Weekend Links, May 08-09, 2021

Welcome to the Weekend Links for May 08-09, 2021!

We are very happy to have everyone here, and hope everyone had a really good week.

So Bill Gates is getting divorced. But then Bill Gates has been weird a long time, and has gone from strange geek odd to gates of hell evil. Who knows?

There is a bunch on this stuff coming out – https://pagesix.com/2021/05/05/translator-denies-splitting-up-bill-and-melinda-gates/ – so for my money, he is using the Bezos play to safeguard his wealth. The translator is believed to be CCP, but ymmv.

Anywho… watch this you muppets! Its hilarious. Bruz’s lawyer (not just bruz) got a new arsehole ripped out. Funny as… he talks about Bruz’s small …

So he’s a lefty. Sue me.

Politics And Governance

Bahahaha…. Cisgender Intersectional Agency recruitment ad. We have confirmation that the intelligence services are completely compromised by Progressive cultists.

Happily, given they are our enemies, this is a win.

In other news:

Perspectives On Health

If you’re in Sydney, mask are back!

Babylon Bee nails it with this one…

Just to be clear.

There is (probably) some kind of highly infectious flu going around. Which (probably) was being experimented on in Wuhan (gain of function research) funded by the US – Fauci himself. Which someone let out/lost control off. But there is also a pretty strong agenda to use this crisis as part of a power grab. Politics and everything.

But, I also have a great deal of respect for the ordinary folks (healthcare) trying to get their heads around it to keep us all safe. And the poor schmucks who are having their livelihoods destroyed by this.

Let’s see how it all plays out.

Culture Wars

Here at weekend links, we often take aim at the stupidity known as Feminism. Because its stupid. And many women fall for it hook, line and sinker. But not all.

I’ve seen women with enormous courage take on the system. These ladies clearly have larger (metaphorically speaking) cahones than the vast vast majority of men out there.

And lets be clear, if mens actions are heavily policed by society (men get harsher prison sentences almost always), womens speech is far more heavily policed by society, and punished by a loss of status in the female social matrix far far worse than ever happens to a man. A man may get punched in the face, but women may face far worse – there are worse fates than death after all.

A single man cannot be equal to any single women, or vice versa – not least because any person is unlikely to be equal to who they were the previous day, or will be the next day.

However, men and women do have equivalent roles to play in (a sane / functioning) society. This is what I think anyways.

So this weekend, lets give them some props.

So maybe you agree with Sydney Watson. Maybe not. But she has courage and is fighting the good fight.

And Brittany Sellner…

Both Suzanne Venker and Bettina Arndt have been attacked repeatedly for their views expressing their views. Remember, womens speech is policed like mens actions are, so the below takes legit personal courage.

Right one more…

Case in point, who did it take to kick start ezfka? Yeah. Credit where its due.

Also, a personal hero – https://www.brainpickings.org/2017/02/07/hannah-arendt-the-banality-of-evil/ – Hannah Arendt lost family in the holocaust, but still had the cahones to criticize Ben Gurion’s usage of fear to win political elections in the early years of Israel.

To call out Israels founding father in the 50’s for politicizing (weaponizing) holocaust deaths to win election campaigns. Yeah… planet sized cahones.

Culture Is Breaking Bad

I like ADVChina and SerpentZA. Its such an honor to be alive when so many ordinary people worldwide are choosing to stand up and pay the price to stop the totalitarian criminals running China. God bless them.

How did your civilization end? Slowly, and then really fast.

Culture Wars – Funny edition…

Now, we mock male feminists. Because they are the lowest of the low. The only question for a male feminist is, have you been caught with a dead hooker in the trunk, yet?


A CCP mouthpiece decided to juxtaposition India’s burning pyre images with China’s space launch. Chinese Weibo users reacted so strongly that said CCP mouthpiece deleted the tweet, and are now ignoring its existence. This is the kind of thing that starts blood feuds.

And god bless Palki Sharma-Upadhyay. Anywho…


The point is the government made it illegal, and then the department tried to cover up its cock up. While there should be fines for attempting to evade quarantine by clipping past loop holes, this one seems to have been bungled good and proper.

Obligatory Cat Video!

Animals give me a lot of happiness, and yeah…

Makes me smile 🙂 and have a good weekend!

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Fixed it!


Not as many lol’s as a I had watching that Geordie video. I only intended on watching a couple minutes for the lolz and ended up watching the whole thing! ROFL

Macro Cuck

Where’s our pork and cheese friend today?


That is so fucked.

Believe it or not, I actually follow a couple left wing feminist TERFS (and even more weirdly some of them follow me).

