ABS data shows over-representation of immigrant crime another cost to ‘Big Australia’

Some great work done here using ABS data by economist Burchell Wilson. Go give him a follow on Twitter if you haven’t already done so as he along with Philip Soos are the only two non-cucked, non-property spruiking economists this country seems to have.

I’m sure he’ll be cancelled after this and the ABS will nuke the data (they don’t publish this directly, it was cross-referenced from their other data as Wilson explains).

The full thread is here if you want to scroll through.

These graphs were initially done in response to the Voice to Parliament nuffies and the disproportionate crime from Aboriginals that altering our constitution is supposed to fix. Aside from the usual Aboriginal representation, what also stands out is the migrant over-representation.

Here’s a few of note:

No surprises (except for Romanians WTF).

Whether it’s African gangs, Islander gangs, Lebo organised crime, Viets in the drug trade or anything else imported and completely preventable by not importing it, it’s not up for discussion in the public immigration discourse and those that do cower behind ‘multiculturalism’ and ‘racism’ like Crispin Hull did today, the pussy.

Crime is a huge cost of migration and as we know, the costs of Australia’s immigration ponzi scheme are never discussed. It would be very enlightening to see a financial cost breakdown of public money spent on law enforcement, courts, prisons, public services, etc in relation to migrants in this country in the last 30 years We all know what the answer to that would be and what the outcome would be.

Every western country is currently experiencing this on different scales, Australia is no different.

Remember, they’re all just economic units and not people.

Good work Burchell, more of it please.

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what i’m surprised is how sudanese aren’t more overreprented than they are, there has to be some games being played with these numbers that they aren’t topping the charts


‘sudanese’ represent a rather hetereogenous group in that they split between arab caucasoid sudanese and sub-saharan / nilotic sudanese and the presence of the former group in their population drives down their crime numbers, but if you dis-aggregated them into two groups the latter group would be much much more criminal

this is likely to me


hard to believe you live in dubbo hey


its bc i live in dubbo that im naturally attuned to these things

only way to survive in these mean streets

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I think he meant that you seem a lot smarter than the average Dubboid. How may people in Dubbo know what “nilotic” means?


dubboid lmao


Some interesting charts there. Thank you.

Nigeria a surprise. I recall they were the best represented African nation in USA stats in terms of positive things like salary, low divorce rates, etc. Maybe we just import the riff raff.


We absolutely do get people who don’t make it as far as NY or LA BUT and it is big but we don’t get those who make it to NZ. I personally met many Aussie abroad who left Aussie because of the crime from immies but not the usual suspect instead like Hong Kong, or other uptights and their ability to find offence at any thing real or imagined. “It’s not crime it’s society they breed that make it not worth being there no more”. I kinda agree because there are cultures that just want to spend and pretend to be wealth. Whites don’t usually want to do this and they be frugals, so they are not wanted. What is wanted is people who buy spend borrow.


we don’t get those who make it to NZ

hmm. A lot of our food comes from OS via NZ because Australia has import standards, and it is much easier/cheaper to route via NZ which is exempted from those Australian standards.




Basically nouveau riche immigrants or even just middle class immigrants spend more is the theory

Dunno though aside from the showy new money Lebo and Chinese most Asians which is a lot of our immigration all want to hoard money


Nigeria a surprise”

Yeah I mean WTF? I wouldn’t have thought they’d be 7,000 Nigerians in Aust, and it would seem every one of them has committed a crime since arriving.


The ratio would be far, far worse if you compared men vs women

men are really the main problem and we probably eventually need to severely reduce the numbers of male babies born in the future through medicine/science


id love to live in a society wherer its like 30% men 70% women

as long as men are allowed to vote only

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Would you still like it if you didn’t know whether you’d be a man or a woman in such a society?


i can always just get a sex change depending on which gender was on top in that situation


Such societies have previously existed in the past for short periods of time.

The best example that comes to mind is Paraguay, following the War of the three flags, which resulted in the death of around 80-90% of all men above the age of 10.

While such a society is of great benefit to the men, it had a disastrous cultural outcome on the treatment of women. Basically men were treated like Gods, and the Machismo culture that exists in many Latin American cultures was and remains the most extreme in that nation.

