Mass suicides reported across Melbourne after Daniel Andrews resigns from politics

Mass suicides have been reported across Melbourne within hours of Daniel Andrews resigning from politics.

A large number of “Dan Fans” force injected themselves with multiple COVID boosters, resulting in massive suicide numbers not seen since lockdown. It is understood PRGuy17 is among the casualties.

“I can confirm that a large number of ALP voters have taken their own lives this evening,” an Ambulance Victoria spokesman has said.

“It appears the leading cause of death has been by Pfizer booster, some of these deaths are at the injecting room in Richmond. Others have decided to spike their own coffee with massive amounts of MRNA and died instantly at their favourite wanker café of choice.”

The most amount of suicides were reported in Melbourne’s south-east, as a large number of Andrews supporters participated in a mass die-in in front of the Andrews’ residence in Mulgrave.

Parliament House also reported a number of people throwing themselves down the stairs, with Victoria Police also stating a large number of Andrews’ cult members deliberately riding their bikes into oncoming traffic.

However, ALP strategist Kos Samaras says it wasn’t a total loss, further stating that “these voters can easily be replaced by more Indians voting for Labor.”

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Looks like Victoria will be importing a replacement from NZ.

While this obviously a media typo, feel that someone on EZFKA predicted it too.


muh price gouging is the new retard narrative

if it was price gouging why didnt all these places just put their prices up to what they are now 15 years ago

why did they wait until now to do it

Aussie Soy Boy

If people have too much money to spend then retailers and suppliers will raise prices until they find the tipping point where people cut back. So far most people won’t compromise and keep spending. That’s just one small part of the inflation we’re experiencing but it does contribute.

A fly in your ointment

sorry to interrupt regular programming, but you obviously missed the Season 2/episode 27793 of telenovela The Comingonomics.
Dontchya know what causes Inflation? “Rising interest rates”

Aussie Soy Boy


A fly in your ointment

muh price gouging

this is so ingrained in every single thread of Local Fabric that after a while it is impossible to distinct gouging as everything is gouged.The omnipresence makes is to just vanish from before your eyes.
The best one, for making the largest pool of gullible idiots is fuel price cycling. I use it to rank the new people I meet. Three groups: those that defend it (I never see them again thenceforth), those that see that something is out of whack but can’t point at anything and the third ones are those who agree instantly.


everything is gouged compared to everywhere else cuz the inputs to ‘everything’ namely land, labor and energy are too expensive in ezfka

but the recent rise in prices has nothing to do with supermarkets all suddenly deciding to jack prices up bc why not like these retards think it is


Everyone still scratching their heads about this but refuses to accept what I tell them

Why did landlords wait until now to put up rents ?

the fact is that higher interest rates curb provision of new supply (of housing, goods, businesses)
and therefore prices must rise as demand is not elastic

it’s too expensive to borrow to start a new business or build new housing, and yields must rise to beat the risk free rate of return (IOR/bonds)

reality is staring you all in the face but you absolutely refuse to see

bizarrely stubborn stupidity


We see this phenomenon again and again here and at MB

The data does not match their worldview

be it excess deaths, vaccines, inflation, iron ore, China, house prices

instead of accepting that their worldview was wrong , there are a number of copes that get rolled out on both websites

all variations on a handful of logical fallacies

  1. the data will reverse direction if we just do the same thing but more

-we just need to lock down harder!
-we just need to raise rates harder!

  1. The data is wrong due to a conspiracy

-the ABS is cooking the books for Pfizer!
-China is cooking the books for Xi!

  1. the data is about to completely change and then I will be right

-iron ore $5 just around the corner !
-house price crash 18 months away


The final cope is the DLS about face

-pretend I never even took that position and denigrate the people I used to agree with


Why did landlords wait until now to put up rents ?

