It’s Saturday…

….lets see what fascinating behaviour we can uncover today!

This started as a comment, but since it is Saturday I thought I might make it into a post.

I read this article during the week and it reminded me of the objectives I was wrote about in ‘The Golden Guardian‘ the other week.

Here the British Museum returns artifacts that were ‘stolen’ from Benin City in southern Nigeria during a British invasion of 1897:

“The evidence is very clear that these objects were acquired through force, and external consultation supported our view that it is both moral and appropriate to return their ownership to Nigeria,” the board’s chair Eve Salomon said in a statement.

Some liberal newspaper

Statue of Africans with dildos on their heads while giving each other hand-jobs.

There has been a view popularized in recent years that these indigenous “societies” were some kind of Utopias prior to the arrival of white men, where the natives sat around holding hands and singing kumbaya, pondering the gender spectrum, and wondering if they were male or female – because apparently white people hadn’t shown up yet to tell them what sex they were.

A lot of this fanciful view was popularised by Nigerian author Chinua Achebe who in 1958 wrote ‘Things Fall Apart‘ which portrayed pre-colonial life in Nigeria as a peaceful Utopia destroyed by Europeans. Never mind that Benin had been a staging export point for African slave trade for several hundred years, it was a veritable ‘Wakanda’… just without the technology.

However, this is what the British actually witnessed when they arrived in Nigeria’s then capital Benin in 1897:

“…Alters covered in streams of dried human blood, the stench of which was awful… huge pits, forty to fifty feet deep, were found filled with human bodies, dead and dying, and a few wretched captives were rescued alive… everywhere sacrificial trees on which were the corpses of the latest victims… everywhere, on each path, were newly sacrificed corpses. On the principal sacrificial tree, facing the main gate of the King’s compound, there were two crucified bodies…”

Joseph Conrad, a Polish sailor who wrote some of the our most iconic books in English as his third language honestly encapsulated the horrors of Africa in his ‘Heart of Darkness‘ famously remade as Apocalypse Now.

It was a story of madness and power, journeying into the heart of Africa south of Benin. But it was also a story describing the protagonist not only coming to dominate the locals, but doing so by adopting their values so as to ascend the power hierarchy freed of our own constraining western morals (as an aside, at times it was written at three to four levels of recursion down, like ‘Inception‘ but only written a hundred years before).

But the PC view nowadays is, nevermind the unceasing horror and barbarity – they were all lies. They were made up by the British who racistly wrote these things in 1897 in order to justify their actions and invasion. Nevermind our own experience of Rwanda, Idi Amin, and child & albino sacrifice for African Juju (voodoo) – No! White man bad – this now is the only politically acceptable historical truth.

Yes sure territorial and economic gains went with the British as they colonised Africa – but in exchange they brought with them the benefits of civilization and ending unimaginable horror and terror. A fair trade if you were fair minded and hadn’t had your thinking corrupted by notions of ‘cultural relativity’, and the need to always and in every instance portray our Civilization as morally wrong. Objectively, colonisation did more good than bad.

It is the same with all these other indigenous ‘civilizations’ and supposed ‘nirvanas’ that are meant to have existed before white man came along.

Before Cortez landed in Mexico the Aztecs, who had invaded from the North ruled over central Mexico, and like Benin in Africa the Aztecs ran their civilization on terror. Just prior to Cortez’s arrival they had finished sacrificing some 80,000 people to the rain Gods in order to bring rain. Cortez only

Honestly the scenes in Mel Gibson’s Apocalypto (one of the best films of the 2000’s) was a fairly mild depiction to reality.

How dare Mel Gibson depict the horror of indigenous civilization truthfully?

Having your heart ripped out and your head chopped off was actually probably preferable than to be sacrificed to the corn god, who was honored by having their victims peeled, like you peel your corn. Being flayed alive and then crucified as a feeding station for crows, like a reverse scare-crow to protect the corn, while watching your skin be dried out, is I imagine one of the less pleasant ways to go.

For years tales of the horrors Cortezs discovered were discounted as propaganda. That was until they started excavation in Mexico city and discovered an Aztec temple that was literally constructed from human skulls. Central and South America lacked strong draft animals (the alpaca could carry stuff, so there was trade), so human slaves who were treated like animals made up the slack.

In the Pacific Islands with booming human populations, but limited opportunity to provide plenty of protein, ending up as ‘long pig’ on a spit was a very real risk for most people. Raiding parties from different islands were regularly raiding each other and making literal shish-kebabs out of their enemies.

Indigenous cooking recipe’s from Aztec America.

In Australia, with arid conditions the birth of twins or even a single baby during a drought, could result huge survival pressures on the tribe, deliberate infantcide was practiced. Early settlers document discussions with aboriginal women, described stuffing leaves and twigs, or pour dust down the infants mouth until they suffocated.

