ABC poo poo brains lube australian bumhole for the great migrant switcheroo

abc wrote new article about how we might need to scale immigration back admitting rents / inflation being impacted by migration


looks like they are preparing a switch


immigration good

but too much might be too much

we reduce NOM to 300,000

poos coming here still way higher than before deadly virus spread or at least same

still same problems just less

people will be fooled

no one will talk about this again

the oracle has forseen it

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banana man

Thank fuck Henry Kissinger is dead,.


No one could ever accuse him of lacking self awareness.

Gruppenführer Mark

These things tend to come in threes, don’t they?

Munger (99)

Kissinger (100)

Who is next? Soros (93)? Schwab (85)?


Heritage for me high density for thee.

Should keep a close eye on this. I want these people to get a dose of their own medicine.


Replace all these heritage houses with RSLs and VIP lounges

the bogans must triumph


Thats racist. I got ban mi, Hong Kong bbq, Udon, Tibetan, Brazil bbq, Phillipino.

These rich suburbs are way too white. Plus think of the foooood.

RSLs are ok. Legit best steak I ever had in a RSL. Rare. Like what proper males have unlike you.


Opposite Day I see


Why would I care about a bunch of criminal rich people, enjoying heritage that I as a suburban bogan, am made to feel horrendously guilty about every day, so that they can endlessly profit from my oppression?

Burn it.


More poos then ?


Wot? This is a battle over where to build more. It’s only fair to build it all closer to the city.


This is a proper restaurant inside the RSL, the bistro is pretty ordinary but not too bad.

One up in QLD was pretty good. Depends on the RSL.

Aussie Soy Boy

I found all these holes in Higgo’s narrative 18 months ago. This is vindication.

When the Townsville rapist stuff came out I thought maybe I was wrong about Bruce, but it does seem like he was set up after all despite being into stealthing and plying girls with drinks lol.

I think Higgo will be happy to get out of this without going to prison for perjury. It’s a matter of time before this comes back to Albo.

Agent 47

ABC also does this


An intellectual argument to support open borders and immigration can only grow out of a culture that needs to remove such barriers of movement in order for it to survive and prosper.

If you have your own culture and society, bound together and existing in land and location, then the notion or idea of needing to move from the familiar or randomly allow in strangers to your well ordered existence is simply illogical. It is an idea that is un-natural and cannot grow into popular support without careful cultivation.

Encouraging infinite Third Word immigration as a logical idea can only emerge from a Globalist culture that sees the world as having been gifted to humanity, and that any man made barriers in regards to absolute freedom of movement to where ever they wish to roam, as being an abhorrent injustice.

The irony is that their while such a culture may believe that the world has been gifted to humanity, that same culture doesn’t recognise a large part of humanity as anything more than animals.

Gruppenführer Mark

There is another way to do it, though. Russia does allow a fairly large number of economic migrants to be employed in the country. These mainly come from various stans that used to be a part of the USSR, and predominantly Muslim.

Recently, there have been reports that in several cities / towns in Russia these migrants committed various crimes (assault, mainly) because they were trying to organise in their own diasporas and follow their own laws.

The reaction of the State was swift. Deportations. Prosecutions. Massive raids by the police forces in migrant-populated areas to see who is in the country illegally. Senior government officials holding up Russian values instead of pandering to “minority” and “diverse cultural values”. One of the Grand Mufti of Russia (it has 2) said that those Muslims who come to live and work in Russia must abide by her laws or leave. Another wave of migrant checks carried out to make sure that those who did indeed receive Russian citizenship were also registered for military service (Starship Troopers, anyone? Service for citizenship?) Those who refuse, are facing criminal charges.

That’s how you do integration and assimilation into a diverse society that has ~200 various cultures but deem themselves Russians.


I don’t disagree but, there is always the Terra Nullius argument.
Imagine you’re an Indigenous Australian from the Sydney region and it’s first fleet time.
Do you say to yourself, there’s not that many of them and they’ll learn to behave if we just give them a little time, after all it’s our land and they’re the usurpers?

I’m sure the last thing you can imagine is that 120000miles away some crazy person (who you’ve never met is declaring your country to be vacant land (henceforth to be completely owned by “the crown”)
I’m sure if someone told you of this possibility you’d laugh in their face…but

Look at the population ratios (Indigenous Australians to Europeans circa 1790) vs (present day Aussies to China/India)

It’s no more laughablly absurd for present day China/India to declare 21st century Australia “Terra Nullius” than it was for 18th century Europeans.

