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I don’t know if anyone else shared the same misfortune that I experienced last night when they turned on the ABC. Watching TV is something that I rarely do nowadays but with the missus out I was going to watch some telly with my daughter and it initially turned on still on the ABC. It started playing what I thought was some historical show dealing with the Boxer revolution in China, and before my unfortunate daughter could change the channel I became intrigued I started watching it.

However it very soon became apparent that this wasn’t a historical take on the Chinese boxer revolution, it wasn’t even a study on the Chinese statue that the show was supposedly about. No – it was a hatchet job on legacy Australian’s history, by some plump cosmopolitan doofus whose attachment to Australia and its history only stretches back as far as his parents stepping off the plane – in Fennell’s case, when his Indian/Singaporean mother and backpacking Irish father arrived in Australia in the early 80s.

Practically at every turn throughout the show Fennell framed legacy federation Australians being the guy who who actually donated the statue, Hixon, as “Looters”. Happily judging them with his progressive values of today, he basically spent the entire show condemning them, or seeking out and finding people to interview who would condemn them; a couple Chinese influence peddlers and spies, a woke University professor and of course a sour old Jewish Art Historian, Joanna Mendelssohn. He even managed to browbeat the curators of the NSW Art Gallery into admitting that by today’s standards it could have been ‘perceived as wrong’.

Art ‘historian’ Joanna Mendelssohn

I’m not particularly interested in revisiting the Boxer Rebellion – I personally think the Boxers’ had a good point. Fighting for national self recognition and cultural self determination, especially from foreign rulers, is a fight I increasingly understand.

That Fennell can see no parallels with the invasion of Christian missionaries to China, with the invasion of MultiCultists seeking to transform Australia, shows which way he leans – bagging Christians, bagging white people, and especially bagging legacy Australians in order to legitimise our dispossession, signified by his presence here is the name of his game. “Evil White Looters” is what he should have probably called his Documentary, it would have been a more honest appraisal of his position.

I didn’t mind Mark before I watched this documentary, my only encountering of him previously was on Mastermind, other than thinking his banal beige personality was as khaki as his skin colour. But honestly the one sided manner in which he cast this whole discussion really laid bare his contempt towards a history that he finds objectionable – mainly because it is not his own. At every turn he sought to push the view that Australia obtained the statue from looting, repeatedly pressing the point to the point of rudeness, and in the name of one sidedness made sure there was not a single voice to counter that position right throughout his historical hit piece.

So yes the Boxer revolution was bad, arguably one of the examples of the worst excesses of Colonialism, and yes a statue pulled from the ruins were obtained and transferred to Australia. But honestly if he was so interested in preserving cultural history, and this is the more salient point, why didn’t he ask the question of ‘Why are the Chinese so keen to scour the world for Chinese artifacts?

The reason is the same as why all of these 3rd world developing nations are so keen to obtain any historical artifacts recovered from the sands, snow or swamps of their own lands. Because they have previously destroyed the vast majority of their own history themselves. The Taliban and ISIS blowing up countless ruins and historical artifacts is but a recent example – China’s CULTURAL REVOLUTION is the main reason why Chinese are now so keen to reobtain Chinese artifacts.

Chinese destroying more of their history only 40 years ago – pity there weren’t more Westerners around to ‘loot’ those artifacts from another episode of Chinese social turbulence.

Countless Chinese treasures and statues were destroyed – if this bronze statue that some legacy Australian had supposedly looted, remained in China, then chances are it would have long since been melted down for its constituent elements.

Did Fennell ever make the slightest suggestion or concession that the only reason this statue is in the world with us today, is BECAUSE it was taken from the ruins and sent to a museum in a progressive, stable, liberal nation, where it was preserved and celebrated and available for all to see? Nah, that would be racist and besides whitey is always the baddy now.

I have no issue with the Chinese scouring the world and buying back their history – good on them. I respect it more than pussy Greeks and Egyptians, whining about their losses and demanding the we ‘give’ them back. If it weren’t for Westerners collecting historical artifacts from these backwaters 100 years ago, the treasures we supposedly have now – which I point out are available in public museums in the most stable nations of the world, where anyone can freely visit and see them – would have long had their treasures broken up and incorporated into some masonry wall (like the Rosetta Stone) or melted down for gold bars.

But of course Mark didn’t even mention the Cultural revolution, nor did any of the Chinese spies that he interviewed sought to mention it, naturally the sour old Jewess Art curator didn’t mention it either. As far as cultural destruction goes the Cultural revolution made the Boxer rebellion look like a tea party. But an incident that happened over 100 years ago, and works to delegitimize the cultural and historical achievement of Legacy Australians was too good an opportunity for Mendelssohn to pass by. Attack a history that is not her own and score virtue signaling points along the way – how could she resist?

