Albanese looks to immigration to address caucasian sperm shortage

Responding to worrying emerging reports of a shortage of caucasian sperm in the southern EZFKA province of Victoria, Anthony Albanese called a rare weekend press conference.

The impromptu conference was held at the sidelines of a Marrickville auction which Mr Albanese had participated in, looking to snag another investment property. As usual, the auction was well attended by ABC, Murdoch and Fairfax journalists, which made the discussion possible.

The Prime Minister told assembled journalists that his government was listening and responding promptly to the population’s concerns and the permanent migrant would be increased by 15,000 to ensure that sufficient sperm was available. Mr Albanese said that officials had been instructed to continue to keep the gender mix to at least 80% male and that previous sexual violence offence convictions would be viewed favourably, as a marker of strong virility.

When questioned on what steps would be taken to ensure that the imported sperm donors were sufficiently caucasian, Mr Albanese blasted the suggestion as being racist and having no place on modern society. “Those barren southern province women will have to let go of their inappropriate prejudices and take the sperm that the government provides”, the PM said.

The PM also revealed that Treasury and RBA advice confirmed that hedonic quality adjustment and substitution effects meant that 3ml of caucasian sperm could be reliably replaced by 2.6ml – 4.3ml of other sperm, meaning insistence on caucasian sperm was not only racist but unscientific and backward. Treasury expected EZFKA units to quickly adjust and happily trade sperm types, just as they preciously have traded houses for townhouses, units for apartments, red meat every day for chicken twice a week and their heroes for goals.

ACCC confirmed that starting in October 2022, donated sperm would be exempt from consumer labelling and place of origin laws.

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A fly in your ointment

Nice touch…. He should sue prawnhub for cartel activities denying birth giving personae an opportunity to live work free and on gov/father’s tab.


Zerohedge is on fire this weekend:

Is Andrew Hastie a reader of EZFKA?

“Toxins are in the mainstream now, seeping through the media, entertainment, in our schools, and our families. It has brought disruption and political consequences for the Western body politic. It makes it harder for our leaders and policymakers to deal with the strategic challenges, the senator said.

Hastie said smaller nations could not set into play grand strategies and could only follow bigger countries like the United States.

“Put starkly, if we can’t agree on basic definitions of gender, how can we possibly agree on national strategy? If we can’t agree on Western values, how can we defend the West?” he added.

Apparently he was actually talking about this guy, who I’d previously never heard of:

The now-opposition defence minister pointed to research by Prof. James Kurth, of Swathmore College, who said the real culture clash was not between the “West and the rest” but within the West itself.

“This is a clash between Western civilisation and a different grand alliance, one composed of the multicultural and the feminist movements. It is, in short, a clash between Western and post-Western civilisations,” Kurth wrote in The National Interest in 1994.

The professor predicted in his article that there would be a lack of consensus on basic issues like humanity, justice, and within politics.

MultiCult – where social consensus becomes impossible and all solutions to life’s economic problems gets deferred instead to the private sector.

Basically our nations and societies get turned into a series of tax farms; private toll roads, private land title offices, bifurcated private and public health systems, bifurcated private education systems (all designed to protect those with suitable resources from the adverse effects of their decisions to make our societies more diverse).

This is why the pursuit of diversity is so important and needs to be so hurried, it needs to be carried out fast enough to prevent social consensus from waking up and stopping it. But the problem is this ideology being used to subvert our sense of social consensus is also destroying our ability to defend ourselves from more ideologically and homogenously defined competitors

An example of the ongoing debate regarding gender identity is recent orders within the U.S. Pacific Air Forces for leaders to stop using gender, age, or race pronouns in written format, claiming such a move would improve “lethality.”

Honestly everyone knows that the most dangerous, lethality is young men, brimming with equal parts patriotism and testosterone. No Bull dyke will ever be able to match it.

“We must embrace, promote and unleash the potential of diversity and inclusion,” according to an email sent out in May to commanders in Guam, a U.S. territory just hours away from the South China Sea.