In my opinion, the only valid argument for insanly fast growth in Australia’s population is the simple one, that if we’re not doing this to ourselves then someone else might decide to do it to us.


We could just build a nuke instead of becoming Indiaustralia


In my opinion, the only valid argument for insanly fast growth in Australia’s population is the simple one, that if we’re not doing this to ourselves then someone else might decide to do it to us.

The populate or perish argument was barely more than growth lobbyist propaganda when it was first coined, it holds even less truth in it as a statement today than it did in the 1950s.

As No.1 mentions Australia today (just as it was yesterday) is more than capable of defending itself, especially with the equalizer of Nuclear weapons. The only thing preventing us from attaining them and squishing that ‘populate or perish’ argument forever is the neurotic fear of nuclear weapons themselves.

In the main these policies of mass migration and MultiCult are pushed by rootless cosmopolitans and elites.

Elites that belong to a small highly endogamous population group that forms the majority of our political donating elites and lobbying groups. These elites use empty headed Globalist faggots who are as at home in London or NY as they are in Sydney, to do their legwork and push their policies in media and corporate HR.

The only part of “Us” were I will actually lay some blame in in regards to the increased female participation of our narrative, one that we have sought to move beyond merit to one of equity and equal representation.

Doing so has unleashed the neurotic fear over hurt “feelings” into our social discourse and decision making, through perceptions of being collectively thought of as being racist or unkind in saying “No” and how that may impact our global social standing – all very female worries.

IMHO if women had never been given the vote, and by here I mean not just in Australia but the entire West, then today our nations would still be our own, our children could easily afford housing and families of their own, and we would be living in much more egalitarian and equal societies.

Female openness, agreeableness and neuroticism has markedly increased the risk of our societies Egregore in being empathy hacked into accepting unlimited immigration forever, based on new, spurious theories and the fear of people thinking bad things about us if we didn’t.

Letting women shape our politics has turned the West gay and unable to physically fight back least we hurt feelings.

Last edited 6 months ago by Stewie

me me me me and me, but what happens when the rest of the world forgets to ask for your opinion? what happens when there are only two options: Eat a shit sandwich or die?
IMO Nukes don’t really help, unless you are willing to nuke your own people. The next war won’t be waged on their land, they’ll bring the war to us, it’s not something that we’ll be able to make happen “over-there” it’ll happen right here.
Your decisions will be to nuke Darwin or Perth or Sydney…F’that

If you want an example look at Vichy France, basically France surrended so that Germany wouldn’t destroy the entire country by waging a panEuropean war in France. yet you appear to want to wage a pan Asian war in Australia…as I said F’that!


Wtf are you talking about?

The ability for us to nuke the homeland of whatever invading power wants us will be a significant deterrent and probably a lot more dependable than 10 million more Indians who couldn’t give a fuck about this country

I’m glad they don’t, but if Ukraine still had nukes, Russia likely wouldn’t have invaded

Australia is already going to fucking shit and will struggle to muster up enough people who care about defending it in a major war, imagine how bad it’ll be after we populate or perish our way to whatever population we need to scare off China

Russia was willing to invade a country with around 28% of its own population so we’d have to be mega huge Australia if we want to scare off China, by then we’ll be depending on coolie soldiers fighting for their dinner because nobody will be patriotic for this Indian shithole at that point.

Last edited 6 months ago by No1

Yeah India might intervene and then take full de facto control of the island

Gruppenführer Mark

Ground invasion of an island is super easy, if one has sufficient navy to control the supply routes of said island. China is getting there fast, India not so much.

What is the total fuel reserve being kept on shore here? Sufficient for a month? With restrictions, make that 3? Then the country stops. On The Beach was a good book on this.

Remember, it was the blockade of the Japanese maritime supply routes by the US that caused Pearl Harbor.

I do think that invasion of Australia is not on the cards for anyone. Too far away, too vast to control. Even Taiwan invasion is not on the cards, peaceful reunification is the most likely outcome. Let’s see the result of election in Taiwan in a couple of months’ time.


You are correct that Australia could easily be brought to its knees by a fuel blockade. But as a problem that could be easily solved if Australia was run by able minded Australians who posses an ounce of strategic thinking and aren’t so beholden to market forces that all our local fuel processing has been offshored…. remove that weakness and we’d be a lot harder to tie down.

Gruppenführer Mark

Yes, agree. But even with refineries operational, according to these stats we are nowhere near being self-sufficient as far as oil goes.

Guess we can get into coal to oil technologies. Or explore the Bight , which will drive the environmentalists nuts.