Here is spindly, neurotic Sarah Silverman throwing her support behind some white middle age guy in a dress wanting to become the next women’s power lifter


A lot of these ideas about women being identical to men in all respects, stem from the same ideas that population groups are identical in all respects.

i.e. They are cultural values or beliefs/faith.

I made some comments on this a couple months back



Hi Stewie,
Hope you’re well.
Missed your contributions at MB.


Hi Sacha,

glad to see you here – MB just became too much hard work trying to comment, and I had to take a break, although I think I’ve commented once or twice on a couple of Leith’s articles.

I don’t mind arguing and I enjoy informed vigorous discussion, but the unceasing attacks on character was another thing that gradually wore me down. That and the unprovoked abuse was also another thing, that this was largely policed in one direction made having good faith discussions nearly impossible and turned it into a mud slinging competition.

It has been good, I’m wasting less time reading articles and screaming into the wind by commenting beneath them. More fun actually string them together in the odd post here. Still enjoy their articles though – although DLS’s fan-boying for Biden is embarrassing to behold.

Last edited 3 years ago by Stewie

Thanks Stewie.
I always admired how you managed to keep going in a rational way and to stay the perfect gentleman while doing it.
I am not so well at keeping my temper in check unfortunately, and have said some ugly things on MB, I’m surprised I never got banned though.
I visited less and less due to not enough differing of opinions and viewpoints.

You might be interested in a banned/suppressed book by Solzhenitsyn:
‘200 Hundred Years Together’
I tried ordering it but then found out it was never officially translated in English.
Just today I downloaded two unofficial PDF versions from Archive.org:
See what you think.

With the whole cancel culture that is erasing part of history, I think you have to start building your own library before it has all been disappeared into the memory hole.


“I think you have to start building your own library before it has all been disappeared into the memory hole.”

Blockchain will become the store of truth!

We’ve all said some very nasty stuff from time to time, myself most definitely included. I do generally try to avoid it though, and when I do it is at those who’ve been abusively @’ing me.

Yeah, read a lot of Solzhenitsyn but trying not to clutter up the comments too much with the obvious implications of his observations.

Last edited 3 years ago by Stewie



Pull your head in lol


Oh hi,
Surprised to see you here.
You were studying sociology yes? Or was it anthropology?
Are you observing and taking notes for your baccalaureate about the deplorables?


You’re a cunt, always have been, always will be.


That’s a good observation!
But I’m afraid it’s not enough for your degree. You have to expand a bit more.
Do please try to put a little bit more effort into it.


Keep riding that tinfoil hat, it will take you far

Agent 47

Wait until Hannah Mouncey plays AFLW.


AFL tries to portray itself as progressive and understanding of the woke cause, so should fit right in.
As much as the AFL tries to portray itself as progressive, it was missing in action for actual racism at Collingwood Football Club.


AFL doesn’t realise how aggressively anti-women and misogynistic the ones leading this trans movement are. They are not effeminate gay men with body dysmorphia trying to live as a woman, which I don’t think too many people would have a problem with.

By and large the leaders of this trans ‘movement’ are misogynistic males with a desire to invade women’s space – a form of domination, and whose transsexuality is more of sexual kink or perversion (look up Autogynephilia), than a genuine psychological condition.

Oh and a large number of them are also heterosexuals’, and expect lesbians to have sex with them and their ‘girl penises’.

Last edited 3 years ago by Stewie

Apparently “progressive” social thinking Politicians believe, and would have us recognise, that as well as limitless gender “identities” that there are in fact 6 biological sexes.

State Representative, Democrat James Talarico, a former English teacher with a master’s in education policy, made his pronouncement before the Public Education Committee on a measure to ban transgender athletes from girls’ K-12 scholastic sports, the Washington Times reported:

“The bill seems to think there are two,” Talarico told the chamber. “The one thing I want us to all be aware of is that modern science obviously recognizes that there are many more than two biological sexes. In fact, there are six.”

I wonder where they are drawing those cultural ideas about gender from?


(weirdly while the http address has the original articles described number of genders, the header of the article itself has been upped to 8 genders!)

Culture matters!

Last edited 3 years ago by Stewie

Underrated comment, all these cunts here seem too busy to applaud this quality contribution/commentary. I was thinking the same shit reading that story and came here to see the discussion. Glad I wasn’t the only one clocking this.

