Celebrating Australia Day!

With all the usual commentary by empowered white aboriginals in the media, criticizing Australia Day and generally spreading their hatred and ill-will towards a people and culture that immeasurably improved their lives, I thought I would celebrate Australia Day by reading the “Occidental Observer’s” recent essay on the ‘Aboriginal Worship and the Flight from Whiteness in Australia‘. Although it can be tediously academic in parts for those interested I do recommend reading it. I have merely attempted to pick the eyes out of the article.

Nothing like expanding the mind with some forbidden knowledge. Not that this article is particularly dangerous, it is just that it goes against the current narrative that prior to contact with white man Australia’s indigenous were living in a peaceful nirvana, where their women were respected and aboriginal scientists studied the movement of the stars and the wonders of cellular science with their stone telescope and microscopes… at least according to Bruce Pascoe.

– famous white man Bruce Pascoe.

The fact that this bitter attention seeker has had his preposterous claims demolished by academics Peter Sutton and Keryb Walsh, who called it poorly researched, not fully sourced, and where sourced taken out of context, is irrelevant to the vogue glorification of indigenism. Bruce’s lies are now accepted by a large number of people as the ‘truth‘ leading to those lies and exaggerations to be now being taught in our schools indoctrinating our young.

Meanwhile, well documented history of what life was really like for Indigenous Australians prior to contact with white man is kept well hidden from the public, least they make the connection between aboriginals behavior as a primitive stone age and at times barbaric society, and the issues that are currently plaguing indigenous communities today. The risk is that maybe, just maybe, an inquiring mind might ask if the wretched state of aboriginal people and culture today ISN’T entirely the fault of white people, but may also simply be a pale reflection of the violence and terror that it use to be.

Early settler accounts by Europeans arriving in Australia, who were shocked at the extreme physical violence aboriginal men inflicted on their women, are instead dismissed as ‘racists’ and are hidden from public view. But as I have said and written elsewhere, the truest account of the reality of the past was written by the people who lived through it and experienced it first hand, and in good faith wrote down what they observed. There were as many autists writing letters and observations in their diaries and journals back then as there are reddit threads today.

Take Watkin Tench for instance. Tench, a British marine officer who arrived on the First Fleet, noticed a young woman’s head “covered by contusions, and mangled by scars.” She had a spear wound above her left knee caused by a man who dragged her home to rape her.

Tench wrote: “They are in all respects treated with savage barbarity; condemned not only to carry the children, but all other burthens. They meet in return for submission only with blows, kicks and every other mark of brutality.”[12] 

Tench observed that when an Aboriginal man “is provoked by a woman, he either spears her, or knocks her down on the spot; on this occasion he always strikes on the head, using indiscriminately a hatchet, a club, or any other weapon, which may chance to be in his hand.”

– Watkin Tench, a British marine officer who arrived on the First Fleet

But it wasn’t just a single observation by a single man. There are countless documented contemporary examples from that time:

British soldier William Collins recounted how “We have seen some of these unfortunate beings with more scars upon their shorn heads, cut in every direction, than could be well distinguished or counted.”[13]

In 1802 an explorer in the Blue Mountains in New South Wales wrote how, for a trivial reason, an Aboriginal “took his club and struck his wife’s head such a blow that she fell to the ground unconscious. After dinner … he got infuriated and again struck his wife on the head with his club, and left her on the ground nearly dying.”[14] In 1825, the French explorer Louis-Antoine de Bougainville observed that “that young girls are brutally kidnapped from their families, violently dragged to isolated spots and are ravished after being subjected to a good deal of cruelty.”[15]

