Bumbling Biden and his media excusers

I had a great aunt, let’s call her Eliza, she was a lovely old woman; conservative, kind, incredibly polite and thoughtful, and very civic minded, she use to regularly work for various charities in her retirement years donating her time to worthy causes. But as she got older her ability to guard and separate her thoughts from her comments weakened, as is often the case with older people – apparently it has something to do with declining grey matter in the frontal lobes and the ability to regulate thoughts and speaking, and consequently you would get a glimpse into her true state of mind, as she would unguardedly simply blurt out what was ever on her mind. Sometimes she would make the most outrageously racist comments, usually perfectly innocently about not trusting some ‘darkie’ taxi driver and having to watch her purse.

Watching Biden over the past year or so I’ve seen much the same phenonium on display. Biden use to be quite a savvy political speaker – yes he had a stutter, and he was not the same smooth polished public speaker capable of speaking off the cuff in the manner of slick Willie, but never-the-less when you watch old videos of Biden, well not even that old just 5 or 6 years ago when he was V.P, he had a much more effective ability to communicate with those around him, engaging at the level of his targeted audience.

However in recent years, and much more apparently during the election and now after, we have ‘bumbling Biden‘, and just like with my great aunt Eliza, it is in those unguarded, bumbling moments that a true insight into the man’s thinking and opinions on subjects is revealed.

A couple nights ago Biden went on CNN for a ‘town hall’ style interview, where CNN commentator Anderson Cooper, now having returned to lap dog mode, carefully placed various questions in front of the doddering octogenarian and allowed the hollow man to speak his mind – it was an interesting insight.

First up was a pearler that my great aunt Eliza would have been quite at home with agreeing to, when asked about racial disparities in Covid-19 vaccinations Biden had this to say:

“The other part, portion is that a lot of people don’t know how to register, not everybody in the community in the Hispanic and African American community particularly, and rural areas that are distant and/or inner city districts know how to use, know how to get online”

Next up, and in complete contrast to the narrative that the DNC has pushed in regards to their BLM and AntiFa proxies for the entire summer, Biden uttered what is commonly referred to as a ‘Hate Fact’ i.e. an uncomfortable fact that goes against the carefully curated mainstream narrative, e.g. that 90% of inter-racial crime is committed by African Americans against White Americans.

In this instance Biden uttered the ‘Hate Fact’ that the primary concern among most black communities is ‘black on black’ crime NOT police brutality (Indeed over 80% of African American’s actually want INCREASED police presence in their communities). It is amusing to watch the video as he gets half way through speaking his unguarded thoughts, when he stops mid-sentence after realizing he’s just uttered a ‘hate fact’ and abruptly attempts to change tact:

But these comments just reveal the slimy two-facedness of most politicians and how rather than addressing the true source and issue in respect of domestic problems, they prefer to play along with the main media narrative of it all being ‘Whitey’s fault’. The real revelation, the one that really matters came when Biden started speaking about China:

“If you know anything about Chinese history, it has always been the time when China has been victimized by the outer world is when they haven’t been unified at home,” said Biden, going on to say that President Xi Jinping is aiming to achieve a “tightly controlled China.”

“I’m not gonna speak out against what he’s doing in Hong Kong, what he’s doing with the Uyghurs in the western mountains of China…culturally there are different norms that each country and their leaders are expected to follow,” he added.

Cooper Anderson must have been really concentrating on his butt plug when Biden gave a pass on justified genocide in respect of that particular comment, just as with all his other outrageous comments.

But then Anderson isn’t alone in his fawning obsequious fawning to the new progressive hero who has liberated the world from Trump’s vulgarity, the sentiments that Biden will put things right and somehow make the world a better place is everywhere. Peter Zeihan, who has a better grip on China than most is no exception:

“Biden is many things, but first and foremost his personal ideologies tack with the winds. In my personal opinion this doesn’t make him leadership material, but for the Chinese it means that the power of the American executive will lean towards doing what the American political mood demands: confrontation.”

I never particularly liked Trump, he was a vulgar man, but the thing is he hide very little of himself. He spoke his mind and he spoke it freely, he didn’t guard his comments he spoke as he saw it. Trump’s greatest triumph was revealing China to the world – he pulled back the curtains that the Globalists and their various catspaw politicians had put in place to show China for what it truly is, a cultural hegemon that has little interest in being incorporated into the Globohomo liberal west and surrendering itself to the cultural elites who now control the West. Rather China is a cultural, racial national state determined to see that it is able to project itself into the future and remain definitively in control of its own destiny.

The town hall meeting that I saw on CNN and the unguarded comments by Biden to my mind both confirmed Zeihan’s first observation, that Biden’s ‘personal ideologies tack with the wind’ but was wrong on the second part, the executive team in charge of America does NOT want confrontation, they want to return America to business as usual, which basically means erasing and unwinding every achievement carried out by Trump over the past 4 years, so the elites can get back to what they care most about – making money.

Little by little over the next 4 years EVERY achievement by Trump will be unwound, such that by the time the next election comes around the dominate narrative will have returned to “China is our friend and Russia is our enemy.”

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biden might be a doddering semi-semile old fool, but what does it even matter. he’s not in charge of his own administration; he’s the paul von hindenberg to kamala harris’ adolf hitler, the young radical wild-eyed upstart pulling the strings and waiting from the eves to pounce to power when or if biden karks it. only difference is harris wants ‘us’ dead while the h-man wanted ‘them’ dead.

Agent 47

I agree with that assessment. Harris was the real candidate all along. As soon as I saw her Aipac speech i knew she was going to be considered despite getting smashed by Tulsi and having a 3% approval rating.

Biden’s gone by midyear. Maybe even 25th amendment.

Agent 47

I think thats been done on purpose as a small target thing.

I also saw Nikki Haley bending the knee for Israel last week. I also see more and more people asking wtf the USA should give a shit about them every day which is somewhat whitepilling. We’ll see what happens I guess.

Last edited 3 years ago by Agent 47
The Traveling Wilbur

IMHO Trump will be too in-prison to be capable of running again.