Yeah the bass straight oil has run out, meaning that there would be sever short term rationing of private transport. But over the medium term gas no longer being exported could be used on gas conversions.

Other than the US, the only other nation in the world that is capable of existing on practically all of its own reserves is Russia… unlike Russia however, the US has allowed most of its Industrial base to be transferred to China.


OK so Australia builds itself a Nuke or three, how do we deliver them?
First choice would be ICBM but as we are seeing wrt the recent war in Israel it is now technically possible to intercept a ballistic missile mid-course and possibly during the terminal phase.
This suggests we’ll need to launch said Nukes from somewhere much closer to the target. So we need those Nuke powered subs, oh and then we still need to develop the Nukes and the delivery missile platforms.

And all this ignores the very real possibility of retalitation, as in you launch one missile but they launch 100.

Just to be clear I’m not for this population ponzi idea, it’s stupid and in the end self defeating. Unfortunately I also acknowledge that Australia (as we know it) can’t survive long term as a nation where all the real wealth is generated on the West coast but spent on the East coast. Us East coast parasites might be fat dumb and happy with this arrangement but that doesn’t mean it will continue forever.

A fly in your ointment

all they have to do is flood us with migrants

that’s like saying a vacuum cleaner is ‘flooded’ with dust.
a disillusioned switch, total disconnect from reality.

just how many immos ‘flooded’ Aus during the age of covidiocy?


No country is going to start a war on the assumption that it can intercept all ICBMs

If we’re really serious about this shit we can work on hypersonics too

North Korea wouldn’t be so hardcore about its nuclear program if intercepting ICBMs was some sort of comprehension and highly reliable process


If we’re really serious about this shit we can work on hypersonics too

You won’t get an argument from me, Australia needs to be developing just these sorts of military/industrial capabilities even if we never use them. In defense terms it’s called maintaining capability.
It doesn’t matter how you slice/dice it, the end is near when a country loses the capability to compete with its adversaries.
IMO we’ve already missed the boat, but maybe if we’re really serious and luck is on our side then…
However, I’d need to see signs that we are serious, at the moment all I see is big talk and lots of money being spent on the wrong things. we’re not off to a good start.

Gruppenführer Mark

So far, there are only two countries that have hypersonics on active duty: China and Russia, with the latter having used them in battle. NK and Iran also claim to have the capability. The rest of the world has lots of projects and research centres, but these are just that. US have been trying to develop their own for ages and still don’t have a working system.

We have so many obstacles in front of us, from engineers of various flavours to manufacturing capabilities to R&D of fuels, satnav systems, etc.

IMO we’ve already missed the boat, but maybe if we’re really serious and luck is on our side then…

I’m afraid luck has nothing to do with this.


I’m afraid luck has nothing to do with this.

You’re right about that.

In the NSW system if you look at those HS students who will potentially contribute the necessary stem skills they almost all study Extension 1 (or Ext2) Math (the old 3U/4U)

If you’re even considering Ext2 you’ll need to do advanced math (2U) in year 10, for this to be possible you need to accelerate year8/9 math.
From a statistics perspective you can predict future Eng/Science undergraduates upto 10 years ahead by looking at the math study paths and results in year8. (ours don’t bode well)

To contribute at an R&D level these undergraduates need an additional 5 years of Industry or accedemic study (PhD)/experience (where, with whom).

If you add this all up, to have any real impact on our 2045 defense product development capabilities we need to start by encouraging today’s 13/14 years olds to do these “harder” subjects, so far this approach has zero traction. In the mean time our best bet is to simply pray….

Unfortunately the deeper you dig into this the sadder you get.


this is exactly why we NEED more indians and asians

the white legacy trash is not going to do maths most of them don’t have the capability

Gruppenführer Mark

And that is presactly why QLD is considering reducing number of school days from 5 days per week to 4. That will motivate the kids even harder!


I’m sure more imported diversity will solve what white Americans haven’t been able to achieve… and that this diversity hasn’t in fact been acting as one of the main impediments to the US already achieving this goal.


what happens when there are only two options: Eat a shit sandwich or die?

There are two types of people – those who will eat the shit sandwich and die out anyway, and those who will prefer to die fighting. Civilization was built and maintained by the second group.


We got pretty close to getting nukes

The idea of China or Indonesia actually invading Australia is pretty fanciful in general but nuclear capability would be cool in terms of allowing us to cut the apronstrings with the US

Gruppenführer Mark

We’ll need to exit the nuclear non-proliferation treaty, signed in 1970, for starters. Somehow I don’t think the major players, US included, will be too happy about this.


