Weekend Links, May 22-23, 2021

Welcome to the Weekend Links for May 22-23, 2021. We are really glad to have you here, and we hope that the discussion here is enjoyable, thought-provoking and maybe just a little bit subversive. Woot!

There is clearly a problem with the professions today. The level of respect for professionals across the board is falling. Our betters are proving to be little more than charlatans, frauds and losers!

Who are these so-called betters? The scientists, the doctors, the media, academia, government – the so-called ‘experts’ – you name it, its emperors new clothes all the way down.

But where there is high grade stupidity, there is also the amazing. So lets start with that…

An Archaeologist Reacts to Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

From the good folks at the Cincinnati Art Museum, we get a look at what Ubisoft Quebec got right/wrong in its portrayal of ancient Athens.

One of the best bits is when she points out that the steps leading to the Parthenon are wrong, it was just a single ramp, which becomes proper stairs when the Romans rebuilt it, but this had not yet happened during the Peloponnesian Wars which is the timeline Odyssey is based around.

Sweet – hope you enjoyed that. Lets get on with mocking the professionals now.

Politics And Governance (Bashing the media edition)

Turning into a huge fan of this channel. The first one up is the leftist (try to guess which one from the image), and then the next two f him up good and proper. Lots of facts, with barely hidden contempt for the leftist.

Excellent. Watch the last speaker to understand why the conflict is just a power play and nothing more.

Lets make some fun of the media now 🙂 🙂

The way to deal with the media – https://townhall.com/columnists/kurtschlichter/2021/05/17/the-media-hates-you-and-is-shocked-that-you-hate-it-back-n2589511 – is to show it contempt, and mock them relentlessly.

The most active supporters of censorship in our culture are members of the news media itself, bar none. They cover up Democrat perfidy and invent Republican scandals. They try to police our language. They condescend to us. They dox innocent citizens. They lie all the time. They carry water for liberal leakers. 

It only gets better…

Next up, what were BBC, AP and Al Jazeera doing in a building which housed Hamas Intelligence officers? We all know – https://www.westernjournal.com/ny-post-ap-didnt-know-sharing-space-terrorists-can-trust-reporting/ – that the majority of journalists there are paid Hamas sympathizers. Fuck ’em.

This is so eye opening – https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2021/05/a_30second_recording_captures_the_difference_between_israelis_and_arabs.html – image below. Animals. Go to the link and listen to it for yourself.

The only way to deal with the what is now being called ‘Sharia Bolshevism‘ is to bomb them back to the stone age – https://spectator.org/israel-tlaib-omar-sanders-war-hamas-bombs/

I’m So Excited

Subversive Thinking For This Weekend


And to add to it…

Did Hitler Save Europe? https://www.unz.com/article/barbarossa-suvorovs-revisionism-goes-mainstream/ – the argument is not bad, but I can’t personally vouch for the sources. Its not bad at all…

Culture Wars

First time we have shared something from the Lotus eaters podcast. Some people are big fans, others not so much, but this is just funny.


Bonus Culture Wars

Have you ever wondered what being drsmithy (/insert random Green/Labor low-T loser) must be like? Well, for $2 on Steam that reality can be yours to experience… this is hilarious.

History FTW

That’s a model of ancient Rome — a guy spent 35 years building it. Here’s a picture of the whole model — and it is huge. You can click on it to zoom in, and click again to zoom in further.

World War 3

Jennifer Zeng is part of the Epoch Times/NTD media group, but totally worth checking out. Her YouTube is here and its totally worth checking out.

God bless this woman for the courage she shows. Here is another video from her – cause I’m a fan.

Lets see what else happened…

Markets And Other Crazy



More links…


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Nice to see you around Harry.


And you in this blessedly marsupial free enclosure.


So when’s your Canberra gig?


25th June The Basement Canberra 


Roger that. I’ll see you there.


We did a pretty good version of Long Line tonight, might pull it out if needed for an encore.

And we’re working on a new song at the moment, I hope we have it ready in time, but knowing us we won’t. It’s called Milkshake Duck and about a guy that got famous then got cancelled because of social media outrage.
(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Milkshake_Duck). Writing the verse words, but we’ve got the chorus

Also the point is, to the woke hating immigration is as bad as kiddy fiddling

He was a good bloke, he drove a Fire Truck

Milkshake Duck (Hates immigration)
Milkshake Duck (Voted One Nation)
Milkshake Duck (He doesn’t give a fuck)
That fuckin cunt was a milkshake duck

He was a good bloke, he drove an Ice Cream Truck

Chorus End
Milkshake Duck (Child penetration)
Milkshake Duck (Goat molestation)
Milkshake Duck (He doesn’t give a fuck)
That fuckin cunt was a milkshake duck


Harry, your chorus structure reminds me of “I can hear the bells” from Hairspray.

do you think you can set you whole song to that tune?

