Weekend Links, May 15-16, 2021

Welcome to the Weekend Links, for the 15-16 of May, 2021! We are very happy you decided to stop by this little den of inequity and wrong think, and please leave your biases at the door.

This week was exciting in the WW3 department, so instead of bashing Australian politicians and feminists, today we will be bashing Muslims, Jews and leftists in general, sometimes all in the same link!

But first, because we like to put forward unusual thinking, this is a YouTuber talking about Israel. They are both pro-Israel in this video, for a number of unusual reasons.

The internet is an amazing thing! To be fair, there is plenty of blame to be spread all around in the Middle East, but the reality is that this specific incident (and ongoing violence) was almost certainly engineered by the current occupant in the White House.

Why? Because the modern left is basically a death cult which loathes any non-progressive, and is happy to use brainwashed Palestinians to fund its various human, weapon and drug trafficking profit centers.

Politics And Governance

A few weeks ago, we had the video of the Polish pastor in Canada throwing out the health Nazi’s for trying to shut down the Easter Mass.

He has been arrested. The left wing scum running Canada used a SWAT team to arrest a pastor on a freeway.

What was this poor bastards crime? Well, he defied the powers-that-be, and they can’t let that slide can they?

From https://www.ezfka.com/2021/04/09/weekend-links-april-10-11-2021/ below.

Another example if you want is https://www.brighteon.com/eaf8253d-f09e-4503-9b8a-0ba77b579f33this is powerful stuff.

In other news this week:

The French Connection…

So there has been quite a lot of heat and light emitted about when immigration into Australia is coming back. For my money, this current wave of globalization is done, and is not coming back.

Recently there was an instance of French generals calling out French pro-Islamist policy, which we covered.

Then, we had an instance (few days later) of French soldiers calling out the same thing. Here: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9561561/Macron-sent-chilling-warning-soldiers-earlier-letter-calling-military-action.html

Hmm. My spidey senses are tingling now.

Soon after, from Marie Le Pen – https://www.zerohedge.com/political/le-pen-warns-macron-danger-civil-war-looms-if-he-doesnt-handle-islamist-problem – ok. Paris is a small city, and for these things to happen quickly is very very odd.

And then finally: https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/michel-barnier-calls-3-5-year-suspension-immigration-eu – lol, it all makes sense now.

Now Barnier is Macron’s man in Brussels. For my money, the ‘French Generals’ letter, and the media’s covering it with kiddie gloves, means it was all staged. There is no way the Elysee Palace had all this happen on its watch, unless its the Elysee Palace’s own play.

Macron is a far smarter player than the muppets we have in Canberra.

The Case Against Free Speech

This is interesting…

I used to be a free speech absolutist, with qualifications of course – which begs the question doesn’t it? Qualifications like you cannot make a death threat, you cannot shout fire in a crowded theatre, etc, etc. The standard conservative fair. But for virtually all other speech I believed there should be freedom for people to speak their conscience.

My position on free speech was formed by a large dose of having grown up in secular Australia, a peaceful, stable and prosperous society, which was influenced heavily by the USA, also a peaceful, stable and even more prosperous society, alongside of a Protestant understanding of the Catholic Church’s punishments of heretics, dissenters and unauthorized Bible translators.

And then its gets exciting…

The question is not, “Should we be absolutely free to speak?” The question is really, “Who should be the censors, and what should be censored?” We understand this intuitively, but the mantra of free speech propaganda often causes us to miss this.  

And it ends with a bang…

So here is my mea culpa on free speech, I was wrong to ever defend it. To summarize, free speech is neither possible, desirable, or sustainable. It is not possible, because as I said at the start, no one should be able to threaten someone, among other things. It is not desirable, because there should not be the freedom to degrade with porn, and other degradations, as there now is. And it is not sustainable, because it was simply a means to an end, which has been achieved, and it is now being shelved, as it always was going to be, because power vacuums attract the powerful.

He comes at it from a religious place, which was quite interesting for me personally.

More – https://younggospelminister.blogspot.com/2021/05/mea-culpa-on-free-speech.html – here.


Back in the MB days, I had called stagflation a number of times. Well, its playing out now…

Culture Wars

So its really interesting. I’m a big fan of these kinds of YouTubers, because its average (read: normal) people for the most part. And these normal people are championing the fight against elite stupidity/hypocrisy/corruption.

God bless the folks, men and women both, fighting the good fight for the rest of us. The price everyone is currently paying for ignoring the Progressive cult, and the damage their acolytes are responsible for, it going to be horrendous.

Progressives At Worship Pic Of The Week

Clearly, not a death cult.


World War 3


Have A Good Weekend!

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no one told you that in EZFKA the winner is the one that posts the last!
Moyte, this is southern hemisphere, things are ‘downside up’

Last edited 2 years ago by A fly in your ointment

comment image


Culture matters – for better or worse SBW has recognised that fact.


So Sunny, you have given up your Indian citizenship then?


Also can we have a breakdown of these numbers please ABC?

There are about 10,000 Australians, permanent residents and their immediate family members seeking to return home from India.


Heard that dude on the wireless, what a knob


Prior to citizenship being bestowed by bureaucrats handing out passports, it was generally recognised that it took around 3 generations until newcomers were accepted as being local citizens – and this recognition was only given provided they had made a concerted effort at integrating and assimilating into the local community through intermarriage and adoption of local customs.

Cultural groups that took particular effort at maintaining their cultural identity wherever they roamed, like Jews or gypsies for example, were practically never accepted.

Last edited 2 years ago by Stewie

I checked up on this. According to Indian law, if you’re an Indian citizen, the moment you take up foreign citizenship, you lose your Indian one. Of course, they have to find out about your foreign one first. Australian law was the same in the 1990s. Not sure when it changed.


My favourite animal video of the week:



Which team are we rooting for? Israel or Palestine?


Israel. I’m no fan of the Jews…but…you know….Muslims. Feh.


That’s pretty much my sentiment. Hard to pick a side tbh.


What do the betting markets say?


Odds are in Israel’s favour the last I heard… Can’t say I remember Palestine ever winning a match.


Personally I’m hoping they both beat each other to death.

A fly in your ointment

Impossibility. The field is not even sloped, let alone level. Fish in the barrel


I know, I know – but David did defeat Goliath with a sling shot. Maybe they’ll find that one vulnerable spot and bring the giant down… perhaps even on top of them? More than likely the Palestinian genocide will continue uncommented upon, other than by our outraged overlords and their catspaw social commentators, defending the chosen ones use of overwhelming force in the face of their opponents unconventional and indiscriminate tactics.

A fly in your ointment

I heard about that bloke. I also he a read in the ‘tinfoil hat’ media that Goliath was a nice chap and pacifist rather than as depicted by David…


We may be f’d basically. “

How so and do you really believe it? I feel like every week it’s something else. Iran one week, China the next etc. I don’t really follow the news anymore it’s all just fear mongering.

Now this is an unpopular view but I think a proper WW3 wouldn’t be a bad thing. A lot of people are so comfortable and don’t know what true discomfort is. I’m talking about the left social justice warrior types that are constantly looking for some miniscule thing to be outraged about. Nothing like the threat of a rocket landing on your roof or famine to readjust people’s values. I’m all for embrace the discomfort, survival of the fittest and a reset is needed to bring things back to centre.


