White Australians prepare themselves for annual “Get lectured by immigrants about why Australia is racist” Day

White people across EZFKA are bracing themselves for another round of patronising lectures from recently arrived migrants, about why the country they chose to move to is racist.

As January 26th fast approaches, white people are actively preparing for the annual media-fuelled globalist hatefest about why they should be more of an economic zone, and that those who have no connection to the country founded and built by Europeans have an entitlement to change everything about it.

“I’m really looking forward to migrants who have chosen to move here en masse, especially from dysfunctional third world countries because they don’t like the economic situation in their home country and expect us to foot the bill, also telling me how racist our country is,” Sydney resident John said.

“I mean Indians and Chinese esepcially have outstanding track records on diversity and inclusion so it’s only beneficial for EZFKA and indeed, the Indigenous. This is indigenous land, so we need to invite as many people as we can from around the world to live on it with them.”

SBS have announced a 24/7 ‘celebration of everything that isn’t white’ which will feature rants from Tim Soutphommasane, Osman Faruqi, Nyul Nduon and Yasmin Abdul-Magied. A spokesman for SBS said it was truly a progressive celebration.

“The best way to move forward as a society is to import more people from as many different places as we can who won’t jettison their cultural baggage, who live in enclaves and actively lobby for their families to join them. Only then can we eliminate racism, improve social cohesion and be a united economic zone.”

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In my experience immigrants are usually quite grateful and don’t think Australia is racist. It’s the self-loathing whites, the soyboy & cat lady femmo types that are by far the most vocal and worst.

Agent 47

It’s both.

Difference is, white people aren’t allowed to use group identity to advocate for their future and collective good. Every other group is and is actively encouraged to.

Agent 47

Spot on. 4 of the worst anti-white race hustlers on the right there.

Have a look into Nyadol Nyudon background. She is funded by and works for Mark Leibler – former president of Zionist Federation of Australia and the architect and chief lobbyist for section 18c.

He’s one of the worst anti white lobbyists in Australia. He just hides behind others now.

Agent 47

Every year with this tedious debate. Few fuckwits from the inner city and a couple of Abos from Redfern.


Do ethnics even watch SBS?

Chinese have WeChat. surely Indians have their own internet shows and websites

1st and 2nd generations wogs and viets don’t watch it I know that for sure

it’s got to be just Balmain Chardonnay lefties virtue signalling that they watch it

which means it has no justification to even exist

the whole idea of tv stations is an anachronism in the internet age
Should be fucking shut down along with the abc

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I thought the main audience of SBS was inner city whites who watch the cooking shows to know what to order next on Uber Eats and to watch the European cycling.

Agent 47


Either that or the cheesy Europorn movie on Saturday night for some cheap tits.


do ppl still watch broadcast tv at all? theres no way i could stomach it its so boring to have to sit through ads etc.

Agent 47

I don’t. It’s mainly boomers and normies who think MAFS and sportsball are the peak of human existence.


The word you’re looking for is “defunded” 🙂

Shae The Burmese

Indians love a good Whats App groupchat, especially sharing around inspirational quotes.


Show bobs and vagene


Worse. Sadguru quotes.

Max Payne

It’s a sheltered workshop for progressives with no discernible skills to offer society. The beauty of the SBS grift is that if anybody dares suggest the SBS should receive reduced funding or be shut down they just play the race card.

Chinese Astroturfer

I haven’t seen Waleed Aly’s usual contribution to the debate must be still editing it.

Agent 47

Still inhaling his own farts and probably overdosed.

Percy Thistlethwaite

Captain Cook discovered Australia.
Suck a dick indigenies.


Captain Cook discovered the Eastern part of Australia. The Dutch were the first Europeans to discover Australia.


Either way it’s moot.
The english colonised it…

That whole build a society thingy.


its weird to me too that abos identify with african americans rather than native americans, they are more genetically distant from african populations than any other population on earth. the only common feature is dark skin.

Chinese Astroturfer

They have their own ebonics as well

Agent 47

i always wondered how TF that video still on YT you’d think they’d of blammed it by now


They dropped the vaccine requirement for the Skyworks. They can cram it up their arse.



yep i saw that, i wonder if theyre ever going to admit the vaccine does almost nothing for tranmission. it is the bedrock basis for mandates lockouts etc.


They have done a switcheroo with the vaccine benefits. First it was to stop transmission, to protect grandparents etc. Now in the light of that complete failure that say it is to stop sever illness and it was never about stopping transmission. So you can ask, why are the kids taking it then? The answer then from them is that it stops transmission. And round and round we go.


I have had this very argument this morning. It is pointless trying to change some people’s perspectives. The fear that has been drilled into them, knocks about 50 IQ points off their intelligence.


