Voice Open Thread

i guess bc its less than 2 days before the referendum we can have this thread to talk about it and other stuff

its most likely going to lose, it really went down hill after the liberal party came out against it. the thing is i think for the most part it probably wouldnt matter much either way if it won or lost, it would be annoying to some people (such as white collar people) but does not seem to be much different from what already exists and what is likely to exist in some other form in the future

the no campaign has been very successful or at least it would seem so with their slogans regarding the referendum, but in reality i think it has lost because the idea is too confusing and no one really cares. its not very interesting except to a few people and that is the simplest explanation for why it has hit so hard. its pretty hard to understand it too and the yes side is intentionally kind of vague about what it’ll do etc. i dont think theres some big conspiracy about its intention and i think it was an overexcited vanity project by albo that he didnt think through enough and now is just going ahead with because backing out now would look arguably even worse than losing.

he has hurt his govt and now the unelectable peter dutton may have a chance of winning later but who knows. 2 years from now maybe no one will care about this, its almost certain they wont actually, maybe thats why albo wanted to roll the dice on it early

can it still win? wonder if anyone is making any bets about it. wonder if it will be the last referendum australia will ever have. i can see them having a change date referendum maybe in 10-15 years or perhaps even another republic referendum some day but thats it. i dont think they like the idea of letting regular people mess around with policy like this.

all in all, its really not a very interesting referendum with in the grand scheme of things fairly minimal consequences eitherway. only on the fringes such as the LNP/ALP boomer politicalbots who really give a shit about it are people truly fired up about it, if only the renters who were being marginalised by govt policy right now cared as much about their situation as these boomers do about the voice.

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Aussie Soy Boy

Hamas has Netanyahoo’s nephew’s son. Let’s see how cutthroat this bastard wants to be now.

Aussie Soy Boy

23k homes destroyed in Gaza. Seems a little disproportionate.

A fly in your ointment

ethnic cleansing term has been corrupted during destruction of Balkans. It does not involve anyone dying. it is involuntary relocation and as much as it is very bad it is not atrocious.

A fly in your ointment

otoh, extermination is….


It will end up as a tent city like a giant African refugee camp, won’t be rebuilt since Israel won’t let them bring in concrete, rebar etc

A fly in your ointment


just wow,. the person on the right suggests killing babies if that will get him where he wants to be.
the hypocrisy is spewing rocks in all directions, may crack your screen.
we are yet to see one shred of evidence past the “it is confirmed that someone said to have heard of beheading” so let’s get our revenge.
bomb. teh. philistines.
lower. teh. rates.


But we all saw photos of some decapitated children’s and babies

Another win for the American/Israeli military industrial complex


Imagine the cooker meltdown if the yes vote wins

it will be our January 6

but Australian cookers won’t even march on the capital
they’ll just post on Twitter


political compass meme


Ukraine is more third world than Russia

Aussie Soy Boy

Moscow was the best city in the world for infrastructure and quality of life before the SMO.

A fly in your ointment

don’t you see what’s going on in the world?
don’t you care that one mob is being killed by hundreds every day by the other mob?
Putin destroyed the Voice because he took the limelight away from it by inciting Hamas to attack ravegoers.

the main mistake of the Voicers was that they prematurely ejaculated the “it will cost you” bit. Most of my wog multiculturality circles were flabbergasted at the proposition of yet another something to pay, not really cared about the rest (as in let them have it if they want it). But to be honest, I know so little of wtf is the Voice…

if Voiced could induce UnVoiced to drop anti-Voicing (sigh),


I care about The Voice because The Voice is irrelvant.
Absolutely nothing about the voice improves the lot of Australia’s Indigenous population. The voice does nothing to keep kids in school and keep them engaged. It does even less if/when they graduate high school. The voice doesn’t keep Aboriginal kids out of prison. The voice does nothing to address the hoplessness and associated cycles of poverty, alcholism, drug use, and criminality. The voice doesn’t repair a broken family, nor does it mend a broken society.
Structurally, The Voice is about as close to irrelevant as one can get, so naturally I’m voting Yes.


