Clare O’Neill thanks Israel for taking immigration and the housing crisis out of the media cycle

Australian Home Affairs Minister Clare O’Neill has thanked the state of Israel for taking Australia’s disastrous immigration program aout of the media cycle, as the housing and rental crisis sprials out of control.

O’Neill said the really questionable attack by Hamas this week and subsequent saturation of the media cycle, was perfect timing for both that and the disastrous Voice vote.

“I got a call from Mark Leibler re-assuring me that they had something planned to keep the plebs placated,”O’Neill said.

“Now we can get back to business as usual of protecting developers and asset stripping the fuck out of what’s left of the Australian middle and working classes with hordes of cheap labour.”

O’Neill admitted that the protests by Muslims in Sydney and Melbourne made her and every multicultural apologist look fucking retarded but she would ‘just ignore it anyway.’

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Someone’s a bit fixated on Clare

i probably would tbh


Epitome of woke karen. She’s probably got an ip on the goldie.


jim Bianco now comes to accept that higher interest rates are inflationary / stimulatory

who will have the penny drop last ?



I can’t seem to read twitter threads.

but, going off what I see in the first post, bloke seems delusional.

what are these non-financial corporations earning any meaningful interest on deposits? Fucking unicorns!

essentially all corporations of any meaningful size have net indebtedness^. This is essentially an axiom of corporate finance: debt is cheaper than equity, therefore you need to finance yourself partially with debt.

”net indebtedness means the excess of debt liabilities over cash/similar liquid assets. And, putting aside short-term dislocations, debt costs more than cash yields.


I can’t seem to read twitter threads.

say no more, fam


So have you found any large herd of unicorns for me?


its all there in the tweet thread

if only you could open it


I’ll choppy and paste it for you. Not doing the charts though. 

1/11 The hottest topic in the markets is how much higher rates will hurt. It may not be that painful. Non-financial corporations are getting a bigger benefit from higher interest income than the drag from higher interest expenses. Their financial position is improving.

2/11 Non-financial corporation “net” interest expenses rose in the 0% era after the 2008 financial crisis, peaking at $379.9B in Q2 2020. Since rates started rising, and since Q2 2022 (hikes started), NET interest expenses have plummeted to $211.7B, the lowest level since 2007.

3/11 The financial position of non-financial corporations is benefiting from rising interest rates. To be clear, customers/consumers and the Federal Government are in a different place. Non-financial corporations are big enough to drive a big part of the economy (GDP).

4/11 To further illustrate, we broke down the S&P 500 companies below, excluding financial companies, showing total interest expenses (blue), total interest income (orange), and their “net” internet expense in the bottom panel (green).

5/11 Net expenses (green above) as a percentage of operating income (for the S&P 500 excluding financials). It is currently just 8.9% of all operating income, among the lowest since 2006. Higher rates are NOT stressing these companies.

6/11 Almost exactly one year ago, Bloomberg put the probability of a recession in the next 12 months at 100%. October 17. 2022 Forecast for US Recession Within Year Hits 100% in Blow to Biden

7/11 From Bloomberg a year ago — But tightening financial conditions, persistent inflation and expectations of a hawkish Federal Reserve pressing ahead with rate hikes are raising the risk of a contraction.

8/11 Bloomberg thought a recession by this month was 100% because higher interest rates would be a big drag on the economy. It appears they missed that non-financial corporate interest income would rise faster than interest expense and benefit their financial position.

9/11 So, this big drag on the economy is absent in the corporate sector. Instead, companies are using this improved position to add 326,000 new jobs in September, as the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported on Friday.

10/11 All this adds to higher nominal growth. This means the neutral rate is also higher. So, the pain everyone THINKS interest rates are handing out to the ECONOMY might not be that great.

11/11 Higher rates are handing out pain to the STOCK MARKET. 5.50% money market is better than a stock market that gives returns barely above 0% for 493 of the S&P 500. Seven stocks are not enough to stop the flood into MM funds, no matter how “magnificent” they might be.

