Uber Eats rider who caused multiple fatality accident in Melbourne says more needs to be done to protect riders

The EZFKA city of Melbourne is reeling tonight, after a multiple fatality accident in the CBD killed three citizens. An Uber Eats rider has been taken into custody and charged with three counts of negligent driving causing death, after three pedestrians were killed after they were struck by a scooter on the footpath. Speaking through … Read more

EZFKA to lockdown for a month after Hubble space telescope detects coronavirus near Alpha Centauri

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has ordered EZFKA into lockdown for a month, after NASA stated the Hubble space telescope had detected what appeared to be coronavirus on Proxima Centauri. The planet, located within the Alpha Centauri star system, displayed what appeared to be COVID fragments, sparking serious concerns among National Cabinet. Morrison said that Australians … Read more