DLS surrenders and admits EZFKA is the reality

This EZFKA blog was created by the wonderous and mysterious “Peachy” in October 2020, with the following statement of truth:

We now live in a generic economic zone, geographically bounded by the continent. The ‘Economic Zone Formerly Known as Australia’ – EZFKA

Once you start looking at local matters (events, social and economic policies, public discourse) as occurring in a multicult mass migration economic zone exhaustively characterised by the mere jostling for economic resources (rather than a society and nation shaped by a shared history, perhaps animated to strive towards goals fulfilling commonly affirmed values), much about EZFKA’s thriving corporatocracy starts making sense.


While I prefer the slightly abbreviated version of:

“Once you start looking at the events through the lens of culture, it becomes apparent that the deliberate pursuit of mass migration under the social policy of MultiCult, has been designed to turn a once cohesive society into an economic zone filled with atomised consumers, and our fertile plains abandoned for tax farms stretching over our cities. We are no longer the cohesive nation that we once were, rather we are now the Economic Zone Formally Known as Australia”

– Stewie 2020

It has only taken 3 years but DLS has finally started to catch up…. welcome to the EZFKA club!

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Lord Bradley of Kremnos

Had to pop in to join the fun. The immigration debacle is starting to bubble out of the drains where all can see it. The truth about the betrayal from the duopoly is resonating. Albo’s preferred new consumers are not nice, they rape on average 13 girls and women each and every hour and somehow they get special privileges that will see them not counted in Labor’s bait and switch “immigration reform”. Sexual violence still widespread in India – ABC News
Join me in actively campaigning against Labor next election. That too is fun.


dutton wants to flood us w the same people, can you offer us an alternative to all the major parties including one nation?

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Lord Bradley of Kremnos

I will be voting SAP. Last Federal election, my effort was urging people to simply put the LNP last. Both parties need bottom billing on the ballot. I don’t care if SAP are no chance of winning, I will be pumping “the ONLY party with a sustainable population policy” line. My hope is for a hung parliament and the chaos it brings. Just like the alcoholic needs to sink so low before they change, so does the “system” that has ruined housing.


Here in WA there are attempts to prevent the Green becoming the balance of power after Labor changed rules. The
is trying to get 500 members to be able to participate in the next election.
They only have a week left to fill the quota. Try to beat the apathy and give them a hand.

Lord Bradley of Kremnos

I am with SAP in spite of the hurdles it faces. Just urging people to put the duopoly last should cause enough chaos to see a hung parliament and the uncertainty that brings.

Agent 47

They’re just a bunch of inner city pussies who won’t confront multiculturalism or the non white overtones of the immigration program, which is happening in all five eyes nations. As Stewie pointed out, they stay in the ‘safe zones’ of numbers and environment.

TLDR they’re afraid of the conflict that needs to be had.


Agree. Libs need to be literally bludgeoned into standing up.

Unfortunately the Victorian Libs were smashed into irrelevance by a corrupt and well organised Labor leader, but the fact remains the Libs in Sicktoria deserve their position of zero public presence or support.

Federally there isn’t that elite level of corruption yet, or pure evil sociopathic skill as Daniel Andrews. They’re all pretty pathetic.

Now is not the time for weakness, which they all seem to have. The time is right for a balls to the wall figure who will stand up.

Where are you H…?



Look at this illiterate savage who would rape your pet and shit on your footpath.

He’s so hot right now.

Houthis and their Leftard apologists for the win.


Anybody who tries any raping, let alone shitting, near me or mine had better be vewy, vewy careful. I have low tolerance of such activities..



Ironic Boomer

Beach shitters! Indoor plumbing is hwhite supremecy.


Lord Mayor Sally Cap really needs to do something about this, these poor women interviewed on Collins Street are not happy



494 million out of a global population of 7 billion is what…about 7%? That sounds luke a bloody great effort to me.

Overall, it just demonstrates that Africa and India are, and always will be, shitholes.


Bill Gates was gonna save the world by giving them all dunnies. Dunno what happened with that. They’d probably destroy them.


Speaking of destroying toilets, do they still have instructions on public toilets in some areas?

I remember a mate telling me about 15 years ago that when he was working at Melb Airport their maintenance budget was largely on replacing the toilet seats weekly in the taxi holding bay because the Africans squatted on the seats breaking them. Fark…


I’ve heard about them but never seen any. I never shit in public toilets.


They still have signs in Japan, even though in a lot of public places like major railway stations they have both squat and modern toilets.


squatting on porcelain toilets is super dangerous, when porcelain shatters it forms very hard sharp edges

the arborist


1) They pooers wouldn’t understand the sign
2) They wouldn’t obey the rule even if they could understand it.

