Life in the Longhouse

G.K. Chesterton, was an English writer, philosopher, Christian apologist (as though admitting to a crime – I wonder who edited this Wiki?), a literary and art critic was famous for many things, writing around 80 books and countless essays and newspaper comments. Amongst his prodigious volumes of work he is noted for raising the caution in respect of customs and values, and being ultra cautious when considering changing them:

“Don’t ever take a fence down until you know the reason it was put up.”

C.K. Chesterton

Basically it is a simple rule of thumb that suggests that you should never destroy a fence, change a rule, or do away with a tradition until you understand why it’s there in the first place. It is an exercise in second order thinking.

Custom and social prohibitions don’t exist to discriminate or oppress – they mainly exist to solve a serious social problem that emerged in the past. The fact that it so effectively dealt with the underlying problem has meant that in many cases the reason for these customs or social prohibitions existing in the first place has been forgotten.

What happens when we remove this customs and social prohibitions is the sudden reemergence of the original social problem that gave rise to the custom.

Of all the social prohibitions and fences that have been torn down, the biggest one has been the empowerment of women and their increased representation in our social narrative.

By progressively increasing the proportion of our social narrative and decision making that is influenced by women, we have proportionally increased the representation of people in leadership who are higher in neurotic worry, overly cautious and have an excessively negative response to risk taking. This is fundamentally changing our society, how we see ourselves and how we prioritise the issues we collective need to resolve.

So what is the “Longhouse”? The Longhouse is a theory that life prior to the Yamnaya expansion 4,000 years ago, life in Europe was an idyllic communist Matriarchy, where the tribe (essentially clan or extended family) all basically lived together communally in literally one large long house, where they raised their kids in common, and all lived happily under one roof with together under the leadership of the “Den Mother“. Imagine the ‘Queen Bee’ from High School – life in the Long House is under her leadership for all eternity… basically the 15,000 years of Early Neolithic European Farmers was spent under this type of society.

Consequently that civilization went NOWHERE for 15,000 years – Europe entered a social and technological stasis that made no progress in that time. The Matriarchal belt of Africa is probably the closest modern day approximate comparison to today.

Men were reduced to beta workers, alpha men who challenged the status quo and the Den Mother were neutered or expelled by coalitions of Beta’s seeking the Den Mother’s favours, consequently when the Yamnaya expansion occurred they were completely defenseless against the invaders. Within the space of about 500 years the Y Chromosomes of early Neolithic Farmers was virtually completely wiped out in Europe, with only small pockets remaining in Sardinia and the Basque regions of Spain.

Probably the closest approximity to Yamnaya thinking was the Spartans. While we think of the Spartans as warlike Greeks they still contained the vestiges of Civilization – large scale structures, trade, institutions, etc. Now imagine them as a primitive tribal culture. Women were even more the property of the chiefs and leaders, as was the land. The warrior culture and fearless acceptance of death characterized the men. They still had the Agoge, but now rather than being temporary the Agoge saw excess young males cast out of the village/tribe permanently, and expected to make their own way in the world i.e. band together with other young excess males as “lost boys”, and attack and take over another Neolithic Farming community for their own conquests. This was the cultural values that saw the Yamnaya people expand so rapidly – or at least the Y chromosomes of the Yamnaya people.

This topic came back to me when I recently responded to this tweet that had been linked into last weekend comments at MB:

It was my contention that the noticeable shift in the use of language has corresponded to the rise of the Matriarchy or Longhouse Culture in the West.

Social policies of emancipation, then equality (of opportunity) to now equity in terms of equal female representation of leadership have broadly corresponded with a 3 or 4 generation period since the 1900s, which also corresponds with the change in the use of language noted in the chart that we are responding to, that the researchers say defines our social narrative.

By increasing the representation of people who are higher in neurotic worry, overly cautious and have an excessively negative response to risk taking, our societies have collectively become more focused on “Caution, worry & risk“, rather than “Progress & Future.

While this cautious psychological profile makes sense for women, who are frailer and more vulnerable, being less robust than men, it twists social decision making away from risk taking and advancement towards self protection and worry. While the differences may not seem that large, subtle changes in social behavior can have long term social consequences, most obviously in declining birthrates but also in other areas, like how we collectively react to social issues. When you are on a long term journey, like an Oil Tanker crossing an Ocean, all it takes it to be off by a few degrees to end up thousands of kilometers away from where you would have otherwise ended up travelling.

The period where women are most different to men in terms of neuroticism is also an important issue – basically the period that corresponds to most women’s working lives. This fact is important because it emphasis my point that policies of equity are seeking to directly increase that portion of the population who are not only more neurotic, but are also at their most neurotic points in their lives. I would also speculate, and here I have no evidence, but I would say the pool of women that they are seeking to promote, are probably higher in neuroticism anyway, because i) they are competing against men in the workplace, and ii) their less neurotic sisters are off having babies and raising families.

Women are also generally more dependent on collective agreement for their security, this means they are generally higher in agreeableness and thus more susceptible to group think – like deferring their own decision making to what everyone else thinks.

