ongo.


none of us who did not get it, don’t regret it.


Not many, but still more than embee


You forgot bjw5678!
and Reus’s Large MEMBER

so it’s twenty!

I wish that from mb we could poach

  • sps179
  • mike179
  • lamb king
Last edited 6 months ago by Peachy
Roger Dodger

And robert2013 – another thoughtful legend


That’s probably twice the number of unique posters on MB these days.
It’s embarrassing how similar both content and comments are….no free thought tolerated
ffs for more than half the comments, even the grammar and sentence structure is identical.


yes you’re absolutely correct

because the average ezfka or global unit is a gullible moron

all this talk of covid inquiries or whatever bullshit its not going to do anything
even if the report was the most damning imagineable

even if they actually produced documents showing pfizer/soros was trying to depopulate the earth absolutely nothing would happen

the vast majority of units only care about what the media tells them to care about

the only historical event that is still relevant today is the Holocaust and the stolen generation

everything else may as well have never happened


Covi9d lockdowns were fucked for me.
I can see why the dubbo bruz wanted to bash you


A lot of the hardcore believers are still out there. I heard a family friend bitching about Covid on the weekend and how we were entering a dangerous new wave. I guess her obese husband was hospitalised the first time around, of course his poor health wasn’t at fault. They seriously believe that if it wasn’t for the vaxx we’d all be dead.


Here comes the CPI steamroller.

going to be quite hard to look through a high reading, but an effort will be made to give the borrowers a Christmas present, if possible.

AUD has been strong since the last raise, so we can pretend that there is more buffer there than there really is.




odds of Christmas present substantially increased now.

the other shoe to drop this week is us inflation numbers, we’ll see if that locks the outcome in

A fly in your ointment

my thought this morning was that the 5% jump in Fx is to alleviate annual virtue signalling to other family members in December. All imports will be cheaper so…

Cometh January, we’ll see a drop again unless IR inches closer to inflation.


Ms Higgins said she recalled Mr Lehrmann getting out of the car, but couldn’t remember why she followed him.

‘I don’t know if I got out of the car because it was an Uber and I had to get out because there was only one stop, or because…’ she paused, tears streaming down her face.

‘I don’t know, I don’t know why, but when it stopped I got out too, I don’t know why.’

lol and this is her own lawyer

how is this bitch going to survive cross examination


watch higgo talking live on youtube right now!



to be honest im starting to believe her story

she seems credible as a witness

although potentially she has severe BPD and just believes her own lies


to summarise my current opinion is that she was “raped”

but she set out to exploit that for her own benefit and aggrandisement
and then it got a bit too much for her to handle the scrutiny and attention
and so she shat the bed

now she is full of mixed negative emotions which are currently being expressed on the stand

im putting “rape” in inverted commas because how are two drunk people supposed to obtain meaningful consent
i think she and everybody else should have just chalked it up as a learning experience and called it a lapse of judgement on both their parts

Last edited 6 months ago by Coming

You could be like the John Grisham of pog rape books.


Would be funny if

  • after brit got her x million dollar ex gratia payment
  • after Bruce gets his x million dollar defamation payment

the two fatties get married. And that Shiraz becomes their man-servant. Because it was all a big fat ruse all along.


Britt should start an only fans for bbw sex

Aussie Soy Boy

You can definitely see the aboriginal in her face. It’s really clear as she gets older and fatter. I wonder what mob.


The saddest thing about Brit vs Bruce is that it’s these weasely ugly private schoolers that are obviously the bulk of the LNP.

Need more bogans, that smoke and don’t look like faggots and pogs.

A fly in your ointment

who is even offended by it

about 83% of Eastern Europe?
(remaining 27% were collaborationists).

imagine you’re given a long mallet and 6 years of time to kill every single person in ezfka. Well, that’s just the Soviet and perhaps Polish losses combined, excluding any Jevvs. if anything it was a Holocaust of Ruskis, not the bignoses.


Pretty typical ezfka mixed meat moll imo. Could be dutch/germanic/saxon genes.


