Calls to rename Victoria ‘South South Sudan’ after latest wave of African violence in Melbourne

There are calls to rename Victoria “South South Sudan” after a spree of African violence across Melbourne in the past few days, from gangs that have never existed before.

Former Immigration Minister Amanda Vanstone has led the calls, stating that the recent wave of African violence across the state has confirmed that renaming Victoria would be ‘the right thing to do.’

“Whether it’s Eritreans fighting each other at cultural gatherings, Somalis punching on at weddings, doctors being killed in home invasions or Sudanese teens fighting each other at shopping centres with machetes, our diverse cultural make-up would benefit greatly from the state’s renaming,” Vanstone said.

“I’m proud of my legacy as any other childless, middle-aged white woman would be. There’s even potential for other parts of Australia to be renamed in repsect to Africans, given the burgeoning crime and low iq in those areas.”

Vanstone later said she would be departing Melbourne in the near future for ‘whiter pastures.’

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Can we have a quick show of hands about which ethnic group is the worst in terms of stupidity and violence? I’m struggling to pick between the Somalis and the Sudanese, though I have a feeling it’s the latter.

Agent 47

Probably Sudos. Completely normal to have a machete fight in a shopping centre.

the arborist

Sudanese would win by a flat nose.



somalians are mixed caucasoid while south sudanese are pure eggplant


Yup, legacy of the earlier Nile civilizations most Southern expansion and influence as well as subsequent Arab conquest.

Meanwhile in the central african salad:

The average number of PGHs, they noted, was much higher — between five and 15 times — among sub-Saharan Africans than non-Africans. It was also higher than the researchers had expected based on simulated datasets.

This suggested that a major archaic admixture event may have taken place in sub-Saharan Africa. Based on differences in PGHs among genomes from Khoesans, Central African Pygmies, and West, East, and North Africans, they further said that this admixture event likely took place in the ancestors of modern-day Khoesans before spreading to other modern human populations.

By archaic my money would be on Homo Erectus, as that was the only other early human hominid that had a sizeable enough population and wide enough range, that some small legacy pockets of it could have survived for an interbreeding event – like what occurred with Caucasians and Asians with the Neanderthals and Devonians.

Capture - Copy (8).JPG

somalians have that lightbulb phenotype

lanky bodies and bulbous disproportionate skulls with tallish foreheads

emperor halie selassie was a pretty superlative example of the afro-semitic phenotype

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How would you take them on if you had to fight them? Tall, fast as an antelope. Unless I was good at boxing and could get in some quick good punches I’d be fooked.

Maybe tackle them and use my relative strength. Headbutts and elbows.

But I would just want to run away and be a faggot. I didn’t import them. Not my problem and I’d rather bash the traitors and rob them any day.


Situational awareness is your friend. If you see things turning pear-shaped (which includes just seeing a group of these cunts standing aroind in one spot) then get the hell away, while looking for something to use as a weapon, which can be anything you can pick up and swing with or throw like a chair or a store front sign. Avoid fighting if entirely possible.

If a fight is unavoidable, try to find and use a weapon.

As a last resort, I”m a trained boxer. I’d go for a blitz of fast punches then run like hell while looking for a weapon.

I generally carry a metal pen, and a stiff toothed pocket comb. Both are generally considered harmless, but the pen is good for striking and the pocket comb, believe it or not, is a good slashing implement, particularly across the eyes and face.

If I see more than two Africans anywhere near me, I pay close attention to them until they’re well gone.


if i see any group of young nigger males up ahead i just cross the road to get away from them if possible, the best defense against them is distance

they are too vicious/dangerous, they have a degree of cruelty to them that abos dont have. abos would just try and fight you but africans will pull out a machette and stab you in the street or decapitate you with it, its a whole other level of brutality with them


I’ve only seen them 2 times in my area. Probably blow ins on a day trip.

At least I can bash 99% of gooks and poos.


Very insightful. Have had a couple of Tactical pens blocked from coming in, but a good quality steel actual pen stays in the console.

Problem is that young whites should be able to safely travel Melbourne on public transport, go to the beach etc. but they can’t. Even to from school is dangerous with Sudos on trains with machetes pretty common.

One can try to impress the need for situational awareness but it’s just not realistic for white teens. Avoid any contact with Sudo’s and Islamics full stop is the ideal.

Labor has made it a hellscape for young Australians. Leftards promote this.

EZFKA x is on fire lately.