I can hear the bells (my head is spinning)

I can hear the bells (something’s beginning)

Everybody says, that a girl who looks like me

Can’t win his love, well, just wait and see


or is that not really your style?


I like it – reminded of Betrayal from Daria. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vHO_DhLeQr8

Have to say had never of the milkshake duck meme until now, just goes to show how much stuff is happening out there.


Is this the real haroldus? Noticed a lot of pretenders on the other site.


Yeah it shits me, but if I react, much hilarity will ensue from those stirrrers.



“A pediatrician sounds the alarm over #Covid vaccines. “I am a proponent of the routine childhood immunizations… but for this vaccine, I cannot.” Long but worth reading.”


Organised that boxing match with Mig yet?


I actually like Mig now and think he’s a respectable dude. On the other hand you’re a pussy and in my mind a soy boy fagg0t that’s not worth the effort. Given the fact you’ve commented to me the last few weeks of weekend links I’m now confident that I’m living rent free in your head… That makes my goal accomplished and good luck to you 😉

Last edited 2 years ago by DictatorDavid

Cool story bro. Keep up your faggotry

…and think he’s a respectable dude.

LOL, that is stretching the definition into plasticity and fatigue.


My old boss had his 13 year old son vaccinated! WTF?


It is a good link DD – I agree with all the concerns raised in it. My wife was discussing it with a PhD Dr who works with drug approval processing and mentioned that we didn’t want to get our daughter immunised with any of the vaccines – he said he thought that was sensible, pretty much for all the reasons mentioned here. With girls in particular training an immune response around the targeted protein spike may also be training an immune response in respect to fertility issues, plus the potential for significant immune responses should they be subsequently infected – which is the complete opposite of the case in respect to how kids are currently responding to covid, in that their body mainly ignores it.


The IDF maintained that the building housed a military intelligence operation”

Why do you believe that to be true? Just because the IDF said so and yank media reiterates? Lol


“Yank media”


Agent 47

Speaking of which, best take I’ve seen all week. Gatekeepers kvetching left and right.

I had no idea that the foreign aid deal Israel has with the US is as bad as it is.



Agreed – along with Ben Shapero, Praguer, etc and many other ‘culturally aligned’ individuals who are supposedly opposed to the woke phenonium, but in reality are still a form of biased ‘controlled opposition’ from a cultural perspective.

I don’t follow any of them, I do occasionally come across articles and points they make. Sometimes they make good points and valid points, sometimes they make obviously biased ones against our wider interests. The point is not to accept their views uncritically, but to carefully examine them for the biases and advocated policies that are still against our interests, and call them out when they do so.

The below link would be problematic if anyone other than a chosen person wrote it:


Times of Israel subsequently removed it because it was unhelpful for the ‘yank media’.

Last edited 2 years ago by Stewie

Interestingly as much as I liked some stuff Shapiro said and how he demolishes opponents, particularly less versed in argumentation, there was sumtin just not in accord with all else. Like a piano that has only one key slightly out of tune. It was that malintention is found everywhere but seldom with chosen ones.

Controlled opposition comes to mind.


This surpasses definition of “bias” and it enters far flung deepest areas of confabulation. A Yank media example

Dig the tinniest bit though and ‘yank’ immediately comes into question:



I’m interviewing for a junior admin support position. Two of the three applicants have applied through our indigenous support program, the other is white.

I’m an old white guy. I guess if the white person turns out to be the best candidate and I hire her I’m fucked because I must be a racialist. FFS.

Maybe I’m burning my bridge before I’ve crossed it. I hope so.

Fuck affirmative action.


Just think of the profile it will give you. If take on organising the next IDAHOT day of forelock tugging and hessian sack wearing to apologise for your cissness you’ll be a shoe in for the next promotion.

Last edited 2 years ago by Stewie

Just hire the one with the biggest titties.


Do your bit to support the economy and hire all 3. Problem solved.


Thanks for all the links T.
A lot of food for thought there.
Very impressed with the model of Rome.


Oh man I was actually cracking up reading that. Especially

“We can respect each other’s choices and beliefs without feeling that we have to change who we are to be accepted.”

Which means “You will respect my choices and beliefs without feeling that I have to change who I am to be accepted.”