TLDR: Years of central bank QE and ZIRP have made monetary policy less effective in the short to medium term because many companies locked in much lower interest rates on their debt and they are now receiving interest on their cash.


given that deposits can’t leave the banking system, and each dollar of government debt is a dollar of private savings, I don’t know why she would be surprised

I read that just 13 SP500 nonfinancial companies alone hold over $1tn of deposits


thanks, Jim for the copy pasting. Bloody coming couldn’t even do that.

TLDR: Years of central bank QE and ZIRP have made monetary policy less effective in the short to medium term because many companies locked in much lower interest rates on their debt and they are now receiving interest on their cash.

right, so quite like what I said:

And, putting aside short-term dislocations, debt costs more than cash yields.

…and also in the aggregate higher rates are definitely making for tougher trading conditions, at least that’s how I read 0% returns.

Higher rates are handing out pain to the STOCK MARKET. 5.50% money market is better than a stock market that gives returns barely above 0% for 493 of the S&P 500

So maybe 7 temporary unicorns, if we are super generous, probably no more than 1 or 2.


the private sector has more deposits than debts
so higher rates will lead to more money in the private sector

that’s all it can boil down to

additionally, it discourages investment in new production

Apple can get 5% in the bank with its $100bn of deposits


if nothing else, you’re missing the distribution issue

let’s say Apple is a unicorn.

So let’s make Apple an even bigger unicorn – give Apple another 500b in the bank and so another 25b of interest income. Then what?

Last edited 7 months ago by Peachy

YOU were the one that was surprised that companies had so much money




Unicorns yeah right

i guess the 70% of households who are also net positive cash are unicorns too


When you’re in agreement with david Llewelyn smith maybe it’s time to reconsider your position


When absolutely nobody agrees with you on a fringe blog full of cookers perhaps you should reconsider your position

If you actually bothered to read your own link you would see that apple is just buying back it’s own stock and stockpiling more cash

Explain to me how that creates inflation


Apple has $63bn cash on hand

it gets paid 5% to do nothing with it

that’s why their buy backs have fallen right off
commencing March 2022 (the very same quarter the fed started raising )

but buybacks are just transfers between private sector accounts, and aren’t particularly relevant to inflation

its the government and fed handing out 5% created from the ether


How does that create inflation


If these companies had more interest expense than interest earnings he would be arguing the point on input costs causing inflation. He is just arguing for the sake of arguing.

Meanwhile back in EZFKA…


Hence why I asked how it creates inflation

Obviously it doesn’t because these unicorn companies have a low propensity to spend on things that cause inflation


That final paragraph is gold.

The more we see the invaders out on the streets doing intolerable invader shit like chanting “Gas the jews” the better off we all are, as the normies see the reality of massb immigration.

Some full on street battles with guns between the Palestinians and other middle easterners like the lebbos would be the icing on the cake.


Breaking news.

40 babies weren’t beheaded in Israel. The actual figure was 6 million.

Agent 47

They took them out of the incubators too.

They’ve cried wolf one too many times.

A fly in your ointment

40 babies pathways in media

Some would say that after the hype is finished the story is now “irrelevant” thus it will be left to be forgotten.
Yep, no harm done, just an innocent mistake…. who could’ve known that “reported by some IDF soldiers” means Nicole just seeded the spin.


Lies are obviously bad & particularly so when used for propaganda. And maybe even moreso when the propaganda is for warmongering.

but, if there were not 40 children but “only” 20 children, would that be ok?

if they were not beheaded but bayoneted, would that be ok?

what if there were 10?

if the underlying fact is that there was systematic and deliberate killing of children (rather than just as collateral damage), then any subsequent exaggeration in relation to the exact number of victims or the method of murder seems to be a remarkably small sin.

PS – this is under your stated morality, not just mine:

Killing children is the ultimate and incomparable sin in my book of moral and ethical values.

