Dreams of the Dutton Ranch

Stopped off at MB this afternoon to check out what the Dutton haters were speculating on and found DLS specufesting on the possibility of Dutton copying the Canadian Conservative Party’s platform of limiting immigration to only the number of houses or dwellings that can be completed in a year, and (and this is the interesting bit) linking it to their ability to provide them with services.

There, Conservative Party leader Pierre Poilievre last week announced a future Tory government would “make a link between the number of homes built and the number of people we invite as new Canadians” and he wants to “get back to an approach of immigration that invites a number of people that we can house, employ, and care for in our healthcare system”.

Crazy Canadian who puts cheese on chips

It was actually an interesting article and kudos for DLS for starting to approach Dutton in a slightly more positive light. Not so though with Leith:

Where he wrote one long scree against Dutton based on Dutton’s admittedly poor pollings on “Trustability” in a Roy Morgan Poll. I usually like Leith’s articles but imho his political antenna is way off with Dutton, like his offence over the Chicken Kiev incident. Anyhow, on this occasion I disagreed and wrote the following:

Roy Morgan Poll… a carefully curated media poll of agreeable people who have the time to answer these time consuming studies.

The main reason why Dutton is deemed ‘unelectable’ by the media is because imho it suits the media to describe Dutton as unelectable in the same way the chose to describe Trump as unelectable – because something about the man offends their progressive globalist values.

Personally I think Dutton is too patriotic to be allowed to become PM by the same elites who pull all our politicians string’s including Albos. Not that it takes the Pavlov dog’s in the media trained to sniff out and attack any overt patriotism as a sign of ‘Far Right’ tendencies to be encouraged to portray him in that fashion.

With a patriotic PM, who still views Australia as a society as opposed to an economic zone, there is always the risk that the leader might do something untoward, and actually act in the interests of the nation. This is especially a risk atm, as we are entering the ‘Canada’ phase where elites are intent on jam packing as many people into EZFKA, as fast as possible, in order to keep the ponzi alive.

Our economy IS a ponzi. It requires more and more people, at a increasing rate in order to maintain the same level of economic growth – the straight line “system growth” that the banks, the ultimate source of our credit ponzi, depend upon it. This is why it is crucial to have a feckless leader, a Joe Biden, Albo, Scomo, Trudeau. The risk is having a patriot who dares interfere with the straight line credit system growth and the immigration it depends on – someone like Trump or possibly Dutton.

The biggest risk with Dutton is that he may actually act in Australians interest. I expect Dutton to be replaced in due course by Globalist sycophant like Friedenberg (parachuted back into Parliament) or some other brainless stooge who can be puppeteered by Liebler and Co.


My opinion on this still stands – the risk with Dutton is that he might do something rash. Something patriotic. DLS seemed to agree although he was too scared to say it and instead used a 3rd party proxy to express his feelings:

“In February, Dutton declared the Liberals and Nationals were ‘the parties of the Australian working class’, a jarring statement for those wishing for a more progressive Liberal Party.”

…A few years ago the Herald described the Howard battlers of western Sydney in the 1990s. “They typically had a mortgage and worked in blue-collar jobs. They were concerned about interest rates, suspicious of high migration levels, worried about terrorism and often held socially conservative views.“

Thirty years later maybe Dutton’s working class are less likely to have a blue-collar job but with one addition, the essentials are the same – the fear their children will never be able to afford to buy a home.


Hate to tell it to you DLS – but Family is the basis of Nationalism. Push anti-Nationalism hard enough and and in the end everyone realises and will eventually bring themselves to you.

Which brings us to today’s article at MB where DLS lays it open that cutting immigration is a sure route for Dutton to win and pansy Albanesey being a pathetic one termer.

So now that people have actually started to come around to my point of view and conceive or even entertain the thought of Dutton winning, my extreme disagreeable nature kicks in and causes me to swing around and say that it is more likely that Dutton will be replaced before he can do anything too rash.