And this poem was great
‘I swear to Allah if I lose my eye
I will make sure all these faggots die,’ 

Unfortunately it appears the rest was lost in translation


That’s a direct quote from the Quran!


The future is going to be such fun in our diverse MultiCult nirvana.


The Victorian Treasurer says that diversity is our strength. And yet he lives in the least diverse suburb of Williamstown.


Diversity for thee, but not for me.


Barely beneath the surface of every progressive moralist is a power hungry bigot. The professor is no different.


That’s actually quite terrifying.


I was at this club last night and I saw two fat chicks at the bar.
I went over to chat ‘m up, but on approaching I noticed they were talking with a funny accent.
I asked: Are you two ladies from Scotland?
They blurted out: It’s Wales you idjet!
I immediately apologised: I’m sorry! Are you two whales from Scotland?

Last edited 2 years ago by BING!

“…the SpaceX rocket thruster option package.”
😂 😂 😂 😂

Screen Shot 2021-05-21 at 13.44.33.png

Are we not supposed to copy images from reddit? Have I committed a faux-pas?


It’s disappointing because it was a very slightly amusing meme from https://www.reddit.com/r/dogecoin/new/


I don’t hold the code, mate!


I was just thinking about princes.

The royal family likes ’em military, but not too military.

Like if harry was doing the whole how-many-have-to-die-before-I-am-king calculus, he wouldn’t be too impressed with the number of parasite sprogs other than his about to be popped out.

So then a young, aggrieved, go getter military leader’s mind might turn to other ways to get there faster.


He’s to busy chopping his bird and counting his Oprah money


Harry was like an abandoned ship, rudderless and lost at sea – ripe for the first tug boat to come along and harpoon it and claim it as its own.

“Everyone, including lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and intersex persons, deserves to live in dignity,” the State Department pontificates. Everyone? How about Palestinians?

Later this week, Antony Blinken is to meet his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov for their first face-to-face meeting during the Arctic Council summit. No doubt, the conceited American will try to lecture Lavrov about “rules-based order” and Western “values”. No doubt, too, the seasoned Russian diplomat will give Boy Blinken a bit of schooling, and should tell him to go stick his worthless values on the warheads Israeli fighter jets are unleashing on Palestinian homes.


The observations of Rabbi Harry Waton remain relevant today in terms of understanding the mentality of those in charge and so called “Western Values”


Basically any society that opposes turning itself into a blended, beige, MultiCult society, and fully opening their economy to ‘market forces’ (ie economic raping and pillaging) and insists on continuing to use the economic resources of their state to perpetuate their own cultural values, as opposed to allowing the market to ‘solve’ the economic problem, is a threat to the new world order.


I like that you put “western values” in quotes.


This is who we are…


This is who “we” are.


‘Empire Of Dust’
A 2011 documentary about the Chinese attempt to build a 300 kilometre road connecting Kolwezi with Katanga’s capital, Lubumbashi, formerly known as Elisabethville. The road was originally built by the Belgians in the 1950s but was neglected and has deteriorated since independence like the rest of Congo’s infrastructure.


How long would it take to mine one Bitcoin on a Commodore 64?

Screen Shot 2021-05-21 at 21.49.18.png

On the topic of Commodore64’s – literally a barn find.
Gave our old Commodore64 to my cousins and when recently visiting my uncle he pulled this out of his barn and wanted to know if we’d like it back. Needless to say I’m looking forward to assembling it shortly. Just need a new power pack, as the originals have a tendency to burn out the chips when they haven’t been used in a while.


Nice to see!
You even have the floppy disk drive there.

My favourite Arcade game is still Galaga.

Last edited 2 years ago by BING!

Galaga is sweet – had this on the NES, loved the double/captured ship mechanic.

Boulderdash, Scramble.
the King of these games in my school.


Scramble was nice also.

With Galaga there was a trick you could use and they would stop throwing bombs. As I didn’t have much money I would always use this so I could play longer.


I’m looking forward to finally finishing ‘Thermonuclear War Games’.


You can watch the movie WarGames on BitChute.
Search for: Wargames 1983

Last edited 2 years ago by BING!

I think that’s a cassette tape drive.

My mate had one, and we used to play the tape in a tape player and marvel at the noise. I also think you had to buy the proper cassettes, but none of us had any money so we just used those clear coloured ones you could get in a 10 pack in Kmart.

It was a long time ago, but I’m pretty sure we wrote a

10 goto 20

type of program and saved it to the cassette drive and then loaded it back.

It was so stressful from memory!

Also in an early form of piracy I think we copied a game over using a double tape player boom box.

