Putin Finally Orders Mobilisation

If anyone has been following the Ukraine war lately, they would have noticed from that Ukrainian army has recently taken back a fairly sizable chunk of territory in the direction of the city of Kharkov. Occuring earlier this month, Ukraine marched into Kharkov rather unexpectatly with a force of maybe 8000 men (some sources are saying it was as high as 30,000, but I was skeptical) and took the Russians completely by surprise, triggering a rapid and successful withdrawal. Ukraine until this point was virtually out of the media; no one gave a shit anymore, and it’s vaunted ‘Kherson counter-offensive’ in the south of the country had turned out to be a total meatgrinder that achieved virtually nothing. Apart from war nerds on the internet ouside of the affected regions, Ukraine was dead as an issue.

Kharkov changed that. It finally looked again like Ukraine could potentially win the war. So it was ripe to report on.

But here’s the thing; I myself was starting to agree.

No matter how you crunched the numbers, they really were starting to favour Ukraine. Ukraine’s army under arms has swollen to massive size. They are not taking this war lightly, practically press ganging random men off the street and sticking them in uniform, giving them some basic training and marching them off to the front to die. Though the casualty ratios were horrendous, Russia was and is massively killing more Ukranikan’s than vice-versa, an army of 175k-200k all up would have a genuine uphill battle prevailing over a massive horde of 600K+, with some recieving elite NATO training and recieving an unlimited trickle of weapons and aid from Western benefactors.

Kharkov was the first big indication that this argument was actually correct. Russia does not have enough men on all fronts to effectively hold gained territory, let alone easily take it. The Russian army clearly understood this when the Ukrainian army rocked up, and got the fuck out of there. Russia’s advance since July (when Lysynchansk — a large city in Eastern Ukraine, part of the Severeodonetsk- Lysychansk conturbation, the Albury Wodonga of Ukraine) has practically all but stalled, only yielding small incremental advances around the city of Bakhmut and the outskirts of Donetsk city in nearly three month.

They don’t have enough manpower needed to easily win. In fact, continuing as they were, there was a reasonable possibility Ukraine could have at great expense, pushed them entirely out of the country.

FINALLY. Putin gets it.

He has indicated he is going to do a very big thing, very concretely. The first is hold immediate referendums in the occupied territories of Ukraine, specifically Donetsk, Lugansk, Kherson, and even Zaporozhie. The initial pretext for this war was protecting Donetsk and Lugansk, now recognied formally by Russia (and North Korea !) as breakaway independent states, from Ukraine, but following these referendums, they will be part of Russia proper. Don’t worry; they won’t lose, and even if they did actually lose they will be rigged anyway, ensuring they don’t. I love democracy.

These referendums will be held in a few days, indicating Russia’s desire to expedite this process. Making these occupied regions part of Russia will give Putin a lot of flexibility when it comes to this war; now Russia will be fighting a defensive war against Ukraine on its own soil. This legally allows them to call up reservists, which Russia has a LOT of, to defend these regions, massively bolstering Russian manpower on the ground. Before this, Russia was constrained in only being able to use contracted forces.

The one serious deficency in Russia’s army versus Ukraine’s will be eliminated.

I don’t think Putin’s decision to do this now was entirely based on the warning message of Kharkov. I also think, though it is speculative, that he recieved a green-light in Samarkand, where a large conference between important leaders in Asia was just held. Likely Modi, Xi and probably even Erdogan of Turkey all told him they would not oppose these referendums (even if they did not support them), leaving Putin feeling he could finally get the ball rolling without alienating his friends.

I can’t possibly see a path to victory for Ukraine now. They’re out-gunned, out-equipped, and could potentially be soon outnumbered. Russia is already achieving big kill ratios, probably as high as 1:6-10 on some fronts, but with more men, it is unlikely Ukraine can effectively salvage this war.

Normie fucktard analysts in Western media never talk about the manpower situation because it makes Ukraine look bad, or they don’t understand it to begin with. All the failings of Russia’s operation in Ukraine to date have been predicated on its constrained army size in the country. These constraints are now gone, and gloves are off.