A great example of all these issues collectively would be the excessive fear response to COVID, first with the disease itself then in response to the social enforcement of getting a vaccine.

With few exceptions it quickly became apparent that this was a disease that was basically an old person disease. Yet the fear response in society was akin to a estrogen driven Cytokine Storm – our economies were basically shut down to prevent one in hundred 85yr olds from carking it.

Contrast that with the more masculine response of ‘grin and bare it‘ attitude of a hundred years earlier, when the Spanish Flu decimated young healthy teenagers and adults – a truly tragic outcome when compared to the average COVID death of 85yr, which was still 3yrs above the average life expectancy!

Then there was the ridiculous social enforcement and effort to get people vaccinated, when 5 minutes research would have indicated that the vaccine and claimed benefits were next to non-existent for most people. Yet the group think and un-informed social pressure to get vaccinated in my circle of acquaintances was 100% driven by neurotic female worry.

Median female personality traits, while working well at the small scale – like neurotically worrying about ‘fairness’ around the dinner table for her children, don’t scale up well for large scale civilizational advancement.

Which brings us to the question – are we already living in a Matriarchy, a long house culture already? And if so what are the criteria that we can use to determine that we are in fact living in a Matriarchy. How do we know it exists?

This means not only considering the first order definitions of female leadership, actual female leaders, but also second order effects what sort of influence does it have on the males that are chosen by women to represent them or who they will tolerate working with?

Women control education. As of 2022, women held 52 percent of professional-managerial roles in the U.S. Women earn more than 57 percent of bachelor degrees, 61 percent of master’s degrees, and 54 percent of doctoral degrees. So clearly women now the majority of University graduates, and it will consequently come as no surprise that women also dominate academia, both on the teaching and administrative sides.

The ridiculous problem the US has at the moment where teaching is swinging away from literal science to emotive science, and teaching around concepts of privilege further reinforces this. IMHO their influence and that on the men that they will accept working with, is one of the main reasons behind this graph:

Women control the work place, and not only that but the women in the work place are more generally liberal than men in the work place – the feminist ideals that made them aspire to climb the social ladder under equality demand that as being true. Consequently work places are becoming more liberal simply because a) women are more liberal and employers are seeking to increasing women in the work place, and b) liberal women don’t like conservative men, and seek to drive them out of the work place. Universities are an extreme example, but it is spreading, look no further than woke Woolworths:

Women are overrepresented in professions, such as human resource management (73 percent) and compliance officers (57 percent). These are the places that determine workplace behavioral norms, they have an outsized influence on professional culture, which itself has an outsized influence on American culture more generally. This is important because it also determines the type of man that women will chose to place in leadership positions. This has been an empowering factor behind the rise of the SoyBoy.

The majority of working age women are also on the Pill, the only real exceptions are menopausal women (which as the chart further above shows, is when female neuroticism starts falling) or women trying to get pregnant and likely to leave the workforce.

But the Pill means Women’s preference for men noticeably changes – this is a significant Second Order effect of women in the work place. Who they will tolerate and the sort of men who they will be threatened by:

Facial masculinity was assessed by having the faces rated by a separate sample of participants. What they found was that pill-taking women not only prefer somewhat less masculine male faces; they are also more likely to choose such men as partners.

Albanese is a good example, so to have all the recent ALP leaders and the Green’s too for that matter. The reason is simple – both these parties have pursued policies of increased female representation hardest, and gay faggot soyboys like Albanese, Rudd, etc appeals to women with permanently repressed luteal cravings. Just look at the visicral hatred and mockery that our last arguable ‘Bloke’ PM being Tony Abbott received or someone like Trump – especially from the professional class of liberal corporate women. However with the LNP seeking to further increase female representation I envisage the LNP to become even more filled with catty Soy-Boys.

So in order to accommodate women’s workplace preferences, work places become less overtly competitive and more agreeable, as disagreement goes against women’s baseline survival strategy. One of the paradoxes of agreeableness though is that as you increase the level of agreeableness as a trait within a group, the only thing that will come to enrage that group will be disagreeable people. This can have a devastating impact on innovation and ‘out of the box’ thinking, which requires a fundamentally disagreeable personality in order to be prepared to challenge the status quo.

So women control the work place and they change the way work gets done – not necessarily for the better. Female approaches to conflict and competition have become normative among the professional class.

From early childhood onwards, girls compete using strategies that minimize the risk of retaliation and reduce the strength of other girls. Girls’ competitive strategies include avoiding direct interference with another girl’s goals, disguising competition, competing overtly only from a position of high status in the community, enforcing equality within the female community and socially excluding other girls.

Joyce Benenson

Female strategies does not eliminate conflict, rather it yields “a different kind of conflict. There is a greater emphasis on what someone said which hurt someone else, even if unintentionally. There is a greater tendency to respond to an offense by mobilizing social resources to ostracize the alleged offender. The focus become study of individuals emotional minutia right down to the smallest feelings, because hurt can always be buried in there somewhere if you are neurotic enough.

