‘Code Brown’ called in Victoria as Andrews realises everything he has touched has turned to shit

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has called a Code Brown in not only relation to the health sector but the entire state of Victoria, after the entire state has exploded into a steaming pile of shit.

Andrews said he came to the realisation that his premiership had been nothing but one steaming turd of fuck up after fuck up, and that taking a dump on the entire state produced an inevitable result.

“I have called a Code Brown today in relation the entire state and I have been informed by NASA that the state appears brown from the ISS,” Andrews said.

“Whether it’s COVID, quarantine, infrastructure, mandates, hospitals, ambulances, brutal police response, slug gate, red shirts, pandemic laws, or anything else I clearly have the Shite-as Touch. But hey, how about those level crossings!”

Andrews has also called a halt to testing for COVID in wastewater as there is now no longer any need, due to the smell from the Yarra now smelt statewide.

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So we’re going from war on Covid to war on Russia…..this will end well.


So we’ve skipped the war on climate change?


Isn’t that what we’re going to fight the Soviets over?


All their bases are ours. Not a single shitty narrative is going unchallenged, and our morale is way higher.

Basically they are falling apart. It’s going to be biblical 🙂



Only took them 2yrs to work it out….wonder how long it will take us.

Rahul Poohammer

Andrews has lovers hands.
He fucks everything he touches.


And yet he will win the next election. 🤷‍♀️

I guess with a social media army, bots and trolls you could sell anything.


He’s a slippery little sucker!



First 5mins is a wrap up of Covid.


Over 100,000 ‘Vax injuries’ have been registered at the TGA……surely there are lawyer’s sniffing around for a big pay day


Only crisis in hospitals is the lack of staff forcing the closure of beds. Let unjabbed doctors and nurses get back to work. RAT test every day if you have to. No reason to use infected or isolating doctors and nurses. That makes no sense if you are trying to stop transmissions. But again no logic in any of this.


The issue is the vaxxed are dying at a much higher rate of all sorts of issues.

And the narrative is failing worldwide. Of course our local bunyip aristocratic caste are stupider than average, so the information will take a while to spread here.

It’s beautiful watching the cabal fall apart. They are panicking. Probably why restrictions are being removed across Europe. In case they need to run lol.

This is about the point they should start attacking each other.

Long popcorn 😂


I think that you’re getting on the popcorn a bit early, T.

this has a while to play out, yet. Pfizer hasn’t shipped any doses of Jab 2.0 or pfizermectin & so there is going to be a strong effort to keep the plates spinning until those are rolling off the production line. Once we get there, I think we might get another spurt of craziness as the new wonderdrugs are worshipped & used to justify mandates and infanticide and shit


Sure. Yeah it’s going to go on a bit longer. But the panic is real and the programming is failing.

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No one believes them anymore, otherwise they would not have to run shit like this.

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Oh T, you always have the best snips to share! 🥰


I saw that nocebo effect bullshit being reported during the week. They are thrashing whatever reputation they ever had.


Agent 47

It’s a temporary reprieve, people getting the champagne are naive IMO.

Financial chaos is next and I think they will partially use that to beat people into submission further as central bank digital currencies become the solution to the contrived problem.


It’s a temporary reprieve, people getting the champagne are naive IMO.

this is most likely right. As attentive people have learned from history – it’s not over until it’s over.


I agree with you. I think they are readying the economic disaster to wallop people just as they are think the worst is over.


IMO banning of unvaxxed workers in general has more to do with financial liabilities. Banning doctors and nurses probably politics though.

Lawsuits and workers compensation claims to rise as workers catch COVID – ABC News


It’s amazing though how quickly the Feds and the States can pass “emergency” legislation when it suits them……firearms control, terrorism, pandemic, etc.
But when it comes to limiting liability in order to get large swathes of the workforce back, it’s all a bit too hard.
I guess letting the unvaxxed go back to work wouldn’t look too good against the prevailing narrative.


I was thinking that too. The “liability” situation is only that way because of political convenience/desire.

if they wanted a different outcome, the liability situation could have been removed (indeed, reversed) at the stroke of a pen (just like govt liability for jab injury has been capped at a nominal $5k)

Agent 47

New psy-op/scariant just dropped yo. 28 days later IRL. Just getting lazy with copying and pasting Hollywood movies. Inb4 someone gets bitten and the zombies start.



Heh, this will be a good one.

Odds on that there were 100 monkeys on the manifest, but only 99 monkeys on the truck itself. Guaranteeing that the last monkey can never be found by an eagle-eyes pensylvanian (if they don’t want it to be found) 😘

And Because they are monkeys rather than bats or penguins, the stories are potentially going to be much more believable

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Check out the 100 monkeys movie


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Apparently you are not able to upset the CCP at the Australian Open:

The sooner the Australian Open is removed from Melbourne, the better.