Of course, these could also be false memories.

But, looking back you could see the mechanism in the programs, whereas these days it is indistinguishable from magic.


Yeah I had a double player boom box, but although I tried I was never successful in my attempts at piracy with it.

If I get it working and the games are still readable (and I can remember how to use it) I’m thinking of doing some game reviews on it lol

Last edited 2 years ago by Stewie

Games are available in audio.
I did Spectrum games of my iPod


10 print “write whatever here”
20 goto 10

All the Basic I ever got to know.

Last edited 2 years ago by BING!

10 print quantitative easing
20 if economy too slow goto 10
30 else elections

Last edited 2 years ago by A fly in your ointment 🇺🇦

You’ve got it down pat mate!

You could be Governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia you!

And I’ll take you over Lowe any day.

Last edited 2 years ago by BING!
Chinese Astroturfer

Don’t think so. Total deaths in Sweden last year show it being no worse than a bad flu seasons, many recent flu seasons quite worse.

…and the data for “no worse than…” comes through the grapevine?
15× more deadly than average flu season in Sweden.


Global deaths for flu are usually below 1 million/yr. Who gives a fuck about your (doubtful) Sweden argument. Global Pandemic, global deaths.


It probably has been undercounted in may of the poorer countries like India, Pakistan and else where, like it has probably been overcounted in may other nations in the West like the US and UK as a part of the fear drive. However given the differences in population between those two parts of the world, I’d probably come down on the side of it being slightly undercounted due to more un-reported deaths in the developing world (do we still have a 3rd world or is that term now non-PC?).


Evidence you say……


600k dead in USA alone despite undercounting and not everyone having caught it. #justtheflu


the rabbiohs are playin in dubbo this sunday boys and im goin to go after the game and collect all the bottles and cans

Last edited 2 years ago by stagmal

So many VB cans, you’ll hit the jackpot



this mans voice is incredible lol


Anyone been enjoying watching the Big Australia spruikers have meltdowns about closed borders in the last week? The globalist media have been trying to convey the message we’ll be left behind, but all evidence points to the contrary. The economy is booming and there is a chance we could hit full employment. Socially things are going well too with our youth enjoying the best job market in years. Transport is less crowded and the environment is not getting as trashed as fast. We can work from home and enjoy time with family.


Yeah, bugger open borders. This is great.


Border being closed until mid 2022 was the best news for a long time

Miguel de Sousa

“bugger open borders” you’ve been hanging around with Gates and Gaetz


If it becomes undeniable that covid was engineered in china, borders will have to close for a lot longer.



The hospitality industry also relies heavily on front of house workers from overseas, including students and working holidaymakers. The federal government recently eased a 40-hour per fortnight cap on international students already working in the sector and added hospitality to the list of critical sectors for the purposes of a COVID-19 Pandemic Event Visa.  

Many international students welcome the decision, says Oyuna Bordukh, a Sydney migration agent and director of Garuda Migration. “It will help ease skills shortages in critical sectors by allowing temporary visa holders to remain in Australia to work. It targets only those ones whose visa has expired within the past 28 days or will expire in 90 days or less,” Ms Bordukh says.


I have enjoyed it. The usual suspects are getting burned on social media. https://twitter.com/DrDemography/status/1394929340199038983


Yes, the gig is up. Now that people have realised that closed borders have delivered better job outcomes and better quality of life, people like Dr Demography are now worried that the evidence contradicts their ideology.


This makes me happy.


Ermo gave her one for all of us. Can we get him over here? I don’t have twitter so can’t refer him here since MB has banned mention of this site or the phrase economic zone formerly known as australia.




The AMA is a microcosm of the world ahead of us and the discrimination our children face as we become strangers in our own land:

“Equality as a process means providing the same amounts and types of resources across populations,” the association said. “Seeking to treat everyone the ‘same,’ ignores the historical legacy of disinvestment and deprivation through historical policy and practice of marginalizing and minoritizing communities.”


Why would any relatively homogenous society, where a meritocracy can truly exist, seek to import permanent inequality and transform itself into a bureaucracy where life outcomes are not determined by merit, but filling quotas?

We all know who will be pushed aside in OUR society and culture in order to achieve ‘equity’.

Last edited 2 years ago by Stewie

Why has this happened only in the West? Not an easy question to answer.


It’s actually reasonably straight forward, the west is full of straight white men who are symbols of oppression. Other countries are do not have this, therefore are not targets



Last edited 1 year ago by Stewie

That townhall article on the media was a good read T.


