Macrobusiness merrily lands into same hole it has been falling into For decade… Accuses others of not learning

Today at Macrobusiness the boys moan:

It’s the same every time we face this question. The same tired people. The same reactionary arguments. The same lack of imagination. All have resisted rate cuts for years, been wrong the entire time about it, yet they never let up nor learn.

ironically, they almost immediately get to repeating their own tired dogma, which has been constantly wrong FOR A DECADE…

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Melbourne has likely seen the lows of virus infections

So apparently Victorian schools have gone back to in-classroom learning this week. It should therefore be expected that virus diagnoses will bounce and them Mexicans will never get to their target of 5 or fewer per day.

Laughs on those fearful types who advocated the months and months of house arrest for all residents for a goal that can only be hit by sheer luck.

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