Anyhow, I’m starting to drift off into nit-picking and have probably already more than made my point at this stage, which wasn’t to senselessly and pointlessly bitch and moan about gender differences, but more being a lone voice questioning whether the msm’s near 100% complete saturation of articles and discussions of the unquestioning benefit and importance of increasing female representation, is truly correct and truly a good thing and may there possibly be some serious problems and issues are being overlooked because it goes against the narrative of ‘more female representation always and everywhere being a better thing’?

Last weeks comments at MB caused me to re-start this article that I began to write months back after I ready this blog “What is the Longhouse” (I recommend anyone who has read this far through go have a read as it contains far more interesting facts that the ones I stole). It was also an opportunity to tie it back to my opinions that I have expressed on previous occasions on some of the the underlying reasons why society has changed so much in recent years; from national panic attacks to over empathetic responses to social issues like immigration I believe much of it is due to policies that have sought to deliberately increase female representation.

While I am liberal enough to believe that in a relatively homogenous society female representation should be allowed to co-exist with male representation on the basis of merit, I believe that once societies start becoming diverse their higher empathic responses to social situations, and preferencing emotional reality “feeling like a good person” above long term second order thinking on these decisions – like immigration and refugees, becomes problematic.

When we get to the point where we are today, where equality of opportunity is not enough and that gender equity is the desired social outcome then my views harden, and I become opposed to these social policies for the reasons I have outlined above.

That said, while I currently support female representation on the basis of merit the larger philosophical question I am still grappling with is whether there is something in human behaviour and particularly group female behaviour that makes a “steady state” basis of female representation in society impossible? Because once the tinniest bit of empowerment is allowed it continues to cascade for ever greater freedoms until the social power structure is completely reversed and in 3 or 4 generations we always end up in a Long house society there appear to be no ‘steady state’ societies to have existed in history

If female leadership offered any social, economic or cultural advantages, history would be resplendid with civilizations founded, built and maintained by female leadership – instead there are none. It is a luxury belief of the West and feminism that female leadership offers any long term benefits.

Hence “there will be no reaching for the stars when those who neurotically fuss about fairness around the dinner table are involved in setting the agenda around our social narrative and prioritizing the problems we need to solve.”

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the longhouse to summarise is the HRification of society

ive noticed the increasing feminisation myself – the fixation on public ‘apologies’, politeness as opposed to truth telling, risk aversion, ‘therapy’ culture, marginalisation & abuse of short/ugly men, the elevation of subjective evaluations over objective ones (such as interviews vs iq tests), all bear the unmistakable mark of the wickedness of woman and is the inevitable consequence of universal suffrage

makes you want to convert to islam and go live in a cave in afghanistan sometimes. the saving grace is electronic entertainment has become so compelling it has allowed a lot of higher IQ men to simply escape women – who themselves are increasingly unpleasant, entitled, unattractive, obese, tattooed and vicious, altogether, without too much in the way of psychological discomfort

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you should read nemets on twitter

he talked about the silphium thing too, first i had ever heard of it

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ive read some compelling stuff too about how arab / middle eastern IQ used to be about 10 points higher a 1000 years ago but was lowered primarily through abortion becoming popular amongst upper class arabs

Last edited 5 months ago by stagmal

How can you determine what IQ was 1000 years ago


you cant but you can at least estimate it through cultural achievements and the number of high achieving / necessarily high iq people coming from those areas


Hence the “we was Kangz” rubbish that Muslims trot out, apparently some nice tiles back in the day means their superiority.


There are some studies about women who fast during Ramadan being more likely to have kids with mental health and learning disabilities.

Among births to Arab parents in Michigan, we find prenatal exposure to Ramadan results in lower birth weight. Exposure in the first month of gestation also reduces the number of male births. Turning to long-term “fetal origins” effects, we find Muslims in Uganda and Iraq are 20 percent more likely to be disabled as adults if early pregnancy overlapped with Ramadan. Estimated effects are larger for mental (or learning) disabilities.


things like this and first cousin marriage have probably played a role but wouldnt be enough to cause a meaningful decline in average IQ levels, assuming this has happened in the arab world (i think it’s highly plausible – there was a conspicious drop-off in the number of notable arabic scientists/scholars some time after the 12-13th century a.d) dysgenic breeding i.e bottom heavy fertility patterns is the plausible culprit

something similar happened to the greeks

not unlikely to happen to modern white people as well

Last edited 5 months ago by stagmal

I’m going to take the left-ish position here and say that much of what is being attributed to female risk-aversion is actually the result of an extremely entrenched oligarchy at the top of society that is trying to ensure it cannot be removed by imposing straitjacket-like restrictions on everything so that nothing can ever fundamentally change

Politicians like Albanese aren’t in power because of females but because he will never do anything that remotely threatens the power elite

The regulations, laws, restrictions, are being flexed in order to defeat Trump right now, who is for some reason seen as a threat to the oligarchy. Perhaps because it is so ossified that even the mild reforms represented by Trump are now unacceptable.

Females have in fact had their revolutionary moments e.g., the suffogettes.


There is a notable point in the rise of female leaders and Ministers of Defence in Europe who, even more than men, seem to be largely stooges of the US. European countries being the puppets that they are, and European political parties being for a long time infiltrated by the CIA, I assume that these female politicians are largely selected by elites.

