CSIRO confirms Port Phillip Bay turning brown due to record number of Indians shitting in Melbourne’s waterways

The CSIRO have confirmed that the toxic brown sludge that has infested Port Phillip Bay in Melbourne is due to Indian migrants shtting in it.

This new wave of faecal findings comes just days after parks in Sydney’s Ryde council area were forced to close due to numerous Indian migrants treating them as open air toilets.

“We can confirm that the Port Phillip Bay area is inundated with turds of a subcontinental origin, mainly from the Western Suburbs area but also due to Indians shitting on Melbourne’s beaches,” Dr Clark Connors said.

“Some of these have recently arrived from Canada on student visas, we can tell by the odd mix of poutine and tumeric levels in the turds themselves.”

Victorian Premier Jacinta Allan said it was a ‘wonderful development in our vibrant and multicutural city’ and that the City of Melbourne was considering designating several beaches for Indians to shit in regularly.

“Not only will this make them feel at home, it’s also a great way to relieve pressue on our third world sewage infrastructure which isn’t coping with doubling the population.”

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😂 On fire timbo


As I’ve been saying for some time now – the Ukranian war should be viewed as organised genocide by a hostile elite intent on preserving its rule and prepared to sacrifice every Christian or Orthodox Christian male to that cause… sort of like a regime in Russia nearly 100 years ago that sent human waves of Slavs to overwhelm the Germans in order to preserve their grip on power.

I just got back from Ukraine, where I was visiting some friends.

Everything we have heard about what’s happening in Ukraine is a lie.

The reality is darker, bleaker, and unequivocally hopeless. There is no such thing as Ukraine “winning” this war.

– By their estimates, they have lost over one million of their sons, fathers and husbands; an entire generation is gone. 

– Even in the Southwest, where the anti-Russian sentiment is long-standing, citizens are reluctant or straight-up scared to publicly criticize Zelensky; they will go to jail.

– In every village and town, the streets, shops, and restaurants are mostly absent of men.

– The few men who remain are terrified of leaving their homes for fear of being kidnapped into conscription. Some have resorted to begging friends to break their legs to avoid service.

– Army search parties take place early in the morning, when men leave their homes to go to work. They ambush and kidnap them off the streets and within 3-4 hours they get listed in the army and taken away straight to the front lines with minimal or no training at all; it is “a death sentence.”

– It’s getting worse every day. Where I was staying, a dentist had just been taken by security forces on his way to work, leaving behind two small children. Every day, 3-5 dead bodies keep arriving from the front lines.

– Mothers and wives fight tooth and nail with the armed forces, beg and plead not to have their men taken away. They try bribing, which sometimes works, but most of the time they are met with physical violence and death threats.

– The territory celebrated as having been “won back” from Russia has been reduced to rubble and is uninhabitable. Regardless, there is no one left to live there and displaced families will likely never return.

– They see the way the war has been reported, at home and abroad. It’s a “joke” and “propaganda.” They say: “Look around: is this winning?”.

– Worse, some have been hoaxed into believing that once Ukrainians forces are exhausted, American soldiers will come in to replace them and “win the war”.

There is no ambiguity in these people. The war was for nothing – a travesty. The outcome always was, and is, clear. The people are hopeless, utterly destroyed, and living in an unending nightmare. 

They are pleading for an end, any end – most likely the same “peace” that could have been achieved two years ago. In their minds, they have already lost, for their sons, fathers and husbands are gone, and their country has been destroyed. There is no “victory” that can change that. 

Make no mistake, they are angry with Putin. But they are also angry with Zelensky and the West. They have lost everything, worst of all, hope and faith, and cannot comprehend why Zelenky wishes to continue the current trajectory, the one of human devastation.

I didn’t witness the war; but what I saw was absolutely heart-breaking.

Shame on the people, regardless of their intentions, who have supported this war. And shame on the media for continuing to lie about it.


Both Zelinsky and the prime minister are Jewish, as are most of the Ukranian Oligarchs, as was most of the original USSR leadership. Just saying.

George Soros (who is also Jewish) urged the use of Easter European Soldiers to “Reduce the risk of body bags for NATO countries” in the West’s confrontation of Russia. With hundreds of thousands of Ukranian casualties now dead or maimed, Soro’s goals have been achieved.

As I’ve said before, the War in the Ukraine is really organised genocide under the guise of ‘defending democracy’.


Also – someone has played with the Spam settings with a single “edit” being enough to send you to the Spam bin (no need to approve the one of mine that is in there, which I copied and pasted out of there above)


Food for thought especially when the ezfka has a political class keen to lick US crevice at every possible opportunity.

Post the 2014 so-called maidan, it was obvious Crimea and the east of Ukraine wanted no-part in what was going on.
Particularly with respect to the resurrection of Bandera and his modern day acolytes.
Rather than let them leave cleanly or as per Minsk agreements grant them more autonomy in a federal Ukraine, Ukrainian leadership at the behest of NATO powers chose the path they are now on.
Who is to blame for that?
All this for regions tacked onto Ukraine by Lenin and Khrushchev.