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A fly in your ointment

the referendums (or to follow a rare moment of accuracy of media – referenda) are not the best option but it seems the only one at this stage.
A lot of commentators are not aware (or are diminishing the extent of it) that Ukrainians and Russians are closer than UK and EZFKA mob (in every way), essentially brothers and sisters. UA puppet gov support by its plebs is far from unanimous and many are participating the war out of impossibility to escape drafting. Big P needs those people on his side or at least in the sidelines camp. The body count of UA’s common folk will not leave anyone there marginal and this is not in Big P’s interest.
my guess is that the best course of action is to enter UA from all the sides simultaneously and aim at the dethroning of junta. Hacking of the western border coild help.


I agree fly
Hope this link works
It’s an interesting take on what is a proxy war with the new owners of America keeping to their new tradition of being happy to fight to the last goy.

The referenda are scheduled to be held in 4 regions: Donetsk, Lugansk, Zaporozhye and Kherson. Total area 108K sq km, population 8 million. If successful, Ukraine will lose 20% ofits territory and population.

The areas are major producers of coal, grain and other agricultural products, as well as industrial steel production.

The referenda are to start on 22 September. That’s tomorrow!

Luke B

Not to mention 11 million have left the country already as refugees…UKR population could almost halve…


most things I know about the importance of “mobilisation” I learned from The Guns of August… so it may be a bit outdated, although it seems that notwithstanding the passing of a century the old fashioned ‘boots on the ground’ are still damn important in warfare.

that disclaimer out of the way – mobilisation is a serious thing and is not a step taken lightly. However, in the circumstances, the potential political cost for Putin rises significantly – drafting civilians to support a war of aggression means that the war suddenly gets real for the average ruski voter (and their families) who might have otherwise been happy enough to watch that shit slide.

also, on

big kill ratios, probably as high as 1:6-10 

surely there is no fucking way they are killing 6 UKR combatants for every RUS soldier lost killed. Even 1:2 would be hard to believe.


“…..surely there is no fucking way they are killing 6 UKR combatants for every RUS soldier lost killed. Even 1:2 would be hard to believe.”

Not according to the Ruskies, Peachy:

Russia reveals military losses in Ukraine

The Russian military has lost almost 6,000 troops during the fighting in Ukraine, Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu said on Tuesday. 

Fatalities on the Ukrainian side are ten times higher, with 61,207 Kiev troops killed, according to the minister.



No agenda to push though from RT…

Hard to believe anything out of Ukraine really.

I’d double the Russian casualties and half the Ukraine casualties as a start.


Yeh, I think it’s like all wars. Both sides will be trumpeting imminent victory just around the corner. …Right up until one of them loses and capitulates.


And the poor cannon fodder just like at least me. What for. Ive been on the turps a all afternoon but it make me sad the waste of life . I think the west response is pathetic….


The wst has sustained this from my reading.


make me sad the waste of life”
yours (on the turps) or theirs (dying)?


Time is not wasted on the turps , merely spent . I do honestly feel sad for the poor plucks sent to die


$10 Russia is using casualties for their Ukraine count, but dead for their own losses


Hard to believe anything out of Ukraine really.

“The first casualty when war comes is truth”

Hiram W. Johnson, 1917

Last edited 1 year ago by plaguerat
A fly in your ointment

that would make 0 difference towards actual deaths other than by a chance. Even if you went 1/4 and 4x instead.
no one ever knows the actual body count in any war, let alone this one which has almost ideal 100% quantity of disinformation from every conceivable angle

A fly in your ointment

stand to be self corrected, meant to say “no one except chosen people”, in terms of the casualties of war.


Oh, I see.

seems like it’s about 1:1 then. And they are both lying equally hard.


Good link!

A fly in your ointment

it has nice graphs but what is the source for the data.
I hope it is not the ShIShO principle.

Gruppenführer Mark

According to Russian MoD, RF lost 5,937 KIA, UA lost over 61,000 KIA and over 100,000 wounded.

Numbers announced today by Shoigu, Russian minister of defence.

Numbers listed by UA MoD for the losses of tanks, aircraft, etc. are suspect. With aircraft especially, I have seen reports and videos of downed Russian fighters, but not 253 of them, maybe 10 times less.

Agent 47

2227 russian tanks lost? Just lol at this point.