I dunno. All the mainstream economists plus you have told us it can’t possibly be immigration. So it must be something else, like the IOR!

vacancy - Copy.png

oh right there was no immigration prior to this i forgot

ive never claimed interest rate rises were the only cause or even the primary cause of inflation

i’ve made the point that there are other more important factors eg lockdowns, immigration, supply chains, war, legislation/greentape

supply AND demand

but higher interest rates ARE inflationary by increasing money supply and velocity, and curbing new supply of housing/goods/services

its mathematical and it can’t be denied

you were all predicting a crash and it simply didn’t happen
and you’ve never once bothered to wonder why
so many coincidences that you all choose to completely ignore simply because it doesn’t fit your view


its mathematical and it can’t be denied

Yeah cool, but interest rates are an aggregate tool so you need to show that maths proving an aggregate increase in CPI is being caused by rate increases.

I notice mosler can’t do this, and that’s in the American context. He’s just going on vibes.

So just show how the household cash flow channel is, in aggregate, producing cash when rates rise.


the private sector is a net saver

that is irrefutable by sectoral balances – if the government is in deficit, the private sector must be in net surplus

therefore, interest rate rises in aggregate increase deposits for the private sector and increase debts for the public sector
all other things being equal


Troll alert


That’s how dumb you are that you think this is a troll


While I don’t think the supermarkets are price gouging because their margins haven’t improved since last year, when you look at the shit that Qantas has been up to, I don’t think that corporate greed can be excluded as a factor in inflation. Qantas was basically willing to destroy its brand and get into trouble with the ACCC in order to squeeze out a few more short term profits.

Incentives like huge amounts of options given to CEOs for outperformance weren’t as prominent 15 years ago so there was less incentive to go to extremes to raise profits.

A fly in your ointment

While I don’t think the supermarkets are price gouging because their margins haven’t improved since last year,…

did you mean to say

While I don’t think the supermarkets are price gouging more than in previous years because their margins haven’t improved since last year…

peak gullibility:
“…cuz the inputs to ‘everything’ namely land, labor and energy are too expensive in ezfka…”

it is fair to say that greediness is inly about 83% of the price gouging reasons, the remaining part is due to lack of local production and taxation policies


I was shooting with a bloke who runs a cattle property near Orange last weekend.

He said that prices for his beef cattle have gone from over $2K per head about 18 months ago to around $1K now. Meanwhile, the price of beef at the shops has gone up considerably.

My friend reckons the middlemen and the processors are creaming it at the moment, while the farmer and the producer are both being fucked.


…and the customer…

the arborist

Yeah it’s a nasty business. I only buy meat from from places like farmer co-ops like ourcow or stockman steaks. Fuck colesworths and co.


Nothing new about that narrative, the fake left has been on that from the start.

Inflation is always the cover for broad-based price increases. Always has been. For a start, it’s justified in a lot of cases and when it isn’t, as in the case of some service inflation, they can get away with it because everyone else is having a go.

Inflation is the green light for everyone to raise prices. It’s the most effective form of legal price collusion there is.

Australia inflation expectations are still over 4%

What would you do if you were running a business knowing that?


Surprised this one hasn’t been mentioned given the interests of this website

former uber driver turned professional sportsman found not guilty of doing the needful

we still don’t know if it was a white woman , but if so he was certainly batting out of his crease on this one


lololol they put that fat bitch catherine bennett on the covid response inquiry panel

remember her

the one who was in a constant state of panic the last 3 years
in between inhaling donuts


suddenly deaths from covid dont matter anymore when they were absolutely everything to everyone in 2020. lockdowns would be in place with the level of death we’re at now if it was still 2020

the whole pandemic was always psychological and nothing more


Yay! Thanks to diversity Australia now has its own militant Hindus, can’t wait until we have the same level of international intrigue as Canada.


why cant we have this kind of militant hindu instead


Gives the cops something to do. Cop industrial complex. They’d rot like zombies if society was quiet like most suburbs. Next time you see a cop tell them to get a real job.


After celebrating the Canadian population reaching 40 million on June 16, the country’s population was estimated at 40,097,761 on July 1, 2023, an increase of 1,158,705 people (+2.9%) from July 1, 2022.…

They wouldn’t tweet this in Australia, the Canadian government is more advanced in openly not giving a shit what the population wants


lmao Gonzalo lira was part of the reason that Ukrainian propaganda tranny got fired


steve keen will reach out to them

new blossoming romance ahead


subtract hoomers and how much money do australians really have


All you need to do is sum private and public debt and thats your answer


Pretty amazing that the dumbest white country on earth somehow managed to achieve one of the highest and certainly the most equal distributions of wealth on earth

was the housing bubble all bad


It’s great

If you’re a Boomer


You are making a beautiful metamorphosis from an abrasive cooker to someone the Commonwealth Treasury would be proud to call their employee


Nope still a cooker, still doesn’t understand the role of the price of money


Don’t spit on luck. Well unless you’re a lefty and want to give it away. Like those fucktards that win the lottery and it’s all gone in a few years.

