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Cedric Nerdstrom

Funny cat pictures. Who doesnt love pictures of cats doing wacky things?

Cedric Nerdstrom

Oh oh! MB contributor livestream suicides!
Would be a one off deal tho.


Dumping articles every 20 minutes is just poor planning and reeks of oversaturation and desperation. Their current layout doesn’t suit as old articles just get bumped down and missed. Of course, there a delicious irony in that the current top one mentions cookie cutters…

But if you want a real laugh, check out the engagement on their Twitter account…


fk me roan that’s a desert


I’ll say it again, they keep reproducing crap from sell side, bofa, ms, squiddy, pantheon (wtf are these guys, never heard of them, so assuming sell side), as well as copy paste from zero hedge and TS Lombard.

I used to go there for original thinking, but they got the covid narrative completely wrong putting off a lot of peeps (falling for tech bro Tomas Pueyos hammer and dance, I mean, fuck me, what an arse clown to back in, and DLS went to hospital following his mrna injection, but then insisted others get it, fuck off mate), then got inflation and rate hikes wrong on the way up (it doesn’t matter what you **think** should happen, it matters what does happen).

Can’t help but think starting a financial advice business was completely the wrong move. Then they became focussed on flows, which means not being too far from the mainstream. Seldom does the fringe make money (via fees) so it pays to be a normie.

But I remember several years ago they were great to read, good discussions on how fucked the system is, particularly China, immigration and property market, the comments were lively (Some notable wankers that we all know) and occasionally get a full on DLS rant. His rants were well worth it, but my argument is that that has changed for the worse. Hence everyone fucking off.


When they set up their funds business, their selling point was we are not mainstream, we are predicting armageddon in Australia and we will have more weight to overseas exposures. But you are right, being outcast doesn’t make money, but being a normie does.


That’s the precisely the issue. They weren’t mainstream (I suppose) when they were just a humble subscription-based blog. You can’t really be a non-mainstream fund manager though – that lasts all of five minutes in case of underperformance; and most non-mainstream pundits actually don’t make much in the way of returns. If you followed NakeCapitalism’s advice on Tesla for instance…

Its the mainstream fund managers that make the money – because they are the market/move the market.


WTF? I knew he was crook for a bit but I didn’t know it was from following his vaccination, I thought it might have been an infected hemorrhoid or something given how grumpy he’d become and the ban hammer being dropped so repeatedly.


Not sure if its a lie, but I choose to believe it anyway

Maxwell Bradman

Any site that makes reusa look like a genius has no debate worth looking in on to me. To me joining MB was an error (id been on zerohedge for years but wanted to go local) but the thing was it made me feel unAustralian. I felt I had no place with these wankers sort of when you drive in rush hour!
Now …here… I’m happy again


They were rootless cosmopolitans – the lot of them. Their model for ideal Australia was basically the ‘corporatocracy’ Lite. Any sense of patriotism beyond supporting the Aussie cricketers was frowned upon.

Roger Dodger

So freaking true BigDuke6.


uh huh…. a parody account flogs their arse


Some notable wankers that we all know

Is this a personal attack on the folks at ezfka.com

the hammer and dance stuff was absolutely hilarious
The fucking losers over there were clutching on to that one for months

Lockdown absolutely crippled provision of healthcare for a couple years, and many suffered for it

Then we let it rip anyway and had the highest case rate in the world and absolutely fucking nothing bad happened to the healthcare system

Fuck it makes me absolutely furious the lies and bullshit that was spouted and the absolutely disastrous mismanagement of the whole thing


I remember their ‘webcast’ or whatever sanctimoniously talking about “hammer and dance” as if they were some 20-year expert epidemiologists or something.


thats exactly when I realised that everybody there had absolutely no fucking idea what they were talking about

people with no medical background whatsoever giving their opinions with complete unshakeable confidence

It was completely contrary to everything I had ever learned in medical school, but they were so sure of themselves

it made me realise their opinions on china, house prices, economics were also likely to be complete bullshit, but declared with the same degree of confidence

Of course, the same garbage was being spouted by fauci, chant et al

Last edited 8 days ago by Coming

It was a text book example of the Covid media mania.