Bluey the Furry

All part n parcel



How does this square up with the idea that you’ve mentioned before about having to fight a losing battle to preserve your egregore? People that don’t fight for their nation become absorbed into the nations of others. Perhaps the Ukrainian Slavs have done enough to preserve their egregore and can now make peace with Russia even though their Jewish leadership cannot. In which case, the Russians should be accommodative toward the defectors and surrenderers among their Ukrainian slav brothers. I watched part of the ridiculously young NZ Maori MPs maiden speech the other day. Unsurprisingly, full of naive idealism and theatre. I have a theory that the move toward youthful elected politicians probably means that the real power has moved elsewhere. Yet the Maori are a nation and they appear to be taking over the state. The British have ceased to be a nation and they are losing control of the states they used to control, even in London. How do you bring a people demoralised by leftisms together to act as a nation again?


I was actually thinking about this very question before.

I suppose it depends if it is you’re Egregore that you are fighting for or someone elses. The difference between say Germany and Russia in WW2.

The German leadership and army was ethnically and culturally indistinguishable – they were Germanic, where as with the USSR the main people who did the fighting and the dying were Slavs, while the Egregore that they fought for was the Elite of the USSR, who were mainly Yiddish speakers from the Pale Settlement.


i don’t know how true that was at the time of stalin, though it absolutely was during the earliest phase of the ussr. it might have applied during ww2 but i believe stalin too had the jews purged as well, realising like hitler that they were dangerous and dysfunctional.


Stalin was immersed in Jewish social circles, his daughter married a Jew after her previous Jewish boyfriend was sentenced to 10yrs in a Gulag. His son married a Jewish woman, Stalin is believed to have had affairs with at least one Jewish woman,

A lot of Stalin’s supposed antisematisim is just the usual efforts at re-writing history in order to downplay their influence over a tyrant and their importance in bringing the Communists to power in the first place:

“We can not state that all Jews are Bolsheviks. But: Without Jews there would never have been Bolshevism. For a Jew nothing is more insulting that the truth.”

– Alekandr Solzhenitsyn

These are the same people and culture that attempts to re-write history real time today – 40 Beheaded babies. Honestly, if ever there were a people or culture where your heuristic instincts were to mistrust every word they say, then it would be there’s.

IMHO the Opposite of whatever they say is most likely the truth – just like the media.

the arborist

just like the media”
What a cohen-cidence!


interesting – stalin was a deeply pragmatic man in reality, so i would be surprised if he hadn’t developed anti-semitic sentiment as the years went on – the more you have to interact with them, the more you dislike them


Ukraine will probably cease to exist as a state as the West will take whatever is left once it defaults on its insurmountable debts. It’ll be interesting to see what happens to the territory after that.

While it’s plausible that there’s an agenda to wipe out Ukrainians, I see it as more likely that they are just totally US controlled and being used to bleed Russia in a relatively cheap way as the lives of Ukrainians are worthless to everyone but Ukrainians excluding their leadership. That seems to accord with what Soros said, they are being sacrificed to try to harm the ultimate anti-“Open Society” which is Putin’s Russia.


wow wrote a long post to you and went to edit, got the spam message and everything i wrote disappeared

not writing anything again- how do we fix this?

the arborist

Write your more substantive posts in a word processor or similar and then copy them here.


I think people under-estimate the degree to which racial animus exists, or the degree of racial animus that exists with in some population groups.

There is imho very little difference between genociding a population group and senselessly using them as a battering ram with little regard to their life. “So what if we kill them?”

The fact that Soros outlined this very scenario through his Open Society Foundations tells me that this was premeditated.


No doubt it was premeditated, the provocations that led to the war have a long history



wow… they both.. kind of look like total shit to be honest

not sure what point this account is trying to make? this is the yimby’s ideal urban landscape is it?

Agent 47

I’m convinced that is Tim Gurners burner account


was he the klingon brah?

Agent 47


Agent 47

Nigs killing nigs. Another vibrant day in Melbourne’s African community.




audio recreation of two indo europeans talking to each other, the subject of conversation appears to be the nephew asking his uncle for his daughter’s hand in marriage. listening to recreations of the proto indo european language is pretty eerie, it really is the mother of all eurasian languages from northern india to portugal. you can hear a little bit of everything in there. the most successful tribe to have ever existed in all human history.

the arborist

Nice. Here’s a paragraph spoken in Dutch, German, English, Danish, Norwegian and Swedish. They all sound more similar than many people would expect.



they’re all germanic languages

its the weird similarities between stuff like greek and various languages in india/pakistan/bangladesh that freak me out

its all because of that one tribe that spilled out from the central asian steppe about 3000 years ago and conquered everything while spreading their language

the arborist

Yeah, we know they’re all germanic, but they’re still more similar than most would expect.

the arborist

The En-poo-enning has even reached the moon.


Agent 47

They made Elon kiss the ring at Aushwitz with Ben Shapiro. World’s richest man kisses the ring. Should be clear to all and sundry who is in charge.



yup they got him

say goodbye to free speech on x, a lot of big accounts that criticise israel etc are randomly getting banned for no reason


Jews poured all their lies, all their animosity, all their greed, all their hatred and all their soul into their magical word “Holocaust”. It became their sword and shield and their ideology and mercernary armies of Orc’s swept acrosss middle earth.

