Weekend Links March 20-21, 2021

Welcome to Weekend Links for March 20-21, 2021!

This weekend may be a very auspicious weekend, or maybe the date just looks cool! Either way, we hope you had a good week and we are very happy to have you here.

Have fun browsing the links, and we are all about courteous disagreement here at Casa de EZFKA.

Another little experiment I’m trying is having a though provoking video up top. This week it is from Doctor Ramani, a clinical psychiatrist / YouTuber who makes videos about Narcissism.

Let me know what you guys think about this format!

As always, enjoy the weekend links and enjoy the discussion. Cheers 🙂

Politics and Governance

So what we look for with links is thought provoking stuff. Generally overdone, somewhat hyperbolic, but bringing out good alternative thinking. Also videos sometimes.


Culture Wars

Counter cancelling is now a thing. The entire narrative team building Bloodlines 2 was let go, or quit. In the words of one of the top comments, “I don’t even know who’s cancelling whom anymore! We are entering the quantum clownverse!”

Written In The Stars

From our favorite astrologer!

Note, obviously we are not endorsing astrology. However, lots of people believe it, and its clearly a set of beliefs that sit outside the local overton window, so have put it up.


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Your pay shall be docked…



is it legal for banks/stores to refuse currency in aus if the coins/notes are too damaged

i have a $2 and a few 20c 10c and 5c pieces (about $3.45 in total) that are perfectly legible and intact but not enough so that automated bank counting machines will accept them


Stores are allowed to refuse. Banks are not allowed to refuse. If it is more than 20% damaged you may not get the full value.


What are we drinking tonight lads? I’ve been drinking Colonial I.P.A. ever since the lefties tried to call it racist and change their name. Awesome drop is a plus too!


a great northern super crisp 330ml

found a six pack in a car wash trash can, took em home, washed them and theyre good to go now

great northern (along with four x) is barely beer, shit is more like creaming soda it goes down so smooth and easy

Last edited 3 years ago by stagmal

You need to take your northern and vagina back to macrobusiness


bruz how can i turn down free beer


There are many professional provocateurs on YouTube. Almost always politically aligned. I can understand that some are sometimes funny like Zoolander Jordie or Paul Joseph Watson. But Coach Red Pill …seriously…I can’t believe people can’t see through his manipulative alpha male alter ego.


What is that bloodlines thing? I didn’t understand a word!


The first bloodlines game (Vampire – The Masquerade) was one of the best of its time.

On Reddit the response to Paradox dropping Hardsuit Labs seems to be positive, as they don’t have a history of making RPGs as well as going for political correctness at the expense of maintaining the in-game world.

It seems that early game footage was also quite bad, which also isn’t a good sign although some developers can reverse initial negative perceptions – eg. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q75cQ5LTCes


It’s a platform game? I thought they only had them back in the old days!


The bloodlines game is a first person RPG – the link was to a different game (which has a similar title so apologies for the confusion) which got panned in beta testing but turned the criticism around in a fun away.

While no longer considered “mainstream”, 2D platformers have thrived under indie game developers as there are plenty of gamers who grew up playing NES/SNES era titles and aren’t all that interested in the annual reincarnation of generic sports title or world war 2 themed shooter that the big developers regularly churn out.

Then you have to consider that some of these gamers are now parents with kids, and they probably aren’t too keen on having their children going online with strangers and are after something more wholesome/inoffensive.


“The Bards Tale” how to seduce the busty barmaid.

Reading, let alone linking to Sputnik-whatever or RT should lead to permanent ban!
Heck, Spatnik should be banned word!


What? Censorship? I thought this place was free of such MB style authoritarianism….

Lol I’m hoping you’re just joking


I think that he is being funny


*attempting 🙂

A fly in your ointment

Lucky I have a day job, eh?

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whats everyone doing today

Miguel de Sousa



at the peep show?

Miguel de Sousa


Last of the Moorookans

Learning culture of Brisbane to get ready for opening of Queens Wharf the moment with Brisbane really becomes Big Hong Kong


In some countries its considered a complement

Agent 47

Heise basically spends 95% of his videos reading news articles you can read in your own time. Then says “what do you Think?” at the end and asks for money. No value adding but great business model.


From the kneeling bus article:

When the money printer goes brrrr, it doesn’t make everyone richer, it just redistributes the claims upon the underlying value.

easy to skim that and think “yeh, money printers are neutral”. But the redistribution aspect is anything but neutral


Have you noticed the propaganda from the Progressives on MB that rich people hold cash? and that money printing punishes those rich people?

