The Woke Army Won’t Save Us

Wokism is the progressive liberal’s scream against nature, it is their anguished cry against parito distributions throughout the universe – if they could they would resize stars so that there would be no such thing as a Blue Giant and no such thing as a Red Dwarf, equity would be reflected everywhere in their Universe. The sameness would be glorious.

Consequently having, destroyed the poofta police force by turning them into a joke with their rainbow flags and 5 foot tall women who have trouble wrestling a 5 year old to the ground, the Woke patrol have now definitively turned their attention to the Armed forces.

I wrote a somewhat tongue in cheek commentary on this trend a couple weeks ago, but as with everything in the cultural revolution things are accelerating.

First up, last week Tucker Carlson took the hatchet to the military by criticizing their virtue signaling with the introduction of a jumpsuit for expectant mothers (sorry, “pregnant people”) in the military, pointing out that it would be foolhardy to send pregnant women people into the front lines. He also questioned Biden’s update of military grooming standards to be “feminine.”

In response Obama’s fifth columnists who he’d embedded in the Army throughout his 8 year reign and hadn’t been purged under Trump leapt to the fore and commenced a furious series of straw man arguments that MB’s Professor Smithy would have been proud of, across twitter and the internet:

This screech of virtue signaling seriously backfired by actually drawing the general public’s attention to the fact that genital obsessed progressives have been seriously undermining the fighting capabilities of the military by ignoring science and the reality of sex differences between men and women (there are ONLY two genders and two sexes):

Men have 40% more upper body muscle than women, and 30% more leg muscle – fact. Even the most puny, effeminate male, like say Mig, would have little trouble in wrestling you average sports woman to the ground.

So what is the solution if science and tests, like IQ Tests or standardised testing keeps giving you results that you don’t like – like average school results for African American’s remaining a full standard deviation below average white test results, no matter how much money you throw at them for literally decades? Simple – you stop doing the tests and PRETEND that there are no differences, because you know, differences hurt feelings.

Same too now in the military – all those gender neutral fitness tests that the US Army use to determine eligibility for things like leadership (you know like in battle when occasionally you might have to pick up a gun and lead your troops into battle) are now in the process of being considered to be abandoned.

“The US army is considering scrapping its new gender neutral fitness test because women have been failing in much larger numbers than men… An early Pentagon study showed women were failing the ACFT at a rate of 65 per cent, compared with 10 per cent for men.”

NZ Herald

Obviously this is unfair. The purpose of being in the Army nowadays isn’t actually to fight, it is to get pregnant and access Army medical coverage or to have your cock and balls chopped off as part of gender reassignment surgery.

Nip and tucked within Biden’s 25 Jan Transgender executive order “Enabling all qualified Americans to serve their country in Uniform” is a clause that allows federally funded reassignment surgery to a cap of $200,000 – forget about those new Black Hawke helicopters, we’re going to terrify those Chinese and Russian soldiers with our pseudo vaginas!

Until normal rational people start standing up to this nonsense and prepared to hurt the feelings of these twats and actually be disagreeable themselves, then this progressive bullshit is only going to get worse.

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It was a few years ago that the NSW Fire Brigade watered down their strength tests. A firie no longer needs to have the strength to be able drag an adult out of a burning building. The point being is there is no longer any intention to save us.

John B

The aptitude test to get in has changed to disadvantage males, along with reduced fitness and particularly strength requirements. The psychometric testing for entry and promotion no longer has a mechanical reasoning section.

Are you fking kidding…to be a firie.

All endorsed by the woke union WITHOUT ASKING EXISTING MEMBERS.

Female F/Fs smash the sick leave and compo, bringing negative attention to the guys who have done the right thing for decades. Gender comparisons of course are never examined by the department.

And who pays the price of the attention? The old guys who now have to medicals because of the increased leave (they’re not typically taking).

It has gotten insane, and nowhere near 50/50 is achieved yet, but that is their goal.


Makes you worry doesn’t it. All for women being in roles in the military where they are able to do their bit, and do it well. Same with any other industry. But pushing for equality of outcome when equality of opportunity has failed will ensure what organization be it military or anything else will operate sub optimally.

I said this in another post, but is China or any other belligerent adversary going through the same social justice issues western militaries are now? I have no evidence but my gut feel is probably not. Which means all woke militaries now have a new weakness able to be exploited.


where they literally believe that they can pretend these differences don’t mater.” and therein lies the biggest issues with SJW/Woke-ism/Identity Politics. It seems to amount to everything being a social construct and biology and science, or simply just common sense are pushed aside or ignored. Why? Because feels, which is in turn because of the ongoing feminisation of (Western) society.

The ultimate stage of infiltration will be not just the military but the pursuit of natural truth via science intellectually being compromised. Although in fairness can’t see any of the lie infested command/control economies (you know which one) doing dramatically better.

Again all in all, the human race will grind forward as it always has done so, just at a sub-optimal rate of progress – but with perhaps more ‘fairness.’

Softcock Stewie

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Softcock Stewie


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Miguel de Sousa

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Is stewie an accountant?? Lmao! It all makes sense now! What a softcock!



The seriousness of this coupled with the inability of us non-woke people to commit to working together to fight back makes me think I need to get out of the cities ASAP and start prepping.