What would have been nice is a good plague

maybe 10-20% of the worlds population

mainly the sick and old

but we fucking blew it, and gave away the last remaining scraps of our freedom instead

and only got rid of 0.05%


covid could have been the one shot of young ppl to hold oldies over a barrel, we could have been issuing demands in return for our compliance to lockdown culture, but nope, we just did everything we were told without any demands of our own

absolute sucker generation


Yep. I’m actually shocked by the young (my) generations willingness to give up their jobs, income and freedom as a sacrifice for old people. They are going to die soon anyway and have had a very good ride. What really rubs salt in the wounds is the sky rocketing property prices allowing boomers to cash out their retirement at the peak, nice. Young people should be refusing the vaccine en-masse but nooooo they will line up and do their “duty”.


They have no class consciousness, DicDave

it is no accident. Ensuring that people don’t have a class consciousness is a necessary part of the EZFKA setup.


Anyone who thinks Covid is over is clearing celebrating too early like the Indians in February. How much of the decrease in numbers in Europe and the US is due the warmer weather? Additionally we are seeing real life clinical trials in vaccine efficacy. UAE, Seychelles and Maldives all thought they were getting solid vaccines and opened up to tourists. Cases have not gone down.

Chinese Astroturfer

You look at numbers for the US last summer. There were restrictions but infections were very low. Same with the UK.

The UK has it under control I think mainly due to the severe restrictions they had from January to April. You couldn’t even allow visitors into your home, pubs closed, etc.

The test for the vaccines will be Christmas next year when it’s dark somewhere like the UK 16 hours per day, large gatherings indoors.


Heard on radio today Indian variant is now in UK, that’ll be a good test


Add in open borders by mid year and we’ll see the true efficacy to new variants


The ones that died were largely crusty geriatrics that were due to go anyway so it makes no difference to the population over the long term.


I’m inclined to agree. Some war is necessary, but not a total war. The number of ways people could deploy dangerous new tech in weapons is really scary. Imagine an mRNA delivering virus that causes your body to produce mad cow disease prions. Swarms of killer flying robots. Nukes of course. Precision high powered satellite lasers sniping people and things from LEO. The cyber attacks on the US pipeline are an example of what cyber war could achieve. You can bet that every major government has discovered security holes they keep quiet to exploit in a conflict.


Increase in computing power has allowed AI techniques to be run that couldn’t be before such as facial recognition and myriads of data matching algorithms which it seems all governments are very keen on using. I feel that while robotics in Sci-fi films make interesting discussions, the enemy is within and it won’t be long before some version of a social credit scores are rolled out in different countries.


I dunno. If ever there was a case of “more of the same”” this is it. I don’t see the current shenanigans as being much different from anything else that’s happened over the last 50 years…or 5000 years really.


I tend to lean in the opposite direction and have the view that in the US vs Israel relationship it is the tail that wags the dog.

Chinese Astroturfer

Muslims are generous, welcoming, hospitable people. Australia seem to get the Muslims who are misfits looking for a better life somewhere else though.

Jews I’ve come across in life are very rude, arrogant people.


Goddam I hate to say it but I agree with that statement.



must muslims ive known have been pretty chill, idc if they want to treat women like cattle or whatever if they do so in their own countries

in my exp the jews ive known have all been weird neurotic creeps with a billion perversions and f-ed up sexual proclivities


Perversions? Now you’ve really got my attention.


When I turn on the news knowing that young, neurotic, over emoting women determined to forge a ‘career’ over family, now dominate both the news room and the production sector, I can’t imagine why Muslims try and limit women’s voice in their societies social narrative.

Last edited 2 years ago by Stewie

gender in australia is our version of race issues in america

whenever some white chick gets stalked and raped/killed in a park its all the media talks about for the next 3 months, eurydice dixon type ppl are roughly equivalent to george floyd for us

look at the ABC website on any given day at any given time and at least 25% of the stories clogging up the main page are about women in some way

sexual assault

domestic violence

wage gap

etc etc etc etc etc

why would any man (and probably a lot of women tbh) want to put up with this???


A female relo is going through the process of dealing with a work complaint about ‘bullying and gaslighting’, the complainants are other young women who basically found constructive feedback over poor performance to be emotionally abusive.

Talking to a retired employment barrister about it, he basically said it is getting so bad now with young, dumb women being told through the media that they are always right and getting empowered by this false narrative that society is against them, that pretty soon no employer will be willing to employ any young women.


I had lunch with a workmate about a year ago.
He works for a big mining company and told me it is now policy to get 50% male/female ratio and get way more inclusion of minorities/marginalised peoples.
If you are a white heterosexual male over 40-50 you are at the bottom of the pile looking for a job.
I have worked in office environments where similar was enforced.
What then happens is that a lot of new hires haven’t got the skills required but are solely taken on because they fit the minority tag. As they haven’t got the skills the people that do know their job have to work twice as hard to pick up the slack. They get upset with being abused and will get burn-out, take sick leave or put in their notice and leave altogether. You are now left with a bunch of people that are essentially useless and the company turns to shit.
If you then want to get rid of the useless ones they will take you to court for unfair dismissal ‘because discrimination’ and win.

To survive in this environment you have to identify as a black lesbian muslim with a disability.


Found it:

‘The corporate cancer of social justice convergence is costing corporations literal billions of dollars even as it drives both productive employees and loyal customers away, destroys valuable brands, and eats away at market capitalizations. From Internet startups to entertainment giants, convergence is killing corporations as they focus on social justice virtue signalling at the expense of good business practices, sales, profits, and retaining loyal customers.’


The author of that book also has one of the best blogs on the internet. It’s very unsound. I go there every day.


Looks like something I would be interested in.


The HR departments are full of woke progressives that you will have no options but to conform. Oh and obey the commandments of multicult cult.


Just watched that “She is preaching! Why many will never find a partner” – so much cross over and related issues with the themes in this thread.

Interesting thread on female mate selection often, contrary to most peoples expectations, leads to polygynious societies:

Although traditional polygamy is often presented as the exercise of male power, this is inaccurate. Polygamy results from female choice. In pre-civilized societies, unrestrained by social pressure to leave attached men alone, women would select the best available mate, whether or not he already had other mates. This resulted in the imbalances mentioned earlier, and in the creation of a rigid class system that divided men into a minority of breeders and a majority of losers. This system broadly serves the needs of women, and of the winning male minority. It also serves the wider community, by selecting the best male genes in each generation, and so accelerating human evolution.


Last edited 2 years ago by Stewie

^Pretty much summed up red pill/mgtow theory in one paragraph.

“the bottom 80% of men (in terms of attractiveness) are competing for the bottom 22% of women and the top 78% of women are competing for the top 20% of men”

Add to that relaxed attitudes to female promiscuity. It’s a good time to be in the top 20% of males…


R u taking the piss, Chinese Astrologer?


Lol. Riger Waters. Lolol. That blokes opinions aren’t worth the steam off my piss on a cold morning.