Couple of parents at my kids school wear their yes shirts to drop off / pick up every day

these are white people with household incomes in the top 0.01%

I think the vast majority doesn’t give a shit though
especially the Asian parents

but apparently that isn’t what the polls show ?! (Migrants support it apparently wtf)


well obviously these handful do care enough to wear t shirts and virtue signal

and obviously I care passionately about the no case, purely because the whole thing is so fucking retarded

But my wife has told me I’m not allowed to say anything about it to the other parents though in case my children get ostracised

so I wouldn’t know if there are any other passionately resentful No supporters because we are all not allowed to express our opinions


Coming’s wife – forever living in fear of her husband saying something.


coming does a lot of Noticing, unfortunately



You know you’ve won when your wife no longer watches the news because “It is all Lies”.


Probably lawyers or some sort of bureaucrats. Always back self interest. Albo should have put some sort of muh wamans angle on it and it would have won.


you nailed it


“Migrants support it apparently wtf”

That’s because the voice’s primary purpose is to continue to undermine the former nation that was Australia. Just like they are.


I’m sceptical. The best Chinese restaurant in my area had a Lib corflute in their window.

Yes would mostly be AWFLs and rusted on Labor/Green imo. Likely white af.

A fly in your ointment

Your friendly enemy of the state Aussie Casack reports 20:1 chances.


I might chuck a hundo on it tbh

Where can I put a bet on

A fly in your ointment

Telegram of Aussie cossak will tell you.
He said she said limit is 50 bucks


The biggest thing to come out of this referendum is the corruption of AEC. I have previously appeased angry people in saying our govt may be corrupt, but AEC is not, so we need to win the debate and the vote rather than resort to crime. I can no longer use that argument. In the last fortnight we have had:
1) Several instances of trying to trick no voters into invalid votes with a cross. This includes an SMH article that used a big X as the main image.
2) The purple “Yes23” signage which AEC asked to be taken down. When I voted the purple signage was still there.
3) AEC officials going into nursing homes and getting demented people to vote Yes.

I bet down the track we will hear stories of vote counters tampering with votes to invalidate them.

A fly in your ointment

Controled Limited hangout
do you know what it is?
maybe you do.
it’s when nefarious actors in power decide it is better to come out with some truth to unease the pressure and satisfy the hunger for “we knew there was some irregularity” in order to dissuade the public that they need more drilling into a subject.

What you observed reeks with telltales of a limited hangout.

A fly in your ointment

first evidence arives

with evidence we need to adjust our viewpoints to reflect reality.


There were reports of one burnt baby’s body found in a house that had been burned down – so it may be legit. A terrible thing, but not a deliberate political grandstanding of beheading 40 babies per the jewmedia.


I’ve seen another. A baby wearing a nappy and a romper suit in a pool of blood. Clearly deliberately killed versus accidentally (or deliberately) incinerated. I wouldn’t be surprised I there were others.

Whether it was forty or two, it’s still not a good look for Hamas.


Yup no denying that it was counterproductive for Hamas, or that there were killings and atrocities committed. No disagreement there, it’s just final tally and the framing that I’m starting to question.

I’m very skeptical of anything Zionists or Israeli’s say, they will blow any grain of truth into a bolder. Using the Holohoax as a rule of thumb I’d divide any number they say by 10.

The more that keeps getting revealed about this attack and the Israeli ‘Failure’ to detect or prevent it, the more likely I see it being allowed to proceed because it was politically convenient for Netanyahu and his party.

The way the media has picked up on these reports and promoted them, only increases my skepticism as to the true extent of the atrocities (not that no atrocities were committed).


This is just the beginning of AI generated propaganda. It’s going to get more sophisticated into pushing the desired narrative.


Haven’t verified myself but someone seems to

AI Propaganda.jpeg

Probably is AI, regardless it is far more believable and likely than the 40 beheaded babies that all the NPC’s swallowed straight away – including the biggest NPC of them all… Biden


Speaking of NPC’s I wonder if DLS fell for it? This is the sort of guff he falls for hook, line and sinker.


I would be surprised if DLS didn’t fall for it. All of his foreign policy positions align perfectly with the MSM, he is not smart enough to think for himself.

A fly in your ointment

See what Paul Zeihan says and its copypasta for Llewdo


yeh, this is good. Do more photos of puppies

A fly in your ointment

But, but, …. but….
I also posted the picture of that puppy… it was just roasted too much, you know, MKR


Thanks for posting the original, had not seen it.


Has Hamas even denied anything besides the beheaded babies story? The only evidence that girl is alive is that her mother supposedly said she is, that doesn’t mean she is alive.


I doubt they’ve denied anything.

just some blokes here are falling into the DLS trap – being contrarian and denying some things, they feel they need to be contrarian and deny EVERYTHING.