India, Israel and Pakistan are all non-parties and US “allies”.

There are no changes to Australia that the people here posting support which the US would approve of. If we ever theoretically wanted to save this place, we would have to offend the US and rapidly implement serious anti-coup measures.

Gruppenführer Mark

Israel is special. Do not question them. Are you an antisemite?

India and Pakistan were likely to have been in the process of developing their own when the non-proliferation treaty was introduced (1968), with India conducting its first test in 1974. Pakistan wasn’t too far behind.

As I joked before, WA should secede and immediately sign some sort of protection pact with Putin, handing over some of the existing military bases to him. Noone else would mess with WA, and then we can form a republic with QLD and NT. Maybe parts of SA.


Well phrased!
Straya’s only viable hope to counter what is grinding ahead with infinite immigration is our residents with Irish heritage who still carry the wounds of their ancestors who for a millennium, did nothing to earn the ‘guilt’ that has descended everywhere else in the western world.

Immediately during, and in the days after the ‘actions’ in Dublin, they are heavily pushing back against the MSM whipping with the ‘racist’ switch and many there and abroad are watching/ listening.

Unsurprisingly, Conor Mc Gregor (of UFC fame) Xweets with a passion and eloquence that is proving effective.

We can’t just talk and keyboard to make change; sometimes you need to lock the door to ensure the rumble doesn’t disintegrate before a vector change can begin.

Top read by J Carter here:

A fly in your ointment

Stagmal, you should have to test for glue sniffing before posting rants with weird images. For your own protection and good.
that’s 2 in a row.

I get this one, sort of. The one yesterday was deep in the WTF territory!


Yeah, had absolutely no idea where the last one came from!


Overseasy poses for photo op

with an airbus in the background

and an “OUT” sign in the foreground

you couldn’t write this shit


“Australia” has become so tiresome

Not even an economic zone anymore, just a housing market and nothing else


It hasn’t been a housing market since at least when Howard halved CGT and started opening up the borders.

A fly in your ointment

‘market’ has gone for good not just from housing but from economy in general


Expanding tax cuts for lower incomes as part of Stage 3 would be politically smart

If they reduce any existing part of Stage 3 at all, Labor will be politically euthanised at the next election

Unfortunately it would be for the wrong reason and the cvnts will blame tax policy instead of IMMIGRATION

These tax cuts basically just reset for bracket creep anyway, however we have so many bludgers who are upset at a limitation of their bludging potential.


Povos and dole bludgers are going to vote labor regardless


>make hundreds of k from house or extra 50k from cashies
hurrr im salt of the earth
>nerd makes good money from being nerd and all the social impacts from being outcast etc
Australians are meathead scum.


Yeah I dunno. Theres this stretch of the street near me where it’s literally X5, 70k+ Ute, X5, 70k+ Ute, about 10 cars in a row.


Cope and seethe

Tradieocracy is real


Probably gotta have your own business though.

Another guy I know inherited his dads business, hes driving around in m3s and lexuses. I always wondered why he acted all posh even though he didn’t really give a shit about school.


if it was propertyocracy we would be importing indian builders by the planeload


It wouldn’t be a propertyocracy if property was affordable

Property is the source of Australia’s lower tier elites’ power

Can’t just let middle class scum own something similar looking even if in a worse suburb

Really it just comes down to the power of the CFMEU, which is the only union in Australia that still has real power.


its land they want to be expensive

if you can’t build at a price that the units are able to borrow enough for, then harry can’t make money


Yeah, that is the big problem now, units can’t even afford those shitty new apartments hence 2% deposit schemes and shit

Expensive land is great but they won’t pass up an expensive property on top of it either

Harry isn’t strong enough to beat the CFMEU yet but I’m sure it’s next on the wishlist after the zoning reforms, maybe it can happen after Albo nukes Labor


Yeah, I wonder how many white collars it employs at the banks etc. Probably at least half of city office fags. Journalism is probably 50% propertyocracy too.


Why are you coming around to this now ?

legacy bogan culture is the biggest thing holding this country back


What is there to believe in? All demographics are pieces of shit in one way or another.

The only good guys are few MB nerd losers.


I’ve known it since I was 11.

Legacy bogans are just another brainwashed plaything for Jews. The biggest expense is the land.


Hah, check out this moron. Complains about lack of supply, ignores demand and pushes immigration.