A fly in your ointment

True because he is that stinging burning sensation you’ve had for years when pissing and can’t get rid of…


True, he is a progressive nob, but he could write a mean lyric back in the day. Pink Floyd’s tunes lacked the same punch after he left. Sure David Gilmour and Richard Wright could write some great music, but without Robert Walter’s biting lyrics and social commentary, they were about as interesting as elevator music.

Last edited 2 years ago by Stewie

No denying his musical ability…I’ve always been a PF fan. But…you know…appeal to irrelevant authority and all that. It’s like saying we take advice on international conflict from a bloke because he’s good at Rugby.

Don’t get me started on that fck8ng Bono idiot.


Outside of his music Walters’ only redemption is that he is marginally less of a hypocrite than Bono.

A fly in your ointment

Cmon, that Bono comparison is ‘reductio ad Hitlerum’. No one is comparable enough to Bono.


You can differ on Bono’s musical capabilities.
It doesn’t appeal to me. All his songs sound to me like a boring monotone whinge.
But as soon as any musician or artist starts doing the bidding for a political party or the United Nations I am certainly done with them on a personal level.

Last edited 2 years ago by BING!
MB Fanboi

How about we give the Palestinians some decent weapons and then let them both shoot it out on a level playing field?

A fly in your ointment

+1 on that.
But must also separate the dog from the tail at the other side, metaphorically speaking.


Roger that.


A den of iniquity that is also (according to the blurb) a den of inequity! What more could a cis straight white man want?



“Into the drama I built
And all unfinished beef, you will soon be killed
Put us together, it’s like mixin’ vodka and milk
I’m goin out blastin’, takin’ my enemies with me
And if not, they scarred, so they will never forget me” 

Last edited 2 years ago by DictatorDavid

So, inflation, transitory inflation or deflation?

IMO as long as 3rd world migration to the west is stopped, wage inflation is inevitable. This will create demand and hence raise prices for everything else.


Precisely. It is happening now here in Australia. Getting sick of the specious reports saying that if we leave our borders shut until middle of next year we will lose hundreds of billions. Even that DLS idiot parrots this fake news. Things are going really well and the lowest paid seem to be getting pay rises or better jobs. Anecdotally, I have seen far less Uber Eats scooters traversing and parking on our streets.


Uber eats delivery and hand car washes should not be viable businesses in a first world economy.


I saw an Indian bloke picking up a coffee and muffin for someone the other day. What sort of lazy cnut gets someone to drive somewhere to bring them a brew FFS? It’s not just the Indians…it’s the bloated fckers who employ them who also need a good flogging.

A fly in your ointment

If you ‘owned’ a few investment RE’s, would you lift anything heavier than a spoon?
We should be happy that those good looking girls (I’m no sexist) have given this employment to those not as smart as them…


Going by Coles investor briefing last year or the year before, there must be plenty of lazy cnuts. They were talking of a market segment that they are fulfilling that want Tim Tams and want them delivered now.


Whilst I agree, you have to remember that EZFKA is transitioning from a first world to a third world economy.


WTF, this isNt in the spirit of EZFKA at all!


Good to see. My grandfather was talking about measures like this 25 years ago.


Madness, someone needs to be sent to the EZFKA re-education camps.


There will be exemptions and rules to ensure it is in the spirit of EZFKA. The only ones ending up paying will be a working class family who happened to get their house rezoned to stupidity high development.


Thanks Ramjet. Having napped on it, I think you are right.

EZFKA spirit is strong and will likely warp this into much higher prices for the plebs through reduced development/supply and also grab windfall out of politically unconnected underclass.


I read the full article and in true EZFKA style fines are expected to increase. So much for hitting the top end


We used to have Windfall taxes which were a lot higher than 50%. It was brought in for exactly that. Where land gets rezoned, or if land values increase via Tax Payer funded infrastructure (such as train station) a large portion of those capital gains returns to the govt.

Last edited 2 years ago by Freddy

Is there anything this genius can’t do?

Screen Shot 2021-05-14 at 23.12.03.png

‘Tether says its reserves are backed by cash to the tune of . . . 2.9%’

Screen Shot 2021-05-14 at 23.48.20.png
Last edited 2 years ago by BING!

FT link for subscribers only.
This should work:

Also: yesterday’s news.
Too slow. Have to step up my game…


Yeah I saw that…if you dig a little deeper it’s not as bad as it seems. Their reserves are backed, but not by alot of cash, and it’s not all other cryptos either. There’s a nice chart here: https://www.coindesk.com/tether-first-reserve-composition-report-usdt


I am not involved in crypto, but I like to follow what is happening.
The thing for me is that it was stated time and again that Tether was 100% backed by USD. Even if it is more than 2.9%, let’s make it even 50%, why would you ever believe or trust anything regarding Tether ever again?


Lol ok mate

65% “commercial paper” aka IOUs from binance and assorted shell companies that can be wound up when they are drained

24% “fiduciary deposits” aka wives and children’s bank accounts in Switzerland that can quickly be siphoned off

yeah safe as houses

it’s irrelevant in any case, because tethers are not redeemable for cash with Tether company according to their TOS

fucking bizarre isn’t it? Why should anyone care if they company has $1 or $1,000,000,000,000 when tethers have no redeemable value

just as worthless as all the other magic beans


Tethers last semi-audited cash reserves were around $2.1bn, which is approximately the value of the actual cash reserves they retain now.

The rest the so called ‘reserves’ are just daisy chain of credit risks and interparty relationships and lending that defines so much of crypto. Considering the parties involved, without an audit this self disclosure is about as reassuring as Mr Maggo turning up to drive your bus.


Road hog!!!


Oily Loins certainly goes balls in on everything he does – I actually admire him as a bit of a modern day Howard Hughes, and I certainly think he’s helped advance technology along – his approach to Rocketry has totally revolutionized the industry and brought about a quantum leap in efficiencies compared to Govt bureaucracy NASA.

That said, he’s also human, does things for his own advantage and has become a very effective manipulator of public opinion. Still doesn’t mean he’s correct, like his pushing of Doge coin.

Speaking of Doge coin I found this Reddit thread on how RobinHood Crypto prepared for it, and Elon Musk’s impact on it years later, to be fascinating:

“Robinhood Crypto has over 30% of all outstanding DOGE supply between their Hot and Cold wallets.”


Last edited 2 years ago by Stewie

I have a pretty well honed BS detector and am 99% convinced he is a BS artist.
I think he is more of an ideas man than really involved with his products.

I pity his R&D department where he casually strolls in at 11am, still stoned from the night before, and tells them he had a ‘vision’ about re-usable rockets and for them to make a preliminary design to be presented before COB that day.
Leaving everyone befuddled he then starts Tweeting his cult followers about how Full Self Driving is imminent and so is the hyper loop, cyber truck, roof tiles, roadster with thrusters and the semi-truck, and how they can still send money to him to pre-order one of these revolutionary products. Revolutionary like his Boring Tunnel Project you know? Which were just, well… tunnels.
I admit his computer graphic designs look awesome though.
If he could do only one product right that would be an improvement.

Tesla customers have been paying USD5,000 since 5 years for Full Self Driving ability (it now costs 10k). Something his corporate lawyers have admitted to in court will probably never amount to anything more than Level 2 Driver Assist.
And have a look at how he lets his car customers, i.e. non-professional drivers, do the Beta testing for his ‘FSD’. I can’t understand why that is even allowed on public roads. Germany canned it though.

