Drag Queen Story Time mandates included as part of Victoria’s Free Childcare Package

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has mandated Drag Queen Story Time as part of a new election promise to provide free childcare.

Victorian parents will be able to access free childcare only at centres across the state that are staffed exclusively by paedophiles posing as entertainers.

“Apart from being the usual ploy to buy the vote of emotional middle class white women who have proven themselves the worst enforcers of all the covid mandates the last two years, we can also appeal to the Minor Attracted Persons vote,” Andrews said.

‘We’ll get the kids minds and their genitals one way or the other. It’s a great stimulus package in more ways than one.’

Drag Queens will be selected from the Victorian Sex Offenders Registry in the coming weeks.

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A fly in your ointment

nope, thus is not funny at all.
not even a satire.

A fly in your ointment

…this is horror


Yup – the degeneracy of it is right out of the Weinmar Republic.

Those Nazi book burnings that they are so famous for? They weren’t burning copies of Anne of Greengables or Encyclopedias – they were burning degenerate books around LGBT, and Anti-White racism disguised as Marxism. If a book burning was to be held tomorrow, it would be books on LGBT ‘Queer & Gender Theory’ and Anti-White racism disguised as CRT and 90% of Australia would probably turn up to watch them burn.

Honestly Drag Queens are the equivalent of ‘Black Face’ literal clowns taking the micky out of women in the same way Golliwogs and Black & White Minstrels took the micky out of Africans.

The same progressives who lobbied for Golliwogs to be banned are the same ones who would take their kids to a drag show. Honestly you wouldn’t take kids to a strip show to teach them tolerance and respect towards women, like you shouldn’t take kids to a drag show to teach them to respect people with genuine gender dysmorphia.

Last edited 2 years ago by Stewie
Agent 47

Magnus Hirshcfeld. Need I say more.


“Magnus Hirschfeld was born in 1868 into a Jewish family in a town in the Prussian Empire…”

Culture matters.

Aussie Soy Boy

They are transvestites. They get off on dressing up like women and getting their arses reamed. They love it so much they took hormones and stuff.

At best it should be treated as a fetish or sexual kink, at worst when it overtakes their lives and they think they are actually women when out of the bedroom or sauna and not getting their shit pushed in it’s total mental illness.


The vast majority of them are autogynephils, which as you describe, get off on dressing up like women and getting their arses reamed. They are also the ones most fixated on blurring the lines of what is male or female, and using it as a power play for their own advantage.

For the minority with true gender dysmorphia I think most people have genuine sympathy for them, and so long as they make a genuine attempt to live their lives and pass as a woman. Most decent people will leave them to live their lives quietly and peacefully, and will be prepared to leave them be.

Ironically it is also this minority within the Trans group that are most prepared to state that they remain biological men or women, and agree that their gender identity is actually a form of mental dysfunction, that their gender reassignment surgery is only an extreme measure to attempt to fix.

Agent 47

Not far off reality and if I was a betting man, then that degenerate slut Fiona Patten will probably support something like this.

A fly in your ointment

qld had an incident of this nature last year (reported in one of the weekend links) where a pedodrag was hired to give a lecture to primary school kids on “inclusiveness”

it is in toe dipping stage (tuning phase) at the moment combined with prep for full fledged brainwash phase.


When can we go back to letting kids be kids? My kids are more than happy to throw or kick a ball around, go for a swim, make sandcastles and other kid stuff. My youngest would probably have nightmares after seeing that freak show in the picture.

A fly in your ointment

Following an eposode of this educational shitfuckery, It takes enormous effort to explain a kid that this is a fringe deviation and why this should not something of a kids concern. Like you said, kids should be kids.

Reus's Large MEMBER

Like the Democrats in the US, Labor here are a bunch of pedo groomers


The Democrats are headed for a hiding in the mid terms. Notice they are trying to play January 6 on prime time to get some political prisoners and points. They are also trying to extend the war in Ukraine. Yet they were unpopular pre war due to this crap.


The key word here being “free”
Marry a real women and look after your own children


One of the many things I don’t understand about this vile, fucked up shit, is why so many of these cocksmokers go with the satanic imagery as well. What the hell is feminine about dressing up with 5 giant horns sticking out of your head?

These creatures are grooming children into evil degeneracy. I’m With the Muslims here. They shouldn’t be encouraged into the childrens section at the library, they should be killed.

Agent 47

A lot of the people doing it are literally Satan worshippers. Absolutely messed up. Others are garden variety rock spiders.

I agree though. As soon as one of these groomers get at least bashed at one of these shows then it will stop very quickly. They’ll make sure they destroy the person that does it though.

A fly in your ointment