So Ukraine has destroyed almost all of Russia’s active tanks according to wiki numbers


Yep agreed that’s what I was inferring from the number of tanks destroyed 🙂 it’s probably 227 not 2,227 lol

That’s 12 tanks a day in the war it’s just so difficult to believe that number

I’d love to see these numbers stack up against any theatres in WW2 over a 6 month timeframe


It is an artillery war and the RAF are firing 10 times as much as the AFU.

A fly in your ointment

drafting civilians to support a war of aggression means that the war suddenly gets real for the average ruski voter (and their families) who might have otherwise been happy enough to watch that shit slide.

I doubt they saw the war in Afghanistan as an aggression (Afghans actually invited them), let alone the current one.
the inertia will be expected but the backlash would be greater for the Big P if the war drags. Actually, I reckon he’d have a greater support if escalating the war to make it end quicker is becoming successful.
Big P could finish this long time ago if he wanted a victory Libya or Iraq style.
This war can end only one way, and it will. It is only the circumstances and casualties that can change.


This war won’t end. Too much money to be made by the Military Industrial Complex. Now that Europe will spend more on their military, this is more money for Raytheon, Lockheed Martin etc. And the US will keep supplying weapons to Ukraine.


the war will be fought down to the last ukrainian

A fly in your ointment

that’s what I meant. The war will end when those buying arms end up at a place whenceforth the chances of paying the MIC for all the “assistance” are approaching 0.

Luke B

In Putins statement he claimed that they would only be calling on active reservists who were already trained, no general draft as such



Partial mobilisation

“In such a situation, I consider it necessary to make the following decision, which is fully appropriate to threats we face. Namely, in order to protect our motherland, its sovereignty and territorial integrity, and to ensure the safety of our people and people in the liberated territories, I consider it necessary to support the proposal of the defence ministry and the General Staff to conduct a partial mobilisation in the Russian Federation.”

“We are talking about partial mobilisation. That is, only citizens who are currently in the reserves and, above all, those who have served in the armed forces, have military skills and relevant experience. Only they will be subject to conscription.”

Last edited 1 year ago by plaguerat

active reservists who were already trained, no general draft as such

this is surely bollocks. I’m pretty sure Russia has compulsory (or almost-compulsory) military service for young adults, so almost everyone is “already trained”.

they are just making soothing noises so as not to scare the horses unnecessarily.

Gruppenführer Mark

First wave will prioritise those with active combat experience.

What a lot of commentariat are missing, is the decision by Putin from the early days of the Special Military Operation (SMO) not to use conscripted armed forces, only contracted armed forces (Russia has both). Conscripted armed forces are stationed within Russian borders and are protecting the country. SMO is taking place outside of Russia proper, save for a few shellings of the Russian villages near the border by Ukrainians – civilian targets.

Now, the referenda are happening 23 – 28 September. If the answer is “yes, we want to join Russia”, Russia will not take long to officially annex the new territories. Any attacks on those territories by Ukraine will be an attack on Russia proper. An act of war, rather than an SMO. Also, conscripts can be relocated to protect Russia proper. Putin has a clear path to increase his military muscle in the region from ~100K fighting ~300K of Ukraine to a significantly larger force.

Also remember, that this is Russia’s first mobilisation – 300K out of a pool of about 25M. Ukraine already held 6 mobilisations, all men 18 to 60 are prohibitied from leaving Ukraine, they will accept people with disabilities, if those volunteer, and women are also a subject of mobilisation in Ukraine. But that’s ok because Ukraine is winning.


An interesting bit of background to the Ukraine conflict from The Smithsonian:

The 20th-Century History Behind Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

During WWII, Ukrainian nationalists saw the Nazis as liberators from Soviet oppression. Now, Russia is using that chapter to paint Ukraine as a Nazi nation.


A fly in your ointment

From the Ukrainian side of the debate, the country’s wartime history is more complex. Are the nationalists “bad guys” because they participated in the Holocaust, Shevel asks, or “good guys” because they fought for independence?

a silly question and sure to be inflammatory, particularly if your ancestors were on the open end of the rifle barrel held firmly by those whom “fought for independence”, and there were plenty of them. Imagine calling IRA as freedom fighters (and their victims body count is trivial in comparison). Taliban fits thereabouts too.

themain issue with Smithsonian is that it equates all Ukrainians with “independence fighters”. It easy forgets that a non-westworld and non-neonatsi-freedom-fighters aligned president was democratically elected less than 10 yrs ago with a majority big enough to form a majority government, deposed with a colour revolution.

a nice chewable article but overall it is so lopsided it needs several steel support beams to keep it upright.