I’ll repeat it again

The biggest risk with Dutton is that he may actually act in Australians interest. I expect Dutton to be replaced in due course by Globalist sycophant like Friedenberg (parachuted back into Parliament) or some other brainless stooge who can be puppeteered by Liebler and Co.***

– yeah it was me

If Mr Frogs legs Poilievre wins in Canada, then I would imagine it would trigger a reflex action by Australia’s elites and Dutton makes any inkalings of following the Cold Frogs in policy, then I expect Australia’s “Democracy” to seek to have Dutton replaced with someone who is slightly stricter than the Pansy, yet careful to avoid any populist appeal.

Because our economy IS a ponzi. It requires more and more people, at a increasing rate in order to maintain the same level of economic growth – the straight line “system growth” that the banks, the ultimate source of our credit ponzi, depend upon it. If someone threatens it, they will not be given access to the reigns of power or if by chance they seize it, like Trump, they will be removed. This Poutine eating politician in Canada might be popular, but once he realises the implication to the banking sector you may find he softening up on his stance like that treacherous Italian grandmother.

You can see the Neurotic fear already building in the msm in the event that Dutton is elected, check this old buzzard in the SMH fear that celebrating Australia Day would somehow allow Dutton to channel magical nationalism voting powers in the same way that Trump apparently has with his “Make America Great Again”.

The msm hatred and it’s luteal starved revulsion toward Conservatism and weaponised compassion, will seek to have Dutton removed just as his ascendancy appears assured.

***Edit: as an interesting side note, try and search for this story using Google, with a search parameter of say “mark lieber arranges letter six prime ministers” then try and search using something like DuckDuckGo

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Is it true you can only get a gig on Australian Idol when you’ve been rejected by local pubs and clubs?



these guys don’t th ink he is going to do anything, and they’re the canadian version of MB. apparently:

“Except pp is saying exactly the opposite. He was filmed at a rally somewhere recently with many Indian Canadians saying he would extend some kind of amnesty for those here without the legal permissions to ve here”

sounds like dutton – remember he was just over in india sucking off indians and bragging about how many he’s going to bring herre. all the while routinely sucking off the jews on twitter, whom he talks more about than australians these days.

canada just accepted like 1m ukrainian refugees too, crazy. that’s really going to help ukraine win the war incidentally.


Accept 1m Ukrainians or 1m Sudanese/Pajeets?

Cute social experiment but we know what the difference would be don’t we?

UKR integrate into a society, largely because they’re white civilised and seem to factor very low in crime stats. There was no efforts to bring UKR refugees here to EZFKA because they don’t provide the virtue signal points, despite being bombed to the fuck just like Gaza. Meanwhile we have middle eastern crime gangs, very high welfare dependency and insistence on the domination of their religion like a virus.

Compare the pair.


Buy your Iced VoVos at Franklins.


used to be one in the dubbo mall until around 2011


They got sold to IGA around then.


that makes sense, it was replaced by an IGA that went out of business or shut up for some reason a year after. its a jb hi fi now


They probably had too much stock loss and couldn’t turn a profit due to pilfering by…you know…abos.


I gradually drifted away from MB and stopped checking in altogether after their moronic call that interest rates would never go higher than 1.5% and be back to 0 by end of 2023.

Just like unelectable Scomo before him Dutton will 100% win. Whenever I am at social gatherings I always bring up the fact that Albo has done SFA except the Voice which he completely bungled and people seem are in general agreement.

Unless you’re an extreme lefty people just don’t care about what his views are, and it will be easy to portray Dutton as a better option that Albo. Shift even more tax incentives into housing so immigration can be “reduced” to a crazy high number by historical standards so it looks like the Liberals care about turbocharged immigration and they win in a landslide.


Dutton looks unelectable the Left cookers, but they’re not voting no for him are they? He’s only going to need to win his electorate.

Can he run a campaign where he is mostly hiding in his basement like Biden, or partly hidden but protected by the media like Albo?


Here in WA there are attempts to prevent the Green becoming the balance of power after Labor changed rules. The
is trying to get 500 members to be able to participate in the next election.
They only have a week left to fill the quota. Try to beat the apathy and give them a hand.

Gruppenführer Mark

Where do they stand on immigration? Glanced through their platform, not a word on this.


The thing I most dislike about dutton is his ex-goon squad tendencies.

Can’t seem to remember him pushing back against the over the top lockdown performance where the police were a total disgrace and has undermined confidence in their organisation massively in the eyes of the public.
Yet there was no accountability as otherwise law abiding people were trodden on for things that were no risk to anybody.
Dutton appears to be a blatant authoritarian, a bald male Karen.


“Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake”

― Sun Tzu, The Art of War


I think that was Napoleon.

Aussie Soy Boy

Dutton will cut the number of migrants given citizenship while increasing the number of short term migrants, number of students.


That’s crazy the “mark lieber arranges letter six prime ministers” thing..


Just tried it Stewie….helped me immensely to convince the missus that I was not a conspiracy theorist after all 🙂


Dutton ain’t no Trump, plus the EZFKA populace also doesn’t vote for the PM (they kind of do, he only needs to win his electorate and his party won theirs).

Trump came from outside the Republican Party. Whilst I’m on board generally with your post I’m just not sure if there are many parallels that will work for Spudhead. He needs to run like Biden and Albo did, hiding in his basement while the media attack the other guy for him.


With all the things going on in the world it is pretty funny watching old dutton trying to motivate legacy unit outrage on the availability of cheap chinese made Australia day merchandise at woolworths stores.

The obvious conclusion has to be he is either stupid or complicit in creating media a distraction.


it’s working but, tells you something about the legacy units


I think what it tells you is that legacy units aren’t real thrilled with the idea of fiddling with a long-established national holiday to avoid hurting the feelings of 3.2% of the population (2021 Census).
When you consider that 3.2% of our population identifies as Muslim (2021 Census), and that Muslims believe that Christmas is “an imitation of the unbelievers” then it’s not too much of a stretch to figure what might be next in the “hurt feelings” department.

I think Dutton sniffed the political breeze fairly well:

Change is inevitable’: Australia Day’s future survival in its current form is in doubtDespite opinion polls showing the majority of people want Australia Day to remain how it is, experts and advocates say change is inevitable.


“..experts and advocates..” since when did we hand over the running of our nation to experts and advocates?

“Expert”….the most bastardised word of the 21st century.


No…he’s not stupid…but those who do not understand his tactics may qualify.


Yeah I get it, the usual present a small-target stuff.
Meanwhile Albo with his perpetual shit-eating grin self-implodes in the eyes of the public. But he grew up in public housing don’t cha know.


its just one flog after another

assuming dutton beats albo itll be ‘fast’ jim chalmers up next


Used to think Dutton was too unlikable to be elected, but the maxim “Oppositions don’t win elections, governments lose them” always springs to mind.


Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has called Labor MPs back to Canberra nearly two weeks early to discuss the cost-of-living crisis facing Australian households.

Labor’s caucus will meet in the capital on Wednesday and assess ways to ease the pressure on household budgets, without adding to inflation.

It is very obvious that the polls are dipping for Albanese, which is why they have to resort to stunts like this on the cost of living issue. After all, it is important that one must be “seen” to be doing something, as opposed to actually be “doing something.”


its amazing how these guys would rather destroy their own careers over cutting migration lmao

That’s a Paddlin

Career-schmareer! When all your net-worth as a politician is in real estate, your “career” – as you call it, is centered around keeping your networth as high as possible. You also make the mistake of assuming they really truly care about their career, when in actual fact, if they’ve been there for as long as these thundering c•nts have been, their pensions are assured, their property portfolio is just fine, thank your for asking.


Politicians move their mouths and act in accordance with the instructions of their owners. Their owners currently make bank by importing lots of street-shitters, so that is what politicians support.

If their owners could profit from rending down babies into grease for use as sexual lubricant, then you’d have bi-partisan political support for building baby rendering facilities.


visiting MB’s weekend links
There was a time when MB’s weekend links were an exciting happening space, but these days it’s like wandering through an intellectual grassland.
Where are the mountains, valleys, oceans, for that matter where are the rivers, lakes and hills. Fuck I’d settle for some tall forests or a heavy slog through some thick jungle vegetation, But all I find are grasslands, endless sweeping plains of sameness, opinions that aren’t. Like wtf’s the point.


I concur. Anybody with a brain has been driven off by the deranged aggressive idiots like Dennis and yokel.

That’s a Paddlin

Aaaand the fact that you can’t post without being a subscriber (with your credit card)


Yep just a place to fatten the Sheeple, nothing else….#sad