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If anyone has paid attention in recent years, the war for complete personal freedom comes through the constant violation and erosion of the customs and beliefs of our Egregore… ie Christian notions around sexuality, sin, gender the role of the family, etc.

There has been a gradual ongoing war fought in the shadows, sadly with many victories by the kiddy fiddlers under the claims of ‘rights and personal freedoms’:

California Legislature Passes Bill Reducing Penalties for Oral, Anal Sex with Willing Children


The gradual normalisation of ideas that children should “explore their gender identity” even as young as toddlers, or that they were “sexual entities” is something would have been considered nearly inconceivable just 20yrs ago. Yet here we are where such ideas and topics are now part of the national discussion. Under the dominant Christian cultural view, before we were colonized by the Cultists, was that a children’s sexual identity be left for them to find out for themselves, adults have no part involving themselves in that process of self discovery.

Yet all these ideas all come from somewhere – gender as a spectrum is a cultural idea for some cultures, eg, some tiny Islands in the Pacific, a couple in Africa, and of course Judaism. In a MultiCult society it increasingly seems these two incompatible ideas are forced to share the same space. I would argue that the result in terms of social acceptance and tolerance of these new values, shows whose culture really has the upper hand in this culture war.

Anyhow, it was with interest that I read the following ZH article, and the rabbit hole it took me:


It was filled with quotes that appeared too incredulous not to investigate further. Things like:

The 68-page report titled Standards For Sexuality Education in Europe, also calls for supplying information to toddlers about “enjoyment and pleasure when touching one’s own body, early childhood masturbation.”

The policy paper also states that kids between four and six years should “talk about sexual matters” and “consolidate their gender identity.”

Which then further down the article lead me to this:

The development comes on the heels of two UN bodies publishing a report that outlines an agenda to decriminalise all ‘consensual’ sexual activity, even between adults and minors.

Which upon further investigation lead to this site:

That was filled with provocative claims designed to white ant social revulsion towards minor age sex.:

“Sexual conduct involving persons below the domestically prescribed minimum age of consent to sex may be consensual in fact, if not in law.”

The argument being that because of this it is more appropriate to view the relationships within a spectrum, defining an adolescent as 10-19 yrs, and that adult minor relationships should be viewed in that context even up to the age of 24. Personally I think a 10 yr old is a kid and not an adolescent, and that a 24 year fucking around with a 15 or 16 yro is asking to be buried under a termite mound.

But then they did it, they included this quote

In an accompanying press releaseIan Seiderman [Every.Single.Time] Law and Policy Director at ICJ noted that “Criminal law is among the harshest of tools at the disposal of the State to exert control over individuals … as such, it ought to be a measure of last resort however, globally, there has been a growing trend towards overcriminalization,” adding “We must acknowledge that these laws not only violate human rights, but the fundamental principles of criminal law themselves.”

And loh! From there I found my way back to the UN:


Basically every outlandish comment in the original ZH that I could be bothered trying to verify if it was actually correct, lead back to these quasi UN websites.

Criminal law allows judges to already take these things into context, what these laws do is hobble their power to punish those that are truly guilty, or to provide a convenient legal backdoor for those who can afford a slick lawyer.

Culture matters.

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In Melbourne our Paedo Groomers are Millennials…

The fuck?! There’s a toddler gyrating it’s arse for a baying crowd of really sick people.



One of the whiny bitch comments
made by faggots is that pointing out that Trans are in fact Paedo freaks, means that they are going to kill themselves as a result of pointing out they are Paedo Freaks.

Trans are already mentally ill, this is their default, their starting position. They don’t magically turn mental after being Trans or someone hurts their feelings about their blue hair etc.

In throwing more public money to his Paedo mates, last year Dan Andrews said ”Young same-sex attracted people are already five times more likely to attempt suicide – and young transgender Australians are 15 times more likely. That’s why the Labor Government is stepping in…”

Suicide might be a very common outcome for Trans people but they had that already dialled in. The Trans shit is just an outcome, a symptom of severe mental illness.