Who can forget the US Navy’s new mission statement?

Capture - Copy.JPG
Kevin Ellis

Zero Hedge is right but there’s a red wave coming soon to hopefully stop the insanity

Gruppenführer Mark

The Red Wave is here, has been for a while, it’s just now getting some air time in the media and political circles, mainly through derision and mocking.

Consider this: Trump has been in a constant news cycle since 2015. He has been out of the office for 2 years, yet still drives the news cycle, even outside of the US. Comments on various articles, where allowed, are brimming with dissent. YouTube removed the dislike button, crimethink police on various social media drives creation of alternative media (bitchute). Corporations are losing customers due to their woke ideology (Gillette, Disney).

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.

We are somewhere between 2 and 3.

Gruppenführer Mark

They made a commercial a couple of years back targeting toxic masculinity, which was perceived by the wider public as paining all men with one soiled brush.

Their sales dropped, as many men decided that it was an insult.


It’s OK, it looks like it’s just a wh!te man problem.


Fuck I hate that ad.

Because it is always white men who act the worst around women and need holding back by the POC who has more restraint….

Capture - Copy.JPG
Last edited 1 year ago by Stewie

That fucking monstrous ad. Everybody involved with the production of it, from go to whoa, should be shot in the face.


You reckon anyone involved in TV commercials is anything more than a complete cuck ? Was involved once in a former life and it’s like seeing those tattooed bearded hipster Baristas. 100% Snarky selfish pricks.

Gruppenführer Mark

As in involved, or “involved”?

Show me on the dolly where they touched you.

Please don’t kill me!


It’s the “dress like Tarzan, act like Jane” thing of those people. Convo’s were so fake as well. All were weak as piss, none had a single principle they could stand on.


If you want to see Gold medal winning virtue signalling and running headlong to be a true EZFKA, look no further than Coles. One of Australia’s largest private employers and hugely influential in their advertising etc.

Australia wide all office staff receive 2-3 emails per day, each one pumping their support for diversity, LGBT Greenwashing etc. Staff are pushed to put Rainbow stickers on their name badges. Staff are directed to an internal directory for them to do their ‘Welcome to country’ speech at a meeting, any meeting. Fark.

At the company-wide strategy roadshow last week the CEO made a big deal about Diversity being their most important strategy. A big smile on his face announcing Coles senior management has minimum 40% females. Merit can go fuck itself when you’re virtue signalling. Next up is their Green wash and Sustainability push. Every supermarket has solar panels in the roof, some are even connected to a battery.

Being the biggest food sellers in Australia, their purchasing power and ability to dictate what products they want, is enormous. The damage caused by these companies is arguably way more dangerous than a couple of wacko Green grifter politicians.


My personal bugbear is the ‘Welcome to Country’ bullshit that nearly every Corporate bigwig has adopted. It is dropped at the start of every top down meeting and have even seen it used in training sessions.

I really have a problem with this, at a number of levels (queue unsurprised groans).

Firstly I have ask the question “What are we actually saying here?” What does it mean? And by that I don’t mean the literal words, I’ll get to those later, I mean what motivation for saying it?

Is it lip service? Something people are just saying simply to signal their virtue? This is actually imho the worst possible reason for someone to say the Welcome to Country. I don’t actually mine the W2C when it is spoken by an indigenous Australian in the context of some indigenous Australian issues. Even though I don’t agree with it, I can understand and tolerate their belief and motivation in saying it.

But when someone, especially a none indigenous person says it simply to attach the virtue upon themselves, then I start to have issues. To me that is probably one of the worst forms of cultural appropriation – and despite many people saying it with genuine feeling, it is inevitable that a certain percentage will say it for their own cynical advancement.

But if W2C isn’t just lip service (which it will be for a certain number of people) what is it?