If there is reincarnation I hope they get reborn in North Korea.


Paging stagmal

If you want a cheap house you should move to South Australia bro

You can still get stuff in Adelaide for $350k or less

Whyalla or Port Augusta $200k or less, even $150k:

19 Sugg Street, Whyalla Norrie, SA 5608

Even QLD towns like Gladstone you can buy for $300-350k

Get on it brah


Would probably avoid Port Augusta – has long had same kinds of youth gang issues that stagmal is facing in Dubbo, percentage of indigenous population probably around 1 in 4-5. 


Yeah but $500k house in dubbo with these issues or $150k house in Whyalla or Port Augusta


Whyalla is actually ok, just bloody far away.

Got bored and compared the stats from census data.

Town: Indigenous/Total pop/%
Whyalla: 1160/21742/5.3%
Port Augusta: 2825/13515/21%
Dubbo: 14624/43516/33%


where did you get the 33% from? that is seriously super abo, way more abo than i thought. i was always under the impression it was only like 15%

which is still really high, but yeah

and i’ve looked at whyalla before, for some reason it’s one of the few places in australia that still has relatively low prices, including rents ($200 pw seems to be the floor now, its rare you’ll ever see anything below that)

i’ve considered it


Think you’re right – must have got a different page when looking up Dubbo and mixed up the region vs suburb numbers.15% is more accurate.


Jesus. 33% blackfellas in Dubbo. It must be a shithole.


I wonder why the ABC aren’t describing the perpetrators in this incident from Dubbo:


We all know the reason, the ABC can’t say anything negative about our sacred cows.


A good thread on the reason behind the surge in mixed race advertising:

Contrary to my initial belief that it was top down agenda by the advertising agencies and corporations themselves, it is actually mainly due to the demographic whose contribution and influence over both our social narrative and agenda is something I see as increasingly problematic – AWFLS:


While the advertisements are a response to these women’s shopping habbits, the fact is it is the still the top down promotion ‘diversity’ that is producing this response.

High in Agreeableness
High in Openness
High in Neuroticism

There is a reason why successful societies in the past severely limited women, and especially single women’s, contribution to our social narrative.

They are the most easily empathy hacked.

the arborist

And it’s this demographic that runs most HR throughout EZFKA as well – which is a much bigger problem than shitty woke advertising. They’re filling actual businesses and govt agencies with the same people that appear in all those poxy ads.

Their voting preferences result in less than optimal outcomes as well.



The S&P 100 companies reduced whites to just 6% of new hires in the year following George Floyd. This takes place within the framework of civil rights law, but cultural and ideological pressure had a profound effect on behavior above and beyond any legal requirements.

Women in HR earnestly doing what they believe is good and right, and consequentially punishing the segment of the population that elites want to disempower the most.

The unspoken impact of deliberately increasing female representation in our social narrative has been to effectively increase the representation of people who possess Cluster B personality disorders:

antisocial, borderline, histrionic, and narcissistic personality

These traits exist in men too, but they tend to have a binomial outcome on guys. Either they leverage it into the village chief role or CEO, or they end up being hung from a tree branch or die in prison.

With women it is more insidiously toxic. Male hierachies cannot tolerate such behaviours in men, such incompetence or disrupting individuals generally get ousted from the group. But it is not the same with women who are forced into these hierarchies, under the current regime men can’t police women – only women can police women.

The result is that organisations are starting to experience productivity problems. White males, the most productive group of employees are being underhired and discouraged and demotivated. Why bother striving when a quota will keep you out. On the flip side Corporate organisations are getting filled with lower IQ diversity hires, and toxic and unstable female hierarchies.