Who the hell leaves their little kids overseas in the first place though?  My ex is American and my kids have been to the US many times. Even with strong family connections there's no way we would've left a baby with the grandparents and come back to Oz like that couple with the now 19 month old.
A fly in your ointment

Rearing of children I many cultures is a family task rather than just the parent(s). Parents would go producing income and it is grandparents and extended non working family that supports children.
Slow decline of traditional values, like family, have made such custom seem odd in the Westworld.
I would have 0 concerns

No, I don’t agree that children should be left behind, from article it seems that children were left behind to have a longer holiday and their return was hampered by flights deficiency.



Last edited 3 years ago by Stewie

Interestingly the nuclear family is a family structure that appear to have been the norm esp in north-western european culture for many centuries from the high middle ages, if not earlier, onwards to the present.


The claim that we use to have much more larger extended families living together is more an Eastern European narrative that assumes their cultural history and values, like family structure, is our culture. These were far more clannish societies, especially the further east and south you moved.

In Western Europe the Latin Catholic church made a significant effort to break up the clan concept and redirect it to “society”. That said, while you probably wouldn’t have grown up in a multi-generational household, you would probably have still grown up in a small village filled with 1st, 2nd and 3rd cousins (which were again governed by rules of cousin marriage that were more strict than many other cultures).

Credit to HBDChick whose tweet these links have been stolen from:


Last edited 3 years ago by Stewie
A fly in your ointment

You said it well.
If ovearly pedantic, I’d add Mediterranean countries to the same mix as “Eastern European”, but to a lesser degree.
My reply meant to say that custom of rearing children by relatives may seem overly odd now in comparison to say 50 yrs ago.
I am obviously a wog. Where I grew up, children are in (literally, as in French) Laissez-faire care of neighbourhood over and above the care given by parents. So not necessarily only relatives.


“My reply meant to say that custom of rearing children by relatives may seem overly odd now in comparison to say 50 yrs ago.”

My apologies – on that I would agree unequivocally.

I’d tend to agree with you on the Mediterranean call. I grew up in a very Italian influenced town and the Nona was always nearby, more so with more southern the Italian ancestry.

Last edited 3 years ago by Stewie



‘MB Cuck. Realise your failings. Everyone is moving on from this rubbish! And it is rubbish. Trump is bad, and Scomo. Chinamen etc. Agree or die! LOLOLOL”

I think Reusa getting a little fed up with the thought police patrolling the comments too?


Once he goes, it will be an echo chamber.

A fly in your ointment

He’s just a blip on the radar. Reverbation in its purest sound is there for at least a year, or two.


I don’t think his schtick would work as well here. We’re don’t offer enough housing bear porn for him to counter.

Agent 47

He’s the last bull at that place standing.


It is hilarious that the site has shown sky high mortgage commitments, sky high clearance rates, a massive war chest of savings, government grants and record low interest rates and for almost the last year the commenters predict impending doom and still do. It didn’t matter how much Reusa mocked their predictions or Peachy proved their predictions wrong, yet they keep predicting the mega crash will happen in the next six to eighteen months.


For sure.

Telling, too. only 1 bull standing when prices are at all time highs and zooming. Hmmmm, how does that happen?!


“Bull” has different meanings in different situations…. the Bull at a relations party is a somewhat different to the Bull at a stockbrokers party.

Last edited 3 years ago by Stewie

Actually cracked up a few times, as irritating as he is.



I was actually worried about your wellbeing.
You are Haroldus right?


Turncoats?!? What abominable propaganda is this? We are freedom fighters my friend, a flowering voice of liberty in a garden filling with oppressive progressive weeds.


Good, well done.


Yeah mate!

Just got the shits with the marsupial preservation society.


I believe that is not what he means when he mentions MPS, but you could be right though, he is a Superstar in his own mind.
Just take a break and maybe return when you’re ready.
Good to see you’re ok.

Last edited 3 years ago by BING!
Chinese Astroturfer

Another good night to be in steel and shipping. I’m not heavily in shipping, but it’s having a good run.

Glad I’m not spooked by DLS’s chicken little calls of a commodity bust, iron ore crash, deflation, certain China crash, blah blah blah.

On any timeline long enough he’ll be right, but I’ll have more money than him ha.


Meme of the week – courtesy of @theidiottax:

“In Sydney, this would see single parents requiring a deposit of just $14,000 based on a property worth $700,000”


Last edited 3 years ago by Stewie
Agent 47

Our Jewish treasurer showing his compassion yet again. Get the single mothers that his brand of secular values has helped create into debt slavery much easier.

By the way this is also interesting.



Honestly, if you are a businessman who understands that life is a competition of values, and want to guarantee that yours are present in the future, converting to Judaism would be a smart choice.