Is it a moral belief that indigenous Australians are owed this statement before every gathering more than 10 people as a form of national reconciliation? If so it is a faith based motivation in saying – I’m sorry but Unions fought for years to remove religion and faith based decision making from the workforce. We don’t say prayers before a meeting. We don’t tolerate calling to prayers? WTF should we tolerate the W2C?

Maybe people saying it, genuinely believe the indigenous Australians are our traditional custodians of the land? If this is the case then this is a political statement. The fact is many parts of Australia have had native title extinguished. I should not have to tolerate going to a work training session and being told to give praise to elders, past and present, who are not my own. It was normal during the Chinese Cultural revolution for workers to chant out political slogans – is this what we have come to?

The fact, in a corporate setting and unless spoken by an indigenous Australian in the context of some indigenous issue, the W2C is a Purity Statement.

Our unions fought for years to make the work place both secular and free of political partisanship. These W2C statements are lead by everyone from training supervisors to CEOs – they are purity statements.

If you don’t agree with the statement, especially if it is fervently spoken by the boss, and anyone how disagrees with it is deemed morally questionable – then it becomes a purity statement. They are wrong and have no place in our workplace.

So that is my objection from a democratic and ethical position. We don’t say prayers before meetings. We don’t chant political statements. We should not be saying the WTC – it is wrong.

My other obvious objection is in respect to the offence it causes my in regards to my cultural identity. I am 7th generation on my Father’s side. I am 5th generation on my Mother’s side. I have never known any living relative in my life who was an immigrant – my identity is as a Colonial Australian.

The W2C forces me to disown and disregard my own cultural history. Australia as we know and enjoy it today owes nearly everything to the people who did the hard work of nation building – every city and institution that gives us shelter and security, grew out of their efforts. No other group that exists today in Australia, before or since, is owed a greater debt of gratitude than Colonial Australians.

If we are to accept that we are in a MultiCultural society – WTF is my cultural identity pushed to last? The W2C instead redirects all the credit for what we enjoy today, to our indigenous Australians, as though we are living in their Wakanda.

This is the most toxic progressive meme currently trending in Australian. It needs to end, because it is wrong.


Also, what is an emerging elder? By definition it is not an elder. Sorry to be pedantic.


Damn I somehow posted it as a comment even after saying I wasn’t going to and instead posting it as a post – even worse someone responded to it before I could delete it!

Emerging elders are the ones that haven’t passed through all the social filters our elites have set, so we might still have to get rid of them when they say something awkward.

If they can bite their tongue and stick to the script, then one day they might be recognised as an elders.


I just made this up for the occasion.

Thank you, thank you…..I’ll show myself out.

Welcome to country.PNG
Gruppenführer Mark

Three things.

First, W2C can only be spoken by a traditional owner. You, as a colonial, can only do acknowledgement of the country.

Second, your tiny colonial history of 200 years pales in comparison to the rich 60,000 year history of traditional owners.

Third, your culture has nothing to compare to the culture of traditional owners, who invented three sticks: one to walk with, a hollow one to blow into, and a crooked one to throw.

Repent, colonial!


The irony of MultiCult is that one of the supposed arguments for it is that for some reason Australian history is viewed by those who came to control our narrative in our Universities (eg like the jewish professor Andrew Markus) as simply some extension of “white” British history, that they love describing as some unchanging Leviathan.

The reality is that Colonial Australia was an embryotic nation state and culture, one of the youngest in the world. We were developing our own way of speaking, our own values around ‘mateship’ and social responsibility, etc.

Yet we are told we need to ‘adapt’ and incorporate all these new cultures, which are in reality all these legacy cultures, like Markus’s own, which for various reasons were unable ever achieve anything or raise their own followers above anything other than a subsistence lifestyle.

Colonial Australians accomplished more in 200 years and built a richer, more complex culture than others did in 60,000 years. Culture is more than painting white ochre on your face, as it becomes more complex it becomes like the air you breath or the water a fish swims in. It is the rules of law, the institutions that provide us security, the social behaviours that create high trust societies.