Left looks wog.


Did you see that one where the fat Ukrainian gets 3 of his limbs blown off?

Almost like soldiers are antiquated. Future war will be drone wars. No doubt they are working on making drones as tiny and deadly as possible.


Wouldn’t that allow for more freedom of movement? Seems like they can barely move. Dig a whole and crawl in it and wait. Like WW1.

Morale must be rock bottom on both sides. Both fighting for monumental scum.


“I dream of seeing the burned Kremlin, smoking a cigarette from it and drinking a good Scotch whiskey with a cigar.

“This is my dream. And what will happen after that is not important.”

Least delusional Ukranian nationalist

Aussie Soy Boy

Haha what’s he gonna do hold the cigar between his two remaining toes?

Gruppenführer Mark

The propaganda

“The whole strategy was that the enemy would see us, get scared and start retreating,” he said. 

“But the enemy was not going to retreat, because there were advanced positions, and behind them were the Akhmatovs and BARS [Russian special forces].

“Their infantrymen had nowhere to retreat — either we kill them, or they will kill them while retreating. Therefore, their defence was solid.”

vs. the real reason the counteroffensive failed

“There were more minefields than we had on the maps, and ambushes of anti-tank guided missiles that we did not foresee,” he said. 

Then there was the lack of air cover.

The Ukrainians were expected to carry out a NATO-style combined arms counteroffensive without a NATO-style air force.

“There was no way [we could breach the defensive lines] without aviation,” he said.

“The plan could not work unless we had a total advantage in at least artillery and air defence equipment.”


Big Serge has the story of the Ukranian counter-offensive debacle.


Sounds like a monumental clusterfuck.


Swede version of Brit vs Bruce. Will be on SBS.

“Fat woman in business clothes being followed by goatee bearded guy in business shirt and tie”


“australian mixed meat moll eating a sausage roll”


“australian tradie in yellow vest kneeling before the pope”

Don’t know why I’m getting two popes but whatever. Catholics like their numbers…


This featured Dr Demography pog.


Fairly interesting.

Australian being a manufacturing country from approx 1940-1980.

Rank Arena TV.


When I die I wanna be stabbed in the eye and go thAaaaaa.



Completely fictional battle.

Scots won but via guerilla tactics whilst English were crossing a bridge. Hence name Battle of Stirling Bridge.


Still bs and independance is cope.


Does the removal of Glass Steagal have a positive or negative affect on gang violence and the severity of it in the USA. Phd studies.




Just go back to 1960 and buy Coke.

If you didn’t do that then you deserve to die and be poor.


Menzies was behind funding Catholic schools.


Actually pretty impressive the Liberal party on several fonts.

If he hadn’t done that we’d be more like the Balkans or something.

Religion is only ever brought up when annoying people like me do it.


Back on topic, dyson drew this for the paper recently.

dyson probably an ezfka.com lurker


Brittany Higgins’ cross-examination by Bruce Lehrmann’s barrister Steven Whybrow SC began in the Federal Court on Thursday morning.

Ms Higgins agreed that she gave evidence at the criminal trial in October last year, and that she understood she was required to tell the truth.

She added: ‘I admit I wasn’t always correct and I did speculate, to an extent, and I got things wrong.

‘I got things wrong.

‘I thought I was telling the truth but I wasn’t always correct.’

In the lead up to this hearing, she said ‘I’m much better prepared’.

Stunning and brave


Brittany Higgins told the Federal Court on Thursday that a bruise she once claimed came from Bruce Lehrmann’s knee, pinning her to a couch during her alleged rape, may have actually come from a recent fall.

Ms Higgins made the stunning admission during cross-examination by Mr Lehrmann’s lawyer Steven Whybrow SC.

He reminded her that she signed a statutory declaration before her interview on The Project in February 2021, saying the bruise was a result of the alleged rape.

Mr Whybrow said: ‘I suggested to you at the criminal trial that that photograph was a recent invention when you went to see Channel Ten.’