So I do think there is a perception by elites, which is probably correct, that women are more “agreeable” with the agenda and less likely to rebel no matter how utterly absurd it may be.

But I couldn’t really say it is women in general setting any sort of agenda here.


Amazing, only in EZFKA.

The peak lobby group representing real estate agents in NSW has warned the Minns government that its proposed rental reforms, including an end to no-grounds evictions, could breach the human rights of landlords, in a concerted push to water down the proposed laws.

In submissions to a consultation paper on the reforms released last year, the Real Estate Institute of NSW warned the Minns government that the changes were “not fair” to landlords and would “drive away existing investors from the property market”.

The institute, which serves as the state’s lobby group for real estate agents, raised the spectre of Article 17 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which states that people have “the right to own property” and “no one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his property”.

It argued that the proposed reforms “unjustifiably impede on a landlord’s right to make choices about their asset” and warned that the government “would need to be confident” the changes were not in breach of the 1948 declaration.


So Stewie, what’s the end-game, are we all destined to become either Bapists or facefags. Is that it? Are these the choices?


I’m not suggesting we’ll be Baptists but rather BAPists. (As in followers of weird right wingers like Bronze Aged Pervert)

As for the rest I think post war Japan is an interesting case study. So many young men were killed in the war. yet the post war period thought was dominated by writers like Yukio Mishima.
Despite everything Japan rebuilt itself over a 30 year period to ultimately be in a position to challenge the US for technological / economic dominance (until the demographics caught up with them)


I went to Officeworks today. The most notable thing was the amount of uppity little girls absolutely dead keen to get back to school. It’s 2-3 weeks away. Couple of boys looking pretty bored and apathetic.

It all gives more strength to the great replacement. Hindus and Muzzies are still patriarchal. Chinese girls like achieving but they are still doing it for the overall good of their family or would be family.


man i remember the last days of summer vacation at school, i was so fucking miserable id try to make myself sick on the second to last day just so i didnt have to go back haha

education is a form of child torture

Last edited 5 months ago by stagmal

I have fond memories but I know I was counting down the days especially in maths class.


Innocuous observation

Whites are being or should be replaced

The EZFKA leitmotif


I walked around my local Westfield mall in Canberra this arvo, and I reckon round-eyes like me were in the minority. Africans, Asians, Indians….every bloody kind of ethnic you could imagine, mostly gibbering to each other in foreign languages.

This place is fucked.


same here in dubbo

just went to the park out of boredom

im the only white person there and its been like this for ages

just full of indians and other assorted subcons

cant imagine what its like in cities if its like this out here now


Yeah sometimes when I go out to regional towns and that and it’s all Indians and Muslims and I just wonder where all the white people are, whether they spend all their time inside or maybe Aussies are constantly overseas on holiday or something.

You’d think much of the country would have been fucking empty 30 years ago when none of these migrants were around to fill up space.

I guess the migrants and me have something in common in appreciating an affordable drive to a country town to chill by a lake or whatever. Doesn’t seem like legazens do it that much.


people who live in regional towns dont go overseas

youll meet people who have never left town their whole life in these places

& i think its just bc white people and migrants dont like to hang out in the same areas, if indians etc move into a park youll never see honkies in it again and vice versa

Last edited 5 months ago by stagmal

Some of the older mothers look like they are expecting Batman to come along. I won’t say nuffin about mass immigration, I will keep voting Lib/Lab, because Batman is coming. No agency. That is in line with what Stewie’s essay is about.


Are you honestly saying you want the replacement of whites by these mutts, because some white teenager made you feel inadequate?


Lol little girls high on their power over males and their future HR jobs + decade of hypergamous behaviour who like to do pretty hand writing and use post it notes don’t make me feel inadequate.

I am just saying that is overall a weakness of whites and allows non whites to replace whites more easily.


Fairnuff. I would much rather we school young whites properly rather than replace them.

Did a shop in Colesworth last night and it stunk with all the Pajeets stacking shelves and others scuttling around like cockroaches doing Doordash pickups. Hopefully the young whites were out enjoying themselves while these ‘students’ work for their 1/5 part time bedroom Docklands apartment.


That’s another thing who is using uber eats, door dash etc? Not me. I only know of a “professional” dink couple that does.


redditors and people who dont like leaving the house use them


Had a direct report once order a Boost Juice on Door Dash. This was before Covid too. Must have cost her $15 for a frozen flavoured water. She wasn’t fat either.

It was a key indicator to her mentality later when it was important / under pressure. No discipline, often reached for excuses etc. Unreliable.

I have a view that online food delivery is another example of the huge hypocrisy from younger generations of people. They can somehow rationalise the waste of money, the waste of energy (fossil fuels etc to deliver), the immigration needed, etc.


yeah aus/pol autists seem to use those services or maybe thats jews/ASIO astro turfers saying that i dunno

Agent 47
the arborist

Why are they all called Deng?


That’d be Dung. Kok Dung, Dung Bite, or just plain old Dung.


Toongabbie poo kills his 1 year old

It was a pretty good Audi 4wd but all the houses were shitbox weatherboard things.