I actually morn the fact that by adopting MultiCult over Assimilation and Integration, Australia has forgone any opportunity for the fusion of our Colonial Australian history with Indigenous Australian history to produce a rich, colourful and completely unique identity – with those two identities and cultures becoming one we would have had true reconciliation.

Instead this toxic MultiCult forces the rich indigenous cultural history to compete alongside other of the multitude of cultures we are importing. While my own cultural history, that of Colonial Australian is instead dissolved into the concept of MultiCult Australia and all that is left to honor the history of my ancestors is as the committers of atrocities, as opposed to the reality of the hard work of nation building, upon which virtually everything we enjoy as Australians today owes its existence to.

Last edited 1 year ago by Stewie
Maxwell Bradman

I was talking about this with an acad3mic friend who was running a combination zoom and F2F meeting at his uni He forgot the W2C and within 2 minutes two ladies on the zoom announced they were disgusted about the oversight, leaving the meeting and writing formal complaints! I hate that shit


See – they are ideological purity statements. Another sign we are enduring a culture war.

Personally I think it is the obligation of EVERY person, male or female, who believes in democracy and freedom of thought and belief, to push back against these statements.

People are either cynically embracing them, or most like those two women most likely doing so because of their Neurotic levels of social agreeableness.

No one is pausing to think where the place these purity statements ultimately lead us to….

Capture - Copy.JPG

Agree. Don’t have any problem with reconciliation per se, but constant acknowledgement of country in emails and meetings always seems like a waste of time and nothing but lip service. Funnily enough, compared to other states it seems most prevalent in Victoria, yet the Aboriginal proportion of the population is tiny (< 1%) and more than half live in regional areas, which I’m sure most if the inner city progressives in HR pushing this probably have no idea about this.

Gruppenführer Mark

Peachy, thanks for the post. I have actually searched for the article.

Without getting into an immigration debate, other questions popped up.

  • Why are there single women in Australia? Last I read, the demographics seem to favour them.
  • Is this due to the unavailability of Myer clothes outside of petite and normal sizes?
  • If not, is this a factor of our society policy to downplay or dismiss the role of a male figure in a traditional sense?
  • Is the reshaping of society based on progressive values render the duties of being a single (I presume working) mother, as its hard to raise a child on government subsidy, makes it more favourable than to have another man-child to care for?
  • What does that say about the qualities of men who choose not to get involved with child-bearing?
  • What does the desire to have white sperm over other sperm mean?
  • Are women, the largest voting block, act on their instincts but vote on their prescribed values?
  • How does Australia’s current Family Court system play into this scenario?
  • What is the future of our society look like if women choose to raise children autonomously?
  • Are there another species men should choose to procreate with?
  • What the actual fuck?

These are important questions that the newspaper doesn’t tackle. In fact, the problem, if there is indeed a problem, resorts to FOMO where 2 Caucasian donors had their entire allocation of sperm gone, but one, in 24 hours, so the woman had to take it or leave it.

Sensationalism at its finest from that angle. Kids are not a commodity, a house or a roll of toilet paper. Sperm is a dangerous product that tends to cause nausea, ice cream and pickle salad cravings, and a lifelong financial burden.

Last edited 1 year ago by Gruppenführer Mark
Gruppenführer Mark

From a wider lens, they all managed to get dicked by a variety of men, including Caucasians, as the man were able to dip their wick in a variety of candles. But the promiscuity promoted in our society have prevented the former and the latter to form a bond, however artificial, to create a family unit that our ancestors relied on, the more kids the better.

I’m a case in point. Married at way past previous norm, because pussy be falling out of my pockets.

But, tried marriage, and found that the old “normal” and “expected” is gone from both sides.

We are truly back to stone age, albeit with technology. We communicate with cave wall art (emojis), we value each other as hunters (men) and gatheres (women). It’s a fair trade, but it cuts across what we have been told by the culture and society, and the society now places a greater reward on the ability to produce children (women) than the ability to secure, clothe, feed, raise, train and educate them (men).