I’ve grown to openly despise most media and reporters other than a handful like Ian Verrender or Tabbi or a few other independent operators. Basically my conclusion now is that ALL media is simply propaganda. If there are important issues of the day that need attention then the thinking person owes it to themselves to uncover the facts and make a decision for themselves.

It easy to see the commercial news is nothing more than propaganda, it took a lot longer to realise that the Govt news on the ABC and SBS were just as bias. Part of the reason was the intellectual conceit that came with watching those channels alongside other supposedly intelligent people and believing that if they saw the same biases that were present in the commercial media as myself.

Instead I came to realise that their views and stories were simply being sculpted to appeal to the confirmation bias that goes along with the cultural indoctrination that those ‘smart people’ receive at University, and that often there are further issues and implications being deliberately hidden from view.


Yup – that is about the limit of it, and even half of those stats are suss.


“What is wrong with Sweden. Is there something about Scandi’s which just makes them cucks? We see similar patterns in Minnesota where there are many people of Scandinavian descent.”


Scandinavians have higher levels of agreeableness as a population group than many others – possibly an outcome of being couped up inside for 6mths of the year. The paradox of Agreeableness is that as a group becomes more agreeable, they become increasingly intolerant of disagreeable views.

Consequently as the ‘Trans’ movement has become increasingly mainstream it almost inevitable that ‘agreeable groups’ will be the first to adopt the ideology.

Well put mate.
It may not be the only explanation but certainly a major contributing one.

A fly in your ointment 🇺🇦

Did you mean increasingly tolerant of disagreeable views?

Very much doubt it is a typo. It makes sense as is. Just a bit surprising.

Yup – that is the paradox. The only thing agreeable people become offended over and less tolerant of, is disagreement. This is a collective behaviour within groups as opposed to individual behaviour.


The ABC is well on its way to becoming the national property spruiker.

“What one million dollars gets you in Australia”


(Not Much)


ABC is going down the Fairfax route of property, opinion pieces and limited news contents. Won’t be long before news will be Twitter and Instagram trend.


Ita Buttrose and funding cuts have delivered exactly this. And yet some want to further defund the ABC


actually one of the few informative articles ive seen on the abc in ages, the take away message is to not buy a house in australia ever bc all of those are overpriced pieces of shit


“The only way to deal with the what is now being called ‘Sharia Bolshevism‘ is to bomb them back to the stone age”

Actually the ‘Sharia Bolshevism’ is more simply described as a Semite Bolshevism, being the willingness to sacrifice your own community in order to achieve some social or political outcome. The joke on the difference between Arab and Israeli ‘thinking’ actually dissolves when it is the Zionists who are fighting their persecutors.

David Cole did an interesting piece on EXACTLY the same mindset that was present in the Polish Jewish community during WW2:

“But one piece that was not widely circulated, though it deserved to be, is a 2013 Haaretz essay by Holocaust survivor and author Eli Gat. Gat’s thesis is that the roughly 56,000 remaining inhabitants of the ghetto, who were alive specifically because they’d proven their worth (as outlined by Goebbels in his diary, the plan from the get-go was to liquidate the useless eaters but keep the productive), were needlessly sacrificed by a small coalition of militants who purposely initiated a suicidal armed conflict with the Nazis—which ended with the ghetto’s destruction and as many as 13,000 Jews killed—in the belief that dying while fighting back against the oppressors was preferable to living in servitude to them…..Remember Gat’s arithmetic: 400 made the fatal choice for 56,000.”

The only difference is who is currently in charge.

Last edited 2 years ago by Stewie

Movies for this weekend:

Rope (1948)
A Hitchcock movie with one more twist. Unusual techniques for filming were ahead of times thus a bit rough around the edges but from modern perspective nonetheless exceptional. One of those movies that are a must to see.

Alphaville: une étrange aventure de Lemmy Caution (1965)
Jean Luc Godard’s Alphaville combines the genres of dystopian science fiction and film noir. There are no special props or futuristic sets; instead, the film was shot in real locations in Paris, the night-time streets of the capital becoming the streets of Alphaville, while modernist glass and concrete buildings (that in 1965 were new and strange architectural designs) represent the city’s interiors.

Please note that translation to zenglish that comes with Alphaville makes movie perception weaker. One of the worst translations I’ve seen.

German synth pop band was renamed after this movie.

A fly in your ointment 🇺🇦

#metoo luved it

Though I find it a bit depressing sounding. Too many minors or 7’s or whatever octaves used for sad songs.


The 80s was the last decade with its own sound.


Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Chilli Peppers were like a breath of fresh air after the New Age Romantics.


