Bunnings introduces ‘pay by facial scan only’ policy for snags

Australian hardware monopoly Bunnings has eliminated cash payments for all of it’s products, including it’s famous snags out the front.

From next month, shoppers will only be allowed to pay by facial recognition, with those who pay with cash instantly apprehended and sent to camps in China’s Xinjiang Province.

‘It’s a great day for corporate Australia bringing the Chinese experience fully to Australia. No longer will you just purchase shit quality ‘Made in China’ products marked up to oblivion, you’ll get a taste of their surveillance state as well. You may even get a chance to join our manufacturers in Xinjiang if you consider paying with cash,” a Bunnings spokesperson said.

‘We’ll also put out some bullshit press release spruiking the benefit of being able to catch some low level shoplifters to the simpleton dickheads out there, who don’t see the bigger picture of a digital surveillance state being enforced and championed by the corporate sector.’

‘Bunnings Warehouse: Digital Identity is just the beginning.’

Bunnings have said that they look forward to integrating their own social credit system program for loyal shoppers in the near future.

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Reus's Large MEMBER

So do you gain or loose social credit points if you go to Bunnings, and do you get more if you buy a snag … asking for a friend

Adam Eichman

Was in bunnings today and saw a disclaimer notice about CCTV and facial recognition.
I’m now a mask enthusiast.


I like how when the cov fraud began and they would tell us all on the night Jews where the diseases pleb had been and interestingly enough they had all more often than not visited a Bunnings. Then Bunnings started having testing centres then they started having poisoning centres. Are we awake yet

A fly in your ointment

um, as a previous master of “what was I going to say?”, I had over the sceptre to the new king.
Long live the king.


Thank for clearing that up for us Jules.

Aussie Soy Boy

That Joyce who likes getting his shit pushed in, probably has all kinds of diseases up his arse, complaining about mask mandates wanting them dropped because the science no longer justifies it.

However, to fly on dragon hostess air you still need to be double vaccinated even though the vaccines were designed for the Wuhan strain, give 4% protection against Omicron, wear off completely within a matter of months anyway.

Pure discrimination. He’s leaving dragon air open to lawsuits if this continue. Wide open, just like his arse after a session in the sauna.


My aggression levels go up whenever I see that prick.
He gives the gays a bad name , it’s unfortunate the digs at him are due to his sexuality. Would love to hear more direct ones illustrating his character.

Adam Eichman

O.T. Someone here was going going to do a turn and curtsy on Govt bonds? Interested to know more about inflation linked bonds.


freddy was going to.

im sure he still will, he tends to be too busy during weekdays – making money and all!

For what it’s worth, here is my flow of consciousness: inflation linked bonds I think are structured such that they pay an interest rate of “CPI + fixed spread” … eg CPI + 1%

so, I would muse, when you buy them you are really getting exposure to at least two things:

  • cpi
  • actual interest rates

and the spread between them…. Over time.

eg – if you end up in a world where CPI is 5% and the cash rate is ~5%, that’s nice.

But you could be in a world where CPI is 5% but cash rate is ~1%, like right now. In which case you’re bleeding pretty bad.

so it’s kind of a question of whether you trust the RBA not to engage in financial repression. Generally – I would tend not to.

there’s also the general concern that CPI is undercooked bullshit, so your return is likely to be below inflation in any case. 😕


This no longer appears to me in the same way that it did before:

eg – if you end up in a world where CPI is 5% and the cash rate is ~5%, that’s nice. 

But you could be in a world where CPI is 5% but cash rate is ~1%, like right now. In which case you’re bleeding pretty bad

I think I might have had it upside down.

obviouslu the price you have paid for the bond in the first place is very important too.

Last edited 1 year ago by Peachy

Maybe. Standard bonds are pretty easy to understand so not sure if necessary.

My interest in bonds is purely as a short term risk free alternative to bank deposit. With ILB you are speculating on both interest rate and CPI.

Also what Peachy said about rigged CPI figures. It is not enough that you are going to get taxed on the compensation that you receive for inflation. They will also lie about it.


Last edited 1 year ago by Freddy