Also there are a lot of stories that he is an absolute prick to work for. That could be disgruntled employees with an axe to grind, but he has a history of trying to destroy people that crossed him.

I don’t like him one bit and I would never buy any of his products, except his flamethrower (maybe).

I found this quite a good collection of broken promises and bulshido talk:
Looks a bit biased (maybe short sellers that still have this urge to get burned) but hey, time will tell how he will be remembered I guess.

Last edited 2 years ago by BING!

He is definitely controversial, one man’s poison is another’s cup of tea 😉

He was wealthy before he came to the US, but founding PayPal, then Tesla and SpaceX, which are both big industry disrupters, are solid efforts that I remain impressed by.

Sure there’s controversy in regards to how his done it, reliance on Govt subsidies, his solar and hyper-loop escapades. I don’t deny the controversy, his self aggrandizement or that his probably a right cunt, or that the fact that imho his real wealth is a hell of a lot smaller than it appears, a lot of his Tesla and SpaceX ‘wealth’ is illusionary in the same liquidity constrained manner that gives many coins within the crypto space their supposedly stratospheric valuations.

But in general I’ve enjoyed the spectacle without getting too worked up one way or the other.

Last edited 2 years ago by Stewie

Same here, I don’t get worked up over it either.
And yes, controversial for sure, they seem to either love him to death or hate him with a passion. A bit like the crypto pro- and con-movement.

Last week I was talking about creating your own library.
A lot of what I watched on YouTube years ago has been banned. One of the last places for free speech is BitChute (and EZFKA!).
I now have this programme since a couple of years which lets you download video’s from YouTube, BitChute, VIMEO, Dailymotion, Vevo, facebook etc.
You can also just get the sound. So you can download any music/concerts etc. Also works for Soundcloud.
It’s called ‘MediaHuman YouTube Downloader’:
If you are interested there are other ones out there that may better fit your purpose but I’m very happy with this one.


There’s a python based archiver I want to install when I eventually get my server running. https://github.com/5hay/bookmark-archiver

It bills itself as a personal web archive. I think it does video too.


There are also stories where it has been said that he rode the coat-tails of his co-workers at PayPal.
The selling of PayPal left him a bunch of money and now he could start any company and as the owner give himself any title. For instance at SpaceX he has the title of chief designer. I just wonder what his real involvement and contributions are.

My take is that he starts something but leaves a trail of destruction behind which he then tries to hide with accounting trickery and big talking.


He is a really good marketer that’s for sure. Managed to get a cult following. He must also have friends in high places too. Remember the taking of Tesla private tweet. Anyone else would be banned from running a company.


He does seem to be protected and untouchable in a way.
And a cult for sure. I can’t believe all those people at his presentations where he is mumbling and bungling that gobble up his words like he’s the Second Coming. A bit scary too.

By the way, my comment about him maybe being a prick has nothing to do with his products of course.
I know that real geniuses find it hard sometimes to work with lesser intellects, and that could be a cause for frustration in any field when you’re trying to build your brain child.
Is he a real genius though?

Last edited 2 years ago by BING!

Sometimes genius is simply asking ‘Why can’t it be done?’ then working out a way of doing it.

He’s smart, but I certainly don’t think he is a genius in the fashion of Einstein. I’m fine with admiring what he’s achieved, while also acknowledging he’s a flawed human being.



Movies for this weekend:
Andrei Tarkovsky (ɐnˈdrʲej tɐrˈkofskʲɪj) was a Soviet Russian filmmaker, theatre director, writer, and film theorist. He is widely considered one of the greatest and most influential directors in the history of Russian and world cinema. His films explored spiritual and metaphysical themes, and are noted for their slow pacing and long takes, dreamlike visual imagery, and preoccupation with nature and memory.
There many good movies he made, unfortunately not as many as he could’ve made as he passed away prematurely. The best way to introduce his movies to oneself is to begin with the two most influential ones:
Solaris (1972) and Stalker (1979)
These movies require some brain activity leftover so not a good choice after a very long work day or late night after a long day.
Solaris was remade in Hollyshitjuwood and I’ve not seen it as yet but apparently it is not a bad remake. Stalker does not have any relation to english language, similar to german and austrian cities Wank, Kissing, Petting, Fucking, Wedding etc
The Grand Tour episode featuring cities listed above.
4 links only… 5 is a fail so we see if 4 works…. and nope.
Links now reduced to 3…
nope, no good… attempting with 2

ok, 2 links is the maximum… pitty, this kills the conversation.

Link for Tarkovsky:
link for The Grand Tour episode:


Solaria is weird but good.


Hi DjenkA,
The only Russian movie I ever watched was ‘Брат’ from 1997 at a movie festival. I really liked the story and acting. And the music from Nautilus Pompilius is great.
The quality is a bit rough around the edges with the cutting etc. so not very sophisticated but it fits the story well. And it’s just a gangster movie, so not too much intellectual stimulation.
Here is an original version without subtitles. I don’t speak Russian but you can still get an idea of what’s going on:

Last edited 2 years ago by BING!
A fly in your ointment

Had a look now and as much as Rotten tomatoes is not quite an authority outside block-phili-buster genre, it is rare to have 100% approval rate.
Tnx, this is new for me. YT link offers it in 1080 but without subs it is a drag.

Tarkovsky is totally different class. Soviet movies had a budget and mostly freedom of art (critic of party was the only “no”) and there was no focus on commercial success. That is a recipe for quality (and flops too).


I found a version with English subtitles.
Only quality is not HD and split into 8 parts:
This YouTube channel has more Russian movies.


Stalker is a classic. The 2007 game is pretty good too.


Hi All,
Hope you all had a wonderful week and thank you T for doing the Weekend Links.

Something I found interesting this week:
Here are the heads of IMF, BIS and US Federal Reserve talking about CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) and cross border payments in 2019.
The most interesting part is what Agustin Carstens from the BIS (Bank for International Settlements) had to say.
Between two Happy Meals he explains that a CBDC is nothing like cash and he then almost chokes on a chicken McNugget when lamenting how preposterous it is that people can spend a 100 dollar bill without the central bank knowing what exactly it is spent on. But then he settles down and gloats that with the implementation of a CBDC they will have absolute control of how their central bank liability is used.
(clip starts where Carstens is introduced and talks for about 5 minutes) 

My take from this:
-a CBDC is forthcoming,
-cash will be phased out,
-they want a hermetic digital financial system to make taxation easier with no possibility of ’escape’.

How will they convince people to agree to a CBDC and relinquish their cash?
For instance:
In the media they will poo poo corporations that don’t pay their ‘fair share’ in taxes by being based in a country other than where they make their money for tax purposes. Also ’the rich’ will be mentioned having trusts based off shore and in doing so avoiding to pay their ’fair share’. Watch for instance the media spin about Bezos buying a USD500 million yacht while lockdowns are creating havoc and people losing their livelihood and struggling to survive.  