It is important to ask why the ABC choses to elevate the voices of people who seek to specifically recast our history; people like Fennell, like Mendelssohn, like the sepo yank professor Fennell sniffed out. Who provides their unquestioned funding? (hint liberal white woman producer). It is only by delegitimizing what was here before, can they, these modern day cultural invaders can justify pushing, spreading, and perpetuating their values and ‘social memory’ against our own. Soon without any push back, their historical take of our history, will replace our own, and their take will become our history.

Unfettered agreeableness is toxic to society – it is being used against us. Legacy Australians can’t come out and attack these Australian doppelgangers by calling out their values and questioning their loyalty to Australia – yet they are allowed to do exactly that to our predecessors. These are the toxic consumer units that EZFKA is importing, their values are shaped and formed from the propaganda that they absorbed under MultiCult.

These two minute Johnny come latelys are being given airtime in order to deliberately dispossess legacy Australians of our own history and self worth, and the right to say “NO! You are wrong. We are proud to have preserved a piece of cultural history that another nation and people were too inept and disinterested at the time to value themselves”.

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Excellent post.


Hasn’t this show just ripped off an earlier UK version anyway?

Sadly there is a Pop cultural version of this type of detritus on the ABC as well, with a bunch of smug sanctimonious Twats trying way too hard to be funny. It’s like the Project but less funny.

Called Question Everything.

Hosted by Drug fried Wil Anderson who was genuinely funny maybe 10 years ago, now delivers forced snarky lines to a laughter track aka studio audience of Leftard luvvies. Alongside him is token Jan Fran, who is so ashamed of being a Lebb she can’t even use her real name.

Nasty anti-white snipes constantly, forced and lazy attempts at humour knowing no one will scrutinise, all the type of Milennials who were loving Lockdowns and itching for the jab.

Not as insidious as your show, but it was an hour of my of my life I’ll never get back.


Sorry to revert to a previous topic, but what was it Foster was alleged to have done in Tahiti? Seems pretty well covered up.


He claims he was ‘helping’ a team mate, but never said what from or how. Seems pretty harsh to be arrested and jailed for just ‘helping’. Hmmm

Graham Arnold was the bloke who bailed him out (only one who spoke French), but then a couple of years later Foster bagged him constantly until he got him sacked. Foster then moved onto constantly bagging Ange Postecoglu (who wore that one best?). Foster constantly bagged anything English, poured shit on Premier League clubs (Slater played EPL).

The team mate Foster claims he was protecting has never spoken about this, or why he needed to be protected.

No explanation why the cops would not release Foster, but would release his 3 team mates.

Years earlier, when Foster just joined the Socceroos he was one of a few players agitating for more prize money, they threatened to strike just before the Confed Cup in 97. Slater who had left his European club and paid his own airfare to comeback for the tournament was accused by Foster of being a ‘scab’ for wanting to play.

I would be surprised if Fossie still has his Socceroos jerseys though after his speech this year:

Racism is a “festering sore” on Australia’s national psyche, former Socceroo and human rights activist Craig Foster has told the National Press Club.

In a forceful speech, Foster said the nation had failed on indigenous and refugee rights and on climate change.
“Our torture of innocent refugees, failures on indigenous rights and intransigence on global warming has twisted our own humanity,” the SBS broadcaster said in his address on Wednesday.

Australia had profited from suffering, fed racist politics and contributed to exposing the planet to extreme risk of damage wrought by climate change, Foster said.


Sorry to hijack the post.

Aussie Soy Boy

I assume on his mother’s side he’s a full blown wog because why someone name ‘Craig Foster’ talks with that Aussie lebo/gutter wog accent.


Hilarious that Japan beat Germany in the sportsball

Racially pure (albeit a physically frail and weak race) fascist ethnostate


“diverse” cuckold nation who felt the need to virtue signal their support of LGBQTIXYZ prior to their humiliation

and japs were the underdogs to boot


I watched Canada play Belgium this morning, and I must say, Canada put up quite a fight for an African team.




fucking lol dls has managed to goad kevin rudd into replying to him


the MB/EZFKA rivalry is intensifying

Timmy/MrS you need to get KRudd to reply to you now, VEC factchecks are not enough


The WEF was asked for comments from the tweet. I feel that EZFKA has outdone EmBee.


that was probably just some brain dead purple-haired intern though, not Klaus Schwab himself

DLS has managed to get KRudd himself to take time away from his $500,000 speaking appearances and respond personally

A fly in your ointment

i was going to put a comment on the otiginal post but then i realised I have to step on the sheat which means I’d get the stink to follow me for long time. So, I saved this page on Wayback Machine for future generations to study the apologetism of a very high order. This post cannot be deleted any more…

instead I’ll responsd here:

there is no rivalry when one side is putting a 100% energy into inducing the response and other one is merely existing.
Krudd likely put minimal effort into this and chances are an interim or a patsy wrote this, his lawyer on retention vetted it and Krudd just nodded to send the response.
Also, given the history of Llewdo, the response is not necessarily from Krudd, if you catch my drift.
Alternatively, bad publicity is still better than no publicity, chances are FakeNews.comau (the alleged sponsors of EmBee) and/or even Krudd’s office may have contrived the whole event.
Bottom line, EmBee is still insignificant blog (as noted by one comment there) and it is probably the biggest in the eyes of the commentators.