I’m going to cop so much shit for this!

Maybe even get reported and deported


Nah, you’re all good here. Know someone who admitted to banging the united colours of Benetton in her 20s, and is now struggling to find a partner to settle down with in her mid 30s.

But women stil have it easy. This one complains about getting overwhelmed on dating apps due to too much attention, then as an experiment tried matching with women – and soon realised how picky they are!


Well if we’re all going to be in the shit I may as well be in it for this article:

Our civilization is held together by a pact: mid men get pussy, everyone else gets core infrastructure.

This pact harnesses the single greatest source of psychic energy known to man: men’s desire to secure the partnership, youthful attention, and children of attractive women….This pact has an intensive margin; the sweeter the deal you make for the mid men, the more civilization you can squeeze out of them..'”

It has everything, Incels, Feminisim, talk of Egregores even! (Is this a term that is ironically gaining social consciousness?)

“In the near term, the feminism egregore is banking on this precarious inertia carrying civilization forward, at least until a more sustainable solution can be discovered.”

And on Incels:

“The incel is the single greatest threat to such an outcome, and therefore has captured the feminism egregore’s attention. Incels, as such, are not really a direct threat to anything…What they have managed to do, however, is speed-run the conjuring of a new egregore. Who knew that tight-knit groups of highly intelligent autistic men monomaniacally focused on a single problem could generate powerful ideas?”

A little too misogynistic for my tastes to follow on an everyday basis, but he raises some interesting points of view, including my favorite:

Imagine Katie, a 55 year old mid woman, perpetually on a double dose of lexapro and atavan, leaving her low-wage mid-management desk job a few hours early in order to make a birthday party held for her friend’s mini poodle. Now multiply this by 30 million, each one spewing misery and social havoc into the world for decades on end. Given that we’re already at the Andrew Tate stage of incel ideological saturation, we should get our first cohort of Katies in five years or so.

The rise of the female incel is just around the corner.

PS: Just over-rule your lizard brain when the trigger message comes up asking you to sign up to the substack…. look for the writing in small letters that says “Let me read it first” or words to that effect.

Last edited 1 year ago by Stewie
Maxwell Bradman

I’m philosophical about it , 2 of my favourite shows guide us , trainspotting where the anti-hero says in a thousand years there won’t be men and women… just wankers and red dwarf where the hero is having sex on the VR and worn out several ‘groinal attachments’ in the last 2 weeks!
When VR porn comes in then the only people having kids will be the new arrivals and the job is done
The globalist/banker always wants distraction to loot in peace


Becoming a sperm donor is actually a good evolutionary strategy. The Cuckoo has prospered and flourishes, plus there is the genetic legacy you leave where between 40-60% of political beliefs and opinion are best explained by genetic factors:

Virile young white conservative men (Stags?), who have been locked out of housing by the virtue signaling of high paid, but increasingly infertile progressive professionals, who through social filtering now occupy all the high paying jobs. They owe it to themselves to make regular sperm donations to have these broken lefty women, raise their future conservative right wing children for them.

But on a serious note, infertility is a enormous issue for many couples wishing to start families. The child that will result from such donations and IVF schemes will be incredibly wanted, loved and looked after. As a donor the worst legal possibility you will face, is the possibility that some time after the child turns 18 they may ask to meet you in order to find out who they are and where they are from.

If you are not man enough to deal with that possibility, then chances are you were probably never man enough to become a father is the first place.

Maxwell Bradman

Always like your thoughts stewie
My job is babies and I can say women would have more babies if there was more help the baby bonus worked and it was not much it’s basically cheaper to import Indian subcontinents
It’s also a quality problem , the me5h heads are very fertile but the nice kids who worry about the planet , nuclear war , cost of living put it off then hit age 35 and decide its time hence more struggles
In France if you have 4 kids or more you are given the title la grand dame and free train travel that’s a start!