Nice work Stewie. I’m convinced that allowing women to take the reins of power is what has fucked our society, for sure.

Regarding Chesterton being a Christian “apologist”, the term comes from the Greek “apologia” meaning “defence”. So in that context, it doesn’t refer to apologising, it has the flavour of “defender of the faith”

Google for “Christian apologetics” and you’ll see what I mean.


There is so many demographics now, I think they are diluted enough to not cause too much damage to morale in most work places.


Did anyone else scratch their head and like wtf
Honestly, any landlord that thinks like this, needs to be taken out back and beat senless with a bat, then left in a ditch as a warning to the next privileged F’er.

FFS “no-reason” eviction is the corner stone of privilege, it must be outlawed simply to removed the existing power imbalance between Tenant and Landlord in NSW. If some privileged F’er thinks this is Human rights abuse, then let me show them real human rights abuse, real first hand human rights abuse, a lesson they’ll never forget!

I hate Aussie Boomers and their F’ed up ideas about what’s right and wrong.


Posted it above.

Remember, there are “human rights” at stake.

Fiona told that landlord needed to move into Arncliffe flat, which was then relisted for $300 more a week when Fiona moved out

A Sydney landlord put pressure on a single mother to leave her rental home after just nine months, eventually relisting the property at $300 more a week when the tenant’s lease expired. Fiona*, who has two children, last year rented a two-bedroom apartment in Arncliffe for $690 a week through agency Century 21.

The same month she moved out, the apartment was rented for $990 a week, $300 more than she paid, according to data lodged on Domain. Century 21 was contacted for comment and asked if the owner moved in but they did not respond. “The story that I got about the owner, the agent laid it on,” Fiona said. “[He said] the owner’s mother’s just died and she’s in a really bad situation.

Aussie Soy Boy

This is not Germany you cannot trust the average legacy unit with your $900k asset just because they paid a $4k bond.

Fuck these people. Landlords need more rights.


Is the problem the $4K bond, or the $900K asset?

Landlords need to understand their $900K asset is in reality worth no more than $300K. That’s a $600K loss just waiting to be realized. The only question is, whose watch will it happen on?

As for NSW landlords needing greater rights, yeah F’that. Sure their clients are typically from the bottom quartile of the population, but that’s just the reality of being a landlord. The socioeconomic ststus / grouping of tenants will never change (especially not in Australia). So if you decide you want to own IP’s and be a landlord then sorry to say it, but “rent scum” become your primary income source (your business). Sorting through human trash for good tenants is your chosen path to riches. That’s the reality you sign up for when you buy an IP.

Logically even $300K is too much to spend on an asset where the likely tenants income is in the bottom quartile. Of course viewed through the magic lens of asset speculation and wealth effect, no IP speculator gives a rats about the financial limits of their tenants and therein lies the problem.


Fuck you cunts are gay lol.


thats not coming




Great Post Stewie.

Coles new CEO is a woman too. Probably a big reason why they backed the Yes vote. I’d be expecting them to fail to deliver profits ongoing.

Read their previous CEO’s reports though, he was always keen to waffle on about diversity and sponsor the big anal sex party in Sydney. At least he delivered strong profit in the past few years.


makes you wonder how coles/woolworths can even increase profits at this point besides population growth

their products are identical, theres no real reason to shop at one over another besides store proximity

theyve already made all the cost saving measures you can come up with like vacating all the checkouts of staff and having people stock shelves during the day rather than on night shift like in the 2000s to save on the penalty rates


Agree. I don’t see any great advances with their online shopping platforms either. Both their direct to boot stuff is a joke, has to be more Labor costly than a normal shop yet so are their charging higher prices for the items?
Cost is obv the massive area for all corporations so we can expect massive staff cuts, problem is it won’t be the Karens and Pajeets that go. Pale male and stale is very much evident in corporations now.


their direct to boot service is HORRIBLE or at least coles was

i couldnt believe what a dodgy operation it was when i tried it one time, you have to show up in your car and phone the store and wait for some indian guy to come down to where youre parked and open up the locker room


Coles and Woolworths have given up.
Compared to any supermarket chain I have regularly visited overseas, these two are the absolute pits for customer experience/service. I think they think the next savings will come from reducing theft – after having customer labour do their own checkout for years.
Stores are generally in a filthy state, and it looks like they can barely be bothered stocking shelves at all nowadays. If the shelves were any less stocked we would be doing a comparison with Zimbabwe.
I wouldn’t be surprised if in the future they allocate a fixed ration of food per store and auction it off to the highest bidder rather than satisfy the demand from their shoppers catchment areas which in general have seen massive population increase from the immigration-ponzi.


Their only path to profit is cut costs by sacking big numbers of staff (may happen) or open lots of new stores (that ain’t going to happen, will probably cannibalise their markets anyway). I’ve had a few ok years, hung in during 2023 but prob should have jumped off then.

Weird that Aldi don’t even have Online. I like their model of being cheap arses.

What happened to Amazon coming here and shaking it all up? Their dystopian store with no staff etc disappeared.