Leading to articles like this one:

Your Co-Workers Are Less Ambitious; Bosses Adjust to the New Order

For a growing number of professionals, the days of unpaid overtime and working through weekends are in the past. Firms add people to finish projects, close for holidays and take other steps.

The journalists and talking heads like to blamed it on COVID, and they also ignore the changing demographics of just who these ‘young people who are less ambitious’ actually are.

Prior to the arrival of Asians en-mass to the US, most convenience stores were run by African Americans. They use to provide them with a good living, but were notorious for irregular hours, depending on their mood. They were very sound outcompeted in that space by Asian store keepers, which is actually a significant source of anti-Asian hatred by African Americans. Many black kids grew up hating them because they destroyed their Dad’s business (as they saw it).

Packing corporations with people that have the same mindset and/or different time preferences to the previous cohorts of young white men, is resulting in the inevitable stagnation of Corporations.

the arborist

Indeed. And some people wonder why productivity is falling.


Awfuls haha

I think it’s mostly because they have a deep disdain for their own men. Superiority on sale at the mall only $59.99.

the arborist

But why do they have this disdain for their own men? Where did they get that brilliant idea from?


A lot of people just want to think they’re better than others because reasons so they can get the most resources. Humans been doing it since forever.


Humans been doing it since forever.

They have – but we’d previously come up with a huge range of social customs and behaviours to inhibit and regulate those outcomes.

I am increasingly of the opinion that rules restricting the input of female contributions to our social narrative, was less about maintaining ownership of women and more about avoiding the destabilising and counter-motivational outcomes their contributions have in terms of societal productivity.

Male hierarchies are built around competence, and even in the past they would still admit competent women to them albeit reluctantly and with a higher competency hurdle.

If female leadership actually offered any significant economic, military or political advantage, then history would be resplendent with civilizations founded, built and run by female leaders.

We know this to be true because the first civilization that took advantage of supposed female leadership skills would dominate its rivals.

It is also why the female pay gap is non-existant. If women offered any advantage over male workers, then rational organisations would continue to employ women until the demand for their labour drove up female wages to the same as men’s.

Last edited 7 months ago by Stewie
the arborist

Well said. Good post.

the arborist

White male hate has been taught and encouraged. It hasn’t just happened because women wanted to think they’re better than someone.

As Stewie pointed out, their empathy has been hacked.


For me the most interesting recent economic statistic is that Australia has transitioned to become a Net currency exporter.

It’s not something that should surprise anyone. There’s ample evidence that neither Aussie businesses nor Aussies themselves really want to invest in Australia.

So you shouldn’t be surprised when you have skyrocketting rents at the same time that house construction plummets. The two go hand in hand, especially when the Immigration gates are flung wide open. Both stats cleary say, I don’t want to really invest in Australia.

Australia has only been a net currency exporter for the last few years, this change is a reversal of a 200 year long trendline of Currency Importing, yet most economists are ignoring this change. Maybe Economists just can’t see it, or are they praying that the ABS numbers are wrong.

Some would say it’s just smart money exiting a broken corrupt system…I think the smart money might be right.

A fly in your ointment

Australia has only been a net currency exporter for the last few years, this change is a reversal of a 200 year long trendline of Currency Importing, yet most economists are ignoring this change.

If this is correct (and it sounds plausible, without digging deep into it), it may be the pivot point which may lead into a reversal of fortune.

Perhaps the money is leaving for a different reason from “corruption”, as that corruption essentially is for the “smart money”. Perhaps they see the end of the multi-ponzi?


The nations current account measures the net flow of capital.
Is Australia an attractive destination for the world’s excess savings (liquidity), or are other countries more financially attractive?
If you can’t invest with some certainity wrt outcomes then the risk of that investment is high. This is what we see with almost every potential Australian investment, the risk is simply too high.
Australian’s can’t invest in say a Lithium Ion Battery giga factory because our land prices are astronomical
(obviously in Australia land is in incredibly short supply /sarc)
It’s this analysis of what we can no longer be expected to do that shapes these global capital investment decisions with the follow-on effect of shaping capital flow and direction.

Corruption is only valued if it can affect outcomes, as in reduce risk. In the end game case, corruption actually increases risk and thereby leads to increased capital outflow.
hope this makes some sense.

the arborist

There’s nothing in EZFKA to invest in except for propadee and big retail stores raking in record profits selling basic goods to our ballooning population.