This is a cultural group that has successfully retained its identity for 4,000 years, surviving centuries of ‘oppression’. While other nations have risen and fallen, and many of the cultures that became their oppressors have since been obliterated to nothingness over the course of millennia, theirs has endured. As victors in this cultural longevity game, they also gets to write their own narrative and version of history.

As I said, smart move in the monte carlo simulation of life, as a string of encoded genes fight it out for dominance.

Last edited 3 years ago by Stewie

I wish I was a member of a cultural group that successfully retained it’s identity for 4000 years. But the Jewish identity’s survival can probably be attributed to their homelessness. Without the shared sense of being outsiders, I doubt Jewishness would have survived as strongly.


Their cultural values have imho evolved to be perfectly suited to surviving in different communities.

A strong sense of cultural identity, a moral viewpoint that equates integration and assimilation with genocide. An evolutionary strategy to maximise pity through victimhood, and a suite of other evolutionary social strategies designed to spread values that undermine social good and consequently authority, by appealing to individual rights, as outlined by Kevin MacDonald’s observations as “A Culture of Critique”.

They may indeed be the post persecuted culture on earth…. or it may just be survivorship bias and the ability to rewrite history to justify your actions, as history is after all written by the victors. I sometimes wonder whether in another thousand years, their texts will tell how they were captured in Europe and sold into slavery by Nazi’s to the United States of Oppression.


EZFKA all the way.


Single parents will be backed to buy their own home with a deposit as modest as 2 per cent under a new housing program to be announced in Tuesday’s budget.

The program, to be known as the Family Home Guarantee, is designed to help single mothers and fathers overcome one of the “biggest hurdles” to achieving the dream of homeownership.

The new Family Home Guarantee for single parents will support up to 10,000 single parents with dependants over four years, commencing 1 July 2021.

But it will help not only first home buyers but also single parents attempting to re-enter the housing market after divorce and family breakdown.
Like the existing First Home Loan Deposit Scheme, it will be subject to property price caps that restrict the benefits based on the state where the single parents live.


Under the scheme a minimum 2 per cent deposit will be required, although a 5 per cent deposit will be required for the New Home Guarantee with the Government to cover up to 18 per cent of the property purchase price.

ahahahhahahahahah! This is great.
Treasury have clearly been reading stuff from me and that legend Jumping Jack Flash.


LMI companies will be pissed off by this. You know LNP ideology not to compete with private enterprise and all that.


Nah, they are happy. They’ll pick off the best bits and leave the rest for Josh to underwrite.
Plus if it keeps increasing house prices, their provisions will be lower for less loss events and less severity of loss. Extra dividends for shareholders.

Chinese Astroturfer

If you can’t save 20% you can’t service a loan if there’s a prolonged slump.

I’d make everyone demonstrate with bank statements going back 7 years that they put together the deposit on their own. Gifted money does not count towards the deposit, only counts against the person’s credit record.

Last edited 3 years ago by Chinese Astroturfer

Where did you come from? 1980?!

can’t borrow if you don’t have 20%? A “prolonged slump”? How quaint. These things don’t exist in EZFKA, mate!



Yup T – that CIA ad was like unbelievable cringe.

I mean, do you really think putting a Dunning-Kruger minority lesbian with mental health issues is really the sort of stable sort of spy that you want who isn’t going to flip out when she gets offended by some CIS white males micro-aggression and hand over the nations secrets to the Russians or Chinese as pay back?

But really this is just a further extension of Woke Progressive’s war on the Armed forces and our civic institutions in general that I have already commented on several times:



Essentially they want a society that is incapable of defending itself in a united, coordinated way, other than the policing of thought crime against the elites running the place.

In respect of the dissolution of the US Army as an effective fighting force, won’t everyone put their hand together for yet another mediocre minority empowered by the Democrats and their progressive ideology of bullshit and hate, Mr Bishop Garrison:


Agent 47

Agree. Neuter the institutions and atomize them. Hence the attempted demoralisation of the ADF and Police underway here.

Russia is finished!!!

It may seem to be TL;DR article but the writing is somewhat visual (can allow you to make a mental and visual picture with a bit of pre-knowledge) and it could keep you going.
Anyway, the date it was written is indicative of the narrative age


It is part of the repointing of the ‘Threat’ to liberty back towards Russia, which I see as part of the Democrats 1000 year feud with the tribes of the Rus. The author certainly seemed to be mainly viewing Russian through the lens and biases of the 1990s. But in terms of the articles premise

Russia Is Finished:

The unstoppable descent of a once great power into social catastrophe and strategic irrelevance

I think the main evidence of that claim is that a failure to move towards permissive liberalism is seen to be as a failure to move forward – as though ever more liberalism is always and every time social advancement. I think Russia as a cohesive society stands a far better chance of existing in the future as a coherent nation than Australia, Canada, the US or UK do.

