Western Australia withdraws bid to host Commonwealth Games after an Aboriginal Corporation demands $3 trillion

WA Premier Roger Cook has withdrawn a bid to host the Commonwealth Games following Victoria’s withdrawal, after an Aboriginal Corporation demanded at least $3 trillion to host the games.

After Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews announced the state was withdrawing and could no longer afford the games, WA launched a bid for all of five minutes before the WA Premier received a call demanding at least $3 trillion in payments to the newly formed “Nyoongar Gibmeadollarkunt Aboriginal Corporation.”

“WA will no longer host the games as the fee required to pay the Aboriginals under the Heritage Act makes it no longer viable,” Cook said.

“We ran the maths further and events like the long jump and shot put were in serious doubt. Every time a hole more than 50cms would be left by the competitors, we would be charged at least $160 for some bureaucrat to come out and measure it and then charged further if it was 51cms or more.”

Cook also confirmed that Twiggy Forrest was approached for a Comm Games bailout, but stated the mining magnate couldn’t give him a cent due to being about to lose half his shit to his wife in the divorce for boning a Chinese FMG interpreter.

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has anyone ever given a shit about the commonwealth games ever

its literally a z tier olympics with the actual good countries removed and only australia caring so they win all the medals and can feel like theyre top shit

its like a second competition for all the retarded kids at school

would 100% rather watch the paralympics bc those people actually have some amazing talent sometimes tbh

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Would rather just watch porn than any of those options tbh

what kind of interest is there in watching spastics and women make idiots of themselves doing things that nature never intended them for



here’s an example of why women and professional sports do not mix, and are an affront to god and nature

imagine a male athlete behaving like this
you just can’t

A fly in your ointment

olym-transfender-gender-bender-pics is probably the only thing more boring than that and less gay than footie

Gruppenführer Mark

Mate, all Olympics, Paralympics, etc. have been politicized. FFS, they even banned Russia and Belarus from Paralympics because Putin bad.

After China takes Taiwan because of the constant white-anting by the USA, they too would be excluded from the elite world competitions.

Global South with some sane westerners can make their own games, while the “golden billion” can compete in transgender sports. Probably will call it World Olympics, because they represent the progressive world, you know, run based on international-based order!

Fucking joke.


PRGuy had gone dead silent on Twitter

Reus's Large MEMBER

“Dead” … he sounds vaccinated ….




I would imagine desperately trying to conceive a way to paint this is a Dan Andrews masterstroke 4D chess


tbh good on dan for cancelling it

should never have signed up in the first place but


But he did. He should never have signed up, but he DID.

It’s a boring, pointless waste of fucking time, but his government expressed interest in 2018, his government committed to it in 2020.


i know, was really stupid, he deserves to be called out on the fact that he signed up tho, not that he cancelled it


He signed up to it and also said it won’t cost taxpayers. But how could a C grade event cost $7B?


The fuckwit announced it to buy votes, looking to bask in that glow. He’s now weaseling out of it.

What he does, is he delays the answers, blames everyone else and drives the narrative around his huge ego.

When it has all died down and the morons in the media have moved on, he then leaks the bad news when it has no impact.

He has accelerated the destruction of Victoria, and with it EZFKA, on every level and on every measure.

I probably need to study the downfall of a Weimar etc to see what’s going to happen now.


World’s greatest gaslighter.

Now he has muppets agreeing with him, saying he’s saved Billions $.



lol even british MPs now are saying since the taliban got back in theyve fixed a lot of shit w afghanistna


u.s govt organs whining about how theyve destroyed the poppy fields there and have replaced them with wheat

but oh no they shut down the roastie salons

the horror

Agent 47

We clearly need to send more middle and working class men and women to get blown up for buttsex and trans surgeries.

A fly in your ointment

poppy fields was the only reason septic tanks went there, like before in Colombia. Except they managed to rein control in later and demand for heroin must’ve dipped.


I’m sure it has nothing to do with Afghanistan being right next to China, specifically the Xianiang/Uyger muslims in China that we are apparently very concerned about.


I wonder what would happen if someone just left Afghanistan alone for 100 years or so.