I disagree, wrt Australia the STEM investment space is wide open, opportunities stacked on top of opportunities without a real at risk investment dollar anywhere in sight. There are plenty of lads willing to put up some money but if (and only if) our old friend Gov’t Grant more or less guarantees the outcome.
Part of the problem is a shift in the skill sets of our recent graduates (technical dumbing down of our education sector) but that doesn’t explain away our broader social distain for technology investments. I think we’re at the cross roads where those with real money have no knowledge of technology and avoid this space, while those with real experience have no money.

It’s the result that you’d expect when the investment cards have been stacked for over 20 years by the RE-to-the-moon community.

the arborist

OK, you probably have more knowledge about it than I do. What are some of these STEM opportunities? Where should we be investing?


Obvious first choice is anything Lithium.
Australia has the worlds best Lithium resources yet we are pissing away this opportunity.

Second distributed power infrastructure, we have managed to get ahead of the crowd wrt on rooftop solar but we’re not investing in how this first mover advantage can be turned into products and services.

International Medical services has a huge potential but again we’re not reacting to cement in place our existing advantage.

Various chemical industries look really good long term as effective forms of energy export especially into a carbon constrained world, again we talk a good game but where are the serious dollars.

There are several specialized robotic sectors where Australia leads the world but not for long, especially if we don’t invest heavily.
similar thing with pharma and interestingly film opportunities galore but we’re to tight arsed to let the money flow. Aussies would rather invest their money in the US, makes no sense but there are some ideas.

the arborist

Food for thought. Thanks.


Novonix, but their share prices has been a rollercoaster and mostly a downwards riding one

A fly in your ointment

it’s easy to import skilled labour for those stem projects. Just a blip on the immigration radar.
Investment will not occur unless it’s the fish in the barrel. It always was that way just the risk aversion has grown exponentially since the slopes were designates manufacturers of everything.

There are plenty of lads willing to put up some money but if (and only if) our old friend Gov’t Grant more or less guarantees the outcome.

I’d invest every single cent if .gov can more or less guarantee the outcome. They already do that with RE and will do it until the last taxable cent and legislation route available.

Just to make sure we understand, I am not opposing your viewpoint, only expressing hopelessness and abhorrent lack of optimism.


Goodness you are a depressing soul. what do you stand to lose if your cheer up a little? take a few long walks on the sunny side of the street, you might even begin to like it.

A fly in your ointment

to clarify, the “expressing hopelessness and abhorrent lack of optimism.” is wrt country which I designated as my own only to discover that it is a bus racing towards the cliff and all passengers are cheering the driver pushing pedal to the metal.

in other news, there are 360° of Earth in at least 3 dimensions, and tough the Earth is round, joys of life lurk around every corner.


‘Unfortunately, she didn’t brush her dog’s teeth that morning, so the canine bacterial infections are manifesting and creating ongoing serious complications,’ they wrote in a GoFundMe for Ms Piil’s medical costs.

u fucking wot m8

dog culture is out of control in this country

Harlem is in the pound and won’t be euthanised unless Ms Piil says so, the local council said.


Aussie Soy Boy

They should put Harlem in a cage with that Darwin dog fucker.

Aussie Soy Boy

But what kind of person let’s such dirty, dangerous animals roam inside their houses (or even their backyards).


i get menaced by dogs all the time

imagine walking past someones house and some guy in a rocking chair with a shot gun out the front tells you he’s going to shoot you if you come iside the yard

hed be locked up instant

but a huge ass evil dog growling barking bearing fangs and running back and forward behind the fence as you walk past isnt considered a threat in the same way

the dog is signalling intent to harm (if the fence wasnt there) same way the guy with the gun would be


i get menaced by dogs all the time

They can sense your innate fear of dogs.

That said I actually recently got menaced by a golden retriever. I shot past it on my skates coming down a hill in the park and it broke free of its harness and owner to chase me.

By the time it caught up to me I’d become aware of it chasing me and startled it by flipping around backwards and staring it down. It was either my death stare’ or the fact it had exhausted itself in its bid to catch me, but either way it stopped barking and ran back to its owner.