The plebs will love to punish these evil corporations and rich bastards and agree to CBDC.
What they don’t realise is that they have now also lost any freedom in spending their own money unchecked.
One other very important fact: with a CBDC they can implement negative interest rates without people being able to take their money out of their bank account in cash.
Also for this reason I don’t have much hope for crypto’s being allowed to exist as an alternative to, or escape from, the banking system, it’s original intent. India is planning on criminalising owning crypto and to give people 6 months to convert to fiat.

For those who don’t know, commercial banks are supervised and regulated by the central bank of their respective country (RBA in Australia) and most central banks in turn are supervised and regulated by the BIS through their BCBS, Basel Committee for Banking Supervision (think Basel Accords) based in Basel, Switzerland.


Have you ever watched “Time” a bit of a sci-fi film with Justin Timberlake (of all people). Everyone is perpetually young, but have a built in timer that needs to be constantly replenished through ‘work’ least it run out and you drop dead. Everything is paid for digitally by adding or subtracting to your remaining time, some people have billions of years worth of time, but the majority exist and live with just days and sometimes hours worth.

While the premise of the monetary system is based around time, the control that those in charge of the digital monetary system is complete and total. It will be the same with CBDCs.

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I love the smell of dystopia in the morning.


I haven’t seen the movie Stewie.
Hollywood can be very prescient sometimes in what they produce.

But yes, it’a all about control.
If we are willing to see we can recognise the surveillance/control grid that is slowly being built around us.
Passports only have a history of about a hundred years. before that, if you had the will and the means, you could go anywhere in the world and settle down. If you behaved and you were accepted there were no issues.
Passports were pushed by the League of Nations, the forerunner of the United Nations. Interesting that the UN is now pushing for a biometric Digital ID through their Agenda 2030:
’16.9 By 2030, provide legal identity for all, including birth registration.’ (at Goal 16: https://sdgs.un.org/2030agenda
As an aside, have a look at the whole Agenda 2030 plan. Just read it. All the words we hear today, equity, equality, sustainability, inclusivity etc. come straight from there and its predecessor Agenda 21.
The VaccineID that is talked about is also part of global ID, and citizenship will become more a statement about which tax farm you belong to for harvesting.

The way I see the future is that Digital-ID, CBDC, and maybe UBI will become ubiquitous and eventually will be combined into one personal data bank, say as an ‘App’ on your phone. This way our movements and payments can be tracked at all times and eventually a Social Credit Score will become part of it. This now gives governments and banks absolute control and we will live in a totalitarian society.
You don’t want to get an experimental vaccine? Your will be fined 100 credits and your access to work, public transport etc. will be suspended. If you are a ‘bad’ citizen for too long, next time you want to pay for your groceries your phone will say: ‘This account has been suspended. Have a nice day!’ 


I’m thinking of writing the great dystopian blockchain novel set 2000 years in the future, where EZFKA’ians are all lower class ‘white’ Juicies, in servitude to our new Sanhedrin overlords ‘Financiers’ who manage and interpret the laws pertaining to our inherited debts, being the crimes of our ancestors, all of which are recorded on the blockchain.

All knowledge is privately held in encrypted databanks on the blockchain, and accessing it incurs life long debts and tithes. Money is earned by work, but as its CBDC it is impossible to save as it immediately starts to amortise away, at an accelerating rate the further away from the moment in time it was earned.

Most people are scrabbling in the dust to survive, while technology still exists it is decaying and regressing, because as technology is now hoarded and not widely shared which makes it vulnerable to chunks of it being lost as crumbling infrastructure collapses; holo-screens have been lost, touch screen has been lost, regressing back to Nokias lol

The world may be decaying into stagnation and decay, but everyone is equal, after adjusting for the crimes of their ancestors, and so long as debts continue to be serviced all is good. Consequently it is a highly tiered, ‘class’ society based on historical grievances. Oh and because of the matriarchal nature of society, most households are polygynious, while most men are unmarried incels.

The protagonist will be ‘Christian of Narrabri’. He’ll probably end up being crucified.


Just do it mate, see how you go.
You could publish teasers or roughs on EZFKA, or avoid to not be influenced by other opinions.
I hope to read it somewhere one day.


Yes. I’m sure it would be a blockbuster. A sort of economic raiders of the lost ark.


Are you sure it is set 2000 years from now or 20 years from now?
I hope to read it too


basically… governments (and the people that form them, primarily bureaucrats) can’t help themselves. they think they know what’s better for all of us.


just loafin around this morning

bread loafers shoes.jpg

Out for a ride on this beautiful day.

Screen Shot 2021-05-15 at 09.31.51.png

My take on that is that the IDF fcked up, and they’re now trying to make the best of it by portraying themselves as very clever.


“Apparently Renegade is all over the new race war”

“Barack Obama and virtually all of his black and white collaborators on the left view the African American population as both useful pawns in their insatiable quest for self-aggrandizement, financial benefit and political power, as well as helpless minions to be paraded about and bought off whenever convenient to the overriding political, societal or self-serving cause.”


I wonder who those white collaborators are in the main? Probably the same identarians who hate other white Americans a great deal and are seeking to transform America into their view of the perfect society in accordance to their cultural values.

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“The authors described themselves as active-duty soldiers from the younger generation of the military, a so-called ‘generation of fire’ that had seen active service.

‘They have offered up their lives to destroy the Islamism that you have made concessions to on our soil.’ “

Well if Civil War is brewing in France, one hopes that after it is over they make a concerted effort to weed out all those people and cultures who were responsible for pushing MultiCult and mass migration onto French natives and expelling them from whatever remains of France…. kill the Hyrdra, not its heads.


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I just love how all these empires are now paying the price for conquering all those foreign lands and extolling the beauty and wealth of the homeland to the indigenous inhabitants.

France can suck a fat bag of cocks.

Where do you think fyve eyes on that map?
France and Spain will be laughing…

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A fly in your ointment

“Nothing” is several magnitudes of order more then what they stand for.


And run for nothing too!


Interesting picture of Fauci and his pals.
I know Gates Sr. was involved in the eugenics movement and the Rockefellers were founding members.
What about the rest? Hmmm…


T – the link on ministers mea culpa on freedom of speech and how it should not be free is interesting. However the issue he is having with “Free Speech” and which he does not recognise is that it is really a reflection of cultural values, and a clash of those values.

“Free Speech” within a culturally homogenous society, allows that society to progress forward and constantly hone and refine the values that they all live by. Although it may not have been so true in the past, in recent times especially since the enlightenment, discussions within a single set of cultural values are had been increasingly carried out in good faith. The participants come at it with good intentions and similar interests to advance or defend their existing values.

In terms of viewing society as a gestalt entity, the purpose of culture or society is to project its own values forward into the future – and what are those values? At its core it is values that enable society to collectively solve ‘the economic problem’, what unlimited wants or needs that need to solved or provided for, with limited resources?

To make an analogy, society is like the human body – a single entity made up of millions or even billions of individual cells. Just like the human body it can only survive and project itself into the future if it optimises the use and distribution of available resources throughout its system.

For example with metabolism ATP energy is used to power cells, these chemically powered processes are all run off copies of our DNA, it is our ‘memory’ as an organism. In society the collective memonic memory of that society, as represented by the local culture, is the means by which the ability to optimally solve that societies economic problem, i.e. the distribution of resources.