We should change the referendum to be a Voice for Afghanistan …

Gruppenführer Mark

Ukraine passed the law allowing marijuana for medical use. The locals are concerned that it will overtake wheat because it is a more profitable crop, like, much more.


Beats opium poppy, so the CIA will remain happy, just in a different line f agriculture. BlackRock wins again!

But Russia cancelled the agricultural deal for Ukrainian wheat, so the world will starve now. Putin bad! Never mind that there will be no more wheat grown in Ukraine because weed, nor that Russia’s interests were not met.

Taliban is replacing poppies with wheat. Taliban bad, poor people would go broke growing an actual food that is in short(er) supply.

Putin announced that he will continue sending Russian wheat to poor countries free of charge to offset all of 2.6% of Ukrainian wheat that made it to those countries – crickets, probably haven’t thought of a way to spin it.

Most of Ukrainian wheat went to EU to feed pigs in Spain and make flour in Turkey that was in turn then sold back to Ukraine. Crickets.

And I saw some reports about why China was the top individual country to receive Ukrainian grain – apparently, Ukraine took out a large loan in 2013 to supply wheat, and did not fulfill their part of the bargain – sounds familiar, no? So now they are forced by some world court to supply China for free.

You can’t make this shit up, and all in the last couple of weeks.


how can you grow weed in that part of the world, didnt think the climate would work for it

Gruppenführer Mark

Best topsoil and abundance of water and sunshine during the growing season. Unless, of course, they lose those territories


The articles here say satire but sadly it’s all close to the bone

Agent 47

So Twiggy got caught boning one of FMG Chinese interpreters. Be uber hilarious if she turned out to be a CCP asset.



imagine if they had children together how fucked their eyes would be


So that’s the only one?

Spent his whole career travelling the world, the richest man in Australia faithful to his wife until he boned just the one roastie.

Who cares tbh

The fact that he boned a Chinese spy makes it only vaguely interesting.


imagine being a billionaire and blowing up half your wealth on some ugly chinawoman
there are several hundred million more exactly the same that can be yours for $250/hr

The new richest man in australia has done a bit better for himself


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These light skinned Arabs are assimilating pretty well

A fly in your ointment

only $,00?

the only restriction to this payout is the supply of rhe ink, if they want it in cash, otherwise it is as easy as click now a mouse.

this Austin Powers clip suits this moment perfectly:


Victoria should never have bid for the games in the first place. The state never had the money even if was going to cost $2B.


one argument i never got re: the voice conservatives try to use against it is the whole ‘balkanisation’ one, like the voice is going to racially divide australia. do these retards really think white ppl and abos were standing around holding hands singing koombayah with each other prior to the voice and when albo came along and set them against each other? abos have hated the whites in dubbo for as long as ive been here


Aussie politicians need to look ahead towards the desires of the emerging Indian majority

Would they want to concede their demographic powers to The Voice? No they would not


wouldnt it be seriously something if the voice got in and advised a lower migration rate bc they concluded high immigration disproportionately negatively impacts abos. just wow. would blow everyones brain off

it’d be like the matrix glitching and they’d have to freeze the universe simulation to fix the bug in the programming code

Last edited 11 months ago by stagmal

No problem, in that scenario it’ll turn out that the government always had the power to abolish the Voice any time it wanted

Anyway, let us all start campaigning for a Voice for Hindus, a Voice for Sikhs, a Voice for Jains

Last edited 11 months ago by No1

well they do say they can ignore advise any time they want but just lol


Ah, so it’s just like an election then


we call it democracy around these parts


Hate isn’t the problem. Plenty of people hate each other and can sort of come to accommodation occasionally. I mean, I could watch some people I work with go through a combine harvester but I still work with them. Who knows, perhaps abos and whites in Dubbo will get along better in the future. But when you weld politics, money and race together the problems multiply and divisions become more entrenched.

For example, water rights bills are already mired in a variety of politics around big business, independent farmers, environmental issues, corruption etc. That’s already difficult to pick apart to balance the interests, and might take months of negotiating to come up with a fair compromise. Now along comes the Invoice to Parliament that can torpedo things at the last moment by saying it’s racist. That now means it is Officially Cultural Genocide regardless of the legal powers, especially by blue haired people that don’t know anything except that racism is evil and is the only problem in the world to be solved. At the minimum, it adds in another layer of dirty politics and money behind the scenes to influence the invoice to parliament. At worst, it starts making sense to start organising some of the ole ultra violence to simplify the politics/money making.

