R.I.P Richard Lynn

I have just recieved word via Twitter that English researcher and psychologist Richard Lynn has died peacefully in his sleep, aged 93. Lynn was the last of the OG noticiers and so-called ‘HBD’ scientists who specialised in the study of population psychometry. His perhaps notable work was the controversial IQ and the Wealth of Nations, a book he co-authored with Tatu Vanhanen (father of Matti Vanhanen, former president of Finland) that attempted to estimate the various IQ differences of populations at the national level around the world. While the estimates produced in this work have been disputed to the exact measured degree, it’s unlikely (to the chargin of Lynn’s critics) that they were never not in the correct ballpark.

Like the late Arthur Jensen and Philippe Rushton before him, Lynn was principally a population hereditarian, who largely believed that observed physical and psychological differences between different human populations were mostly the result of human evolution, as opposed to differential cultural or environmental exposures. For this Lynn was persecuted and despised, including by individuals who loudly proclaimed their affinity for the scientific method and free evidential enquiry. Indeed, Lynn was the first person to observe the cognitive differences between Oriential East Asians and European Caucasians (with a roughly 3-5 IQ point gap between these populations in favour of Asians); despite this, his work was still apparently underpinned by his latent white supremacy.

Given the current political climate it’s hard to imagine another person like Richard Lynn can ever come along again. This is unfortunate if it implies many of the hanging issues Lynn outlined can never be definitively resolved, if the current extant body of evidence is not enough to persuade a person they already have. He’ll be remembered by all those who had a penchant for noticing things. I also suspect this will be the only piece of homegrown Australian ‘journalism’ that will mention his passing; Wikipedia hasn’t even updated his article yet. R.I.P.

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Intelligence is one of the most heritable of all traits
up there with eye colour

already established with twin studies and well accepted by even the mainstream

it defies logic to suggest that all genes associated with intelligence are distributed uniformly among all ethnicities

Therefore, the only real way to refute iq difference among races is to deny the existence of race altogether (eg skin colour and physiognomy)

I suspect we will have to eventually arrive at that point , as we have done with gender already

in turn, there will have to be a reactionary response – the equivalent to the creation of TERFs in response to the evolution of modern post-gender ideology

it will be ugly because there will be no more abo/black grifting

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A fly in your ointment

sorry to be the fly in this ointment, the meme is nice and quite well made but it revolves around a wrong premise (dog breeds are a product of human selection over millennia – effectively a slomo genetic modification).
Technically, this means that the “economical factor” is indeed a correct answer, unlike implied


Actually the distance between dogs and other canines is closer

Capture - Copy (10).JPG

Versus certain human population groups and everyone else.

Capture - Copy (11).JPG
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Polynesians and East Asians are so close and yet the IQ differences do not get any more stark

probably indicates this is useless data


So why are they clustered on top of each other in this chart

I have no idea what the axes even represent but whatever it is representing it’s likely meaningless at least in terms of iq

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A fly in your ointment

therre’s arguably only two human races

Are you going to tell us the names of those or you’re waiting for suspension to build?


He does have a point

breeding hasn’t been as deliberate or selective for humans as it has for dogs so selection for certain traits potentially isn’t as great

for instance, intelligence has never in recent history and especially now been selective for reproductive success

Tesla, newton etc
Idiocracy the movie

Being an IQcel is currently almost synonymous with being incel especially amongst whites

is the IQ gap between blacks and Ashkenazi Jews any larger than say between a border collie and a pug ?

Also need to think about the shape of the curve
there’s probably a lot more variation among “whites” than there is among border collies who were very specifically selected but lost out on potential advantageous recessive genes or whatever (more outliers among humans)


The ‘cold climate’ is a good example of the need for advanced planning, which is something that accompanies IQ.

You should beware though that blank slaters (think flat earthers like FIYO) will go Is that so, well explain this!” and then point to IQ gaps between Eskimos than say the Fins and Samati.

The thing is it isn’t just the cold, it is the complexity of their environment and the resources available.

For Eskimos the available paths forward for development and resources at hand are fairly limited. What is the point of starting a snow factory?

In contrast the Finns and Samati lived in a very resource intensive and bountiful area – it is just that they largely vanished or became unobtainable for half a year.

Once IQ mastered the basics of living and surviving in cold climates, then very soon the race would be on again but this time against other cold adapted humans to use the local resources for their own benefit.


“and for the record eskimos for the record are pretty high iq, i think theyre above the global average”

Correct – it is still a lot harder to survive in Greenland than it is to shimmy up a banana tree when you feel hungry.

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Sure but with dogs they literally just killed or neutered the ones that didn’t have the traits they expressly sought and forced the ones that did to breed

it’s a lot more efficient and reliable as a process

And it’s quite clear that intelligence is NOT the trait most sexually selected for since primitive roasties do not seek out high intelligence men quite the opposite

obviously iq is selective for SURVIVAL (not sex) as a group though

so It’s a weird situation and not as specific as it is for dogs so I would expect the intelligence differences to be greater


That’s an interesting question and I don’t have an answer

the extreme high end of intelligence definitely correlates with poor reproductive success and very low attractiveness

but on the other end of the spectrum dysgenic traits like ugliness and stupidity probably do come together and both result in low reproductive success

in the middle of the range you may be right though

which is why I say that averages may be misleading you really need to appreciate the width and shape of the curve


One other thing I have read is that IQ heritability seems to rely more on the mother than the father


which would refute your hypothesis

A fly in your ointment

its way harder to live in ice age europe or siberia

I guess bushmen in Namib are having a life in paradise having food and water falling from the skies for them requiring no forward planning…

Actually, are you just sucking in to the resident jew hater nazi apologist?


I guess bushmen in Namib are having a life in paradise having food and water falling from the skies for them requiring no forward planning…

One area where indigenous Australians and other more stone age people have been shown to out perform whites and Asians is with memory. Indeed Chimps can actually easily remember numbers and sequences to 10 or 20 sequences long, where as most humans struggle beyond 6 or 8.

Memory as to where to exactly find the location of food, like tubers in a marginal seasonal environment, when there isn’t much food to be found elsewhere is vitally important, much more so than necessarily developing a new bow and arrow.

There is a difference between remembering where to find something, than actually carving that knowledge into existence for the first time.


With humans there is a three-way feedback loop between Nature – Behaviour – Environment.

Nature = Genes

Behaviour = Culture

Environment = World around us

Culture effectively acts as the ‘selective breeding’ point that was made.

For example, one reason why white people are 10 times less violent than Africans and most other indigenous people, is that for 500 years European people effectively domesticated themselves through their laws by executing 1-2% of the adult population each and every year, while sending their most blood lustful males off to die in wars.

Africans by comparison remained little more than a crude Iron Age or Stone Age people. The reason for sub-Saharan’s actual success, is that at some point within the past 500 years they learnt how to smelt Iron, which gave them a distinct advantage over other stone age cultures and facilitated the Bantu expansion, was they wiped out their stone age neighbours.


Yet it’s quite clear in modern white society that violent men are far more sexually successful than non violent men

when you look at the primitive/subconscious preferences of high E women in their reproductive primes

intelligence is NOT a trait that results in reproductive success, but being violent/aggressive certainly is


its the innate preferences of women expressing themselves though

obviously gold diggers try to rise above their basic urges

but basic urges expose what nature desires
Which is not intelligence

I’m sure even back in the day it was the aggressive high T low inhibition low IQ men who were cuckolding the high IQ “husbands”


Intelligence obviously WAS a trait that resulted in reproductive success, which brought us to where we are today, BUT intelligence is no longer a trait that provides reproductive success.


Not obvious at all

survival advantage =\= reproductive advantage

different strategies
cuckolding etc


If intelligence wasn’t important to breeding success then we wouldn’t be having this conversation, we’d still be grunting in the cave somewhere.

A fly in your ointment

Hence the “breed” in the description.


Not obvious at all

the current primitive urges of women to get jizzed in by dumb brutes and not by nerds is not something that has emerged in the last few generations

it reveals an underlying deeply ingrained evolutionary impulse

intelligence clearly confers a survival advantage though and that will have selected groups


I think they would rather fuck the mob boss/gang leader than one of his soldiers though, assuming they look the same

It generally takes intelligence to earn status in a group


And other types of intelligence e.g., musical talent will attract women much more than being a physicist or whatever.

There are multiple ways to attract women which require having intelligence, it’s just a shame for nerdy men that their type of intelligence isn’t generally one of those types.


It is interesting – one thing my wife often relates about early in our courtship is how I constructed a witty poem about her encounter with a spider while she was driving, that I texted back to her within 5 minutes of her narrating the tale to me.

I’ve completely forgotten what I wrote, but to this day it made a suitable impression upon her.


Yeah exactly

My advice to the type of nerdy dude who’s obsessed with fantasy novels or something – start writing them, at least creating nerdy works (and hopefully having some success selling them) will impress/attract some people, whereas just consuming them never will.


Yeh obv being fit and groomed would be a huge help too, lots of these nerdy men are fat and gross.


the current primitive urges of women to get jizzed in by dumb brutes and not by nerds is not something that has emerged in the last few generations

IMHO what you describe is more a sign of cultural collapse and the removal of social constraints on the expectations applied to both women and men… it is more a sign of the shifting power.

To quote Cindy Lauper “Girls Just Wanna have fun

Women are generally empty vessels that require a man to captain – left to their own devices they’ll carry any cargo, or simply sit in port all day.

Civilization was built by the Patriarchy, something which valued intelligence and stable hierachies.

Now in a world of plenty as we move into the Matriarchy I expect that to unwind, and the evolutionary leadership of women just wanting a good fuck over a good provider will start to dominate.

So there might be some truth in what you say, although imho it has more to do with the innate desires of women and the impact of their growing leadership than the biological forces that brought us to where we are today.


even in the post ww2 era 10% of paternity was not that husband

cuckolding has always been a thing

and cucking is usually done by the milk man , pool boy , tradie etc


I’m not going to argue that cuckolding hasn’t always been a thing and that 10% of the paternity was not that of the husband, in fact I would not be surprised if it was higher.