Thanks for the thumbs up, and a ‘thumbs up’ right back there at ya, for being involved in such productive and worthwhile work.

A society works to help project itself into the future. It bestows honorifics upon those who take it upon themselves to do the hard work of projecting society forward – like marriage. It use to give them privileges in being heard in society, of having their grievances listened to. Society SHOULD be rewarding those who wish to be fruitful and multiply, like with the la grand dame and free travel in France to the tax free existence in Hungry.

An economic zone doesn’t care – it hits you with private taxes every step along the way. For good measure it will also gaslight you into not having kids – just in case you dare think about burdening it with your “selfish desire to have kids” that will result in at least one consumer unit that will be completely unproductive for least 18yrs and another who will their profitability impacted for a similar period of time.

Consumer units in economic zones are as fungible as their currency. Thanks to Globalism they can be exchanged and moved about almost as easily as the dollar. Why procreate when you can import?

Last edited 1 year ago by Stewie
Gruppenführer Mark

Stewie and Maxwell

You two cannot be serious! According to the all-knowing WP:

having many children …… is common in other “authoritarian … nationalist movements


Guilty as charged! 😉 It is interesting though and tying it back to one of your comments above about Russia being empty in another post – Putin is actually acutely aware of Demographics and the fact that Russia today is becoming increasingly empty.

In fact one of the things Putin has said that motivates him is the sadness he feels and has expressed over the enormous loss of Russia lives in WW2. Thanks in equal part to both the Nazi’s aggression and their own Communist leaders who needless sacrificed millions of young slavic lives. Putin has been known to rue the Russia that could have been, that would exist today with probably some 150 million more people than it currently has.

Demographics is destiny and Putin is aware that Russia has already been robbed once of its destiny by the Bolsheviks.


I realised that being a sperm donor is a good deal some time ago. Couldn’t bring myself to do it. I think it is utterly immoral. I think msot men at some level think the same way. I think that is what’s behind the “shortage”. Industrial IVF is gross interference in the processes of selection that are ultimately responsible for our existence. The detatchment of ever greater numbers of humanity from ancestry and country will be the result. Their lives will no longer be part of a continuum of life on earth stretching back to the dawn of time. Instead they will be a products. Ultimately, failing to allow selection to operate will result endless genetic modification – fixes first, then “enhancements”, and then transhumanism. Also, last time I looked, most of the sperm seekers advertising on the web are lesbians. If you’re infertile, find another partner (Eg Henry VIII), adopt or accept. No IVF.


You have your reasons and ethical viewpoint – I agree that it is important for people to be able to reach out and connect to the continuum and find out who they are where possible.

That is actually why I think donation laws now, where the resulting child can make future contact with their donor parents is an improvement over the previous situation of anonymous donations. I remember hearing stories about older boys at the private school I use to attend would regularly make donations and get paid $50 beer money for their troubles.

But then again is the morality of anonymous parentage really so terrible when it comes with the privilege of actually ever existing to ponder that question? While I am sure most children who are the product of such anonymous donations would undoubtably prefer to have the ability to find out more about their connection in the world, I think very few would rank it so important as to risk exchanging their experience of actual existence for it.

Because at the end of the day it matters less as to where you are from and more as to who you are. As Popeye use to say “I am what I am”.

Last edited 1 year ago by Stewie

I agree that ending anonymous donations wa an improvement, but that is all and it’s still not good enough. I dispute the validity of your assumption that everyone or even most people alive prefer existence to non existence: Bhudda said (AFAIK) that nirvana is escaping the cycle of birth and death. I think a great many people put up with living in the hope that things will get better or that they will ‘solve’ life.

Also, I think that who you are is inescapably connected to your ancestry and where you are from. A big part of the reason for our bullshit culture and for the dysfunction of the Aboriginals is the same: disconnection from land and people. There is a reason so many English remained in England rather than emmigrate. There is a reason for Zionism.