‘At the time [of the criminal trial] I believed it was caused by the assault but with hindsight … in the criminal trial [it was] put to me it was possible that it came from another source,’ she told the court.

‘So I’ve now had to accept that it may not have necessarily come from the assault itself, it may have come from falling up the stairs.’

‘But I accepted that during the criminal trial, but at the time, I … thought it was because I was in pain when he was raping me but because of the criminal trial, I’ve had to accept that.’

u wot m8


Brittany Higgins told the Federal Court on Thursday that she did not miss the start of Steven Ciobo’s valedictory speech on April 8, 2019 – despite previously claiming she missed it due to a three-hour panic attack.

Bruce Lehrmann’s barrister Steven Whybrow SC took Ms Higgins through a series of texts between Ms Higgins and her ex-boyfriend and colleague Ben Dillaway ont hat day.

The messages indicated that Ms Higgins did attent the valedictory speech, and made remarks about it to Mr Dillaway once it was over.

Mr Whybrow asked: ‘So when you said yesterday you went down to the office [to have a panic attack] during the valedictory speech, that was incorrect?’

Ms Higgins said: ‘Yes.’

Mr Whybrow asked: ‘Having seen those [texts], do you accept that speech was in the morning and you had not gone down to Steven Ciobo’s office?’

Ms Higgins replied: ‘In hindsight, it was afterwards, yes.’

Mr WHybrow: ‘You didn’t miss the start?’

Ms Higgins: ‘I’m not exactly sure.’

Mr Whybrow: ‘You didn’t miss the start because you were having a panic attack?’

Ms Higgins replied: I know [the panic attack] happened that day.’

‘I don’t want to get bamboozled like I did in the criminal trial … I can’t remember every moment of every day … I know it happened that day.’

On Thursday, Ms Higgins conceded she wasn’t exactly sure why she had a panic attack that day, or how long it was for.

‘I thought that was accurate at the time,’ she told the court.

Mr Whybrow asked: ‘By at the time, do you mean yesterday?’

Ms Higgins replied, ‘Yes, at the time’.

oh no its unravelling


holy shit whybrow just asked higgo on the livestream about the money she got from the government and her book deals

objections from all the other barristers

absolute chad shit


oh lol you guys need to watch the live video

she is 110% lying and she is terrible at it


i don’t know if it’s worth the time devotion required

is it entertaining at all?


im finding it fascinating

i should have been a barrister


In October last year, Ms Higgins told the ACT Supreme Court that she wasn’t wearing underwear that night.

In the Federal Court on Thursday, she told the court: ‘I was too embarassed to admit I wasn’t wearing underwear that night.’

Mr Lehrmann’s barrister Steven Whybrow SC asked: ‘It was a lie, wasn’t it?’

Ms Higgins said: ‘Yes.’

She then told the court that the conversation with The Project was the only time she lied about her underwear, but the judge told her that would have to be clarified during re-examination.



Brittany Higgins signed a book deal, with the help of Lisa Wilkinson’s husband Peter FitzSimons, in March 2022 and recieved an advance of about $108,000.

She told the Federal Court on Thursday that a further $216,000 was to be paid to her upon the book’s publication.

Ms Higgins said the book ‘doesn’t exist’, and said she’s unsure if it will ever be finished.

‘I told [the publishers] to put it on pause,’ she told the court.

‘It might happen one day, but I may not want to do this ever again.’

Bruce Lehrmann’s barrister Steven Whybrow suggested to Ms Higgins that she had ‘216,000-odd reasons to not want to tell the truth’.

Ms Higgins then told the court she would donate all the money to charity, if she ever got it.

‘I don’t care about the money,’ she said.

Mr Whybrow asked: ‘Then what did you do with the money you got from the Commonwealth?’

Lisa Wilkinson’s barrister Sue Chrysanthou objected, and Mr Whybrow withdrew the question – adding ‘I’ll get to that later’.

Absolute chad
leaves it lingering over head so she loses even more composure

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Kissinger dead at 100 years old

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