YIMBY’s are the scum of the world

YIMBY’s are rapidly shaping up to be my most despised people in Australia at the moment. I’m not somebody with a lot of tolerance, but there’s something about these people that really get under my skin, and hard. For those of you who don’t know, YIMBY’s are the a band totally-not-astroturfed political operatives who see the solution to Australia’s housing woes as primarily a supply side endeavour. YIMBY’s believe that evil zoning laws, supposed ‘red tape’ and heritage restrictions are the principal impediment to resolving the so-called housing crisis; without these things, a complete laissez faire land market economy, we could absorb any quantity of immigration we wanted.

YIMBY’s overwhelmingly seem to be extremely allergic to any discussion of demand side factors – they will almost never acknowledge the obvious simple solution, which is to materially cut immigration, or freeze it entirely. A lot of this is because they are simply paid astroturfers – especially the YIMBY chief poibahs, such as notorious GRIDS ridden cue ball Peter Tulip, whose purpose for being is simply to obfuscate the whole debate, and make any demand side solution unpalatable and impossible. But not all of them are. At their core, many YIMBY’s are old school libertarians, or lolberts as they derisively have come to be known. The idea of restricting human movement anywhere to them is antithetical to their world view – which I believe is heavily predicated in their own autism spectrum derived solipsism. Libertarianism as a political movement peaked and largely disappeared in the United States sometime after the failure of presidential candidate Ron Paul to achieve electoral traction around 2012, but their spectre still lives on in the EZFKA, which is always at least 10-15 years behind the U.S on any given political trend.

Are the YIMBY’s corrrect? A cursory glance of Australia’s building trends suggests we are already one of the biggest builders of homes in the OECD. I’m sure we could build a few more if these regulatory impediments were removed – but why should we have to, even if YIMBY’s weren’t clearly underrating the difficulties in implementing supply side solutions? The rationale to build is driven entirely by our immigration program, without which our population would either be stable or in gradual decline. The underpinning pillars of this immigration program, as we all know, range from highly suspect to bogus to outright fraudulent, and actually represent the objectives of a grab bag of malicious political, economic and ethnic group interests that are at odds with those of ordinary EZFKA units, whether they are aware of it or not and are able to think beyond “muh house value just went up”.

YIMBY’s clearly don’t care much for heritage or architecture. Keeping in mind that the average YIMBY has some form of autism, so public aesthetics, and the built up living environment are irrelevant in their minds. Nothing matters except pure function, stacking as many people into a given space as possible to conform to their satisfying and cloying spreadsheet calculations. If the YIMBY’s had existed since the Renaissance, the city of Venice today would be comprised (maybe, if they were generous) of a few landmark architectural showpieces such as the Rialto bridge and the Doge’s palace, surrounded by an ever growing canopy of ‘internationalist’ style Meriton dogboxes, subject to bulldozing every 20 years to give way to even taller structures to house more sub-continentals, biafrans and other discharges from various overpopulated third world shitholes. One of the principal reasons anyone goes to Europe at all would simply not exist if the unsentimental and materialist YIMBY autists had free reign to do whatever they wanted; ironically, they will call anyone a communist for disagreeing with their prescriptions, but the kinds of cities they want to build are eerily similar to those constructed by mid-century Leninist regimes. They even share the old communist disregard for architectural heritage which saw a lot of historic buildings in the second world needlessly dynamited. Though the YIMBY’s aren’t actually communists (communists actually managed to build things, YIMBYs never will), it’s an amusing real world observation of horse shoe theory.

Talking to these people on Twitter is an infinitely frustrating experience. The more savvy astroturfer wing of the YIMBY movement won’t acknowledge you at all, with Tulip in particular prone to reach for the block button when challenged faster than he reaches for his daily antiretroviral. Others will engage you in a usually smarmy, shit-eating manner; you develop a rapid cognizance that these types are completely absent of any charm or actual knowledge of any of the concepts they throw at people to justify their smugness. Here’s one YIMBY I was blocked by for pointing out that he was using a totally inappropriate metric, namely nominal aggregate GDP, as evidence that immigration is economically beneficial. Probably the worst is this motherfucker, who if I saw on the street I would deadset deck between the eyes because I hate the smarmy fucking cunt and his ugly misshapen head. Even his surname foretells his inevitable future.