But then the reason for that cuckholding might be many fold, the husband could be gay, or simply the relationship worn out. Women’s libdo’s famously rise as they approach menopause before plummeting. Why? That one last chance to get impregnated.

it is less often the young fertile, recently married and somewhat prudent female who seduces the pool boy. The exception here is when they desperately want a family and there may be some fertility problem apparent in the partner.

But even with the 10% of reproduction through cuckoldry the majority of reproduction strategies are with the selected partner.


The point is that women’s sexual attraction is not influenced to any great degree by the man’s intelligence and I believe never has

once a minimum threshold has been reached which is likely below the mean anyway

and beyond a certain point maybe 1SD high intelligence is probably a sexual turn off

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Always has been


There was less economic disparity then

but I guess really everyone is wealthier now
despite what whinging millennials claim

was watching an interview with some silent generation bloke about how he and his 4 siblings and parents all lived in a 2 bedroom fibro house with no electricity

Then cunts like you whinge about rents but in comparison you’re living in a fucking palace


Good attempt but it’s more annoying for me when migrants talk about how ungrateful Aussies are because their parents lived in a dung hut in Dhaka


You’re just conflating nerdy shit like physics or Dungeons and Dragons with intelligence

There are other types of intelligence which are attractive to women e.g., wit, street smarts, musical ability

The intelligence may need to be combined with other characteristics like rebelliousness or risk-taking to really manifest itself as a noticeably attractive trait but it is still intelligence.

This idea that all or most women are ideally into big violent meatheads seems really misguided, maybe most bitches with lip and butt filler are but would anyone here want one of those?


We are literally talking about IQ


Then no your IQ score will not get any panties wet

But intelligence is more than IQ obviously


It is the female needs hierarchy – until recently it has been generally smarter men that have been able to provide and satisfy the majority of her needs.

In the land of mamon with plenty galore women are able to elevate matters of secondary importance to primary goal seeking.


I’d agree their collective needs harvesting and preferences can change order depending on the ease of their ability to have those needs meet.

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A fly in your ointment

perhaps stagmal you can read my comment again as my comment is in perfect accord with what you claim.

Existing dog pool is a product not of the nature but of the human selection over millennia. It means that differences between dogs is due to human choices, it is not a natural variation as with humans. How big are intellectual and physical differences between wolves around the world? Human selection still had influence there (culling, extermination), but not nearly on the same scale as with dogs.

If one was to select a certain group of people from any ethnic group, lets say those who are prone to crime, take them someplace where they will be penalised and allowed to breed in isolation only within their own group – for generations, you will eventually get a group of people that is obedient to overlords and will have inclination to penalise and gaol everyone whom does not conform with their viewpoints.

A fly in your ointment

to finish off previous thought:

If one was to select a certain group of people from any ethnic group, lets say those who are prone to crime, take them someplace where they will be penalised and allowed to breed in isolation only within their own group – for generations, you will eventually get a group of people that is obedient to overlords and will have inclination to penalise and gaol everyone whom does not conform with their viewpoints”
that group would have distinct differences to the rest of mankind whom is mostly oriented away from thinking everyone is a criminal.
Same can be done with other distinct features of men, selective breeding can make smarter, stupider, bigger or smaller people, you name it what you want.

So nope, the meme is indeed true in its conclusion rather than implied that it is some sort of woke social construct.


Stags is correct though – the knowledge of IQ differences at a population group basis will slowly fade from the population. Already they’re viewed as discredited hate facts which means hate facts should not be taught according to many people.

Again imho this is a direct consequence of increasing the proportion of people who contribute to our narrative by way of trying to make sense of the world and align it to their internal feeling reality.

Most rational people agree that raising the proportion of the population that is low IQ, especially by importing low IQ sub populations is a bad idea – yet the second thesis, that deliberately seeking to increase female representation in our social narrative to 50/50 representation, remains unnoticed and largely undiscussed. Both issues are equally destructive long term imho.

the arborist

Great article, stagmal. It’s important that this kind of thing gets broad recognition in order to fight THE MESSAGE.

the arborist

In other news, the Daily Mail is the only mainstream news media worth paying any attention to.

Staggering problem with the Australian economy is laid bare by Deloitte Access Economics report

  • Population growth outpacing new job creation 
  • Deloitte Access Economic sees output falling





Outside the court on Thursday, the music producer refused to apologise and insisted he was ‘innocent’.

‘How can I be sorry when I was the one that was moved from a seat that was mine?’ he told reporters. 

‘So I’ve done nothing wrong.’

9News reporter Jack Hahn responded by asking: ‘Why did you plead guilty then if you’ve done nothing wrong?’

Malou awkwardly turned away from Hahn before walking away without saying anything.

lmao DM is so based

the arborist

Haha. Yeah, I wish I hadn’t forgotten my DM password so I can make the Dindu Nuffin tribe comment.



Everything keeps surprising to the upside

Maybe interest rate rises don’t function as advertised?


Higher interest rates are great aren’t they?

Economy still strong, inflation falling, get some yield on your money, investooooors copping it

I hope they never fall again


investooors copping it?

sharemarket and property prices are near all time highs

you enjoying paying $5 for a packet of chips too?

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nEar aLL tImE hiGHs

There’s this little thing called interest payments fuckwit

The thing you whinge about all day every day?

Maybe you’ve heard about it from every investor not on fixed interest complaining about “doing it tough”

If Albo would stop the tidal wave of dodgy foreign money coming in and interest rates didn’t fall, property investing could actually die in Australia, and that would be wonderful. But still, less barbeque bullshit about it to listen to since I don’t speak Mandarin.

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yeah interest payments

you mean to the 66% of people who have deposits rather than mortgages?

lmao how much longer can you convince yourself


Terrible to be one of those 66%

I wish we could just have Weimar hyperinflation instead with money conclusively proven to be worthless printed confetti to be sprayed by Dan Andrews on Commonwealth Games level retardations now and forever


but that’s what we will get if interest rates go high enough

its literally money printing


Yes according to Coming theory of course that is what will happen

World governments became massively leveraged with debt thanks to horrible ZIRP policies which made low interest rates into the Hotel California

That debt was spent on decades long wars, COVID-19 lockdowns, handouts to the super rich and government corruption e.g., all things that have made human civilisation worse.

And every day you whinge at us that people aren’t getting even deeper in debt like you wish that they would

There are no examples in history of hyperinflation resulting from excessively high interest rates

Inflation is falling

Retarded government projects are getting cancelled

I don’t see why your doom-mongering is more credible than the doom-mongering that you mock

Last edited 9 months ago by No1

inflation is occuring at a slower rate than during the scamdemic which is to be expected given the repair of supply chains and rundown of government handouts

But have a good think about exactly how the reserve bank controls interest rates

Last edited 9 months ago by Coming

“There are no examples in history of hyperinflation resulting from excessively high interest rates”

Actually interest rates in Weimer germany got as high as 10,000%

Interest rates in argentina are 100%

Its quite bizarre that you just cannot accept what is right in front of your face
Very similar situation to the covid idiots

Why do you and MB and all the other “economists” keep being surprised?
What point do they all realise that their framework is completely wrong


Interest rates in Argentina are below the rate of inflation

I know you’re just vomiting rhetoric but what exactly do you want us to accept other than just to agree with you?

Inflation is going down

If you were right it would be going up

Maybe Boomers hitting up the cafe with their bank interest isn’t as inflationary for the economy as Dan Andrews doing his retarded mega projects on credit

Maybe billionaires stacking up the government interest on top of their already massive piles in Panama and the Cayman Islands isn’t really that inflationary



there are other effects far more significant than rates (unless they get to 50 or 100%)

hence why inflation didn’t start with rates at ~0% for years until something happened

but keep being surprised mate

not my worry really

I’m still living rent free in your head


You got me mate, I’m so very surprised that Great Depression 2.0 didn’t start

MB is usually so good at predicting everything that happens


If you’re complaining about paying $5 for a packet of chips, consider getting a better job.

Maybe one of those unskilled Gen Z ones that earns $50/hr.



im living rent free in your two fuckwits heads hey

what do you think this even shows


Always happy to call out your hypocrisy.

You make it easy as you are too thick to even lie about things consistently.

Someone who is supposedly a doctor yet carries on about having to spend $60 on groceries is a good laugh.

Maybe stick to Homebrand products?


I just feel bad for povos

but for the grace of god

you can see though that the average IQ here is not high


When you are 1/30th the users here but post 1/3rd of all comments it’s difficult to ignore you entirely


Thanks for replying again babe

A fly in your ointment

Sorry to be the fly…
To an ouside observer It rather looks as if its your name on that rental lease, with others crashing overnight on your couch


Kettle and Red Rock chips have been around that expensive for a long time

The discerning tightass knows to buy them at half price


Coming should freelance an article about you for Daily Mail

The Boomer rage will shift Earth off its axis


Flavoured milk is about $3 for the normal 600ml carton and $5.50 for the 2L carton. It’s not on. I don’t wanna be drinking flavoured milk for 3 days straight. It’s meant to be a little treat every now and then.



I miss Moove and Shayks. Oak isn’t bad but better recipes imo.

Aussie Soy Boy

Every year after July 1st we get the same stories about these morons who don’t understand the basics of how income is taxed.


Reading that story hurt. Those featured in it are bipedal carbon based life forms, but they’re definitely not human. Molluscs in human form perhaps.

On the other hand, if that chick really owed $86K in tax then she must’ve been pulling in a bit over $250K for showing blokes her cunt and tits.

Hmmm…I wonder if young women would pay that much money to see pics of my scrotum?


Her parents must be so proud.


Her father was probably Sid the Sloth

Capture - Copy (9).JPG

Idgaf what they do but I like that they gotta pay tax. Finally being stronk and independent has consequences.



Behold the power of the organised special interest group

Imagine how much more of the Canadian budget these people will be able to hijack for Ukraine in years to come



At least they’re white and civilised.

Apparently 50% of the UKR refugees in the UK are homeless.

Seems the Leftards are hypocritical and full of shit. Who knew?


Well, the deputy leader, Chrystia Freeland has Ukrainian heritage https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chrystia_Freeland

Oh and a nazi granddad https://ottawacitizen.com/news/national/defence-watch/chrystia-freelands-granddad-was-indeed-a-nazi-collaborator-so-much-for-russian-disinformation/

I guess that goes well with the present Ukrainian government of fascist Banderists.