A fly in your ointment

this is a new way if thinking about the topic and I appreciate the insight. It has the potential to effect majority of my thoughts.
good creative thinking


this is pearl clutching Stewie

“culture matters”

Yes – sexualising kids has a very very long tradition in western culture thousands of years

I find it distasteful because of my modern/late 20th century mores , but who’s to say the post modernists are “wrong”

least of our problems imo

Agent 47



I wish


this is pearl clutching Stewie

“culture matters”

Yes – sexualising kids has a very very long tradition in western culture thousands of years

I find it distasteful because of my modern/late 20th century mores , but who’s to say the post modernists are “wrong”

This is patently true. And examples are plenty

St Augustine was engaged to marry a 12 year old. This was in the 400s-500s

in the 1100s, Eleanor of Acquitane was 15 when she was married.

in the 1700s Catherine the Great was 16 when she was married.

in the 1800s in Zola’s Germinal, 22 year old Ettiene pursues 15 year old Catherine.

btw, these are not examples of what’s “right” just examples of what has been common practice.

least of our problems imo

i wouldnt be actively rolling protections back here, but at present doesn’t seem to be a pressing issue at al


its just that the examples of powerful women are easier to look up and point to. They are not unrepresentative.

If anything, among the peasants, marriage ages were lower. 26+++ as the average marriage age is complete fantasy.

if you read De Bovoir’s The Second Sex, it is full (indeed, excessively so) of examples from throughout history of marriage at ages that are now considered “childhood”.

The observation I would make is that at almost all those earlier times throughout history the woman was always legally a child & never legally independent. Always a ward of her father or brothers, etc. And those men would contract marriage on her behalf. Subsequent to marriage, she’d be a ward of her husband.

Now, she is fortunate enough to gain independent legal capacity at 18. and to contract marriage personally. This is a very recent development.

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Go back to the ancient Greeks and it gets even worse


Thanks Stewie. That was gold.


The history is worth knowing, but what is needed a pathway out: a way to preserve what is left of our connection to our ancestors. The social engineers want people to know only what they say about the past. Perhaps personal research in to one’s own family history is the way foward. Tell the stories that your children need to hear about the people whose lives led to their existence – your parents and their families. That’s what the jews do. Perhaps by facilitating that process, we can start to undo the total fabrication that is “tabula rasa” and the modern ideologies that depend on believing it to be the truth.


What’s this stuff about gender as a spectrum in Judaism?

Agent 47

8 different genders in the Talmud the book they follow but don’t talk about. This is where it all stems from.


it’s interesting how men, particularly older men, are shamed as ‘pedos’ for finding young but sexually mature girls attractive

ive heard of guys dating 19-20 year olds who are 10 or so years older than the girl being called ‘pedo’ by women now

so basically ‘pedo’ appears to be a shaming term that older roasties use to attack men who admit to finding girls/women approximate to peak fertility hot

here’s kim kardashian at 14 for example, what grown ass man wouldn’t want to bullseye that

is it pedo to say that? would people 200-300 years ago have seen that as pathological?

it’s a modern western idea that this is wrong, based on being ultra sensitive to the idea of being called ‘pedo’, which is the result of older roasties having greater influence in society and trying to dictate to men that finding prime babes hot is wrong in order to desperately preserve their fading SMV

is there any real evidence people are more sexualised than ever? apart from gross depictions in music video clips and stuff younger generations appear to be more sexually withdrawn and incel than ever, increasingly just not having sex at all

HellBytheDashBoardLight put it pretty well when he said girls these days dont want a boyfriend at all, they want a dog

if the globohomoists are succeeding at anything it’s not turning everyone into sex-craved sluts but neurotic messed up weirdos that don’t know what they are and don’t want to have sex at all

Last edited 11 months ago by stagmal

yes ephebophilia should be distinguished from true pre-pubescent paedophilia

there were tons of female teachers that i wish had molested me from 12 onwards

There’s plenty of evidence that people who are exposed to sexual practices in early teenage years are more sexual in later life
Is that a bad thing?