Kevin is a notorious control freak workaholic so pretty good chance he wrote this himself , or gave an underling the outline at least

A fly in your ointment

fair point


I miss mikeMB posts . I reckon his blood pressure might have got to him if caughid didn’t.


That is hilarious. Hasn’t DLS previously had to apologise to Rudd due to legal threats?


Thought that’s what the first post looked like – legal letter demanding to be published.

Aussie Soy Boy

Krudd vs DLS

Handbags at dawn




I’m kind of torn now.

This YT clip by Friendly Jordies is actually really good. I mean he’s a mouthy twat, full of posh self entitlement mixed with Leftard hypocrisy, but it is v good.

It is linked to his previous few, with a consistent theme.

Incidentally it is ironic x a billion that he’s complaining about ramped up police powers, and their harassment etc while being a vocal supporter of Lockdowns and the mostly Labor cabal who enforced them via their henchmen in the Police.


says he’s going to stop making videos, which is kind of a shame


He’s got a fair piece of that NSW cop, I can’t believe a cop that stupid would in a position like that. I know it’s a shallow swamp but he’s like the Wile e Coyote walking into an anvil.

The footage from the courts is pretty damn good I must say. Then he has the cop plain lying about not being able to access the devices.

That dodgy NSW cop has a job in Victoria alongside Shane Patten and that obese dum fuck who called protestors “batshit crazy”.

While the ABC is giving itself Walkley Awards for made up social justice waffle and generally sucking each other’s limp dicks, this guy is doing ten times better.


I love how he refers to lee sales as rat face and this


yeah he absolutely hahtes the ABC and journalism, so not so bad there

Roger Dodger

That was good. He has talent.


he’s not that bad tbh, he’s not really the hardcore lefty people think he is. he’s basically a l labor right centrist who worships none other than mr neo liberalism himself, Paul J Keating. he avoids talking about a lot of stuff we touch upon which makes me wonder what he really thinks about it, like he never talks about migration, house prices , and completely avoided talking about covid/the vaccines etc. he’s very enmeshed in labor faction politics so there’s no way he could come out against that kind of stuff if he sincerely shared our ideas, so we’ll never know what he truly thinks.

Last edited 1 year ago by stagmal

yeah I’ve always liked him

gets stuck into the media and the libs who are all fuckwits

only negative is he doesn’t do the same to the ALP, who are also fuckwits


yep…. he’s a barracking dill, but he’s an improvement on lamestream media


I subscribed to his YT when he was bashing Barilaro but dumped it when he started sucking rudds pecker.
Overall he’s an aspergers loose cannon who’ll go where he’s pointed

Roger Dodger

I agree he is talented. First time I’ve watched him – thx.


Breaking News – There’s action in the Hungry Higgo saga. A closed hearing is pencilled in.


“hungry higgo” – wow its certainly apt after seeing her latest photo

(thought it best not to embed this one)

ironically since it has been a kangaroo court , not a hippopotamus one

Last edited 1 year ago by Coming

Plz note that “Hungry Higgo” is aus soy boys top work, not mine. Think it was inspired by her rape testimony where she was constantly ordering Uber eats, then going out for dinner, then scarfing boxfulls of Roses choccies lol.


soyboy is the best commentator on here for real


I love his ADF rape stats. They’re better than Dan Andrew’s infrastructure costings.

Aussie Soy Boy

Cheers. You’d fuck Hungry, Hungry Higgo though


Nothing wrong with that


I know that when I’m under extreme stress and duress, ( like that time I was tricked and a tranny raped me), I just love to go and have a chicken schnitzel and chips.


Fark me, I’m going to put that on my back gate to scare off burglars.


yeah so what’s it all about?


Dunno. Did the Hungry Higgo cry uncle?


Attention Stewie you also missed this gem of a ‘news’ report


The biggest omission from the article I thought was the over representation of indigenous presenters lol

At this rate within a decade Anglo Saxon legacy Australians will be a minority, and probably in less than 40 years white people in general.

Who would ever invade Australia when we can simply be replaced.

A fly in your ointment

I must’ve repeated so many time so far it has become ad nauseum.

Who would ever invade Australia when we can simply be replaced.

above is an upside down view, literally.
for above to be true a foreign power controlling “invading” masses of various ethnicities and countries would have to game the local immigration galore laws and Aus authorities should be powerles, then it should bring in 1000000s of immigrants against the wishes of the polies and they would be powerless to oppose.

In reality, it is the Warden class Australians wanting to replace prisoner class EZFKA units with a more useful (to them) class of units whom are prepared to take endless debt and work excessive hours for pennies and have no other choice.