Defenders of indigenous Utopia say these stories must have been made up, written by racists justifying their conquest. But in reality they were written by settlers who where simply interested in the world around them, and accurately wrote about many other things – they had no incentive to make anything up, they were more interested in simply documenting.

Likewise the indigenous women they talked to and documented, were completely untainted by any aspects of our civilizations understanding of ‘wrong’ or morality, and thus had no reason to hide their actions it was simply a cultural norm to them. These stories are far more likely to be true than the complete fantasy written about by Bruce Paxton in ‘Dark Emu’. Yet so many smart people I know immediately fell for his con, and even after it was revealed, choose to continue believing in it -because they only remember what they want to remember.

But as I started with, all of this is done for a reason – it is done to disposes us, being Christian Western European civilization, of our accomplishments. Ending civilizations of terror, as existed in Benin and Aztec, massively improving the quality of life of everyone in the world, and transferring our knowledge and social capital to bring this about, was done through ‘colonization’. The people of these nations should celebrate every day that colonization AND civilization was brought to their shores.

Our past is being re-written in our to justify the process of our dispossession in the present.

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montezuma was a man of faith


this prosecutor needs to just shut up and fuck off at this point

he’s tried his absolute best to make something out of nothing and it hasn’t worked . Time to give up mate

sounds like the cops all agreed it should never have been prosecuted
one of them even called out “political interference”

we need a royal commission tbh

Last edited 1 year ago by Coming

wow so even the coppers thought she was full of shit


and why is this cunt flying cover for this??
personal aggrandisement in the offing I would say.

cui bono


yeah who?

cant blame scomo this time, thats for sure


nah not lnp
some other fks…

Aussie Soy Boy

I knew 18 months ago. Just a greedy, calculating, ambitious lying cow with a binge drinking problem who pushed it one step too far and passed out pissed on a couch in the nude one night. Pinned rape on Brucey to save her career, so she wouldn’t be laughed out of Canberra never to work in the political sphere again.

Angus Jung

Need a Dept of Prosecutors Prosecuting Prosecutors.
It was the case that launched a thousand fail-boats.

Aussie Soy Boy

Hungry Higgo pretending to be suicidal saves herself, saves the prosecutors, saves the coppers.

Aussie Soy Boy

Her suffering is punishment for what she put Brucey through, for her bald faced lies, lying about her dress, lying about going to doctors, lying about the photos on her phone, lying about the bruise, for being so calculating to have signed a book deal before even talking to the police. Brucey was just collateral damage to feed her ambitions and greed.

If she does something drastic she will have only brought it on herself. The Japanese call it seppuku.

Now we have Albo popping his little tortoise head out of the shell today to cause more pain and suffering to Brucey by implying he’s guilty. How dare he.


here here



I think you mean “hear, hear”.


I’ve been to Vanuatu a couple of times. There’s a museum in Port Vila with a painting from the 1890’s depicting a tribal scene. It shows a bunch of people…evidently captives from a different tribe… tied to poles waiting to be cooked and eaten. The painting was based on eye witness reports.

Just another day in a nearby tropical paradise, a little over a hundred years ago.


mid 1960’s ..mountainous papua… cannibalism was common

A fly in your ointment

mid 1960’s ..mountainous Vietnam … use of chemical weapons was common with consequences far worse than death for estimated well over 3mil people.

how many people were eaten in Papua over the history of its mountainous regions?


and we’re still living the western warfare experience now tbh and for the same reason .
it’s a racket

A fly in your ointment

with that i will agree.
plunder niw just took a different form and there are no more ingognate savages to conquer (I.e. savages are now amongst us/we are the savages)


thinking on this some more it dawns on me that every single year of my life the racket of war has been propagated non stop…
starts with the Gulf of Tonkin bullshit and is still going now with this ukraine filth
vietnam cambodia laos lebanon syria libya afghanistan el salvador chile … every fkn year of my life

Last edited 1 year ago by emusplatt
Aussie Soy Boy

270 million bombs dropped on Laos. No reparations. No sanctions.

America and its puppet states have terrorised the planet for the past 6 decades.


every single year of my life

A fly in your ointment

does the fact that at Vanuatu or elsewhere they were cannibals or sacrificing other men – change one single bit that English, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch or Krauts (in their own times, to name a few) were going to all those lands purely to maraud, exploit and/or kill?

if a robber enters a house, kills kids, parents and a dog, what difference does it make if the woman of that house mutilated her husbands dick

Last edited 1 year ago by A fly in your ointment

Purely to?

Colonisation as it has been pointed out was largely for economic growth.

What you mentioned were minor occurrences, rare in reality for the length of time.

Not popular to admit reality, so easier to airbrush it out. Better still point and say “look over there!” instead of having to face it. There’s an entire industry now to fund that mentality, just look at the ABC.