The pooing will continue unabated.

Gruppenführer Mark

Yep! Cottesloe beach had this sign for a while, it has been removed but the memory remains. Very expensive and affluent area!



Effluent area


It’s ok, “Dr.” Jim Chalmers and his Treasury don’t even care to understand what the impacts are on our trade, oil, etc. being shipped through the Red Sea that these Houthi fuckwits are targeting.

So why would Albo commit Australian troops to support US and UK air strikes? I fully support destroying the Aloha Snackbar morons but it seems pretty stupid not even checking out why. Shows how amateurish Labor are at this Government thingy.

Not as bad as the ugly Chinese Lesbian Senator doling out $22m of our tax dollars to some other goat fuckers yesterday, but close.

The media will be happy just to glamourise the goat fuckers while they hold up our trade and ratchet up our inflation up again.

Retired ex Senator Rex Patrick will be ignored by the media as he digs this out. Scum journalists will instead run pieces on who is the Hottest looking Houthi. EZFKA…


This is the sort of enterprising ethnic the EZFKA really needs! Check out that scam SMS rig!


Agent 47

Will give full marks for being high IQ crime and not just a bunch of pajeets in a boiler room in Tarneit cold calling everyone.


The SAP are traitors, they had their chance and fucked it up. I was a member and volunteered for them at one point but I will never again vote for them.

Their softcock leadership team was afraid of offending the permanently offended alphabet soup brigade who never would have voted for them anyway and completely neutered their message. There was a bubbling undercurrent of voters pissed off with mass immigration ready to come on board and instead of embracing that and becoming an electoral force on par with the Greens they have gone backwards while saying nothing.

There’s a party out there to take advantage of the situation but it sure isn’t SAP.

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i wouldnt be so sure. australians really dont care about immigration regardless of what they say in polls.


Thats what I reckon. Australians think they are cool for not caring or something. They’re a pretty shitty people.


you’re right unfortunately

Agent 47

They also believe in the climate scam so they can GGF


They seem to be mostly science types. Genuine academics.

Unfortunately politics is largely a sales/marketing job and they probably have zero artistic talent.


They are too passive for me. Did not care that one of their own candidates was public talking about expropriation as a solution. Did not care that they were being labelled as racists by SBS and JJJ. Absolutely zero chance of achieving anything worthwhile.


they just have no public profile, no way to make one, not enough funding, australians think this whole question is just boring or unsavoury and want nothing to do with it. thats the reality. we already have PHON as a right wing nationalist somewhat migration restrictionist alternative and theyre not especially popular either.

Last edited 5 months ago by stagmal

There was a window when many of us supported them financially, and they had growing publicity with the help of Dick Smith, Mark Latham, and dare I say MB. They squandered it. Allowed themselves to be slandered as a racist party by SBS and JJJ so that their voter base wouldn’t grow. Too passive.


yeah i donated/was a member/dropped leaflets in mailboxes i think during the 2019 election? they got like a few hundred votes iirc in my elecotrate

Agent 47



Heh. Nice work. 👍😊


“Youths” that murdered the doc were only 16. His sister(who had a nose ring) was on the news saying she wants the death penalty.



There are people out there who were severely psychologically damaged by all the Covid fear nudging and propaganda bullshit, and they’ll probably never recover.


Get your 6th jab, and wear a mask, FFS. 🙄

The unfortunate thing is that these crazy arseholes would applaud locking everybody down and all that other shit at the drop a hat. The fear craziness seems to be comorbid with totalitarian impulses in a lot of people.


Fark…that’s a wild ride down a wormhole of retards.

Look at the type of weird fucks that talk to each other, crazy cat lady is putting it mildly.


And this cuck


And finally their political mindset is rusted in…living under wall to wall Federal and State Labor governments and says this:


JFC. He’s probably oblivious to the immigration numbers or has done some crazy mental gymnastics to justify it.


It’s a fair point, with Long Covid now being normalised and accepted as a thing. There was a media push the other week with them pushing a young white male to reset their agenda (the Covid bedwetters must have realised it was pretty much just overweight neurotic white females who have this “affliction“). Remember Chronic Fatigue which seems to have disappeared…? Long Covid is probably a heady mix of the vahhccseen and personality disorder.

The Covid betwetters and media love to trot out the idea that mental illness is now a huge issue, hiding the fact it is their own mental illness and they have really just grabbed into something (Covid). They also don’t realise the fact it is the media causing their mental illness. It’s the same with Trans people, they had mental illness before so the fact they self harm later isn’t because of the way they are treated as a trans. Trans is a mental illness like others, but it has been ‘legitimised’. We used to just call them transvestites.