To put it simple, those whom run Australia, those whom anglo immigrants considered their protectors and saviours are literally fornicating anglos – above all else. Me and the rest of the wogs are fornicated too but not as much as anglo immigrants (for reasons which surpass the word limits of a reply). They chose to replace your “anglo legacy” with that of the Asian subcontinental of yellow and brown provenance.

So go ahead, blame recent immigrants for everything inclusive of bad weather and houses built on flooding plains. As long as you never blame those that make policies of excessive immigration with aim of your culture and genetic pool being replaced and God forbid rise and rebel for all above and for deterioration of standards, or the country becoming an EZFKA.

Judging by the jabbadabba intake, a rebellion against overlords fornicating anglo immigrants legacy in this pond is indefinitely improbable. Even wogs of the last century have flucked themselves and became zombified. 20% of unzombified unjabbadabbas are not enough to create a critical mass so expect fast cultural revolution and no less than 2 more official languages added to the constitution within 50 yrs.


Tell that to the CCP.

Of course it’s our governments fault directly but a hostile billionaire class above them is really pulling the strings, both locally and abroad.

A fly in your ointment

CCP…. squirrel!

So why the anger is not aimed at the Warden class Australians bullionaire elites but instead it js diverted towards a distraction aka freshest prisoner class ezfka unit replacement immigrants?

Macro business has covered it dozens of times over the past 8 years. The media censors any rational discussion that occurs of this topic, because it’s either racist to even raise it, or directly conflicts with the interests of the billionaire class who pays for all the advertising to keep the media companies going anyway.


I agree . There’s a thin wedge of legazens who are old enough to know what the good times were like but not old enough to be overridden with woke guilt. Then at the other end is the cuck yoof. Indoctrinated plebs who fully bought in to multicult, likely have a parent born overseas and having a back up nationally and purveyors of cultural cringe.

You are so on the money in regards to blame being apportioned to the local elites. When I started my job, their was a video message on our server from managed becrying lack of female leadership in management. So basically told I’m going to be discriminated from day dot. Then there is the flood of foreign blowins with no local experience who drag the individual productivity down but are cheap. No training is offered to them due to quantity, and it is expected the local mob will carry them and field their this is not how we do it in the 3rd world. I just look into the eyes of these so called elites as if they are the entitled so and sos as they rather than train and mentor locals with clear succession paths just replace them and hold on to onwership .


I will check out the video for sure. The article you shared years ago in regard to Hawke and how the chews wanted to influence things in Oz made me start to do some of my own research .

The notion that people can get ahead through their church group is something I detest. When people say things are unaustralian , they are wrong. About the only thing which should be given that label is the chews.


Great post
There is so much evidence because they love to boast about it – i posted a link to the JerusalemPost on MB – where they boasted about their huge role in the Bolshevik revolution and putting Stalin in power. Its all there to see.


Let’s say you’re right about chewies. Does it matter? Is there anything that can be done?



May Payne

The end section of the article was very telling.

Undertaking an annual measure and reporting on outcomes would also be welcome, but we are constrained by funding.

Media Diversity Australia just seem to be another bunch of race grifters trying to make bank off pushing the diversity narrative.

Take a look at their advisory board and you’ll see some familiar names.

Not a whole lot of gender diversity on their national team though.


The entire organisation may as well be called, Get Rid of the Straight White Men in Australian Media Foundation


this feller aint impressed


I have found that pattern repeated often among relatively recent British migrants. It is their way of deflecting attention from their whiteness to ingratiate themselves with their fellow migrants.

I don’t think we will ever dominate again as we once did and given our, and our children’s, reproductive disabilities, it seems likely we are doomed. I think the best bet now is to create a solid impenetrable identity that outsiders cannot enter, similar to the Jews, the Zorastrians and the Pakistanis. Serve the wider community, but never be absorbed. I’m not sure that it can be done without religion. There are some churches that seem to be heading that way. It is a matter of finding like minds and keeping unlike ones out.

A fly in your ointment

unless you are prepared to marry your sister to preserve wealth, culture and religion….
As strangely as it can get, it is the Big P whom is invading the state 404 that is protecting your culture more than any other entity.
Slava 🇺🇦 🇺🇦 🇺🇦 🇺🇦 🇺🇦 🇺🇦 🇺🇦 🇺🇦 🇺🇦 🇺🇦 🇺🇦


The pakistanis have a problem with cousin marriage it is true. The jews and the zorastrians do not, neither do the Amish. It isn’t a given. As a minority group living among others you don’t need the protection of big powers. The Jews survived. Your culture and your ability to pass it on is what matters. Such a shame to see the state of the Zorastrians today. Woke is destroying them too.