A fly in your ointment

They have, just not on twatter, WP, NYT nor CNN or the ilk

A fly in your ointment

ok but its ai generated

It looks that way, in fact it came together with what Araske posted below.

It is still an evidence of sumtin else


Did you have to go posting something like this here. Nobody wants to see stuff like this.

Last edited 8 months ago by Peachy
A fly in your ointment

It s Twatter approved!

You will agree that if it’s on Twatter it is by far less objectionable than some of the opinions expressed here which would earn an instant prrmanent ban there?

Feel free to redact.


bloody twatter… can’t hate them as they are closer to free speech absolutists than most platforms out there.

still, I don’t mind telling you that I don’t enjoy graphics of violence and gore and such

A fly in your ointment

… they are closer to free speech absolutists than most platforms out there


But you see, I did not post the image of a gore, or violence or such, you chose to believe it was something it was not.


That’s another thing decent people get caught up in. Trying to be right. It’s about winning.


would be annoying to some people (such as white collar people) but does not seem to be much different from what already exists and what is likely to exist in some other form in the future

There will be one group who will be terribly afflicted by a No outcome – AWFL. It will trigger their Neurosis like nothing else.

My mum actually had a voluntary conversation with me about the Voice (normally for some reason my family all avoid any slightly political conversation with me), apparently by sister who is definitely a AWFL was haranguing her because my mum made the mistake of saying she was going to vote “No” and wasn’t fully able to articulate her reasons.

From the story my mum said, it basically boiled down to my sister worrying what people overseas would think of us. My mum didn’t realise this at first, but I distilled this out from her comments and reflections down on what my sister said, and then a light went on and she agreed that was the main reason – worried about what other people might think aka “Empathy Hacked”.

My wife lives in a similar fear of me speaking my mind as Coming’s wife apparently does, cause I then said “Anyone who starts a sentence with “I feel we should…” shouldn’t be allowed to vote”. That would mean about 70% of women and 30% of guys should be ineligible to vote.

My mum was less enthused by that comment, but she did agreeably sit through my 30 minute rant before hand, while I gleefully took up the opportunity to go through all the reasons in detail as to why she should vote “No.” I doubt she would be able to re-articulate them to my sister, but that doesn’t matter, in her mind she now has the good reasons to vote no, even if she can’t go toe to toe with my sister.

It has been a similar occurrence with other AWFL’s I’ve encountered, back in March:

Went out for a friends birthday dinner at one of Sydney’s swankiest restaurants last night and met this other couple. Actually I new her husband reasonably well and probably had met his wife once or twice before.

Towards the end of the evening the topic came up about the election tomorrow, when the wife starts mentioning all the work and planning she’s doing for the referendum at her work – the DPP.

Well…. what could I do? Out in public on my best behaviour, yet such an irresistible topic brought up. I was so conflicted.

Anyhow when I mentioned that I had reservations about the Voice the look of shock that went across her face could have lit up on of Perrottet’s new stadiums. She almost fell off her chair. I think I was literally the first person she’s encountered who had dared to publicly express anything other than positive sentiments towards the referendum.

Challenged I quickly listed off a few of the more reasonable reasons why I am opposed to it; creating permanent division, separate classes of citizens in terms of rights, the failure of previous Indigenous organisational bodies, the opportunities of introducing additional vectors of corruption into our politics. Issues around everyone with a bee’s dick of indigenous ancestry identifying as Indigenous, and the resulting abuses of privilege, and the likely acceleration of it.

She literally canned the discussion “We need to talk about something else.”

This Karen was a literal Lawyer, versed in Constitutional Law, yet not the slightest bit of concern around the proposed changes. “We are always changing the law.” Amazing to me as it showed a profound lack of understanding of the law, which is consistency across time and across related legal principals.

Sure the law does change through precedent and reinterpretation, but changing a keystone element of our legal and political framework, is something more than should be dismissed with a waved of the hand as some reinterpreted precedent.

The propose changes have the opportunity to fundamentally change and impact literally EVERY other existing legal and political precedent, and have them be re-opened for renewed legal consideration within the lens of this new referendum’s laws.

Anyhow it was amusing to me the shock on her face at encountering probably the first non-enthusiastic take on the referendum, while it left me profoundly concerned about the influence of people like her within our public and legal institutions.

The people who will be most upset about the Voice being rejected, will be Affluent White Female Liberals.