Read as many sperm donor stories, anonymous and otherwise, as you can handle here:

I know one person who got a sperm donor instead of partner. She pursued her own life goals, both career and personal. She’d had many boyfriends over the years. When she decided she wanted a child, she just wasn’t willing to do the hard yards of working with someone else. She wanted a product and that is what she got. Now this child, a boy, gives her all the love she needs. It’s a pattern played out over and over, not just with sperm donors: women using their children to meet their own emotional needs rather than ensuring the children become functional adults. Sperm donation just enables it from the get go.


Things like this should not have ever been allowed to happen, and were an obvious and inevitable outcome of freely available IVF.

“Danish sperm donor passes genetic disorder to five children. DR reported that the donor had fathered 43 children at 14 clinics.”

Proculus Kani

A couple of issues with the gynocentric man up rhetoric. We live in a hyper gynocentric social and legal zeitgeist where men have responsibility without authority. Also women aren’t held accountable for their decisions and behaviour, whether it be from feminists or from equally,sometimes greater gynocentric self identifying right wingers who will do anything but hold their perfect little angelic goddess females to account.

A fly in your ointment

Sperm is a dangerous product that tends to cause nausea, ice cream and pickle salad cravings, and a lifelong financial burden

Um, not in this country.
A dream come true is 5+ kids out of wedlock from at least 5+ men and an active ovaries and womb featuring personae need never working i their comfortable life.

A man wanting a family and to see his kids grow up is exposed to a gov sponsored swindle from every conceivable angle. Often the woman is sucked-in to fluck the man at the smallest family discord and there is a 0 motivation for men to father own child. As one mate of mine said that he finds it is cheaper to support Asian student community few times a week than a life of alimony and lots a lawyers with their hands in his pocket.

The outcome as per OT is direct result of the policies you well described in the later reply.


I believe that the heroes were actually traded for ghosts.

Not only that, hot ashes were exchanged for trees, hot air for a cool breeze and cold comfort was traded for change.


Where is international bink?


Alas I exchanged a walk-on part in the war for a leading role in a cage.

Gruppenführer Mark

Tried to edit my response, spam filter ate it. 🙁


Oh, the joy of knowing that one is not alone in the world 🙂

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A fly in your ointment

spam filter ate it.

That things eats mostly bad tasty things and yet it lives a healthy life… :envy-emoji:


And now for something completely different:

Covid-19 vaccine boosters for young adults: A risk-benefit assessment and five ethical arguments against mandates at universities


Students at North American universities risk disenrollment due to third dose Covid-19 vaccine mandates. We present a risk-benefit assessment of boosters in this age group and provide five ethical arguments against mandates.

We estimate that 22,000 – 30,000 previously uninfected adults aged 18-29 must be boosted with an mRNA vaccine to prevent one Covid19 hospitalisation.

Using CDC and sponsor-reported adverse event data, we find that booster mandates may cause a net expected harm: per Covid-19 hospitalisation prevented in previously uninfected young adults, we anticipate 18 to 98 serious adverse events, including 1.7 to 3.0 booster-associated myocarditis cases in males, and 1,373 to 3,234 cases of grade ≥3 reactogenicity which interferes with daily activities. Given the high prevalence of post infection immunity, this risk-benefit profile is even less favourable.

University booster mandates are unethical because:

1) no formal risk-benefit assessment exists for this age group;

2) vaccine mandates may result in a net expected harm to young people;

3) mandates are not proportionate: expected harms are not outweighed by public health benefits given the modest and transient effectiveness of vaccines against transmission;

4) US mandates violate the reciprocity principle because rare serious vaccine-related harms will not be reliably compensated due to gaps in current vaccine injury schemes; and

5) mandates create wider social harms.

We consider counter-arguments such as a desire for socialisation and safety and show that such arguments lack scientific and/or ethical support. Finally, we discuss the relevance of our analysis for current 2-dose Covid-19 vaccine mandates in North America.

Slowly the truth will out.