A fly in your ointment

What has me interested is that the narrative of Russia being a threat to “democratic world” and 18 months away from a disaster [tm] hasnot changed in well over 20 years.
When dissidents began to flee “become stuck ” in Russia, I knew the end of the other side was inevitable, cemented. Effectively US and its wolf pack have become Soviet states and Soviets have become a free world (by comparison).


“What has me interested is that the narrative of Russia being a threat to “democratic world” and 18 months away from a disaster [tm] hasnot changed in well over 20 years.”

The media and those who control it need a boogie man to rail against. Anyone who resists globohomo is our enemy.

Last edited 3 years ago by Stewie

Brave reward is awaiting ezfka.com as soon as the website signs up.


For those of you with black and white* TV sets, this is how much one gets over about 3 months of selected inintrusive adds coming to your phone each time browser is open.

* obviously a very clear sign that the television was conceived as racial, with exclusion of yellow and brown Asians and Americans (that is true Americans, aka reds)


I wish I knew half of what it would take to get in on that.

but thank you very much for the good intent!

A fly in your ointment

Download Brave browser, sign up ezfka for support and receive money.
It means EZFKA does need not to have ads, adds I’ve “seen” are deemed as from this website, hence the rewards.

A fly in your ointment

I use brave when I want no tracking at all


I started using Brave when visiting Zerohedge with Safari made my CPU go haywire.
Good thing with Brave is you can fine tune for each site how much protection you want/need.

MB Fanboi

62 to 28, come on peeps!


G’day chaps. Robert encouraged me to come to “the other place”, which I assume is this place, so I thought I’d drop by and see what’s going on in this den of iniquity.

Good to see Stewie and Harry keeping it real.

A fly in your ointment

Welcome to the Dark Side… of the moon.


Heya, it’s good to see you here. You might be well placed to answer a question.

3d1k has told me that perhaps I need a personal arsenal (in case of foreign invasion by [unspecified]. But he didn’t tell me where to start.

like, do I need a derringer or a rifle?


Every home should have a firearm.

The easiest course of action is to join the Sporting Shooters Association of Australia and get a rifle target shooting licence. Anyone can do it, and it doesn’t take much effort or time.

Then get a rifle. I’d recommend a lever action in .357 magnum. High rate of fire, accurate and hits like train out to 100m, and can be topped up at any time without disabling it.

It’s good to have a .22 LR as well. And a bolt action. 223 is useful, as that is almost exactly the same as 5.56 NATO, which is what the ADF and most western armies use.

Handguns are good to have too obviously, but they are an order of magnitude more hassle to acquire and keep.

A basic rifle target shooting licence, followed by a .357 levergun will see you very well armed indeed.


What pistol disciplines do you compete in? Are you actively competitive or just another yahoo that does minimum comps to qaulify the licence?


Do you ever say anything nice?


Lol have a whinge bloke, this is the internet, get used to it.


I’m a regular pistol shooting competitor at club, state and national level. I shoot the recognised Service Pistol and Action matches and currently hold my grade world championship in one match as well as two silvers and a bronze in other matches.

I think that means I’m not a yahoo.


…given your name I would never doubt you know your way around a gun or a bullet!


Fair enough.

Agent 47


Do you shoot at Majura mate? Only shot there a couple of times but it's an underrated range.

Thankyou sir.

there are a lot of numbers and things there, but also some direct recommendations. I will read up on it starting from the things you pointed to.

Agent 47

TL;DR no firearm is a bad investment.


“3d1k has told me that perhaps I need a personal arsenal (in case of foreign invasion by [unspecified]. But he didn’t tell me where to start.”

Did you just misgender?


It’s great to have new blood – Haroldus last week, now LSWCHP and Sacha – who knows who will come in the future?

(Reusa will come – boom tish!)


Thanks Gouda.
I wonder how many are lurking and pondering if they should…


Oh great, the great white saviour of handshakes makes an appearance


Keep failing mate, keep failing.


Hey mate

We’re playing the Basement Canberra in June

Are you keen to come along?

We are just a bit younger than you, but play with a lot of younger bands


I’ll be out of town from 6-13 June. Otherwise let me know the date and I’ll be there.


Howdy LSWCHP good to see you!


Cheers Stewie…you too.




So this is where all the cool kids hang out.
Hoping you all are having a great weekend.
I LOL’d so hard at Fauci’s head in a jar, brilliant.