( )

A fly in your ointment

Peach, I am not sure what are you trying to say. I am utterly baffled with your questions as I cannot connect them to anything I said here or in real life, ever.

if the underlying fact is that there was systematic and deliberate killing of children (rather than just as collateral damage), then any subsequent exaggeration in relation to the exact number of victims or the method of murder seems to be a remarkably small sin.

This is different from what you said earlier:

they claim that they shot dead 200 concertgoers seems undisputed and that’s enough to demonise the perps.

The incremental demonization that might accrue from murdering some children is quite small. So the difference is largely academic.

I referred to your trivialisation of (fake) babies killed as just another academic difference and pointed why this is utterly wrong.
In the mean time, we may never see 250 bodies of drugged up ravegoers (cynic will say they may never existed pin that quantities) and the 40 babies was confirmed a psyop to justify the oncoming jihad in sword milkhemet reshut


I thought that you were outraged at the possibility that there might not be 40 beheaded children and that you wanted to see video evidence before you grant the PR “benefits” of the act to the israelites.

if I have misunderstood your point, I apologise.

A fly in your ointment

That would not be an outrage, that would be a reasonable expectation that there are none, without a single shred of evidence and given the timeline of the spin.

What is disappointing is that any number of killed children can be just a triviality, as per your quote above, no matter who done it. if philistines have done it, they deserve terror revenge but if they did not, the chosen ones should be punished equally for committing such a war crime (false flagging should be a war crime equal to other war crimes resulting in loss of life)
I also pointed to the obliviousness to the effects of the false flagging and agitprop events from the perspective “if they end up wrong will be just declared irrelevant” as effects remain even if the story is walked back (see my other comments here, Nicole the spinner of the 40 babies retracted her claim on the beheading). The story is still spinning red line and all the major msm outlets are front paging it without 1 single shred of evidence (not counting that Biden says he saw beheaded kids – not clarifying if he sniffed them)

A fly in your ointment

This will fix things. Rinse and repeat.

Rave goers massacre, 250 and counting.
Has anyone reported seeing bodies?


So you reckon there’s really some chance that this is just a pantomime and, in fact, there has been no rave massacare or kids killed?

i would assign that a 0.001% probability (1 in 100,000).

it’s one thing to maybe exaggerate deaths (eg 50 ravers killed rather than 250) and this might have occurred.
It’s another thing to completely invent such an event from scratch. In my estimation it’s beyond the capability of even the most skilled disinformation operatives.

A fly in your ointment


it is unlike your legacy here to draw conclusions from unsaid.

no need to invent shooting of the drugged up rave goers. killing 20 or 50 on site could easily be a result of a (legitimate?) fight with armed people (and these are aplenty in that desert) but shooting all 250 of them is a completely different premise as it implies atrocity. I can imagine some here unable to see that distinction but not you
so far we’ve seen 5ish bodies and 10ish coverings that imply a dead body may be under.

The main difference is that I don’t exclude this event to be a massacre and an atrocity, if there is evidence to it. I just refuse to label anything with anywhat before truth emerges from the thicknlayers of war propaganda. It way to often proves that there was nothing equivalent to original psyop

The initial story will have an impact, even if it wasn’t true.

Remember this? I cannot recall another instance where a body of a dead child was so widely published across world media, unblurred. Was a hell of an impact to allow masses of refugees into Europe. Worked.

And later claims of fake, staged, etc. were for naught, the goal has been reached. The goal of 40 babies will too be reached.

A fly in your ointment

The initial story will have an impact, even if it wasn’t true.

hence my debate.
Its main method is to induce post-truth reaction and no one is immune to this. Even being obsessed with recognising the post-truth and agitprop cannot yield 100% immunity from it. There is so much agitprop and disinformation there, it is swamping unadulterated truth to a statistical error.

look at this convoluted article drowning in speculatio-ad-nauseum which can be summed up as “we know chicken shit”. Circular reference MSM reporting that people on the ground report what the MSM have published based on reports from the ground

Makes perfect sense. Delivered by the crowd, who have just told us that they had no idea Hamas was going to attack, but it was highly likely, based on intelligence, that Iran is behind it.

