post mortem

“The fact that Victorians stuck together … looked out for each other … went and got vaccinated because vaccines work … because as a community were not divided but united in our faith in science … that sense of kindness and connection has been confirmed today.”

Then he directed five words at the Coalition who had attempted to make the election a referendum on Daniel Andrews.

“Friends, hope always defeats hate,”

Analyse this!

(a mediocre but still funny Billy Cristal movie)

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Lol hilarious

The doublespeak is strong in this one


It would be funny if this CCP twat hadn’t treated Victorians like shit. The premiers in this country are all awful. And the idea that migrants will save us isn’t holding now. A lot of Brit’s are heading back and the main stayers are police state loving Chinese and dodgy rapist Pakistanis. Life will stay cushy while there’s mines to dig and no one will care.
stop worrying and get your head in the trough I say.

Roger Dodger

BigDuke6 wins the prize.

Them mines are the key; the “rising tide [which] floats all boats”.

It’s that trickle-down which feeds the tax-base, allowing the “free” healthcare and education – which is what most of the newcomers come for.

The healthcare has the added in incentive of being something for immigrant-offspring to claim – i.e. the relative endless rivers-of-gold gold offered by most medical/dental specialties and owner-pharmacists.

Bonus: offspring of the vast majority of traditional EZFKA units are easy competition (cultural Marxism and quotas make it even easier).

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Melbournians loved lockdown particularly the wealthy inner city suburbs. Who wouldn’t love the biggest wealth transfer from poor to rich in history if you benefitted from it?

The only people who didn’t like lockdowns were small business owners, but no one cares about them.


It is a sign that hateful, divisive politics originates on the left.

They truly believe that they not only have the correct answers to the problems we face, but the morally justifiable position too.

Such people are truly evil, because in the quest to do what they believe to be morally correct, and to ‘your’ benefit – even if that means punishing you without end.

The trouble with the right is that the woke left see anyone who holds views different to their moral viewpoints as not just wrong – but evil. Because they view the right as evil they will fight longer and harder to achieve what they view as their morally just goals.

It is about time that the right started to view the woke creatures on the left as evil, and pursue them relentlessly without any mercy.

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i knew this would happen

people just don’t care anymore

dan is not necessarily loved but the victorian liberals are unelectable, like nsw labor or peter dutton

the ending of the pc game deus ex where the illuminati won illustrates this better than i ever could

The crown of government is tarnished – but that will fade in time. The riots, a fever dream; the plague, a horrible nightmare; and like everything else that’s happened such things will only be dimly remembered upon waking to their normal lives. In the end, all sins are forgiven. Even yours.


What does that even mean “unelectable”

they are very much electable they have candidates in every seat
you just need to write 1 in the box next to their name (or at least put a number one above what you put next to the ALP candidate)

Australians, and particularly Victorians , are just stupid cunts

they love diversity and violent crime
they love green rorts
they love the boot on their neck


Look at the policies. Only decent one was not going ahead with the uncosted suburban loop and putting that money into health.

Then look at the leader. If Matthew Guy was the best leadership candidate they had, then it says a lot about the poor quality of other Liberal MPs.


Just the fact that he didn’t needlessly brutalise his own citizens for over 2 years should be enough to get him elected tbh


Except most Melbournians loved lockdown. If a lockdown was announced tomorrow, they would be loving it and tweeting their praise and how safe they feel knowing Dan has their safety in mind.


like i said the stupidest people in the western world

its got nothing to do with the failings of the liberal party


That policy sounded good, but failed to take into account the local politics. The Surburban Rail Loop would initially affect Box Hill, Ashwood and Glen Waverley – traditionally middle class Liberal seats. So it was basically pork and Liberal policy to divert those funds to healthcare was never going to work – there are already lots of public and private hospitals and specialist centres in those areas, congestion is a major issue, and the SRL would probably raise some property values as is the EZFKA way.

While the western suburbs definitely need more transport infrastructure, most have double digit Labor margins so could be easily ignored. Hence we saw swings away from Labor where it wasn’t enough to change seats, but swings towards them in marginal in the east where the coalition was expected to gain some ground.


Sounds like EZFKA. House prices trump health care.