I don’t think Amazon has started to truly compete in Australia in the grocery space, unlike in the US when they purchased Whole Foods. Maybe they won’t in the full store sense given supermarkets are essentially another RE game in Australia.

There are items Amazon AU sells that do overlap with ColesWorth and I must admit I use them for all those items where you know if you get it from ColesWorth you’ll be raped on the pricing front.

Sales seem to be on the up.

Last edited 5 months ago by V

amazon australia flopped hard

its not cheap enough relative to stores to be worth it and (dont know what its like in the cities) ordering online in australia sucks and takes fucking ages to get your stuff, 2 weeks seems to be the norm in regional and no one has the patience for that

returns are not viable also due to the costs of shipping back also so depending on the product its russian roulette

Last edited 5 months ago by stagmal

The thing is I don’t think you can have it both ways, near-instant delivery and cheap pricing.
They can in the US simply because the logistics network is far better. Delivery in AU metro areas is pretty good and even to NZ (out of Syd or Melb. only takes a few days generally).
Also it is a chicken-egg situation as unless they increase market share, then they won’t be able to get the deals out of suppliers. Although items sourced from US they already can leverage pricing power.


we have it neither way – slow delivery, high prices

theres no tradeoff in ezfka, you eat shit from every angle

the arborist

Risk aversion intensifies in matriarchal societies, but so also does risk blindness. The matriarchal ‘fairness’ instinct results in importing problems like this.

Nearly 100 people involved in brawl outside Melbourne community centre after protest against ‘corrupt’ regime in African nation of Eritrea turns nasty

I’m sure it’s all white man’s fault though.


Yeah, why are Woolies prices so high? Are they employing too many proud people?
Her on the right is stretching it a bit.


Adam Goodes on there.

He’s busy, got his Defence company to run too, based on his extensive background in the Defence industry. Certainly not a grift to extort companies forcing them to use Aboriginal staff over white Australians any way.


She needs to wear an Akubra, that instantly makes you Aboriginal.


Why are all these fucking idiots so proud?

Try saying you’re a proud white man in any corporate environment today, and see how that works out for you. 🙄



Last year at a large corporation I did some training, thinking it might be worthwhile. I should have known it’s just a scam by the Karens in HR to pretend they are doing something, it’s just a tick box and handing free work out to mates to run.

Anyway the course was with an external trainer, online. Purportedly on Negotiation techniques.
I log on and see there was just me, and a male and a female Pajeet. The trainer starts with a Welcome to country. Fark sake…
He then tries to engage us and makes us each provide ongoing feedback, speak to the exercises we did etc. Listening to these Pajeets was like watching someone else’s kids kinder play. They were low IQ and barely spoke legibly. At one stage I think I was dumber than when I started so logged off early. I gave scathing feedback but heard nothing.


These are the whites that will be left when we are gone:


So our SMH wants to minimize the dangers posed by AI and naturally this involves making new laws…powerful laws, purpose built laws, effective laws, naturally only to prevent High Risk AI from running amok.
Like honestly wtf does AI care about Australian law?
What are you going to do if AI breaks your laws?
Imprison the program?
Imprison the programmer?
Demolish the computer that a copy of the program runs on?
Publicly name and shame?

Clueless Aussies my life’s bane.

Don’t get me wrong we need to react, we need to understand where AI is taking us, we need to get there before machines do and figure out what there even looks like.
A world where almost all human labour is valueless is a very disturbing world. To some extent Aussies are already way ahead of the rest of the world because we invented (even perfected) the BS jobs for everyone economy. Logically this is where we’re all headed, it’s worrying but it’s our future.


sick of hearing about this danish princess bitch shes not even that hot


She was she didn’t age too well.


Well this is interesting


hes been exposed as a pro immigration wanker, thought he was doing good work originally with his website but he crumbled on twitter over the immigration question


hes ‘south african’ right? aka………………………….


His website looks reasonably useful but obviously doesn’t count for much given that mr and mrs poo aren’t gonna be too fussy.


How does he pay for a mortgage on a Sydney apartment from posting stuff on X? Unless he’s just another rich kid whose Daddy doesn’t love him…


Yeah I just assume they are all rich kids now.


If she stepped on my toes I’d give her a little shove and knock her on her scrawny buck toothed arse.

I was walking through a mall in the centre of town a few weeks ago and this cocky pajeet bitch in a high school uniform walked directly across my path while gibbering to one of her her mates. She clearly expected me to move aside for her so I braced and gave her a fairly decent hip slam that almost knocked her down. She squealed and started to give me some teen hindi lip, but I’m 6’4″ and 210 lb, and I gave her my best fish eye stare, and told her to watch where she was fucking going in future, which produced a big bug-eye and “sorry sorry sorry” in return. Brahmins are full of themselves, which means they’re full of shit. They all need slapping.


Based. Yeah I hate the upper caste poos thankfully there doesn’t seem to be too many of them here.


I think it’s like an extension of the cool rebellious phase in high school. I got into it a bit, apart from the loving of mass immigration.


How piss poor is your own cause when you have to latch onto the next thing?