Probably the first time I’ve ever been in some way menaced by a dog in public (btw – having some dog bark at you from behind a gate isn’t being menaced, it can’t get you. Besides, most of the barking is bravado and territory marking).

As a personal growth exercise you should seek out dog encounters in order to practice your dominance strategies.

Last edited 7 months ago by Stewie

it happens bc i walk around a lot

a lot of people simply do not walk anywhere and do everything by car so its not something they have to experience


Imagine just being expected to tolerate this

stagmal is 100% right

what if a person were to aggressively threaten and chase people, and shit and piss in public

our ancestors will look back on this and shake their heads

like letting bogans smoke in public or pollute the air in their cars


Some very interesting ideas from the great eugyppius. His views on how our politicians are becoming feeble-minded puppets and mere performers, while voters become ever more disempowered are worth pondering. They fit well into the EZFKA philosophy, if there is such a thing.

Note that this is part w of a a 2 part interview.

the arborist

Great read. This sentence in particular stood out for me.

The precipitous decline in the quality of politicians reflects their increasing unimportance and their growing role as mere conduits for policies that are developed elsewhere.


Yeah. Our so-called “leaders” in Parliament are observably a bunch of forgettable mediocrities at best. Look at Albanese for example. He should be working behind a counter in a shop somewhere. He’s just a low quality nothing.

Why is this so? Because power is elsewhere and policy is formed elsewhere, and our politicians are simply irrelevant performers of other peoples scripts. They mean nothing, and any dunce could do their job of simply mouthing words.


Figureheads is the word you want

But yep exactly


Not really. Figureheads are still nominally impressive and grand, even if its just a facade. The Queen was a figurehead. These people, Albanese, Chalmers, Scomo, Dutton et al are clearly sub-standard as people. They’re narcissistic, stupid, dull, mundane and all around below average.


Yeah top commentary – thanks for linking it.

This comment

Today, state actions are shaped not only by elected politicians, but by an ever-growing horde of civil servants, NGOs, philanthropists, think tanks, journalists, nebulous stakeholders, intellectuals, advisory bodies and corporations.

in particular stood out. These are the elites who shape our narrative, and they certainly are not off the people, from the people or for the people. They’re a small clique of sycophant’s who share the same view points of very wealthy businessmen and power NGO’s and who are deliberately used to push and popularise luxury beliefs that are harmful towards most people.


What a surprise, the ABC has found someone named Yoel Roth to suggest the referendum is subject to false information and foreign interference.


That Jew use to be a twitter head. Under his leadership pedophiles were allowed to roam free and anyone expressing a political opinion further to the right of CNCMBC was at risk of being kicked off the platform. He’s also a raving butt pirate.


Search page “gayfl” zero hits

Wtf is going on

Prime opportunity to shit on legacy units (mostly Victorian) being wasted


Tradies won..jokes on us. I just walked past two of them who were a year or two above me, hanging there with their little meathead sons doing meathead shit.

37 tomorrow for grand final haha might watch just to see them suffer.


Saw the climate activists disrupt some gayfl faggoty parade

thought that was pretty funny


A 26-year-old taxi driver from the Middle East was reported for rape against a 14-year-old girl – and then found hanged in a nature reserve. Now the girl, her boyfriend and three of his brothers are suspected of the very troublesome murder, which according to the prosecutor had the character of “an execution”.

When the civilian policing regime is more concerned with enforcing progressive ideology than it is in seeing justice done, these forms of private exculpatory justice will become more common.

The only way civilians can fight back against a corrupt policing regime is by finding cases like this Not Guilty. It basically shouts out a loss of faith in the policing and legal system, and is a precursor to civil unrest.

Last edited 7 months ago by Stewie

Something that isn’t well understood is that the police aren’t there to protect people from crims. The police are there to protect crims from the people

If there were no police, the people would sort the crims out in very short order.

Someone rapes your daughter, and there are no police? There’d be none of this due process bullshit, just an axe or a hammer, or a gun. Or, as in this case, a piece of rope.

I must say I’m very heartened by this news, and I hope to see much more of it in future.

