That this wizened old crone has had her account deleted for hateful conduct and wishing personal injury, as a result of this tweet has made my weekend.

Hopefully it is a permanent banning. Even though as a leading so called Indigenous Intellectual her Nastiness and visceral dislike for Australians, especially white Australians, is a great negative advertisement for the Voice, my personal dislike for her provides extraordinary schadenfreude at the thought of her losing her account. .

I think Latham is an ineffective politician, who gets a lot of air time from the press because they know he can be relied upon to vomit up some controversy or another, that will cause such controversy as to help continue to spill over and taint that side of politics. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that he is in it for the Super, but he is definitely a professional politician.

While he does a good job of identifying of calling out the entwined neoliberalism and hypocrisy of the political duopoly, it is a pity that he also succeeds in sucking so much oxygen out of that side of politics. He has also apparently been acting a little odd, even for Latham, but then I seem to remember he has some bipolar issues.

In regards to the original Latham tweet and resultant outrage, all that it does is to clearly show where all the social power and influence lies nowadays. Apart from Katter, I think Latham is the only politician I’ve heard speak anything negative about the LGBT identity in the past 20 years, even if the comment was a reactionary slur against some progressive pooh-stabbers own critical remarks towards Latham.

Acceptance has now moved on to adoration, any expression towards LGBT lifestyles other than utter adoration is viewed as immoral heresy. By pushing back against the media’s determination to make LGBT an ‘Aspirational Lifestyle’, even as a personal opinion, violates the elites culture of ultra-tolerance, making that person a public enemy open to complete and utter anhilation.


While the Latham issue is ongoing, my linking it to Langton’s account being suspended or closed appears to have been premature, as she said those comments years ago. Who knows why her account no longer exists – I’m still happy to celebrate the fact that it currently isn’t viewable. Besides I just put this post up as a place holder as the last thread, with over 250 comments, was taking too long to load, so I just scrabbled around for something to post:

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did she really have her account deleted or did she just deactivate

nasty old hag lol

Shy Ted

aaaand the good news is that outburst has cemented my NO! vote to voice ..

fuck that faeces face cvnt and australia will be better when it dies too.


Someone should tell these people that noone cares if you want to stick the pee pee in the bum bum or if you wanna lick moot.

Just as I don’t wanna hear about other peoples’ disgusting sex lives I don’t wanna hear about yours either.

You absolute fags.


Trannyism being pushed on social media is definitely not organic. It’s an organised psy-op that seems to be intended to demoralise and divide people.
I have no clue who’s behind it.




Yeah. Overton window. It’s tiny atm. Being wantonly replaced but muh trannies and boongs.

Gruppenführer Mark

A 28 year old woman, Audrey Hale, showed up at her former elementary school with two long guns and a semi-automatic pistol and killed three children and three adult staff members before police ended her life with gunfire. Turns out that Audrey Hale thinks she is a man. Yes, Audrey is a transgender monster.


Awesome trolling by Latham.

After basically 2 weeks of non stop bum fucking at the Sydney Mardi Gras (sponsored by Coles) bunch of fags get upset because a guy calls them out on it.

Just like the Transvestites, we now can’t just tolerate their sick perverse lifestyle choices, we have to applaud them for it.

Are the Muslims also massive cucks now as well? The millions of Islamic people in Australia are strangely very quiet on this. No quotes from an Imam? Waleed Ali?

Total soft cocks.

Awesome work Latham.

Aussie Soy Boy

Legacy Australians are the white trash of Asia.


Everyone wants to populate the white trash areas. Imagine being worse than white trash. Ver. Min.

Go and finger yourself over CSS 2.86 and street art on 100 year old shitbox houses you can’t afford anymore.


It’s amazing that he nearly became PM in 2004

instead we got 3 more years of Howard, then the ALP game of thrones shitshow that followed

sliding doors moment I wonder how different the country would be


Alex Washburne writing up a storm

and the word of the week is “spoliate”


You’re the Hugh pavlevitch of this website


need more housing shit but.


mebbe mozambique and bhutan?


latham is as fkt as bernardi


ya tho he always was, at least he gets another 4 or 8 years or whatever of


idfk what he even does


1 term then back to Libs. Libs have learned their lesson. NSW people like being cucked by pokies. It’s only been 25 years or so…

You can actually get a really good steak for $25 at my local ClubsNSW venue. Thick, bloody, fuckin awesome. They barely give you any sides because it is so satisfying and filling. Would be $40-$50 at a proper restaurant. Thanks pokie knobs.

A fly in your ointment

funny, if it was an average fattie it would not even be reported, as if it is not a pity for ugly bitchiz to miocardite. Subconsciously people probably think of it that way, the paths of nature I guess.


Jim’s Monobrow Removal. These bitches treat their faces like it’s in an Adobe app.


interesting that holding times of properties all across Melbourne have increased so much

I guess as stamp duty increases it becomes a deterrent to buy/sell as often

or maybe it’s all due to HODLing mentality


Surely “time on market” should be their lead indicator, obv shorter times trending means buyers chasing sellers at or above reserve, market on up, longer times on market means they can’t sell.

It’s not even mentioned anywhere. Journos have to be lower than pond scum, but are most property and eco journos really that stupid as well?

Fardigan muppets still use ‘Clearance rates’ as their lead indicator. Just because some Spiv settles his project sales in one week and that says the market is pumping again?


Latham is a professional politician, and he works hard at it. He does not have to, having already achieved the pension from his time in the federal parliament. I have great respect for his efforts during COVID on behalf of people getting sacked for not taking the jab, and for his highlight issues in education. He let loose like Pauline Hanson used to do. I was more horrified by Hanson’s response than his. Hating poo stabbing is not the same as hating poo stabbers.

Last edited 1 year ago by robert2013


Absolutely repulsive
at least credlin was fuckable

all these sexually unappealing people rooting each other in Canberra it just seems like a free for all
surely impossible to be incel there


that thing is truly creepy….as false as credlins smile..
check its portfolio of ‘ journalism’

carpet muncher

Aussie Soy Boy

Surely she’s just a beard. Albo keeping the rumours at bay.


If he did, he probably did her up the date with his eyes closed, while fantasising about pumping Bazza, or Davo, and feeling some Pride.


Latham’s a deadset fucking legend. He just says what 100% of normal men think, and then gets hammered by the poofters and dykes and transmonsters and freaks and degenerates and Satanists and ALP voters and academics and all the other lunatics out there.

If he’s pissing off the nutters and drawing fire, then he’s over the target. Shit on them, and good on him.



i just wish the Muslims would grow some balls and speak up.

The whole time Mardi Gras was on and now with the Transvetite Paedo Freaks out most weekend protesting (about fuckin’ what?!) the Moozies have been silent.

Weak as piss.


I suggested in another forum that all transmonsters should be handed over to the muslims for disposal, A couple of other guys said it wouldn’t achieve the desired effect. Apparently the muslims will kill poofs at the drop of a condom, but transdemons are kinda-sorta accepted in muslimville. Who knew?

Fucking muslims turn out to be worthless cunts once again.