Welcome Sacha. Your Liz Allen barge arse quote was a classic.


Thanks Freddy, can’t claim that one unfortunately.
Al Bundy said it first.


^ Stick around long enough and you might be blessed enough to be called a Faggot or Cuck by a meth-head or his homosexual fan boy




No safe space at EZFKA?
Just Fight Club?
Ok, got it.
Will brush up on my invectives stat.


Take a look at previous weekend links. There’s no holds barred among some ex-MB folk. But that’s why we are here and free to say what we want rather than being censored by DLS.


Thanks for the heads up.
I come here hoping for the free flow of thought.
The insults I find a waste of time.
Will try to ignore but can’t make firm commitment heh!

A fly in your ointment

Insults are short lived if not responded to.
Isn’t it more fun to give someone enough rope rather than to assume ad hominem?


Correct, but with some people I can’t help myself.
One of my many flaws…
Forgive me!


And the faggotry continues. I thought all you cunts were above the muck raking and such?

Oh, that’s right, you’re all just as much shit cunts as the rest of us and can’t help yourselves. So far only totes has stuck to the publicly declared “shunning”.


Trying to ride your high horse this week. Good for you champ but you’re fooling noone. Get your boyfriend in here or is he too busy smoking the other (glass) pipe?


I’ll take you up on that boxing match offer lol. Come to Brisbane, find a gym, give me a time


See here’s the thing with you, I just enjoy dishing the same shit back to you that you seem to give to others on here. You seem to think you’re above the cesspool but you’re the biggest douche here. But I’ve got no compelling reason to travel to Brisbane maybe sweeten the deal. Staying in Melbs and punching your manlet bfs skull in a legal sanctioned fight on the other hand…


Lol I also would love to fight Mig, you all forget that. Distance is all that stops me.

I don’t think I’m above anything, see last weekends commentary you fuckin spastic – “Self aware fuck up” is a handy quote for you.

Anyway man, don’t you have anything better to do on a Saturday night?! We know I don’t but what’s your excuse you fuckin poseur.

P.S. Why don’t you go and fight Mig, he said he was up for it last weekend, you’re even in the same city and he provided his phone number but you haven’t done anything about it….

Could it be that you’re a big talking faggot? Surprise surprise….

Agent 47

Hi there.
Good to see a fellow Tin Foil Hatter and Conspiracy Theorist.
I wear the hat and title with pride.

Agent 47

Phrase is meaningless these days much like racist. IMO it’s become “Don’t make me think about that awful possibility” esp with COVID and the vaccine. Case in point the MB echo chamber. Nuance in that debate completely absent.


MB and vaccines 🤪
They have been telling us for years about the effect of mass immigration. What is stopping it at the moment? Closed borders due to a largely unvaccinated population. And yet they are demanding we vaccinate as quick as possible. 🤪🤪


You have probably seen this regarding the Great Reset but still quite revealing:
Some random but very familiar (ex) politicians and public figures uttering the ‘Build Back Better’ slogan purely by coincidence:
(Although in NZ it seems to be called ‘Build Back Bitter.’)

‘Build Back Better’ is a slogan from the WEF, the people behind the Great Reset:


Build back better is a great idea. Just depends how it’s wielded.

here’s my proposal – you blokes leave all this old broken stuff to me. Then you feck off somewhere else and “build back better” there.

Whats not to like?!


That’s how I think about it.
These elites (Musk et al) talking about living on Mars.
I wish they would just fuck off already and leave this place to the plebs.

Last edited 3 years ago by BING!

Whats not to like?!

It being rebuilt according to their values and plans for us.

Last edited 3 years ago by Stewie

Melinda is just another Esther – she’s the motivating force behind their sponsorship of CRT and ‘Anti-Racist’ math:


She was also the reason why the Gates foundation spent billions in Africa on education trying to prove her tribes belief that we are all identical and that all that is stopping Africans from succeeding is lack of education and the legacy of colonial ‘white’ oppression.

After spending billions and achieving ZERO in terms of academic improvement or IQ scores, Bill finally saw the light and pulled the plug, realising that there was more to the gap than just ‘privilege’, and he became a big critic of unrestricted mass migration of Africans to Europe and the intractable forever problems that they bring with them.

Last edited 3 years ago by Stewie

Weekend movie suggestion:
Thus week is Jim Jarmusch.

For one day:
Night on Earth (1991)
Mystery Train (1989)

And for the second weekend day:
Dead Man (1995)
Only Lovers Left Alive (2013)

Jarmusch’s movies are expressed through colours and scenery almost equally as through narratives.

