Shawno gets his 18 months!

So doing the research for the gold post ( made me stumble across this little gem.

Back in Feb ’19 old mate Shawno went a bit feral and decided to try to bite a chunk out of the peach, claiming that Peachy was consistently wrong, all the time.

Of course, all Shawno ever had to do was wait 18 months to realise that Peachy was not wrong. Well, wait 18 months is exactly what Shawno ended up doing because, time waits for no man (whether he is Shawno or not), and so we arrive at today, where we see Shawno singing quite a different tune:
alright, alright, it’s 24 months, not 18 you pedants!!

There ya go. “What falls?” indeed! I do hope that Shawno is as good as his word and always remembers this comment, as he promised.

Shoulda listened to Peachy.

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the two oracles and cassandras of the macrobusiness comment section: peachy and reusa. one’s a mysterious lady blogger and macroeconomic contrarian out to prove herself in what is traditionally a man’s ideational space, the other, a flamboyant, jet-setting nymphomaniac with more investment properties to his name than you’ve had hot dinners in your life. but despite their differences and motives, both have the scoop and both understand how the australian economy really functions. you bet against them at your own peril.

i wish i had saw the light a long time ago and got into the market around 2015, but instead i crazily determined that my savings were better off not being exposed to an asset that i had assumed — and had been told — was about to topple over at any minute. the true tragedy of the cautious and provident is that 9 times out of 10, they lose out to the reckless fools they hold in contempt.


hey peachy, can we have our own forum? if you want i can make one for you and then all you have to do is attach the URL of the forum page at the top of the ezkfa site. i always thought a dedicated message board would be a cool idea and proposed it multiple times on macro but the site owners were too stingy/lazy to ever implement one. if you think it’s a cool idea i can make one for you and make you the admin, i’d really like to help this blog succeed and by offering more features than the featureless MB i think it can.


“proposed it multiple times on macro but the site owners were too stingy/lazy to ever implement one.”

MB is where the “owners” preach their wisdom to the masses. Dissenting opinion is not well tolerated. As their predictions have gone more obviously pear shaped, the ban hammer has become ever more present.

A forum would allow far to much discussion that was not them spewing out their wisdom for us so was never going to happen.


Stag’s – how proficient with this sort of tech are you?

I’d really like to set up Reddit style forum using the BSV blockchain to act as the DB and storage site. Making a post would cost a micro transaction on each occasion, but it would be written onto the blockchain and controlled by the users private key.

Something like is an existing template.

Where I would like to differentiate it is that I’d like to incorporate up non-fungible tokens, say “EZFKA dollarydoos” which would utilise the BSV blockchain. If this was done on ETH it would cost hundreds of dollars plus even more for ever token sent/created – it can be done on BSV using Fabriik for fractions of a penny.

The “Draw” or lure in using them would be that for a $5 sign up fee, members could be essentially issued with sufficient BSV to supply a near life time of commenting power, plus it would also allow users to both tip the author and other commentators “EZFKA” tokens as an appreciation of their posting – it would be a good way to gauge economic activity of participants.

The only other issue I have with a forum is that it would be necessary to be very careful as to legal disclaimers and require that users are not able to be identified. I have a mate I play hockey with who ran and hosted an IT forum and ended up being sued for defamation as a result of what someone else posted on his forum in respect of another user. This would be a serious consideration.


I assume it could have been done on ETH for fractions of a penny a few years ago.
Other than that word of caution I don’t have a lot else to add.


hi peachy, it’s up and running but i’ve got more to add and the layout to tweak, this could either be the biggest thing you can think of it could die in shame and obscurity

it’s up to me i feel like


i don’t think you can actually embed the forum within the website, it only works thru the free software unless the url was modifiable somehow (also i lost my pw here)


Depends on how your hosting is set up and what it supports. If you can run scripting on the host and have enough storage it is probably doable. presumably you need to run a db on the host as well. It’s a very long time since I did anything like that and I did it on a machine in my physical possession so could install whatever I liked.

I’m sure there are a few open source forums that would work given the right hosting though.


it doesn’t really matter eitherway to me, i just get really bored on the weekend lol

i got banned from macro again by the way, DLS really hates me


I think DLS hates everyone, especially anyone daring to comment on his perfect articles.
But most of all he probably hates himself for having failed prediction after failed prediction in writing and captured for posterity.

The Traveling Wilbur

Well captured until the delete hammer gets wielded…

I suspect that’s another reason why a blockchain storage solution is posited above, and someone is too shy to declare that at this juncture. 👍


The irony being MB aren’t tech savvy enough to delete the actual comments that invoke the banhammer on most occasions, and haven’t updated the software to make it possible.
and I’m banned again to lol.

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