Didn’t even have to find a passport.


“Happy is the one who takes the infants of Babel and Edom and smashes them on the rock… just like they did to us”


Even if you’re rich and famous..everyone becomes a seedy bogan. So why bother at all. We may as well all die.


LOL avi Yemeni just touched down in Israel

Aussie Soy Boy

Hezbollah are coming over the northern border on gliders apparently, so perfect timing he can go volunteer. No doubt another dual passport holder. He better be careful that the IDF don’t mistake him for an Arab.

A fly in your ointment

…IDF don’t mistake him for an Arab

Apart from those with curly curls which are recognised by the curls, can you really tell them apart?

Agent 47

Did he set the GoFundMe up ahead of time this time as well?

His pajeet offsider stuck back in Melbourne shilling for Israel on Twitter ATM.


Have been wondering.

Who will be the first raving leftie to claim that unless sovereignty of some sort is given to aborigines via the Voice, then ezfka faces the same bleak future as israel and gaza/hamas?

Reus's Large MEMBER

I thought that the window for propaganda had closed as of last night, so they can go back to being regular Karen’s now


You might underestimate how completely nuts some of these karens are


the amount of hyperbole on both sides about the voice is too much for me

it wont make much of a difference to anything eitherway

A fly in your ointment

…unless sovereignty of some sort is given to aborigines via the Voice, then ezfka faces the same bleak future as israel and gaza/hamas

Occupation is there and the same for slaughtering and herding them, but that ship (the sovereignty of some sort) have sailed when they accepted to be the part of this anglo pond.
Now at best they can fight for Abo reserves with casino licences. They would get it.
I doubt any Abo with some thinking capacity would vote for warden’s patsy indigenous body no matter the spin behind it.


If someone was cunning enough to get the aboriginals to make a terrorist attack against whites , that would end the voice and aboriginal grifting forever

learn from how the Americans and Israelis did it


Imagine a mob running down George St in Sydney throwing spears at the invaders, that would be hilarious.

Ironic Boomer

New left progressives can grant them a sovereign state, with its own currency. The currency can be called the aboriginal bolivar. Instead of the RBA, they can have a corroboree, which can set interest rates permanently to 0 with QE.
See what happens. It’s what new left progressives want.


wheres he going


says the photo was taken in new york


unlikely to get bashed there


Why aren’t the Australians present assaulting him?


mightnt have been any aussies but thats what i was wondering i feel like it wouldnt be safe for him to walk around where anyone knows who he is anymore


lets be honest

none of the cookers are going to do shit

A fly in your ointment

Why is it that you cookers are not rebeling against the man who spearheaded atrocities?

A fly in your ointment

To respond to below question,

What happened in 1967 is the same what happened in 1945, 1947 and 2000


From the link someone else posted in 1967 Israel won the 6 day war.

what happened in 45 and 47 and 2000?


I dunno about those other dates, but the 6 day Arab-Israeli war in October 67 is one of the most famous military campaigns of all time.

I’m an old-ish fart now, an ex-infantryman and a student of military history, but it surprises me that anybody born in the 20th century wouldn’t be aware of that conflict. It shaped the nature of the middle east catastrophe right up to the present day.

I guess the study of history isn’t as much as much of a thing as it used to be

A fly in your ointment

I replied above:

What happened in 1967 is the same what happened in 1945, 1947 and 2000
Perhaps through different means but nonetheless the same cause


You need to explain. Cause I don’t know what you mean.

A fly in your ointment

programmed land grab.
How we came to that junction is trivial as we’d come to that junction in time one way or another.
And here we are once again

For decades I kept saying Chew-Choos should leave the shit alone, not frequently stomping on, it as it will stink destroy their livelihood probably for good, but they want more. Soon they may have to cross that red sea again, this time they are likely to need boats.