Would you be at all interested in an analysis of the difference in guitar techniques between New Age and teh early 90s guys?
I think I would.
Nirvana and RHCP at least were bringing back single coil guitars like strats. Think PJ were gibsons, let me check.


Still love the sound of the 80s.
Never much got into Nirvana, Pearl Jam.
Saw Chilly Peppers at Pinkpop Festival in Holland early 90s and liked them a lot.
Then every new album started to sound the same after a while.

The 90s is when I got into House/Raves.

Last edited 2 years ago by BING!

Yup – Prodigy was my gateway drug to that subculture, culminating in a working holiday through London that has now just blurred into just one long night out clubbing to hard house.


Yah. London was famous, and the rest of UK really.
Belgium also did well in the early years of house.

Holland had quite the reputation for delivering good party gear.

This is one of my all time favourites of the early days:
‘The Outside World’
(starts at 39 minute mark)
Still blows me away every time I hear it.

Last edited 2 years ago by BING!

Seems they were using strats and teles as well, but had a few gibbos as well.

But they were putting hummies in strats, in the bridge, which is fair enough considering the gain they were using


interview with guitar god nuno


actually a lot on this forum might be interested in his take on how social media works these days.


Nice chat.

Right on point regarding giving opinions on social media and consequences with the polarisation and general hostility out there.


I don’t think those pants are high enough.

Last edited 2 years ago by A fly in your ointment 🇺🇦

That’s a nice high guitar too!


Last edited 2 years ago by A fly in your ointment 🇺🇦
Eddie Kongwak
Eddie Kongwak

sorry i didnt mean to block quote that line


I think a sorry won’t cut it for that.

Miguel de Sousa

Sup suckers
Dropping another rhyme
To stew your mind into
Don’t be a cerebellum
Midday or midnight you still
A pumpkin

There may be a bright future for you in rap genre of music, seriously.

Miguel de Sousa

Nah my first love was skating and that’s all I’m about right now.

This is pretty fucked up but my last real gf, when we caught up after a break up and I grabbed her hand to direct us later said ‘it just felt natural’. For real I didn’t know what she meant.

Bought a skateboard after 15 years and…. It just felt natural.


Street skating or hitting the bowls and ramps?(or both)

Miguel de Sousa


Miguel de Sousa

A soft clock can still run a train….


I’d like to see a woke weekend links for a change. How woke can you go?

Miguel de Sousa

So woke it’s work


Sounds like you’re volunteering, Robert.

is that right?

Miguel de Sousa

Put your hands up in the air
Put your hands up in the air


Sure ok. I’ll do some role playing.


Martin North & Tarric Brooker on Inflation/Deflation.


Good to see the weekend comments regularly hitting 100 per day.


remember when everyone was predicting driverless cars would have taken over by now

Last edited 2 years ago by stagmal

I guess paying people 30% of the minimum wage to drive us around will be close enough


On the subject of cars, some unexpected consequences – hard to see tourism recovering if this sort of thing is widespread.


The Tasmanian government will offer grants of $1,000 to motorists who hire out their own private vehicles to tourists in an attempt to tackle the state’s hire car shortage.

Hire car companies in Tasmania sold off around half their fleet during the state’s border closure last year. But since the state reopened its borders in October, demand for hire cars from interstate tourists has outstripped supply.

That has resulted in prices for hire cars rising significantly, with some tourists asked to pay $2,000 for seven days, and others cancelling their travel to the state altogether because they were unable to hire a vehicle.


This is brilliant. Bear in mind that the lateral movements are dance moves and not video editing.




That “Did Hitler Save Europe?” article was an interesting read – I hadn’t realised how prepared the USSR was to wage war. It makes sense when you understand the mindset ‘Bolshevik’ leaders and their own particular ideology and cultural values. History is written by the victors, and in regards to the West’s cultural independence I can’t help wondering sometimes if the West won or lost WW2…. if Germany had won the war, would they have punished the West with MultiCult and mass migration to destroy our relatively homogenous societies and cultural identity in order to enrich us?

Last edited 2 years ago by Stewie

Yeah I thought the review was terrific. Lots of detailed info and the comments underneath were pretty well informed. I tried to share to my facebook page, but FB has decreed that all of unz.com is morally corrupt and cannot be shared in polite society.

Did Hitler Save Europe?

The number of speculative arsessments in the article makes it not just unreliable but fantastic too.

USSR signed non attack agreement with krauts in desperation after poms stalled treaty progress. Stalin knew this would not prevent but only slow Krauts in the Drang nach Osten. It was inevitable that USSR was under a threat. Additionally, Hitler needed access to ME oil to counter other routes obstruction and USSR was just plain in the way.