Agent 47

According to one of my colleagues who previously worked at the Olympic Complex, the event runs at a loss and is propped by tax payers and foreign (read Chinese) money. So this doesn’t surprise me.

Fuck it off, sportsball needs to be knocked down a few pegs in this country. Wishful thinking but necesary.


Pretty interesting move – all I can see is this generating free publicity for Drew Pavlou who is running on an anti-China campaign.


Funny how we are supposed to be living in a transparent democracy, while the Russians are supposedly living under the jackboot of authoritarianism:

QR Codes Are Dead in Russia

The sum of all fears for the average Russian has just been averted. The large packet of totalitarian answers to a problem of questionable magnitude has been booted from the State Duma. There has been an air of dread amongst the populace who were waiting to see if nationwide QR-code legislation would make it into law destroying their lives and businesses to separate those vaccinated from plague ridden riff raff. There was an expectation that some sort of Hegelian Dialectic gamesmanship would get a watered down, but still crushing version of this system passed. Thankfully for the sake of the Russian economy and sanity itself this is now not to be. This decision to completely bail on a QR Code apartheid not only comes at an interesting moment in history but has great relevance for Russia itself and issues related to Covid-19 on a global scale.


Still, without all that yummy QR code data stored somewhere how are all the marketing and data mining companies going to make an honest living.

Vlad needs to get Jerome Weimar on the phone and find out how to get the system working, and how to make sure that nobody knows who is accessing the data.

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It has come to my attention that Victoria claims that the checkin data is deleted after 28 days.

im pretty sure that this is a lie, but it’s an interesting claim.


Yep…..so they say.

On the same page they also say:

New QR Code check-in history – you control your data

All data collected through the Victorian QR code system is encrypted and can only be used for contact tracing. If there is no outbreak at a venue, your check-in details will be automatically deleted after 28 days – including what’s listed in the new history function on your phone.


The page is dated August 17, 2021, and is the first hit when googling ” is vic qr data deleted after 28 days”.

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Do people still check in?


I think the 80+ crowd do. and those weirdos who get their primary children jabbed.

that’s pretty much it, based on my research.


Will still write down details at work – much more trust in my current workplace than the government.


But at work they’d know that you are there anyway… as are the customers/patients/etc so it’s a bit superfluous, innit?

Albeit if employer says thou shalt sign in, that’d be more persuasive than the storekeeper (on behalf of and under Duress Due to Dherbrain Dan)


From the NSW report today:

Of today’s 34 COVID-19 fatalities, there were 26 men and eight women who were aged between their 40s and 90s.

Two had received three doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, 23 had received two doses, three had received one dose and six were not vaccinated.

And for similar transparent reporting from Victoria;



Quite funny watching people attempt to prove vaccination doesn’t work by posting stats that suggest the exact opposite. It is not obvious enough that less that 5% unvaccinated making up nearly 20% of deaths, or that 33% boosted and only making up less than 10% of deaths.

Last edited 2 years ago by Freddy

It’s a pity that elective surgery is on hold at the moment, Freddy.
Otherwise, you probably could have had that foot surgically removed from your mouth.
The post which you so quickly tried to do a Dan Andrews on was comparing relative transparency of data between the States of NSW and Victoria.
No comment was passed on the numbers, or their significance.
And for your information, the current double vaxxed rate in the population of NSW as at January 16 (latest numbers) is 78.4%, meaning that 21.6%…….not 5%…… of all NSW residents were unvaccinated at that date.


The vaccination rate for adults is over 95% and closer to 100% for the higher risk age groups.

COVID-19 vaccine data centre: How many people have been vaccinated worldwide? (smh.com.au)

It just so happens that each time they have opened up vaccination to younger age group the propagandists use the opportunity to fool dunces like you.


Here you go, Freddy….the latest NSW numbers:

You have to remember that the virus really doesn’t give a rats whether you are adult, 12+, 5+ or whatever.

Unvaccinated is unvaccinated……21.6% of the NSW population.

And it is possible to make a point, you know, without hurling childish insults.

Apologies for the lousy graphic.

Percent vaccinated.PNG
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The death rates rise almost exponentially with age. An 80yo is hundreds of times more likely to die than a child.

The anti-vax propaganda is to bundle young people (who are predominantly unvaccinated) in with the statistics of old people (who are close to 100% vaccinated) to make it look like the vaccine is not working. It is a bit like saying no unvaccinated children are dying therefore old people should not be getting vaccinated. It is an outright lie.

You have to look at vax vs unvax survival rates in the same age groups.


You have to look at vax vs unvax survival rates in the same age groups.

if you recall we did, and overall for anyone under 40 you were more likely to die if you were vaccinated than if not for every group from 10-14 to 35-39, maybe higher bit I didn’t check.