Gruppenführer Mark

Short answer. Palestine was established by the British in 1918 or so. Not a lot of Jews. After WWII some Jews started buying land, some were already there, but in 1947 USA and USSR devised a plan to sever Mandatory Palestine into Jewish lands and Palestinian lands, this happened in 1947. In 1948 State of Israel was established by the UN Declaration. You already know about 1967. Last image shows slow progression of Jewish settlers onto Palestinian land – West Bank, mostly, which was supported by the USA and its allies, and opposed by the USSR. After the Cold War, this process escalated.

Brief history of the Mandatory Palestine, which was a part of Ottoman Empire until 1918 when the Brits decided to mess with it. Same Brits who created Afghanistan issues, India/Paki issues, you name it.

Gruppenführer Mark

Oh, this is next level trolling!

Arch of Titus, which signifies siege of Jerusalem and destruction of the Second Temple by Romans, lit up in Israeli colours.

Arch Titus.png

History is powerful. Except in Australia where all you need to know is what the current thing is. And that property always goes up.


Here’s a fascinating discussion about invasion and war between Inuit and Indian tribes in Canada. It makes the point that the white “invasion” was just one of many waves over the millennia, and the indigenous Canadians have no reason to claim moral (or any other) superiority or anything else over wypipo.

Utterly based, and a must read, given the voice and similar bullshit happening here.


A good article LSWCHP, thanks for posting – articles like this and ones I have posted previously on indigenous life in Australia pre settlement, should be the starting point for anyone wanting to have a discussion on the ill effects of Colonialization. Frankly Colonization was the best thing to happen to virtually every indigenous tribe and people.

The North American Indians were particularily savage with their cruelty that they inflicted on rival tribes. I remember reading in another similar article how they killed them men in a rival and relatively more peaceful tribe, then raped the remaining women before cutting off all their fingers, stripping and setting them free. The idea was that they knew they were going to die, but could do nothing to save themselves other than walking to their deaths.

My new goal is to stand up for Colonization whenever I hear anyone speak poorly about it, as though it were a sin uniquely belonging to white people.

A fly in your ointment

It seems that for present-day Indigenous spokespersons, it was okay for their Indigenous ancestors to engage in the conquest, displacement, dispossession, and murder of other Indigenous peoples, but not okay for European migrators to engage in similar but much milder and less murderous forms and versions of the same migration and dispossession historical norm.

with regards to this thing… yeah… sorry to be that fly in your ointment
I guess it shoud be the same as if poms kill irish and irish kill them back equally violently for thousands of years but then say Ruskies come and kill them both, almost all, in a gentler, very humane, “milder and less murderous” way then colonise their land and bring in ruskie tractors to plough everything in sight, beginning with women.

“Murdering in a less murderous way”
LOL, that takes a special skill to concoct this.

Europeans cannot be blamed for the simple fact that they migrated here and eventually achieved a state of total dominance.

with regards to this… yeah…
Europeans are not blamed, it is those that are depicted on today’s money as well as those depicted on previous money. You know, those that charge taxes now and those that charged taxes in the past.
Lets not blame the krauts for achieving a total dominance over much of the central europe, when they had their second go at 5 min of fame.

Now some things cannot be reversed, cannot expel millions of people being vacuumed at levels higher than this pond (75 people every single day, if I remember correctly). What can be done is to mend the feats of history. First thing on the list is absolving from sins of the past through acceptance that it was a sin. This is not the same as what woke leftards do, it is not even remotely the same. In fact guys like this feed the woke leftards with material for their agenda push and they work in symbiosis.




Very similar. It’s so hard to read.

A fly in your ointment

LOL noice

now that must’ve put a smile on that long face.
I’m glad you’re not sulking any more.