Would You Buy an Automobile Designed by a Woke Engineer?

Sometimes 2+2 could equal 5. You know, just like a born male can sometimes suffer menstrual cramps.

James Lindsay, of New Discourses, posted a memorable meme that quipped: “2+2=4: A perspective in white, Western mathematics that marginalizes other possible values.”

It is not even the beginning of the newspeak 🙁

A fly in your ointment

seen this once before, could not find it again, excellent
tnx for finding it again for me.

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A fly in your ointment

I find it that if the code writer is 100bucks/hr or 10bucks it makes no difference in the quality of the final product. They just write code and someone has to decide if it is good or bad. It is clowns (or monkeys) that cannot assess quality as assessment requires close inspection of the code and that requires intimate relationship with the code flow/idea itself. This can’t be doen if a) assessor is not fluid with the code, b) code writer is not on the same ground, hence: the model of development is bad.
In my view, bottom line, Boeing was allowed to do whatever it takes to remain competitive to Airbus 32x series and it is not just Boeing but the whole US aviation system that is complicit.


Yeah agree. I think this is super important. It’s not the dollar amount. It’s that they are no longer competitive after heaps of bad decisions over years. So they did what they could under the imposed constraints.

Which worked out badly.


Good stuff!

John B

In the firebrigade there is 50/50 employment ratio policy since 2018. Standards have been drastically reduced to accommodate entry. When a girl falls pregnant, day one she goes on to fully paid, light duties.

Injured male fire-fighters have to use their sick leave.

Girls enjoy flexible hours. Guys don’t. All denied by management.

Girls enjoy massively accelerated promotion and opportunity. All denied by management.

All fire-fighters are under scrutiny and industrial relations pressure due to increased overtime to cover pregnant female fire-fighters on light duties, though the obvious reason is never discussed, it is a taboo subject.

Even with an LNP state government. WTF.


I think that chicks rock, but if I find myself trapped ina burning building, the person that I want to come and get me is a solid bloke who can break through the door even if he’s forgotten. His fire axe in the truck.

Not some wispy lady (or man) who weighs 20kg with a bicycle and needs to squat in order to lift the axe with her back rather than her legs.

The wispy ones might still be good for fetching pussies off trees and stuff, I’m sure….

A fly in your ointment

7 episodes of excellent research by a comedian/journalist into what drives social engineering idiots engineers bonkers as all their theories create ‘zactly the opposite, i.e. more equality of opportunity creates less men in hospital work and less women in engineering(or Firemen).

Episode 1/7: – The Gender Equality Paradox

Observe Jorgen Lorentzen’s response wrt biological differences

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welcome john

John B

Cheers. Glad to be here.

Chinese Astroturfer

The ABC were grasping at straws with Four Corners tonight.


Thinking more about this issue. I suspect it will take a war to end the wokeness. It is only then that women will fully appreciate that being equal actually means that they are just as worthless and disposable as men.

On to the point about preferential treatment of women in certain organisations. If you accept that women are at a financial disadvantage due to being able to bear children: 
– maternity leave etc is an unfunded financial liability which some organisations (especially smaller businesses) will try to avoid without even knowing whether a woman actually wants to have children
– woman who have children are giving up work experience, less superannuation, etc

Then there is actually something we should to help women out in that regard. We can’t ask private enterprise to take on that financial burden because that is not how capitalism works. Then the answer is to socialise that cost. That is largely what is happening. There is the government Paid Parental Leave, and women are being given a leg up in government organisations. The issue is that the ideological nutters are in charge and the slight leg up has evolved into outright discrimination against men, and also putting lives at risk by watering down strength requirements in roles that exist to protect the public.

John B

Excellent comment.

“slight leg up has evolved into outright discrimination against men”

And in the FB is making it harder, far less desirable and dangerous to be a male firie.


some thing in what you say
Albany cemetery has 2 plaques of volly firey women killed circa 5yrs ago [mid 20’s the pair of ’em]
both were in a two person appliance [busted arse landcruiser shitbox] and got stuck..
in FRONT of the fire. ffs!

No experienced firey with ’em coz can’t have male /female crews.
Changed the focus in that organisation eh? no female 2 person crews unless they have 10yrs experience

John B

They simply don’t typically have what it takes. I cannot believe society is accepting it’s happening in the professional firebrigades around Australia.

They are already causing all sorts of problems, from sleeping with colleagues and blowing up shifts and marriages, married chicks falling pregnant to guys (all kept hush from hubby who will raise the kid), to rorting everything to suit themselves, to refusing to clean the station or go into fires.

They are getting the cream of everything, while being the least competent. They are all for themselves and animosity is rapidly growing.

One went sick on the morning of Christmas day. Meaning someone had to come in to cover her shift. A protocol I have never seen broken before.

It will end badly.

I must add, there are some top female firies who got in years ago and competed fairly for their spot, but now, it’s horrendous.

John B

“women killed circa 5yrs ago [mid 20’s the pair of ’em]”

That is a very sad outcome.

I could outline 100 anecdotes about incompetence and lack of strength and mechanical aptitude I’ve seen.

They are typically not at hard stations and are definitely diluted across shifts and stations.

50/50 will be beyond dysfunctional.

Last edited 3 years ago by John B