In addition, the Greens/ALP have a vested interest in telling the voice to label everything as racist because they don’t have any influence in rural areas and can use it to wedge the Coalition on everything. So another rural vs city problem.

Side note:
I wonder what the hypothetical voice’s view would be on sending weapons to Ukraine. Would the rainbow people finally get to get some of their own “genocide” in?

Gruppenführer Mark

No, but it will give them an excuse to bomb Serbia Sydney to declare Kosovo Dubbo independence. And funnel all sorts of support to it.


If we are going to still have Olympics and Commonwealth Games, we are better off having the Olympics in Athens and the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham or some place like that. When I lived in Brisbane, I remember driving past the stadium for the commonwealth games and seeing how much of a waste of space it was.


agree it should just be in one country over and over again but point is that reduces the potential for official grifting

if you are a seriously amoral kunt IOC executive is probably the absolute dream tier gig, hookers blow and booze on tap

yeah so anyone know where i can drop my resume in

Last edited 11 months ago by stagmal

No worries


Your ABCs fact checking the voice pamphlet

So they basically cherry picked 4 arguments on the no side and proved them false

But cherry picked 4 arguments on the yes side and proved them correct

All at your expense!



tbh a lot of the no arguments are in fact lame

they’re extremely reactionary or hyperbole

itll racially divide us (we already are fuckos)

itll lead to special treatment (abos already get special treatment what will the voice change?)

the voice at the end of the day is retarded but its just going to be another grift for abos, itll increase the scale of their grift but somehow defeating the voice isnt going to end the grift, nor is it going to stop it from expanding in the future under future legislative arrangements

only way to defeat all of this nonsense is go straight to the root and say no the reason abos have not sociologically converged with non-abos (read: white people) is bc of heritable genetic differences which cannot be changed with social policies or government spending, otherwise you are stuck in an infinite loop of recursion with the same arguments over and over again

michael levin made this point in why race matters one of the most important/seminal works on subjects like this ever made


There’s nothing that the Yes side purports to be a reason that can’t (or isn’t) being dealt with at the Act and Reg level.

I’m fundamentally against anything at Aust Constitution level that singles any part of the population out for any reason.


Yes it’s just formalising what already occurs

But do you really want that formalisation

It will be entrench the current issues forever and as you say ensure the swindle goes on forever


it will absolutely become a hotbed of corruption that wont be legally removable

but ultimately will that be a strategic failure for us?

if anything it could be a benefit

i’d still vote no but i can see the possible advantages of it winning tbh


“Fact-checker” is just a modern euphemism for “propagandist”. They’re not interested in facts, they’re interested in spouting whatever malignant bullshit serves the interests of their paymasters.


So these days racism is the worst possible thing. If you define racism as wanting to be with people like yourself, and exclude things like slavery and genocide, what is actually wrong with being a racist?


nothing, as long as you’re not white

the arborist

I think the ‘Invoice to Parliament’ meme is catching on. I’ve seen it used a couple of times outside of this sheltered workshop.

Also, Victoria should be renamed Cucktoria.



more powerful wisdom from economists, who should be considered less credible than astrologers and gypsy crystal ball readers at this point


People are waking up, but it’s slow.


A majority of voters believe Australia’s migrant intake is too high amid a debate about how best to manage the country’s population growth while balancing business demands for skilled workers with community concerns about housing supply shortages.

Only 3 per cent of voters regarded the nation’s overseas migration numbers as being “too low”, while 59 per cent said they were “too high” and 25 per cent believed they were “about right” when asked about federal government projections the intake would surge to a record high of 400,000 this year before falling next year.


Imagine being one of these too low people

Do you think there’s a version of EZFKA where they hate the government just as much as we do, but because it doesn’t pump migration hard enough and it isn’t woke enough?

Realistically speaking they’re probably all property investors, migration agents and Indians trying to get their parents here


Twitter maybe? Plenty of pro-immigration defenders raging at housing unaffordability and hating the government, yet severely conflicted in that their employment is contingent on an ongoing Big Australia so purposefully miss the elephant in the room.