Imagine the Hamas fuckwits in Gaza and their masters in Dubai looking at these inner city aborigines…yep, your Stone Age Dreamtime shit fits in nicely with Islam…the Mullahs would order their deaths right after they push the Greens onto their knees and bow their heads.

Queers for Palestine


They will be of use to every male who has a female threat in the work place as well. Same with Indians they are quite sexist.


I recall reading somewhere that Islamics recruited Aborigines and some Islanders for low IQ and gullible nature. Anthony Mundine classic example. Easy to manipulate in jail it said.


Now here’s a great example of women turning things to shit.

Female employee steals $100 million fucking US dollars and blows it on mind bogglingly blatant expenditures, while supervised by another female, who must’ve understood her female trauma yadder yadder…

I don’t believe that this shit would’ve happened had men been in the chain of command.


Melissa Caddick, that Sydney fraudster who disappeared but they found her foot washed up. Made a mini series out of her, so much LoLs.

The media are so stupid they never bothered to research her properly. Or who her old boyfriend might be. She dumped him years before because she thought he was too boring and worked too hard. She was admin staff at a pissy Financial Planners. He’s now very seriously rich, I mean very. Keeps that on the downlow though I’m sure.


You’ve mentioned a lot of this stuff in comments before, thanks heaps for putting it altogether into a cohesive whole. Those neuroticism charts are particularly interesting. However, I’m more interested in action than theory. How can we rebuild a nation?


we cant

Agent 47

Yes. There’s only one v word that is effective, but very few have the stomach for it.


has anyone noticed how obsessed indians are with their cell phone?

therer seems to be a daily ritual in the street i live in now of at least one of indians who also live in the street walking up and down the road at all hours talking loudly into their phone in their jibberish language

why do they do this? whats the fixation with their phone

i guess its refeshing at least they still talk on the phone at all, phone calls seem to make white people extremely nervous niw

Aussie Soy Boy

I don’t know but not nearly as annoying as legacy scum with loud cars, loud music, loud dogs. Would love a neighbourhood 100% Indian and Chinese obsessed with talking into their phone on speaker.


idg whats stopping you from moving to mumbai

dogs are fucking awful though

Aussie Soy Boy

I have no real affinity for Indians so many other places I would rather be, but they make good neighbours. Quiet and respectful, something lost on the average useless legacy unit of scum.

Agent 47

Shit troll. 0/10.


You forgot to say “how great is their curry?!!”

the arborist

Yes, it’s so rampant it’s almost impossible not to notice. They are surely not saying anything worth saying that can’t be said in under 5 minutes, but they seem to be talking constantly – and with no pauses to do any listening at all. It is truly bizarre.

I suppose the legacy equivalents are the drones who must constantly have their radio / TV / spotify / etc on in the background in order to snuff out any chance of contemplation on the state of their lives. Constant jibber jabber is the enemy of rational thought and the elites love that cattle class citizens are too busy and distracted to notice anything.


I asked an Uber driver once, he said he spent all day on a Whatsapp voice chat. Friends and family from home just jump in and out all day.


is there any difference at all between store brand weetbix and branded weetbix

same w/ store brand corn flake vs kelloggs


Both are effective in lowering your testosterone…kidding. It’s a myth that Kellog invented cereal to prevent masturbation, but I heard Joe Rogan repeat it as his fact the other day.


he made corn flakes as bland as possible bc he didnt like the idea of people enjoying themselves

he was against masturbation for the same reason

i eat my weetbix/cornflakes plain but its not hard to understand why people are so tempted to dump sugar or honey on them

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The house next door sold in December. I caught a glimpse of what I presume are the new owners over the weekend, and FMD it looks like they be a bunch of Arabs. ☹️

the arborist

There goes the neighbourhood. It’s happening everywhere. Although I’m sure someone here will assure you that Arabs are better than Aussies with loud cars / dogs / music etc and that Arabs are respectful and make great neighbours. Because all Aussies have loud cars / dogs / music and invaders never do.


i live in the most bogan area probably of anyone here and ive never had trouble with bogans once

only thing about white people i will say (though its not class dependent) is they are obsessed with owning retarded dogs which menace you every time you go out

the arborist

Even if it’s just a tiny, yappy thing that that’s no threat, but barks incessantly.


the smaller ones are always the most aggressive


Just put a fatwa on them if they play music or have dogs which is forbidden in Islām


Little dogs have caused me a lot of grief. Wasted entire days because I was so fucked off. Like water torture. Bitches need sorting out. Absolute bimbo fools.


Surely our treatment of dogs as a white man is what separates us from the savages? Islamics and Africans recoil in fear of a good guard dog. Rich Pajeets buy Labs and Golden Retrievers because they want white acceptance.

Owned dogs all my life, stalked with them, been attacked by them. Just like guns, it’s the fuckwit handling them that is the problem.


We don’t allow people to drink in public because too many people are boorish when they get on the beers. Much the same should apply to dogs.

Aussie Soy Boy

They are disgusting animals, the dog stench gets into everything even if the animals are always outside. The owners are completely oblivious to it.


never let a dog in your car ever the car is as good as done if even once


They really are. Their butt germs get all over the carpet. They literally eat their own shit. They are used by matriarchally led white families to have a focal point of affection so they don’t fuckin kill each other for being so jewish.