That airhead coward look in the eye. He’s basically a woman.


britt is getting absolutely destroyed this morning

but i think it might be counter productive

she looks so pitifully stupid and dishonest and whybrow so efficiently cruel that it makes her seem the victim

the judge seems to be very kind and empathetic towards her
but maybe thats just to avoid any accusations of misogyny when he eventually nails her


basically just lie after lie after lie which she has admitted to

and post-incident behaviour completely inconsistent with having been raped

all circumstantial obviously but there is just so many red flags

and the fact that she has been forced to admit to lying and odd behaviour under oath

basically there is zero credible evidence that she was raped

feelings vs facts

Last edited 6 months ago by Coming
Aussie Soy Boy

She should be in prison for perjury.


Bruce Lehrmann’s barrister Steven Whybrow has accused Brittany Higgins of fabricating a photo of a bruise that she alleged was from her rape.

Ms Higgins had long maintained the photo was caused by Mr Lehrmann’s knee pinning her leg open during her alleged rape on March 23, 2019.

can someone explain how a man can have his knee on a woman’s thigh while his dick is in her vagina

it isn’t physically possible unless your dick is two feet long

and I don’t think bruce is working with that kind of piece


your on the the internet all day
do you have a job you weird disgusting pervert?
Answer me!
your on the ndis arent you, you horrible alleged Peedo


He’s a frustrated gynecologist. Actually I think he would make a pretty good gynecologist. As long as he didn’t get up to no sex pest stuff.


The fact he didn’t become a gyno proves he’s not a doctor


Bruce Lehrmann has been photographed at a Liberal Party Christmas function as Brittany Higgins is cross-examined in his defamation case against Network Ten and Lisa Wilkinson.

Mr Lehrmann was seen at a drinks event attended by deputy Liberal leader Sussan Ley in Sydney’s eastern suburbs on Thursday evening.

ffs bruce

lmao bloke cannot help himself
probably got his end in with one of the young staffers too


Sounds like he’s in the clear then? It would be funny if he ended up PM one day. He could be a Trumpian character, a stance against the abuse of white men.


Yeah, they used to say the people who won Big Brother the TV show were like that.

Gruppenführer Mark

Yeah, Bob Hawke was the last of the kind.


Sounds like he’s on the path to success, although would think he he has to win this defamation case first.

Channel 10 and Wilkinson are going for the defence of justification, in other words what they broadcast about Bruce was “substantially true.” So they have to prove the allegation that Lehrmann sexually assaulted Higgins is substantially true.

Lehrmann and Whybrow are trying to suggest that Higgins made it up, her testimony is unreliable and 10 should have investigated before running the story. So far neither sound reliable, and both Lehrmann and Higgins have dubious elements to their testimony about what happened on the night in question and making false statements.

Seems like there plenty of witnesses to come, including experts in sexual assault, rape and trauma.

But I think the more obvious question is whether whether Lehrmann was identifiable from the broadcast. He wasn’t mentioned by name, and he himself mentioned that his friends didn’t think it was anyone they knew.

He admitted he lied to Reynolds when he said he’d gone to visit his mother in Queensland, in a letter that also described his embarrassment, shame and remorse for accessing the office to drink with colleagues (he has since changed the reason for his after-hours visit, saying it was to get keys and do some work).

When asked why he lied, he told the court there’d been plans to go to Queensland. “I can’t take myself back there to why,” Lehrmann said.

After lunch, Collins moved onto another miserable day for Lehrmann; the day Higgins’ allegations broke. Lehrmann told the court he first saw the article about Higgins at 8am.

“Immediately upon reading it,” asked Collins, “you knew that you were the person being accused?” “No,” he replied; he did not know that until about 2pm, when a journalist put the question to his then-employer, British American Tobacco.

Collins said his reply contradicted his evidence at another hearing, which suggested he did know. He asked why Lehrmann didn’t recognise himself in detail such as the night of drinking with colleagues and the reference to the perpetrator being a rising star.

“I didn’t consider myself a rising star,” he replied. He also said he didn’t go through the article carefully. “I had a very busy day that day.”

Collins took him through messages from people who’d asked him about the story, knowing he worked for Reynolds. One asked if he knew the “chick” or had any gossip, describing the allegation as “pretty cooked” (Justice Michael Lee queried the word’s definition, and was told it meant “messed up”). “Yeah, worked with her before,” he’d replied.

He consulted close friends – some of them now former friends – about making a statement of denial, but was dissuaded. He told someone else the allegations were slanderous and defamatory. Collins suggested those comments suggested “a consciousness that you knew they were about you,” which Lehrmann denied.