With an IQ under 65 it would be almost impossible to plan, understand consequences or have any understanding of how the modern world functions. Any capable outliers in those parts of the world would probably be accused of witchcraft and killed.


A lot of our African immigrant brethren seem to fall into the category of “unable to plan and unable to understand consequences”.

Well….they seem to be able to plan home invasions, knifings and hammer robberies, but consequences…not so much.


Ah the irony.


Looked up that subreddit and it’s been banned?


This is is caucasion apparently. I’m calling a challenge. Some sort of mixed meat + dressing like a nigger.



Burn the coal, pay the toll.


Why are US Hispanics so much smarter than non-US Hispanics in le race chart?

They have higher IQs than a number of white countries?

Irish people seem like some of the wittiest whites to me, I think that discredits all this race science stuff


Papua and Madagascar are also showing strong numbers compared with MENA and South Asian countries that are much more developed

Aussie Soy Boy

The Malagasy are basically Malay/Indo.


Irish were the most oppressed so became the most jewy. I used to think Scots were the most jewy of the Celts but I think that’s just penny pinching and simplistic opportunism.


I guess people who migrate to the US are probably already a cut above average

I expect the Singapore and Hong Kong (?) numbers are influenced by the fact that the people who chose to move there would have been intelligent enough, and valued learning enough, to start over in a new environment

Aussie Soy Boy

Do you know what boongs are?


The race science stuff doesn’t make sense because

a) no one can explain what happens when you get the half/quarter/sixteenth castes; are they white or black?
b) no one uses IQ in every day life; it’s not like you choose mechanics based on their IQ; would you prefer a 110 IQ soy boy computer programmer to cut your hair or the 98 IQ hair dresser chick named Kylie?
c) if you care about IQ, you would select based on IQ regardless of the statistical distribution; if 98% of one race A have low IQ and 98% of race B have medium IQ, you’d trade the top 2% of race A for the bottom 2% of race B since your criteria is IQ
d) if you choose to gas people of race A because of low IQ, do you also gas the people of your own race because of low IQ? or do you decide that you will just have to find a way to live with low IQ people?
e) does everyone want to appoint East Asian/Chinese/Ashkenazi to be the master race? After all, they have the highest average IQ …
f) Dan Andrews

Finding statistical correlations between different groups is not hard; black men are taller than Asian women for example. The question is after you’ve found your correlations, what precisely are you hoping to do? If you only hire black men, what do you when the black men show up turn out to be black midgets and the Asian women are the Chinese women’s basketball team? Why not just see if people are suitable for the role?

‘Polite company’ might cover up the differences between races but ‘impolite company’ doesn’t explain what it intends to do with the information. I don’t mind if someone finds statistical information proving A or B about some race; assuming the methodology is good, that’s just the truth. But in the end, I still believe in the loosely Christian idea of looking out for one another. e.g. if Stagmal breaks his leg, I think it’s better to get him to a hospital rather than studying him intently wondering to what extent his genetics influenced his statistical likelihood of breaking his leg. I gather aborigines in urban settings do better than aborigines out in the desert which suggests to me that either higher iq aborigines are migrating to the cities or living out in the desert isn’t exactly civilised.

Something tells me that the bankers would prefer funding a few grifters to keep divisions high (via affirmative action policies etc) rather than actually trying to achieve a successful society where they might give up some power/money.


The problem is there is no pure black or pure white as reference points; perhaps the royal family might be since they are so inbred.

More importantly, often certain genes are associated with a race (e.g. skin colour, bone structure etc.) that when you start mixing, you start getting an explosion of combinations. Take the following scenario:
parent 1 – black, low iq, big nose
parent 2 – white, high iq, pointy nose

They produce two children:
child1 – brown, high iq, big nose
child2 – brown, low iq, pointy nose

What are the races of the children? Both children are “brown” and both have a white trait and a black trait. Did the couple produce
a) a black child and a white child
b) two brown children
c) brown child variant A (high IQ) and brown child variantB (low IQ)
d) brown child variant A1 (high IQ, big nose), brownchild variant B (low IQ, pointy nose); somewhere out in the community would be brown child variant A2 (high IQ, pointy nose) and brown child variant B2 (low IQ, big nose)

I picked IQ, skin colour and pointynoseness but I could pick any set of attributes and not be able to justify (intellectually) any particular set of choices over any other set of choices.

Yes they’re mixed, but unless you’re inbred, there’s no “pure” race. It wasn’t political correctness that killed “race” as a scientific concept; it was the fact that you can’t find an objective set of criteria for race.

Onto point b)
Are you saying that if I found a soy boy programmer with an IQ of 110, you’d sit down and get a haircut from him despite his lack of knowledge of haircutting rather than Kylie who has cut hair a million times before but only an IQ of 98? Really?

The point is general and may explain the rest of the points: in the real world people look for people that are useful, not the people with the highest potential. There is some segment of the population that has an IQ of 150 or above, but all the people below them are still able to live healthy and productive lives even despite their “limitation”. Not to mention the Ted Kaczynski who had high IQs but seem to be a net loss, both to himself, and others around him.

I don’t claim that there isn’t some correlation between IQ and race, however it is defined. I’m not worried about racism since it’s some anglo-saxon guilt complex, mainly used by political grifters to divide the population, steal their wallets and avoid actual development of the society.

What I’m trying to figure out is, assuming you can prove some IQ distribution across the races, what can you do with this scientific discovery to improve society? Should we cut welfare programs to low IQ races because it’s a waste of money? Perhaps the opposite – we take money away from the rest of the community and allocate it to the low IQ races since they need it more? Should we start a eugenics program and have women be paired up with super IQ Chinese/Ashkenazi Jews to improve the breeds? Do we gas the low IQ population.

At best you can use this correlation to have some explanatory power to suggest that aborigines (or whomever) will always do worse than their peers … but it doesn’t explain whether it’s possible for them to have some kind of decent life or not. It also seems to distract from the fact that Australia has regressed in the last few decades, and that isn’t due to a spike in aborigines or even the immigration rate.

I mean, did we pour all that money and weaponry into the Ukraine because of the idiotic Uluru statement from the heart?


As far as I’m concerned, sovereign states have an immutable right to limit immigration in any way for any reason whatsoever. Including “just because” or “those people are inferior to us” to “we only take people who have an IQ that is a prime number”.

I’m not hung up about racism in what you consider the scientific sense. I think people should get nobel prizes if they can prove anything meaningful with genetics. It’s just that I don’t see it as fundamentally relevant because societal effort invariably trumps genetics, in the same way that agriculture trumps hunting.

Whether your average abo/black has 10% less IQ or is 10% more violent isn’t the problem. The problem is overall crime not the racial distribution amongst criminals.

If you take a look at the murder rate around the world: Russia, with its mostly white/asian society has 3x times the murder rate of Australia even though Australia is 30% migrant and 3% aboriginal population. Martinique 80% (African/Creole) is in between Australia and Russia with 2x the murder rate of Australia. Senegal (black, islamic) has one third of Australia’s rate. Meanwhile, Jamaica has 10x higher that Australia. Accounting for a 10x increase isn’t a racial change, it’s a social change. If blacks were ten times more violent than whites, then Australia should have a murder rate of 4.47 but it’s actually 0.9. Race doesn’t account for this.


It’s a society that says “we should try and limit crime” and some countries want to do that, and others do not (US). Once you’ve solved the main issues, I expect the unchangable (genetics) to surface. Jamaica is not going to get to single digit murder rates via genetic changes.

Take a look at this year’s physics olympiad



Is there a racial reason for Australia to be behind Vietnam, Turkey, Thailand and Brazil and to tie with Indonesia? Why are Russia, China, Korea and US at the top? Are the abos and Sudanese holding us back? We had a Chan and a Chen on the team; are their genes the only reason we even have anything at all?

Do you really believe in your heart and brain that we can’t do physics because of our genes?

I don’t.

Which brings me to what I’m actually bugged about. Race science is just another one of those nice little media lures. It’s not as popular these days as it was in the 1990s, it’s been taken over by BLM or whatever but the essence is the media will trade a few facts to you in exchange for the option to propagandise you. The topics change, but the method is the same. Essentially, any chance they can get to distract people, divide people or demoralise people, that’s a win. It’s why these shithole media things keep getting funded, even though there’s hardly any money in it. Because the profit is in controlling people; distract, demoralise, divide people so that people are kept dumb, fighting against each other and feeling lonely and isolated instead of focusing on things that could be improved. In the same way people didn’t want to teach slaves to read, the grifters at the topic don’t want you to think lest the grift is over. If there was silence, you might start thinking, so best to bombard you with junk instead.

I think that’s what I’m bored of. It’s the same cycle of unreality. What precisely will you do with race science truthiness? Win a nobel? Will you do that for Dubbo? Will you move out? I mean, I’m rooting for you but I don’t think anything will improve once you establish the science. It will still be that familiar EZFKA.

Ultimately we’ve been conned by the parasites, which that well known commie General Dwight Eisenhower warned us of when he gave his farewell speech about the military industrial complex

It’s just the grift is beyond the MIC now.

The grifters have caught us and convinced us to give all our money to them. And we struggle to get out because of all the media distraction and brain limiting emotionality.

a) AUKUS – billions of dollars to join the US navy for boats that will be delivered late, if at all, and would enter us into a suicidal war if it is delivered on time; decided by a few politicians with scary messages about the yellow peril; the overall cost would pay for 120k teachers each and every year, some of whom might teach abo kids to be a little less violent or sniff less glue
Unnecessary spend, unneeded since the Chinese aren’t even building an offensive navy and in the end, they just buy our infrastructure, so why would they blow it up? But great if you’re making money off the overpriced and delayed boat

b) real estate – put all your money into over priced shitty looking buildings that crack and catch fire so Harry gets rich. We _need_ tax subsidies like capital gains tax “discounts” to ensure the money goes to the top; does housing need to be so expensive? is it “productive”? yes and no; the word productive has been redefined in terms of profit per dollar invested rather than efficiency of expenditure to achieve an outcome. So making a $1 million of a home owner is more productive than making $250k from that home owner. Making profits is productive. Being efficient is not. Saturate the media with get rich by buying houses, and whether interest rates will go up or down, and how you can save $5k by changing banks but not about thinking for five minutes to cut the insane profits made out of home ownership

c) health – the US adds health spending to GDP rather than subtracting; so whatever is spent on health is considered as making the economy bigger/better when it’s actually a drain. From the profit making perspective that’s the ideal, but Australia and Europe have socialised health care and this will have to be changed slowly over time to become profit seeking. Making profits = productive Tony Blair is suggesting patients pay to skip the queue – privatisation

d) education – ditto; we spend lots of money on education but still end up way behind other countries, 2 years of maths behind in the case of Singapore. Higher education charges a bomb, but earns a nice little mint for university and the lenders. Teach people property management degrees and gender science, because it makes money, even if people end up with negative knowledge. Call education an “export industry” to mask any exports besides minerals

e) sell of natural resources to put profits into shareholders pockets, often foreign shareholders at that. If anyone suggests taking this energy to warm people during winter, or using our cheap energy + iron ore to create steel, generate scare stories about the mining industry collapsing; which is why Saudi Arabia outranks us in steel production

We’ve gotten so used to it, that we don’t even blink that shoes produced in Vietnam cost $5 to make and cost $150 to buy. The “efficient” free market did the best it could.