A fly in your ointment

colonialisation came as a follow up purely for increase in economic plunder.

the denial and whitewashing of colonial times (“…minor occurrences, rare in reality for the length of time.”) will not make them a humanism; actually refusal to do so makes victims poised to not let it go and bring it all the times.

Last edited 1 year ago by A fly in your ointment
Aussie Soy Boy

Any time a digger who went to Vietnam drinks himself to death or necks himself it’s a good day.


it’s also pretty grand when a vet looks me straight in the eye and says “fuck australia”

A fly in your ointment

that is quite damning.
it can have many a facets as the root cause and this included any combination and level but Ron Kovalski kind of facet is reasonably expected as the prevailing cause.


and if or when a T Mcveigh type goes postal on the govnut cvnts that’ll be great too


55666 if y’all interested

that’s quite a bit harsh.

I dare say majority of Vets from after the WW2 were lied worse than the lies on jabbadabba fecal subject and at that time there was literally no other source of info except msm.
This period ends with the onset of the first Afghan war. Thereafter the majority shrinks to many or most


That is pretty much the dumbest take here for all week.

The CDC’s website currently estimates that only 10 percent of COVID-19 deaths have COVID as the contributor of deaths. Therefore, there may be cases counted as a COVID mortality even if COVID was not the primary driver for the death.

McCullough gave the example that a person may be admitted to the hospital for a heart attack and test positive on the COVID test from having contracted the disease 6 months ago.

to put it simple, the deaths “with” covid are now to be separated from count as the ugly inconvenience (jabbadabba-do’s dropping like flies) rear its head.

average ezfka unit will not be able to comprehend the hypocrisy here and will vote back the “emergency leaders” whom raped their wife, teenage daughters and even them too without Vaseline.


Aussie Soy Boy

Anyone able to open this article about Hungry Higgo.

If this site is a honeypot it will be for the AFP to get me on the books as an advisor/consultant. How can one person be so right over and over. It beggars belief.


don’t really see how they can be certain she died from Covid

and the title carefully avoids claiming that

Last edited 1 year ago by Coming

don’t really see how they can be certain she died from Covid

Nothing is certain, except that they who guzzled Lucifers’ Load will meet an early death.
Man proposes, God disposes.

Aussie Soy Boy

Is it news when a morbidly obese woman (probably triple jabbed) dies from heart attack?

Angus Jung

Oh my sides! I didn’t know roosh was on twitter.
Thanks for the link, I’ll enjoy till he gets turfed.

Aussie Soy Boy

Could be true, but probably BS like Trump peeing on a bed.

Soylent Green

How many times has Putin been dying of cancer or about to be overthrown in a ‘palace coup’ since the war started??

Angus Yung

Holocost Survivor and ‘Art Dealer’ Have Fifty Million Hopes
We need more of these go-getters in australia – the wealth will trickle down to those most in need.


lol I never knew Claire Lehman was a self confessed anal enthusiast

this guy is a legend why doesn’t he post here

Angus Jung

That woman doesnt have a forehead, she has a fivehead.

Joe Bloe

The horrors of these cultures makes even living in Brisbane look pleasant in comparison.

And that’s the horror of living in the world’s largest HK refugee camp.


If people know the truth in Ukraine, then they would be demanding peace. But instead it is more war which benefits bankers, Military Industrial Complex and Oligarchs (both in Ukraine and the US and Europe).

A fly in your ointment

it is becoming clearer that the whole purpose of the war in State 404 was on multi levels of which the most important was EU energy security dismantling, inflation, 100% removal of Soviet armaments in Eastern EU states and then at the bottom of the list comes the security threat through State404 becoming a tool of a fool.
The fatigue we apparently see is a sign that most important objectives are complete and probably come European spring, president Snortinsky will be signing a paper in a train car. The hegemon will drop them like a syphilis ridden hooker.
Mission accomplished


i hope someone tries to rape me!


he’ll never work in aus again why stay


Yeah, he has better prospects outside of EZFKA. There was a piece in Crikey where it states he was on 200k as a political adviser as a 23-year-old despite having no qualifications so I doubt he’d get anything like that again in a regular job.

Despite his barristers worked for free, he’s now broke although is already having offers for media interviews and the public speaking circuit.


he got that coz game of mafia mates …that mates network hasn’t gone away… brucey is just fine imo


fmd 200k

what are these people even doing in their jobs and how do they get them

afaik hes not even rich or especially connected

Aussie Soy Boy

She’s in a psych facility suicidal, but can find the time through her lawyers to file million dollar claims for compensation?


What a surprise she wants money. She should of marched for ‘march for money’, instead of march for justice while she impeded justice by not cooperating with police instructions. The whole joking about political sex scandal is very sus, among the other things revealed.
She should not be given one cent from the federal government. But then look at what overseasy has already said and how he has already added to the politicisation.