You have to admit that the vast
majority of anglos are lazy bludger fuckwits and not that bright

not surprising the Jews Indians and asians leave them in the dust either through greater intelligence (Jews), better work ethic (Indians) or both (Asians)

kind of like the native Malays in Malaysia, who are also lazy and stupid and get rings run around them by the Chinese
but the Malays aren’t further handicapped by self flagellation, and make sure they have laws to keep the Chinese minority down

Anglo Australians are really (aside from a tiny minority maybe 10-20%) stupid lazy trash because they had it too good for too long

Aussie Soy Boy

I’d rather have Indian or Chinese neighbours than white Australians especially males with all their mental illness and substance abuse.


Funny you mention this. I moved rural to get away from those ethnies. I have more shared culture with a buggered Anglo meth addict than some pajeet straight off the boat.
This is because I can look at and speak with a bogan and know the score. I see a pajeet and have no idea what they’re thinking or their motivations – they may as well be aliens.
Cliff notes: Bogans may be shit, but they’re my people.

The Stranger within my gate,
  He may be true or kind,
 But he does not talk my talk—
  I cannot feel his mind.
 I see the face and the eyes and the mouth,
   But not the soul behind. 

The men of my own stock
  They may do ill or well,
 But they tell the lies I am wonted to,
  They are used to the lies I tell.
 And we do not need interpreters
  When we go to buy and sell.

The Stranger within my gates,
   He may be evil or good,
 But I cannot tell what powers control—
  What reasons sway his mood;
 Nor when the Gods of his far-off land
  Shall repossess his blood. 

The men of my own stock,
   Bitter bad they may be,
 But, at least, they hear the things I hear,
  And see the things I see;
 And whatever I think of them and their likes
  They think of the likes of me. 

This was my father's belief
   And this is also mine:
 Let the corn be all one sheaf—
  And the grapes be all one vine,
 Ere our children's teeth are set on edge
  By bitter bread and wine.

Isn’t unemployment the lowest it’s ever been? And no we aren’t.

Although the whole country is overdue for a recession.


To be unemployed you have to be looking for work and doing <1 minute per week

and yes you are

That excludes
-ndis/disability bludgers (1 million people)
-under 18 (20% or 5 million)
-over 60 (20% or 5 million)
-those not looking for work (druggos, homeless, criminals)
-self employed (only fans, Amazon resellers, YouTube grifters)

It excludes people working one hour a fortnight

It also excludes those with jobs who try their best to do as little as possible (the majority of the workforce and really the point I am getting at )

Last edited 1 year ago by Coming

No we aren’t?

How about lowest underemployment rate ever recently then, if unemployed doesn’t float your boat? Which conveniently only occured once we stopped importing all of the people you refer to en masse pre covid.

And what God given pantheon of supreme ethnicity do you claim, coming? Although per Stewie’s point it is really culture that matters.


try reading what I wrote


Try not avoiding facts to get in the way of your opinions bro.

And you avoided my one question back to you.

Last edited 1 year ago by The90kwbeast

Coming, while you generally annoy me you are having a fine thread. Thus far.
The enigma of the Aussie male is a tough one. I used to think the older aussie blokes (over 70) were all wankers because of the peado priests fiddling with so many of them but I think its the same for men as many in the west
They will suck up a lot of crap
More than many think possible
TPTB know it must be done slowly
Because if hunger and dispossession come too quickly the violence that can be unleashed is all consuming.


the majority of jobseeker recipients are not unemployed. a breakdown of jobseeker recipients lot of them are

1) >50 year old bludgers cruising till they get the pension (usually own their own house, have minimal expenses, are exempt from a lot of the ‘mutual obligations’ so they have a lot easier of a time on dole

2) people who are too mentally ill or physically ill to work (or so they say), but not enough of those things to qualify for DSP

3) genuinely unemployable people who don’t try because there’s no way they can work around other people

3) and in this mix and standing alone are out and out LDAR crew

afaik from what i have read a lot of genuinely unemployed people don’t even bother applying for jobseeker because they end up getting a job by the time they’ve even been assessed as deserving of getting it

Last edited 1 year ago by stagmal
Aussie Soy Boy

The great thing about Asia is they let the misfits and druggies basically starve. Ostracise them from society, make them starve, become emaciated, have no energy to become aggressive or violent just beg in a corner until they die.

Here we fatten them up like livestock all the misfits, spastics, the mentally ill, the druggie scum. It’s like we’re trying to fatten them up to make foie gras.

So you have all these spastics running around belly full of food, high energy, no shame, even worse a lot of them breed.

In Asia this level of everyday ADHD spastic dies out in a generation their societies effectively have an inbuilt eugenics mechanism.


nah even in asia now this stuff is taking over

in china they call it lying flat

in japan its hikkomorri

none of these ppl are a noxious threat to others though like the junkies you see patrolling dubbo main st

but LDAR is taking over the world, its very clear that increasing living standards + women entering the workplace is diminishing the attractiveness of men and causing them to give up on life

Last edited 1 year ago by stagmal

Heard another one last week “NAAFAI” – No Ambition And Fuck All Interest. Seems to be from the UK and South Africa.