IMHO there was a huge unrecognised amount of neurotic retards, who pre Covid had no personality or focus for their shit lives.

Covid gave them a focus, power and a tribe.

Many latched onto the likes of cult leaders Dan Andrews and Brett Sutton, who fed these people who in return gave them idolation.

It literally was a death cult. Hourly they hung onto reports of Hospitalisations and deaths, these rising numbers gave them joy and satisfaction that somehow their lives and cult membership was worthwhile.

None of these nutters sought out better health through their own means. None took personal responsibility. They attacked anyone who did, screaming “put your mask on!”, tried to cancel anyone who did take personal responsibility or refused to join the cult.

Now we still have the vestiges of these nutters, but they have spawned a further mental cult of self righteous anti cooker anti facist types. I’ll leave that for another day.


This whole time I thought you were Soos….


I bet these people would similarly have their small minds blown when they walk along a beach at any Melbourne sailing club, seeing kids leave their stuff on the beach knowing it’s safe in a white / high trust environment…



i’m noticing a lot more syringes being left absolutely everywhere compared to maybe 10 years ago. i found one today outside my place on the sidewalk, carefully dumped it in the trash. is this getting common elsewhere too?

i dont think its even just junkies a lot of them are insulin syringes, people just drop them where-ever they don’t give a fuck


Nice to see the elites copping the consequences of what they support.


Didn’t Elbow and Burnie visit Alice for 4 hours to solve the crime problem last year? Headlines from NT
Police are asking for public assistance to identify the people responsible for smashing the windows of up to 20 vehicles parked at an apartment complex on Gap Road overnight in another senseless crime that a local MLA says is taking a toll on young families in Alice Springs.

Five males of unknown ages have been arrested after allegedly stealing two vehicles from a Nightcliff residence they used for a crime spree throughout the Darwin CBD and northern suburbs overnight, including a ram raid at a Cavenagh Street bottle shop, NT Police said.

A young child has allegedly been sexually assaulted in Alice Springs, NT Police said.


I wish SAP had a future, honestly I wish SAP had a future.
Unfortunately, this is the real world and whatever current of change SAP was tapped into, it has been capitalized on by the Teals.
SAP has never won even a single seat, by contrast the Teals are the largest single change in Aussie politics in the last 75 years. In the real world, failure is an orphan, whereas success has a thousand fathers. This is the real world.

If the Teals fail at the next election, then we are back with a 2 party system, where both parties have embraced the same failed immigration policy, the same failed industrial policy, with the very same insanity passing for education policy….oh and they both love the housing game (more than life itself)

For me this whole debate is not about immigration; rather it’s about opportunity, specifically the opportunities we are creating for Aussie youngsters. As it stands we’re raising a lost generation, Aussie youth simply don’t have the skills to be valued in tommorrowland (not here, not anywhere). We can’t continue to hide from this reality.

IMHO for SAP to have a future, they’ll need much more than just immigration policy, but I suspect SAP voters won’t let their party develop industrial policy, or defense policy, or education policy or or or … and yet they wonder why SAP can’t win seats.


Teals offer a way for well to do legacys to do something without doing something. That’s why they feel so good about themselves. No need to worry about what any drastic policy might do to the country. They can feel great exploiting the shitskin invasion/offshoring and have the Byron Bay feelz.


All true and that’s why I wasn’t a Teals supporter, but that changes nothing, because the facts remain the facts.
Fact 1: Aussies would much rather vote for Teals than SAP.

If you want change away from the liblab duopoly, then you need to embrace change where it naturally emerges and attempt to steer it towards your goal posts.

In a way this is helping the Teals because I doubt they can win again on nothing policy they presented at the last election. The Teals need real policy just like SAP needs real voters.


Given robodebt and other things they can probably ride the relative nothingness for a while. Libs have been riding fake basedness for decades, making boomers and the 2gb listeners feel patriotic while actually being treasonous, opportunistic and dodgy af.


The fact is, the Teals are 100% an invention of a little rich boy, who inherited everything from his corporate raider father who made a fortune out of mining and media.

If he hadn’t had a falling out with Josh Frydenberg which spurred him to create his ‘Climate 100’ party, those Teals may never have happened. There is no way any of them would have had the political skills or acumen to even get elected to a local Council.

Politically the Teals are a matter of luck and happenstance, the Libs let them win by being lazy and inept themselves. These doctors wives are rich white women who appeal to their electorate of rich white women (and cucks, and Jews).

In Brighton, they have a ABC journo as their Teal member. Funded by rich Jews and Chardonnay Socialists who would never see any immigrants or economic pain, just virtue signaling ticks for their dinner parties.