Agent 47

As an ex-cop ali have to object somewhat.

a) I support this kind of vigilantism
b) 90% of the time this isn’t our fault. Judiciary is where the problem is. The amount of times you arrest the same scrotes only to get community corrections order #395858 from Judge Goldebergstein and then goes out and re-offends and have some middle aged childless white woman lawyer screaming my client is the real victim, is the rule not the exception.


Oh yeah, (b) is definitely the problem, no arguments.

So if we replace “police” with “legal system” I think my point is still valid.

The law is there to protect crims from summary justice by enraged citizens.

Remember too that organised police forces in western socueties are a relatively new thing, starting with Robert Peel’s Peelers back around 1830.

Prior to that, the citizenry more or less sorted things out by themselves, notably by means such as the “Hue and Cry”, which required citizens to raise the alarm and pursue criminals relentlessly.

Agent 47


the arborist

Someone here (I can’t remember who) posted this recently and it deserves to be posted again.

Too many conservatives fail to see that the crime is the point. It’s not a side effect of leftist governance: it’s an essential feature. Sam Francis called it “anarcho-tyranny”: a descent into managed lawlessness. Crime is a tool to impose a particular kind of social order.

In basic terms, the tax-producing (white) middle classes are hemmed in and controlled by means of high taxes, prejudicial laws, political correctness and endemic crime. This is now the default mode of governance throughout much of the West and especially in cities like London or New York or Paris.

When you step out onto the street to protest the unprecedented shuttering of small businesses during a pandemic, the riot police arrive in full force and beat seven bells out of you, even though you’ve always paid your taxes, worked hard and are only exercised your foundational political rights as a citizen. Low-level criminals, on the other hand, especially from minorities, are free to riot and loot and murder in the name of “racial justice”. Any ordinary member of the public who intervenes to stop the madness, if they aren’t beaten to death on the spot, is then subject to the full force of the law in retribution for daring to challenge this new order.

The essential nature of anarcho-tyranny is why Western governments and the Western media, which totally colludes in the maintenance of this system, hate somebody like Nayib Bukele: because he’s showing that crime, even the worst kind of violent crime, is a problem that can be solved quite simply, by the judicious application of state force against the perpetrators of crime. Our establishment doesn’t want us to know this, because they need crime. It’s that simple.


It is interesting but it is young Swedes who have worn the brunt impact of immigration most heavily. Immigrants brutalized them at school and terrorised them in the streets. Now they have had to compete with them for work and accommodation.

It is the older and professional class of Swede’s who have adopted luxury beliefs in association with immigration, claiming only benefits and denying all harm. Similar shifts in young people’s views in France with a growing nativist movement there too.


Two year old boy who toddled after his ball into the yard dead after being “torn apart” by the seven month old pit bull that his parents had brought home two days before.

It was in Brazil though, so that makes it OK.


And in the UK, diversity does what diversity does best[1]

[1] Destroy western civilisation.

the arborist

War Is PeaceFreedom Is SlaveryDiversity Is Strength


Freedom of expression is dead. Write to a politician, and get a threat of an AFP report.


She needs a large “Get Fucked” in reply.

Agent 47


A fly in your ointment

who do you think have made this big tech wall?


Give me a J !


Why are Indians in Australia? Now that’s a very good question.

I continue to see them as hostile invaders rather than helpful migrants. They are, largely but not exclusively, rotten people from a rotten culture. They take as much as they can while contributing little to nothing. They are generally incompetent as professionals. When they come here, with their demands and their elderly parents, they increasingly turn our country to shit.

I wish I could send every last one of them home.


Deceptively powerful. Bring back the Ford Cortina.

Made by men who eat pies.

Then go home and eat sausages.


My mates older brother had a Cortina. It was red, not curry powder yellow.

Many a lap were done in it.


My mate bought one and I thought wtf what a boring old piece of shit then I rode in it and was quite impressed.


My brother had a Cortina. It was stolen and taken for a joy ride. When cops found it the only thing that was missing was the alarm.

A fly in your ointment

Everyone’s brother had a Cortina.
My brother too had a Cortina but it was named Taunus
The one from 60’s was my favourite. The bygone era when cars were made with AI (Actual Intelligence).

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