Disingenuous. Your post was about deaths from non-covid. If you factor in Covid deaths from same dataset the break even point was closer to 20yo.


point to the table and line that shows this

table 8 clearly shows the opposite


You should just give up mate. Nobody is buying what you’re selling. Nobody trusts your data. Even if it is was 100% gold certified by God himself, there has been so much corruption displayed by The Narrative that nobody believes anything any more. A bit too much of The Boy Who Cried Wolf.


I will keep calling out the lies and explaining the stats. A few elderly aunts/uncles who believed their dunce anti-vax children end have ended up getting vaccinated. I have also explained to parents that the benefit to children is more perceived than realised. Some of them have decided against it based on what I have explained. It doesn’t quite fit your Boy Who Cried Wolf narrative.

If you want to live like a hermit because you are too afraid of the virus and too afraid of getting vaccinated then good for you. I personally think it is the dumbest decision of all but each to their own.

Last edited 2 years ago by Freddy

aye, Freddy is pretty balanced, he’s not some ideological jab pusher nut. He just sees the vial as half full


I will keep calling out the lies and explaining the stats.

I think you need to try harder.

If you want to live like a hermit because you are too afraid of the virus and too afraid of getting vaccinated……..

No…not afraid of the virus….that is the domain of those who feel the need to take ever-increasing doses of the same experimental drug in the face of diminishing efficacy.

Not afraid of getting vaccinated either….just experienced enough to know a con job when I see one.

Who’s living like a hermit??
Bit of projection going on there, methinks.


My response was to LSWCHP who has stated on MB site that he is avoiding the virus. This thing is so contagious that there is no third option of hiding.


Yep, the credibility of those who release the data is shot to bits and laying scattered on the floor.

too many attempts to misrepresent and hide and obfuscate and massage, etc.

if the jabs were so great, they wouldn’t have to try so hard to “prove” it. It would be obvious to the vast majority of people, with no convincing.

Just like people know that iPhones are great, with no convincing.

the reality is that the jabs are a much more marginal proposition. It was a big mistake to try to market them as “all things to all people”.


With double vaxxed states now being well in the 90s, the vast majority haven’t needed convincing at all.

I’m not quite sure yet if people are going to resist the third (and any subsequent jabs). A couple of patients I’ve spoken to are over it, and only going to get 2 but this is the vast minority so far. At the funeral I went to last week nearly everyone I spoke to was keen to get their boosters early, but that was probably a result of the person passing who was unvaccinated, caught Covid and died within a week.

At work everyone is already triple vaxxed, but that’s healthcare for you. Even the one holdout nurse who refused for the longest time eventually got 2, and that was after telling me he’d try to get away with just one shot last year. Some of his theories are completely whack, but at the end of the day you gotta pay the bills EZFKA style.


With double vaxxed states now being well in the 90s, the vast majority haven’t needed convincing at all

my recollection is a bit different. I think the jab rate was growing quite slowly and was well below 50% after some months.

kents has to roll out mandates and threats as well as social penalties to non-users, to motivate people. Then the majority caved.

not quite sure yet if people are going to resist the third (and any subsequent jabs). A couple of patients I’ve spoken to are over it, and only going to get 2 but this is the vast minority so far

my estimate is that 1/4 – 1/3 of the double jabbed are looking askance at the idea of a thirds… so a minority, but a reasonably sized one.

but at the end of the day you gotta pay the bills EZFKA style



I think you’d have been surprised by just how many people were eager and willing to get vaccinated as soon as possible. From my own patient data, it’s 4 out of about 1000 who have point blank refused, which was well below my expectations. Up until this year, we hadn’t actively stopped anyone accessing services who wasn’t double vaxxed either.

3 of those 4 them live in remote/rural areas where Covid isn’t likely to happen at all. But even they say that they are under pressure from family, community etc to get vaccinated. That in itself tells me that people around the country are rolling up their sleeves in droves.

Keep in mind that in Victoria, the vax mandated was only introduced in September 2021 to cover those working in residential aged care facilities, construction sites, healthcare, schools and childcare. This isn’t anywhere near 90% of my patient base, so it’s hard to reconcile threats of job loss with uptake. 

I can remember a lot of people complaining about the initial lack of vaccine supply, which probably accounts for the slowed initial uptake. Those who I’ve spoken to who are getting their boosters in the upcoming months only had their second shots in November/December, which points to September/October as the months where the vaccine supply was more readily accessible.


Gouda, your anecdata seems more voluminous and detailed than mine, so you could be closer to the truth.

But could there perhaps be a bit of sampling bias/base rate effects, due to the fact that you’re dealing with people who have need to access “health services”?


vax mandated was only introduced in September 2021 to cover those working in residential aged care facilities, construction sites, healthcare, schools and childcare. This isn’t anywhere near 90% of my patient base,

you may be underestimating the reach of the mandates – didn’t it also cover everyone in retail and hospitality (ie sales chicks and waitresses)… as well as anyone who wanted a haircut or manicure or to go into KMart…?