Last edited 1 year ago by plaguerat

It is a good paper. Sadly it will not stop the universities insisting on vaccination as they haven’t based any of their decisions on logic or actual science so far.

A fly in your ointment

can they still insist on a pseudomedical treatment that is not mandatory any more (and about to be declared as bygone by WHO (dafaq) and Sleepy Teleprompter Joe Bitedem)?


Australian feministed women think that men’s desire for them is simply a matter of them indicating availabilty. In fact so many are repulsive, and given the social/legal support for women, at worst dangerous to the health and well-being of men. Mattias is right. The femmo industry cannot admit the truth and repent because it would have to dissolve itself. We are witnessing their (and our) slow self annihilation through failure to breed. A friend of mine’s first wife left him in his late 30s more or less as soon as she secured her post doc. She was and is high on her own achievements. She remains childless. After they separated, my friend spent 3 or 4 years of dating Australian women and eventually decided they were all a toxic waste of time. Married a philippino woman in his early 40s and now has 3 kids. The whole family is…happy! But for what was the Australian nation, this is the end. It is a total failure of culture and none of us escape blame.


Begs the question in the west, whether long term feminism and traditional society is truly compatible. It’s gone from right to choose to the traditional role of motherhood being deemed less important. Doesn’t take a genius to see where it all ends.

Australia will be probably 50% white max by 2100 at this rate and what Australia is then will bear little resemblance to what it is now both in physical appearance as well as culture.

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A fly in your ointment

If understand correctly, this sums up that Aussie whities “factory-fitted-vagina bearer personnae” will cause EZFKA to become non-white again (wogs, lebos, eastern European included)?

Yes that is my inference; if white Aussie women won’t reproduce at a rate required to ensure never ending revenue growth for the ASX100 because of their careers, then prepared to be replaced by hordes of of 20 something exploitable Indians and Asian instead.

This has been happening for 20 years now.

Oh and it’s racist to suggest they aren’t allowed to come here.

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Proculus Kani

From the article;
‘When Victorian woman Nina decided to have a baby by herself, she ran into a problem’.

What’s the problem, if Nina the strong independent victim decides to have a baby ‘by herself’, then she should cease whinging and snap into her immaculate conception. Oh, what’s that, you didn’t know that life isn’t anything uniquely female, because if it were women wouldn’t need men for it. Ah what’s that you want conception subsidies and welfare during the process and after the child is born. So who is going to pay the taxes to fund this expenditure, ah the men’s you say. So Nina and other delusional solipsitic women like her aren’t really doing it ‘by themselves’ are they.

Also from the article;
‘This wait has just been extended even further for a 38-year-old woman, who has already been on the waitlist at a Melbourne IVF clinic for three months and has asked to remain anonymous because she is still hoping for a good result.
“My last email from them [in late August] said I still had another two to three weeks to wait. It is a long process and I’m getting to my wit’s end,” she says. Much of this feeling has to do with the knowledge that, like many women in similar situations, time is of the essence.’

How problematic that 38 and 39 year old women should have to wait so long in their sperm shopping experience. Don’t these clinics know men are like frozen meals to be heated up at the last possible moment when these future female leaders of tomorrow want to hit a buzzer beater. Now I think about it, if time is of the essence why did they wait till 38/39… could it be their runaway intractibally maladaptive hypergamy and solipsism .. Nah it must be the men’s fault.


Surely this is just a market problem. Someone needs to set up a site where they auction off samples based on the quality of the provider. If half of the money went back to the provider of the sample it should encourage enough supply.

Gruppenführer Mark

All you need is to get some quality donors who would do this for the sake of human race. We had a prime example of this, too bad he was wrongly accused and committed suicide by toilet paper.

Gruppenführer Mark

Peachy, not a very good example.

Kidneys, lungs, hearts, etc. tend to be a one-off, so it is natural for a government to maintain a monopoly in distribution of these assets.

Sperm tends to be a renewable resource, so it is more suitable for the private industry. I am off to register