Within a MultiCult society and increasingly a society devoid of any cultural restraints other than what is propagandised through the media, or their local cultural fiefdoms, thus participants in the discussion of “Free Speech” are no longer necessarily having good faith discussions, about projecting forward societies existing values.

Cultures seek to project their own values forward into the future, so “Free Speech” effectively turns into a game of who can control speech the best? He who plays public opinion or sympathies the best, wins.

“Free Speech” and Immigration has worked well in the West until relatively recently, because it was done under an assimilation and integration policy.

Returning to the previous analogy, it allowed the social organism that is our societies, to either incorporate or reject the new DNA depending on how it optimized our ability to deal with the economic problem, which things like social cohesion also helped to solve. Behaviours that disrupted social cohesion also disrupt the ability to solve the economic problem – one only has to look at the riots in the US to see this is statement as being self evident.

However under the new policy of MultiCult, pushed onto the West by narcissistic cultural groups who value their own identity and cultural values above those of the nations they have chosen to move to. What they instead seek to do is to push and preserve the totality of their own cultural values into future decision making in respect of how a society seeks to solve their own economic problems.

The difference is subtle, foreign values are injected into societies by both forms of immigration. The difference is that instead of the existing society being given an opportunity to accept or reject the customs and behaviours of the new arrivals, on the basis of cultural relativity they are significantly weakened in their ability to reject them, and instead must compete against them.

While proponents say that MultiCult will lead to a plural outcome in terms of the social narrative, the reality is that it instead becomes a dysfunctional war were the cultural values of one society, like “Free Speech”, and be turned around and used by an immoral and unethical invader against the existing society.


IMO It’s all about rates of change. Like with the new “smart freeway”, if you introduce people to the system at the right rate, they assimillate naturally. If you try and squeeze more in, the whole system stops moving.


I wouldn’t disagree that that also plays a part. But the rate of change doesn’t explain the process, it just admits that it influences the tempo or magnitude of the cultural conflict that I have described.

India and Lebannon are highly MultiCultural societies, but unlike us they aren’t experiencing any significant additional immigration from outside cultures. So effectively the ‘tempo’ or rate of change is practically zero, other than internal population growth. Yet they remain dysfunctional societies that are terrible at solving ‘the economic problem’ for the vast majority of their residents.

The social outcome of MultiCult is quite different to the social outcome of Intergration and Assimilation. MultiCult, which relative speaking we have only just adopted, is about ensuring cultural groupings are able to perpetuate themselves in perpetuity as they reside in another’s society. That means cultural values are going to continue to clash into the future, making that society more dysfunctional.

Essentially MultiCult is a form of ethnic narcissism that saps the ability of an existing society to collectively solve the ‘economic problem’ in the most efficient manner, often resulting in the solution being provided through the private sector – at profit. All so those who want to take advantage of what the values and culture of the society has produced, don’t have to actually lose their own identity.

It essentially a parasitical social relationship.


I don’t think we’re in contradiction. Once you have established ethnic islands they tend to persist. If you do immigration at the correct rate, they never appear in the first place. The immigrants join the flow of the culture and are assimilated because they have no social life if they don’t. Of course, it’s too late for that now.

A fly in your ointment

Another view is that ‘immigrant ethnic islands’ appear out of sheer selfpreservation where a rejection is omnipresent.
Assimilation of immigration can be achieved only if levels are minute in comparison to host nation and immigration is not quite an invitation. Another method is forced assimilation.
I am not saying that Assimilation is good, or bad, in this instance (not important for this point) just anotherviewof what causes a major hurdle.

Out of boredom, I applied for a pm job at local fish and chips shop, in person, to work as a cashier and packer. 2002. In a perfect bogan Aussie, he asked me if I have “aussie” experience working as a casher and fast food packer in a not-so-busy shop. You catch my drift now?
I decided it is better choice to be bored. Cumulative IQ in the shop was potentially contagious


Going back to the freeway analogy, if the road is empty, the smart traffic lights let everyone through without delay, the heavier it is, the more often the lights delay people joining the traffic. I think of the social equivalent of traffic levels as the aggregate level of social cohesion. If social cohesion levels are going down, so should migration levels (the traffic lights letting people onto the freeway should be red for longer).

I was taught at uni that in game theory and as observed in agent based modelling, cooperative behaviour patterns emerge when there are repeat interactions between agents. The introduction of too many outsiders who don’t follow the patterns causes the patterns to break down. New patterns will emerge as agents build up trust through repeat interactions, but the old patterns will not be restored (although new patterns may resemble them).

Outside of simulations, it is well documented that large amounts of diversity reduce social cohesion. (famous paper: https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/abs/10.1111/j.1467-9477.2007.00176.x). To figure out optimal levels of social cohesion, you need measures. Metrics might include numbers of lawsuits, the number of friends people have, divorce rates, and so on. Quantifying the impact of particular migration levels on a particular metric is not easy, but with the amount of data we have today, it should be possible. Once we have this knowledge, then migration levels can be managed better.

It may be, as you say, that assimillation can only happen when migration levels are minute. I don’t know. I think it’s worth pointing out that assimilation is continuous, not discrete, and is a two way process. Also, assimilation is not necessarily the goal. IMO the goal is greater social cohesion. Assimilation into a society where there is less social cohesion is easier because there are fewer social rules to learn and follow, and fewer interactions to practice them in. Being good at assimilating does not mean greater social cohesion, it just means that the assimilating you do doesn’t result in reduced social cohesion.

I suspect that when social cohesion is too low, people will opt for dictatorships. Aggregate trust is clearly declining significantly in the west. The letters from retired US and French military leaders are a bad sign. If people are going to put their lives on the line for their country, they’ve got to believe in it. The military are less happy with what they see in the societies they serve than they were until recently. They’re not the types to stand by when what they value in society is under threat.


It’s easy really. Diversity + Proximity =War.

There will be war.

A fly in your ointment

Perhaps a better analogy would be pouring sugar into water, the faster the sugar is poured more chance it will not dissolve in time and crystals become visible. Then at some stage more sugar will just remain incrystals and water evaporation will make that faster. Metaforically speaking.
Laws of entropy is imo closest aproximation.


Yes I like that one too.

Miguel de Sousa

There’s always money in the banana tug


inveigle yourself to the US Govt. Good move
“….The U.S. is at a critical juncture in making holistic decisions around cryptocurrency. Imagine the U.S. without the internet….”


Binance Coin Becomes $100 Billion Cryptocurrency BNB is the 3rd most valuable digital currency in the world.

How did it get there?

“BNB is Binance Coin and was launched in 2019 to facilitate fast, decentralised trading on Binance’s decentralised exchanges. With limited liquidity in the face of rapidly rising demand (using the coin delivered perks like lower exchange fees) and an industry tendency to HODL, meant that BNB rapidly appreciated in price. However while BNB was a state based or ETH style coin, it was a bare-bones network that focused on transactions speed and sacrificed broader utility like smart contract features which can’t be performed on that chain.