George Robinson observed in the 1830s that Aboriginal men in Tasmania “courted” their women by stabbing them with sharp sticks and cutting them with knives prior to rape.[16] A contemporaneous account by an ex-convict named Lingard noted that: “I scarcely ever saw a married woman, but she had got six or seven cuts in her head, given by her husband with a tomahawk, several inches in length and very deep.”[17] Explorer Edward John Eyre similarly observed that “women are often sadly ill-treated by their husbands and friends. … They are frequently beaten about the head, with waddies [clubs], in the most dreadful manner, or speared in the limbs for the most trivial offences. … Few women will be found, upon examination, to be free from frightful scars upon their head, or the marks of spear wounds about the body. I have seen a young woman, who, from the number of these marks, appeared to have been riddled with spear wounds.”[18]


It is a blood liable against Colonial Australians that they raped and pillaged indigenous Australians on a grand scale. The majority of mixed race indigenous Australians today are descendants of indigenous women who flocked to the surplus availability of single white colonial men, who although carving out Australia from remote regions and services often with limited social skills themselves, still offered an immeasurably higher quality of life than the daily risk of being speared and raped by indigenous men.

None of these accounts are included in any of the history textbooks currently used in Australian schools, because it goes against the celebration of Indigenism and the transfer of power and notions of “Democracy” away from the simple majority, into where we are headed towards some sort of cultural power sharing arrangement…. always at the expense of our culture as Colonial Australians.

Instead we get this nonsense:

Over 30,000 years ago, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples were baking bread in Australia. They developed this skill alongside their ability to harvest seeds and grains. Historian Bruce Pascoe says this makes them the world’s oldest bakers – they were baking 15,000 years before the next known bakers, the ancient Egyptians. How do we know this? One way is through the research of historians like Pascoe. Pascoe has written a lot about how they developed farm practices around Australia. These practices enabled them to settle in specific regions, and rely less on hunting and foraging. They were able to manage the land to create food for their communities.[5]

– Famous White Man Bruce Pascoe now included in “Cambridge Humanities for Victoria 7

Such dishonesty is symptomatic of how Aboriginal history is taught in Australian schools. Students are fed a romanticized view devoid of any criticisms. Because the culture of Australia’s Aborigines was the most primitive in the world – they remained Stone Age hunter-gatherers right up until contact with Europeans. Is it a surprise that they were violent and barbaric? No. Is it something they should be ashamed of? No. These are not questions or considerations that are considered polite against the narrative of supposed Colonial despotism.

Even still despite all these accounts people like our very own FiO, will reject all that first hand good faith evidence as ‘bias’. Fine, there is more – it wasn’t just settler accounts that support these claims, numerous anthropological remains also support this view of extreme violence against indigenous women.

In 1995, paleopathologist Stephen Webb published his analysis of 4,500 individuals’ bones from mainland Australia going back 50,000 years. These bone collections were at the time being handed over to Aboriginal communities for re-burial, which stopped any follow-up studies.

He found highly disproportionate rates of injuries and fractures to women’s skulls, with the injuries suggesting deliberate attack and often attacks from behind, perhaps from domestic squabbles. In the tropics, for example, female head injury frequency was about 20–33%, versus 6.5–26% for males. The most extreme results were on the south coast, from Swanport and Adelaide, with female cranial trauma rates as high as 40–44%—two to four times the rate of male cranial trauma. In desert and south coast areas, 5–6% of female skulls had three separate head injuries, and 11–12% had two injuries.[10]

The high rate of injuries to female heads was very different from the results from studies of other peoples. These findings, according to anthropologist Peter Sutton, confirm that serious armed assaults against women were common in Australia over thousands of years prior to the arrival of Europeans.[11]

Now is a good time to point out that the way primitive societies treated women is often an extension of the historical story of invasion and conquest. As I’ve commented previously mainland Australia’s current indigenous culture is actually the culture of a previous group of invaders who invaded from PNG around 4000 years ago.

This is a very plausible theory. Firstly because most indigenous languages on mainland Australia appear to be related to each other, and the work of very progressive, liberal social studies scientists eager to earnestly understand the past, have basically traced all the languages back to the Gulf of Carpentaria

Most Indigenous languages in Australia likely originated from a remote spot in far north Queensland as recently as 4,000 years ago, before slowly spreading across the country, a new study has claimed. The paper, published in the journal Nature on Tuesday, mapped the origins of the Pama-Nyungan family of languages, which encompasses about 90% of the continent. It traced the dominant family of languages back to an area near an isolated place known today as Burketown.