Last edited 8 months ago by Stewie

Agree. They will move into the next current thing, which is the emerging humanitarian crisis in the Gaza strip.


Poor dears will be confused. The woke seems to have chosen Palestine. Shame they won’t be confused about letting infinity poos in to make their ips go up.

A fly in your ointment

yeah, that’s thing where migrants are Yes and convicts are No voters…

Check this


I get now why some mob here hate Telegram
How can anyone use Telegram see what The Aussiean says about it

banana man

I think it was just a good way to start modifying the constitution. But how tf were they going to get representatives from the 2000 different tribes? For me this was the kicker; they’re mostly grifters and the amount of infighting would stall everything. New Zealand got a treaty because they were unified and had a king and queen. These fuckers have always been infighting and trying to take the laziest path since time immorial. I mean, conserving energy, because they are master survivalists.


But how tf were they going to get representatives from the 2000 different tribes?

They weren’t. All the reps will be cityfolk. Intent on getting reparations for their own benefit, according to the uluru statement as written by same, and agreed to be implemented by albo even though he admitted he hadn’t bothered reading it all.


I watched this last night, pretty good if you want a more lefty/Palestine sympathetic view


Seems to be plenty of lefty jews in Israel who are against all this, their current government is far right.


The man is described as being about 175cm tall with dark coloured hair and dreadlocks.

He was wearing a dark coloured baseball cap with white writing, a denim jacket over the top of a dark hooded jumper, dark coloured pants, white shoes, and was carrying a dark bag.

I’ll help the Daily Mail with their description and in one word provide a far better description of the assailant – Nigger.


LOL – a down vote!

As a matter of mutual respect I’ll happily refer to any population group by their preferred polite naming.

Indeed when discussing factual issues or stating my position on topics around population group differences, I try to make a point of refraining from using anything other than polite nomenclature. No one should be made to feel bad about who they are.

But the existence of the individual doesn’t preclude the existence of the group, and so while no one should be made to feel bad about who they are, they should also not be sheltered from the truth about the harm that their group commits to others. Failing to do so has lead to the delusional takes we see with BLM and Yes, where one group as individuals believe they can do no wrong, while overwhelmingly doing the most wrong as a group.

So when street thugs that randomly stab, bash or rob people, imho they lose the privilege of politeness, and whether they’re boong, bogan, cocconut or nigger I’ll refer to them as such.

It is the same fear of causing offense over using boong, bogan or nigger in casual conversation, that is now causing news articles (like the one this comment is replying to) to be stripped of meaning like Indigenous, Poor White or African, least the reality cause offense.

Why are are boong, bogan, cocconut or nigger offensive? Mainly because the lower classes use them and it captures the emotive pain and anger of their life experience in dealing with the problems these population groups create for them – like being randomly stabbed.

By policing and making the use of these words unacceptable in all instances because of ‘racial overtones’ and the offense it causes, it becomes a stepping stone towards banning all references to race as offensive. It robs of us of the ability to accurately describe where our pain is coming from.

These terms should be available for occasional, because banning them robs people of the ability to describe their emotive reality.

It is a form of oppression to deny people the right to describe their anger in racial terms, simply because it offends the luxury beliefs of the wealthy that race and culture don’t matter.


Is a nigger an African? I’m honestly not sure. I thought it was a black skinned American slave of African descent. The various African races no doubt have their own insulting names for one another. I’ve generally had better experiences with East Africans than West Africans.


I think it was originally just an American term for African Americans. But as you note, every group has their offensive emotive term for other groups, just jump on Twitter and find out. There is no reason why ours alone is policed, except of course to emotively disempower ourselves.

There is a time and a place for different forms of language, but when a news article can’t bring itself to mention the race of an offender, least it cause offense, then I think it is about time to start pushing back a little.


Haha yeah immigrants aren’t gonna care about your brawling or kick boxing skills. Be prepared to be stabbed.

Either that or they were soy boys. Even the nigs find the soy boys insufferably nauseating.


lmao can you imagine


probably would have been very good for australia tbh

for sure the US would have our backs if anything went down

and we could have lived peacefully and happily under jewish rule
without dumb australians getting to vote or anything

they would have handled the aboriginal problems much better too


Was aware of the Uganda Scheme, but not that one.


You really have to wonder what might have been if Curtin had gone through with the Kimberley plan. According to a poll at the time, 47% were opposed to it – so more support than the Voice.