Probably like cops. They want you to be kind of dumb. So the smart people behind the curtains aren’t threatened.


Seriously dumb may be an understatement

From Paywalled link

During an interview on the Channel 7 program Spotlight this year, former political staffer Bruce Lehrmann lied about why he lied to his boss over his reason for returning to Parliament House with Brittany Higgins in March 2019.

The Seven Network then lied about its interview with Lehrmann – for which it would pay him $130,000 in rent – both to the public and to the Walkley Foundation that shortlisted it for excellence.

This is a small episode in Bruce Lehrmann’s defamation trial against Network Ten and presenter Lisa Wilkinson, but it illustrates a larger point: that lies are fissiparous, like bacteria in laboratory cultures, and one soon becomes two, then four, then eight and 16.

Lehrmann told Channel 7 Spotlight reporter Liam Bartlett he lied to his chief of staff Fiona Brown about the security breach at Parliament House because she had already warned him over an earlier document breach, which she didn’t know about at the time. The admission was another opening for Network Ten’s counsel, Matthew Collins, KC, to attack.

“You recollect giving a completely false account of what had occurred on Spotlight,” Collins said.

“Will it assist if I show you what you said on Spotlight?”

Lehrmann was almost sheepish in response.

“Oh no,” he said. “I recall what I said.”

Even so, as Lehrmann struggled to accept what it was he had said not six months ago, the tape had to be played.

“That interview was hastily arranged,” Lehrmann said in response.

“It was a very nerve-racking time for me appearing on national television.”

Collins was unimpressed. “You didn’t look nervous, Mr Lehrmann,” he said. “You look very keen to tell a lie about what had happened in the meeting.”

Lehrmann has always strenuously denied the allegation that he raped his colleague, Brittany Higgins, in the Parliament House offices of then defence industry minister Senator Linda Reynolds. The criminal trial arising from the charge was abandoned due to juror misconduct late last year and the prosecution was then dropped out of concern for Higgins’s health. A subsequent inquiry into the handling of that prosecution, led by former Queensland Supreme Court justice Walter Sofronoff, ended in scandal after torpedoing the career of the then ACT director of public prosecutions, Shane Drumgold, SC.

Lehrmann, through various avenues, has struggled so much with recall that he has changed his story within days of giving evidence in his own defamation trial. Many of these difficulties stem from the changing account of why he decided to go back to Parliament House at 1.48am with Brittany Higgins after a night of drinking at Canberra bars The Dock and 88mph on March 22, 2019.

He told parliamentary security, via intercom at the ministerial wing, that he was there on official business. There are recordings of this. He told Reynolds’ chief of staff, Fiona Brown, he had only come back to drink whisky. He told the Australian Federal Police, however, there was no alcohol in his office, even though there was. He did not correct this error afterwards, including at the criminal trial. Lehrmann has also claimed he went to collect his house keys.

In another version, he claimed he actually did go back to do work and that he needed to mark-up Question Time briefs because he had heard politically significant information about the French submarine contract while drinking that night. Lehrmann was evasive when Collins asked whether he had bothered to mention this to Brown during their second meeting on March 26, 2019.

“I just can’t confirm if I did or didn’t,” he said.

Days earlier, however – on Thursday, November 23 – Lehrmann told his own counsel, Steven Whybrow, SC, that he didn’t mention these briefs because he was worried Brown would take this as an even more serious breach of security than simply coming back to drink whisky.

“How is it,” Collins asked during cross-examination, “you’re able to give definite evidence to His Honour last week, last Thursday, about the same matter I’m telling you about this morning, and this morning your evidence is you’ve got no recollection?”

Lehrmann responded: “Because I’m reflecting on the tone of Miss Brown in that meeting.”

Bruce Lehrmann has admitted to lying to his chief of staff and separately to his minister, Linda Reynolds. He has lied to the AFP and given conflicting evidence at this defamation trial and his criminal trial.

Last Friday, he claimed he did not buy Brittany Higgins a drink on the night of March 22, 2019. He was quickly taken to CCTV footage showing that he did, in fact, buy drinks for his colleague. On what credit card, or by what means, he cannot now say. Nor can Lehrmann say who told him the extremely sensitive information about the French submarine contract.

“I want you to tell His Honour what information you learned at The Dock and 88mph that was so important that it needed to be jotted down between 1.48 and 2.30am, while you’re inebriated, in Parliament House on the 23rd of March, 2019,” Collins said.

