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awesome, but when/how do we get the avatars to work here? i’ll try it out now


holy cow it works, everybody get an avatar pronto


Click your own avatar next to your name in the comments

Below the bar with the stars on it, click ‘Account’

Scroll down to ‘Avatar’, pick an avatar either from a URL or a file on your computer


Then scroll down to the blue box ‘Save Changes’ at the bottom of the page and click it


WTF – where is BSV on the support page!


bs what

The Traveling Wilbur

and that takes all the popular crypto coins (https://www.ezfka.com/donations/)

That URL F404s and I can’t find the original article with the link to that page I used to get to the page the first time (successfully) anymore. 😢

Trying to give money to the UN would be easier than this. 😯

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The Traveling Wilbur

What stagsie said (above, and also below).

FYI gravatars work right out of the box, so if you set one up that way it will work here also (to clarify: that other place only provides the gravatar method).


Nice work you’ve done sprucing this place up


thank you oh stonefruited one

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Excess donations will be used to purchase ammo

Not sure exactly what to make of that…

Agent 47

Ammo is never a bad investment.

A fly in your ointment

probably the most liquid and most reliable store of wealth asset in the history of mankind

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You guys are doing an amazing job! The forums look really good 🙂


yeah peachy and IT crew are absolutely tops, its amazing how easy it is to make a great site if you actually cater to your readers