Miguel de Sousa

That’s a great little ditty!


That seems like the sort of content likely to be produced by stewies admirer.
And is about as widely distributed…


I find that Mathias guy at MB to be a little tedious, his all encompassing viewpoint towards women in the MGTOW is imho both unhealthy and incorrect, sure there are some women as the type he describes, just as there are some men of the type that the media obsess over and try and portray as all men, however that is not to say his grievances are not entirely without merit.

In that vein I came across this TED talk by former feminist, now ex-feminist Cassie Jaye, and her road to Damascus moment that gave her insight into the validity of some of the Men’s rights movements in respect of society and in particular the media treat male related issues:

All that said, I think Mathias could really benefit from some counseling or therapy.


Interesting that Cassie actually ended up acknowledging that, and more to the point identified the group think in the media as being one of the biggest problems in perpetuating it…. as with most of the problems in society and the perpetuation of false narratives, it always comes back to the msm.


 Not necessarily sure why, or what can be done to fix it,

Living standards or lack there of are a big contributor.
Go ask the police where the domestic violence calls are, and mostly it isn’t the upper class suburbs.


Similar point to what I was saying about Coach Red Pill with his “I am an alpha male…need to treat women like dirt” alter ego. Now making decent coin out the number of male subscribers he has brainwashed.

MGTOW a similar theme. It is all about making money by saying something that appeals to young men. Like as if being alone and alternating between playing with your PS5 and playing with your yang yang is going to lead to a happier life.



Exactly like cryptocurrency


mgtow = give up on women so you can spend your life sitting on the internet talking about women

i get the impulse behind it though, there’s obviously a rise, whether perceived or real, in the level of nastiness exhibited by modern women, which has been exacerbated by winner takes all dating apps, feminist theory, obesity rates and the fact that women need men less than ever now

is it really hard to understand why so many dudes are going full herbivore these days and just dropping out of the game, ive been of that mind for ages now knowing my life’s dreams are never going to come true, at least in australia

Last edited 3 years ago by stagmal

Share of men under the age of 30 who report ZERO female sex partners since they turned 18.



From that well respected scientific journal and bastion of integrity known as twitter…


Point – my bad, while the theme was correct, the chart was actually share of men under of age of 30 who aren’t having sex


and the original article


Last edited 3 years ago by Stewie

“Similar point to what I was saying about Coach Red Pill with his “I am an alpha male…need to treat women like dirt” 

I have to say that having finally watching that Coach Red Pill link (and having never even heard of him before), and then comparing it to our current crop of Australian politicians – he may have point.

Scomo is clearly a socio-path. Devoid of any ability to connect with real people at a personal level. Zoidberg is a beta, as is the Albotross. Porter, another psychopath, just about all the female politicians are sociopaths of the female variety – left or right they are all Queen Bee’s, except for perhaps Lambie.

They are all system huggering betas or interested in politics and power for powers sake alone. All people who are controllable either through the power of public approval and opinion, which is shaped by the media and those who control it, or through the appeal to power itself, being those who donate and fund the politicians and their election campaigns.

Yes Democracy is the worst solution that we ever have, but sometimes I think I’d like to take my chances with a Dictator, you may occasionally even get lucky and end up with a Benevolent one – the endgame for Democracy inevitably seems to be drawn to always electing the worst.

Last edited 3 years ago by Stewie

The problem is what we have isn’t really democracy in the initial greek form. It is a bastardisation produced by and for the english aristocracy, probably after watching the goings on in france.
It is widely effective at pacifying the people though. Make people choose their fete (even if the choice is really an illusion) and they are much more accepting of it.


In the Greek form it wasn’t really useful beyond groupings of, say, 100,000 people.

With better communications and transport maybe you could scale it to 5m or 10m so. Beyond that, it becomes kinda hard.


Quite possibly so.
I’m a problem identifier, not a problem solver.
But the current EZFKA is a product of it’s political system and is unlikely to change without a serious change in that regard.
Improved transport and technology have led to less dependence on local populations by elites with the inevitable loss of care for their plight, making the situation visibly worse for the local population.


100% – Democracy and freedom is best served with the smallest distance from the voter to the elected body representing your interests. The reality is that “Democracies” the real power is always held by those who can control pubic opinion and the social narrative. 🙁

Agent 47

Pays 200 a year to use the MB comments section as his personal therapy session with 3000 word diatribes about how depressed he is.

Gunna meets MGTOW.

Chinese Astroturfer

14 male friends have committed suicide too. Maybe find a better group of friends.