A fly in your ointment

…dan is not necessarily loved but the victorian liberals are unelectable, like nsw labor or peter dutton…

see, that very sentence is a nice confirmation of what I am trying to say about average prisoner class ezfka units: barks as a Stafford terrier but bites like Yorkshire terrier.
Ezfka units are emasculated, pacified, zombified and will not punish one of their own helping wardens oppress them further. In a normal society, even unelectable are better choice than the confirmed oppressor. A change is not necessarily a carrier of “better” but for things to be better, a change is compulsory (an old communist era proverb).

if anyone can save this nation, it is, paradoxically, the freshest immigrants whom are perhaps carefully selected to be agreeable ad nauseum but still have memories of how to rebel (and being mortgage free helps too).


Idk who you’re quoting but yeah this obsession with “electability” as if every politician isn’t an incompetent, corrupt retard is a big reason why someone with a strong personality and a lot of confidence like Andrews is so hard to get rid of.

A fly in your ointment

Bleato-Llewdo bot ate my previous response.

I quoted Stagnal
DickDan by that explanation is a confidence artist. Geting rid of him would require a self confession into being stupid during the last 3 years of the Twilight Zone…is what I think elected him again.
So ezfkafkaesque…


About your other point, migrants aren’t going to help the EZFKA worth a shit, they literally work these same subcontinent people to death in Qatar and Dubai, where they’re actually the majority population, and they never rebel.

In general migrants are very happy with the EZFKA because they have very low expectations out of life. Whenever you see someone complaining online about EZFKA, there’s always some migrant replying saying this is the land of milk and honey and Aussies are ungrateful.

The pollies and the powers that be love it, it’s the perfect exploitable population.

A fly in your ointment

I do agree to what you say about migrants.
in terms of rebel against the oppression, there is by far greater chance of them rebelling than any of the previous ezfka units, no matter how trivial that chance is.


Still one of the greatest games ever.


Yup, GOTY twice IIRC.


True that Victoria is dominated by absolute fwits, it should be the capital of EZFKA. The middle of Victoria fell easily into the EZFKA mentality, choosing their Daddy Dan.

The seats of Box Hill and Ashwood are CCP dominated areas (shops and signs all in Chinese) went easily to Labor, Dan even had a CCP female operative handing out How To Vote cards front and centre at Mulgrave (could hardly speak/understand English). The CCP rewarded him.

Point Cook, Tarneit, Sunshine (areas infested by mainly Indians and other assorted garbage humans like Afghanis and Africans) had 10-15% swings against Labor, but were still well held though.

The Libs offered a pathetic opposition, it was like watching a Bully beat the fuck out of an annoying nerd, you actually forget the Bully is a total prick and tell yourself the nerd deserves it.

Many Victorians rewarded Dan Andrews, proving the EZFKA would choose to be raped again and again and not think.

No hope for them and my thinking from now on is ti maximise my return from their stupidity. Grift is Victoria’s number one industry now, gonna get me some.


You can’t lose when you have the coalition of old cowards who believe Andrews saved their lives, middle-class people who vote Andrews because it’s just the thing you do, and the usual left-wing voter base.


I agree with this except the old cowards part. The old timers who have voted liberal all their life are probably the only ones who really voted lib this time. Think about that for a moment… Without the old timer vote liberal is pretty much dead and wokeness is going to get worse as greens and extreme left gain more power…


Yeah but Andrews peeled off plenty of old people because of their COVID cowardice.

They’d be happy with young people being locked down forever to give them another year of life.


No, he didn’t. There was a 6% swing against the government. The largest swings against the government were in their safest seats such Broadmeadows and Mill Park. The government did well in the marginal seats such as picking up Glen Waverley.


How does that prove that old people didn’t swing to Andrews? He probably pissed off the Muslims in Broadmeadows who are mostly young.


I can’t bring myself to care about the Libs, they hardly ever do anything conservative, they love immigration just as much as Labor, softly tapping the breaks on wokeness and cutting taxes occasionally inspires zero passion in me. I don’t have a house so I don’t need them to jack the prices up.

They’ll get back in eventually when Labor fucks up too badly or something, and then they won’t change anything anyway.


Same here. Libs deserved to lose, they are a bunch of unemployable private school twats. I hate Labor as they stopped caring about the working class years ago.


Yeah true, most Libs would fucking hate all of us anyway, since we don’t submit to the overlordship of their corporate sponsors. Useless irredeemable party.