There have been numerous other studies as to the outcome and influence of monogomy in terms of producing fair and stable societies – for ALL of their participants:

“Monogamy reduces the ability of men to exploit women by creating greater equality..Under polygyny, males can exploit females quite ruthlessly without suffering any costs themselves..As a result of imposed monogamy, males behaved in a less exploitative way toward female partners”

Capture - Copy (7).JPG

the fuk

sounds like paradise


Good if you were a penis owner, terrible if you were a woman.


have you got anything more on what happened in paraguay


Wiki is probably factually accurate enough on this subject:


War of the Triple alliance.



never heard of this war but it was brutal


It was basically genocidal


Which country would have hegemony in WomanWorld?


just have more wars. The elites are desperately trying for one, or more


here it is boys and gals, the big interview with that auwu bludger and fordham


im gonna listen to it

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lmao this guy is full of shit

“my mental health has been ruined by jobseeker being too low”

fordham is delusional too though even though i think this guy is making excuses 100%

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not based ones who just admit they dont want to work


And there we have it – just another grifter lining up for some defamation action. Thought it was funny that he tried to get Ben to admit he’d called him a dole bludger on the call.


Agent 47

Fordham is just the new conservative gatekeeper/steam valve. Milquetoast centre right takes while the baseline keeps shifting.


LOL the best time for Jez was when Morrison doubled his dole money and removed the job search requirements!


right, and he still ddin’t get a job during that period. so the big improvement in his mental well being from the double dole didn’t lead to him getting employment lmao, despite claiming his mental health is what is stopping him from getting a job. gotcha.


That would be a decent way to crash house prices. Everyone strikes until it happens. The Stockholm syndrome legacy Australians have for Mr Shekelberg is shameful.


It is funny – being the author of an article allows you to see the notional email address of comment writers.

I have just realized that someone on this forum who I have regularly ridiculed and perhaps been a touch uncivilized in my disagreement with (as have others), was someone who I had reasonably cordial relations and discussions with in the past under another handle…. I wonder what the comment or discussion was the created an initial unfavorable impression under their new handle was.

I actually feel a little mournful at the loss in the recasting of what was previously mutually cordial relationship.


If you miss the movie recommendations I can oblige on that front:

‘Office Space’

Three company workers who hate their jobs decide to rebel against their greedy boss.


Never saw this movie when it came out but I’ve watched it more than a few times this month, which is highly unusual for me.

The director is Mike Judge of Beavis and Butthead fame, he plays Joanna’s boss at Chotchkies.

All good actors but Milton, the man with the bottle bottom glasses, is the star of the show.

Screen Shot 2023-05-17 at 14.44.25.png

LOL – nah it wasn’t you Bing! (I’ll protect you other identity).

It was actually someone else… I use to have the occasional civilized chat under a different handle, then quite a different relationship under another handle.

(was a very enjoyable movie btw)


I thought it was the poster AKA Djenka (or smth) you were talking about, he used to do the movie recommendations.

I used to post here as Sacha but when this site had multiple issues with logging in to account I decided to use a new name for posting as a guest but never used my original account after that because it doesn’t allow anymore for posting pictures.

I guess I too can be whomever I want to be.


Love that movie. Watched it every few years since it came out.

Gruppenführer Mark

Well, now you ruined it! The CIA will be up our asses in no time now!


Omg – you used a real email address?!? Proton mail is so easy and so secure. Been mentioned by the CIA and FBI as a problem.

Gruppenführer Mark

Clutching pearls


Top article Timbo! I gave him a follow. Will be interesting to see how long he stays at ANU, tenure might e hard to come by.


Immigrants are disadvantaged because they don’t know how the society they live in works. Many resort to crime. This was much the same with southern european migrants after WW2. Westside Story depicts them in NYC. Their descendents are now well established and not overrepresented in crime stats. As critiques of immigration go, it’s as old as the hills. It isn’t without truth, but it’s weak. Crime does not matter per se because the reason we are being swamped is to destroy the value of what little social cohesion remains after the demolition of religion, family, history and race. Crime is a useful side effect that serves to accellerate our demoralisation and eventual dispossession.

Those who started the demoralisation, the 20th Century communists, are largely gone. The processes they set in place have continued unabated. Did the Chinese take over with their own psy ops and settlement programs? Was the earlier implementation so successful that it flourished under its own momentum?

The English in the antipodes are already a minority in the modern states they founded.

What is likely to happen in the crisis phase, which I think everyone can sense is approaching? Will we go full on fascist like Germany did or will we disappear like so many others that time has forgotten, the first possibly being the neaderthals? Perhaps our path is to be conquered and our lands taken like the Dacians.

Think of all those nations and empires in the old testament…names that have gone.