Mistery Train features Screaming Jay Hawkins and music in all films is almost always by Tom Waits.

I put a spell on you by J. Hawkins

Post truncated due to 5 links


I hear Jim Jarmusch offered up all the time as a great film maker but had never looked into it. Turns out I’ve seen only one of his films “Ghost Dog”, only watched it because Forrest Whitaker was in it.

At the time I enjoyed it but expected it to be very limited in release and panned in reviews but just discovered the opposite reading the wikipedia page. Might have to try some more Jarmusch.


I saw him first with Dead Man, starring Johnny Depp and Garry Farmer. The film made me dazzled (in a good way) and I still remember that feeling 26 years later.
Ghost Dog was an interesting movie, reminiscentof the Le Samouraï by Melville, another director worth seeing every movie. Limits of Control was the most unusual movie
I saw 9 of Jarmusch’s 13 movies, most by now dozens of time.
Luck played major role when I found old ones in a DVD collection printed by criterion so my collection is full.


I really enjoyed the Jordies video.

he might have an agenda and whatever, but it was a fun thing to watch.

Jordies will go far in EZFKA if he is smart enough to keep building his political capital for a few years and only THEN sell out completely. Dumb to sell out too early.


Vaccine update: had my second Pfizer jab yesterday afternoon, still not dead.

Previously the system was simple: line up at the reception area where they check your ID, Medicare card details and you receive a consent form to fill out. Then you take a seat in the waiting area, and when you’re called your form is checked and you take a seat outside the vaccine rooms. Idiot proof, right?

But since then they had decided to introduce a new system:

First you lined up to confirm your booking before the reception area, and receive a number.

Then you lined up to register your details – instead of filling the form yourself, it’s now done by the clerks on their PC so slower and not very private – the clerks really didn’t like it, as they had to ask awkward questions about gender, and seemed quite pleased that people were also finding it inefficient.

Then you waited in another line, a person called your number and directs you to a seat in the waiting area.

Then they called your number again, and you’d go up to check your Medicare details and be directed to return to your seat again.

Then they called your number a third time, and only then were you get directed to the vaccine area.

Now imagine how confusing it was because the same person was calling all the numbers and they were not in sequence due to having to call out the same number multiple times!

Adam Smith talked about the invisible hand, but I bet he never envisaged the fist of the bureaucracy.

So far the side effects have been minimal – a sore arm at the injection again, but starting a little later – 8 hours after the jab as opposed to 6 and woke up feeling ok. Overall not as intense as the first one.

I think I might have been a little sweaty after the jab, but I had eaten a pack of Korean Fire noodles prior. Will burn your mouth, but not your backside – highly recommend for spice lovers, but make sure you have milk.


Thanks for the follow up, been wondering when you were getting the next jab.

As a side note – my flu shot this year left a fairly sore injection site for 24 hours, reminded of the 2018 flu shot (19 & 20 were very mild).


OK I’ve just had the most brilliant business idea for a product thingy, plug in near a work desk.

How do I save the patent and yet develop it?


I think it’s best to keep it a secret (rather than patent it) while it’s still an idea

Maciek Finch

Send the idea by registered mail to youreslf, and never open the envelope till you’re in court. Date stamp.

Food for thought:

Shoshana Zuboff: The Age of Surveillance Capitalism

intro at Wikipedia

Interesting thesis starting that neoliberal survailance based world have resorted to a planned production Soviet style with a difference that future demand is extrapolated from raw real time data on human behaviour (from stealth surveillance) or it influences demand through targeted advertising.


I think things will change in France very soon.


You mean people will crack the shits and the expulsions start? Or the other way and areas will go full Islamic rule.


I hope so.


Just listened to that ‘Woke Women are killing relationships’ and have to say there is a lot of truth to what they were talking about, the joke of the ‘Husband store’ is actually a reflection of the 80:20 rule, in that with a society of Laissez-faire relationships, 20% of the men will end up with 80% of the women chasing them, which ultimately results in a large number of incels AND a large number of women who will never find a partner either… the phenomenon of young people having less sex than ever also applies to women. I’d already watched the other TED video ‘Meeting the Enemy’ which I probably recommend even higher in terms of watchability.

Along those lines and perhaps more a criticism of the values modern culture are imparting on women than in specific criticism of feminism or wokism, I give you ‘toxically entitled young women’:


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ROFLMAO with the video on those male feminists – starting with their phenotypes! I honestly thought it was a parody at first “Why is my wife grumpy once a month?” and “Why should a woman control any aspect of her emotions – my apologies for raising my voice

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A fly in your ointment

Are you saying that you watched this past the 1-2 minutes?