Best example is the self proclaimed Dr Demography Liz Allen who has a PhD in not demography.


Yeh there is a decently sized contingent out there who are cool with any rate of migration and just bulldoze everything that isn’t Hong Kong density to accomodate it. But they’re the minority even among left-ish Reddit types.

I wouldn’t use any paid commentator as an example though, who tf knows what they honestly believe.


follow the kinds of accounts that engage with peter tulip et al and yeah you’ll find the bizarro EZFKA

they wont be happy until every heritage piece of architecture and low/medium density dwelling is turned into kowloon walled palace

Last edited 11 months ago by stagmal

Would love to see some of the comments from aboriginals directly asked about immigration.

I’m tipping they’d be very direct about this next wave of Colonisers.

That’d be a real nail in the coffin – a comment or better still taped commentary about the Pajeets flooding into EZFKA.


There it is. “Commentators” and “pundits” and “jornalists” and other such squalid vermin will all emit arse gas that says what the people who pay them want to be said.


I presume the “too low” crew are migrants who see their ethnic brethren exploiting the shit out of their newly arrived countrymen, and they want to get some of the exploitation action too. Indian restaurant owners exploiting Indian kitchen staff springs to mind.

I don’t know any white men who say we need more immigrants, and I know a few who want to deport or shoot as many as possible.


If ever there was a case of someone talking their own book, it would be those odious cunts at SBS spruiking the immigration scam.

the arborist

Hooray! EZFKA universities and degrees are going to be even more worthless! Thanks Albo!

Anthony Albanese’s university revolution: Jason Clare announces affirmative action plan for Indigenous Australians, help for failing students and push for more Aussies to get degrees”

Gruppenführer Mark

just a plan to replace all the imports because aussie uni standards are falling, but still need to feed the professor class

the arborist

More stupid people to go to uni to get increasingly worthless degrees. What could possibly go wrong? But yeah, the admin and professor class must have more low grade meat to push through the grinder to churn out more disgusting gristle-filled sausages.


I guess they shouldn’t be spared the joy of doing group assignments with non-english speakers.


i remember those days lol dont miss em


Money for arts degree types + student loans for the finance sector. Win.


I’m of the view that ‘work’ has never been less reliant on a University degree.

A degree is less desirable than a cover letter these days.

What an absolute scam from Labor.


$100k Ford Rangers all over the place and people still worship the uni jew. Unreal.


Yeah, sorta.

In a lot of fields that may be true, but I worked in high performance, mission critical, life critical electronic system design, development and support for 30+ years. I would never have employed anybody without a suitable engineering degree for a gig with my team.


Hard to spin this one.

Vote Yes for more of this.

Northern Territory police investigated 145 incidents at the Howard Springs facility during the time it was used to house flood evacuees earlier this year, with nearly half relating to domestic violence. 

Key points:

  • The facility was used to house flood evacuees in March and April
  • Police investigated 67 domestic violence incidents in that time at the camp
  • Territory Families says 90 women and children sought safe refuge during their stay
  • 288,000 in damage
  • no charges laid



regardless of what you can say about the voice it’s an amazing wedge it really has become all most of the mainstream right talks about anymore

if that was albos intention its been hook line and sinker

Last edited 11 months ago by stagmal

Distracted everyone from the cost of living arse fucking


no is paying $1.30
yes is paying $3.30

”albozo” is a good one too


cost of living arse fuck only applies to young ppl, boomers dont give a fuck at all their groceries went uo a few %


They also make more money now off their deposits


Cost of living is only important in Australian politics when it affects electricity or gas prices, because flogging the issue can help various vested interests e.g., coal, gas, renewables companies

All other cost of living issues are irrelevant

That said there are pensioners and tightass Boomers who do care about the price of groceries, they don’t give a shit about house prices or rent prices since those things benefit them

You’d have to class the price of groceries as still more of a priority than house/rents since it affects groups higher on the pile than the youth


true i was in aldi the other day and witnessed this old boomer arguing with a worker inside the store over the price of boxed fish for like 15 minutes

by the time i was finished with my shop and heading for the exit he was still at it


Yeah exactly any Liberal MP would be happy to shake this Boomer’s hand and tell him they’ll make the grocery prices all better

Fuck only knows why Boomers are so revered by politicians, maybe because they’re so dumb a handshake can win their vote for life


i get why they pander to oldies in america bc theres no mandatory voting there so theyre the only ppl who pokemon go to the polls but whats the calculus here

Last edited 11 months ago by stagmal

I shook John Howard’s hand back in the late 80s.