Australia for all its problems is a very easy place to live if you have perspective and realistic expectations.

For all our natural advantages, resources, available land, wealth in this country, life for the average person is much more difficult than it should be. You can’t expect the quality of life on an average wage that previous generations had.

But still, if you can’t be happy with your life day to day in Australia you’ll be miserable everywhere. If you play the game properly and lower expectations it’s an easy place.


People have varying abilities to play the game though.
And as currently set up there has to be a lot of losers, at least relatively.
And relative is all that actually matters.


it’s bull.
He’s fabricating.
That yarn about his uninsured mate sideswiping cars…couldn’t pay, never be debt free. so topped himself..
what crap


Thanks for that video. I shared it to my facebook feed. It’s nice to see that there are women capable of repetence. But like Matias I suspect, I’m so far gone that it’s hard to care if there are good women or not. I’m done looking and for the most part much happier for it.

The Great Reset and the Great Awakening

  • 1st March 2021

Interview with Alexander Dugin on “the Great Reset”.


A great article Djenka. So many points within it that I could expand on, but I’ll start with just this one, since it is so topical:

“And after the defeat of Nazism and Communism followed the next step — the liberation of man from collective gender identity. That was the mark of transition to a new kind of liberalism. So, gender politics is essential. It is not just secondary — it is something essentially embedded in this logic of development of liberalism.”

As I keep saying, there is nothing new under the sun, these ideas are drawn from existing cultural values, and it doesn’t take much effort to track down where they come from:

“To get a clear picture of the Jewish view of womanhood, we must go back to the beginning – the Torah.

In the first chapter of Genesis, the Torah chooses to refer to Adam in the plural:

“God created the man in His image; in the image of God He created him, male and female He created them. And God blessed them. (Genesis 1:27-28)”

Notice the use of “them” This was before the creation of Eve. It also helps give another pointer to the cultural source of this new gender pronoun, and indeed the culture source of where this whole ‘new’ gender ideology is emerging from.

The idea of sex as a spectrum is only found in one of the major Abrahamic religions – Christianity and Islam are both very specific, there are only two genders. The Kabbalah, which is the esoteric and spiritual aspect of Judaism, actually goes into it in greater depth.

In many ways this new ideology’ goal is to erase women, which is not very surprising when you understand the daily thanks devout orthodox men give every day “I give thanks that I am a Jew, I am not a woman and I am not a gentile”.

I’m actually followed on Twitter by a few TERFs who also recognise that this new ideology is actually a war on the female identity, although virtually none recognise the actual cultural source of these ideas and instead just view it as another form of male misogyny (which they are correct about in a certain way).

It is little understood that Christianity and to an extent Islam, seek to create the duality of humanity existence as both man and woman, each completing a certain roles, complementing each other and coming together in union and balance. The goal of Judaism on the other hand, as a religion of such a literary interpretation of religious texts, is to create that union combining the male and feminine within a single entity “them”.

Again most people don’t even know that there is only one of the Abrahamic religions that makes a careful study of Demonology and even justifies summoning them. Take a look at pictures of Baphomet, there is a reason it’s drawn that way.

Virtually every idea being pursued in the ‘Great Reset’ , from gender identity to the ‘Greater Middle East’ can be traced back to this specific culture. Why don’t more people know this? Because over the last 100 years virtually all knowledge and understanding of their actual beliefs and values have been carefully erased from the public eye.

Last edited 3 years ago by Stewie

“Little Girl” is a documentary depicting the heart breaking story of 7-yr old Sasha, a transgender baby girl facing the gaze of others”

…I wonder who produced and made this Netflix ‘documentary’?



I’m only part way through the Premium Mediocre piece and I’m enjoying it a lot.


theres this whole community of guys on YT now worldwide who go around with cameras filming public places which usually solicits an unjustified reaction from the police/authorities and for some reason i really get a kick out of it



I’ve been watching Nunya Bizness. There’s some strange draw to watching him antagonise police and waiting to see their response. The amount of shit they put up with I have no idea why anyone would be a cop these days.


lol i watch him too, actually antagonised him on his own channel and he came over to mine and started commenting on my videos


I don’t get it – just looks like an attention seeker wanker with a British accent. Filming in public spaces isn’t illegal, but staking out a location to film random people is a bit on the creepy side for me. What am I missing here? Are they trying to get a viral video for the $$$?