The benefit to their puppet master old 2 Dads is he gets to push his green investments through in the background, same as miners fund their pollies in WA.

These electorates will prob stay Team for a while, because their electorates feel less economic pain as well. Would take a major disaster for them to be incentivised.

These may be opportunities for a slick ‘acceptable face’ (aka Vivek in the US) but with RW political skills. An Indian Macquarie Bank type could grab these electorates…


simon is a faggot


Yeah nice essay. Unfortunately 100% of rich white bitches in teal seats didn’t read it.


Seems to be a push on plastic pollution at the moment in EZFKA as these retards have moved on their bed wetting from Covid panic and Global boiling.

No wonder, because it seems 90% of the pollution in ocean plastics are coming from being dumped by Africans and Indians in their rivers.

Look out for usual Net Zero Lockdown type financial imposts and guilt pushed on EZFKA citizens who contribute nothing to the problem.

White guilt is awesome.


How really fucking sad.

No one, literally no one, cares for what she does.

She could die tomorrow and no one would care, they’d move on. Her work means nothing – what is a crisis really? Some social media blow up?

In fact she’ll be replaced by AI any minute. She’s a bot.

She could be a proper mother to her kids, but no she’s getting up at 4am to “compose emails to her team”.!

I just love this soul less interaction with the cuck she shares a house with:

“a planning meeting with my husband. Between us, we have three businesses, so this time is really critical for us to set up the week”


Grease monkey quoting me $165/hr labour. We desperately need a recession.


lol do doctors even make that much per hour


It’s not really just the labour – it’s the rent and the insurances and stuff


why cant we have a single politician who answers as honestly as this




follow this guy to help back him up, dont know who he is (think hes from the MB comment section but not sure), hes been slaying yimby dragons for years now


The root of this problem is that Australia ceased to be a nation. This was done to us and by us on purpose. Communist ideology plays a role, but mostly it’s pure selfishness. The pigs that made this happen are standing on two legs now. The lack of nationhood means that I probably have to explain that reference in most places in this country. There is global hatred against the English and their descendants. We were once too powerful to attack directly. Psyops perverted our culture in the name of ‘education’ and ‘progress’. Decades of work has gone into this. We are now unable to mount any significant resistance. Already we are ruled by foreigners. Our uniqueness will be forgotten. Our inheritance has been stolen. I can’t look any more at most others of my nation and think anything other than traitor, fool or coward. Most are so ignorant they do not see what has been done or what they have lost. They pat themselves on the back looking as they sell their homes to pay for their palliative care and say “equity, mate” and as their family line disappears forever. Why would anyone step up and fight to bring such a dishonourable bunch of people together? I am one of them.


In the past week or so I have read about so many sudden deaths it’s hard to keep up. The funniest bit is all the ‘trust the science’ morons on social media desperately trying to pretend this is perfectly normal, they’ve probably had 6-7 jabs and are secretly scared shitless.


It’s all a bit of a yawn now. Everyone who has died kind of deserved it so.. who cares. You absolutely know without a doubt they’d strap you down, jab you, then you stick you in a gulag,.I enjoy their deaths. My main gripe is it seems to mostly kill males more so than women.




Not women per se the dumb bitch karens.

Aussie Soy Boy

There was that sudden death of that pole vaulter from Canada but looks like it could be AIDS.



‘nother one.

It’s like the media is saying dont take the vax. My family are still into it though. I’ve done my bit warning them, time and time again, and if they all died I’d be pretty rich so…

Yet they don’t believe in climate change and electric cars…


ozcuck inspired me to go looking at ancient aussie stuff, pretty cool

aus 90s publishing aesthetic is timeless

Aussie Soy Boy

Three shit Master System games for $95 lol. That must be $250 in today’s money. New release SNES games I paid over $100 for that’s nearly 30 years ago. A desktop computer back then was anywhere from $2000-$3000, and not many people had dial up modems back then. Back then the evolution in technology in insane the computer would be slow and useless within a few years especially with the bloated operating systems.


Also remember paying $100 for a SNES game. 3 for $95 would have been a bargain back then, but towards the end I remember being able to run emulated ROMS on average PCs skipping a few console generations in the process.

On PC tech progression, can remember in the late 90s/00s Pentium Pro, 2,3 and 4 came out within a few years of one another which was also the time we learnt that you shouldn’t spend on the newest thing – my father paid a premium for it once, and decided that was enough.

Nowadays it doesn’t even matter. My last PC, a second gen i5 served me well for over a decade and even then it probably really didn’t need to be upgraded.


Tech and the internet without normies involved in it. Based.