At least there was minimal ‘special’ language in that wall of text as is per usual

A fly in your ointment

Is it offensive that I can produce a few sentences versus soundbytes or is it that it takes more than 15 sec to read so its TL;DR

BTW, welcome back


He seems to think he can whip up anti muzzie sentiment like it’s the 2000s again.

We’ve got 600m muzzies on our heads in Indo. What a mong.


If he really means it he can pledge to deport them if he gets in

But he doesn’t mean it


Dutton is reading the mood of the people based on the news coverage which has overwhelmingly been biased towards Israel.

Objectively however Dutton can get fucked on thjs and go suck some more jew cock.

It’s likely his party that would have let both sides into the country in the first place!

And as to his un-Australian comment, I would suggest it was un-Australian of Labor hack Chris Minns to approve putting the Israeli flag on the opera house. I can guarantee a vast majority wouldn’t want it displayed but sure let’s get angry at the Palestinian protestors here for trying to have freedom of speech and assembly.

Where is the media scrutiny there?


Now’s Lieber’s chance to experience a personal loss for his cause…. may their names be forgotten.


How did that article get printed? It flat out asserts that Jews control most of big business in Australia.


Why do you think they hate Murdoch so much


Yeah pretty red pilling. I saw it on the front page then I think they tucked it away in one of the sections shortly after.


Handy list of businesses to avoid though.


If he raised his offspring with any love of Australia his grandkids would not be in Israel.


Ten to one, carnts!

A fly in your ointment

did you really think they’d go through the media brainwash and even call a referendum if the Yes was not baked in?
nah, you did not, LOL

voting is for suckers to feel important some place


It’s 10 to 1 for.

you can win ten times your money if “yes” succeeds.

do you really think it’s baked in? Want to put your money where your mouth is?


I have a deep concern that the polls are being deliberately skewed so as to give the “No” camp a sense of premature victory and hubris, while encouraging wavering voters to vote “Yes” in order to make themselves feel better. This is even though they would vote “No” in terms of what they truly want the outcome to be, but think a “No” outcome is a fait accompli, so why not feel good about themselves.

Hypocrisy is so prevalent amongst liberals and progressives.

After the upsets of Brexit and Donald Trump I fear the elites who decide our fate will decide that they can put in a fix under the cover of a progressive ‘upset’ under the plausibility of the largely grass root reactions of what has gone before.

Last edited 7 months ago by Stewie

Poll are polls, but these guys run books.

they see where the weight of the money is, so I would treat it as an independent data point.

Albanese managed to win from 5:1, if I recall, so it’s not a sure thing. But it’s meaningful.


The effect would be the opposite judging from the momentum behind ‘no’

The more mainstream the position is, the less voters will feel guilty about supposed racism from voting the way they want and the more discredited ‘yes’ will seem

A fly in your ointment

I lose my money when yes succeeds, whichever way you flip it.

If referendum says No, something else will come later on, equally the same, just without a referendum. Voice may fail but Voice2.0 is just around the corner.
I see why Yes may have mislead you, it really means Voice.

A fly in your ointment

and proverbial fat lady still sings… so referendum is still in the game.


Chuck a couple of hundred on, then 😉

A fly in your ointment

Sorry, i dont gamble with my own money and I don’t know anyone stupid enough to let me gamble with theirs.
I can only chuck a shrimp on the barbie.
which reminds me I got to see that Crock Dundee movie again to remember the goodies that were in the brochure “Immigrate to Australia, the land of the adventure…”


I think this will be the last referendum that happens in Australia

Andrews-style governance is the future of Australia, the government will do as it pleases at all times and then deny anything happened at all

The idea of the population being able to vote on an issue is already so passé that it’s an odd throwback to even be happening.