The essential grift is the same; some mob at the top decides it wants money, and generates media nonsense to get people to support giving money to them; that’s the primary role. Once that’s done, it’s onto keeping people unthinking with constant distractions, fighting each other with inflammatory topics and demoralising them by not presenting anything fundamentally new or meaningful. All this works to stop people banding together to build a better country.

Hence EZFKA.

Race science is great at that because people argue about it incessently even though as our little physics olympiad shows, you’d be better off buying books to teach people rather than waiting for the genetic lottery to produce a little Einstein.

If you want to change immigration policy to have more Chens and Chans to get the physics olympiad, and fewer Yusefs, be my guest. I just think we’d be better off buying a few text books rather than waiting for the genetic lottery. In the meantime, all this racial shit is just the grifters saying “look over there!” and “obey” while our pockets get picked, usually by foreigners.

A fly in your ointment

shit, there are signs of high intellect in this little ezfka puddle.

well observed, beyond tangling into intricate details, unseeing Forrest from the trees.


EZFKA is purely about shoveling money and power into the pockets of a handful of people.

Ethnonationalism is a step up because it’s at least about something besides money/power. I can agree with that far. There’s a kind of value there, an ideal.

I just don’t believe that abos or whomever are incapable of being decent human beings because I’ve met some that actually weren’t feral. I don’t think the problem we’re having is due to impure race. It’s because the grifters have taken control of the machinery and use it for everything besides the health of Australian society and pit everyone against each other.

Reducing immigration isn’t racist any more than increasing immigration makes us “less” racist. It’s just a goddamned number in the end. And you don’t need “scientific” reasoning to limit it, that’s just put in place so they can cut people out of the debate because they know that in the end, no one is clamouring or marching in the streets for more immigrants and it has to be foisted upon people. Scientific = legitimate, anything else = illegitimate.

The people who thought COVID was the black death, think it’s scientific to rename chicks with dicks as women and claimed we’d all be sinking under the waves of the melted ice caps are going to lecture people about science? Cmon. Just another control.


because people argue about it incessently

If only they did, because that would provide reassurance that the knowledge was widespread enough to even have a debate.

Instead as I’ve said before it is described as a hate fact, ignored until it is forgotten by the public trained like Pavlov’s dogs to ignore anything the media say is racist.

The result is that the only real place that these ‘discussions’ about these subjects takes place, is relegated to obscure blogs and dark corners of the internet where 99% of the general population never venture.

I would contend that the people who claim these ‘race as a biological determinant’ conversations are a dominant discussion in today’s narrative, in any way shape or form, are merely guilty of visiting a limited number of sites or discussion boards, with those that they do visit largely the same

The reality is that it is so little discussed, the knowledge of these factual differences in IQ is fading from the general public’s consciousness.

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the arborist

Yeah, it’s absolutely insidious. If normies aren’t influenced to follow THE MESSAGE by mainstream media, they’re swayed by wives, family and friends who were swayed by the media.
When midwit 50+ year old white men enjoy watching women’s football and think white = bad, brown = good, you know we’re in trouble.


See what I mean is racism is talked about incessantly. Invoice to parliament.

But some of the media people are a different segment of the population. They think differently and ask questions and some are even prepared to ask “offensive” questions like whether race and IQ are correlated or whatever. They still need to be propagandised.

It’s a trade. In exchange for satiating your intellectual curiosity about something, they will trade a few facts to distract you from the more basic and mundane realities. For some, it’s the Invoice to parliament, for others it’s race science.

But where does racism come into whether capital gains taxes should work out the same as income taxes? Or why isn’t land value included in the cost of inflation equation? Is it racist to demand that eastern Australia have affordable natural gas by ensuring local needs are met before export? Would building a submarines locally be essential since you can’t pause a war to pick up spare parts in France/US etc?

Nah – Bower’s tiny house program a chance for women to have a luxury space of their own

Pick a card, any card … somehow we can never pick the winning card though.


I like your vibes of the Orwellian control we suffer on a daily basis. Like other posters, tend to disagree on IQ for reasons Stewie has laid out below.

The problem is overall crime not the racial distribution amongst criminals.”

This for instance is deflective in nature.


Well Jamaica has apparently super high murder rate whereas Senegal has one lower than Australia.

If you had to pick where to spend 3 months and were concerned about safety, would you look at their racial statistics or the criminal statistics.

I mean pick whichever method you like; all I ask is that you bet your life on it. I know which way I’m going.


Well let’s assume it’s true and try to quantify the miscounting/under reporting.

At the moment, the recorded data is a third of Australia’s murder rate.

If the true murder rate is Australia’s rate, then it means that they are only counting 1 out of every 3 bodies at present.

If it’s higher than Australia’s rate, let’s say twice as high, then it means that only 1 out of every 6 bodies.

To get up to Jamaica’s level, they would have to only be counting 1 out of 149 bodies since Senegal’s rate is 0.3 and Jamaica’s is 44.7 / 0.3 = 149. That’s an awful lot of missing bodies and data.

It’s not impossible, but remember, you’re trying to make an educated guess about whether you’re more likely to die in Senegal or Jamaica during your holiday. What would you pick?

The other way to think about it is to take a relatively homogeneous country, ideally an island sitting on its own like Japan and ask how violence has changed over time, if at all.

If the rate has changed, by more than two standards of deviation, then you will either have to point to the specific genetic change or more likely conclude that social policy accounts for far more than genetics. Again, it’s not that genetics _can’t_ explain differences in IQ or criminality or whatever, but rather that there are bigger influences.

Russia might be an example as well since it has had a big change in violence from the 1960s to 1990s to now. I think that’s attributable to the entire system imploding, rather than race.

Let’s consider this: imagine you have to teach some skill like reading, understanding a contract or how to properly use a machine gun.

Suppose we measure the percentages of people who can learn this and we find

Race 1:
5% figure it out by themselves, 60% can be taught the thing, 35% are too dumb and will never learn or figure it out
Race 2:
1% figure it out by themselves, 40% can be taught the thing, 59% are too dumb and will never learn or figure it out.

In this scenario, race 1 is much smarter than race 2 but there is still improvement for both populations by teaching things. And since you yourself are learning about race science by studying the work of others, I think it’s fair to say that everyone needs to share information to get smarter, both individually or socially.

So while I am
a) not bothered by wanting to limit immigration along racial or cultural lines
b) not bothered by discussions of race science

I don’t think it means much. The reason Australia is going backwards (‘peaked in 2000s’) is because we don’t want to do the things that make us successful and prefer to fight about stupid BS. And the parasites like it this way since they prefer their largesse rather than ensuring Australia is a successful nation.

It’s why NATO (1 billion people? lots of money) has just had its ass kicked by Russia (150 million people). Because Russia views its military as an essential function that determines survival, not as some profit industry.

I am in favour of drastically cutting immigration because it functions to expand the debt, juice the FIRE sector and lowers wages but it’s just a tiny sliver of changes needed for actual productivity (results per $) rather than financial productivity (profit per $).


Given Australia’s very high level of racial diversity, does that mean Australia should be in a full on racial war, what I think you’re calling intra-group violence?

Most countries weren’t really countries until recently, in fact the idea of country as understood today in the west comes about from the treaty of westphalia upon conclusion of the papal state. Germany was only unified in 1870 and actually contained a large amount of Slavic people since Poland/Czechoslovakia had been taken off the map, and simultaneously, a lot of Poles were in the Austro-Hungarian empire.

The Russian Empire/USSR and Yugoslavia were unified states for decades/centuries despite different races but violence only broke out when communism fell. Russia got back on its feet and today even though only 80% of Russians identify as “Russian”, they hold together just fine. And they’re in a war, with the same genetic stock that makes up the ruling elite of Russia. It isn’t the Siberian Buryats that are waging war, it’s the Slavic people against themselves. Rome was a multi ethnic empire that worked because citizenship was offered to anyone willing to fight for the empire (offered to men and his kids although not the wife).

Whatever impact genetic variation has, it’s really tiny compared to other things, especially when you recognise that there is a strong correlation between race and culture/politics/ideology/economics.

I still would like to know where you would spend 3 months holiday in if you had to pick between Jamaica and Sengal; your preference of course, so there’s no wrong answer but it would be interesting to see your reasoning.

If I had to look at it another way – if someone said they were fat because of genes, it might be true. There’s probably a good case for Pacific Islanders to be obese but I don’t think it explains the average Australian lard ass who eats all day and does nothing but screeches about being fat shamed because “muh genes”.

Also – how come different races fuck each other? If there’s also this conflict between races, how come the blackies and the whities have mongrel kids?

At the end of the day, all this racial stuff to me is really just like studying moss; something to do if I have nothing better to do. If it floats your boat, good on you but for me, just as engineering, manufacturing and buying a fridge is a better solution than trying to breed humans tolerant to rotten food, most of any society’s problems require reasoning and effort which is not what Australia (or even the West) is actually about any more.


That is nonesense – there are identifiable polygenic identifiers that are broadly unique to certain continents, namely Africa, Europe, South Asia and East Asian which also broadly correlates to the five major racial groupings.