There are a few cynical people here thinking that they will use it as an excuse to blame the unvaccinated for the spread post Australia day.


G/teed to blame unvax …. nothing more certain.

what will the mortality numbers say?


I think most unvaccinated people are wise to it and won’t be going anyway. We are not welcome anyway. The mortality numbers will follow the natural mortality rate and no one will question why that is and every death will be used as justification for harsher measures. Zempilas is only a cunt. I reckon it will be a poor turnout. The mask requirement will be enough to put off people. Some groups are organising competing events and BBQ so I will probably go to one of those instead.


are there even any abos in sydney. i know theres basically F-All in melbourne, its like 0.5% of the entire melbourne metro area, abos are like 15% or so of dubbo theres so many here.

Agent 47

There’s a few in Collingwood. The rest are mainly Shepparton area in rural Vic.

Are there any Abos left in Redfern or did the white lefties gentrify them out?


I believe most of them got moved into “new” social housing well away from the city just before sydney 2000.
What a coincidence.


I could go months without seeing one except for the ones at circular quay busking with their didge


They’re mainly out in regional Victoria. Can remember doing a brief stint at an Aboriginal run health collective some years back. Was great, nothing ever happened and they’d close up the office at 2.30pm – despite supposing to be working from 9 to 5. Fits all the stereotypes about work ethic.


So the vaccine didn’t work out for him. I guess he just didn’t believe hard enough.
The media are just feral.
If you are vaccinated and get sick = antivaxxer.
If you are vaccinated and question anything about the vaccine = antivaxxer
If you are vaccinated and get a vaccine injury = antivaxxer.
I’m surprised they didn’t call him a right wing extremist.



So the vaccine didn’t work out for him. I guess he just didn’t believe hard enough

now now, looks like this poor bloke was actually coerced, by threat of booting him from his life’s work…:

While Csollany had shared several ‘anti-vax’ posts on his Facebook page, he had been vaccinated in order to work as a gymnastics coach, the newspaper Blikk reported at the start of January.

However, the publication said that it had been shortly before he fell ill which had not allowed him to develop a sufficient level of antibodies.

uh oh – reads a lot like what Gato writes about, in terms of jabs ruining your immunity for the first 2 weeks, causing casualties…


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Everyone loves a bit of self hatred and delegitimising the existing population. These people are sick. The Catholic church hasn’t a patch on them. The joy of shame and the shame of joy bullshit.


Agent 47

A lot of this is just rage porn so advertisers get eyeballs on ads.

The author is usually a (((fellow white person))) or some first gen migrant taking a shit on the country


Yes they love stoking the fire around this time of year.


FMD that moron Kassia Byrnes actually referenced the discredited ‘Dark Emu’.
That’s the problem, these emotive white women read some B.S. that plucks their heart strings and sense of cosmic injustice, and never bother to pay attention to further developments that might undermine whatever bit of info they’ve incorporated into their moral viewpoint.


Some of the men are just as bad. The media love giving airtime to these emotional children. No history is thought at school so the majority of people will just take it for granted that these people are telling the truth.


Yeah, but they’re usually weak, chinless beta males, who are simply posturing in order to intellectually simp to those same women. The main exceptions are certain types of (((men))) in which case it is a cultural trait to hate on all forms of gentile society.

Honestly I am surprised that more Australians don’t pay attention to where intellectual grounding that these attacks on Colonial Australian society and history originate from:


In order to justify replacing existing Australian, which was predominantly Christian and White, you have to delegitimise their claim to the social capital their society constructed.

The reason (((they’re))) hated isn’t because they are involved in finance, but rather they systematically work to delegitimise societies ability to direct their economy to serve their society and people, and instead accept parasitic cultures and values in the name of diversity and MultiCulturalism,


I think I read that one when you posted it on the old website.

I only just worked out within last six months the over representation of juice in Hollywood. Why is that?


Glad someone read the link – there are 5 parts to it, and although some of it is heavy reading it is all factually true even if you don’t agree with the conclusions the authors come to.

Ashkenazi Jews as a population group have a median IQ of between 110 and 115 – while this difference is barely noticeable at the median, at the higher echelons of the curve it means they will significantly outnumber other population groups due to their curve still being thicker at those ranges, while other groups are thinning out.

Over time they will statistically achieve significantly more financial success, than a lower median IQ group and will consequently come to dominate leadership roles, and eventually ownership roles as well. Then other cultural factors start to come into play, like ‘Be kind to your fellow small hat’ akin to the gentile old boy network, start coming into play.