Because languages generally mutate at a fairly constant rate they can come up with a reasonable approximate date. Co-incidentally 4,000yrs ago was also around the time there was a noted and accepted outward expansion from PNG into the Pacific and Micronesia, which displaced nearly all the Y-chromosomes in those regions. So why should Australia be any different?

Generally what happens when an invading tribe of displaced males conquers another tribe they kill all the surviving men and boys, plus any disagreeable women, and then take the land and surviving women as their prize, i.e. their possession, raping and pillaging them. So while indigenous Australian’s might have been in Australia 40,000, the reality is only the female lines extend back that far – just like the female lines of early Europeans.

This behaviour would not be unique to Australia’s Indigenous. As I mentioned above it is already an accepted theory for the displacement of Y-Chromosomes in the Pacific. During the Ayran expansion in Europe, similar displacements of Neolithic Y-Chromosomes were also observed. In all likelihood Neolithic women who had the misfortune of living through the first few generations of conquest during the Aryan expansion, were likely to have experienced similar treatment as was observed in our indigenous people during first contact – it is just that our behaviours evolved, and I will argue in the face of rampant indigenisim, became morally defensible as better.

It is important to note that in our own examples of early historical societies, there is similar evidence of women being treated in a not too dissimilar fashion.

The Spartans are an example that quickly come to mind, although not as violent towards women as our indigenous Australians, women were by then still viewed as the property of males. Likewise with apoyphrical stories on the founding of Rome and how the men of Rome raided nearby villages of their women. Like I said, Neolithic women in the early generations of the Ayran expansion were probably similarly treated. It was a fact of life and an unfortunate part of savage human nature and history.

The reality is that Australian’s Indigenous culture of today is more of a direct descendant of those first rapes and violence against those conquered women and survivors of that barbaric male invasion 4,000 years ago. Women were viewed as the prize and possessions from Day1 and that culture of violence, rape and possession has been passed down ever since.

That is a large part of Australia’s indigenous cultural heritage and a large explanation as to the violence and suffering that exists in Australia’s indigenous communities today – Always Was, Always Will Be.

*This is article is not written to abuse our Indigenous Australians. The point is to actually point out what the reality was in terms of quality of life, prior to the foundation of Australia versus the sanitized “it was a nirvana” lie, used as the justification for the second dispossession that is taking place against existing Australians (indigenous too) right now.

I’ve said many times that as far as the equipment for complex civilization building, indigenous Australians were at a unique disadvantage with the complete lack of domesticatable animals that allows surplus labour and social capital to start accumulating. Throw in one of the harshest climates in the world and I will maintain they did very well to survive as they did. While there were examples of proto agriculture in Australia’s indigenous cultures, I often wonder if a domesticatable animal, like the cow, might have changed their history.

IMHO the violence in Indigenous Australia’s history is simply a snapshot of similar ways of life that existed in our own past, but theirs has been one that has been more constrained by resource scarcity and the ability to pass on improvements in our way of life, than our own ancestors eventually enjoyed.

So please in the comments below show respect to individuals of all races, while acknowledging or honestly discussing the differences and problems that exist.

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Aussie 50 million!

Because fuck it.


Last edited 9 days ago by Stewie

What was that?

Life is Ya Best Life

Please let us know what it was that so upsetting, and wtf is a ‘mongaloid’


Thanks for taking the time to put it together Stewie.

Gruppenführer Mark

Stewie, this a well written piece. Appreciate your time and effort to educate me


It was a rant about how the Sunnybank people are always marched out in the media as being nice and kind so that we accept mass tird world immigrents and yet the truth is that they are vacuous violent and stole practically everything technological from whites and beat their wifes and kids when no ones watchin, some kind of paralell with these other POCs in the article.