Arm chair experts (myself included, although the limit of my advocatism was mainly skepticism) abounded, but it was amazing the number of commentators who had actual medical knowledge and understanding, were shouted down for deviating from the mainstream narrative.

Honestly the whole episode was an amazing example of group mania, manufactured hysteria and general media manipulation. There were times when I wondered if the whole world had gone insane, even though practically everyone I personally knew thought I was insane for being the slightest bit skeptical.

Last edited 8 days ago by Stewie

It was peak Mt Stupid on the Dunning Kruger curve


Totally agree. I remain unvaxxed and I want pluckas head on a fucking spike.


To be fair, they have written some good articles in regards to mass immigration and its impact on our cities. Few media outlets have covered it, maybe an occasional Bolt Report, but that’s about it.

However, their predictions have been horrendous and you would probably make money doing the direct opposite to what they predict.


Yeah I don’t mind them for their rants and agglomeration services – Leith is a Trojan and I’m happy to pay for membership just to keep him in a job (even if he is still sooking over me calling them out for their Chicken Kiev pronunciation purity statement).

Also agree on the good work they’ve collectively done in order to keep trying to push issues re immigration, gas, etc Their mistake was to get into retail funds management. DLS’s sensitivity went through the roof and with the eyeballs on their site the censorship started to escalate.

Last edited 9 days ago by Stewie
Gruppenführer Mark

Cheesus Crust, Peachy! You gave me a heart attack. I opened up the EZFKA site, and wound up at MB! I thought I have entered a parallel universe! Seriously, it took a couple of seconds to look at the page, look up at the url, back at the page to see “Peachy” to know that everything is still ok with this world.

Aussie Soy Boy

It’s boom times ahead for MB subscribers they are making out like bandits getting 3.5% minus tax of course on their savings which they fantasise about putting towards a house when prices drop 60%.


The gubbermint should introduce ISA style accounts for the plebs. Ala what’s in the UK.

Max Payne

Maybe a sister site like MB After Dark that publishes non-pc, non-mainstream economic and political content. You should hit up LVO & DLS and see if they’re interested in a partnership 🙂

Angus Jung

Nudey pics! of attractive women (no fatties or trannies).

Gruppenführer Mark

Photos of Phil and Jerome in leather harness!

Angus Jung

Christine Laggard! hubba hubba


one day we might be able to buy out the domain name and migrate (ha ha) this site over there


That would be pure gold.


Adding a comment to ensure you get over 20 comments Peachy. Would look bad if you say that they can’t 20 and you get less.


Less than 20 comments here?

You’re kidding, right?

Can’t get a bloody word in edgewise when this mob gets going 🙂

Last edited 9 days ago by plaguerat
banana man

They lost me when they went full retard on Covid.


Images of DLS cowering behind the couch in the basemen writing visions of terror and apocalyptic end of the world scenarios was the icing on the cake.

For me it was the absolute refusal to see Biden and the DNC for what it is, and for the fact as bad as he was Trump was still a million times better President than what DLS cheer leaded for.

Its not as though virtually EVERYTHING claimed about Biden, from his dementia to his perverse son’s corrupt business dealings on his father’s behalf, were all eventually proven true. Enough evidence existed at the time for anyone who did the slightest bit of investigation and comparison of the same stories in the msm vs the alt-media, would have come away with a signficant amount of doubt as to the official line.

To me it really highlighted DLS’s utter dependence on the msm for his US viewpoints – how can you be a counter system investor in that market when you swallow everything the narrative spinners spoon feed you without the slightest degree of skepticism?

Take the war in Ukraine – it was telescoped so far back in time ANYONE who paid the slightest bit of attention to the policies and actions of the DNC, Obama, Clinton and Biden, would have known that conflict was inevitable the moment Biden DNC won the white house.

Shortly before I stopped posting regularly at MB, while DLS was still spunking over the possibility of Binden taxing the wealthy (ROFLMGDAO!) and the economic bonanza that it would result in, I said “You watch, by the time the next US election rolls around, China will once again be our friend, while Russia will be our enemy.”