The difference is the gentile old boy network will still be based in cultural values that originated within the original society, thus their cultural contributions, films, books, radio, University journals, etc, will all be built upon their own base cultural values. This changes under a new cultural leadership.

Where our cultural works once argued to see our values perpetuated, now “our” new cultural works (really theirs) attack our historic values and history, because they aren’t really our values, but the values they want to replace them with. MultiCult over a more homegenous society, the gender spectrum over the gender binary, etc.

Once you control the narrative of a nation, you can over the space of a couple generations teach them to completely forget who they are.

It was for this reason the great Christian prophet Martin Luther called for all Juicies to be expelled from Europe, for them to be banned from teaching gentiles, publishing books, and generally spreading their cultural values.

Last edited 2 years ago by Stewie

Moles got some nashers

A fly in your ointment

Lovely distraction to mark the occupation day as some sort of sheet which is opposed only by “hate the white guy” mob, “later days immigrants” and “lefties”.

Australia as we know it begun with re-humanisation of abo’s somewhere in 1975, not with arrival of the first immigrants and beginning of the genocide by the english crown’s elite.
English imperial romantics will want you to believe that pointing the finger at genocidal culture of the first immigrants (not the prisoners but the wardens) is some sort of beginning of the Aussie culture which is threatened by lefties and blame the whities mob… … nice distraction… it is not the whities that are to be blamed (for genocide), it is wardens and their (cultural) descendants.

Luckily, lefties will destroy everything they touch and they will inevitably destroy the 26. Jan. For wrong reasons but nevertheless to a good end.

comment image



Indigenous Australians have long had the vote – I have indigenous ancestry. Not uncommon for someone whose ancestor’s who lived along the frontier and carved the nation out of the dust.

The fact is white men offered a far better quality of life than life in the tribe, where if you were a woman you could be gang raped for breaking some minor tribal law, where if you had twins it was acceptable to kill one of them (the common method was pouring dust and dirt down their throat until they suffocated) or having you son’s dick flayed open as a ‘whistle dick’ simply because some evil patriarchal elder of the tribe wants to fuck the young girls or have them available for his sons as opposed to a rivals.

The lack recognition to indigenous that the 1965 referendum was in respect for, was 100% indigenous Australians – most of which still lived in Central and Norther Australia, in as close to traditional subsistence lifestyles as possible at the time. The reason they didn’t vote prior to then, was because of progressive liberals views that they should exist separately, in order to maintain their own traditional societies.

My parents voted, my grandparents voted, and my great grandparents voted. There was indigenous ancestry there, of course guided by antiquated social customs they were broken down as, half casts, quarter casts or octaroons – but they could vote as Australians and they did… now people like myself with one drop of ancestry can claim to be indigenous Australians. Is that a fair outcome?

Personally while I think it is great that people like myself don’t have to be ashamed of any indigenous ancestry, at the same time I see it as an abuse in order to access privilege’s reserved for someone else. In a way it is like how Australia now so readily hands out Australian passports to people who don’t deserve them and who should not be here

While you may notionally call yourself Australian, the fact is you will NEVER really be Australian, hearing you pontificate about moving Australia Day only underlines the fact that you will always be an immigrant.

A fly in your ointment

Luckily, being a normal Australian is something quite different.

Should it not be self evident as to why above text should make one ashamed of oneself particularly the second passage, it would be a waste of oxygen trying to refute.


It must come as quite a surprise to you with your ‘noble savage’ fantasies, to hear that life for Indigenous Australians prior to European settlement was short, brutal and harsh, and that they didn’t spend their days sitting around in grass skirts, making lei’s and singing Kumbaya.

A fly in your ointment

Well, flagellate me and fornicate me silly, the response is in true Aussie subculture of “when failing – double down”. Great achievement!

As I said before, if you are not ashamed of your words for self evident reasons, it is silly to waste oxygen and electrons to refute.

When savages landed on the 26. Jan, the they were not noble. To repeat myself, the Australia as we know it began with re-humanisation of abos cca 1975.
Almost 200yrs of history prior to that is shameful to a big or bigger degree and has nothing to do with modern Australia.

A fly in your ointment

comment image
comment image


Yawn – Australia and most nations in the West had a policy of removing children from any parent who they deemed to be at risk. These were the “progressive” views of the time, held by moral crusaders and people not unlike yourself.

My mother was pressured into giving up my half brother by these same policies, because as a young single mother she was unsuitable to raise him by herself. The policy of removal was applied regardless of race and I say that as someone with Indigenous ancestry and personally affected by the legacy of those policies.

But you wouldn’t know that, because your teaspoon deep understanding of the nation you moved to, and its complex and nuanced history, is entirely built upon what leftist and cultural Marxist institutions like the ABC and SBS have taught you.