Better Angels

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What shits me the most about this every race is intellectually equal bullshit

is that it implies blacks are superior because they are undeniably physically superior

so what evolutionary advantages have whites acquired ?

None apparently

let alone the poor frail Jews and Asians

Concerned Citizens

Why are Brisbane barristers so crap at their work. Even this small Youtube has more information and ability than the average Brisbane barrister who would tell you ‘ITS JUST THE WAY THINGS ARE HERE MATY!’

This employer performance review of employees in the US of A is regarded as mostly a giant joke as one well known lawyer said that around 9/10 reviews of employee are found or negotiated by the lawyers as being frauds on the employee. How well do Sydney or Melbourne lawyers fight these matters and if they do, what results can they get? But most of our clients are HR and companies so who cares? Not me. Google ‘How HR Cheats Employees’


Go away.


‘A Land Half Won’ and ‘Triumph of the Nomads’ by Geoffrey Blainey details some of the brutality.Well worth reading.

Aussie Soy Boy

There’s always 2 or 3 dogs roaming about.


“move along please nothing to see here”

Meanwhile Voice will fix thing


As ever Stewie provokes thought and balanced consideration
Before I had even been to oz I traveled around Europe and on a train to Prague I met a charming Aussie lass who let me read “the fatal shore” by Robert Hughes for a few hours. I was rapt and a page I remembered was about how when an abo tribe was up for a fight the non aggressors would send out their women. If they came back unraped the fight was on, if raped then it was all off and they could come over to the others land next week for them to return the favour no doubt
mostly no fighting I suspect, just a big scam
anyway when I moved out here 8 years later I was excited to buy the book and read the whole thing
i was surprised to find that that whole little chapter was gone completely
maybe in my subliminal whiteness I had imagined up the whole thing….

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Trending on Twitter is the worst public relations concoction I’ve ever seen. Whichever PR firm made this should be ashamed. They are literrally mocking the people killed and injured by these terrible experiments they call the jjabb.

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Better Angels

Yeah there was a campaign on Twitter about this and I agree, it is stupid. Posts like these are appearing out of ‘nowhere’ and I think it is obviously a PR campaign, so he’s not wrong.


Why would you talk to another EZ commenter like that? He’s 100% right, I mean are you a vaxxie?

neckbeard joe

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What happened to this site? Malicious attacks on people posting quite innovative ideas. You’re either a Hapa father, a HK rice muncher, or an actual angry phagg.


Stewie that was brilliant. Thank you. I’ve bookmarked it into my has earned a place in my “social comment and research/Australia” folder. These are refernences I keep in case anyone wants to argue or see my sources.

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Aussie Soy Boy

I went to Woolworths today and they had slope new year posters and decorations up but nothing for Australia Day. Not even a little Australian flag to be found.

Better Angels

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Aussie Soy Boy

I remember last year the NT government locking down the unvaccinated for 3 days I think it was because they were such an unacceptable threat to the community.

But drunks abos assaulting people, destroying people’s homes, property, cars, etc, well, we better nice to them they might call us racist.

Aussie Soy Boy

It’s a town of 25k send in the military and implement martial law, curfews, or a fucking lockdown. Shoot to kill. Ends in 24 hours.


Why are the ADF always dragged in to do menial tasks they aren’t trained for?

Dan Andrews can donate Herr Shane Patton and his obese mate Sergeant Batshit Crazy and their Vic Pol Gestapo. All recently trained and tooled up, plenty of recent experience bashing civilians and every one a mindless coward.