To summarise, the average YIMBY is a blend of dead-eyed, monetarist libertarianism fused with Reddit style urbanist prescriptions about ‘mixed use’ medium density apartments and bike lanes nobody uses. If everywhere was a six storey Meriton style apartment block with a Sumo Salad and a Guzman Y Gomez on the bottom floor there’d be no need for heaven for any of these losers, because they’d already be living there.

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“Stage 3 Tax Cuts”

What is the point of elections when the Prime Minister can repeatedly and constantly commit to a policy and then just go back on that whenever he feels like it?

Good luck getting them to stick to promises about cutting immigration if they won’t even stand by a promise not to tinker with largely meaningless tax brackets.


It’s a dangerous game that Tony is playing.

The $9k had already been mentally spent by an army of tradies etc on dirtbikes, holidays and possibly even IP loan interest.

Obviously kite-flying for now to gauge the wind, but I think he’ll have to retreat so leaving at least half of the $9k intact. Possibly 70%+.


Leftard media running cover for Albo on these Stage 3 tax cut lies in 3, 2, 1…

Watching the “news” as narrative pieces from these assholes in the media to be lapped up by the Leftards.

Agent 47

The damage he’s done to himself, he could have done the same damage on hardcore planning reform to force states to build and actually helped people.

Sounds YIMBY idk

Gruppenführer Mark

The tax cuts only affect people with jobs.


WTF!!! Has the world gone topsy-turvy!

Gruppenführer Mark

Hence the erect dolphin!


What next, girlfriend?


What are you doing?


Stages 1 and 2 tax cuts have already been given to the lower income earners, which the media have refused to acknowledge (most likely are too stupid to even check).

This plan was also to drop a tax rate ongoing, which Albo has lied about and again the media refuses to say.

This “just the richest 5%” bullshit is class war spin, the fuxktard knows he’s going back on promises to improve the tax rate for millions. They will be paying 7% more tax than he promised.


This should be a free kick for Dutton.

Breaking a promise is always a bad look.

The FIFO tradie on 200k will get wheeled out to question Albanese, just as it was done against Shorten in 2019.

While certain corners of the media cheer on the removal of Stage 3 cuts, the increase to lower and middle income earners probably won’t be enough to improve cost of living to a degree where cost of living pressures are alleviated. Therefore this may not actually translate into increased votes for the ALP, and aspirational middle class earners will start to wonder if they will be targeted next.

If negative gearing isn’t touched, those on higher incomes will gravitate towards investment properties to reduce their taxable income.

Inflation will likely spike – eg. If I get a 9k tax rebate I’m unlikely to splurge and spend it all. Those on lower incomes who get tax break will just spend it. Rates will go up, with more pain for those heavily mortgaged.

Those earning 180k+ who can reduce their working hours will likely do so, as the marginal benefit of working extra hours gets swallowed up by income tax. In medical fields this is already the case, with many private practitioners working part time, which adds to shortages, wait lists and costs to the public health system.

Others in that income range who can’t afford to purchase here will look to move overseas – the US looks good with much lower tax rates.

However, we can be rest assured that landlords with multiple IPs who have negatively geared themselves into a lower tax bracket will win out, as is the EZFKA way.


Good take cheese person.

Here’s an unabashed Labor shill missing completely the 7% increase in tax rate for millions. He calls himself a numbers and policy guy, so this is a huge miss…


Under Albo’s latest tax switch:

Family 1 – Rich. Primary income earner $200k per annum. 28 years old. 2 kids. Mortgage in Sydney. Factored in Stage 3, just had it halved.

Family 2 – Middle Australia. Both 70. $4m debt free house in Balmain. Part pension. Just got $800 a year each in extra tax relief.


Yep. It’s a fucking joke. There is zero incentive to earn more than $190k now.

Gruppenführer Mark

Yup. Another problem is, even if one does, the options to minimise tax are limited, outside of the neg gearing.


100% this. Huge free kick to Dutton. Albanenses brand is trash at this point.


YIMBY’s are gay – at least the few I have interacted with.

I would be surprised if there is one bloke in that photo who has lost his virginity yet to a woman.


Yes In My Backside?


Is YIMBY as gay as that Purple Pinger landlord pretending to be an advocate for renters?


No such thing as YIMBY. The closest thing to it is someone who wants to sell their house and hoping for a rezoning to make their property price quadruple. Realistically, they are all YIYBY.

The cunts in the picture don’t even have a backyard.