The existence of admixture at the continental fringes does not negate the existence of identifiable phenotypes that are broadly associated with ‘race’.

Traits and behaviours become statistically reliable when observing population groups.

What happens when you have admixture is that you get a predictable linear distribution of those same traits with increasing or decreasing frequency across a sample of individuals with similarly ‘caste’ of admixture.

Sure at the individual level you will get significant variation as you’ve attempted to argue, but at a group level even between different races, over a significant enough sample of an admixture population you will get identifiable traits that are say African vs European in a linear distribution according to the percentage of admixture.

Your earlier example of a 110 Soyboy cutting your hair vs a train hairdresser Kylie at 98 is also nonsense, you are confounding intelligence with training – the two are separate concepts. While they can influence each other they are discrete attributes, one IQ is nature ie genes, the other training is environment.

A more pertinent question is who would you rather have remove your neuroblasts a 150 IQ Neurosurgeon graduate magna cum laude or a 105 IQ Neurosurgeon who got in on diversity and took three times as long to graduate?

That said, you are correct though that in their day to day lives IQ is irrelevant to most people, however for societies and where median IQ resides it is profoundly important – all the difference between the quality of life between the Congo and Paris.

The Congo gained independence at the same time North Korea was being bombed back to the stone age. North Korea’s population were just as uneducated as Africans, and their GDP per capita was less than the Congo which at the time was one of the highest outside of South Africa and the Arab states.

50 years later, despite being the hermit kingdom cut off from global trade and pretty much the rest of the world, North Korea’s GDP per capita is many multiples of the Congo’s, which has in contrast to North Korea received billions in aid.

The median IQ in Korea is around 105 while the median IQ in the Congo is around 75.

At the end of the day IQ while being relatively unimportant to the individual and the Monty Carlo simulations that are our lives, IQ is EVERYTHING to the type of society that we end up residing in.

Last edited 9 months ago by Stewie

My guess is whatever your IQ is, training improved you. I have this feeling that it just might work on other people too. I also say that it, in aggregate, it has a disproportionate effect because you can’t practically raise IQ levels short of some sort of eugenics program, but you can have training programs.

I also have this terrible idea is that you can get along with people if you try. Not always, mind you, but just statistically speaking. I get along with my dumb bogan neighbours no problem because I have this awful idea that they might be human even though they share most of their DNA with chimpanzees and I had to explain what the word “barter” meant to one of them. That’s how thick they are. But I like them anyway.

As to your neurosurgeon question – I’d probably go for whomever had the highest number of successful surgeries to be honest. If the medicos in my family are to be believed, experience trumps booksmarts every single time. Notice, that the problem with your example is that you chose individuals rather than statistical set. You didn’t say “a group of students that had high IQs” or “a group of diversity hires”, you just presented two people. So, I look at their medical history – not their diploma.

Nowhere did I say that we should have diversity hires. That’s a false dichotomy. This is another one of those tireless distractions that is foisted on us to keep us distracted from the fact that we are being robbed every day. Be focused on diversity hires! rather than whether there is enough good quality and affordable doctors around and they have proper equipment. I mean, what good is the high IQ ubermenchschen if the hospital is booked out to next decade coz Dan da Man dun fucked it?

By the way, it’s Monte Carlo simulations; it’s named after the city.


It is important that people broadly understand race and the relative distribution of IQ between the population groups, because it is the best explanation of the differences between median life outcomes of different population groups.

If you deny the existence of hereditary IQ differences between different population groups, then you are denying one of the best explanation of the difference in life outcomes between different population groups.

By deliberately suppressing or ignoring one scientifically valid, repeatedly measurable, and logically explanatory reasons for these differences, than the only remaining reason to explain differences in life out come is bias and prejudice.

This is morally wrong, because it condemns our societies as being racists, prejudicial societies, without allowing us to counter that these differences are reasonably explainable and a factor of nature.

You claim this knowledge would produce a heartless society, the reality is that many studies have been done to show that people are far more willing to pay an effective altruisim tax when they understand that those who will be recieving it are genuinely disadvantaged, rather than victims of prejudice, which quite frankly, in the freest most progressive and liberally tolerant societies to have ever existed, is absurd to even suggest.

The real problem with broad knowledge of the impact of IQ on society isn’t about caring for our own – the problem is that it creates a broad awareness of the problems of importing significant low IQ immigrants, which when you’re scrapping the bottom of the immigration barrel needed to keep the growth ponzi chugging along becomes a bit of a problem.

But fortunately such is the power of agreeableness and the media, not to mention down right stupidity that discussions around IQ are now considered ‘hate facts’ or ‘dangerous’ and so are not discussed. Which is just our our immigrant importing elites want it.

Last edited 9 months ago by Stewie

My position is: I don’t care about the hereditary aspect. It’s about relevant to me as whether there is some unique moss growing in my backyard. I mean, there might be; I haven’t looked, because, who gives a shit? I’m sure genes make a difference in the limit, in the same way that shaving leg hair makes a difference in competitive swimming.

What I point out that civilisation took a massive step up when agriculture was discovered/invented, and again when land reforms and industrialisation kicked off. That wasn’t some genetic mutation. It was thinking and political coordination and hard won rights by all kinds of people. We’re in Australia, so we’ve been deindustrialised and entering neo-feudalism so we can’t quite remember industrialisation and becoming serfs again, but this isn’t a genetic thing either. It’s political because our lords and masters prefer us to be arguing over genes rather than land rights. They like their peasants.

What’s your preference – would you rather wait for a genetic adaptation to allow you to eat rotten food – or get some engineers to build a fridge so your food won’t spoil?

I am in favour of reducing immigration. You don’t need scientific arguments to limit immigration – you just need common sense and to remember that sovereignty in a democracy is supposed to belong to people. This whole need for Very Important Scientist People is just another way of isolating people and excluding them from public debates since the debate will come down to if you’re not a Very Important Scientist Person, how can you have an opinion about the country you live in? If you’re not a Very Important Economist Person, how can you know that your roads are clogged or your trains are full? You must be a racist!

Most issues don’t really come down to the limits of science. Traffic lights don’t depend on an understanding of atomic energy. Land rights don’t depend on understanding soil composition.

It’s all just a scam to frighten people away from the debate. Now if you want to take up the alternative science position and say ‘I Am A Very Important Race Scientist and therefore my opinion is valid’, well go ahead. But it won’t work and it’s missing the important point that they’re trying to rob people of their common voice by excluding anyone that isn’t Important Science Person. You’re getting stuck in the weeds, which is what’s desired from you by your feudal lords.



this has to be one of the most batshit insane things I’ve ever seen on the internet

some lunatic podcast host grilling Anthony weiner about the Hillary Clinton kill list

the whole conspiracy theory space has to be a cia psyop

Agent 47

This was based. Anthony Weiner is a degenerate Jew politician who went to jail for sexting underage girls. His wife and Hillary Clinton are best buds.

Watching him squirm and tell him to delete mentioning the kill list is bslasically him saying “stfu or I’m dead”.




How brown does Melbourne wanna be. You’d be struggling to do a browner shit.



Well done Spanian for making a living despite his obvious brain injury. The scars and surgery on his scalp must be a horrible reminder.

It’s hard watching him trying to string words together when you can see he has very reduced cognitive function.


Spanian seems to have done ok considering that they tried to cancel him after he had a go at the gays and trans communities.

Agent 47

This guy has turned into the most basic grift after starting out as an “against the system” ex-con.


Ezfka units love that shit. See the 10 series of Underbelly. They fancy themselves as underground salt of the earth whilst importing poos hand over fist to occupy their ips.


Good point

Australian white culture has its roots in convict days: crime, booze, ciggies, sportsball are the 4 pillars

what a garbage people

maybe part of why wogs are accepted so well here too

while Africans don’t do organised crime so don’t get that kind of respect


Imagine being a cop and cleaning up this shit


These are immigration laws Fairfax has forced on us for decades. Now Nick MacKenzie gets to be golden boy again for wiping his own bum. Lol.

Agent 47

This has been going on for over a decade. There also are the gypsys from the UK/Ireland that come in and do bitumen and roofing scams on pensioners. Get deported, change their name and come back on to do the same thing.

Sure they’ll report on it but Giles won’t do anything about it.


Jewne 2


Get more hairs per follicle already.

What’s so good about Dune anyway? Is it like Blade Runner? Where omg robots are better than humans? Wow what an epiphany.

Agent 47

Lol he’s about to blow up half his net worth. I wonder if EZFKA Twitters relentless bullying of double bay Jesus had any factor of him losing his shit. Probably more to do with the sun cable grift failing.



The man bun is the biggest offense.


I think it is

They work extremely hard to aggravate the normies, doing things like vandalising artworks, disrupting traffic, tampering with SUVs

Supposedly this will “raise awareness” which will somehow translate into a reduction of climate change

None of this inconveniences their supposed enemy in any way, despite the fact that people who are willing to break the law could surely be more disruptive to fossil fuel corporations.

When Sea Shepherd or Greenpeace wanted to fuck with a group they opposed on the sea, they just got in their boat and did it, they didn’t harass randos until the state makes their dreams come true. That’s bona fide environmental radicalism, that’s what someone would do if they wanted to achieve results.

These people are probably color revolutionists filling in time until the CIA assigns them another Eastern European government to knock over with astroturf crowds

Reminds me of some of the odd George Floyd protests too, like when protesters massed on freeways and occasionally got ran over by cars going 100 mph. Those protests were pretty suss too.

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Double Bay Jesus be the same






I always found it peculiar. Some redneck whites hate rock but love country and western which is basically slow rock.


How come that.

the arborist

Is there some kind of censorship happening on this site? I made a post yesterday that went into moderation and has disappeared.

I see plenty more offensive and stupid comments regularly posted so I assume it’s some kind of auto filtering of banned phrases.

I think the verboten phrase was “dandoo.neffun.tryb” (I used different vowels this time around to try to get it past censorship).

the arborist

Never mind. The comment got through eventually.


Regional Victoria is somehow way more depressing than regional NSW

orange and Bathurst are quite nice


Orange and Bathurst are nice – got some good restaurants around there (how good is the food!) and city dwelling chefs move to the country to down shift gears and retire.


Ditto Mudgee, also Port Macquarie

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A fly in your ointment

Where’s BING! when you need one?