Did Hitler save the Europe?
Could’ve he saved it when his choice was to exterminate, expel or enslave no less than 1/3 of the population and to subjugate into servility the second third?
Perhaps, if saved Europe was to be divided in 3 classes: übernazion, minions and slaves with 0 non-europeans.
I do not think that USSR was a benign power, no power is, ever. It is that USSR was not a viable military threat to the remainder of Europe at any time in the history.

Lest we forget that it was the soviets that crunched Hitler’s spine and negated him the oil from ME so that bandilleros could’ve begin the day D operations (and on that topic there’s plenty info).
To say that Soviets wanted a war of their own within a war by the most powerful European nation just years after they came out of Great War and civil wars…. ther is only one word that explains it.

Thanks for the perspective. I’ll have to re-read the review.

To understand why the article is not even wrong one must know the history of Europe quire well, as told by “other sides” too.

Do remember it is a book review

I actually thought of mentioning this. Yes, agree, it puts the right perspective on the article


in relation to

“Stalin knew this would not prevent but only slow Krauts in the Drang nach Osten. It was inevitable that USSR was under a threat”

my readings are basically all unanimous that Stalin was completely furious and in utter shock when the Nazis did finally invade the USSR. Perhaps we’re just talking about time frames here… ie inevitably Germany would take on USSR, just not in 1941.

Madeleine Albright recently said that all the natural resources Russia has should be taken away from them. This is not the first time this was said.
I suspect the decision was made to attack USSR before it recovered and became too powerful to make any future prospect of conquer less probable.


that doesn’t surprise me. after all it seemed in the 90s the position of the west was that Russia shouldn’t own its own companies etc ie the privatisation should all go to the benefit of the US

do you have a link re Albright’s quote?


Here is the introduction of the untold history of ww2. Far from being comprehensive, this is meant to stimate mind into further research.

Yeah – after he lost the Romanian oil fields in 1943 he was pretty much screwed and capturing the Caucus was pretty much his only hope. I enjoy the alternating perspectives that at least make the dominate view a little more 3 dimensional. You also pick up other interesting details and historical events that get forgotten because they sit uneasily in the dominate narrative eg the Haavara agreement… that historical treaty was never taught in high school history.


Looks like US style managed health care is on its way to Australia, with Honeysuckle Health and NIB cooking up something.

Potential consequences include the removal of the rights of patients to choose their hospital and doctor, as well as management driven interference in one’s health care.


The PDF document in the above of most relevance is the draft determination dated 21/5/21


Note the chain this “coin” was launched on….

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Is DeFi100 the chain, or not?

And what does that mean?


Apparently they’re back up claiming that their website was hacked, although there are also counter rumours that they only came back because the founders identities were doxed.


To your estimation what percentage of the ICOs, new coins/tokens etc. in the crypto sphere are pump ‘n dumps?


At least 95% – there are some among the remaining 5% that have legitimate use cases, but even among those most are vaporware that will never be commercially profitable. The transaction costs are either way too high or they are essentially centralised databases. There are a couple smart contract chains that have some potential value if they are integrated into existing financial infrastructure fast enough.

IMHO this is the last play of the dice for these cowboys. After this bubble deflates regulation will all but make most of the coins and industry extinct.


95% Wowsers!

Why do you think regulation is around the corner?
The people that have been ‘wronged’ will demand it?


The US and EU/everyone else finally got all the nations of the world to sign onto their anti-tax avoidance regulations of FACTA and CRS respectively – bringing tax havens like Switzerland inline, they are not going to let it all slip away again thanks to some new technology. They are just waiting for this last bubble to pop, so they can avoid getting blood on their hands, and amidst the general uproar and public outrage they will regulate the fuck out of it.


“…sign onto their anti-tax avoidance regulations of FACTA and CRS respectively – bringing tax havens like Switzerland inline, they are not going to let it all slip away again thanks to some new technology.”

I could never work out why they didn’t can the cryptos earlier or right after they were developed.
Because we all know they don’t like people being able to exist in a parallel financial system which they don’t have control over.

Then I thought maybe they were happy enough that Bitcoin etc. was seen as an alternative for people from investing in gold and silver. As a lot of early Bitcoin adopters were hard money proponents, and this way the gold price could stay suppressed and not rise too quickly.

Looks like you have a very plausible strategy thought out for them to get regulation in the end.
And this would be the smartest way as the people themselves will demand it.