I still can’t get the stench off.


the wife asked me to go to the supermarket this week

first time I’ve been in ages (to Woolworths)

had a tiny list of items to get all fit in one of those little hand baskets
came to over $60

i was absolutely shook

brought my son with me and he wanted a packet of chips we walked past

They cost $5

lmao nigga what

Imagine concerning yourself with the feelings of quadroons when a packet of fucking chips cost $5

im surprised the yes vote is even 10%


once the prices up theyll never go down


If I was povo id want to guillotine people not create an indigenous voice to parliament


this is why povo people are povo bc theyre not smart enough to figure shit like this out


Povo people love fucking each other over, they’re niggers, same with middle class, probably upper class too.


ALP shills like the Kouk are such classic hypocrits, taking in huge $’s basically rorted from taxpayers by the likes of Dodgy Dan.

Addicted to the million dollar incomes so having to just eat more and more turds daily. Their souls worthless, their dead husk of a body carrying a tiny pea heart.

Then they tweet this stuff about how they know the Voice is fucked.




imagine being this guy


lmao pure rage fuel


check out this boomer privilege


owns own home (probably worth 7 figures)

$860k in other assets and cash (you still like those rate rises?)

$25k just in income from that (if she put it in term deposit or bonds she’d be getting more)

and STILL wants a fucking government pension

lmao she could reverse mortgage and blow $100k/yr and still not run out of money until she’s 120 years old


owns own home (probably worth 7 figures)

Cool, no problem, in fact should be even higher

$860k in other assets and cash (you still like those rate rises?)

Only $860K? This calls for another decade of ZIRP until we can bring it to $8.6M

$25k just in income

Income????????????????????????????? Assets aren’t supposed to produce income. Someone needs to stop this immediately.


Yeah nah you make about as much sense as the ointment guy

rates to 10% would give her 86k/yr income risk free

does that sound deflationary


If rates had been 10% all these years then her house would be worth $300K and her shares would be worth $80K

I don’t really care if she’s making $86K per year in interest if you can afford to buy a house off the wages from a normie job

Why are you having a sook that someone who spent 80 years working and being a tightass managed to get some money together? She could have made much more from the type of leveraged property bullshit you applaud


Like there’s people who made more than this woman’s life savings from buying a Brisbane house in 2021 and she’s the cause of inflation lmao


lmao so now your position is that boomers should be able to rort the pension because …

SHE bought a house in the fucking 1950s for 2 guineas and then stood by as the country was raped and it probably went up 50-100x in price

now she wants a free fucking handout on top

strong logic behind your argument


You’re the bad kind of Boomer-hater

The kind that wants to fuck every normie under the guise of fucking the Boomers (who will in fact barely be affected)

Yeh let’s make her sell her house via reverse mortgage to meet her living costs so some Chinese oligarch can buy it

Let’s destroy the country so Coming can have a 1% tax cut

The Boomers who need to be punished are not the ones who need to sell their houses to stay afloat

Last edited 11 months ago by No1

She doesn’t need to do anything to stay afloat you stupid fuck she has $860,000 liquid and less than 10 years to live


Who gives a shit

The money would just be wasted on Ukraine anyway

She didn’t participate in property fuckery and whoever inherits the money is probably an actual Australian, it’s the best thing that’ll ever happen to them in this country

You wouldn’t get that tax cut anyway, the migrants need it more


its funny how every old person gets called a boomer now

shes a silent or may even be a greatest generation, the oldest possible boomer atm is like 77


Yeh true

Frankly I like this lady now

Not even a Boomer, financially cucked by decades of rising house prices that she didn’t participate in outside of PPOR

Trying to direct the government’s financial resources away from submarines and trans healthcare