Enter BSC or Binance Smart Contract in 2021, which is a new Binance blockchain that runs in parallel to BNB and which as the name implies, enables smart contract activity to take place on it. Furthermore BSC is a PoS chain, or a “Proof of Stake chain”. Specifically it uses something called ‘Proof of Staked Authority’, where participants stake BNB in order to become validators of BSC!

So BNB is essentially the first layer of DeFi pyramid – note that BNB is also not an inflationary blockchain, no more coins are supposedly being made, so while there is the ongoing transactional demand to facilitate trade on Binances DEX changes as one of the base transactional pairs eg BTC/BNB, ETH/BNB or USD/BSB, there is now an additional incentive for crypto enthusiasts to buy BNB and then ‘stake’ them as BSC validators, effectively removing them from transactional liquidity and placing upward pressure on price.

Next is BSC itself. Just as with ETH being staked as the base coin to provide the liquidity in all the DeFi activity taking place on the ETH blockchain and the various ERC-20 tokens, so too are holders of BSC encouraged to stake their BSC in the liquidity pools to enable trading to take place on the BSC blockchain and the various BEP-20 tokens that it hosts.

This is the Second layer of the DeFi pyramid and just like with BNB, the staking process encourages more liquidity being withdrawn from the BSC environment as those coins are staked in various liquidity pools.

Then there are higher levels of the pyramid, distributed apps (called DAPPS) where the trading takes place – Pancake Swap or Bakery Swap – which are essentially the Binance version of UniSwap. But it doesn’t end there, there’s more! You can also farm Pancake Swaps Governence tokens, called CAKE.”


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Head hunting in the New Guinea low lands!

“It’s worth repeating that the initiate given the name in these ceremonies did not kill the victim himself, but it was likely an older male relative of his that did so. The relatives of the victim embracing someone who is essentially their enemy is quite striking: though of course, they probably didn’t see it that way. The designation of the name meant that some aspect of the spirit of the headhunting victim was from then on associated with the initiate, making the relatives’ embrace of the individual from the enemy group perfectly sensible. While they may have sought revenge against the group and the individual who did the killing, the young man who received their dead relative’s name represented a piece of him living on, and thus warranted being treated as kin.”


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Miguel de Sousa

Culture matters 🤷‍♂️

Miguel de Sousa

Twitter is inception but for inception

Obviously there is a benefit from compulsory drugs testing at the entrance…

Miguel de Sousa

Weed out the dweebs?

Nope, reference is to coherence, the lowest required level. Nothing fancy, just that it has traces of it.

Miguel de Sousa

Of coherence? I’m not sure I follow. Are sports commentators drug tested before a mic is shoved in their face, or is their incoherence attributable to something else

Of coherence? I’m not sure I follow.

Hence the original reply…

Miguel de Sousa

My pronouns are heman/ther

Miguel de Sousa

Hence the Andrews Labor govt


This is an edit of a post that went into moderation. Suspect too many links. I like to provide evidence for what I say but whatever.

This is a post about the penetration of Critical Race Theory in America and the resulting insanity.
I decided to download the American Medical Association’s strategic plan after reading a mention of how woke it is. It reads like a something written by a disciple of Karl Marx, not a doctor.
“Medical education has largely been based on such flawed meritocratic ideals, and it will take intentional focus and effort to recognize, review and revise this deeply flawed interpretation, which ignores, or purposively obscures, the underlying root causes of causes (of health and of other metrics of success) that are socio-structural in nature and, often, rely on discredited and racist ideas about biological differences between racial groups.”
This paragraph contained not one footnote or described any evidence. The bibliography does not appear to include a single medical study or anything published in a medical journal.

link removed

I hope that my next doctor wasn’t admitted to medical studies to fill a quota because somebody said that meritocracy is an excuse for racism.
In a similar way, I hope that meritocracy beats allegations of sexism. Otherwise you end up with the recent Queensland police hiring scandal (thankfully it was a scandal)

link removed

I’ve seen recommendations to maths teachers not to mark work right or wrong, and beauties like this “White supremacy culture shows up in math classrooms when good math teaching is considered an antidote for mathematical inequity for Black, Latinx, multilingual students.”

link removed

As usual with education agendas, there’s no evidence that this practice produces replicable positive results.
Some fun commentary on it here:

link removed

“Ours may become the first civilization destroyed, not by the power of enemies, but by the ignorance of our teachers and the dangerous nonsense they are teaching our children. In an age of artificial intelligence, they are creating artificial stupidity.”

Crtical Race Theory is the modern equivalent of phrenology. People making stuff up to make a career for themselves. Or worse: Idiocracy.

Miguel de Sousa

What on earth are you on about? I can’t believe people still push that stoopid line. It’s like chemtrails, whatever you want to say about that phenomenon, 20 years later it’s safe to say they’re not causing mass die-offs of anything.

For over 20 years I’ve heard this nonsense about the impending doom to civilization due to unmeritocratic” policies being persued. Maybe longer.

Last I heard affirmative action didn’t collapse anything.


I’d have thought it was self evident that excluding people who are better candidates to meet a quota would result in worse performance of the organisation overall, as well as being unfair to those candidates. It doesn’t have to be so bad that the organisation fails immediately to have an impact. An example is how few elections Labor has won (just one) since they brought in quotas for women in 1994. Same goes for the miltary – https://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2015/09/10/439190586/marine-corps-study-finds-all-male-combat-units-faster-than-mixed-units

The organisation survives, but it’s not delivering the goods as well.

I’m sure that health care will still be delievered if there are quotas for x,y and z groups. It just won’t be as good.

I have no idea what chemtrails are and I don’t care.


Any undertaking that is not based on meritocracy can only keep existing with the help of never ending money printing or MMT. You can hide the shortcomings by throwing money at it. For instance instead of firing people that don’t perform you can let them do meaningless tasks, or put them on paid leave. Therefore it will only exist in government, social services or companies that get a subsidy to pursue these policies.

A private company that has to make a profit to survive can’t afford to have people that produce less than what they cost in wages.

I remember this story of someone visiting the Soviet Union. Of course one of the great things of communism was that everyone had a job right? Well, this individual went to the bakery to get some bread. So he would stand in line and when it was his turn he would tell the person behind the counter what he wanted. His order was written on a piece of paper and with this he would have to stand in another line. When it was his turn he would hand over his order to a second person and pay for his bread. He now had a receipt and could go and stand in the next line. When it was his turn a 3rd person would finally hand him his bread and he could leave the store.
So we have a waste of time, labour and money, but there is no unemployment because there are three people employed where one would suffice.
Could this work for some time? Sure.
But it can’t work forever.


Would have liked to see the links.

Medical representative organisations like the AMA tend to be well meaning, but often ultimately ineffectual as those in charge are often aiming for increasing their own influence and power, with many using it as a launch pad to a political career rather than represent the members. 

Should point out that in the US standards are quite lax – one can do a 4 year residency, not have to complete any exams and qualify as a specialist. Diagnoses and drug prescriptions don’t necessarily have to come from medical doctors, so when I see someone from the US I simply can’t trust their assessment because it might have come from a physician assistant or nurse practitioner with 2 years of training. In contrast our medical colleges have no qualms in failing candidates multiple times for not meeting the standard. 