Honestly, you are far less a gadfly than you are a useful idiot.

Last edited 2 years ago by Stewie

ROFLMAO – yeah mate keep telling yourself that. My ancestors built such a insufferable, racist shit hole that gimmigrants like yourself will literally drown themselves in dinghies trying to get here.

Everything that made Australia great, was done so long before grifters like you turned up on our shores.

A fly in your ointment

I like the tectonic shift towards ad hominem. As if later day immigrants should be guilty of genocide that occured during times when only WASP were allowed to immigrate (pre ww2)…

Your response does not change one iota of assertion that the first immigrants were the only savages whom brought their savage culture; dismantling it took 200 years and it is still work in progress.
Lefties are useful tool in cases when dealing with issues where lowest caste of Aus society supports agendas of the minority citizens beyond reproach as if they’re part of the same caste. LOL, this was the case since the first prisoners dobbed-in inmates for some freedoms within prison cells. Fornicate me, it is a carbon copy of vaccinazi darting at purebloods of modern days. No wonder 70% support illegal ejection of Djoker, it exposes said stupidity if otherwise.

The fact you are not ashamed of your words can only mean that shame is absent. Thisbis indicative of cerebral fitness.
There is no amount of online abuse that will offend me. What affects me is a good argumentation but so far 100% of what you said here and the other topic is vacuous of a tinge of some semblance of an argument. The other topic response on the same ‘date issue’ which you drowned in verbal fecalia is interesting as it represent worst of the Aussie subculture of issue resolving by just doubling down, rinse and repeat until it ‘works’. Except it seldom works outside ranting at the weaker or subordinate. Rant at a woollies cash register, she won’t smack you back like Tyson.
What is wrong with this country is lodness of your subculture type and delusion that it represents ‘Aussie culture’. It never did. The subculture you represent has almost died out simply because more people get some education nowadays.

I feel sorry for wasting electrons and oxygen to type this response, it is a meaningless addition to global warming which serves no purpose as “you already know it all”.
I only have to say that no mater how much you hate me, immigrants of later days, Jews, Negro’s, abos and whomever else, lefties will use some Vaseline on your types cloaca and have their mardi-gras way with thee… and I got plenty a popcorn.


LOL – your eagerness to show off your cerebral fitness has only resulted in a complete word salad.

“As if later day immigrants should be guilty of genocide that occured during times when only WASP were allowed to immigrate (pre ww2)…”

Yeah, how convenient – just stroll into a nation or society after all the hard work of nation build is done, and conveniently claiming that the founders don’t deserve it on the basis of past wrongs (as judged by the contrived morals of a SBS educated historian) and that moral you has a right to not only claim a piece of but actively work to dismantle it.

This is a strategy that certain tribes have used successfully against gentile societies since the gates of Toledo were thrown open. Trouble is it only works well long term when you completely eradicate the host population…. otherwise they eventually cotton on, fight back and have an Inquisition.

FYI the ONLY genocide to have ever occurred on Australian shores occurred around 4,000 years ago, when a tribe of PNG’ers with advanced ‘sticks’ invaded Australia from the Gulf of Carpanteria:


This also coincided with the PNG’er population group’s Eastward expansion into the Pacific and the genocide of various other ethnic minorities, mainly indigenous Taiwanese. I recommend you have a read of David Reich’s book “Who We Are and How We Got Here”, it is quite enlightening on human migration.

This invasion by the PNG’ers was so successful that they completely eradicated the languages previously spoken on mainland Australia, such that the only place it survived was on Tasmania. The usual way these things work elsewhere in the world, is that the invading tribe killed all the men and boys, and took the women and land as their prize.

So the story of Australia, like most of the rest of the world, is one of continuous conquest where the only right someone has to a piece of land is their ability to defend it. So having some some gimmigrant like yourself lecture me into why I don’t deserve my country or society to continue as it was, might work on some emotional chick or feminized male, but it ain’t ever gunna work on me.

That said I’m honestly not that worried. As we slide down the other side of the Hubbert oil curve and enter a world of resource scarcity the current business model of GDP growth by force feeding gimmigrants like yourself into the economy, probably only has another 10 years or so to run. Hopefully COVID will make that window even shorter.

Then what? Then gimmigrants like yourself are gunna be the minority in a white society that is increasingly stressed from resource depletion and riled up from a decade of being lectured to by progressives waging their culture war against ‘whiteness’. Fair chance that unless you or your descendants have either integrated and assimilated into that population, you or they will either end up in a camp, buried in a ditch or as some lowly caste washing our dicks and cleaning our asses.

Long term moving to a nation as a minority, with no plans on assimilating into the majority, is a very, very bad move.

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