Overseasy lmao

what was the joking about political sex scandal


They are reported in the latest news articles if you search. She jokes about the bar being low for what constitutes a political sex scandal or words to that effect.


so what crime was committed? what is the claim based on?


Norwegian News Agency:

I am sorry, Jamie, but if you say that the Army has a lot of back-up generators, why are you depriving 70% of the country of not only electricity, but also water supply, if he has so much back-up electricity that he can use because you say you are only targeting military targets?

“Jamie Shea: Yes, I’m afraid electricity also drives command and control systems. If President Milosevic really wants all of his population to have water and electricity, all he has to do is accept NATO’s five conditions and we will stop this campaign. But as long as he doesn’t do so we will continue to attack those targets which provide the electricity for his armed forces. If that has civilian consequences, it’s for him to deal with but that water, that electricity is turned back on for the people of Serbia.”

Pot meets kettle.

A fly in your ointment

“All he has to do is….”

The president Cocainsky at last outlaid requirements for peace deal and security guarantees for the Big P (real simple):

The head of the Sluga Narodu (eng:Servants of the People) parliamentary faction, former head of the negotiating group with Russia, Davyd Arakhamia, put forward the conditions for possible negotiations on security guarantees for Russia, which were mentioned by French President Emmanuel Macron on Saturday.

“Ukraine is ready to provide Russia with security guarantees.

It is enough for this:

– leave the territory of our country;

– pay reparations;

– punish all war criminals;

– voluntarily surrender nuclear weapons.

After that, we are ready to sit down at the negotiating table and talk about security guarantees”.

As we can see from the above, it is only 4 requests that The Big P has to fulfill to make the lasting peace. The ball is in his court, I guess.


A fly in your ointment

What stands out in such frank exchanges [with mothers of the ruski soldiers] is Putin’s massive political capital, derived out of the great consolidation he has mustered in getting the nation to rally behind him. The overall mood at the meeting was one of commitment to Russia’s cause and the confidence in ultimate victory. Of course, this strengthens Putin’s hands.

This is where the analogy of the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis comes unstuck. Public opinion wasn’t a key factor 60 years ago. In a nutshell, common sense prevailed in 1962 as realisation dawned that any failure to take into account the rival power’s security interests could have an apocalyptic outcome. The difference today is that while President Joe Biden has insulated himself and is not accountable for his dogged pursuit of a Russian defeat on the battlefield in Ukraine and an ensuing “regime change” in Moscow, Putin insists on holding himself accountable to his people. Will any western “liberal” politician in power dare emulate Putin’s extraordinary meeting with the “soldiers’ mothers”?


Hugh Hendry has a podcast out where he is interviewing the founder of three arrows. You don’t even need to listen closely to hear hughs inner monologue calling the guy a complete fraud.
There’s something about these crypto gurus who even after blowing up, lack the humility to just shut the fuck up after being tossed into the dustbin of frauds. Instead they do interviews, still spewing fraudulent BS about their achievements.

A fly in your ointment

Healthcare worker Melanie Leffler had received four vaccinations against the virus, but after coming down with a “slightly sore throat and running nose” on November 19, took a rapid Covid test.

The mum-of-two tested positive, but was “feeling fine” before saying goodnight to her family.

The 39-year-old tragically died in her sleep that night. Her sudden death left her family reeling.

this goes further, alas it fails to reconcile with harm much greater then NoviCaugh19:

“The SARS-CoV-2 virus can directly invade the body causing inflammation,” University of Sydney medicine professor Garry Jennings explained in The Conversation

“This can impact the heart, causing myocarditis and pericarditis — inflammation of the heart muscle or outer lining of the heart.

“Inflammation from Covid can also cause blood clotting, which can block a heart or brain artery causing a heart attack or stroke.

O tempora o mores


She was killed by the vaccines, like all the others.

Angus Jung

Four vaccines? I’m going to call this one a vaxx death.
That people were pressured to take it is criminal.

Aussie Soy Boy

She’s obese.

Angus Jung

Yeah? I thought she looked like your average aussie woman.
ie fat.

Aussie Soy Boy

Big arses, big guts, big mouths


is albo in his 80s? the guy looks so old its unreal


Nice work Stewie. I’ve bookmarked this.


I thought EVs were supposed to be saving the planet. Or something.

Switzerland is planning to ban “non-essential” journeys in EVs if their energy crisis gets worse this winter.


give up your ICE give up your mobility


 The lowest level will see public buildings heated to no more than 20C, with people asked to limit their washing machines to a maximum of 40C.

Under the next level, temperatures will be lowered to 19C and streaming services will be asked to lower the resolution of videos from HD quality to standard.

surely that bit is just insane. Chance in power consumption from the reduced data traffic must be barely measurable.

Must be psych-type measure, to remind the dirty Swiss that “there’s a crisis on”