The witness could not say, except that perhaps it had something to do with construction moving from South Australia to Linda Reynolds’ home state of Western Australia.

He maintains, still, that he doesn’t recall his boss giving him a direct request to see her on his way out of Parliament House, after being told to pack his things less than half an hour earlier.

“What I want to suggest to you, Mr Lehrmann, is that you know very well that you were the first person to be summoned by Ms Brown on the 26th of March, 2019, to give an account of what had happened on the Saturday morning,” Collins said.

“I suggest to you that you feared that Ms Brown was going to speak to Ms Higgins, very shortly after you had been told to pack your things and leave. You feared, I’m suggesting to you, that Ms Higgins would tell Ms Brown that you had sexually assaulted her.”

Lehrmann said that was “ridiculous” because he didn’t actually know who Fiona Brown had spoken to at that point. Still, he missed two calls from his boss – he had not yet been terminated – at 1.09pm and 1.11pm and then texted back requesting correspondence be done in writing, over email.

Brown made several more attempts to contact Lehrmann and set up a face-to-face meeting with him to discuss his employment, which she booked for 10am on April 4, 2019. He texted that morning that he was “not in Canberra” and was dealing with a “sensitive family issue”.

Lehrmann, on the stand, could not say where he actually was. The back and forth led to some of the more spatially bizarre moments in a trial already concerned with who was where and when.

The family issue related to the health of his Queensland-based mother, but Lehrmann said: “I don’t recall being in Queensland. I do recall not being within the bounds of Canberra.”

He later offered the possibility that he was helping his girlfriend move her belongings to Sydney. As things deteriorated, Justice Michael Lee attempted to nudge Lehrmann towards a better memory of the occasion, given Lehrmann had admitted to remembering sending the text but not where he was when he sent it.

“Can you just tell me whether or not, having looked at that text, you were in Canberra or not in Canberra at the time that text was sent,” Justice Lee said.

Lehrmann said he could not say. “Oh, I’m sorry, your Honour. I can’t remember back then. The plan would have been not to have been in Canberra as I was, would have been, moving belongings to Sydney, thereby subsequently not being in Canberra.”

He could have been on the outskirts, for example, refuelling the car. Lehrmann was later shown text messages from his mother just days earlier, on March 31, which began with: “Did you make it back to Canberra OK?”

Lehrmann later accepted that on April 3, the day before his scheduled meeting with Brown, he was in Canberra; but he said he still couldn’t be sure where he was on April 4, when the meeting was to take place.

In the same 24-hour period, Reynolds had formally written to Lehrmann, sent via Brown to his personal Hotmail account, advising him that she intended to terminate his employment unless he was able to respond satisfactorily to her concerns regarding his “serious misconduct”.

With a deadline of less than a day, Lehrmann emailed the next morning a grovelling apology to both Brown and Senator Reynolds. He did so while “refuting”, in another admitted lie, the circumstances in which the security breach happened.

This Hotmail address is the exact personal email address used by Network Ten’s The Project producer Angus Llewellyn to put a series of detailed allegations to Lehrmann on February 12, 2021, at 2.46pm. Lehrmann says he didn’t see this email until he checked his spam folder a week after the program aired.

The program, the subject of this defamation proceeding, did not name Bruce Lehrmann as the subject of Higgins’s rape allegation. The Higgins story was broken online by journalist Samantha Maiden about 8am on February 15, 2021, in advance of The Project airing that evening. In court, Lehrman gave what Collins called “a completely irreconcilable answer” to questions about whether he thought he could identify himself in that story. By one account he didn’t know it was about him. By another, in now-settled defamation proceedings against NewsLifeMedia, he argued it was immediately obvious.

Lehrmann spent the rest of that day taking counsel from friendly advisers. He was concerned he would be named by The Project, which he knew would be airing its interview that evening. Two casual advisers gave the same unequivocal advice: do not talk to the media. Lehrmann agreed during cross-examination that he was told he should make no attempt to contact Channel 10 but later denied this.

“Well, I must have been mistaken,” he said. “It was broad advice from, from those few people…”

Lehrmann watched the episode that night in relief: he was not named. After it aired, he appeared to have asked around for cocaine and, based on text messages, stayed out until 6.30am. He gave evidence that he thought he had close friends come over for some drinks instead.


Whinging about Surf. You can get no name washing liquid for $1.50-$2.

You’d have to go way back to the 70s to be middle class on $100k household income, that’s barely above min wage each.

Well at least a lot of people are blaming supermarkets. Yeah they’re the problem.


