The Woke Armed forces will save us !!

I don’t know about you – but I feel positively unsafe knowing that the Army, Navy and Airforce are filled with men saturated in Toxic Masculinity. I’m sure Mig and the Professor at Macrobusiness would agree that we need far more empathetic soldiers who will be mindful of their colleagues gender choices when on the battlefield.

The MultiCult/MultiGender Diverse Army of the future, will be united in a shared sense of difference, apart from the single point of intersectionality brought about by being in the Army, together, at the same point in time, at this location in the Universe, while still being mindful of everyone’s separate intersectional position and more importantly where they stand on the intersectional hierarchy.

Obviously a one legged, black, trans, lesbian with pansexual tendencies, will outrank a cis white male Four Star general in respect of adjudicating on social issues that may periodically arise within the tribe (the new name for a platoon).

Fortunately help is at hand in terms of trying to achieve these worthy goals. A US Navy Task Force has just returned the new report, with the stated goal of transforming culture in the US Navy:

As a key member of Task Force One Navy I will invest the time, attention and empathy required to analyze and evaluate Navywide issues related to racism, sexism, ableism and other structural and interpersonal biases.

I pledge to be actively inclusive in the public and private spheres where I live and work, and proactively encourage others to do the same.

I pledge to advocate for and acknowledge all lived experiences and intersectional identities of every Sailor in the Navy.

I pledge to engage in ongoing self-reflection, education and knowledge sharing to better myself and my communities.

I pledge to be an example in establishing healthy, inclusive and team-oriented environments.

I pledge to constructively share all experiences and information gained from activities above to inform the development of Navywide reforms.

Those that cannot be reeducated in respect of their manly bigotry, will be pre-emptively weeded out of the Armed forces before they have the opportunity to offend, harm, assaults or tease a fellow service member, civilians or enemy combatant.

Pre-emptively ridding the Army or limiting the promotion and career paths of all males in possession of traits associated with toxic masculinity, is far better than vigorously policing and prosecuting breaches in existing laws of behaviour, that govern things such as fraternization and behaviour within the ranks.

When we fight the next war we may not win, but at least we will lose with mindful decency.


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I’m not up on this military stuff, especially in a US context, but it is quite fascinating, isn’t it, that many years since physical strength has ceased to be a basic prerequisite to military prowess (eg ability to swing a big halberd), women still do not serve in the front line in any major power’s military.

Is this just the force of conventions? Institutional inertia? Or is there a deeper cultural reason?

Chad Thundercock

Get off your high horse stewie. A woke pansie would still be a far more useful soldier than a limp d!ck boomer such as yourself 😂


As we all know that divide and conquer is the easiest strategy to critically weaken your enemy, it would be interesting to learn just how much, say, China is is pursuing any of these strategies within it’s armed forces. I would assume not, in which case you have a mostly conservative ethnic han-Chinese military one day going up against a woke, culturally splintered US military with superior technology and superior (firm question mark over that though) ideology. Wonder how that will turn out.

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“The ‘treat everyone nice and respect their differences’ is a noble goal, but that can be achieved under existing laws and regulations, the woke mindset indoctrination is not only totally unnecessary, but will work against key aspects and traits that you want to actually equip your soldiers with in the first place.”

Yeah it’s a worry. Wouldn’t it entirely undermine the willingness to fight an enemy different from you if you are constantly ‘educating’ your armed services to respect and acknowledge differences?

Most wars of the past 2 centuries have been around ideology and sometimes resources, do you really want your armed services stirring up dissent within ranks and thinking about all of this when deployed?

One argument is I imagine it would create a more moral soldier. Another argument would be, does anyone actually want a sanctimonious soldier when their job is to do the most immoral things on earth to defend their country.

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“An average Marine Corps infantry officer should to be physically able to carry 152 lbs. for nine miles. That load might sound extreme, but even official documents describe carrying a 100 lbs. as standard. In the ensuing debate about whether this was realistic, one marine infantryman described carrying more than 200 lbs. during missions in Afghanistan.”

How far can you carry the 45 Kg standard load, can you even pick up 90?


I spent ten years as a grunt. I learned how to machine gun people at close range and long range, preferably by surprise. How to shoot them in the back and front and where to shoot them. How to blow them up with explosives. How to gouge their eyes out with my fingers. I regularly practised putting a bayonet on the end of my rifle and running up to manlike figures while shrieking like a maniac and thrusting and thrusting my bayonet furiously into otheir faces and bellies before charging on. I was praised constantly and rewarded for my increasing expertise in killing people with guns and explosives and knives and my bare hands and feet. I was good at it, and I did well.

A point worth noting…hold your rifle so that you can stick the bayonet into rhe enemy’s chest sideways FFS, because if you hold it upright it will jam in his ribs and not kill him and he’ll kill you. Don’t forget the fcking buttstroke to the face either after you pull it out. I have a thousand such useful pieces of technical advice to offer in the killing trade.

These things change a man, and stay with him. Forever, I think. It sounds awful and it’s far worse than it sounds, but that is what soldiering is like.

These people with their SJW nonsense will fail at what they are employed to do when the time comes, and it will come. It always does.


Hello lswchp, good to see you!

Im with you. As everybody knows – I like big dumb rules. Likewise I like stereotypical big strong blokes to be the soldiers that protect my interests. Diversity be damned.

on this

A point worth noting…hold your rifle so that you can stick the bayonet into rhe enemy’s chest sideways FFS, because if you hold it upright it will jam in his ribs

I’m having a bit of trouble picturing this. What do you mean by upright and what do you mean by sideways?


Blade vertical vs horizontal,
advice also applicable to those stabbing people with knives in the chest, although it had never occurred to me.

A typical blade is wider than rib gaps I guess.


Oh, so you want the stab hole like this:

Not like this:




Exactly, you’ll be bayonetting people effectively in no time.


yup to all this

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