Also, that twat Jon O’Brien is 100% a narcissistic capitalist. Presents himself like a MIMBO that you would see working at Macquarie Bank, and I bet he is using his involvement in this action solely to further his career.


I’m at the gym, and one of the TVs just showed an ad for an insurance company, featuring a white woman with a black man and some beige kids.

I’ve never in my life known a pairing like that. Female hypergamy dictates that women seek higher status partners, and some black dude isn’t that for a white woman.

Or am I being racist?


It does happen, but it’s pretty rare in the EZFKA.

I suppose that there aren’t that many black men to begin with, and of those that there are, only a small subset would be high status.

the high status ones would have their pick of partners and most would pick someone of similar background, with only a few partnering up with different kinds.

In the US there are more high status black men and this is what we see there too. Even the highest status like Barack Obama shacked up with Michel, who is also black.


The main mixed race pairing here seems to be white men with Asian chick’s. I’ve even done it myself.


Do you think that this is mostly a numbers game (ie many more Asian women vs black women) or other things in it as well?

Stagmal probably has some theories on neoteny in Asian women and things like that


Probably something to do with numbers, but I just don’t think white women see black/brown men in Australia as high status, or desirable partners. And they’d be right.


The exceptions would be the ultra-wealthy white women, where having a Black boy friend or husband is like buying a Luis Vuitton handbag – just pure virtue signaling like Kim Kardashian.

Only trouble is it results in a lot of sub 100 IQ white girls burning the coal and paying the toll, which is the end result of most Luxury beliefs.


If you hate the media don’t throw your wife at the TV. He needs some red pilling.



Or white women that are ugly or fat as a general, would go for/be able to get coloured men

Not always, but a general

Gruppenführer Mark

You’ve been watching Jerry Springer reruns, eh?


I know of two real life examples


Black men as partners in EZFKA are the best way for sad white women to show your parents and friends ‘something’ (I’m not your psychologist so work it out). In a way it’s great, otherwise some poor bastard would have wasted their time with them only to realise too late.

Often you see them as interesting accessories in friendship groups, a cute virtue signal.

Funniest thing is the white EZFKA person pairing up with the Pajeet, that’s some commitment to whatever virtue signaling and mental sickness you have. Imagine the smell, the in laws, etc. Fark it’d be like having go literally eat shit daily.

Yes, it’s also a clear sign their father was probably a weak cuck and probably never loved them.

A mate told me about a family he knows where the white blond mother married an African, they’re middle class etc. The only kid was a quirky girl, who jumped on the Trans train around 13 and is now a sad frumpy ‘boy’. Karma for the Mum I guess.

That's a Paddlin'

Ahm… I have seen these ads for years now. They’re virtue-signalling to the max. The real heavy hitters are the ones where he’s Congo-black, she’s snow-white, the boy looks head-bobble-Indian and the girl is Chinese.

Draw your own conclusions! Mine were that she’s been in at least 2 gang-bangs and there were 2 different winners.


That is a sub category of “White Men are Stupid in Commercials”


With Stupid White Men as a phenonium it apparently has to do with the fact ‘White Men’ as a group have no one lobbying for them, in the way that well funded minority groups have lobby groups they found or get founded for them. Basically White Men are the last undefended group standing – that is why virtually all criminals in movies and TV shows are white.

In regards to the improbable couplings on TV ads, contrary to my initial belief that it was top down agenda by the advertising agencies and corporations themselves, this is actually mainly due to the demographic whose contribution and influence over both our social narrative and agenda, as well as household spending, is something I see as increasingly problematic – AWFLS:


While the advertisements are a response to these women’s shopping habits, the reality it is the still the top down elite lead promotion of ‘diversity’ that is driving AWFL’s behaviour. The only difference is that it is culturally instilled through our female lead and dominated University system, which churns out AWFL like tic-tacs.

If any avoid the University system they are beaten into accepting diversity should they try and find employment, through corporate culture which is basically set by the HR department…. as I tried to explain to Ermo the other day:

Australians are being shrilly scolded by the HR staff of Australia’s Corporations, who are nearly 90% female. The social relation policies that corporations adopt are set in Corporate’s HR departments.

They set their Co agenda to what THEY perceive as being in the public interest

The CEO’s that emerge, like the ones at Woolworth’s and throughout Corporate Aust are increasingly the product of that environment. They adopt these postures, because thats the culture that HR staff have flooded these organisations with. People who disagree have been driven out.

