Tributes flow as Melbourne heckler that told Novak Djokovic to ‘go get vaccinated’ dies of heart attack

A tennis fan that heckled Novak Djokovic to get vaccinated has tragically died, just hours after leaving the Australian Open.

Tributes have flown for Victorian public servant David Adamson, 36, who collapsed at his home from a heart attack just a few hours after the match, just two days after taking his 8th booster. Adamson died after waiting three hours for Ambulance Victoria to arrive at his house in Fitzroy.

‘He was a real pillar of the community during COVID hiding under his bed waiting for Daniel Andrews to tell him it’s safe to come out. He was so vigilant wearing a mask everywhere, even when riding his moped to work, he’d triple mask for everyone else’s protection,” his wife Sandra announced in a teary Facebook post.

‘It’s really tragic he was taken from us so soon but I’m glad he got vaccinated eight times or it could have been worse.’

Victorian Premier Jacinta Allan has announced that all attendees at the Australian Open will wear masks in solidarity as well as an honorary vaccination ceremony during the Welcome to Country in David’s remembrance before the men’s final.

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lmfao i got blocked for this reply

these yimbys have pretty thin skins hey

Agent 47

Immigration is their massive cryptonite. It’s just astroturfed gaslighting from some very unimpressive people.


I forgot what site I’d logged onto and the headline had me hook, line and sinker. Funny how wanting something to be true makes you believe it.


found another yimbybuster; i think i might make a directory of these amusing ‘reply guy’ accounts bc they don’t get the credit i think they believe.


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Journalist who shatbon Djokovic for net getting vaxxed collapses and dies suddenly at Aus Open shortly before 60th birthday.

Har har har. I bet Novak has a giant shit eating grin on his dial right now.


wow… they both.. kind of look like total shit to be honest

not sure what point this account is trying to make? this is the yimby’s ideal urban landscape is it?