it is entirely about attention and being obnoxious but that doesnt change the fact tht they’re allowed to do this, i think its funny honestly but i’m f-d in the head


this bloke is absolutely mentally ill

look at the pressured style of communication

it just makes no sense even internally

interest rates will be 1% but banks will be “forced to shut down”

why will banks go broke ?

companies and individuals are being given money by government from helicopters

if interest rates are at 1% in that scenario, then why are loan payments not being made ?

this is a dangerous delusional lunatic just like DLS

March 20, 2021 at 9:26 am
I was thinking about a few things 
On a shorter term,,,, lower oil price….think could fall a bit further maybe low 50s that will bring down bond yields maybe to 1.20% from 1.75% short term next month or so ….but higher again into mid year 
But in the major financial crisis in H2 think we are going to see a major panic into AUST bonds …..taking bond yields negative….so there is a possibility of seeing very low fixed rates maybe 1% in the crisis ,,,,,for a period of time,,, maybe 6 or 12 months 
The issue is the banks might be forced to shut down and freeze all lending and transactions for a period of time 
So what will cause the property downturn this year will be our banks …….ability to stay afloat 
We are going to see a huge bankruptcy crisis …..maybe the Boeing’s or large Airlines or something from left field..the bankruptcies will be trigger a global banking crisis probably starting in Europe but the issue is the derivatives counterparty risk…..Deutsche commerce Goldman JPM ….maybe HSBC BNP…..and many of the Italian banks 
This is going to spread throughout the world,,,,we don’t have derivatives but our banks are on life support already ……
This is coming in the second half possibly even 3rd Qtr this year July to September …..
The Q really is how bad is it going to be ??
If every major bank in the world collapses, governments won’t be able to save them all
What’s going to make this so bad is that it’s a global banking crisis/collapse 
That’s the worst because it’s credit that gets frozen and lending 
That’s the concern that the property market will be frozen ….no sales, no settlements, no bank withdrawals….they won’t muck around this time 
Have they been practicing in preparation…..ASX switched off for a day and recent shut down of EFTPOS….because I’ve heard EUROPE has been preparing for a while how to switch everything off
Europe were very close in March last year to switching off/halting exchanges if markets didn’t bounce out,,,from FED QE infinity….stabilised 
I believe they’ve prepared in AUST ….and it’ll happen very quickly over a weekend just close and hault everything simultaneously 
It’ll be similar to COVID type response …..daily cash from ATM…..Europe has already planned to allow ATM limits when banks are shut, they’ve enacted into parliament EU 4 weeks closure with option to extend 
They know how bad things are,,,,,,I heard Ray Dalio Bridge Water hedge fund was quietly bailed out in March ….they had huge leveraged long equities in the down turn 
Anyway I think it’s good to be prepared……for different scenarios


I do have concerns that the bloke is a little bit loopy and requires care rather than ridicule.

thats why I don’t feel ripping into him is the right thing to do


I have more concerns that there are many, many people on that website who read and take him seriously

think of the untold damage being done to those people stocking up on baked beans and hoarding $50 notes under their mattress

the same ones that DLS has been harming over the last 10 years stocking up on whatever was at its absolute peak: USD, then gold, recently long bonds, now Bitcoin

Last edited 3 years ago by Coming

Has Davo gone bullish on Bitcoin?!?!


Didn’t he just throw in the towel and say “who knows how high it could go”


That he might have done…but only in the context of still predicting it’s going to zero.

I was concerned that maybe he recommended people buy it now…


He’s reccomending real estate right now, which has me concerned as iam shopping.
Great site by the way, i still remember DLS calling you a banking astro. Wanker , most expensive $200 i ever spent.


I don’t particularly mind bearish forecasts, but I believe he was also talking about sunning his perineum which did strike me as fairly strange!


bcnich seems to be talking about GFC-style contagion. All the banks are invested in each other one way or another via loans or derivates. It just takes one major entity to collapse and credit will freeze. He has obviously forgotten about central banks buying toxic assets under the TARP program.

Last edited 3 years ago by Freddy

No one will collapse because companies and individuals are getting free helicopter money

therefore no one can possibly miss a loan payment

therefore no assets can go bad and no banks can collapse

these blokes have their heads in the sand , and their fingers in ears

the only thing I would concede is if inflation gets going and rates are allowed to rise, things would be more tenuous but in that scenario interest rates aren’t 1%

A fly in your ointment

this is a dangerous delusional lunatic just like DLS

Each article writer has no less than 2-3 alter egos, there is a chance bcnich is one of them.
I can guarantee you both dudes are reading each and every comment soaking up every shred of info.