I’ve said this before…

Para 3 of the proposed constitutional amendment states:

the Parliament shall, subject to this Constitution, have power to make laws with respect to matters relating to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice, including its composition, functions, powers and procedures”

So that means that the voice, as an organisation, may have powers conferred on it, up to the limits of whatever the gummint can do, which is a lot.

That essentially unlimited scope for change, all by itself, is more than enough reason not to vote for this bullshit.

That being said, I think most normies simply don’t give a shit about our indigenous brethren, and will vote no out of general conservatism, and being more concerned about things like the price of bread and fuel.

And a piece of anecdata…I was at a restaurant in rural NSW a few weeks, and a group of about ten wypipo in an extended family showed up at the next table. Once they sat down, the Dad mockingly started to deliver an “OK everybody, I’d like to pay my respects…” acknowledgement and the whole mob burst out in derisive laughter. It warmed the little piece of cold flint where my heart used to be.


as an organisation, may have powers conferred on it, up to the limits of whatever the gummint can do, which is a lot.

It potentially confers greater powers than that. The voice is allowed to make representations to parliament on anything relating to .indigenous people, so effectively anything, and potentially launch a supreme court challenge to anything the government or parliament does since it has failed to listen to the voices opinion.


Larrikans Roman Salute Outside a Shoe Display. Arrested!
Why the po-po hatin’ on shoe haters?

banana man

The Crimes Amendment (Prohibition on display of Nazi symbols) Bill 2022 passed in the state’s upper house with unanimous support.
At the time, then chief executive of the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies Darren Bark said the banning was long overdue.

Board of Deputies? Here we go.

banana man

if you really want to know who rules over you, figure out whom you cannot criticise ( The Aboriginals?)

A fly in your ointment

perhaps it would be more precise to say “whe who polices thee for prohibition of criticising the ________”

it fixes your multilema

banana man


A fly in your ointment

remember the so called “consensus” on AGW?

well, here’s how you do it:


A fly in your ointment

how do you demolish civilian infrastructure “legally”?
just declare it a training ground ot anything mikitary/militia related et-voile


Israel babies killed by Houmus.

warning graphic image

just joking, it contains a graphic collage of images

A fly in your ointment

I spoiled the spoiler.

I spoiled the spoiler


I believe the phrase is fuck around and find out.

Hamas fucked around. They are finding out.


The thousands killed by terrorists in israel beg to differ.

Aussie Soy Boy

Violence and chaos is the only way to left for the Palestinians to have their own land nothing else has worked.

Are you one of these people that called Mandela a terrorist?


I am having one of those brain keeping me awake with left-field questions like the brain memes. The question being asked is this graph related to the timing of the Hamas attacks.

comment image

Reus's Large MEMBER

That was due to Biden selling off the oil to China coming up to the midterms so that he could boast about the price of “gas” coming down.

the arborist

Great bit of info. Although we should all stop saying “Biden” did this or that. We all know Biden isn’t doing anything except mumbling and stumbling.


I know why Biden did it. Given where we are is it a coincidence that reserves run out almost exactly to the day when Hamas attacked? This site enjoys coincidences.

What if it was timed to make oil prices go to the moon? To break US or world economy or ensure Biden kicked out of office.

What if it was timed to make it more difficult for US to enter the war with no strategic reserves?


Tucker on the US’s illegal immigration crisis

“The result is a country, our country, that is changing faster than it ever has but not through Democratic means.”


The US’s illegal immigration and Australia, Canada and the UK’s “legal” immigration are designed to achieve exactly the same thing.

To continue to grow credit in Western nations even though credit levels are so punitive that residents of those nations can barely afford to have children themselves.

So long as we live under a fiat currency regime, effectively ruled by those who extend the credit we will all become slaves and robbed of our homelands.

The sham that is our Democracy, and organised show Conferences like Labor’s immigration conference when they were elected where only big supporters of immigration were invited, is just as anti-democratic as it reveals just how captured our political parties are.

If the US economy falls over through an energy shock over the next 10yrs, I don’t think the US will come out the otherside wholly intact. It will be interesting to observe how the various state secessionist, like the Greater Idaho movement go.

Once states start coalescing by ideology and belief you are going to see more people start taking it to the next logical step. During hard times it is much easier to organise societies to solve common problems when you share truly common values.


Just got back from voting.

My local is only a small booth, no democracy sausage or food options. One person handing out No flyers, one handing out Yes, one poster for each also.