Ermo being Ermo is quite stuck on the culture war simply being a “class” war. He did come back to me with a picture of the Woolworths board, pointing out the lack of diversity – basically filled with your Corporate drones i.e. 9 white people – but it also made my point, 5 of those Directors were women.

The thing is you will always get the same type of Corporate psychopaths and sycophants occupy those positions – they require a specific personality requirements, the same Jocks and Bullies and Queen Bee’s from high school.

What is different is that these same pricks have now emerged from a new Corporate Culture that has been rolled out… straight from Universities into their HR departments that set training and culture at these organisations.

Agent 47

10/10 stagmal

Peter Tulip needs to be (redacted) the absolute faggot


Another generation of faggots. The propadee winners lol and organise their next holiday.


Yep that’s the only way to talk to them, always has been.


The state of that Beta, as if people didn’t hate journalists enough…

Such an own goal, why ask a UFC fighter (who gets punched in the head very often) a question like that? If he was expecting anything other than to be shat on the he really is that stupid.

I wish we had more antagonism towards the media here in EZFKA. Apart from that bald prick getting sconned by a can at a Covid riot in Hellbourne, there just hasn’t been anywhere near the amount we should have.


I agree. The media just block all Facebook comments here, and are think veiled propaganda machines.

Gruppenführer Mark


I share your dislike for YIMBYs, but on some of the points in your post you are way off. YIMBYs are not libertarians. You may not like libertarians, and that is fine, but in a true libertarian society, where everything was privately owned, there would not be this level of immigration. Private hospitals, private utilities, private healthcare… The level of immigration in those circumstances would be extremely low.

What we are experiencing now are extremely high levels of immigration that are completely dependent on State government-owned services (free to them), while generating value (supposedly) for the wealthy and Federal government (via taxes). So YIMBYs are virtue-signalling idiots, but not libertarians. Hence the allergic reaction to the supply-side discussion – they are told that this is not up for discussion. There is only one ideology that I am aware of that can accept two opposing postulates as true – Marxism.

As far as buildings “constructed by mid-century Leninist regimes”, plenty of similar-looking buildings in New York, New Jersey, outer Paris, for example. Cheap and cheerful, and designed to hold large groups of people on a small plot of land. Our current highrise apartments are the same, we just learned to cover them up with pretty, albeit flammable, cladding. 


yep, John Galt would definitely puke on YIMBY’s
What are they building? what’s the point of an opinion if it is not to advance your position?
In this sense Albo with 3 IP’s is a libertarian, immigration is the obvious way to increase the value of his assets. combine with build moar! and we have the structural foundations for Albo’s industrial policy. I think JG just cracked a fat.


If the flammably clad apartments are full of immigrants, I’ll be cheering when they catch fire.

Towering infernos by the dozen FTW!


>but in a true libertarian society, where everything was privately owned, there would not be this level of immigration.

How is that set in stone?

Gruppenführer Mark

Libertarians reject the notion of the state, hence everything will have to necessarily be privately owned.


That’s a good take, GM.

The libertarian-like aspects of the yimby sect is supposedly “do what you like with your land” and an implicit rejection of national borders.

But when those two selected elements are grafted onto what is otherwise a welfare state, the outcome is more like grift.


How do those Yimby faggots reconcile Native Title?

Gruppenführer Mark

In the beginning, maybe. I still think you are picking up on one aspect of libertarian ideology – open borders. In a society with no minimum wage, no police, except for citizens militia, basically, a lawless society governed by polite citizens, because otherwise you get shot, since no gun control, bottom of the barrel immigrants will not do well. Quality immigrants might, but there are not a lot of them.

From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs is a slightly different ideology.

Gruppenführer Mark

You are missing the “no gun ownership restrictions” part


What is to stop a business owner from building some substandard accomodation next to their factory and then finding the cheapest workers in the world and importing them?

Gruppenführer Mark

Nothing at all, except without a guaranteed minimum wage (remember, no government to mandate this) it will necessarily displace existing workers who might take offense to this move (again, there is no centerlink).


Under the ideology, a business owner would never do that, because “all people would naturally share and agree to a specific moral theory“.

Like all good theories promoting equality, though, including democracy, socialism and communism, this one also dismisses men’s natural traits of being lazy, greedy and violent species, in general.