GIven bc’s posts seem to have more effort put int than the actual articles I don’t think he’s an alter ego.
There is also minimal to no chance they are soaking up every shred of info given their propensity to ban anyone with a contrary opinion.

Agent 47

Bcnich comes along every 6 months and makes a dire prediction. Then comes back and adjusts after 6 months saying it will be another 6 months.


Bcnich picked the COVID bust perhaps by luck via the sunspot idea. Luck or not, he deserves a little credit. The sunspot idea wasn’t his by the way. I went searching and found a paper published on sunspots and economic cycles in 2007. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S0040162507001357
Also interesting:


cop a look at this fucking nonsense


how many blacks are there in wales ?

what absolutely fabricated issue is this

this is actually why I don’t mind scummo being in charge – his Jesus freak crew don’t tolerate this kind of nonsense

I don’t want my kids to have to go through this brainwashing

I feel like as an minority rational intelligent person I’m now stuck between choosing one of two completely irrational majority groups for protection: religious idiots or woke idiots

Miguel de Sousa

How come yts are in Straya?


How come you’re in Australia?

Australia for Australians – gtfo.

Miguel de Sousa

I actually misread the earlier “how many…” as “how come” so I apologise to Coming for that.

So how come I’m here, yeah same reason – bad luck.


maybe they pad the number of black people in wales by lumping in soot faced coal miners into the demographic


It is part of the concerted effort by Juciey elites to repoint all the success of Western civilization away from ethnic Caucasians, towards minorities and other hanger-oners. Like how the UN passed indigenous rights legislation that said mass migration was a form of cultural genocide, and all the EU nations promptly passed laws that denied their existing populations were ‘indigenous’.

In Australia this narrative has repointed the founding of Australia away from Colonial Australians, to simply that we as a people are nothing more than a constant stream of discombobulated, atomised migrants, who should tug their forelock towards the local spear chuckers, who were living in perfect peace and paradise before the arrival of the evil Colonial Australians who weren’t responsible for anything more than killing off the indigenous.

Last edited 3 years ago by Stewie

The UK’s Royal Mint makes history with a new coin featuring Britannia as a woman of color…


Last edited 3 years ago by Stewie

I might get one – might turn out a good memento of peak loopy.

not sure if I should go for the full 1kg gold or not…

The Traveling Wilbur

I went to -1 on a comment, which I do rarely, anywhere, and only once before in this place, and then noticed this was a button I was not going to be able to push. Literally.

Enquiring minds would like to know the reason(s) for removal?

[Nice feature, but potentially contentious – didn’t think that it would matter in regards to that in this place.]

And it was BJW’s. 😜


This was briefly debated here: https://www.ezfka.com/Forum/postid/318/

I also thought that a “—“ is good to have, but apparently that’s not how most people think.

go figure.

you’re still free to do your own “—“ by respond with “you fckn idiot” 😉


Every interaction is a win – is there a way that we could get both tallies?


Well, we could either have downvotes to set off against upvotes or not have them.

I don’t think we can have a score of downvotes and a separate score of upvotes.


Best without them if they hide interaction.

Last edited 3 years ago by Stewie

A + or – isn’t a worthwhile interaction in my opinion. It does nothing to create any additional value.
All it does is promote groupthink and cancel culture.

And it was BJW’s.

if you think I am full of shit man up and say so, or if you just don’t like it whine at me and let everyone know you have no case.
Hiding behind a + or – really is meaningless in the grand scheme of things though.

The Traveling Wilbur

Thanks. That was interesting reading. Some of which needed a UFI button. 😡

But, if the minus button was already being abused as described in that linked content, then, yes, we can’t have nice things and it needed to go. Good call.

I don’t like living in a world where people only get trophies and I have to go to some effort to counter lazy thinking, but I’m also used to not having nice stuff – so one button only it is. Plus it will keep your millennial readership happy.

Stewie is on to the optimal solution below btw (but even then, misuse would be a problem, but at least your site would get MOAR interactions than without a -1 if misuse were to occur using his model).


Nah I don’t think it was being abused.

people were being rather sensitive and wanted a safe space or summink

A fly in your ointment

It is just a matter of time before it becomes abused as with anything that is severely prone t abuse. Atm most of the mob here are inclined on many issues in generally similar direction. When you have loonies of all sorts negative votes become a lever. Positive votes are lever too but much harder to abuse for negative ends.
Imv, voting is wokism by nature, as voting alone cannot represent quality, and quality is falsely implied through votes. “Post truth” thing about feelings over facts.
Nope this is not a suggestion to kill voting just a personal viewpoint.