Still, but we do have our own history of abandoning meritocracy at the undergraduate selection level. During the 90s certain academics at the Adelaide University Medical school altered their entry selection criteria away from being completely marks based (so one needed 99.9+ scores) to an interview system where one had to pass the new UMAT and interview first, only needing to meet a cut off score of 90 to gain entry. 

At the time there were murmurs were that the interview system was designed to promote Caucasian students over Asian applicants who had started to dominate selection. Considering the demographics, many of those were children of educated migrants who had come to Australia in the 70s and 80s due to Whitlam’s immigration policies. If one looks at the mix then, they were typically doctors, dentists and nurses from Malaysia and Singapore, both being Commonwealth countries with English education systems. You never saw doctors coming from say China or Vietnam as their degrees were not recognised or they didn’t meet the language requirements.

Each year there were high profile news stories of students who had topped their cohort – 5 merits/IB scores of 45 etc not passing the interview yet being immediately snapped up by Universities in Victoria and NSW. Less publicised were the Adelaide doctors whose children had not been good enough under the old system and had this been agitating for change behind the scenes. Supposedly one couldn’t study for the UMAT and interview, but that didn’t stop the rise of interview preparation courses – and guess what, over time the proportion of Asian students in medical courses increased again.

What those tinkering with the system never seemed to take into account was different cultural attitudes towards education. It wasn’t uncommon to be questioned as to why one would one study a 6 year medicine course when instead one could work at Maccas and earn money immediately. Not everyone has the appetite after 12 years of school to pursue further lengthy study, and it requires a degree of long term vision often lacking in teenagers. However, one has to have a fair bit of financial support to study for that long, and that doesn’t always suit certain households who demand their kids leave or pay rent when they reach 18.

Medical schools had also set aside places for rural applicants – so enterprising families would look at living or renting in such areas for a short time to qualify. I can imagine if they allocated a quote for LGBTQI you’d have people trying to game the system too.

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Miguel de Sousa

Lol what a load of rubbish! Anyone that has EVER worked in a office (rip) knows meritocracy never existed


in case you guys didnt see, we’re actually beating the MB weekend links this weekend by 4 posts atm


They probably have more words written courtesy of a manifesto written by Ritualised Forms


Not any more. We must be having a lazy Sunday!

A fly in your ointment

If there were the same sycophants ratio here, the number would triple.

EmBee Dark Side would’ve have at least twice the posts if it could cope with cognitive dissonance induced from open comments.
Either way, I like the conversation here, it seems to be a weaker but stil valuable source of info variety. With time and more dissenting participants this will surpass the value from originally open comments at the Dark Side.
Learning new stuff from other contributors is what makes.me.return (as it did in the past whilst I frequented The Dark Side)


What kind of info do you think is lacking here DjenkA?

A fly in your ointment

dissenting info.

Apart from Cuming being a covid “denier” (ain’t that a nice word, eh?), most participants will generally mostly agree or not disagree to the far end of spectrum


Only Leith’s articles are any good on EmBee.


Yeah I might suggest Ermo and Boomengineering join us next time I see them over there.

A fly in your ointment

you see, if too many people abandon The Dark Side, D, L and S may split from El Vee Oh andthe site will be shut down prety much killing the daily entertaining show and we’d grow bored.
Catch 22


LOL – 20% of guys think they could beat a chimp in a fight. The chimp would rip their arms out of their sockets within seconds and beat them to death, but not before it gnawed your fingers and most of your face off and ripped your testicles out for good measure.


evokes a vague memory of a socal vet, who wrote, “never attend a chimp without a loaded .45 handgun”


The ignorance is amazing hey. A toddler chimp already has the strength of an adult male human, and the agility and evasiveness to bite the human at will.


What about a chimp with a gun?


You are aware that is not a real video?


If it’s not real it is exceptionally well done.


Weta studios are pretty good at what they do. I remember this video from when the movie came out



Looks like these clips were used for promotion of ‘Rise of the Planet of the Apes’.
I didn’t know that and haven’t seen the movie.
I had a look at your link.
There are four clips there, the first one is the one I posted. 
The second one shows a chimp playing a video game, this could be 100% staged.
The third shows a chimp playing a memory game. I think the footage is real but the narration could be fake to fit the story of the movie which is about fighting apes.
The fourth is not as they say ‘Gorilla Walks Upright’ but a link to a BBC documentary where they study chimps playing a similar memory game as clip three.
If you go the ‘apeswillrise’ YouTube channel, which was set up to promote the movie you can find all the clips and also ‘Gorilla Walks Upright’:
Which to me looks like real footage.
So in my opinion they have used a mix of real footage and staged scenes to make these clips.
I’m not convinced ‘ape with AK’ is fake. But if it is it is very well done.

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And so funny.
I wish he had done more damage the way they were making fun of the little fella.


i think its even more remarkable that 7% of men and 8% of .. women.. think they can take an elephant lmao

are they taking the mick or what


Conversely 24% of men don’t believe they could beat a rat in a fight!!


I had a flatmate that would be in that 24%. So not surprised


Interesting. I would like to offer up my life savings as a reward for anyone who actually beats any of those top few animals in a cage fight. It would make for great tv viewing.


Kind of concerning that only 76% of men believed they could defeat a rat unarmed.



“Let’s talk about the Tether scandal, why recent disclosures about it are such a big deal, and why it represents a form of systemic risk for the already shady crypto market. (1/) “


That bloke wasted a lot of time typing out

everybody already knows all of this

nobody cares

As per their TOS, you can’t redeem tethers for USD anyway so who cares what reserves they have


I was all for legalise all drugs like these fuckheads.

But you know what, I’m anti-legalise it unless we give our emergency services more power. Why should police put up with fuckheads abusing them? I have no idea why anyone would be a cop nowadays. Why should ambo’s be punching bags? Legalize it but then there needs to be more protection for health care and emergency service workers.

IMG_5637 copy.jpg

mig looks a lot like that kid who went on a stabbing spree in the syd cbd last yr


Why would you put that on tweeter?


To be fair that’s a massive rock and so a thinly veiled brag?

A fly in your ointment

Some people get excited to see a bankie with a lump of sugar in it posing as something that gives more kick.


Who ever said anything about legalise? The correct path (and the one that non-spastics want) is decriminalisation. You’re as dumb as everyone you hate if you support legalisation.

P.S. stop stalking the guy if you hate him so much lol

Not sure why would anyone be dumb for wanting to “legalise” stuff like say Marry Jane, for starters, and then regulate the rest.
Heroin and other substances develipong biological dependency need not be in the same bucket. Alcohol should be rationed imo.
With taxation kicking in, it could offset increased ER costs.

For someone that stalks selected few, it seems out of place to be complaining that other copy-cats do the same.


I’m calling out dickheads and responding to people within a closed environment. That knob is following Mig all over the outside internet yet apparently can’t stand the guy, it’s weird.


Yeah wrong word. Change legalise with decriminalise but my point remains.

Also you’re so predictable and I knew my post would flush you out. You’re on Migs knob so hard it’s gross. Can’t he fight his own battles? You gotta white knight for your bf?

Funny you’re responding to me and that I’m “stalking” him, coming from a guy who literally stalked Stewie over to here and all the shit you had to spew.

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