Plain-postin’ Peachy pummels former gold trader Dave

Prompted by a recent comment by a naughy-named contributor:

I’ve decided to do a short write-up on gold, and how the Peachy Prediction compares to the Macrobusiness perspective.

Now, I shall lead off with the disclaimer that while gold is something that Peachy values, the gold market isn’t one that Peachy really follows closely (certainly not with weekly posts, like Davo), so had to go and do a bit of research for this one, to look up how the Peachy Prediction had gone.

It all started one April afternoon in 2020, when Davo decided to shit on Peachy’s post. Peachy had posited that gold had already had its big bull run over the last 2 years. Davo disagreed, saying:

  • Stick to banking, Peachy
  • Buy the dips (in gold)
  • Gold has a shot at $10,000 this cycle

So, did Davo justifiably rain on the Peachy Parade or was Davo just showcasing exactly why the word ‘former’ precedes ‘gold trader’ in the short bio:

That was 14 April 2020, so why don’t we see what happened up to, and since, that date, eh:



Once again, it seems that Davo has managed to pick a rather awful time to try to slap down the Peach and to to make a forecast. I hope nobody was persuaded to buy gold in April, because other than a few tiny head-fakes above the April price levels, it has been going down down down!

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Chinese Astroturfer

Old mate is very bullish global growth and equities now. Makes me very uncomfortable when my favourite contrarian indicator becomes bullish.

The time to get bullish was around April last year, not 10 months later when markets have almost doubled.

He seems to be hitching his wagon now to Chinese growth collapsing in 2022.


hi! Glad you started this site

those blokes are absolutely comical now

shame because their political commentary / agitation was valuable


yeah i agree. they pinned all their hopes on covid delivering their predictions and in the process sold whatever was left of their soul and became another mainstream outlet bleating propaganda about the uniquely deadly and evil virus. snooze.


“shame because their political commentary / agitation was valuable”

I found the commenters that collected there provided more value with more varied, and often better argued positions.

Excessive application of the banhammer has completely destroyed that though. Yet another fail on their part I guess.


Would you agree this is the result of Bitcoin taking its place ?

which surprised me but anything can happen in clown world

of course Bitcoin is just as pointless as gold, so maybe it’s mostly market manipulation pushing it up (tether etc)


Would you agree this is the result of Bitcoin taking its place ?

which surprised me but anything can happen in clown world

of course Bitcoin is just as pointless as gold, so maybe it’s mostly market manipulation pushing it up (tether etc)


“I can believe that tether tomfoolery might be going on and having some effect on btc price at the margin. But I think their main game is something else (not price manipulation).”

Pretty sure the main game of tether is sell as many tethers for USD as they can without ever actually buying any back or maintaining that “tether” to the USD any more than they absolutely have to to keep selling them.

I really struggle to see any other point to an electronic token that is directly tied in value to Fiat that is already perfectly easily electronically transferrable.

Bitcoin/crypto is a use case for selling them, especially the more questionable exchanges that are outside any banking system.


You seem to have a higher opinion of them than me.

Why take the 0.5% when you can just run off with the lot…

My peachy prediction is that at some point they do, or a proven to already have.


Maybe a cleaner game, but probably not a clean game.

Having read some of stewies links and descriptions of what is going on in some of the more underground crypto exchanges I think an awful lot of tether has been issued without the corresponding USD inputs.

A proper audit will reveal this and the whole thing come tumbling down. It is also something they can’t undo once it’s been done without a huge pile of free money from somewhere.

David Llewellyn-Simp

Aaaahahahaha Llewellyn-Gimp! 🤣😂🤣


hi peachy i’m here, why’d you get banned from macro anyway

i’m actually an investor in the fund and they’ve repeatedly banned me from the site


yeah my recent ban was based on criticising the china/covid narratives, i forget which one. myself, coming and another good poster, doctor x, all got shitcanned for covid at some point or another. it’s the first time i’ve ever seen macro take a non-contrarian view; their perspective on covid is the same as what you see in the mainstream media.

i suspect they were hanging on to the idea that covid was finally the big shock they were praying for that was going to trash australian real estate once and for all – it did not eventuate. prices barely budged, and, like some unstoppable force of nature, they continue to grow yet again.

reusa has been the most consistently right poster on MB for the past 5 years.


this is how i have described australian real estate on macro; akin to a force of nature, not subject to the rules of economics but its own special set of physical laws;

“australian real estate prices are so fundamentally divorced from any common sense understanding of economic laws that you could argue that they are not determined by them but are in fact subject to their own fundamental physical rules, like the weak force, quantum mechanics or electromagnetism. and more powerful than even any of those. they will continue to rise in perpuity, even following melted ice caps, worldwide nuclear warfare or extraterrestrial invasion. even after the heat death of the universe prices in the eastern suburbs will still be up QoQ.”

Dictator David

I’ve been spreading the word about “Peachistan” on MB and converting more of the disenfranchised folk to “the dark side”. Just need to get reusa over here and we will all be making money and attending sexy parties!


mb’s next big failed prediction is going to be the coming collapse of china, there’s this almost religious devotion to this idea on that site with almost no historical, demographic or economic understanding of china to back it up. i just argued with a tonne of ppl on there on my other name (master of toilet paper) how a chinese superpower is basically coming and they weren’t having a bar of it. they’re totally deluded and “democracy” ideologues.


i still like mb and enjoy reading the site and commenting on the articles but they’ve got some odd blind spots on stuff.


exactly….they write about what they want the world to be like instead of how it is.

not helpful


Because they present it as what will happen, not as a “this would be really good if it happened”

I get the impression it is actually what they think will happen. Performance of MB fund suggests so.

All it does is reinforce my theory that people capable of making good actionable economic predictions use them to make profits, not broadcast them to the masses.

A fly in your ointment

To me it seems the writing was in support or defence of portfolio positions.
Davo Lewd-Schmitz became so emotional with some topics and that crooks a viewpoint beyond recognition.

Dictator David

What really pissed me off recently, is that I’ve followed MB for 10 years now. I drank the koolaid and thought that prices were finally going to come down with COVID, it was the perfect storm. Everything pointed to it. One of the women at work was laughing and gloating the other day because “looks like house prices didn’t really go down”

These fuckwits think they are so clever buying a house or IP makes them some genius investor. They have no idea what led to this recent pump of the bubble. Not a clue and that’s the crux of it, the average Joe doesn’t care about economics or the fact their kids will paying for it in years to come. The same woman that comes to work and cries because she has to work to pay her mortgage and can’t spend more time with her kids. The cognitive dissonance is something to behold in this country.

But hey, so long as house prices go up infinitely, who cares right? Because you can go to work and be a materialistic fuck.

It’s a shame that what MB preached for so long never came to fruition and the country has been hollowed out to housing. But listening to them in the MB echo chamber will just lead to another decade of despair and failure after all just like a casino “The house always wins”

The Traveling Wilbur


Jebus. Generation. Or more. At least.