NEET is originally from the UK too, it was a rebranding of ‘status zero’ bc that was considered too insulting


The other one I forgot about is “parenting payments”

here are the raw numbers

As at 26 March 2021, 1.6 million people received an unemployment or parenting payment, equating to 7.9% of the population aged 16 and over. Of these:

79%, or 1.3 million, received an unemployment payment – 1.17 million received JobSeeker Payment, and 129,000 Youth Allowance (other) payment. These recipients represent 6.3% of the population aged 16 and over

21% or 335,500 received a parenting payment – 241,400 received PPS and 94,100 PPP. These recipients represent 1.6% of the population aged 16 and over.

1.6m out of a working age population of 16m

then another 1m disability bludgers

then how many more who receive more in benefits than tax paid ?

not to mention the aged pension bludgers

incredible numbers imo

calls for a final solution

Last edited 1 year ago by Coming

Who cares about your stats and charts? You’re not an Aussie.
I’m an Aussie and I Got Mine


the LDARcaust

in all fairness it is so easy to be LDAR in australia because employers here have such absurd standards for who they hire its not hard to understand why so many dont want to try


the aged pension, super concession and middle class welfar bludgers are by far the biggest parasites, if you add up the cost of dole, DSP etc its not very much, a tiny percentage of the budget compared to the handouts to oldies, homeowners and other wankers


In 2019–20, the estimated $195.7 billion of government welfare spending was distributed across these 4 target groups:

  • 39% ($76.4 billion) for older people
  • 26% ($50.3 billion) for people with disability
  • 20% ($38.1 billion) for families and children
  • 9.5% ($18.5 billion) for unemployed people (Figure 4).

The remaining 6.3%, or $12.4 billion, was for other groups, including Indigenous people and people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.

disability bludging is a huge expense
how can there be that many fucking disabled people ?
I don’t know a single one under 65yo

that + aged pension is already 2/3rds

would love to know what % were born here


from what i know its almost impossible to get disability now, im assuming a lot of disability fags are grandfathered in from before the mid 2000s when they used to hand that payment out to ppl who stubbed their toe or whatever

but is that just funds for the direct payment? or does it include NDIS, support programs, social workers, etc

Last edited 1 year ago by stagmal

the unemployed get SFA but remember i doubt that number includes the cost of the job seeker agency apparatus which has to cost a fucking fortune

even in small town main sts where every second shops boarded up and abandoned theres like 10 job seeker agencies raking in the dough

biggest gravy train in australia


Absolute fucking bullshit

fucking labourers are making $40/hr here
you can be on parole and using meth daily and still get that job

barely need to speak English to get a waitress job

the real reason is you’re a feckless lazy cunt
like the rest of the them


bruh have u ever tried to get a job in an office

or like a govt job

its pretty much fuckin impossible

its the fact that wages are so high that its so hard to begin with

the reason they dont speak english is cuz they can get underpaid bc no one can pay at the assigned “award” rates

do you really think a bunch of uncoordinated weakcel losers etc are getting a job as laborers

get real pal


Comings opinions are based upon being in the Sydney middle class too long, clearly


its not hard to understand why aus employers are quite picky

if you’re forced to pay wages that are to a great extent artifically high from 1) inflated living costs (created by trash govt policy) 2) negotiated award wages that are well above what the market rate would be, you’re going to be pretty reluctant to hire someone who might be a little bit crap who otherwise would easily get the job in another country b/c it wouldnt matter


Why do you want or deserve or require an office job


cuz im uncoordinated weakcel loser

sitting at a pc is all im good at


But you won’t get a law degree either

that would be an unreasonable demand, people should just employ you as a lawyer without one

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degrees are pretty pointless

i have a business degree surely that should be enough to do some shitty data entry job somewhere but really it isnt

also those jobs barely exist anymoire anyway


Learn to code! No degrees needed – plenty of free and cheap courses online at udacity and coursera. However, You can do a CS degree almost for free at Just make sure you build a portfolio of work…even if it’s making a website for a pretend business you’ll have proven you can do the work. Plenty of open source projects to get involved with too.

Also, there still demand for English teachers with degrees in East Asia. Japan and S Korea could be nice. Also, just for kicks there’s a Spanish government program to place English speakers in schools. Can’t remember what it’s called. Pay is fairly shite but could be a fun time.


My Uber driver has a phd


Anglo Australian % would be a lot less than that figure…..there’s not that many people in rural Australia.


Your view point is biased by the fact that the Asians you see in Australia are those that had enough get up and go to get up and go. They aren’t a representative sample. The bumiputera had enough self respect to get together to stop their country disappearing. They got to 60% of the population before they said enough. They’ll slaughter the Chinese indiscriminately when times call for it, just like their Javanese cousins. Only the idiotic Anglos let the Chinese and Indians in in numbers like these. No one else in the region would do it. They’ve learned from their histories. We deserve to be overrun for sheer stupidity.


Correction. Idiot politicians, paid for by hostile billionaires.