All that being said, however, 4 out of 1000 does seem much much lower than I would expect.

it also seems that there could be a difference between people’s claims (talk a big game) and behaviour (get in line to get jabbed)

will be interested to see how people react when those authoritatians start mandating 3rd doses… My straw poll suggested that perhaps 1/4 to 1/3 of double jabbers would turn from an attitude of “go along to get along” to “get your rosaries off my ovaries”. Maybe I’m way off and it’s more like 1/50, or less?!

Last edited 2 years ago by Peachy

I definitely think there has to be some level of sampling bias, although I haven’t worked out a good way to quantify this. I guess what struck me was that there seemed to be plenty of RE, finance, IT and working from home types who all got vaxxed when given the opportunity. Amongst those I expected there to be a good chunk of ocker/”she’ll be right types”. Even the unemployed and retired – last year I was surprised my own father got AZ as he’s not the sort of person to take any medication, get any medical investigations, usually extremely sceptical about everything and avoids anything with artificial products and chemicals. At the time I remember thinking that I’d prefer that my parents hold off waited and wait for more evidence, as Covid was basically non- existent where they were living.

One thing I noticed were that those who would normally fit into anti-vax mother’s groups (eg. the type who ask for childhood vaccination exemptions) flipped the other way, booking in appointments at multiple clinics or putting their names down on cancellation lists. I’d put this down to the impact of months of homeschooling young kids, trying to do anything possible to avoid more of that as well as societal pressure.

What has surprised me are people who are even more anxious then anything you’d read in the media. One woman who was trying to get an exemption to get vaccinated early was having all kinds of panic when the government stopped listing the tiered exposure sites. I don’t think they’ve left their house or seen family over the last 2 years, and she never sees doctors because in her area they’re all migrants and can’t understand them.

One older friend who is a bit of an oddball has been triple vaxxed and still refuses to go out at all. He’d normally hang out at a mutual friend’s shop to chat, but has declined all invites since the start of the pandemic. Even said shop owner who hates Dan Andrews with a passion, hated all the lockdowns and restrictions, yet decided to continue with mask wearing even when restrictions on retail were first lifted. His reasoning was that he has children who aren’t old enough to be vaccinated – protecting one’s family has been a big driver too, enough in some instances to overcome libertarian instincts.


Thanks for taking the time to post your experiences.
A few honest anecdotes from real-world encounters like yours help to fill in many blanks, but regrettably, they also highlight the hysteria, panic, and irrationality that have been engendered by an orchestrated and concerted campaign of fear.

As Peachy has noted, there appears to a slight whiff of reason in the air lately….but it takes a long time to turn an ocean liner around.

Charles Mackay summed up the current situation rather elegantly:

Men, it has been well said, think in herds; It will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, and one by one.

Last edited 2 years ago by plaguerat

we’d of gotten to like 70% or so vaxxed w/o the mandates and all the pressure, maybe more but not much more. i think you’re understating the number of so-called resentful vaxxed are out there.

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Another tiny ray of sanity peeks through the fog of fear:

New Hampshire Pharmacies Could Soon Begin Dispensing Ivermectin Without Doctor’s Prescription

A bill working its way through the New Hampshire legislature would allow residents to receive ivermectin from pharmacies with a prescription of a doctor or an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) for the off-label treatment of Covid-19.


Follow the Granite Grok link in the article for some compelling testimony.

Wonder how long before our “just following the science” dummkopfs will be dragged kicking and screaming into the real world?


With double vaxxed states now being well in the 90s, the vast majority haven’t needed convincing at all.

I would have thought that the prospect of losing ones job would have facilitated a great deal of convincing.

I recall that the WA mandate covered around 75% of the workforce….that’s one way to build up a significant majority in a very short space of time.

Paraphrased it’s “Get the jab, or starve and lose your home”.

I believe that in some parts of the Italian culture it’s referred to as an offer you can’t refuse 🙂


wtf theyd of n ever gotten the numbers they did without the hardcore coercion tactics they pulled, job mandates were the big hook followed after by the vaccine lockouts, and all the other b.s lies they shoved on us like “it’ll stop the transmission, we promisse”

Shae The Burmese

Indeed. I estimate 60% of the jabbed “rolled up” to be vaccinated against unemployment, not against a deadly virus.

Reus's Large MEMBER

Composition is everything, were the unvaccinated old or to sick to be vaccinated or were they jabbed within the last two weeks and how old were they.


Another comment read, “Y’all should worry more that you can only guarantee 24 per cent of the chocolate you buy didn’t come from child slave labour,” drawing attention to a recent Washington Post article about Mars’ use of child labour in Africa.