The queue was quite long, but it moved fast as it’s really only Yes/No or Informal. People were talking about getting text message from the No campaign – didn’t think was legal on voting day. My guess is that the No campaign is worried about voter apathy, but most looked annoyed by it so it’s hard to know if this approach will win people over or irritate them.

My guess is that people don’t really care either way. The electorate I’m in was a marginal Liberal electorate that swung to Labor last Federal election. Back then there were quite a few signs, but this time only saw one house with a Yes sign outside which has been the case for months.

My patient population is reasonably centrist, and probably slightly left leaning due to younger age. Before elections people tend to worry about what it means if their side loses or what the other lot will do, but the Voice has not been raised as an issue or concern by anyone in the last 12 months. Also haven’t seen any Yes or No pins, badges or other paraphernalia over that period – can only recall one patient wearing an Aboriginal flag T-Shirt. In contrast I have seen more “Let’s Go Brandon” T-shirts.



the “neo nazis” are at it again

just in time to justify unlawful police actions , and strengthen support for Israel and the neoliberal consensus


100% chance these are false flag actors, people get arrested for far less in Danistan, so why not any of these people? Unless of course that would expose the whole charade.

A fly in your ointment

The chances of them all being un-quackccinated are very high, almost 120%


High profile Toowoomba man plays mental health card to avoid being named.


His legal team and lawyers acting for the media outlets faced Toowoomba Magistrates Court on Friday, where the man’s legal team argued the order should stay in place.

Barrister Andrew Hoare, acting for the high-profile man, said there was a “real existing risk of harm” to his client if his identity were to be published. He said the man suffered from “severe” suicidal ideation that had manifested over years.Mr Hoare said his client could be in grave danger of attempting self-harm, which he submitted necessitated the order continuing.

But Robert Anderson KC, representing the media outlets, said the high profile man had not given evidence before the court, instead relying on his solicitors and his psychologist.

He noted the man was prepared to go public with certain statements but was “unprepared” to face the court and give evidence himself. Mr Anderson said the defendant had “no automatic right to protection” under the recent amendments to the legislation. “The complainant’s voice is important to be heard,” he said. “She wants the defendant to be named. It is not neutral, it is an active voice.”


Normally I would spoil a ballet or vote for shit disturbers but casted a legitimate NO vote today. Polling station was pretty quiet, one yes and one no person handing out cards, both older white men. I guess the masses of entitled white women can only be so arsed and are probably sitting in their McMansions on occupied land.

Decided to engage with the volunteers doing the sausage sizzle, a few of them were quite surprised when I mentioned how the AEC were biased over the check/cross issue, another person backed me up and said it was true, hopefully that gets talked about some more the rest of the day.

All the AEC volunteers just looked like YES voters I am still convinced there will be a close vote and then we wait for those magical postal votes.


Well I just participated in democracy in action and joined the undoubtedly short list of NO voters in Canberra.

There was a short queue that moved fairly quickly, though the AEC person said there’d been a big lunchtime rush.

There was a little fund raising fete at the school along with democracy sausages.

My son who was with me commented on all the YES paraphernalia and how to vote spruikers, and the complete non-existence of anything at all to do with the NO vote. No spruikers and not a single poster or anything, amidst a sea of YES propaganda.He’s a fine young man, and I feel I’ve raised him well. 😊

We’re going to the 50th birthday party of my partner’s best friend this evening. The couple are both super lefty luvvies, so I expect the chit chat to be interesting.


Warney rolling in his grave right now

Aussie Soy Boy

I’m pretty sure Cummins is gay. Got the gay eyes Coming has talked about before.

Aussie Soy Boy

Isn’t it $20?

Aussie Soy Boy

I’m sure you could just lie and said nah I voted they must have crossed off the wrong name


It’s wild to me that people don’t all postal vote

why would you waste your Saturday

and be forced to mingle with the absolute worst of your local community

I haven’t rolled up to an actual election day since I was 20

Which begs the question why don’t we just do all elections and referendums via postal/online


Avoid the crowds and buy a sausage sizzle for brekkie at the local school. The volunteers raising money for the school are nice people.


Ha ha! Serves them right – they were probably going to vote “Yes” anyhow. I drove up to the local North Shore public school, pushed pass the barrage of “Yes” spruikers and all their ribbons and banners, gave the solitary old duck who was handing out “No” pamphlets a nod and the thumbs up, before going straight in and voting. From car door back to car door, about 5 minutes.
I sneer at you Dockland plebs!