A Biden boom of immense proportions…. for Migrants

DLS getting all excited in regards to the Biden Boom:

  • An overall spending package worth between $2-4tr will be proposed.
  • It will focus on roads and green infrastructure.
  • It will be funded by tax hikes for corporations from 21% to 28% and higher personal taxes for $4ook+ earners and higher capital gains taxes for $1m+ earners.

…and he is probably correct – it will trigger a staggering boom, for Corporate profits and immigrants, because they will be the ultimate and ONLY beneficiaries of this largess.

Why? Because of this:

  1. Under Biden’s immigration proposal all foreign students enrolled in U.S. universities will have the right to stay and work in this country for 10 years—and after that, they will be awarded green cards;
    (TAKE THAT Australian Universities…. and Leith wonders where Aust Universities are getting these notions).
  2. In lieu of better working conditions or decent salaries, employers get to offer green cards to foreign students. And there’s no cap on these student workers;
  3. US Govt will subsidize employers who hire foreigners over Americans;
  4. Companies don’t pay payroll taxes on their foreign student employees, saving them more than 8 percent per worker!
  5. Raising diversity visas – yes, diversity visas! To increase intake from nations that have previously had little cultural influence or migration to America from 50k to 80k.
    Why? Because ‘Why not?’ More diversity and fracturing of social consensus is always better than less;

For the moment Trump’s working visa restrictions remain in place and the immigration pump is cloaked as foreign students (just like Australia), but Biden and his backers are itching to roll those reforms back as well – the slightest uptick in the economy or wages will see the cry of ‘skills shortages’ go up and in a flash the migrant mobs will be back. How do we know? Because every other immigration category other than outright working visas have already been pumped back up to the max:

“The State Department issued nearly 290,000 fewer immigrant visas in the categories that the ban targeted during the year that it was in effect. If they are not from a country on which Biden has imposed a countrywide entry ban—mostly Europe, South Africa, Brazil, China, and Iran—these immigrants will now be able to immigrate to the United States. This is great news for them and for the Americans with whom they plan to associate.” [Stewie: i.e. US corporations]

Cato Institute

When DLS first started wanking on about the Biden Boom I agreed that it would be possible, but I stated the boom would be in Company profits and immigration, there will be ZERO real wage growth for existing Americans.

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jesus christ that picture lol

but yeah sounds like america is super charging its migration intake, as soon as the covid fear veil is lifted post-vaccination australia will copy and then some

i’m more comfortable with a coming chinese world than ever — the united states is the true great satan at this point, a pit from which all things culturally nugatory and deleterious emerge

it isn’t even a white western country anymore, if you’ve been there in the last 5 years you’ll know exactly what i mean

Last edited 3 years ago by stagmal

i think i’d prefer the soviet union as global hegemon over the u.s at this point, or even a certain central european regime that existed for a brief period in the mid 20th century

the cultural pull of the cardibocracy is disturbing – have you ever heard of iggy azalea? she’s this white australian girl from fucking MULLUNBIMBY of all places who moved to atlanta in her late teens to pursue a life of imitating black american rap stars

Last edited 3 years ago by stagmal
Stewie luvs backdoor creampies

A disgusting, degenerate gloop huh?

Kinda like the stuff u fart out of your ass, hey stewie? …after you’ve just been bummed by brenten. U dirty old deviant!

😂 🤣😂


wish he would attack me

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A fly in your ointment

MultiCult doesn’t lead to a higher culture, it just dissolves everything until you’re left with a disgusting, degenerate gloop.

Hold on, you’re not serious wrt this?
Because this describes the US culture of the masses (you know, those outside ghettos and upper 10% of the revenue generating


Yes – some autobahns would be nice right now

instead we got the grocery code of conduct and travel vouchers


And $120b of giveaway to the tradies – don’t forget that.

mph, and the $60b that Treasury found behind the couch…

but we can’t afford autobahns, see.

Chinese Astroturfer

It’s a good point.

While the Chinese elite certainly hate white people and are resentful about 200 year old injustices committed by British psychopaths, could life for a white, straight male be any worse in a Chinese satellite state than modern day Australia or the US?



and the Chinese know what to do with the muslims as well

all the great values of the us (personal freedoms, freedom of speech etc) are gone anyway

so all we are left with is rapacious capitalism and social degeneracy


not to mention they get good infrastructure, chinese build a hospital in a week while the installation of a traffic light system at the intersection near my house has taken the last year and a half with no end in sight

our countries have all of the disadvantages that come with ‘free’ democratic systems (inefficiencies, vetocracy, absolutely nothing getting done, special interests) but almost none of the advantages anymore – so what’s the point?

Last edited 3 years ago by stagmal


all muslims that I have ever known personally are very nice people.

It’s unfortunate that some fundamentalist sects have hijacked and tarnished the name :/


“Not all muslims”


Maybe even not all Chinese muslims?

will you grant peachy that?


hai-ya, no no no. No China please.

Chinese Astroturfer

Delirious Dave must have had his head in a sand for the last few months because this was coming all along.


we all knew it, MB has always had this weird optimistic thing where when a new politician moves in they (usually briefly) talk them up as saviours

they did this with jacinta ardern, biden and even malcolm turnbull if anyone remembers that ancient news

Last edited 3 years ago by stagmal

For sure. For a bunch of doomsayers is bloody amazing how optimistic and naive the blokes are!

This reminds me – I suspects it long past time that an update to the “constant catfish” article (https://www.ezfka.com/2020/10/18/peachy-prediction-macrobusiness-to-fawn-over-arderns-property-promises-be-disappointed-in-18-months/) is posted.


yeah i’d love to see you grill that fish – what a fizzler she turned out to be


and how much input from becker with the bullshit?


does anyone else get the feeling DLS is chomping at the bit for a future war (that he wont be fighting in) against china


the dude is sounding more and more like a neocon warhawk by the day


All in all, I think over the past few decades we are witnessing either what happens when either the power of capital is too great versus its more mercantile symbiotic relationship with workers/proletariat in days gone past. Or simply that we are approaching the early days of the ‘4th act’ of capitalism which is it’s ‘true and ultimate’ form, which is really some form of plutocracy and exists as capitalism (pre 1980s – i.e. the system we were all sold on) increasingly by name only.

Good times ahead…

Last edited 3 years ago by The90kwbeast

The neo-elites in America are solely interested in control and profit, as ends unto themselves.”

And here lies the issue with capitalism unrestrained, essentially. It’s gone from being a clear net-net benefit to both not only capital holders, but employees in developed nations with a symbiotic relationship of sorts, to with the advent of extreme globalisation of everything, a net cancer working actively against the interests of the proletariat.

A fly in your ointment

The moment China breaks away and forms an economic and banking system that actually threatens the global banking cabal, THEN China will genuinely be considered a threat. 

‘zactly what made China a “rogue state” (and because they are in realistic position to make that happen)
No one will remember that it is actually US that cut the branch it sits upon (or ‘decided to slaughter the seep it sheared for decades’) when it weaponised the financial flows.

Last edited 3 years ago by A fly in your ointment