Progressives Cancel PVO

Once a darling of Australian progressives, Peter Van Onselen (PVO) has performed the greatest heel turn since Hulk Hogan after taking legal action against Professor Gemma Carey over a defamatory Twitter comment and photo. The photo in question included a young Christian Porter, Nick Coatesworth, Ainslie van Onlsen and PVO. For legal reasons we are … Read more

‘Worst false flag ever’ Andrews slams piss poor performance by man with recurve bow out front of parliament

Daniel Andrews says that a man arrested out the front of the Victorian Parliament with an alleged recurve bow, was ‘complete amateur hour’ and that more measures were needed to distract the public and manufacture consent for more draconian legislation. After increasing size of protests and Adem Somyurek appearing before IBAC, a man with a … Read more

Presentations to hospital skyrocket, progressive schadenfreude to blame

Medical groups have issued a public health warning regarding a recent spike in presentations to hospital emergency departments. “Progressives have overdosed on schadenfraude, and we think it started with Gladys Berejiklian’s ICAC hearing,” commented a spokesperson from the Economic Zone Formerly Known as Australia Medical Association (EZFKAMA). We interviewed doctors on the front line, many … Read more