A fly in your ointment

“The science” is now telling us that all those people “dying suddenly” post-“vaccination” have, in fact, been stressed to death by “anti-vaxxers”

this requires special skills to conceive.

observe the table 1 in the document.
it confirms what DickDan tells in the victory speech about the jabbadabba efficiency


Oh well someone should let Xi Jinping know that Victoria is having a fire sale to pay for it’s stupid train line.
Also teaching gender pronouns is already on the Year 3 curriculum, expect this stuff to get even worse now greens have more power and Labor has majority government.
The state is financially and morally bankrupt.


The state is already financially bankrupt and that is evident with the collapsed health system. It is really only a matter of how long Canberra will keep sending extra dollars it’s way. Canberra will need to start sending lots of dollars north of the Tweed to start paying for the five ring circus.


Hardly any state can actually afford the migration ponzi, Victoria has no money to give heathcare to Boomers and to build a shitload of infrastructure to accomodate hundreds of thousands of new Deliveroo drivers.


That’s why they flood and are flooding Melbourne with immigrants. To pay for all this shit. The problem is it comes at the expense of living standards.


They’re bringing in so many useless immigrants who end up in the gig economy, the taxpayer is surely making a loss on many of these useless bodies in addition to just making the city worse to live in. And now we’re giving up visas for their parents to drain the healthcare system too.

I wish the cvnts would just accept that Victoria is never going to happen, we don’t have natural resources and once the debt money runs out we’ll be poor AF. Migration ponzi won’t change that.


One of my green leaning friends once got pissed off with me because I said immigration should be slowed until infrastructure could catch up. Apparently the opposite is true – we should flood the place with immigrants and then build hospitals, schools, transport to make up for it.

Seems fucking backward thinking to me but I’m racist for saying the opposite…


bash that innumerate cunt


Victoria has nothing to offer other than a lifestyle (ie visas). Completely deindustrialised and the best farmland is paved over.


Yep hence I said the state IS financially bankrupt. Melbourne has good potential to become the Detroit of Australia.


I would have agreed it would become the Detroit of Australia, but the city has completely deindustrialised and still seems to be able to pay for expensive roads and level crossings removals. My father and I think it is all a mirage, but it just doesn’t seem to go bankrupt.


Debt on top of debt. The new rail tunnel is a fucking joke, to think regional kids will be paying for that for the rest of their lives and they’ll never even use it. Meanwhile regional areas are desperate for somewhat half a decent hospitals but can’t get shit.

Imagine how many state of the art hospitals and schools you could by for the inevitable blown out rail budget $$$


Completely agree about the rail tunnel. A big gift for John Holland. Same goes for North East Link and Westgate Tunnel. Classic EZFKA.


Talking about John Holland like that is the same as calling Xi Jinping “Graham”.


same this side of the paddock….fkn fuel levy for some polypipe road from the court dynasty and we’re still paying!
regional stiffs never use the cunt of a thing


Ratings agencies and investors are from the same elite clubs as the people who run Victoria, the decay will have to be very obvious before they finally accept that a state of Australia (a fiscally strong country overall) has fucked its financial position badly enough that they have to turn off the money taps.

Adam Hitler

It cant go bankrupt. They just print more Dollareydoos


Canada still in front of Victoria in the fucked up shithole stakes

Agent 47

Yes. Were next. They are a leading indicator.


Can someone explain what a cooker is ?

ive read it on Twitter in regards to the Victorian election
seems to be used by both sides as a derogatory term , which is very confusing

what is the etymology


Take your pick?


“Australians who were led to believe that mRNA vaccines worked.
Made false claims such as it would stop virus transmission and hospitalisation for those who caught the virus. Definitely could not die once vaccinated. All claims have been proven false, incredibly they claim this was never the case!
Cookers also claimed ivermectin was ‘horse dewormer’ and not for humans. It can be used as a horse dewormer, however, it is a proven treatment and has recently been added to the CDC and NIH antiviral treatments.
‘Recently the CDC in the USA and NIH in the United Kingdom approved Ivermectin for use as antiviral drug.’ New York Times August 2022

Ironically people such as #PRguy and #tomtanuki tried to use the term cooker for persons proven to be telling the truth.
Jeez the cookers claim that the vaccinated can’t spread COVID or be hospitalised where the data says otherwise. Yeah and they claim Nobel peace prize drug is a ‘horse dewormer not for humans’ yup their cooked believe anything anyone tells them.”