Except there are plenty of Neo Nazis under Zelensky, the new clean “no, we’re not the Azov battalion” etc. Just like the billions in arms and cash he’s grifter, Zelensky doesn’t care who fights for him. He’s done a Vogue Cover for fucksake. As usual the MSM will deny it, pretending entrenched Nazis and their Wolfsangel psychotic mates just mysteriously disappeared in 2014 etc. Even Monash Uni boffins try to spin that line as well.


Aussie Soy Boy

The lesson here is you probably attack Okinawa and Guam before attacking Taiwan.


imo washington have a live fuse under their arse, and they will pay some price


I have no idea what’s going on, but I choose to believe stagmal’s propaganda / ill-informed speculation over the others , because I want Russia to win

why do I want Russia to win this so badly ?
I honestly think its just to own the libs

and finally why do the libs try so hard to be unlikeable?


What are the consequences of Russia winning?

It would be interesting to literally war game that.

Would Poots be emboldened and push harder, or would he push for more ego stroking type responses?

And more importantly what would to our economies?

A fly in your ointment

that is one silly proposition… LOL, ego.
Read too much CNN lately?


What proposition? You seem confused.

I proposed two potentials, the first that Russia is so successful that it keeps rolling right through to take the entire country. Best case for Poots to reclaim the USSR.

The other, that Putin cuts his losses and makes peace, taking whatever gains he has made but puts aspects in place which make it clear he has won (ie Ukraine won’t ever join NATO, makes Biden bend over etc.).

Where is the CNN bull dust?

A fly in your ointment

Would Poots be emboldened and push harder, or would he push for more ego stroking type responses?

someone whom has been so much restrained for so long, probably of fear where things are going, cannot have an ego


I want Russia to lose. Bad as the libs may be, russia is worse.


Ukraine is nothing but a proxy of globalism. I don’t think anything can be worse than that.

Incidentally, does anyone know why exactly Ukraine is so obsessed with “joining the West”? Is it just hatred of Russia or do they really think the West will develop them? Romania and Bulgaria are still shitholes, Bulgaria is actually poorer now than during communist times, so becoming Western aligned is not a ticket to riches.

Gruppenführer Mark

Ukraine has followed the path of many other former Soviet republics. As the USSR started to fall apart in late 80’s, a new political class started to emerge. Most often, they were the old communist guard with a dash of some local oligarchs, who sensed that the empire was crumbling and needed to create a new ideology. Baltic states and Georgia are the most prominent examples.

This new ideology had to be opposite of the prevailing ideology of the previous 70 years (3 generations). In USSR, all citizens were brothers, and a lot of effort was put into propaganda replacing the national identity of various nationalities living in the USSR with a national identity of a Soviet Citizen. Other national identity was only mentioned as a description of one’s residence (i.e. Tbilisi, Georgia Soviet Socialist Republic, USSR or Tallinn, Estonia SSR, USSR). The integration of various people was also done overtly, especially in the 1930s-1950s, when vast numbers of people of certain nationalities were displaced from their ancestral lands and forcibly relocated to other areas of USSR, breaking the bond with the land and neighbours, and forcing the people to blend in with unfamiliar customs and way of life.


To be fair, official documents still listed one’s nationality throughout the existence of USSR, and some nationalities were covertly discriminated against (Jews, Germans of the Volga region), which prevented access to universities, academic studies or certain desirable government jobs (remember, all jobs were government).

After USSR broke apart, the new ideology that emerged was squarely based on historical national identities of individual Soviet Socialist Republics. As such, Kyrgyzstan became for Kyrgyz, Georgia for Georgians, Azerbaijan for Azeri (and and old conflict with Armenia flared up), and Ukraine for Ukrainians. In almost all of the former republics, Russians (and other minorities) became second-rate people (in Baltic states especially so), specifically because each of these republics was originally based on a national identity at the time of their formation. The two former republics that maintained good treatment of ethnic Russians were Belarus and Ukraine. The latter sort of had to as its population was ~60% Russian (in the East) and ~40% Ukrainian (in the West).