I don’t know

Lots of things about it screams moral panic though

Having said all that I personally find guys who are more attracted to younger women probably are weird and insecure
likely to be losers, and not very masculine

similar archetype as the white guy who is only into asian women

Last edited 11 months ago by Coming

i have always found the panic/hysteria about female teachers fucking male students to be totally contrived

oh nooo she MOLESTED ME

um what


i have always found the panic/hysteria about female teachers fucking male students to be totally contrived

oh nooo she MOLESTED ME

um what

the problematic bit, morally, is not the age itself, but the power relationship involved

I can definitely see how some instances would be morally inappropriate while others morally permissible.

the age thing is a convenient proxy/shortcut. Plus parents might have a legitimate expectation that teachers arent going to try to ride their students.


id rather a teacher does it than some rando adult they meet at the bus stop

there’s always a power imbalance in sexual relationships


id rather a teacher does it than some rando adult they meet at the bus stop

teacher would involve a betrayal of trust, whereas bus stop rando wouldn’t.

there’s always a power imbalance in sexual relationships

yeah, so?


“There’s plenty of evidence that people who are exposed to sexual practices in early teenage years are more sexual in later life”

this could just be a function of life history speed

earlier sexual activity predicts later greater degree of sexual activity in life, and also shorter life expectancy, more rapid physical aging, no # of children and degree of parental investment etc

its part of an over arching phenotype where some individuals have more offspring to a greater number of partners but don’t invest in their children’s wellbeing as much or at all, its an evolutionary strategy

the idea is if you have lots of kids even if more of them don’t necessarily ‘make it’ there’s a chance at least one or two of them will grow up to reproduce so it’s effectively as fruitful as only having one or two kids but spending a lot of resources and effort ensuring that they survive

elephants have slower life history speed than clams for example

ofc this isnt even a problem in modern welfare states, the offspring of individuals with fast life history speed always ‘make it’, which is probs gonna be a problem

Last edited 11 months ago by stagmal

Could someone please inform me what the ‘Book that shall not be mentioned’ says about coprophilia, necrophilia, bestiality and cannibalism?

Just so I can mentally prepare for the next thing that shall be normalised.


They’re all good. Particularly coprophilia.


Proposed new WEF slogans:

‘You Will Own Shit and Be Happy’

‘The Great Faecal Reset’

‘The Fart Industrial Revolution’


I think people don’t realise how much influence the UN has.

Every accord they think up is unquestioningly signed by the 180-190 member states and then becomes equivalent to law for those countries.

The IMF is a UN agency:

The IMF is also a big fan of CBDCs:
IMF central bank digital currencies

And Digital ID:
IMF digital ID

The World Bank (part of the World Bank Group) is a UN agency:

Through UNESCO they decide what’s in the curriculum of schools and unis:

The WHO is also a UN organisation:

It is interesting that the WHO is working on a Pandemic Accord (who pandemic accord) which would give them the power to dictate to other countries how they shall handle the next pandemic.

Also the whole Green Agenda comes from the UN:

Agenda 21:

Agenda 2030:

Tin foil hatters worry about global government, well, it’s here.

Australia has signed on to all of it, and will also sign the WHO accord.

I’m sure glad the voters were asked and their opinions heard.


I’m afraid the masses know nothing about the UN other than that it was started after WW2 to avoid war and act as a global peacekeeper.

That was the camels nose under the tent where it now has infiltrated policy decisions of the whole of government.

All these UN treaties have never been part of the political discourse where people were asked their opinion.

This is another reason why voting doesn’t matter anymore.
It now acts as a supranational government.


+1 (can’t upvote as guest)

Gruppenführer Mark

The only reason the UN hadn’t become an evil one world government is the permanent veto by China and Russia