I’d suggest you read / watch a little “game theory”


in this example the best strategy was Tit-for-tat
basically fully cooperate unless the counterparty doesn’t, in which case you immediately retaliate, before returning to the cooperate strategy.

“game theory” isn’t some arbitary manmade rule, in all likelihood it’s coded in our DNA to cooperate, we survive because we cooperate.
In many ways our “laws”, when attempting to be fair, simply interfer with process by which a fair outcome is arbitrated.
Any delays in retalitation are opportunities for unearned profits, which naturally need to be redressed.


Australia reached 27m population today. Comment not turned on, on the ABC article covering it on Facebook.

Speaks volumes – clearly racist to discuss population on the ABCs Facebook comments.


Only another 30 million to go before we can protect against muh Chinar


Populate or perish!

Someone needs to remake this as an Australian take on a classic 60s communist propaganda poster. Some bloke with a big hand pointing at you, that type of thing.

Has a lovely doublespeak angls also, in that locals must populate or be replaced.

Whilst the foreigners just replace them anyway.


A sad day.


What an absolute piece of garbage this cuck is.




This sort of stuff should be shared with the YIMBYs and their opinions noted for future reference.

If they approve of this kind of business in their proposed developments, it will put off most people and strengthen the NIMBY case. Can you imagine that Peter Tulip wants to put brothels in our suburb!

If they don’t, it would alienate their loudest progressive supporters or lead them open to be accused of being against womens’ rights, and portrayed as mercenary developers who are only interested in profits over people.


I think discmans became a thing in about the mid 90s. I’ve still got one laying around somewhere. From about late 80s to early 90s you’d copy cd to tape so you could listen to what you bought on cd to walkman and lend it to your friends so they could do the same if they didn’t want to shell out $30 for the cd.


Other things were probably cheaper though a Big Mac Meal was probably $6. I used to go to a night club where we had $1 dollar drinks. They were just a squirt of spirits and soft drink in a small plastic cup but still much cheaper than today.


Can remember going on a school trip as a kid in the mid 90s. Were given $6 to spend at Maccas – that got you a large meal $4.95 and a sundae $1.


Yeah mostly. Kind of worth it because we still had music imo. $20 for anything old and semi popular but not really worth $30 like maybe the best of the Eagles. Something like Led Zep 2 would still be $30 because they were genuinely cool.


Probably late 80s early 90s I got my first cd player in 1990. They first came out in about 1985 but weren’t affordable until then I think,


They didn’t. Vinyl now outsells CDs.


$20-30 sounds about right. We used to borrow CDs from friends, and at some point the local library started lending them out and we started copying songs to cassette tape.

Later on CD drives became more affordable and free ripping software came out allowing us to start converting songs to mp3s. Have never spent a cent on music song in any format since.


Same. All at about the same time music became incredibly bad and I probably wouldn’t pay for it anyway. Plus I grew up a bit and got sick of music and blasting myself with loud noise.

Gruppenführer Mark

Yeah. Funny how virtually all “entertainment” began to suck all at once. I’d venture to guess ~2005. Music turned into rap / pop, they stopped making good movies, TV turned into a fear mongering tool.

Wonder what happened.


Yeah. Funny how virtually all “entertainment” began to suck all at once. I’d venture to guess ~2005.

Wonder what happened.

you hit your mid twenties?


Haha, same for me except late 90s.

Gruppenführer Mark



If you’re serious about this, let’s try to do an audit of twitter YIMBYs. I suspect most talk their own book. They are probably renters in the places they would like to buy. The ideology is planted, probably by domestic agents getting instructions from Chinese or Jewish masters. There is no idealism in that ideology. It’s reminiscent of Marx who came up with his sexual liberation crap to justify the fact that he fucked the maid pregnant and then abandoned her. He bequeathed his legitimate daughters a legacy of messed up thinking that drove two of them to suicide. A thorough investigation would eventually lead back to the masters and could become quite dangerous.


I reckon the astroturfers lead the rest. I would like to know who their masters are. And then take action


but the kinds of cities they want to build are eerily similar to those constructed by mid-century Leninist regimes

Unfair! At least in the Soviet system those constructions were given out for free to the families living in them. One block took 12 days to build.
A legacy-unit containment box stings you at least 400-600k these days.


Ironically the builds are going to increasingly resemble soviet designs. After the drama of the flammable exterior cladding I’ve noticed developers opting for straight-out concrete, with some coloured concrete or brickwork as the ‘architectural’ features. Oh so drab.