Job done.


im not sure where modern abos got their genetic makeup from, i was alwys under the impresison there were very little inputs since the first arrivals around 50,000~ yrs ago, the evidence for this is their genetic distance from ancient african populations like the kalahari bushmen

abos are very genetically distant from africans, suggesting long time separation and divergence

i will say however for modern purposes it is all irrelevant, most abo are just white ppl now or some euro-aboriginal mix

the legal definition of aboriginal was kerjiggered in the 1990s to exclude any conception of aboriginality based on genetics or ancestry, which is why there there has been a massive explosion in people identifying as aboriginal

you would think that if ‘white privilege’ was something that meaningfully existed you would see the opposite of this – why would anyone want to be aboriginal if being white made you privileged? if anything you would see the opposite — 1/8th abo 7/8th white ppl would just claim they’re white, not abo, but in reality you appear to see the opposite more often than not

in my primary school they’d do like some boong coroboree every year on NAIDOC day and the aboriginal kids in the school would come to dance there, and i’d just be agape bc so many of them i never knew were abo. they just looked white

if white privilege was real why would they identify as abo.


I’ve mentioned this previously, but my ex employer hired a woman to work in HR who was blue eyed, blonde haired, pale skinned and had a fancy French name. She also claimed to be a proud (they’re always fucking proud for some reason) indigenous woman from some mob near Kempsey. She freely admitted that she’d never been anywhere near Kempsey in her life, but she ran a giant grift, setting up the corporate indigenous staff network (which consisted of other white people),putting up dot paintings and sending all staff emails about how to respectfully address members of different abo tribes FFS.

I gather she’s recently moved on to run her scam among some other bunch of chumps.


imo genetics = denisovan homunculus evolutionary dead end


Great work Stewie, exposing something I’d never really considered before. Thank you for your efforts.

Agent 47

Great post and great work on Twitter


Let me timeline that

2023 Voice
Flag anthem Anzac day gone 2054
Farm asset seizures mid 2030s onward once legal basjs is eventually determined years after the voice passes
Reparations 2060s
South Africa 2100

Aussie Soy Boy

Lebo morons


The only people who read legacy newspapers and their internet sites are boomers. Once they are gone those sites will die. With uni becoming less and less popular, the progressives are going to lose their biggest recruiting grounds. Grass roots work from people like us needs to gear up now to take advantage of this. EZFKA.com is a start. I think much of the current madness comes direct from the third world. There is plenty of anti white racism there, and we are bringing those people here. They throw their towel in with the leftists because they see an opportunity to destroy us (eg Mehreen Faruqui). They do it in the UN too (eg Pakistan white anting human rights to protect its blasphemy laws). Given our lack of breeding and reduced ability to shape our children’s values thanks to schooling and women at work, it’s an open question as to whether there is or will be enough of a nation left to rebuild. Cobbling together some meaningful shared identity from the randoms that remain will be very difficult since most are trying to extract their own slice, without realising that the goose that laid the golden egg is European culture. Unfortunately, the Americans are largely to blame for this. They think that the right words written on the right pieces of paper (the declaration of independence, the constitution, the laws) and the legal system are all you need. This is what has driven their messianic zeal to spread democracy, and yet many times (e.g. Afghanistan, Iraq, Vietnam, maybe Indonesia) that the best words make no difference if the cultural understanding behind them isn’t there. They are already looking more and more 3rd world: lots of poverty, a few rich on top, thin middle class serving them.

Better Angels



Agreed with the above except universities have become more popular than ever nowadays?

And actually most of the madness isn’t from the third world it’s from lefty increasingly female professors from the USA that hatched the shitfuckery known as identity politics.

There are books written on exactly this topic.

Last edited 8 days ago by The90kwbeast

It may have started with USA feminists, but 3rd worlders latched onto this stuff early. They’ve been using it as part of their rehetoric for decades. I think uni participation among local youth peaked a couple of years ago see


We’ll know for sure when 2021 and 2022 data comes out.

I drove past a sign on the freeway today for UWA advertising “experienced based entry”. They are getting desperate.



Better Angels

Is he….a hapa?

neckbeard joe

Nah hes probably a weak neckbeard phag like u




Looks like she makes a living writing articles about ‘the current thing’ – Total NPC pleb views.
Anyway, i’ve got some lamb cutlets i’ll eat in her honor.


first time for everything…saying no I mean….