Is there something I can ‘internalise’ from this lament over a”peaceful” death of a rubbish scientist whom worked with statistical data?
(PS we know what statistical data shows. Hint: anything you want them)

Just based on the datagraphic, I am sure the test for Terra Avstralis was like this:

  1. Is buying RE an intelligent and best way to develop wealth?

yes —- IQ97
no —-IQ35
thus average IQ97 (just 3 answers no)

A fly in your ointment

so how does that notion reflect on your favourite pseudo bias-confirmation scientist?

A fly in your ointment

….and yet here we are, you lamenting over a death of a pseudo scientist with legacy in cognitive bias whom would be unknown to mankind if it was not for the size of his cognitive bias and obvious agenda behind it.

A fly in your ointment

You now sound like resident jew hater nazi apologist anglo supremacist: debunking is debunking only if the people of the same bias approve it. There’s ample data to expose these cognitive bias pseudo scientists working with statistical data, you just need to stop blanket dismissing it.

I can agree that another political identity group of fecal matter (leftards) used them as a showcase for their agenda but two wrongs don’t make each other right.

A fly in your ointment

That’s still debunking it as “premature and biased conclusions drawn from inconclusive and insufficient data”.

In science it is acceptable to make a later-to-be-proven-wrong conclusion from data if there are no known ‘unknowns’ at the time of the conclusion. It is unscientific to draw conclusions only from known data where it is well known that other factors exist with unknown effects.
(I don’t expect those with cheaper seats to comprehend this)


You now sound like resident jew hater nazi apologist anglo supremacist:

You should be careful that the chip on your shoulder as a bitter late coming wog immigrant doesn’t lead to such curvature of the spine that you end up spending the rest of your days staring at your own withered genitalia.

I recommend a higher calcium diet than can be found in your poofter pasta eating proclivities and heritage.

A fly in your ointment

is this a threat?
you want to break my spine?

how’d we come to this juncture that you come out of blue and direct a serious threat to make me a cripple?

Last edited 9 months ago by A fly in your ointment

If that is you out take from my comment than all that it does is highlight your tenuous grasp of the English language.

A fly in your ointment

aw man, that’s so pathetic, the grasp of a language. Really? It does not get lower than that.

This particularly when you know that I speak more than just one lingo.
Your favorite leader spoke only Kraut, knew less than “don’s speak” english.
Romans knew sfa of barbarian (for them) and yet they invented aqueducts and sewerage so that Londoners do not sling feces on the street (like poos) several centuries later.
Greek invented geometry without knowing english even existed.
Muslims invented Algebra without knowing a single word of anglosaxon.
Check your reply first and see if it reflects the grasp on your own lingo.

Bottom line is are you threatening to break my spine and make me a cripple, as per your previous post, or not?


Mama Mia!

The only thing more pathetic than not getting an insult is demanding it be explained to you. So let me gleefully explain it to you like some wog immigrant fresh off the boat.

You have a chip on your shoulder about Anglos and the role in this nation i.e a grievance or a grudge that you carry around.

Curvature of the spin is a medical condition like scoliosis or osteoporosis, resulting in you standing less upright and becoming somewhat hunched over.

I am saying the chip on your shoulder is so sever it is leading to such curvature of the spin that you will probably end your days staring at your own withered, malformed and undersized genitalia.

Where it seem you have probably become confused is because I said the phrase “You should be Careful”

Obviously I forgot you are a wog, and issuing veiled cowardly threats is something of a population group trait – you can take the wog out of the mafia, but you can’t take the mafia out of the wog.

Besides why would I threaten you when I can mock you forever?

Rest assured as an Anglo should I ever have cause to issue a threat it would be far more obvious – because I’m not a cowardly wog and we’re more up front about these things.



Yawn – debunk has nothing to do with agreeing with people of the same bias, it simply has to do with the best fit to explain the world around us.

Flat Earthers and blank slatists such as yourself instead believe that in the freest, most liberal societies to have ever existed in the world, where the only real socially ostracizable offense that remains is any display of prejudice, the differences in life outcome are due to structural racisms and unconscious bias, that are impossible to measure or quantify other than by the mere existence of differences in life outcome between different population groups.

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IQ is the most thoroughly researched and replicable phenomena in all of social sciences. If it doesn’t exist than the whole remaining spectrum of social science is less credible that astrology.

The existence of group population differences is as likely as group population differences for every other attribute from height to hair colour…. unless of course you have a religious fixation that causes you to believe evolutionary differences cease to exist from above the neck.

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this is sad rather than funny

but a wonderful example of the climate change mental illness (or covid mental illness, anti vax mental illness, white self loathing mental illness, religiosity etc)

these aren’t bad people
they are just stupid and over emotional
very easily influenced and led

they’re almost a separate breed and I would have thought there is a strong genetic component like iq but there seem to often be stark differences between children and parents (in both directions) so I don’t know


these aren’t bad people

they are just stupid and over emotional

very easily influenced and led

There is a reason why women as a general population group were generally excluded from the social narrative unless exceptionally powerful or exceptionally competent, because those traits you listed are significantly over-represented in them as an identifiable social group.

Check out this chick having a break down over having to work for a living and cursing Feminists who delivered this hell to her:


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Meh – they all deserve a clubbing and being left on the side of the road:



That HAS to be acting. I just want to know where are the women who wanted to look after a man while he stayed home raising the kids while she went to work.

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Most of them have been duped into having a ‘career’.

I doubt it is acting, I’ve seen videos of other chicks occasionally ranting in a similar vein.


I feel sorry for that girl but I think most women like working. Most of them don’t do difficult jobs and get fuggin $70-$100k for it.


Well it is fat and likes making a mess. Only the colour is wrong.

Agent 47

Just some marginalized youths on their 400th community corrections order ripping off pensioners. Lovely and vibrant.



For once I would like to see a progressive sued for blatant defamation.


Would be a great case because then we would have to legally define what “racism” is

when it’s become as meaningless as “nazi” or “fascist”


It would be hard to find flaws in a proposal that doesn’t have any substance to begin with

An organisation will exist and the organisation will be allowed to say things


The shakedown has begun.

Id love to see how much these morons commenting have paid? Lead by example and all that.


A fly in your ointment

I reckon its good to do it in this particular way: deferral for ppor and 1 investment but then full on and progressive increase with number of properties and adjusted for market value.
multi property owners are indeed leaching of the land do it seems just for them to pay. 3guboff should reach 50% of value indigenous rent fee


This whole “pay the rent” rubbish is just part of a never ending grift and demand for handouts.

There was a good parallel in the news yesterday. Mining royalties in the NT are about to end, and while one clan has managed to setup a few businesses even they struggle to convince their own people to come to work.


The Gumatj sawmill continues to prosper.Its stringybark timber lines some of the Northern Territory’s prestige builds, from Darwin’s botanic gardens visitors centre to shade structures and a car park outside parliament house.

However, on the day the ABC visits, just one Yolŋu worker has turned up for the day’s labour. The other employees are out bush for bäpurru (Yolŋu funeral ceremonies). Long-time employee Jeffrey Dhurrkay says he’s constantly trying to convince family to go to work.

Imagine having 100s of millions in royalty payments and having to beg for more support.

“We’ve got a couple of generations of families now that have lived off royalties, or relied on royalties or been accepting of royalties, which means they haven’t needed to skill themselves for employment, or employment opportunities,” Doyle says.

“Those families are seeing the need for that training to occur now, and are asking of us to be able to support them, so we’re here to try and do that, we’re here to respond to the region.”



Lucy Turnbull commiserates with voice supporters and asks them if they should abandon the referendum


They’re doomed, they are now trapped in a vicious cycle

The worse the polling gets, the more they will accuse doubters of racism, which will make the polling worse still

The only thing they had on their side was the feeling of historical inevitability, without that they’re just gonna chuck a tanty


I thought the point of this thread was that to establish that it’s okay to vote no because of racism.

I mean if you’re racist against abos, you’re not going to vote yes, are you?

In any case, personally, I was amazed that the emptiness of the uluru statement from the heart. I’d expected something akin to the American declaration of independence; flowery words but some substantive gripes. Instead, I got some waffle by someone who ate too much four month old clag at school. What a let down.


As disappointing as that is, I’m sort of proud that EZFKA finds new ways to lower the standards. Not simply in the authors and committees that approved it, but the politicians who stood up and spoke proudly of it. Even the grifters are in decline.


>#TheGap between them and us keeps getting bigger.
Gee I wonder why. Even a house in bumfuck is $700k. These people are so wilfully fucked in the head. Just plain scum.


I love it when a ultra rich cow clutches her pearls alongside the retards of the Left like this.

It’s like a Teal Grandma, lives happily in luxury off her family of ultra rich capitalists and keeps telling the peasants what to do and think. Teals #101.

Wonder how her little boy is going since he didn’t get paid his $12m and was labelled unreliable and had a willingness to lie” by a judge ?


Shouldn’t he get done for purjury then or is that only for political enemies


I loved catching the worlds most expensive Ferry to Kangaroo Island (it was $300 about 15 years ago and monopoly) when she was Chairwoman of Sealink Ferries…


At the referendum the proposed alteration (‘Yes’) must be approved by a ‘double majority’. That is:

  • a national majority of all formal votes cast
  • a majority of formal votes cast in a majority of the states (i.e. at least four out of six states

I heard Tassie and QLD were likely majority vote No.


Did Timbo coin that phrase when he wrote his article or was it already circulating?

Amazing reach for EZFKA if he did.


Yeah, I’ve just done a bit of searching across various search engines using (“invoice to Parliament” “Voice”) and tend to agree.

Well done Timbo!!


I think it is a function of their certainty – their certainty in themselves, their certainty in their institutions, their certainty in their media.

They are a generation that has been the sole focal point of society – theirs was ground zero for the “Cultural Revolution” and the commencement of the culture war that has turned our relatively homogenous societies that largely worked for their members, into fake, gay, feminine, tax farming free for all’s that they are today.

For the Boomer they need go no more further than the msm to gain their assurances that they are correct – especially since the media is really a reflection of their own programmed values. As they’ve also been the main financial beneficiaries of selling society out, their individual success has only increased their sense of certainty that their views, reflected back to them by the msm are correct.