She could be an MB reader for all we know


its peachy



she’s wealthier than you’ll ever be or 95% of future generations


The duality of Coming

If you have less than 50M you’re a peasant

But if you have less than 4M then you’re richer than me or 95% of future generations

The way that you revere property wealth but disparage people’s savings is just so EZFKA, it’s like I’m talking to fucking Albo


She’s got more than she deserves already


And only a few days ago a 6m portfolio was described as pitiful.



that reminds me of that story about jeanne calmert

In 1965, aged 90 and with no heirs left, Calment signed a life estate contract on her apartment with civil law notary André-François Raffray, selling the property in exchange for a right of occupancy and a monthly revenue of 2,500 francs (€380) until her death. Raffray died in 1995, by which time Calment had received more than double the apartment’s value from him, and his family had to continue making payments. Calment commented on the situation by saying, “in life, one sometimes makes bad deals”


Is this why it’s impolite to talk about money? So noone knows what a fuckin jew you are.


But we live an economic zone now rather than a functional society with unified goals and common Telos – she’s just exercising her right as an independent economic consumption unit… in Australia’s current immigration and social setting I don’t blame her.

Everyone else is getting their cut, including plane loads of jimmy’s and their grandparents who’ll be net negative contributors – why shouldn’t she her her cut? Fuck I’d try to get the part pension too.

It is just another dimension of the “Who’ll fight for Australia?” (or any other western economic zone. The devil slayed our God – grab a piece of what’s left of it while you can boys.


If someone who has a few years to live and more money than she can hope to spend isn’t willing to forego a the opportunity for a bit of grift then it’s over

and who has lived a charmed life while watching future generations take it in the arse

imagine sticking up for her while begrudging the abos and immigrants for their grift

why does she deserve any more than them?


If someone who has a few years to live and more money than she can hope to spend isn’t willing to forego a the opportunity for a bit of grift then it’s over

That is the whole premise of EZFKA – We are no longer a nation, but an economic zone. Filled with domestic and imported consumer units.

Of course Australia is over, as is the rest of the West… I’m only posting here now for shits and giggles. If you don’t have strong cultural roots or values you can forget about it – you and your linage are ngtmi.


I’m going to remember this anytime anyone here ever complains about abos, migrants , vaccines, boomers, women, Jews etc


Did anyone here have the stomach to sit through the entire Bruce Pascoe doco on ABC? I caught about 10 minutes of it halfway through and it was what I expected. Just a lot of whining about people attacking him for being pure white, and did know you know aboriginals built shitty tents out of wood which proves they are an advanced culture?

Some aboriginal academic, filmed in black and white, compared asking for DNA proof that someone was aboriginal to the Nazi$ and their racial policies. Which just proves what a scam this is, the voice is supposed to give special privilege to aboriginals but we aren’t allowed to prove who is actually black.


the nuremberg racelaws get made fun of but in retrospect its inherently less ridiculous to actually have legal definitions for who constitutes what group based on clearly defining factors such as ancestry/dna than what australia does, which is far less scientific


So why won’t they agree to a DNA test?

That’s the best way to call out the sham. Surely the real aboriginals would welcome that?


bc they dont actually care about who the real abos are they just want money


i think she might just be a really ugly white chick (possible meth user), is there anything in there that suggests shes abo

Gruppenführer Mark

Where do you draw the line though? If we all came out of Africa, some parts of the DNA would certainly be a match (not an expert, but you would be able to argue this point). So western European whites, if they share a certain % of the DNA with aboriginals, would be necessarily recognised, unless that % is below a certain threshold. Or eastern European whites, who were mixed with Mongols and share their DNA?

We are just going back to an old tradition of craniometry, the cephalic index and anthroposociology. Worked well in the past. It is being applied, but in reverse.


The most up to date thinking on this subject has largely rejected the “out of Africa” or Adam and Eve hypothosis, the current thinking is multi-regional emergence.

While there is obviously a common ancestor with Africans there is actually no population group alive today that has that ancestry. Even the bushmen of South Africa are differentiated – it is even possible that our most common ancestor today migrated back into Africa from the middle east.

Rather than try to recount all the points of admixture I’ll simply post a chart from Razib Kan’s substack and provide a link to his excellent article on the topic.