I remember my parents were on about 100k combined in the 80s

we had lower expectations then

two cars but they were both 15 years old
we got a computer for the whole family and it was like 3k

Got Chinese takeaway once a fortnight

holidays were staying with my aunt up the coast


I meant in real terms. I doubt your parents were on $324,537.92 or approx 160k each in 1985.

Yeah the main luxury was having a newish car. Nobody did anything except enjoy a nicely populated pretty much white nat country.


40 year protection order for drunk driving senior police officer. No corruption here.


Based. If you can’t drive with a blood alcohol level of at least 0.08 you shouldn’t be driving at all.

When you do your Ps test you should actually be drunk.

A fly in your ointment

tru dat, wrt 2 alc level and test.

Agent 47



Not as cringe as the based white EVROPA type shit that Ukrainians think the West is

At least the third-worldism shit is becoming more true rather than less


interesting explanation for why Indians are becoming top CEOs – complex social/family systems

also makes the point that Indian society promotes and elevates the cream of the crop intelligence wise, and lets everybody else die in the gutter

while garbage socialist countries like ezfka tries to make sure every retard legacy unit finish high school and go to uni

Which is why average IQ may not be as relevant to the success of a society as you believe


So India is what you get when you run a country solely in the interests of the top 1%

And then they still want to leave

Aussie Soy Boy

In Asia they let their mentally ill starve. The sit in a alley on a piece of cardboard and barely have the energy to beg let alone punch on.

Here we fatten up the mentally ill, incentivise them to breed, they sit at home bored all day sinking piss/drugs/smokes/junk food so have way too much pent up energy and aggression, plus there are basically no consequences in Australia for being a public nuisance or menace.

I would say there are more Indian CEOs because of the huge focus on education in a country of 1.2 billion. Here people encourage their children to get a trade, or they get their children diagnosed with one of the multitude of fashionable psychiatric disorders and pump their already limited minds full of still experimental drugs.


India doesn’t even have breathable air in the major cities

This huge focus on education is doing nothing for their country

The reason they have all these CEOs is because their economy is very focused on tech, their population is massive and they behave in a nepotistic way hiring their own


Pretty clever satire

Must admit I am keen for some catharsis. I usually prefer the honest white boy evil than Labor boongs and Greens sand niggers with 3 ips each.


Did you see the First post on Weekend links
1 day ago
harry first at 1219
MB is dead sadly.

Even the die-hards are acknowledging the blindingly obvious!

Gunna’s satire piece has only 5 comments, with the best comment coming from Gunna himself.

Must be time to take the trash out, it’s stinking up the joint.
Bye-bye MB


lol there’s something so off about this Bruce lehrmann

What the fuck is going on tbh


I reckon the libs know that it was all cooked up lies by Higgins and drumgold and the ALP to bring down scummo

and alp need Britt to stay rock solid so they gave her $3m and probably more on the side for sharaz

for libs part they must have told lehrmann they would back him to the hilt: money and future political opportunities
as long as he keeps the blowtorch on

absolutely zero reason for the libs to so publically support a dumb fat little shit with that kind of stink on him


i would

plenty of others would too I bet just to pwn the abc/Wilkinson/lefties

but yeah that’s why it’s only peripheral lnp associates odd bods like this guy and stokes giving him support so it’s not too close

probably if this trial doesn’t end favourably then they will dump him like a ton of bricks

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I would, a lot of modern feminists clearly want the right to accuse men of rape with no proof.

Fuggin Grace wasn’t even rape, just a typical mid-late teen having sex.

They are legit terrorists and tyrants.


Different situation with Tame. Bruce and Britt were least around the same age. No one thinks a 58-year-old fucking a 15-year-old is normal.

Ms Tame was aged 15 in 2010, when she was groomed and then repeatedly sexually assaulted over a period of six months by her teacher, Nicolaas Bester, aged 58. Bester was convicted and jailed for the rapes, and also for possessing 28 pieces of child pornography. He was later sent back to prison for producing child exploitation material after boasting on Facebook about the rapes of Ms Tame, describing the abuse in graphic and lewd detail. 

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Why wouldn’t you invite him? He’s probably the one who supplies the drugs.

A fly in your ointment

i thought that all of aussies are emasculated but fulck, there seems to be plenty of them shoing their middle finger to ‘authority’ which serves big capital and the state.
Do want to know the names of these Australians with titan’s size balls?

name, middle name, surname, even a suburb.
~820 of then live in NT.

NT’s list of ‘name and fame’


there are a LOT of wogs on that list