I think subsequent generations, X and Y’s are far more skeptical and less certain in all those institutes, but often are beset by other inadequacies and failings.


Yeah all the boomers I know are mostly very NPC

they grew up in an era without internet

they have an immense respect for and trust in authority and government

they saw the moon landing and believed it to be real

they have known nothing but success and good times and believe that all to be the result of their hard work and intelligence

so it’s understandable why they are completely uncritical and self-assured


really resonates because my parents are boomers

Growing up I used to think they were really smart

but now they just cannot cope or form their own ideas

all their information and opinions come from abc and the guardian

I thought the woke nonsense trannies etc would shake them out of it but it didn’t

they become quite enraged when I try to engage

eg my father called anti lockdowners right wing
and I said right wing in what sense
he said “fascist”
I said what is fascism
“Corporate authoritarianism”
I said aren’t anti lockdowners the opposite of that

he became enraged at that point because of the cognitive dissonance

try to discuss the voice with him and he gets tripped up (“isn’t this literally racism?”)
and his argument eventually just devolves to “Dutton is against it so I’m for it “

this is a guy with a phd speaks multiple languages lived in multiple countries extensive knowledge of history

not sure if getting old just slows you down too much that you can’t keep up with or form new ideas
or whether it’s a specific boomer thing though

maybe the same will happen to us in 30 years

they are stuck fighting a culture war that flipped 20 years ago but need to see themselves as the good guys still


Wow! If we all become our parents you have quite the flippening ahead of you!

Soylent Gree

What is your take on The Fourth TirningStewie?



Lol glad my mum is a cookie cutter 2gb/channel 9/news corp type.


When I realised that people can’t handle a reasoned, or even just numerical argument about immigration, I decided to say I’m for lower immigration because I’m racist.

It breaks the script because I skip the argument that can’t be thought about and go straight to their accusation, but on the other hand I violated the taboo. Watching the gears grind against each other is the pay off.

Except for my racist immigrant friends that is.


I used to. I’ve muted every single one of them. Or got blocked. Carlton is still a jabby and I gave him some shit for it.

My Twitter feed is very small. The smartest and best balanced people are traders. I guess the market forces you to be like that.

Certainly not shills like Rich Dad Poor Dad guy.

For instance I follow this guy, he calls out what he calls cumlordz, ie that Brit faggot that shilled Bitcoin. Raul Pal.




so im guessing these geniuses all predicted that asset prices would stay near all time highs with rates at 5%?


They don’t comment on propadee.



pe multiples ?


Overall macro but I’m not paying much attention atm because fuck all is happening.


Critical thinking requires work. Why do that work if you have little stake in the future (few or no children)?




Just waiting for some tank battalions to drive home to Kiev… make their feelings known


More reasons to retain gun rights.




Babe wake up

new race science just dropped


Honesty linked to intelligence and race

the arborist

Anyone care to post this on twatter? This is the sort of thing that people need to debate publicly instead of in quiet, dark corners of the interwebs.


Saw this on Twitter and thought it was topical given our conversations on IQ and sexual selection


were roasties responsible for the fall of the Roman Empire and are they doing it again right now

Government needs to introduce breeding incentives for high IQ individuals, but they are literally doing the opposite (encouraging poor/stupid people to breed)

also the minimum wage needs to be dropped and remove all dole/dsp/parenting allowances so that the M in LMS becomes more powerful

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Vive La France says Mohammed


Abs tried to do that. Women of calibre. Pretty much no one supported it because theres nothing ezfka units hate more than someone getting hard won skill, actually earning their money and making ezfkas look like the dross and mediocre oafs they are.

Anyway, it’s all relative. The west might be dodgy but its still not as dodgy as all the other countries. Probably not by a long shot.


Opposing the government on most issues but then asking for it to introduce invasive eugenics policies

God you are dumb

How tf does someone look at this society and how it’s declining and think yeah some Canberra bureaucrats should decide who should breed

To be fair though Stewie thinks the Nazis had good intentions and selflessly sacrificed themselves to save Slavs so I guess some people just need a daddy

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Abolishing minimum wages and transfer payments for povos is literally the opposite of government interference

are you too stupid to understand that ?


Ctrl+F, weird can’t find those words in my post maybe you’re just a fuckin idiot

No way you’re getting a breeding loicense

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If you are going to claim that Coming has miss-interpreted your words, maybe you should avoid making them up yourself?

To be fair though Stewie thinks the Nazis had good intentions and selflessly sacrificed themselves to save Slavs so I guess some people just need a daddy

Without wanting to revisit that entire conversation that triggered you like a CNN reported at a Trump rally, this was the basis of my original assertion:

1. The fear of Bolshevik massacares in the East gave reactionary support to the rise of Nazis;

2. The inner Core of the Russian Bolshivik revolution was mainly Jewish (it was);

3. They sent millions of Slavs to their deaths in order to defend their ideology (they did);

4. In a way it could be viewed as less “fighting for freedom” and more to preserve a hostile elite driven ideology while more or less genociding a demographic over which they ruled but who they couldn’t care less for.


All of those comments were made in the context of highlighting similarities between the German/Russian conflict in WW2 and the current conflict between Ukraine and Russia.

The observation being on the similarities in the leadership of Russian in WW2 and Ukraine in the present, senselessly sending men into a meat grinder where the primary goal was defending their own regime rather than the interest of the people and society over which they ruled.

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The Germans weren’t exterminating the Slavs either once they conquered them, the only people who were threatened by the German invasion were the hostile elites who despised ethnic Russians


You did so much dodging and weaving in that conversation that it’s actually hard to understand why it is that you thought Germany invaded the USSR. Surely one of the largest investments of men and materiel in history, but who really knows why it happened?

Eventually you say that it was in pursuit of resources.

Well, I don’t exactly know how one obtains the resources of a country that is already highly populated, via conquest, without being a threat to the people living in that country. There are no nations on the face of this earth which I know of that simply give away their resources as well as their sovereignty.

I suppose the Russians could have just surrendered and hoped the Germans would be nice to them despite the Nazis’ well-publicised hatred of Slavs.

Look how many times you called me triggered just because your Nazi apologia makes me angry. I think it’s something good that the world isn’t yet so cynical that writing apologia for a regime that killed tens of millions of people for no good reason isn’t received with a bored response.


The Germans weren’t exterminating the Slavs either once they conquered them, the only people who were threatened by the German invasion were the hostile elites who despised ethnic Russians

I standby that statement.

Surely one of the largest investments of men and materiel in history, but who really knows why it happened?

There were a multitude of reasons, fear of #1 above, but mainly because whoever controls the Hungarian plans pretty much dominates Europe, which is why the US is pouring billions into Ukraine to stymie Russia.

If you want to think the Nazis were uniquely evil then go for it.

The msm have spoon fed you that narrative for the past 30 years, since they settled on the magical 6 million figure back in the 1980s…. apparently only Jewish scholars connected to Mossad are able to revise death counts.

Look how many times you called me triggered just because your Nazi apologia makes me angry.

The Nazis were no worse than Franco in Spain.

Now go seethe some more IDGAF.

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I standby that statement.

That’s surprising because you spend the rest of the conversation mostly walking it back. I didn’t see most of these posts at the time but they’re pretty ridiculous.

You go from “Nazis did nothing wrong” to “Nazis were a little bit worse than the Allies” to “Nazis weren’t any worse than Stalin, Mao or Pol Pot”.

Ya know, because Stalin, Mao and especially Pol Pot are viewed so positively.

There were a multitude of reasons, fear of #1 above, uniting German into one nation, and resources and strategic access

If Israel attacked Gaza, for instance, for these reasons, and said the invasion was needed to remove the leadership of Hamas, would you say that Palestinians aren’t threatened by Israelis even whilst Israel bombs the shit out of them?

Only someone who is deeply sympathetic with an aggressor regime could possibly think that they could invade another country for these reasons and not be culpable for the resultant deaths.

If you want to think the Nazis were uniquely evil then go for it.

Pol Pot was probably just as bad. But I’ve never met a Pol Pot apologist.

The Nazis were no worse than Franco in Spain.

What’s with all the random political figures you grab out of your hat to provide favourable comparisons to the Nazis?

Other than both being right-wing wartime leaders, what comparison can even be drawn between Franco and the Nazis? Not much of one in terms of body count. I’m sure Franco had brutal detention camps too, but even the version of the Holocaust that you accept would have resulted in many more deaths than Franco ever managed.


Blah, blah, blah… honestly dued I couldn’t give a fuck.

I’m not apologising for them, my whole interest is understanding what actually happened, because I simply don’t believe the main stream narrative.

It doesn’t make sense to me in the same way COVID didn’t make sense, or Saddam’s WMD’s didn’t make sense, or any other number of ‘facts’ and narratives that we’re meant to believe if we are to be considered good citizens – That’s all.

Unlike you I can’t get myself worked up over what I perceive to be a manufactured Boogie man. I see the deaths as a consequence of War and economic collapse, not some special evil.

Virtually everyone in the war is now dead. Do you get angry over all the people who Napoleon killed?

Do you froth at the mouth when people say he was the Greatest General of all time? “But, But, But… all the deaths he was responsible for, stop being a Bonapartian apologist!!

Anyhow as I mentioned, I had no interest revisiting this conversation, a beige thinker like yourself isn’t going to change my mind. I was simply motivated to correct you from misquoting me.

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You very obviously do give a fuck and deeply sympathise, I don’t know why you’re denying it. This is like if the ointment man said he doesn’t give a fuck about vaccines, he’s just awake to media manipulation, or anyone else here with one of their pet issues.

I see the deaths as a consequence of War and economic collapse, not some special evil.

But the thing is that you are a deeper thinker than this. Wars don’t just happen. Every war has a cause. A lot of people really, really hate Russia for invading Ukraine and I can’t say that’s totally unfair. Despite my sympathy for Russia’s position, any time a leader decides to launch a war, they are going to visit huge destruction on another population and they cannot pass the blame just because they might have an argument or two.

I guess you find the Nazis’ crusade against Bolshevik Jews so persuasive that the consequences are excusable? Because what person who isn’t a total lunatic would think what the Nazis did is justifiable for “uniting Germany”.

Anyhow as I mentioned, I had no interest revisiting this conversation, a beige thinker like yourself isn’t going to change my mind. I was simply motivated to correct you from misquoting me.