Nope. It’s on us. It wasn’t politicians smashing up Chinese owned enterprises in Jakarta during the Asian Financial Crisis. It wasn’t politicians who forced Suharto to step down. Our politicians suck because they are no longer afraid.


If you’re suggesting we just vote out the politicians we have and replace them with new ones I have a tablespoon of reality to feed you


Did the bumiputra vote out the chinese? Did the Javanese vote out Suharto?

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I will concede Dan Andrews was voted back in again

Matthew Guy must be the most inept LNP leader there is


similarly fiji ..indians..flogged by Sitiveni Rabuka


What do you know of Malaysia? Just regurgitate myths told by the British to justify takeover of their country using Indian and Chinese labour (sounds familiar? )who could not rebel due to being beholden to the British. Same thing with the Carribbean and South Africa Same justification by eugenist to kill populations vis genocide. They are too stupid. Remember, judge not least ye be judged. One day someone will deem YOU too stupid to live

A fly in your ointment

an update on my suburb of interest and “its different here moite” – RE shitfuckery.

Rental from about flirting with low 40’s under 4 weeks ago up to 70 today
For Sale from about high 60 to 95 today.
Could be seasonal, however in the last 6-7yeaes I’ve followed this suburb seasonal was 25-33% increase in listing, not the 50+.

Anyone care to share their experience with numbers?

update on my neighbour whom could not sell his 3 bed unit at the same price as the well maintained well sized 2 bedder sold last year around August for about $900k: auction failed, only a handful of cars, for sale now with a price listed (was unpriced for about 2 weeks).


my rent has gone from $150 p/w in 2016 to $200 p/w in the space of the last 3 months

pretty shit given i live in one of the slummiest apts in aus

Aussie Soy Boy

Didn’t you post a photo of your flat or the real estate agent photos of it once?

You’re on the dole right and do some cash stuff on the side right? You got $30k from collecting bottles too?


nah that photo was just some shit house apt i saw for rent, wasnt the one i live in

mine- concrete walls (no plasster etc), rot in a lot of them, holes that connect the blocks to the floor so spiders etc are constantly crawling in, decaying carpets from 1995, even older oven etc

you get what you pay for but i dont know why the price keeps going up

yeah i made 30k one year from collecting cans

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Just received a spray from the ACT Gummint about local happenings, includung the announcement of the ACT Young Citizen of the year, who is a chubby young homosexualist who won the gong because of his advocacy for homesexuals.

Oddly, last years winner was a chubby homosexualist, who won the gong for her (well, “their”, apparently) advocacy for homosexuals.

They (vagina decliners and todger dodgers) sure are an oppressed minority with no voice or visibility in the community.

Agent 47

I thought this guy would have been a shoe in.


I see Sam Harris and Claire Lehman have rage-quit Twitter

is there really any runway for these type of grifters in the post Covid world ?

I reckon they would have lost most of their financial supporters after not coming out against lockdown and vax mandates

so they probably have to rely on wef funding now, and go full zelensky


maybe elon can buy macro next then we can all be unbanned there LOL


$420.69 would be a fair price , including nucleus wealth

do it Elon don’t let the libtards win

A fly in your ointment

like your sarcastic response


Agent 47

Harris is an unhinged kike grifter that torched his own ‘career’

Lehman was another milquetoast, centrist clown that rode the 2016 wave and hasn’t moved on. She showed her true colours during covid.

Tldr nothing of value has been lost.

Aussie Soy Boy

I just realised none of the nutters talk about the government spraying the sky since COVID came along.


Reckon chemtrails are due for another rotation lol

Agent 47

Weather modification has been a reality in this country since the 50s but these pilots were obviously too busy being rapists on the flight.

Aussie Soy Boy

I’m talking about chemtrails from a passenger jet level of nutcase


is it the victoria election today

when is it

whos gonna win (dan andrews)


Depends, his own seat is in danger but likely a minority Gov with the backing of all the fucktards like Teals, Greens and independent Socialist retards.

If the Dictator wins I seriously think it will unhitch a few to really have a crack.

He’s already unable to walk around in public, has huge security. All campaign he travelled in a bus with his compliant media, stopped for staged media event then back on the bus.

Remember when the Pollie would walk around with the public shaking hands etc.? Can’t do that, won’t do that.


There is a weird psychosis still in Victoria if people share the deranged view of this shameless grifter Sally Capp. A stunningly unimpressive diversity hire, girls private school captain type who can’t stop voicing inane crap.

IMHO the wealthy and laptop class are simply EZFKA coupon holders who cruised through Lockdowns because they never faced any hardship and never gave a fuck about anyone else anyway.

Dan massively increased the public service and gave special favours to his union backers, Turkeys don’t vote for Christmas so he’s got their vote. Countering that is the fact he’s such a maniac he’s crushed all those inside Labor party and has no Ministry or senior MP’s left anymore. No names don’t get votes.

I’m hoping Twitter is just the Bot farm and low level cesspit and a go chamber I think it is, so won’t carry much swing.