Historically, eastern and southern lands were obtained and controlled by the Russian Empire (Catherine the Great founded Odessa, for example), while western lands were formerly controlled by Poland and Austro-Hungarian empire, and the people in those lands are ethnically closer to Hungarians and Polish.

Since the early 1990s, the collective west, recognising the value of Ukraine for its rich agricultural lands, natural resources, good climate, access to Azov and Black seas, started funding pro-Ukrainian political forces, which, by default, had to be anti-Russian (see above). One can see this in the progression of Ukrainian presidents.


1 – Independent
2 – pro-Russian
3 – pro-West (installed as a result of Orange Revolution)
4 – pro-Russian (overthrown as a result of Maidan 2014)
5 & 6 – pro-West

Since the beginning of Ukraine as an independent state in 1992 (it first formed by Lenin in 1922 – an entity of Ukraine did not exist prior to this), a lot of effort went into propaganda and education of the population as Ukrainians, a single nationality. This process has accelerated after the Orange Revolution, and especially after 2014 Maidan, when Russian language was banned from use in official capacity (prior to this Ukraine was officially bi-lingual), along with other anti-Russian laws. Ukraine is the only former USSR republic where lustration was introduced based on affiliation with previous regimes (either USSR or pro-Russian).


Combine this anti-Russian propaganda with high levels of corruption, poor quality of life, low salaries, high levels of migration of able-bodied workforce to the near-by EU countries, and successful (in comparison to Ukraine) growth and development of former Eastern Block states (Poland, Eastern Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia), and, of course, Hollywood – and this will start to explain why the younger and middle-aged generations want to be “in the West”.


The long shadow of the ‘Pale Settlement’ is also a factor. A highly endogamous group that have always ultimately sought to pursue their own cultural and social independence against any majority of group that they could not control, is always going to prove difficult to rule over.

It is interesting how clearly you can see the difference in ethnic composition almost mirroring existing political and regional borders.

You can clearly see the Donbas region and and the reason that other than strategically occupying the entire Black Sea coast and reducing the Ukraine to a rump, land locked state, Putin probably has very little interest in occupying anywhere West of the strategically defendable Dnieper River – why make a yoke for his own neck?

Capture - Copy.JPG

Spot on No.1.

But my thinking is that Ukraine (are they one nation really?) are after EU money. Same as all those other busted arse countries all just grifting for cash and pushing their criminals over their borders. Same reason Brexit was successful despite the Leftards, and continues to be for the people of England.

Some (?) people actually realise that the concept of pissing away your way of life, safety and economy for cheap house painters isn’t that great a swap.

Unfortunately the middle class Left and retard Green radicals want to us all to self flagellate and suffer because someone somewhere has it worse than you, and they run the governments in the US, Australia, Canada, etc. Same reason why that autistic spoiled brat Greta wasn’t a hero in Russia, China, Brazil, etc. They don’t have the huge amount of middle class white guilt in their politicians, media, universities.

The fact that the media and especially the US (in fact all of the Left) have missed the SCO rise, is not good signs. Countries who aren’t literally hell bent on self destruction via Climate Emergency bullshit Greenwashing and gender reassignment have already pounced.

Zelensky is the best grifter since F Scott Fitzgerald wrote The Great Gatsby.


It offers the opportunity of a cultural cleave for Slavic people that is independent of Imperial Russia. Divide and Conquer is how the West fell, Ukraine offers that opportunity against Russia.

Ukraine’s ‘cosmopolitan’ leaders are happy to align themselves with the West because it comes at a price of accepting mass migration, diversity, LGBT as an aspirational lifestyle and the rights of Corporations to rape and pillage as they please, while turning your nation into a series of tax farms. This was pretty much what the Ukraine was already transforming into, they just wanted to formalize it.

Obviously this model has been terrible for the Ukrainian people. When the Soviet Union broke up Russians and Ukrainians both had around the same GDP per capita. By 2020 Russian GDP per capita was nearly $10k while Ukrainian’s GDP per capita wasn’t even $4k.

Capture - Copy.JPG
Last edited 1 year ago by Stewie

“…and finally why do the libs try so hard to be unlikeable?”

Because it is simply not possible to want to own and control all the wealth and resources in the world, at no matter what cost in human suffering and death, and still remain a likeable person.