LEGear is an Australian retailer with a good supply of tactical pens.

There’s an LEGear outlet near where I used to work, and I bought an Uzi pen and a Smith and Wesson pen from them over the counter. You should be able to get them online from the link without any problems.

They’re good for carry, but I put them in the checked luggage when flying, as airport security, even in EZFKA, may consider them a bit dodgy.

The hard plastic comb is unobtrusive, seemingly innocuous, easily concealable and surprisingly…worthwhile. Try dragging the teeth of one quickly across your arm, and you’ll see what I mean.

Meanwhile…I’ve just bought another S&W .38 revolver, to go with my other two .38s and the .357 Magnum, because a man can never have too many S&w revolvers.


Ha! My Dad was with a security company delivering cash a long long time ago, he had a 38 S&W as company issue even as a manager and sheeeeet that made him a super hero to us. They had a firing range in the company warehouse inner city as well, we went in on weekends as kids with the 22. Great days. It’s easier to stick with the compound bows these days.
Had assumed it was Victorian nanny state rules that blocked tac pens, never wanted to buy in Qld and get caught trying to bring home.


how many ss-africans do you think are in melbourne i havent been there in a while

the only place ive been to with a lot of them ‘recently’ is orange nsw


Melb has the most in EZFKA, yay. Stats say half of the total of 20k or something. Per capita crime rates though…

They’ve like rats, once you spot them you see them everywhere. Plus they’re over represented in shitholes and in crimes, so highly visible,

The media and Vic Pol do its best to hide them from crime reporting though. Just when you thought you didn’t hate the media enough…

The news about the centre being locked down yesterday due to the violent gangs deliberately hid all mention of them being Sudanese but the machete comment is a big giveaway. They are located mainly in the CBD, in the SE in Dandenong or over in the West.


Add to that the guess when the first of the grooming gangs will start in EZFKA? Are we 5 years behind the UK, if so the Pajeet Paedos are about due in 3, 2…


They like it. They are outcast depressives. Vanstone might be Liberal but she’s the sort of person that sits inside all day and bakes cakes and eats too many biscuits.


Would funny if not so sad and true.

Daniel Andrews and his legion of cucks and media suck ups have fought so hard to deny this problem for so long. They go on the attack on anyone who tries to mention it.

Watch their ultimate gas lighting now with a response (just like Albo fucks the economy then tells the public he is now all about fighting inflation).

Local Sudo leaders would be rolled out, Vic Pol leadership will trot out the same hand holding plans. Vic Pol are cowards now anyway, they only attack grandmas protesting so they’re not about to bring back their toys and violence now against 6ft ice infused jungle bunnies.

Fact is these gangs are working for Bikies and Lebo crime gangs who order the cars etc. These Sudos are not keeping the cars etc. they’re doing it to fill an order.

If you haven’t left Sicktoria by now you’re fucked, best thing you can do is buy more home security.


Again the Leftards in EZFKA are so feckin sanctimonious and screaming into their echo chamber, the outcome is awesome. Splatter shit everywhere with their behaviour.

This one where they are trying to cancel the cancellers, while proving that the Choos really do seek to control EZFKA.


This guy


our local Bunnings have theirs chained off most of the time. They only open them when all the checkouts are open and they still can’t keep up.


so called auto check outs were always a lie – theres nothing automated about them, its YOU doing the work and not getting paid for it. never use them and demand a human checkout worker

i cant stand them especially now they all have creep cams in them that play back your face back to you for absolutely no reason – what’s the point of that, are they just trying to creep you out


They work awesome where I live, people love them. That article is retarded.


Our CFO has informed us that the price of steel is going to increase by $200 per ton, after consistently falling for the last 18 odd months.
Maybe inflation is not done with yet?


Not the property collapse we want, but the property collapse we deserve.


“I’m proud of my legacy as any other childless, middle-aged white woman would be. There’s even potential for other parts of Australia to be renamed in repsect to Africans, given the burgeoning crime and low iq in those areas.”

Example #407 for the Longhouse of BAD long term decision making vs immediate emotional reward.

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wheres that




I remember in the 80s when Ford Lasers were like the Corolla/Mazda3/Hyundai you couldn’t go for a drive without seeing one pretty much.

It’s funny how leftists pine for all that old retro shit the most. More retarded cognitive dissonance. Humans are idiots.


That’s what you had to look like to get the mooty moot in the grunge years. I don’t miss that. What a cock sucker.