While some people here are impressed with any sort of non-mainstream view however retarded, I’d rather think for myself even if by so doing, I end up at a position held by most people.


Dued – I don’t believe the mainstream ww2 narrative.

I don’t believe the Holocaust was anything more than a deportation program. I don’t believe the Russian prisoners who died were any more than simply a result of logistical failure and the overwhelming numbers captured.

That’s it – that is the limit of my Nazi apologisim.


That’s it – once you don’t believe, then all the special evil drops out and you simply have two sides slugging it out for their own ideology and advancement.

I can’t get particularly worked up over the Jews, because I don’t believe more than a couple hundred thousand died, and those that died did so through Typhoid or as a consequence of starvation when the entire Nazi regime collapsed.

To me their deaths are no more special or evil than any other deaths in any other war, for example the Boers who died in the British Concentration camps during the Boer War.

Feel free to continue to rant and seethe – the Nazis had great uniforms too.

A fly in your ointment

i think hitler will probably be a revised historical figure in future generations, it is already being seen now

No doubt about that.

The whole miulticulturalism shyte is not because they want everyone to copulate into one skin colour low IQ breed but to fertilize, water and see germination of the seed of ultra mega giga left wing and rise of the next gen of nazism and ‘unavoidable’ depopulation. Hence the rise of apologists

but fluck, you seem to be so confused about history that it must hurt all of Dubbo. What Hannibal ‘the roman hitler’ you talk of, Hannibal Lecter? (because the real life Hannibal did not target civilians per se but rather fought wars with other armies)

A fly in your ointment

this how:
“hannibal was a despised figure in rome and absolutely terrified the shit out of them just like the h-man spooked the fk out of western liberals and their jewish masters”

Hannibal was a ruthless warrior, much like his roman peers and more or less all of the other names you mentioned earlier. The fact that romans were terrified of him was because he was winning against them like no one before, or after.
It is stupid to compare someone poised to exterminate every member of several nations/ethnicities even after the cessation of war activities vs. someone who’s atrocities were on par with established customs of war at the time.

and that “fear” from H-man in the liberal world… not quite the fear, not even after he attacked their wealth (colonies etc). Besides, the atrocities he made to the west of his “European union” are a walk in the park in comparison to the east and south east. Apart from much advertised lament over extermination of choos, to a common westerner the perception of H’s atrocities is on par with the movie The Great Escape… lack of hot shower and bunk beds for officer prisoners.


i saw drew pavlou sooking

fuck I can’t stand that tryhard
albo should offer the ccp to extradite him for a show trial and indefinite imprisonment or execution like assange

I wondered if he gets paid by the CIA
I doubt it though because he just seems like a fucking loser
Check out this photo of him with his mates


I reckon every single one is a virgin

but drew has yellow fever for sure may have got a chinese hooker


That’s it – once you don’t believe, then all the special evil drops out and you simply have two sides slugging it out for their own ideology and advancement.

Is this how you see every war, or just WW2? That it’s impossible to assign blame for the consequences of war in general and it’s just “two sides slugging it out”?

Because that must be a very unique perspective.

Nobody will call you a “beige thinker” for thinking that all the deaths resulting from every war in history cannot be blamed on anyone.

I don’t think that you believe that though, because you’re quite scathing about the British treatment of the Boers whereas British Empire apologists would just say it’s a part of war to stick civilians into detention camps.

Likewise you, our Nazi apologist.

Feel free to continue to rant and seethe – the Nazis had great uniforms too.

Feel free to keep dropping your apologia breadcrumbs and then immediately retreating by claiming you don’t actually care.

I’m sure you will.


Zzzz…. Oh sorry you said something?

Let me say this The British were cunts for letting Boers die in their camps, the Germans were cunts for letting Jews die in theirs.

The difference is the British won and never had to face any consequences for their actions and as victors got to write the history, which largely wrote their culpability out of their story for the better part of a hundred years. The Germans didn’t.

Call that apologist if you will, but it is a simple observation of fact.

History is written by the Victors.

Now please let me go back to sleep.


It’s funny seeing you portray yourself as my victim for talking to you while millions of people who died as a result of Hitler’s decision to invade are just the blameless consequences of war or whatever the fuck

If it’s such a struggle to defend your views (which you also don’t care about) then maybe reconsider them.


Perhaps… or it might just be that I treat both outcomes of the British and German camps as equivalent, and what you are perceiving bias in my dismissal of both of them due to your relatively higher emotional response from training and conditioning over one event vs the other?


I don’t really know how you can even compare the Boer War with Germany’s actions in WW2

Might as well compare Operation Barbarossa with the Columbine massacre or something, the scales of dead are so vastly different

British imperialism is disgusting but it doesn’t excuse or reduce the impact of Germany’s actions in any way.

I suppose you just don’t want to grapple with the scale of horror that Germany created, that’s why you keep grasping for comparisons with lesser evils like the British in South Africa or Franco

You’re more than capable of comprehending the vast and infinite evil of the Jews however

Can’t be bias, though, bias only comes from the mainstream media. If someone believes some fringe bullshit that just makes them a non-beige thinker


I suppose you just don’t want to grapple with the scale of horror that Germany created, that’s why you keep grasping for comparisons with lesser evils like the British in South Africa or Franco

Yes war is horror – but there was imho no special evil attributable to Hitler that couldn’t be levied at the foot of any other side that has lost a major war, other than WW2 was bigger than all the other wars – so under your definition of evil that makes him the worst.

His greatest imho crime was trying to deport the Juicies from Europe, a crime for which they will never let anyone forget and do their best to ensure that he is inflated into a demon beyond all wildest imaginations.

You’re more than capable of comprehending the vast and infinite evil of the Jews however

Nope – I’ve merely explained why I don’t like Juice culture and why I disagree with the over representative influence it has on ours, and the toxic outcomes it produces.

If you are Jewish and want to spread your values go live in Israel. If you are Muslim and want to spread your values go live in a Muslim nation.

If you are Jewish and Muslim and want to quietly assimilate into a Christian nation with the understanding that your descendants will be an unrepresented minority or eventually become Christian, than I’m okay with that.

Anyhow, not sure why you wanted to revisit this conversation – I explained my position previously and you and your khaki trousers aren’t going to change my mind…. if you wish to continue arguing may I suggest you return your attentions to Coming – he has boundless energy to deal with you rants, me I just find them boring as you keep circling back to telling me about your feelings.


Yes war is horror – but there was imho no special evil attributable to Hitler that couldn’t be levied at the foot of any other side that has lost a major war,

We musn’t even blame him for actually starting the war apparently.

Gaddafi lost a major war, I guess we can say he was as bad as Hitler then.


That’s it – that is the limit of my Nazi apologisim.


That’s it – once you don’t believe, then all the special evil drops out and you simply have two sides slugging it out for their own ideology and advancement.

yeah, once you’ve got your own special alternative facts, which don’t include anything morally objectionable, then all the special evil drops out.

it’s a nifty trick!

perhaps it’s better still to just deny that there should be any moral considerations to take into account at all and we should just look to see who is best adapted at slugging it out and getting his way?


yeah, once you’ve got your own special alternative facts, which don’t include anything morally objectionable, then all the special evil drops out.

Did they Nazi’s make Jews into soap?

For several decades after the Holocaust this assertion was accepted as fact, plenty of ‘survivors’ attested to it.

How about lampshades? These were facts too for a while.

“Facts” have a curious habit of changing – especially when they rely on personal testimonies… speaking of which why didn’t Churchill, DeGaulle or Eisenhower, as politicians, ever comment on the gas chambers?

My facts are to point to things like the fuel shortages, the Haavara agreement, and many other logical inconsistencies with the official narrative.

I’m just skeptical and after seeing and observing the mass psychoses imparted by the media for everything from COVID to Saddam’s WMD I have come to believe that much of history is simply the first narrative run through the media, after which it coalesces into being the ‘truth’.

Anyhow, this entire sad conversation is one I would rather not have had – I prefer to leave sleeping dogs lie. Yet for some reasons No.1’s sado machoistic streak in arguing with Coming had him spouting out right lies as to what I’d previously said, which imho deserved a response that brings back to where we are now.


I never got laid writing an essay so I’ll double down on it when I’m 35. NoFx.


You can scroll back up on this page for dating advice

No matter how cool your posts here are, it won’t help you get laid


Your father in law will care more about your internet essays rather than your gut fat levels. Not. Butthole Surfers.

A fly in your ointment

er, i beg to differ.
It works for me each time i rub the spike proteins into onComing face.
Working my arse off to pay for other home expenses and wining and dining helps


The modern anglo woman doesn’t care about Cole Joye or if you’ve got an propadee on the goldeee. They care if you’re the alpha male on ezfka.com


I think you just have limited capacity in reading comprehension

there’s a couple of steps required


Interesting article – looks like diversity wasn’t that great for Rome in the long run either.



More than 7,000 arrests have been made, and 14,000 charges filed, in a Queensland police operation targeting young offenders. 

“young offenders”

the arborist

I wonder who these criminal masterminds are. ‘Youths’ perhaps? Or maybe it was ‘teens’.



dailymiga doesn’t like my ad blocker so i have to go to brave


Cool. Nothing is worse for propadee prices than ruffians in the neighbourhood.

Aussie Soy Boy

Anyone know the average IQ of an abo? It would surely be lower than a sub saharan no?

Shy Ted

In remote areas where alcoholism, petrol sniffing and so on has gone on for decades many people have IQs you can’t measure, such is the brain damage. How do you measure the IQ of people before 1770 with no education? Historical records estimated it at 65.


many people have IQs you can’t measure, such is the brain damage. How do you measure the IQ of people before 1770 with no education? Historical records estimated it at 65.

This is an interesting point – we do need to keep in mind that almost any measurement/rating/scale is only apt to measure something within a certain set of parameters of constraints.

IQ is obviously calibrated to and premised on healthy and intact individuals living in some semblance of modern western society. It then measures the degree to which one approaches (or exceeds) the average levels of certain modes of reasoning of such an individual.

where you are dealing with individuals not raised in modern western society (eg 1770s) or individuals who are damaged (such as brain damage), it seems that you’ll get scores outside the fat bit of the distribution

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