The only reason I’ve been wrong on the “China being our friend again” was that I under-estimated Xi’s belligerence and hostility, it certainly hasn’t come to fruition by any failure of Biden to all but pull America’s arse cheeks apart for China.

Maybe the Russian invasion of Ukraine and Biden’s impotent response has instead emboldened him… or more concerningly, speed up the time table for his own plans?

Last edited 9 days ago by Stewie

i notice they only get one article with quite a bit of engagement a day, normally about houses. which is what MB was all about to begin with. they don’t need to produce or post so much content otherwise.

A fly in your ointment

Houses an Arsehole said (or was it Delusional Economist?) that the Goggle algo needs X number of publishing per day for ranking entry and more than X makes then more visible to a search engine. It is about playing the algo with numbers to surface to the top.
Problem is when regurgitating the same story day after day, the taste becomes like soft drink over a glass full of ice: tasty and satisfactory at the first few sips but fizzed out and pisweak after the ice melts.


I’m going to ask a dumb question.

Just about every article I read about Ukraine that contains pictures of conflict areas (no, I don’t just look at the pictures) has the arse-end of a missile sticking out of the ground as in the pic below.

My question: Are these missiles really so unreliable that everywhere one goes, one will see one or more of them sticking out of the ground like asparagus, or do war reporters carry a dummy rear end of a missile around with them to make their photos look more dramatic?

A fly in your ointment

it’s the combination with the “dramatic clouds” that make them more appealing.
I bet on dummy and a spade as a tool kit for photography ops. That truck could be a miniature placed carefully into the perspective to appear as a distant military vehicle too.


for more of it:

Gruppenführer Mark

Short answer is, missiles have the warhead, and the tail bit, which is used a storage of propellant. As the missile nears its target, the warhead and the tail bit separate, with warhead being guided to the intended target, and the tail bit then falls to the ground under its own trajectory, often causing damage due to the kinetic energy, or due to explosion of the remaining propellant. That’s why you see the tail ends. A missile is different from a conventional bomb, where the bomb falls and explodes in one piece. Finding an unexploded bomb is a cause of concern, finding the tail bit not always so.

And remember, there are no stupid questions, but there are a lot of inquisitive idiots. (c) Love this saying 😀

Last edited 9 days ago by Gruppenführer Mark
banana man

theres no stupid questions, just stupid people

Gruppenführer Mark

That is rude! My version is much more eloquent! 😀


Well, since my question was clearly identified as a dumb question, and not a stupid one, I take no umbrage at either version 🙂

Last edited 8 days ago by plaguerat

Ummmm…regarding missiles dropping their tails during the end game, that’s news to me. Do you have links to some weapons that do this?

There are some Russian missiles such as the SSN27 “Sizzler” anti-ship cruise missile which have an initial booster stage that drops shortly after launch. And some variants of the Kaliber missiles have the capability of a terminal stage supersonic sprint for countermeasure avoidance, but your average cruise missile (eg tomahawk, harpoon, exocet on the NATO side) is just a small unguided aircraft that flies all the way to the target.

I’m not a neck bearded wanker in my mum’s basement drooling over weapons, buy the way, I used to do this for a living.

Gruppenführer Mark

I remembered reading something to that extent a few months back, so no link. However, I did do some digging, and I was incorrect or not entirely clear.

Missiles that are used are indeed single-stage, so surface to surface types crash in one piece, and if these do not blow up, they are faulty.

However, these missiles can be armed with various warheads (EMP, cassette-type, bioweapon, etc.) that do explode the warhead at some set elevation above surface to achieve maximum kill zone.

In Ukraine, Tochka U missiles used by the UAF have been the types that explode above surface, and a few videos of the tail sections have been recorded when the warhead reached its target.

Interesting bit is one can estimate the trajectory and point of origin of the missile based on the orientation of its tail section.

banana man

I’m beginning to wonder if this isn’t just a way to clear out the old stock. Surely this stuff has a use by date? Then they can buy moar.