That is bizarre. Last week on History Channel there was a doco on Queen Elizabeth. They discussed how when she was younger there was a few attempts from republicans to remove Queens image from stamps and coins to “commemorate” something (anything other than her). It ended up backfiring with the Queen becoming acutely aware of the games that were be played and demanding every stamp and coin retain her image.

I am wondering whether this will backfire as well.

Chinese Astroturfer

53 comments vs 68.


they really crushed their own comment numbers when they closed posting on weekends to unregistered users.

Last edited 3 years ago by stagmal
The Traveling Wilbur

🙉 🙊 🙈


The counter argument is quality vs quantity but there’s probably just as much dribbling there as here.

The Traveling Wilbur

Oh, yeah, because all the quality comments in that other place come from the members… yeah… of course.

Agent 47

Aircraft stairs are racist and an extension of white supremacy.


A fly in your ointment

Read some Twatter responses: when Trump had a sip of water, they reported he was having a stroke, for sleepy joe on this they report “it happens”. Trump holding the rail whilst climbing was due to instability…

President Kamala words will soon echoe the WH

Last edited 3 years ago by A fly in your ointment

The legendary Matt Taibbi:

Once, it was enough that unpopular writers could be pushed out of jobs at places like The Intercept, Vox, the New York Times, and New York Magazine. The next demand will be that such writers not be allowed to publish anywhere, not even to audiences choosing to pay for their services. Singal might be a canary in a coal mine: the first person to be targeted for removal from a self-publishing platform.



Most journalists nowadays are selected for their political viewpoints and beliefs… Noam Chomsky said it best when he was pulled up by a ‘journalist’ after he said the msm pushed the elites narrative:

“I am certain your belief’s are honestly held, but what I am saying is that if you believed anything different then you would not be here interviewing me now.”

A fly in your ointment

Interesting chap Noam is, at times clinically precise then on a few topics becomes irrational.
I am yet to hear him say clear condemnation of actions by Clinton (the pres) and Tony “lap dog” Blair axis of evil.
Adam Curtis actually praised those two and threw in B. Couchner almost as saints of later days which imv is a clear next step in Curtis’ decline.


Noam is sadly demented now, or the Illuminati finally got to him

his TDS rantings (and hitler comparisons) exposed that quite starkly


His reflexive instincts appear to be to rebel against any nationalist tendencies, even the relative trace amounts that were found in Trump. Perhaps its his tribal cultural values, or perhaps it is genetic, or perhaps it is both? Either way MultiCult is his default setting.

Last edited 3 years ago by Stewie

Yeah Chomsky makes some brilliant observations, yet his own biases and prejudices exist, as do everyone’s I suppose. His are hard to see, it is what he does not say that sometimes tells more about him.


Nothing exemplifies the madness of our times more than the fervent push by therapists, educators, social workers, and journalists to poison, mutilate, and sterilize adolescents who have self-diagnosed that their moodiness is due to being the wrong gender:


A fly in your ointment

There is something about skin pigmentation that must be sublimal and subconscious.
In Africa, India, brighter skin is desired trait. Almost as Aryan for krauts.in England, it is obsession with pink. Most poems will drink themselves silly to become pink skinned (how else to describe weekend binge drinking custom?)


Man sells a NFT of his ‘fart’ for $85…. he may have just cottoned onto a never ending income stream!


A fly in your ointment

Is this a parody (NY Post) or “fi real”

The Traveling Wilbur

And what would we class this new ‘movement’ as?

Performance fart?
Fart deco?

Or perhaps… Pop fart?


Flucking chilling to the bone that person that cannot be certain about much in their life (a child) can be made to take irreversible decisions and with a total disregard about what/whom influenced such decisions but with full rejection of influence from the person(s) whom have historically proven track record of best interests of a child – parent(s).

25yrs ago I had Canada as an option for one way ticket. Luckily Aus is not that much “advanced” otherwise I’d apply for asylum in Russia or Cuba or maybe N. Korea.


Come, now, parents are an unknown quantity. You just need to learn to love and trust the state – the state can always be relied on to look after local units’ best interests. 😁

I do wonder – could one now be arrested for calling a bloke a “little bitch”, because that is not affirming bitch-bloke’s gender?

Last edited 3 years ago by Peachy

Girl, 12, cleared for sex change | Daily Telegraph

I recall a conversation with a post-modernist who was adamant the legal age of reason should be 10. I didn’t ask but I was wondering if they also felt the same way about the legal age of consent.