“Australian slang for an anti-vaxxer. They are usually against mask mandates, lockdowns and state/international border closures. Many believe in outlandish conspiracy theories.

Can often be seen posting misinformation on Facebook, telling people to “do your own research” and protesting in the streets against “tyranny” and for freedumb. Often votes for One Nation or United Australia Party, but not always.

Comes from “cooked” which is a more polite version of “fucked”

Compare with MAGA in the US, or the trucker convoy in Canada.
Canberra has a thriving new hobby: watching the cookers” – Canberra Times, 17 May 2022″


Derogatory term from the Left for anyone who they are as “cooking up conspiracy theories’.

Leftards use it for any thinking or statement by the Liberal party or conservatives.

Insert in place of any ability to justify their own philosophy.


Used especially on anyone who questioned the jabs etc.

When anyone else uses a term like Groomer, at least it has some relevance and meaning. Cooker is a pathetic term because it has no real meaning when used.


it just means cooked as in fucked, dumb, done, over finished, etc

cooker = cooked


Short listed for 2022 word of the year. Must be popular on social media, although I suspect about half the participants are either bots or part of political comms teams.

Cooker: a derogatory term for a person involved in protests against vaccine mandates, lockdowns and a range of other issues perceived to be infringing on personal freedom

Angus Jung

political comms teams

ie internet perception management or ‘social conditioning’.
Andrews’ team on twitter is so well organised it’s scary.
They have targets and flood replies with ‘cooker! her der cooker! derp der’. They also use the same lame memes, so it’s pretty easy to spot.

Agent 47

Agree. Conservatives are just comfortable thay won’t go on the attack and wonder Why They keep losing.

It’s a fight cunt, you only win by dominating the opposition not by complaining to the referee every two seconds about the other guy throwing punches.


Can you imagine an Australian conservative trying to conserve affordable housing prices like they had from the 50s to the 90s? They only conserve shit that hardly anyone (mostly the super religious) care about.

Agent 47

They conserve two things:

– High house prices and policies related to thus
– Israel and Jewish influence in EZFKA (which most are in denial about but is easily proveable)

Case in point, all the sky news fags railing against woke cancel cultute but then wanting anyone criticising Jews or Israel unpersoned.


Faith in science…..[COVID] vaccines work (ommission notable)…..I am hope.

It’s the kind of bullshit you hear out of Cristina Fernández de Kirchner or AOC.

Whole families have been “nurtured” into dependence on the state. Bought off like Saudis. Voting for Dan is pure stockholm syndrome.


Faith in science

Epic rant about faith in science at the end.


I thought about starting another post for this, but since it’s not my work it feels wrong. So here it is:

It includes a summary of a theory about how fiat money destroys civilisations.

Spiritual Casualties of Fiat Inflation: The consequence of the significant erosion in the value of a lifetime’s savings or having them dependent on the continuation of unsustainable trends is “despair and the eradication of moral and social standards.


Lol mate, his voters are the Victorian versions of you, status obsessed conformist types who worry about how many white friends their kids have. How do you think he keeps getting in 😂 😂

Agent 47

Matt kean will ensure ALP gets in next year on NSW and then essentially we have a total one party state except for Tassie but they’ll get their turn soon enough.

Voting is fkn gay anyway. Democracy is just the best way of managing the Jewish debt slaves in the plantation.

We have absolutely no right wing party in this country.


I reckon no matter how much the SMH and abc try to make it seem not to be the case, I reckon dom has community support

he handled the Covid hysteria like a fucking boss

not corrupt (unlike Gladys who was for some reason worshipped by the same media outlets)

bible basher so will have support in the mortgage belt

the traditional lebo and Arab bludgers/labor voters aren’t going to truck any of this ALP homo/trans/green shit

we’ll see
i just feel like nsw is the least cuckold state ever since qld fell

I’m seriously considering donating bloke should have a statue for getting us out of lockdown

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Looks like the Ess Aye Pee member didn’t get elected to the upper house. Didn’t see an Ess Aye Pee sign all election, so not surprising.


theyre done and they know it. i had a post about this earlier this year

they likely don’t try anymore bc what’s the point really

A fly in your ointment

who says Islam brings only bad things?
Some Islamic “laws” are actually a better form of capitalism, a sustainable capitalism.