I wonder what it would take if they wanted to do better …

but they are doing better, or at least what they wanted to do.

as I scour the fakenews.dotcom.au for occasional entertainment on the next disaster for the P-Utin , an article by the Llewdo and Bleato bros appears here and there.


One of the greatest pisstakes ever! I laughed out loud! 👍😊


“charlies in fukn charge now..”

broke me


I only went there for the comments as they were better than the articles. Now all the good commenters are here. The major turn-off was the coof hysteria, bunch of slack-jawed faggots.


I concur haha

Well done Peachy 😊👍


THANK YOU so much for this

Zeihan instantly gave me grifter/bullshit-artist vibes

Everything he says is stated with such confidence, much like the MB boys

And having the Ukraine flag in his twitter bio was obviously the biggest giveaway


Out of curiosity I watched that video.

I will never get those electrons back.

I also read all (13) comments on the MB article…..at least I now know where the Ukraine trolls go to play.

A fly in your ointment

there are more comments by now… I eagerly awaited the post by the character that uses Pink Floyd album as a yet another new handle, the selfproclaimed expert on Russ-kies.
EmBee is quite entertaining in the comments area, the abovementtioned self-proclaimed expert effectively fornicates the character that rhymes with Doodle and in response the sycophant thanks the efforts. A note on the expert: partial truths which venture into a seeming opposition to Westworld’s centrally commanded narative peddled by this character are like trimming the fringes to change the hairstyle – appearance changes but the hairstyle (msm narative) is still the same – black/white.

if it wasn’t for the EmBee that have facilitated the EZFKA.com community formation, the comments/fantastic-articles there would be one more “someone is wrong on the internet’ but even then the detailed debunking makes no sense… so I end it here

A fly in your ointment

critical thinkers tend to be drawn to eachother even if the viewpoints are diametrical. The purge of critical thinkers at the unspeakable place pushed many toward this pond.
Does that mean that Llewdo is tradishenal custodian of this place?

A fly in your ointment

However, Llewd’o effort to push the cremé de la cremé comentariat away from his empire and in this general direction should be recognised.


We should probably acknowledge the work of the Australian Property Forum, which I believe was essentially the first break away troll site to emerge from embee and even has history before that!

A bit of history for those interested: https://australianpropertyforum.com/why-does-the-adminstrator-here-happily-allow-membe-t24964.html#p573397


I use to follow the Bullion Barron on Twitter, but lost track of him following one or the other of my Twitter account bannings.

My brain disengaged part way through due to the minutia of his evidence raising. The appeal of that sort of trolling is lost on me. Why dox someone? That is like the ultimate admittance of intellectual defeat.


He seems awfully worried about people impersonating him. I’ve always thought people would see straight through any impersonator. I suppose I’ve had the mental bias in modeling these scenarios from my own point of view, thinking it would be hard to replicate my free form, unbounded, disagreeable obnoxiousness. Incorrectly assuming that if true for me, then true for everyone.

However if you were a boring run of the mill property commentator, in the land of property speculation, it would be both easier for people to impersonate you and I suppose it might be more of a problem…. especially if you were stupid enough to try and monetize some online troll account.

Mods, I have a post with 4 links and an image awaiting approval….


That might take a while, probably quicker to just repost with only 2 links a post.

Maxwell Bradman

For this one it’s better not to post at all

nah, it sums up the geostrategical view aperture.
The story of nukes came from Pentagon as a matter of vilification rampup and it is so transparent it serves as a simple binary IQ test (as in: IQ exists or there are no traces of it).

Reposting an ex Stratfor’s narrative peddler whom gets to be equally right about events as Llewd’o – is indicative.

Similis simili gaudet.



this guy and ezfka are the best Aussie accounts on Twitter

He should post here if he doesn’t already

Gruppenführer Mark

Yes, the last time Germany sent its tanks to Ukraine, it did sent a powerful message. Didn’t quite work out in the end for Germany, though.


Yep, another American think tank advocating for more war. You know that the world has gone crazy when comedians like Jimmy Dore make more sense on the war than anyone in Washington.


time yanks wore some consequences

Please consider for all you’re Donkey hire need.

got any spare kidneys or a heart for an astute investor in Australia?

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