Either way it’s going to be a swamp economically due to the lack of direction from a hung parliament. No one has invested due to this for ages. Major corp head offices seem to no longer base in Vic. Apart from his own projects throwing taxpayers money around (and they are duds), it’s a wasteland. Dan has robbed the State for years so there is no stimulation possible.

Agent 47

She’s literally WEF and deserves capital punishment so we don’t have to put up with her shitpieces and dancing in front of th camera.

Agent 47

DGAF. I spoiled my ballot.

Nothing will change here. We get to choose the local administrators of the jewsih debt slave plantation.


What’s the smirk on Dan’s kid’s face for?


Butt plug inserted?




Chapeau! 👍😊


This piece features an interesting photo of the stereotypical middle class American family.


They’re the rules to advertising and news now, surely you knew?

Same rule that says any Dad on TV has to be depicted as a white moron. Same too which has to have ‘equal’ representation of African models in EZFKA.

When they say equal they’re not talking about being equal to the population, ie. Africans only make up >1% of the population, or crime statistics…


gotta read reus… kodiak too😂

A fly in your ointment

reus is funny.
Kodiak is a boring egocentric sepo.

this and what precede it is gold


November 25, 2022 at 9:55 pm

Funny you take the bait each time.

(edit: N.B. Skippy responding to Reus’ yanking his chain)


November 25, 2022 at 10:12 pm


Yes. It is almost Pavlovian.

Better than tapping a tin of Whiskas.

A fly in your ointment

put and kettle agree at last that they’re the same.
Bleat v.o. hits the main-mainstream again.
unconventional…. m yass

Aussie Soy Boy

I don’t know anyone struggling that didn’t make stupid decisions or couldn’t run a business pre COVID. Shops were packed on Thursday I’m sure all the pubs are packed this afternoon couldn’t think of anywhere worse so wouldn’t know first hand. Real interest rate must be -5% still.

A fly in your ointment

I was referencing the pot and the kettle which is MsM and Bleat v. O.

wrt spending its like there’s no tomorrow in my experience too. Though, I guestimate, the spending is not on luxuries but for necessities and a bit more. For comparison, I spent near $0 on clothes or on non-groceries in 2020. and 2021. (except a car whic is a semi-investment). I kinda wish the low traffic, no shopping, no dining and no immigrants that came with lockdowns – came back again (nah, not really, just saying)

Dr Love

Happy Caturday Everyone! Have a blessed day!
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“…Money, as a claim on products and services, is in reality, a claim on the energy required to make them available. Likewise, debt, as a ‘claim on future money’, is really a claim on future energy….”

fair enuff I spose

A fly in your ointment
A fly in your ointment

no comment needed


Chairman Dan absolutely romping it in wasn’t even close

Victorians have to be the dumbest people in the western world

we are living in a bubble here on ezfka, wow it’s still shocking even though we knew it was going to happen


i don’t know why anyone thought it wouldnt lol

no one cares about lockdown anymore, its seen as this weird fringe shit to continue to go on about it

the ‘mission to melbourne’ protest was a cringe fizzler and no one turned up

all the doomer predictions about how lockdown was going to be eternal, no new normal etc turned out to be bull shit

people forgot covid as quickly as they became obsessed with it

all sins are forgiven, dan isnt hated as much as these people claim he is

people dont even necessarily like dan but the victorian liberals are just not electable

same as how fed liberals have prob fucked themselves by putting peter dutton as their leader

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No come on Victorians are a special kind of stupid

Dan would absolutely not win in any other state in the country


mcgowan? is he really any better?

dan is a creep but idk, that weirdo in the NT was awful too, probably worse

palletchook as well

NSWs politicians are just so milquetoast by comparison i cant find anything that inspires any strong opinion whatsoever about perottet

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lols i think catherine cumming lost her seat


perrottet is our greatest leader since Chifley

it it wasn’t for him the whole country would still be in lockdown
led everyone out of it while people were hysterically calling him a murderer

I’ll die on this hill if anyone wants to debate it

Aussie Soy Boy

I agree he looks like a total pedo but we’d probably still cut off from the world if not for him

A fly in your ointment

No come on Victorians are a special kind of stupid

I was not uncertain that Chairman Dan would win, but the tsunami win where he’s got 75%ish win is a new level of mental deficiency. I am inclined to never step a foot in Vic for the rest of my life. It coild be contagious.
Stockholm syndrome soon to be renamed to Melbourne Syndrome as a better description.


doesnt surprise me at all honestly, he has no competition there

A fly in your ointment

…honestly, he has no competition there

how bad one has to be to be no competitor to a notorious Dicktator?
I come (hypothetically) to your home, bang your wife, your dUghter, get Fitz Simons to bang you without Vaseline and yet somehow I have no alternative?
only if…. nah, no ‘only ifs’

perhaps I am the insane one and not see the appeal of it


How inept is Matthew Guy, shocking