Gruppenführer Mark

I care because this can have direct consequence on our way of life down under. Regardless which side wins, we will lose. I hope for a peaceful resolution, but I have little faith in the USA being capable of diplomacy and negotiations, given modern history starting with after WWII.


Agree with GFMark (there’s a first time for me).

Where are all the calls for peace talks?

Back to the last major conflicts like Iraq and the Leftards were throwing shoes at Bush etc. Not one voice in the MSM has called for peace talks or suggested a settlement. It’s all just give more arms and cash to the Grifter while putting a UKR flag on their Twitter profile.


Peace talks were torpedoed by BoJo in April and in August.

The US Military Industrial Complex controls the narrative and they want more sales. Peace negotiations would destroy that.


Off topic, peeps on this forum will relate to the bad cats latest

Gruppenführer Mark

Just because you are paranoid, it doesn’t mean that they are not out to get you!


How do you know ?

why do we believe you and not him ?

just not sure how we can believe anything we are told

Gruppenführer Mark

Yes, can see this. Not the big reply to Coming tho


“why do we believe you and not him ?”

Simple….apply the duck test:

“If it looks like bullshit, if it sounds like bullshit, if it is void of any form of substantiation that it is not bullshit, then it is in all probability bullshit”


Let’s revisit Arthur’s Poodle in 4 weeks’ time, that’s my view on the only way anyone will know.

I will say that the media propaganda machine is back into full overdrive now on the Russian mobilisation. These experts who didn’t see it happening and now suddenly know why it won’t work etc.?

Cue the US ‘expert’, ex military puppet etc. being quoted in the next rounds of Ukrainian propaganda. I don’t see why the mendicants can’t just add the link below their stories to Zelensky’s personal donation website?

Gruppenführer Mark

Spot on, Drago.

The propaganda is in overdrive! Putin is arming up! Biden urges Putin not to use nuclear or biological weapons (although Liz is ready to let the nukes fly, if necessary). Biden says, he doesn’t want the new Cold War (riiiight). Biden says, mobilisation is an outrageous act, and the war is about extinguishing Ukraine’s right to exist as a state. Biden says, noone threatened Russia, and noone but Russia sought conflict (BoJo torpedoed the peace deal back in March, according to western media).

If there is one area that Russia lost for sure, it is the information war. They blew it. Their propaganda machine is a Matchbox car next to the heavy-haul mining truck. It was an uneven playing field to start with, but they sure cocked it up some more.

Gruppenführer Mark

They can’t in the west, that’s a given. But they are losing it at home. They tend to be silent on some very important developments so their own people get the news from hostile sources and that doesn’t help.

Example 1: the Kherson offensive and Kharkov offensive by the Ukraine were acknowledged by Russian MoD 2 or 3 days after, prior to that deafening silence.

Example 2: Ukraine just traded a large number of Azov fighters and 10 or so foreign mercenaries for Russian POWs and the news came from the Western media and from Ukraine, who are celebrating this media win. Some of the mercenaries were sentenced to death in Donetsk.

Massive fail, and massive demotivation on the same day as mobilisation was announced (example 2).


how the hell can they win the information war when their enemies control the international channels of communication?

I normally watch RT, along with a bunch of other international stations, on satellites Intelsat 19 and Asiasat 7.

Since the Ruskies crossed the border, both channels have been shut down.

So much for living in a democracy, listening to both sides of a story, and being free to make up your own mind about current events.

A fly in your ointment

listening to both sides of a story, and being free to make up your own mind about current events

thus is dangerous thinking which is susceptible to foreign interference (hello! US elections) and it should be penalised by sending you to a penal colony formerly known as EZFKA, now PCFKEZFKA

A fly in your ointment

I reckon they did not even try to fight the information war in the Westworld controlled turf.
Where it matters (domestic, allies etc areas), Westworld PR machine is compromised beyond repair.
Lavrov said to that UK chewish ex ruski-consul-now-journalist that they could not care less what US and its minions think… he got stunned


What about the theory that Russia’s interest in Ukraine is as a buffer against NATO? By expanding their territory and taking over bits of Ukraine, aren’t they bringing themselves closer to NATO? Or is the strategy to keep taking bits of Ukraine until it accepts it’s role as a “neutral” buffer between NATO and Russia? If the buffer theory is correct it cannot make sense for Russia to conquer all of Ukraine because then there would be no buffer. Either that or the newly integrated terriorities could expect to be abandoned immediately in the event of an offensive from the west.

