In a shock move, Government stops funding COVID shots

In a surprise move that has blindsided everyone, EZFKA hypochondriac units will now have to pay at least $25-$30 out of pocket for their next lot of COVID shots, as the Government has put a blanket ban on funding ineffective and risky procedures.

Some clinic networks have circulated price lists (sighted by this publication) indicating that their charge to desperate patients will be upwards of $65.

The clinics have denied allegations of price-gouging, indicating that the patients are also provided with soothing music and fear- and virtue-affirmation services, through careful theatrical scripting of customer interactions and use of specially imported hazmat-type costumes by specially imported clinic staff.

Image: supplied

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Is this real? Or satire

Can you post a link

A fly in your ointment

we’re heading down the US style Medicare.
Not that there is absence of a self serving conflicting interest procedures (actually this Is likely quite a significant number), it is the creating of a platform which will initially police universally indicated procedures as needless but later on it will become an authority which decides itself. But whom polices the surgery police…

Angus Jung

So the Govt isnt funding Bad Medicine – this is good news.


OT but

russia just ordered mobilisation. they’ve finally come round to what i’ve been pointing out for months, they need more men in ukraine. i was going to submit an article right then because i wanted to be the first news source in australia to break this, but i can’t find the admin panel and it doesn’t show up for me in the top bar for some reason.


Look forward to it stag. The media is esposing a narrative that the Ukraine is on the march.


There’s evidence the Fed Government is quietly continuing its funding the waxx delivery anyway, via “Supply Chain Resilience Initiative Grants”…still getting jabs into arms


Remember all those photos on Social Media people posted of them with their sleeves rolled up getting the jab and looking oh so virtuous? I once queried if the jab worked if you didn’t post a photo, no one seemed to get the joke.