You get kindly smiles by other goy retards when you take them for a walk. It’s like some sort of claytons non jewishness.


they have no sweat glands so all the stinko comes out their mouth

the arborist

No, I don’t think we are. We were having a conversation about how legazens are stereotyped by some people as being loud and obnoxious.

the arborist

They stole shoes? Must be another group of ‘teens’ called Deng.

A gang of intruders stole laptops and shoes before stabbing a young doctor to death and leaving him to die alone on a street after he chased them out of his house.

Agent 47

Could be wrong but from the grainy CCTV I saw it looked like Nigs and Coconuts.

Either way, the usual teary announcement of the guys passing on Facebook and some judge saying the perp had a rough upbringing and getting a minimum sentence will ensue.


The best thing is that no matter how prone to criminality immigrants from a given are, our immigration policy will NEVER take that into account.

Elon tweeted recently that DEI for airline pilots will only be stopped when a fully laden plane crashes. Real ones know that this ideology can’t be affected by outcomes. Shades of “real socialism has never been tried”.


the bringing in of the sudanese starting in the mid 2000s was the beginning of the end, that was the point where we gave up any attempt to vet migrants to a mildly sane degree

before then, the worst we got were lebos

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The Lebos were an unmitigated disaster, thanks to Malcom Frazer and his pathetic virtue signalling “look at me I’m humanitarian” efforts. The AFP have been battling Lebos in organised crime families and bikie gangs ever since.

We see it with mentally scarred and low IQ Iranians and Sudos.

Albo smuggling in 850 Palestinians before Christmas will be the same.


How the fuck did they get bail? Mental illness does not account for any of this.

The girl was allegedly threatened with a kitchen knife and told to strip naked before she was forced to perform sexual acts while being filmed, according to police fact sheets. 

Police will allege she was blindfolded with her own t-shirt and raped repeatedly by the two men in the shower recess while under cold running water. 

The court heard the two men allegedly used the teenager to advertise prostitution and drugs by posting two photos on her personal Instagram page.

She had thought she was picking up a friend’s phone from the hotel when she was allegedly lured there by a male associate.

The men are accused of holding a second woman captive and forcing her to take her clothes off when she arrived at the room to check on the girl.

It is alleged the two women managed to escape the hotel at 3.30am the following morning and went straight to a relative’s home, who contacted the police.


they are bad but not quite as bad as the sudanese, who are the most alien population any other non-african society can import

they look like purple eggplants to me; there’s something about them that is just not human

latin america got the best of the lebanese mercantile diaspora but we got the refugee rejects

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Doc looks soy boy af.


Yeh right.

Fucker chased them out into the street and engaged them. Just like you would’ve.

the arborist

Hello Peachy.

I saw this in the edit profile page.

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whered she go

coming disappears around the same time as peachy


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So after the day of the rope are we gonna force the uggos (feminists and incels) to get married and have kids?

Lol lol


Even the Eshays are speaking more eloquently than the faggots in our political and media space


I saw this a few weeks ago, pretty gruesome vid. Leg fully bent the wrong way. I felt sorry for her. But now….

Aussie Soy Boy

Legacy Aussies are such freaks lol. The roughest, ugliest people on the planet.


I reckon she probably had a rough as guts massive bf in the passenger seat issuing threats and all sorts of abuse, or she herself was doing it expecting him to be the muscle.

It’s like they subconsciously want to go back into the bush, or like with the left they think it’s rebelliousness but actually its submissiveness.

Whatever the case. More fucktards.


We get it. Show us on the doll where Jayden hurt you,

As a % how many Aussies are actually like this, confirmation bias aside.


Well lib/lab vote is 75% or so…

Show us how blonde you are, so blonde you belong in a gay bar.

s-l1200 (1).jpg

I guess I am supposed to entirely blame the jews for her having a tatt in 72pt font, caps, and bold, on her forehead. She’s an extreme and then it goes across the spectrum to a large extent.


There’s always more to it.

Ms Harvey has also displayed on her Facebook page a photo of her with nine other people, most of whom were wearing Mongrel Mob colours.The Mongrel Mob is NZ’s largest motorcycle gang, and in the photo Ms Harvey is wearing one of the club T-shirts.

Beside the photo is written a post, saying ‘Love us Mongrel Mob Wahine Toa’, the last two words meaning ‘warrior woman’ in Maori.

In Australia, Ms Harvey has been listed multiple times to appear in Pine Rivers and Brisbane Magistrates Courts for traffic matters, bail and probations hearings, most recently in last November.


very obviously maori


Attention WA! I have recently come across this, looks like it might be worth a punt:  

They are trying to get 500 members to contest the 2025 WA state election as a counterweight to the Greens. After McGowan changed the electoral act to make it easier for the left.

Pretty scary to think what life would be like if the Greens hold the balance of power…. 

Anyway, a bold challenge to the current Australian core value: apathy.


Someone use that Simpson’s meme, you’re killing him he’s had enough already…