Gruppenführer Mark

Conquering of all of the Ukraine was never stated as a goal of this war. Two regions were named specifically, Lugansk and Donetsk. Then, in July (I think) Lavrov stated that territories would be controlled based on the situation on the ground.

Refer to Stewie’s excellent observation above. Going west means a yoke. The only exception I see is control of the Black sea, as it is old Russian land, and gives a land bridge to Transnistria.


Hey Stags, meant to congratulate you – excellent article. Very good summations and conclusions, the Gloves are definitely off. The fact that Russia has also been effectively fighting with one hand tied behind its back, is something that has been a virtual black out in our mainstream media. Just shows the quality of EZKFA contributors! I’ll see you one Atom Heart and raise you a Stags! 😉


Ukraine is also the old Khazaria and Putin a card carrying Chabad Lubavitcher. In fact, so is Zelensky. Is Chabad running this conflict here?

Gruppenführer Mark

Well, slap my ass and call me Sally!

Putin is Chabad? Proof?


This article suggests that there is a marriage of convenience (or mutual benefit) between Putin/Trump and the Chabad.

But there is no suggestion of card-carrying anywhere that I can see.

The Happy-Go-Lucky Jewish Group That Connects Trump and Putin

Putin’s kind of Jews

The Russian state’s embrace of Chabad happened, like many things in Putin’s Russia, as the result of a factional power struggle.

In 1999, soon after he became prime minister, Putin enlisted Abramovich and Leviev to create the Federation of Russian Jewish Communities. Its purpose was to undermine the existing umbrella for Russia’s Jewish civil society, the Russian Jewish Congress, led by oligarch Vladimir Gusinsky, a potential threat to Putin and President Boris Yeltsin. A year later, Gusinsky was arrested by Putin’s government and forced into exile.


PS: Is it OK if I just call you Sally, and pass on the arse-slapping?

Last edited 1 year ago by plaguerat
Gruppenführer Mark

Yes, I have seen suggestions that Putin has a special arrangement but the card carrying stuff …

Sally only comes with ass slapping


This is an interesting take on the relationship between Putin and Chabad….. http://redefininggod.com/2016/02/chabad-lubavitch-vladimir-putin-and-the-globalist-end-times-script/

A fly in your ointment

Sorry if this is obvious, but is Putin killing his supporters here or just those he sees as not allied or otherwise some threat? 17 or so killed says to me he allowed way too many enemies if they were so.

Or were they all just visitors to Jeffrey Epstein’s island?

Incidentally, I’m still waiting for one single Australian “journalist” to ask Paul Keating what his daughter was doing staying at Epstein’s apartment in NY, etc.?

Gruppenführer Mark


Putin is cleaning house! Wacking people left, right and centre. Including those, who killed their own families and committed suicides, drowned while doing extreme sports, and the like. I guess after getting disillusioned by the deadliest poison in the history of universe, Novichok, as it never killed anyone, Putin decided that breaking necks is more reliable.

As far as Paul Keating’s daughter, she was there to admire Epstein’s collection of fine art


Gruppenführer Mark



Did anyone see Putins speech recently, I think around 7th Sept? The gist is he’s been emboldened by the wests rapid decline only to be accelerated by enforcing climate change sanctions on fossil fuels etc. I’ve said around here before the west is collapsing and this made me even more sure of it. Russia and China are just waiting until the west eats itself from the inside out thanks to leftist woke ideology and unattainable climate goals, which governments will collapse the economy trying to reach net zero… Just like covid zero, they will be unable (unwilling?) to steer away from it despite the damage it causes. “The machine rolls on”


Your a fucking idiot, kharkov hasnt been in ruasian control for since the fall of the USSR starters…


Edit: your a fucking idiot , Kharkov hasnt been in Russian control since the fall of the USSR for starters….


I’ve read Stags’ post several times (good one Stags, by the way) and I’m damned if I can find anywhere that he says that Kharkov is/was/would be under Russian control.

Perhaps you could point this part out?


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