Dunno a Republic referendum might be 20 years away again I reckon

A fly in your ointment

If you look up history of satrap and serf countries, you may find that referendum outcome means chicken. In the N Macedonia, 35% of all the people voted yes to enter EU and NATO and of the remaining 65%, less than 5% voted No and the remaining 60% did not turn out at all (which is a valid democratic option – to invalidate referendum)
Final results, the interpretation was 95% Yes because that’s the percentage of casted votes and since the ‘referendum was not binding’, it could not be invalidated by the lack of quorum. Creative thinking worth the Nobel prise. What happens to satraps and serfs, soon comes to empire’s dear ones. I would not be surprised if the referendum says No but they still proceed as if it was yes finding some creative ways to interpret. Also, because all the parties are pro-Yes, unlike (s)election time, all are likely to close their eyes to irregularities or outright fraud/theft.


Unless you are inferring vote tampering or the counting being rigged it’s a simple non weighted double majority and I would expect like 99% of people to vote

It’s not rocket science

A fly in your ointment

i am quite cynical wrt referendums like this one or the one with fags wanting to have a piece of “their oppressor’ life and have a “marriage”.
maybe the Voice 1.0 fails, a Voice2.0 will bypass the ‘irresponsible no voters’ and this referendum end up as just a waste of money

There’s another effect and that is that the number of flippers may be higher than admitted. You know, people who profess a No but come referendum time they actually vote Yes. The inverse Trumpf effect.

A fly in your ointment

did not quite grasp this part at first:

Andrews-style governance is the future of Australia…

indeed it edges towards that with every day, it can almost be seen daily


Thanks for finding. Might drop a cheeky $20 on yes as a hedge to offset the never ending taxpayer funded grifting that will ensue


So, I gather that all the folks that visit here are planning to vote “no” for reasons ranging from:

  • i don’t know what “yes” will achieve; to
  • i think “yes” will be the thin end of the wedge; to
  • i don’t care;
  • fuck you

(except MBrefugee, who will vote “yes” because reasons of embracing the unknown –

it’s got me wondering – how come that is the case? What is the common characteristic or set of characteristics that combine to make almost everyone who chooses to hang out here also makes them oppose the referendum?

Last edited 7 months ago by Peachy

To be fair it’s 70% of the population probably going to vote no

the 30% voting yes are

-abo grifters themselves
-extremely malleable NPCs who will always be pro whatever the media is pushing (vaccines/Ukraine/Israel)

none of these groups are represented here


i wont be votiing att all

A fly in your ointment

Thumb Up!

Real men don’t vote, its invented for meak and npc to feel important.


Low level of agreeableness

High level of skepticism towards the government

Generally libertarian thinking


We are malcontents who came from MB which has about 50% of its articles whinging about the government ruining our lives, so we won’t sign up to Albo’s referendum

I wonder when EZFKA will get its first non-MB reader


This country was captured by a form of organised crime. I call it the real estate mafia. Nothing they have done for decades is in the long term interests of what was once the nation (its people of colonial descent and their allies). Most of us get this at some level or another. Put me under “fuck you”.


FIRE sector more generally. But banks and private credit creation specifically are the driver with real estate being the target.

De regulating the banking system in the 80s has been a disaster


I think there is another reason behind the decision to vote “NO”.
And to unearth that reason, you simply have to look back at the last referendum on the Republic, which fell flat on its arse.
What do the two referendums have in common?
In the republic referendum, the outcome of a YES vote was predetermined by politicians…..John Howard had already decided what type of republic we would have.
In the Voice referendum, the eventual outcome of a Yes vote will be determined by politicians, in that politicians will determine the structure and all of the operating parameters of the resultant body.
Notice a common thread here?
In both referenda, a Yes vote simply provides (provided) politicians with more power to play around in new areas.
Compare this to the Marriage Equality plebiscite…a resounding “Yes”…..why?
Because there wasn’t much the politicians could do with it…..although it would appear that several other cans of worms may have been opened as a result.
I don’t think that Australians are as dumb or apathetic about these things as our overlords and their media minions would have us believe.
They just don’t trust politicians.


Yep. Another department impossible to fire or remove as it’s constitutional bound of grifter people setting up schemes to grift

It’s a joke