But if it should ever come to pass that their deceit be exposed, then their magical word will be destroyed, cast into the Fires of Mt Doom were all truth is exposed, and from that day forth, Jews will be seen as they have always been seen throughout their existence; lying, cheating, self serving, perfidious assholes.

That is why they make so much effort to perpetuate their “Holocaust” fantasy – because without they will lose EVERYTHING.

It doesn’t actually take much investigation to raise serious questions about their entire narrative:


This is why emotional fucktards shouldn’t be allowed to vote, and especially why Jews should never be allowed to write their own or anyone else’s history.

The last great Christian prophet, Martin Luther, knew this to be true.


its going to be interesting to see how these big internet companies manage these issues going forward; one problem for them is there are so many anti-israel / anti-semitic third worlders and muslims online now compared to 15+ yrs ago, and that’s where the revenue and userbase growth is increasingly coming from. western markets are tapped out and already saturated

this is one of the reasons israel lobbies worldwide and jews have peaked in power; they’re simply being overwhelmed within and outside the west by brown biomass that hates their guts or doesn’t care about them, with the weird exception of indians who are becoming their new gollums

so what do? ignore/alienate your new revenue streams in favour of a tiny minority that is shrinking in influence, wealth and power or actually allow a more free market place of ideas; elon is absolutely aware of these problems and is clearly conflicted on it, hence his flipflopping; we’re going to see more of this as the decades roll on


I think the “open borders for everybody” (except Israel of course) bandwagon is starting to show the resulting unintended consequences.

Lots of Jews seems absolutely gobsmacked to discover that the third world savages they’ve brought into the places they live absolutely hate their guts, and aren’t backwards in showing it.

Their outrage has been quite amusing.


hence the switch to indians

i never knew about this weird hindu-jew alliance until i saw the kinds of posts indians make on twitter about israel lately lol


It’s not really winning if they have to hide it so much. Its a bit like rape. A rapist might get to fuck a beautiful woman but it doesn’t really count.


Apropos shitting in the street…

There I was driving along a busy road on the fringe of suburban Canberra, houses to my right, parkland with walking trails to my left.

I see a car pulled over at the T-junction coming up on my left, with an Arab looking guy with a big Muslim beard standng outside the car looking kinda pissed off. Seemed a bit weird.

Then I turned left at the T, and a few metres up the road, a woman in a hijab has her robes drawn up around her waist and is taking a shit in the grass just off to the side of the walking path, in full view of passing traffic, like me.

It’s a story as old as time itself, and I’m sure we’ve all been there…turning a corner in your car and suddenly being confronted by the sight of a long turd hanging out of a woman’s arse and coiling on the ground, but it was still a bit of a shock to me.

I wish I could locate one of those Men-in-Black memory eraser things.


They will never assimilate – they’re just here for the benefits and to take a piece of what we have built for ourselves and our children.


The bearded guy was probably pissed off because the last time they did this someone ran up to her and jerked off over her face – these depraved Canberra types have all sorts of weird fetishes.




>be chink couple
>both google engineers
>kill wife



me vs some insane boomer yimby lady


this is what we’re up against folks

Ironic Boomer

The nonsensical past immigration ergo perpetual immigration argument just won’t die. Not yet anyway.


These people refuse to reason because reason is opposed to their agenda. The only way they can be dealt with is violence.

A fly in your ointment

Has the Ezfka.com gone the EmBee ways or regurgitating the same ole same ole again and again, with just a different image and a new clockbait title?

Oh, shyte, it has and it went the echochamber ways.too.


if only we could be more regularly enlightened by your unclickable videos fresh off the telegram dot the spread eagle presses

A fly in your ointment

see…. can’t take a simple critic.

ezfka was not a simple echochamber few years back.

A fly in your ointment

can’t post without an approval by the Oracle

A fly in your ointment

blocked from posting


bc you were on a guest name and it auto blocks those until a moderator approves it

what the hell are you talking about a few years back this place didnt even exist, its been largely the same since its inception in 2021 or so

just making up a mythology at this point


Nothing has happened. Same old shit. People spent the whole month bitching about Aussie day like the jew-brainwashed fucktards they are.



there’s only so many times we can talk about housing, yimbys, immigration and interest rates

news in australia is dead and the last ‘big’ (lol) thing that happened, the voice, flopped on its ass like anyone with a 3rd graders understanding of opinion polling knew it would

now there’s just fuk-all going on and coming/peachy are MIA


Coming AND Peachy disappeared at the same time. Maybe they eloped? Opposites apparently do attract.


Why the ponzi is popular in fucked suburbs. It makes winners out of losers. This boomer rube gets to wear a shit eating grin, maybe a holiday to Thailand to get his end in to a 20 year old prozzi. Younger generations get stupid house prices and a hundred extra shitskins to compete with per capita. What a patriot.


I’m sure no one has ever mentioned this before.


Probably better to be a mixed meat moll now. As the environment becomes tougher, it usually suits the browner, more rodent like creatures…