Aussie Soy Boy

That aboriginal woman detained in Japan has brought great shame to us by trying to traffick drugs into their country. Teach her a lesson she won’t forget.


It was Donna Nelson, a Greens candidate.

Supposedly a victim of a Nigerian scammer, but also the mother of Veronica Nelson (herself a mother of 10!) who was arrested for shoplifting and died in custody in Victoria whilst withdrawing from heroin.

Gruppenführer Mark

Stewie, your last couple of paragraphs actually got me thinking re: lack of domesticated animals. I did a quick search, and it appears from the wiki page that most of them got started in China, and fairly few thousand years ago. I guess out of fauna native to Australia, dingoes would be the best candidate, and they would be suitable for transportation, hunting and guard duties, similar to the people’s of the far north.

If we take that as granted, domesticated animals were introduced across Eurasian continent some time ago. This would have required an initiative to wonder out yonder, so to speak, to seek other lands and peoples. Did you ever come across any evidence of Aboriginals to explore? Failing that, did you ever, in your studies, come across aboriginal inventions of wheel and similar primitive tools?

I’m not being facetious, I’m learning this aspect, and the only things I have come across as far as inventions were walking stick, boomerang, didgeridoo and some stone tools. This to me underscores the point of Aboriginals being developed to hunter – gatherer stage of what is accepted as an evolution ladder.

It is a complex issue you have raised, and no doubt many of us will ponder it while tucking into a lamb chop over the weekend.

Again, appreciate your insight and willingness to share the knowledge.


They got to making dugout canoes in the 1600s from the very basic bark ones previously, from contact with Indonesians but also presumably also Torres Straight Islanders.


Not a unique invention but part of their development

Don’t think they got anywhere near the wheel unfortunately.


i don’t think it is that harsh

severely cold winters produce the harshest environments of all to live in, which is why there’s a noted undeniable correlation between developed cognitive ability and coldness of climate

apart from the north/deep interiors australia is mostly a temperate place with mild winters, not even remotely as difficult to live in as ice age europe or eurasia would have been

abos mostly never achieved anything bc 1) there were so few of them meaning ideas were less likely to develop 2) they were isolated from everyone else in the world, meaning ideas never spread to them 3) they were really dumb, for the most part bc a lot of australia is pretty easy to live in as an undeveloped stone age human so they never had to develop general intelligence as much as other groups


no hunter gatherer life is particularly good, but would you rather live on the dubbo plains in winter or northern europe as a hunter gatherer? wollongong or finland?


that’s the point though, people who lived in colder climates developed bigger brains because they needed to, life is harder in cold places more generally so in order to survive smarter people get selected for

abos remained eternal dumb dumbs forever because it’s generally a lot easier to survive for the most part in illawara than the eurasian steppe


What I don’t get is how the Maoris/Polynesians made it to NZ

Presumably there were no domesticated animals to help them build their ships or get them to the level of thinking to reach that stage but it’s hard to actually find that info


I can’t cite any studies at all but personal observation suggests to me that there is a huge divide between coastal indigenous folk and the desert folk.

coastal mobs did get into the proto ag. a bit, with permanent fish traps and such, while the desert mob did sweet nothing….they never progressed beyond the fire stick


there were fish traps inland as well, there’s one near brewarrina

that stuff is all very simple though


beavers have greater achievements in construction than abos imo



This both hilarious and concerningly sad at the same time


Jeez you’re a hard marker! 😊


yep…spose its a behavioural constant then… survive and survive easily if you can…desert mobs can’t survive easily, they have to do it tough, so development is crimped….and moving off country would see them killed I guess


also tribal law was really strong on population and births…go raping and risk an extra pregnancy and the rapist gets speared through the leg…rapist might live, might not


You should read Dark Emu and learn some indigenous history.

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