This is a parody, just that the participants are not aware they’re doing it.
Any arsesment that begins with knowing what “it is not…” is just a head in the sand approach.
Perhaps Maggie and Sandie are having lockwork timed and synced monthly cringes because of the subconscious feeling that they are not receiving any of masculine attention.

To detox I suggest seeing this clip from a brilliant satire Bedazzled:


The trouble is when society has become a real life parody it so hard to tell the difference. I did make it through than more than 2 minutes, but probably not more than 4 minutes viewing in total as I confess to skipping ahead. (plus the road noise atm makes it hard for me to hear anything on my PC).

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A fly in your ointment

I weas just pulling your leg, about how long watched.

Sometimes, more often than thought, traditional roles are swapped and it is a woman that wears trousers, “misogynistcally” speaking. Now there is nothing wrong with that, there are such types of men and this is normal balancing of power input in a healthy family.
If such men are further self flagellated into irrational guilt of gender equality of outcome one ends up as a big nothing, as the femen in the video.
The real question I see to be is why is such (and similar) minority at a statistical error level in limelights of modern society engineers.


For sure – I’ve played house husband for extended periods as well. Wifey likes order more than I do and thrives in the office environment, although it does mean she is prone to doubling up on the house work when she has to re-arrange the sock draw because she doesn’t like the job I did.

A fly in your ointment

“… because she doesn’t like the job I did.”

Once we all learn that the best response one can have is “this is no good, you men are helpless, lemme show you how it is done…”


I had a look at some previous posts and want to compliment Stewie and Peachy for setting up this site, well done.
Also a thank you to T for providing the Weekend Links.
I wish you all a great week and see you next weekend.

A fly in your ointment

And It should be said each time.
Particularly as this is all non commercial.
I used to check the weekend links in early days of EmBee until I realised it was just Gunna’s biases galore and worthless in 98.2% cases. Politico, mainstream, fake non-mainstream, politico again
Local weekend links is true discovery of new stuff and fun at the same time.

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In all the years that I was a member I can’t recall ever clicking any of the MB Weekend Links. I liked MB mostly for the comments.
The anecdata and boots on the ground information was much appreciated.
The MB Weekend Links were nice for all the different inputs from music to gardening.
I got really pissed off when Chris B called someone a KKK member that made an, in my opinion, valid comment; can’t remember what the comment was.


compliments from me too fwiw.
also have to say the site layout/setup is great (I think it’s just a wordpress template?).
just for instance on the comments section – the simple ‘highlight’ function that shows new/unread comments since the last time you visited – is just so useful.

sorry I have to compare it to the MB website… which hasn’t been updated in 10 years as far as I know. updating the site design seems like it would be low-hanging fruit.


It was all Peachy’s vision, this is her site – I’m just here for shits and giggles. She just convinced me to write some content and after that I was sold.


Thanks Peachy!


I saw one ‘Ghost Of Stewie Griffin’ comment at MB.
Was that you?


Aye t’was me.




Sorry I’ve worsened the comment count ratio.

But this worship of boomer bands shits me, as if modern bands can’t write.


And these days bands get dumped in a millisecond, not developed.


Best to copy and paste Harry. Not all of us have access to weekend links at MB!


Has anyone here ventured into the far off reaches of crypto? I am holding BTC and ETH but there have been some epic returns from the many microcoins this year. I see the market for these coins as mostly driven by random purchases plus all the market manipulation that goes on in crypto markets. I see them as similar to penny stocks. There’s such a large number of them that it’s impossible for me to research them all with any depth. I’m not ready to buy but many of them are suitable for mining on a PC and giveaways are out there too. I’d like to hear your stories.


Niko has his finger on the pulse in respect of the movers in this space. I’ve been very much more subdued this boom compared to 2017 – I got rid of a lot of my Tether exchanges and tried to reduce my trading/financial profile somewhat in the face of oncoming regulation. I also have an issue with blatant scam coins or vapourwear… I just can’t trade marketing or price alone, I got to see value in it. Especially when there is a systemic risk that could bring it all down in a few minutes.

I’ve written a few articles on some of the gains and what is driving it – your suspicion that the markets are manipulated are correct:


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I’d read your post, but thanks for linking it. I read it again and understood it much better the second time. I think monero has a decent value proposition, but its performance has been disappointing so far.


Bit slack this weekend folks – 145 (EZFKA) to 233(MB). We’ve still got some time left!


I’m so old I remember MB Weekend Links being split into two sections and each having about 300 comments.
But this was when the virus started playing up and a lot of people stuck at home I guess.