While it is not discussed in this article, I will laugh at one possible suggestion I’ve read for localized out-breeding for sub-Saharan Africans was with a isolated descendent population of homo erectus.

Capture - Copy (6).JPG
Last edited 11 months ago by Stewie

As an interesting side note I came across an hypothesis today on the subject of one of the differences between human females and most other females in other species – that is “concealed ovulation in humans“.

Unlike most other species while women may have an idea of when they may be likely to ovulate, they supposedly aren’t conscious of it actually having had occured…. which is why in other species females won’t have a bar of male attention when they’re not ready for it.

The idea is that as human IQ function rose, those women who were aware of the fact that they were at their most fertile, and by linking it to the possible future work burden, ceased to have sex on their fertile days, thereby avoiding the burden – thus gradually eliminating unconcealed ovulators from the gene pool.

Human females in estrus would have guaranteed even an incel to get laid:


(…that dance seems familiar) 

It is interesting to speculate at what point of on the IQ curve does the self awareness of estrus and to recognise that sexual activity will most likely result in an economic burden, while kick in…. 🤔

Perhaps the assumption of a leveling off in population growth in Low IQ countries, regardless of female education, might be overly optimistic?

Last edited 11 months ago by Stewie

Because of the ascent of the Jewish ideals around the preeminence of ‘identity’ as a legal and social concept, trumping factual reality it is illegal to questions someone’s identity as it is a form of spiritual assault.

The internal ‘identity’ over the external ‘reality’ smacks of aligning the world in accordance with the internal emotional state rather than existential reality. ie the internal female intuition vs patriarchal reality.


Couldn’t because it’s so frustrating.

He’s a white race shifter grifting from our taxes.

The middle class doctors wives, Teals, and all round white White guilt merchants from the ABC etc all fawn over him.

The funny thing is they do so out of their racism against real aboriginals, he’s a cuddly friendly white guy pushing a ‘cause’ they like.

Why do these whiteys ignore the real aboriginals in the NT? The ones bashing their women and kids at an astronomical rate.

Same mob of Teals who did the same about the ‘refugee grifter’ they idolised (it’s actually very Freudian, wanting to fuck the guy their Daddy or husband would hate).

Agent 47




how many millions are the boomers ripping off ppl compared to this one woman


and how about dole bludgers too


take it from me ( a lot)



People are asking questions about how interest rates affect prices

CoreLogic’s head of research, Eliza Owen, has published an interesting report examining the links between residential rental growth and interest rates.

Owen produced the below chart showing that rents and the official cash rate “move together over time”.

Therefore, “a peak in the cash rate may indicate that growth in rent values is also at (or near) a peak”:

“Secondly, interest rates can impact rent. Higher interest rates mean investment property becomes less attractive, which could slow the delivery of new rental stock coming to market, and this could push rents higher”. 

of course MB doesn’t get it

Agent 47

Lolberts supporting pedo books. Free market mate. Reason #385040 why libertarianism is peak cringe.



He’s 100% right

good for him and shame on you tbh





isnt this the chick who claimed she got raped up the ass by luke lazarus


Pretty sure I told you the story before

but I met him once he’s a turbo manlet constant smug grin on his face and this was during the time of the trial and media frenzy

chad energy


yeah he looks like the biggest deadshit ive ever seen



what the fuck dan andrews got ambushed by cookers

never seen this happen to him before


He’s going to piss off soon so he’s effectively won. He’ll fuck off elsewhere and the blue hairs will cheer as Victoria burns.


isnt he usually behind a wall of cops everywhere he goes, idfk how they managed to catch him in the open like this


Budget cuts


It’s Victoria; nothing works.


I never new how based George Orwell was:

Orwell’s list:

“He snitched out Jews, Communists, Black People, Homosexuals and many more to British Intelligence.”


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Dunno what they were expecting, he was a British colonial officer. They can’t possibly expect that people who existed… even in like the fucking 90s, never mind the 30s, will have the fundamentally alien and insane views of the modern leftist.

Even Lenin would have many views that they would find highly right-wing, such as his expectation that people should work for their share of society’s wealth.


He certainly ran the strangest moustache I’ve ever seen.