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The easiest way to enslave people is to get them to demand it for their own protection or to save them from the financial repercussions of their own extravagances.

Until around 2016 the mainstream thought that cryptos were a niche nerd technology, they only started to become aware of its potential and uses and means to track and investigate its use from around this period on.

Regulators eventually catch on and catch up.


The easiest way to enslave people is to get them to demand it for their own protection…”


Masters of social engineering and reverse psychology.


This is reminiscent of Schroedinger.
Can this be true and false at the same time?
Kinda like Q qlux qlan defending the human rights of convicted black rapist of a Southern white early teenage girl.


How can we tax farm the people, corporations and society when you allow consumer units to work from home reducing our opportunity to clip tickets and drive retail consumption away from my commercial retail holdings!?


Triguboff is someone who is definitely past his use-by date.


A chartered accountant and an auditor analysed the annual reports of the Perth Mint and have some interesting opinions:

The Perth Mint put out a press release regarding these opinions and this is the follow-up of the auditor regarding Perth Mint’s claims:


yikes… I will have to watch this. I guess they are referring to the Perth Mint’s “unallocated” gold


“they are insolvent unless someone is going to bail them out like the government”

Very convenient that they fail to mention Perth Mint is owned and explicitly guaranteed by the WA Govt.

John Adams is a shit-stirrer. Just because there is a run on physical silver and Perth Mint didn’t have extra staff on hand twiddling their thumbs for the last decade waiting for this run on silver, does not mean they don’t have the silver and are going bankrupt.


true it’s wholly owned by WA Gov…still haven’t watched it, if they omit this fact, I won’t bother.


I watched it a couple of days ago and I’m pretty sure they do mention WA Government guarantee.

The issue they bring up is that it looks like they are running a fractional silver/gold system.
If you have ‘pool allocated’ or ‘un-allocated’ it might take you a while if you want to get your PMs delivered.
If you have allocated you should be ok.
This of course depending on market circumstances and any prevailing greed/fear/panic.

The thing is that for physical PMs you also have to pay a premium.
And lately you see that the spot+premium price is disconnecting from the regular spot price due to shortage in the market. You could say that spot+premium price is the ‘real’ market price for physical PMs.

If you have any PMs with the Perth Mint you will probably always get the spot price due to the government guarantee, but you might miss out on getting the actual physical metal if there is a panic.

Just DYOR and whatever you’re comfortable with.

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If WA refuses to honour their guarantee it will be because we have much bigger problems than the physical vs paper gold debate. Nothing stopping government confiscating or placing 100% Windfall tax on precious metals.

Vault storage comes with it’s own problems of solvency of the vault providers, value limits, insurance, etc. Storing physical at home would be a stressful experience.

You then cannot do anything with the physical metals in a crisis. It is not like you turn up to a bread shop with a $10k gold coin and expect them to believe it is real, and give you $9990 in gold change after you purchase your loaf of bread.

IMO it is all a scare campaign by people who a profiteering from your fear. GoldSilver Pros. Only $60USD per month and we promise to keep on scaring you into giving us money each month. It is the MB profit model.

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If we would get ‘bigger problems’ then government can (and probably will) put a windfall tax on anything they want, not just PMs.

That’s why it is smart to not have all your eggs in one basket.

As I said: DYOR and whatever you’re comfortable with.


More immigration rorts.


Better known in Australia as Scott Shi, his recruitment and labour hire syndicate supplied more than 1100 foreign workers a year to abattoirs and generated revenues of $349 million between 2008 and 2017.

Mr Shi’s empire came crashing down in 2018 when the Australian Federal Police executed search warrants on several of his properties. The warrants listed Mr Shi as being suspected of 11 criminal offences, including money laundering, tax fraud, secret commissions and breaches of migration laws.

Documents filed in the Federal Court by the Australian Taxation Office as part of a four-year probe into the Shi network show the 59-year-old businessman liked to keep things in the family.


I reckon he’ll get pinged for tax fraud. As for migration law offences he will probably get a letter from border force telling him not to do it again.

he will probably get a letter from border force telling him not to do it again without including immi-gov-auh selected agents in the process.

[missing information injected]


See this from Crikey? Wonder if it’s the non-existent report from the Senate committee

Tomorrow we’re going to label the prime minister something no leader would want to be called. We don’t really want to do it. But the time has come.
(Oh, and by the way, we’d do the same to a Labor leader.)
It’s a big story so we’ll be rolling it out over the coming days as a new series at Crikey. Plus, we’re making it free to read and sharing it with all our Crikey readers — we hope you do the same.
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