Australian journalist exhausted after another hard week of covering up immigrant crime

An Australian journalist has reached breaking point after a tough week covering up escalating crimes by imports.

Guardian journalist Tom McCaffrey said the past week of multicultural crimes has been especially tough to write off as ‘from war torn countries’ and that buying a plane ticket and paying Home Affairs some money for a visa gives you a clean slate to do whatever you want.

“The usual ‘but white people do it too so it’s ok’ schtick doesn’t work anymore, people have cottoned on to per capita. I mean did you also know Japanese people commit the most crime in Japan?” McCaffrey said.

“The neoliberal angle of think of all the jobs created in corrections, police, the courts and social workers has worn off too. Do you know how many times I’ve had to write ‘Melbourne man’ or ‘Dandenong youth’ because some bloke named Deng Adok Deng stabbed somebody?”

‘Whether it’s imported doctors killing actual Australian doctors in home invasions, Abos running amok in Queensland, Lebos firebombing the shit out of each other’s tobacco stores, Islander security guards chimping out on Summernats patrons or Eritreans fighting each other at a ‘cultural gathering’, it’s getting tougher and tougher to pin this on white people.’

However, McCaffrey said he was looking forward to the annual Australia Day white guilt fest and another chance to use Aboriginals as a battering ram against white Australia given the failure of the Voice.

“I’ll say a few Welcome to Country’s this week to get me in the right frame of mind for another week of self-hate. Really looking forward to Senator Briggs and Bruce Pascoe’s speeches on how tough the grift has been this past year.”

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We’d hardly need the plod at all if it wasn’t for the ethnics.

Agent 47

From over a decade of experience, I concur. Id hazard a guess 85% of my time spent Policing was dealing with non-white demographics the serious stuff anyway.

Anglos were usually the same hardened crooks or juvies you arrest over and over and you end up knowing them on a first name basis.


Today I had my second failed attempt at buying an apartment. Agreed on price, got hold of the Strata Report and found out that warranty expired, and final warranty inspection found over 150 serious structural defects (mainly cracking resulting in water leaks, mould, etc) that the builder has refused to fix. That means the strata fees will rocket.

Straya. The land of maximising profits, self-regulation, and caveat emptor.


Bullet dodged!


Second bullet dodged. It is disheartening.

There seems to be a legal loophole related to cracking. The person who did the warranty inspection says there are so many cracks and leaks that it is a systemic flaw that the builder must fix under warranty. The builder says it is not systemic, just normal wear and tear affecting some apartments, and no legal obligation to fix under warranty.

Consumer Builder protections.


Red tape must be eliminated in the name of efficiency!


Just wait til the Unions cave (or more likely are paid off) to accept an all the Immigrants into construction.


We are already there. A building “firm” is just a small team of administrators. Everything is sub-contracted to smaller companies that pay slaves $150/day and charge them out at $1000/day.


It was a massive mistake to privatise building inspections.


when was it ever not a mistake to privatize something

it never delivers good outcomes virtually ever


This one is particularly insane because most inspections are booked by the actual builder. There is financial incentive for the inspector to sign off on anything that basically passes the “I don’t think it will injure someone” test.

It was obvious from the moment they did this what would happen.

Can’t chalk this one up to negligence. It’s pure corruption.

the arborist

It wasn’t a mistake. They knew what they were doing. Corruption is the EZFKA way.


I’m increasingly of the opinion that the US is the grip of Democrat driven Archotyranny, and that this is likely to soon start to see blow back – which may or may not be what the Democrats are seeking.

People assume the next US civil war will be like the last one, making the same mistake and assumption about the cause of the next recession or depression.

Although I haven’t found a link, I assume one of the reasons that there has been such a recent re-examination of the Spanish Civil War, is that someone must have made the connection between the low intensity but accelerating Archotyranny of the Left and what happened in Spain back in the 30s.

As detestable that history likes to portray Franco as being, he still comes out smelling better than the depraved communist and anarchists.

Capture - Copy (7).JPG

fatass americans are not fighting a civil war over anything except maybe if someone cut their twinkie supply

a lot of them cant even ambulate anymore and need mobility scooters to get them to walmart

cursed fucking shithole country

Last edited 5 months ago by stagmal

Armed conflict of the Spanish Civil War occurred at the end in 1936, that is what everyone thinks of. But there was a long period before hand of low grade civil conflict, riots, bombings, shootings, with the country becoming increasingly fractured and polarized along the way. This is quite a believable scenario for the US imho.

Don’t be lulled into thinking all American’s are helpless fat land whales, a lot of them sure, but they are also a lot who are highly religiously motivated, and and more who are highly patriotic, and many who are both. Patriotisms is hard for people in living in a euthanised, lobotomised society like ours to truly understand.

Last edited 5 months ago by Stewie

spain was poor and agrarian

wealthy first world countries dont devolve into civil wars unfortunately

life is too good to bother, the trump cult isnt that big either. a lot of republicans dont really even like the guy; republican primary voters =/= actual republican voters

Last edited 5 months ago by stagmal

Spain was poor and agrarian – which is why the Anarchists were initially a bigger political force than the Communists, but it also had industry, mainly in Catalonia. But as these problems progress Catalonia actually began to deindustrialise.

It is less about Trump, who is merely one of the fault lines, it is the fact that the US is as increasingly divided as Spain was. My point is the next American civil war is unlikely to be a replay of the last one, and more likely to be like the Spanish one, or the initial stages of it in the lead up to the coup de tat.



‘Eunuch-maker’ case: Male escort jailed for removing man’s genitals

The Old Bailey had previously heard the procedure carried out by Byrnes is linked to a subculture where men become “nullos” – short for genital nullification – by having their penis and testicles removed…. She told the court Byrnes was hired by Gustavson, who called himself “the eunuch-maker” and had been involved in “numerous” extreme body-modification procedures including the removal of other men’s genitals.




I think it’s called Chupzha, delusional Chupzha… they define their reality, you’re an antisemite if you call them out.


the level of self victimisation these people have to be on all the while they commit wholesale genocide at the same time and gaslight everyone into believing theyre not doing that


staggy can you change that thumbnail pls


whats the beef w it

the arborist

I don’t have a problem with it but an extreme leftist on pollbludger used exactly the same picture as his / her / their avatar for a while.

Am mildly curious why harry would dislike it. Maybe he’s got PTSD from pollbludger.


its a dolphin

animal morph food fruit dolphin banana.jpg

Argh my eyes!!

The animalmorphisation of that banana is playing with perception of reality.


Perfidious, two faced, dual morality fuckwits. Easy to believe they’ve been kicked out of 109 countries.

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